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Hey this is superbly woo-woo astro-weirding…the Dark Moon, the Eclipses coming, the Zap Zone gathering force, Retro-Venus, where you have Gemini in the chart is going out of it’s tree and the peeps out there who still like to think that the ZZ is just a phase and that things will be back to “normal” soon are just starting to flip a little…and look around for someone to blame.

BUT the Daily Horoscopes for the weekend are up & there is – actually – good news for everyone. You just need to know which areas to max out on right now and where to vibe/fake Zen Noire.

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88 thoughts on “In The Valley Of The Astro-Weirding

  1. My Venus is in Gemini and also moon. How come I feel ok so far and am I just going to skip through it???

    • My Venus is also in Gem. Not my moon, however.
      An Actual existent love life would be fantastic. Bring on next week;) (and hopefully the cute guy at work will _not_ have a girlfriend:D πŸ˜€ :D)

    • 😯

      I have Sun, Moon & Venus (Retro) in Gem 😯

      I kind of feel gooey and goofy… mostly goofy… 😯

        • agree, charlotte is very cool and handsome…

          I also feel a bit gooey and goofey, maybe even revitalised and fresh, seeing with clear eyes and hearing with clear ears….

          I have sun merc venus and saturn in gem in the 8th and Im loving all this energy.


      • Yes, last nite I met an intriguing man who seemed intrigued by me but I was all soft and (gag) almost sweet. It was the Dark Moon, I console myself. Of course I was low key. There’ll be other times. =)

  2. Ha. Well my Saturn and Ascendant are in Gemini. More personal growth / discovery?? (Again?)

  3. Venus, Mars, Moon and Saturn in Gemmie. started with a counsellor today, instead of meeting in her office, I asked could we walk instead, and sit at a park overlooking harbour, so we grabbed take away coffees, she is into Freud, sand play, gestalt and was a delight to be around. she lost her keys and I said I wouldn’t leave her till she found them, which we did. ( I would be in a inner panic if I lost mine)
    …I wasn’t ready to ask straight up her sun sign, but she kept up with my mutable convo, without skipping a beat. I’d mentioned I was into astrology, and she said ‘planets are a big influence ‘ and thats when she won my heart. All in all beautiful day of airing skeletons in the closest and itching to grow and finally leave dark past parts behind..gotta air em and let em go.

    • Such a nice story, thanks for sharing :)

      I am noticing more of the magic in the quiet little moments, in amongst the obvious fact that we are all transforming at a rapid rate and that’s not always pretty. There is always something there to keep you afloat you just have to keep your eyes open as it is usually subtle, good on you for suggesting the walk, should be manditory with such sessions me thinks.
      Blessings xx

    • yes! lovely story CR! :)

      Cool that she said β€˜planets are a big influence β€˜.

    • thanks you saucy minxs…xx

      if anyone out there is looking after/parenting a child with special needs (in NSW – as far as i know not sure of other states), or a parent suffering alzheimers or dementia, this is a free service…contact ADHC and they will get the ball rolling for you…

      blessings beautiful ones. xx

  4. …. ok where is neptune again? I have had alot of bizarre things appear and Mystics picture just winked at me!!!!!!

  5. I think I need a new name already. Bored with punm.

    *Everything* is irritating me right now but I think it is because I have “trapped in the house” syndrome when EVERY CELL in my body is saying GET OUTSIDE! mingle!! Smile and make eye contact with attractive men like Step 1 of your self-devised 12-step program to Meeting Good Sorts tells you *sheesh* (can cells facepalm themselves? i hav no idea)

    AAAGH Yes conflicting demands

      • or piscean FFS leave me alone.
        Im in a helpful mood tonight to distract from the fact my little world is a bit messed up sigh…

        • ah, LG all name contributions welcome. a messed up Leogroover world is no good tho…. xx

          • or maybe ‘not really feelin pisecean posibly leo in disguise’ . then you could come to my pout party im putting on as of now for all wannabee Leo’s or those who just need an excuse to pout. pity party is it called?

            • oh i love a good pity party! πŸ˜€ xxx but the best ones are of the transcendental variety,we work through crap and spiral up through a new level of awareness and come out feeling a lot betterxx

          • PUNM what is your astro signature? What house is your sun and moon in?

            • Hi there andromeda, my sun is in 9th house. Moon is in the final degree(s) of 7th house & Cap…

  6. I have just weakened and hired romantic DVDs on the way home, including Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. I have Venus in Gemini! Normally would never be seen hiring such things. Just want my Venus back to normal!

  7. It’s mad out there but I am liking the intensity to the energy right now. It feels as if anything can happen.

    • Just looked at my progressed chart and have sun, venus, nn and jupiter (NN and gem moon natally) residing in my 10th house. I’m no expert, but this bodes well for career right now, yes? (I hope so as I am about to launch a big new venture).

  8. Ok. Gemini new moon at 0 degrees and gemini on my ascendant at 0 degrees. Amazing new life, or reading far too much into this astrology stuff!?!?!? M.M suscribers (or indeed M.M her herself) thoughts please? Feeling amazingly optimistic yet sooo over the me that is!

  9. Ok so on the topic of weirding and stuff… thought I use the Dark Moon to see if I am on track in order to put down the best intentions for eclipse time. So, I asked the tarot this morning “What is my destiny?” obviously with a certain personal background/current situation as flavour.

    Free form, 7 cards, Thoth Deck

    First three cards:
    The Lovers – Ace of Wands – The Tower

    It’s not romantic context, so uhm “The decision to start a creative project will be a bang?”.

    Next three cards:
    Princess of Cups – The Hermit – Prince of Disks

    My artistic inclinations will lead me on a solid path to enlightment?

    Last card:
    9 of Cups
    Doing this will make me very happy?

    NOW, I’ve read somewhere that sometimes the Tarot tries to tell you obvious things that you do not see by having the same cards turn up …

    Did one of those 4 card relationship spreads previous to the above … The Lovers, Princess of Cups, The Hermit, The Aeon

    What does my mentor think of me:
    Princess of Disks, The Tower, The World

    And a 5 card spread of past, present, major influence, advice, outcome trying to not conciously focus on anything:
    8 of Wands, The Lovers, Emperor, Princess of Cups, The World

    Currently I am not seeing the forest because of all the trees. What’s going on? Anyone got a helpfull non cookbook meaning of the respective cards? Or a spread I could try to get clear, without me and thoughts/wishes being in the middle?

    • Looking at your first three cards, I’d say that your destiny is to forge unity between your male and female sides to achieve creative outlook. This will open up an era of creative endeavour but it will also require you either to take another look at how you operate and see things from a different perspective or it will lead to big changes in your life, perhaps because you’re hesitant to make those changes which will really release your creative urges. The next three – leading to aligning with your emotional energies and feeling great emotional fulfilment with this alignment, perhaps leading you towards a more inward life where you don’t feel the need to be extroverted all the time, but this will open up a whole new world to you and take you to a new level of growth. As for your mentor, he or she sees you as able to earn an income and recognition from your gifts and talents, but it does require some upheaval for you, perhaps in attitude or approach, and then there’ll be no holding you back. And finally, perhaps in the past you’ve tried to push things and go too fast, so slow down, take time to really appreciate yourself and your gifts and talents, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and assert what is important for you, because this will lead to great emotional fulfilment and, again, with the World, there are no limits for you. You have 10 Major Arcana turning up for you, including the peak one of The World twice, so this is a very important time for you, to reassess how you want to live and organise your life, to have the courage to make big changes that are required for you to move forward, and then to know that the world will, literally, open up for you. Forgot – 9 of cups – literally, cups runneth over, great emotional fulfilment. Listen to your heart, Darl!

      • Thank you very much :)

        Actually, I’ve never seen “The Lovers” as uniting the male and female aspects, the most common thing you read besides the woowoo obvious is that it means choice. But it does make sense to take it from that angle. Especially, because another card that keeps popping up is “The Art”.

        I wouldn’t know what those “tower changes” are tbh… I’ve been up my arse in a sea of changes to self in the past two years, I am just tired.

        Actually, I am a pretty introverted person. But the other time the card came up it was in the position of “his lesson”. Groan.

        As for your interpretation of what he thinks of me, I do wish he’d just bloody well tell me and I didn’t need to resort to Tarot. Sigh. Two darn grueling years. Interacting with him has been like being pounded to a pulp, then left to rearrange the pieces … oh cute, but not quite right. BAM. There, re-do it. And again. Let’s see how much frustration you can eat. So far, I’ve been doing good, I took the shit and turned it into gold so to say. And I could give you a lot of good reasons as for why I have to do it by myself. Except that I might be fooling myself. But then again, should I care if it works?

        My heart wanted to go on and become a teacher in the MA, because as I’ve seen it work for me, it can work for others and it’s important to have people change the way I changed. And I really think my chart is good for that. But right now I feel tired and not sure how much longer I want to deal with a walking saturn transit to all my bloody planets up to saturn except mercury but incl. my mc/ic axis.

        /rant off … have to prep for another round of saturn transit

        Oooh, btw … on the topic of major arcana.

        I asked “What should I tell AP about my relationship with mentor”, 7 cards

        3 of Wands
        The Fool
        The Princess of Cups
        The Tower
        6 of Swords
        The Sun
        The High Priestess


        • I think all the answers you need are in your first round of your Tarot work. Keep it simple, work with the first round, and then let it go.

          • Aye, I’ve added your interp to my notes.

            The pull I did was more a sort of experiment really, to see a) whether I get a different result if I am asking from a neutral angle and b) just how many major arcana would pop up πŸ˜‰

            However, seeing as yet again The Tower and the Princess of Cups where in it, I’ll go and ponder that combo for a day or two.

  10. I notice something, just people being really not too social with venus retro in my house of friendship, I want new friends anyway, not slow mentally trodding passive ones, well with all the estrogen they put around aluminum cans I can see why there so dociile and just accept whatever the GOV tell em to do. I have the eclipse falling in my 10th so that means im frustrated that not everyone sees what I try and do for them. And they get shocked by my chiron truth infused Practical MC fixed Tauran MC, some get mad. My gemini friendship sector jus dont care, I just need to get the word out on whats is happening to my peeps.

    I already went through my shock awwww angry phase. Guess I gotta let them go through theres.

  11. Hmm so Jupiter in Gemini and Gemini in the third house. I have no idea what going out of the tree means but it doesn’t sound good.

  12. I have no planets in Gemini, but Venus is transiting my third house right now. It happens to be trine my Mercury-Pluto conjunction right now, so that feels harmonious. Venus is opposing my Uranus (8th), but that has coincided with some lovely unexpected news about my living situation!

    Loving this Gem energy, more please!

  13. Gemini going out of it’s tree, eh? Funny.
    Just filed to change my first and last name. By next week I will be a completely different person! Only my own family and my mum knows so far. Will be interesting to see how people handle my changing my first name to my spiritual name…

    Gemini on the Ascendent: πŸ˜€

    • YaY. ! !
      Is wonderful your new shiny perception of self !
      I highly recommend !
      My family pops out the old one (hard to erase decades of learning) but new friends say ‘her name is just like her’.
      Very happy for you creatrix :) All the best , love !

      • Haha forgot my name ! Irony !
        Which would you like ? Gneiss moonroxie
        Or my other new one, The Divenusian :)
        Quite fond of that one, being a Matrix fan.

        Anyway it was ME above lol
        Blessing for your new vibration and what is the new numerology ..? You have checked, yes ?

      • Haha forgot my name ! Irony !
        Which would you like ? Gneiss moonroxie
        Or my other new one, The Divenusian :)
        Quite fond of that one, being a Matrix fan.

        Anyway it was ME above lol
        Blessing for your new vibration and what is the new numerology ..? You have checked, yes ?

    • Good on you! Blessed be for the new name birthing an dplease do report back with the new name’s astro…!!
      How’s the Numerology work out for new name?
      I never changed my name legally but know the date I decided to start using it and it has the exact same Numero as my birthdate. The name’s numero is also exactly the same as the original name. Spooky but perfect. It was a simple rearrangement to a more me version of me.

      • Thank you lovelies! Ok you made me sit down and work out the numerology. My old first name was a 3 and my old surname a 7 – so 1 was the overall vibe.
        My new name adds up to 2 and new surname to 1 – so 3 is the new me. I am a ruling 11 natally.

        My new name is very Goddess, but people might not bother asking me about it as I have met others born with the name. 3 = trinity = triple goddess?

        I feel very happy about the name and see rainbows the minute the word is spoken! I feel the name helps bring the Divine Feminine into this dimensional reality and by using that name I ground it. Would never have changed it if my guidance were not so insistent, I know it will help me personally too.

        Gneiss Rox, I don’t get Divenusian as a Matrix name, can you explain? It’s pretty gorgeous tho! I have a soft spot for Saturn Rox still.. It is punchy. I also still love Scorpalicious Robot above all her other monikers! Am so trad with other’s names, I am slightly nervous about telling peeps I have changed my name!

        • hey Creatrix, good luck with the name change :)
          You got me curious now. I’ll have to add up my name. I changed my first name by deed poll back in 2000. It’s a shortened version of my long birth name that I’ve always hated.

          After the name change I sent an all staff email notification of the change and everyone was really cool with it. :) They said it really suited me and a week later people couldn’t even remember my old name!
          I have natal Neptune conjunct my Sun in 10th house and I stumbled across some astro in one of my old books which mentions that placement could indicate a name change.

          I’ve been a bit obsessed with house numbers lately. I’ve made a list (mars in Virgo loves a list :) ) of all the places I’ve lived and their corresponding numbers. Planning on moving house soon and I’m always curious to know what energy the new home will have.
          Of the 15 abodes I’ve lived in, half of them have been in an 8! I’ve never lived in a 9 or a 2. Interesting…

          • Hiya Scorpalicious One! That is comforting re the name change, thanks for sharing. I have Neptune in Saggi, 6th H – opposing my Gem Asc! I guess letting go ego i.d. was always going to figure publicly in my journey – that it is related to my alt healing path is very 6th house too.

            Odd about the 8’s.. With my Neptune i can’t seem to remember daily admin or old addresses. Not to mention a few consist of, ‘x village, first on left after the bridge’?! Fuq me doing my taxes is going to be interesting..

  14. it’s conjunct my asc by one degree about to reverse through the 12th house. Is it weird to have your entire sign that is asc ruled covered by the 12 house?

    • do you mean the eclipse conjunct, or venus, Ms?

      I have asc at 23 gem, half of my houses are a bit skinny due to chart angles, so my 12th house goes from about 10 gem to 23 gem

      • venus sorry, have not looked at eclipse yet but ty for the reminder. my asc is 24 degree and gemini is skinny dipping in the 12th

  15. Well, I just blew my stack after reading of the Kansas government signing into law a statute allowing pharmacists and doctors to deny women contraception. Bastards and women haters. I did a blog on “A Manifesto for Wild, Witchy, Wise Women” and I feel pretty damned terrific about getting it all out in writing. I feel powerful and I also got a deep insight into what I need to address in the book I’m writing. Guess what? I’ve been too nice by far, so in comes Mouthy Mo from now on.

        • I mean the Kansas legislation. It seems quite bizarre that it actually made it through. Also when I went to click on your reply, I accidentally went thru to your blog instead, so I read the article you wrote about it – great manifesto ma’am xxx

          • Yes, the legislation went through and earlier legislation restricted the rights of abortion clinics and women seeking abortion. I really think some of these male legislators have gone right of their women-hating rockers. The US economy’s going down the gurgler, the E.C. is in meltdown and all they concern their little ol’ misogynist minds with is women bashing. Glad you liked the manifesto, amazing what pours out when you’re in a right old snit!

    • My take on these changes: We are fighting a battle of personal rights in the world right now. The old solution of whoever-can-beat-the-opposition-into-submission-wins will no longer work. It’s not part of the New Society. But because that is the way it’s been done, it’s what people try now, not realizing they are not adapting with the evolution being forced on us. The world is not ending, it’s “becoming.”

      Creating a society where everyone’s choices are respected when it’s been based on the belief that certain choices cause spiritual harm if practiced, will not go quietly. But it will go. Want to know (anyone) if you’re beating the Zap Zone? Your actions to ensure your rights do not interfere with others choices. If you can find that balance, you’re a Now part of our Future society. This is not a passive state. It powerfully creates and expands that creation. There is no such thing as using violent tactics “temporarily” to create change. You only create violence. Create harmony. Harmony is incredibly difficult to create, so you have to be incredibly powerful to create it.

      • This is beautiful AS, thanks for sharing.
        This is much needed wisdom for the eclipse and ZZ. xox

      • Thanks SO MUCH Arien Scorp, I feel uplifted when smart people embrace the challenges and positives ahead and can articulate what’s going on without going all pink fairy floss about things.

  16. Yeah, there’s a lot going on right now. Don’t forget Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception. Then the Moon entering Taurus means there’s an interesting stellium of four planets in Taurus: Moon, Mercury, Jupiter. Since it’s my birthday, this makes an interesting Solar Return chart for the upcoming year. I will be SuperTaurus. That whole year of Jupiter in my sign didn’t really do much for me, maybe it will do better as a background influence from the Solar Return.

    • superTaurus… maybe that giant bull outside wall street stock exchange (?I think) will come to life, oooooo maybe it will but in a figurative way, in the stock market itself. oh well better than a bear right?

      Hope all your wishes come true

    • Happy Birthday super Charles.
      I think Jupiter has not done much for you YET because your Jupiter surprise will come in the new year

      SR charts are very apt indeed – it’s my yearly horoscope ahead. x

  17. The whole past month of the Sun in Taurus felt slow, dull and fat, even though I wasn’t. The fresh Gem vibe feels light and joyful. I dreamed about the Gemini astro last night. Blog people here were included. Everyone was happy and having fun.

    No planets in Gem for me, so nothing to cojoin. Or oppose. The planets in the Gem transit are going to be pinging off some of my other natals (Moon & Venus included) as they progress. 7th house freshness blowing through. I know it’s coming, I can feel it. It’s already started with Venus’ influence.

    I live in a carefully crafted peaceful, secure life. But my daughter has been telling me that her Facebook feed has exploded lately with people being vicious with one another, getting depressed over not getting anywhere, feeling hopeless, stressed, etc. Very ZZ.

  18. I am having a bathroom remodeled that fell to shit during the start of a now-over Pluto transit. It was weird – Pluto brought me plumbing problems and with the lower level bathroom – everything started to break in it. I put off repairs. Then there was a smell. I thought there was a problem with the drain, so decided to have the shower retiled. Today the project wraps up and we discovered the source of the smell – there was a dead mouse in the wall. It seems a more meaningful discovery on a dark moon.

  19. So true! I’ve got no planets in Gemini but it’s house ruler of my 4th and 5th, shit’s off the WALL and I’m loving it. Crazy at-home revamps, party hopping, all the while reconnecting with family (which I normally have nothing to do with!). Totally nutso and I’m vibing it super hard. I HAVE been feeling kinda low energy lately, but overall I’m really feeling this astro-weirding!

  20. The Gem is opposing all my Sag, the Toro my Scorp and Uranus is bang on my Asc. Actually I’m feeling really ok, a little jittery because I met someone a couple of weeks ago and then had a magical full moon adventure with him and I’m now spending this weekend with him. This never happens to me anymore, it’s all so normal and yet not at all. Obviously I’m freaking out that it’s some horrid Venus RX karmic lesson love crappo, I can’t tell you all how OVER the lessons I am. I have learnt so many hard and fast and exhausting relationship lessons over the past couple of years it would be really nice to just get on and actually test it out for once. This feels spookily real but who knows, he’s Venus-Uranus conj in Scorpio which scares me, multi Cap with some Sag + Leo. He’s genuinely great but I’m feeling ultra suspicious Scorp.

    • Nah, you’ll be right Ms. At times like these I recall the mantra of ‘whatever happens, I’ll handle it!’ (NB this little line changed my life in many ways.)

      from the book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” – that’s tattooed onto scorp dna isn’t it..?

  21. Yes! I have a gem sun and mercury. My birthday is this tues and I am feeling the power or change. This week’s mars action has really got me going on a new project.
    I’ve been so focused on starting a career in set design until recently when someone asked me to help interior design their home. And I said yes! I’ve never done it before so this past week and the weeks coming up will be full of new experiences for me!
    I can’t wait!!

    • Incorporate a few Feng Shui ideas?
      Denise Linn has 2 books that may interest you:
      Feng Shui for the Soul & Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success (with personalised astrological charts & forecasts).
      Published in ’88.
      Use your camera…oo0o am being bit Mumsie here, excuse me but love doing interior design and your thread excited me :-)
      Good Luck!

  22. venus 2 degrees from my sun (1st) and i am in strange super-venusian territory. wearing flowery dresses, red lipstick, just changed my toes from green to barbie pink… if i owned heels i’d be wearing them. this afternoon’s activity is purging every piece of clothing that doesn’t make me feel juicy and beautiful. while drinking white and eating cheesecake so toro moon isn’t sooooo freaked. :) also stressing about the non-prettiness of my normally badass snakey dreads… oh yeah and braces… fuq… but otherwise really, really nice territory.

  23. it is absolutely fuckin nuts.
    7th house nuts.
    opposing first house neptune nuts.
    i don’t know. exhaustion a factor. hard to stay in contact with the experience
    because it is so fucking ridiculous. or. it isn’t. and i’m just so neptuned out that it feels that way.

    big fat reciprocated love between myself and a man who i met twice 17 years ago and never saw again until 2 weeks ago.

  24. No planets in Gemini but hovers over my 5th house. That would be a FUN placement i guess. Gems do make great playmates for the Saggis.

    Charlize is grace & elegance on legs and she chose (albeit finito) an
    Irish mate instead of a Hollywood one, add that to single- woman- adoption,
    makes one fine woman.
    Dior’s J’Adore perfume really does suit her, being quite a Golden One like the fragrance itself.

  25. Natal Venus in Gemini/5th, and I can already tell this Retro Venus transit is going to be messy. Or atleast soppy. Already took a trip down memory lane with an old hangout I used to have loads fun at (5th house). Seriously depressed me, because everything’s been so blah as of late.

    I have friends I haven’t spoken to sending me messages over FB, one trying to get me to initiate an outing with her. I seriously have to side-eye that. If you have to get ME to ask about your plans then something’s a miss. Though then again, you didn’t even invite me to your Superbowl party or any of your birthday outings, so I shouldn’t be shocked.

    Another friend who wants sooooo bad to be in touch again designated me the third-wheel to her whirlwind romance with an 18 year punk. Oh, and she kept undermining me in front of company. Nope, not interested in talking to you either.

    They’re both Sags too. Strange…..

    Next, it’ll be all the undesirable exes reappearing. grrrrrr

  26. I can’t wait until whatever vibe is dominating now freaking LEAVES!

    Just had a random stalker encounter where random A-hole professes his undying love for me, and almost got abducted in a parking lot during broad daylight. WTF???? yeah i filed police report for whatever good that does.

      • Oh hellz to the no! I have no idea who this person even is, but they seem to know me which creeps me out even further. Thanks!

        • Holy fuq! that gave me goosebumps!!

          Is something transiting your 8th house?? What’s Pluto doing?

          How do you know he knows you… Did he mention your name?

          Sorry, I’m a Scorp…. curious.

            • Tran. Venus is retro in my 7th.
              Trans. Pluto is in cap at the end of my 1st.

              People can find out the names of somewhat public figures rather easily these days. Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ all contribute to this B.S. I have no idea how he knows me. :(

    • omg? EEL? that’s not ok! help! do you have people you can stay with? a brother, martial arts bestie, a gun in your handbag? (maybe not the gun.)

      • Thanks PUNM! My room mate makes me feel pretty safe. Just having someone there you know? :)

        • ok, that’s good. but still. ugh. how awful for you. *protective vibes for EEL* I hope the cops catch that creep.