Heart Electricity Stronger Than Brain Voltage

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Scott Sonnon

“…Recent research documents the heart as the most powerful electrical and magnetic field generator in the human body; despite that the brain continues to be held as our primary power potential. Although the brain does indeed hold its own electromagnetic field, it pales in comparison to the field strength of the heart. Facts: the heart is 100,000 times electrically stronger and 5,000 times magnetically stronger than the brain.


If breath controls the heart, and heart produces our most powerful field generator, then breath becomes our catalyst for changing our field. Physics demonstrates that a change in our electromagnetic field, produces atomic level transformation: as we change our energy, we change our state (of matter), and moreover, everyone we encounter.


In martial art, yoga, bodywork, counseling and coaching, we use a tool called entrainment: a technique for synchronizing and controlling of cardiac rhythm by an external stimulus, in most cases to our own breath. As we breath, so too does the entrained individual or group. As we change breath, and entrain others to do so, we change the heart rhythm – the most powerful force in the human body.


There is much more going on than we realize, even with our most current, cutting edge science. Breathe.


Scott Sonnon..”

WOW.ย  Who else just read that and vowed to master the meditation already?ย  Atomic Level Transformation. It sounds very Uranus sq Pluto, totes Zap Zone. I think also that, as an Aqua Rising/person with a strong Uranus, this electric metaphor is v.appealing. It sounds more sci than ‘chakras’

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78 thoughts on “Heart Electricity Stronger Than Brain Voltage

  1. I was So Happy to finally see empirical evidence of this fact!! I mean, those of us in the know have always intuitively known this to be true. Now science and western medicine are finally catching up with the rest of us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • SO agree Scorporation! Was just having a conversation with my sister where she was worrying about my giving up health insurance when I leave the day job (healthcare sucks big time in the US), and we both concluded the only time my health falters is when I am “heart sick” over something.. be it a lover, the state of my life, etc.

      I’ve always thought of the heart beat and pulse as the vibration of each person making its waves in the universe, sort of the way a single drop disturbs a pond in specific patterns.

      This is a fantastic piece, love it!

  2. Ok, I really have to go to bed.

    But this is awesome. ze quantum mechanics of ze little grey (or red) cells!

    this is definitely good motivation to get stuck into more yoga, my body is Not Impressed with me atm. So yes, agree on the meditation and breathing…

    Also I just looked at the weekend scopes and venus is stationing ON my Ascendant! and Sun-Jupiter are only a few degrees off my natal Jupiter-Lilith. Saturn’s on my NN.

    I could get all dolled and go OUT but help! I have NO money and I am on exam lockdown, every minute counts *except when I am on this site procrastinating of COURSE*.

    maybe i will just have a little planned outing to the art gallery.

    Someone asked me for coffee but I don’t really want to go, he seems a bit you know.. … Which part of ‘I Haven’t Replied To Any Of Your Texts’ doesn’t he understand! oh dear.

  3. I have just come home from an emergency trip to the hospital for my mum. She is fine now… in the respiratory ward. my whole day was all about breath and having read this post I now feel centered and calm. A sense of syncronicity too finding this post.

  4. I read a book once that said it’s best to do your pranayama/breathing exercises when there are more negative ions in the air, next to a waterfall or at I think at 3-4am. One day I’ll get up early and do that. One day.

    But I did recently order some hawthorn tea for making sun tea with. Hawthorn being good for the heart.

    I love these interesting things Mystic posts. Always learning something new.

        • Leave the window open while you sleep and set your intention to let that fresh qi power your dreams… In India the most advanced yogis get up at 4am to practice to catch these vibes but no reason not to do so from our beds until we get there, hey? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Thanks to all of you above! Now I have something to look forward to at 4am tonight when I’m too nervous to sleep.

              Opening windows now.

          • yes, the window open while you sleep gives the best sleep i’ve found.

            hypnosis relaxes me like nothing i have tried, very effectively got me through initial shockwaves of grief when i was alone and thought i’d go insane with my loss

    • Keep meaning to pick and dry some hawthorn flowers for heart tea too. Thank you for the reminder, ArienScorp!

      • Fresh hawthorn flowers you dry yourself mmm! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve finally coaxed some of the red clover that grows all over by the roadside here into my yard. I can’t wait to make some of my own red cloverbud tea.

        • Sounds yum. Have never tried red clover tea. I had to go and look up the recipe for hawthorn tea in my book ‘Booze for Free’ (like – no brainer – yes!) which has a lot of teas and cordials in too. The heading ‘relaxing bedtime tea’ has 1 tbsp hawthorn flowers, 1 tbsp lime flowers and 1 tbsp lemon balm leaves. All dried. This would save some money on all the Twinings Chamomile & Lime Flower tea I seem to be addicted to – not least in these Saturn driven (I am a Libra) and ZZ times…

          • Oh and this is tiger cub – in fact, it is lotus flower. My settings have gone nuts and either don’t remember me or I don’t remember what I am called. Internet identity crisis… lol

  5. Cool. A couple of weeks ago the doctors sent my hubby home with a blood-pressure monitor – as it was sky-high ( again!) – he is an Aries. He’s convinced I have high blood pressure ( his neptune opp sun :-P), well mines always been low, so when he was out I took it – and it took a rather weird slighty high reading tbh I don’t think I was using it properly – so I went & meditated for 10 mins & took it again & there it was back to where it was when I was 20 like it’s always been ! Ha ( don’t tell him)!
    Later when he took his again, I took mine too ( while taking several long slow breaths) and there it was even lower than the second time. I just smiled and suggested he took up meditation, to which he responded that he didn’t need to there was nothing wrong with his heart !

  6. What I’m always amazed about is how the body parts, esp the heart hold their own “memories” separate from the brain. Like when people get organ transplants they start liking or doing things the dead donor used to do without even knowing the person.

    Air Sign Brain to Heart: ” I don’t care your electromagnetic field is bigger. You’re not the boss of me!”

    • Fascinating isn’t it ? I love the book Change of Heart, read years ago, and after she came out, many transplant patients began to report the same. Cellular memory is so interesting !

      • Oh neat i didn’t know it was a book. I had read an article about it.

    • I wonder if the heart has a memory that even remembers days when significantly stressful or sad events occurred, even if they are not consciously in the mind, and is perhaps sensitive to electrical disruption on those days.

      Example: significance of my birthday for my mum and me. My birth was pretty traumatic for my mum, occurring at home (but in England – other side of the world from her and dad’s own families), during one of the worst winters on record and during a blizzard when midwife wouldn’t come and dad had to leave mum to go out into the blizzard to collect her. by the time they got back, there was no time to boil water (i was no doubt determined to have a scorpio ascendant, to reproduce my mum’s sun sign/mars sign). anyway, mum immediately came down with a breast abcess that became a more systemic infection, and was hospitalised in a nissan hut (old convex roof war building used as hospital annex back in the early 60s) for two weeks, i think. the woman in the bed next to her died; dad was able to visit but they wouldn’t allow her to see newborn or her two 5 and 6 year old daughters. then she came home and dad, who’d been caring for newborn and other 2 kids, came down with mumps. so did sisters. then mum got them. etc etc.

      decades later, her own mother died, in my bed, on my birthday – she’d come to stay for a while following cancer operation and never went home.

      so my birthday linked with two very stressful events/periods in her life for her.

      a year or too ago, mum invited me to go see her and have lunch at her place on my birthday. i was about 20 mins late thanks to car problem and couldn’t call from car as mobile ran out of charge.

      when i got there, she was having a supraventricular tachychardia episode – white as a sheet – pulse weak, heart racing. called ambulance who stabilised her on way to hospital, and tests that day diagnosed the problem – it’s like a change that disrupts the rate and flow of the electrical charge.

      anyway, mum is not the kind to freak out easily (eg someone being a bit late) and i couldn’t help thinking that her heart freaked out perhaps because she was a little worried which triggered subconscious heart memories about that date.

  7. Always synchronicities on this site!
    Just back from Ireland, where I went to The Festival of Fires, a Beltane festival reclaiming the Pagan connection to the land. All sorts of people were there it was beautiful and the fire lit on the Hill of Uisnich was answered by fires across the world, including Scandinavia and Peru!
    (Sorry, lost in reminiscence there…)
    Anyway, just thinking how I must start my meditations again and rummaged in the top room to find a book I wanted to read as a ‘refresher’ – and the first word I saw was ‘breathe’. Where my eyes jumped next, I don’t know but the next word I saw was heart.

  8. I love this! When I feel bad/off I stabilize my heartrate with breathing. I also think relaxing positive grounding thoughts. Aqua on my 6th house cusp with Uruanus in my 3rd.

  9. I’ve been saying Breathe all morning…it feels good to be getting on time with my life. Syncronisity has been the theme for awhile…but now it’s really dialed down—awesome !
    This post was another affirmation that –I’m on time with my life.

  10. That’s why Christ was depicted with the Sacred Heart. Flames were shown instead of electro magnetic energy.
    The expression ‘follow your heart’, ‘look to your heart’ then there’s heart swell & heart ache, endless references that have alluded to this energy being the greatest energy in the body.
    The Re-birthing techniques of breath-work are very powerful,by circular breathing (no gaps between).
    It is said it’s in the gap between breathes that creation takes place.
    Breathing in rhythm with your steps (walking) is the simplest way to conscious breathing with a small pause between the in & the out.
    Start with 3 in & 4 out & build up from there if a novice with the technique.
    Always start my bodywork with ‘give me a sigh’ = immediate relaxation!
    Osho had much to say about this. O SO OSHO ๐Ÿ™‚
    The very first step in Tantric techniques is hand on each other’s heart
    space (centre of chest) and synchronise your breath. Hand pointing upwards not sideways.
    MetaPhysics means ‘above’ physics which has now caught up with the meta part.
    Breathe in my ear & i’ll follow you anywhere whereas it used to be ‘speak to me Italian’ & i’ll do so. Glad i’m over THAT.

    • Love the post and your reply Pegs. Tr. Mars square Mars + Sun Jupiter is now square natal Jup Venus in Leo 8th, feeling breath is my powerful ally to getting a grip under duress. (Heartache and anger presently)
      I have been studying Pranayama, circular breathing, that sort of thing. It is a ritual cleansing that takes place avg. 14 x every minute (newborns avg. 35). I take full advantage and work the cleansing breath.

      I quit smoking years ago pre-astro, Saturn Rx on 3rd not good for Gemini lungs. Really getting into the study of breathwork and it’s use for vocalists as well. Wrote today of singers including Ian Gillan and thought of Sweets…
      hi Sweetpea ! (waving)

      Pegs, last week I had a dream of sitting at a round table having a convo with you and a galpal of yours about what to do for fun in the evening. This to my knowledge hasn’t happened before, (dreaming of someone I haven’t met or even know appearance) but I ‘knew’ it was you. How cool is that ? Dream kindof faded after that, but it was warm and cozy at your place for sure. Friendly & fun !

      • Roxy,
        A few here have mentioned being with each other in dreams, so we have entered each other’s subconscious. Wonderful.
        Eighteen years ago when i discovered the power of conscious breathing, little did i know how i would need it myself later after having a life threatening lung infection for 3 months last year leaving me with only a third of ‘normal’ capacity. So it was Scary Mary and coupled with seeing only a third of clients compared to 2-3 years ago, am in the strange position of having to completely re-learn & practise and trust my own stuff ie; Listen Feel Breathe and do it alone, instead of WITH some-one.
        It’s very humbling for me to have to ask for help instead of being the helper. A case of Physician Heal Thyself, huh?
        With our beloved Myst bringing up acupuncture & TCM and reading the feedback, feel that would assist immensely, a kick-start to my cellular memories of healing techniques.
        People used to need me now i need them.
        Maybe a bit Nanny McPhee (small ‘c’ big ‘P’) who said ‘when you don’t want me-you need me & when you want me-you don’t need me’….lol.

        • argh i felt you were on the edge pegs which is why i said at the time only you know which choice is right for you – i was trying to let you know it was ok to leave if you felt it was time. I don’t really come here so much any more but when I do I always read your posts because I was so worried about you when you were sick. In case we part ways without becoming aware of it pegs I want you to know that I have loved having you in my virtual world – you were one of the catalysts of a powerful change in me and i wish you blessings in all the dimensions you dwell in sister xxx

          • Anon…
            How beautiful. I thank you & wish you
            all the very best in whatever you do. x

    • Wow thanks Pegs for that info. I’ve always been fascinated by the sacred heart with the flames… even bought an old church leadlight window with the cross and sacred heart with flames in the middle… must find a place to display it in my house! It’s absolutely beautiful and I had it in a window in my old house but it’s now in storage.
      p.s. I do breathwork via yoga and pranayama

      • BRING IT OUT of storage, it probably has the most magic attached to it by having absorbed the hearts & minds of the peeps it’s been around.
        Thank you both for reminding me to re-start my yoga
        & breath-work coz i have been resting on my laurels as once you are on a lighted path no deviations accepted.
        My truth now is use it or lose it,that being in reference to my living or dying.
        Calling all Life-Coaches……….

        O you are all here ๐Ÿ™‚
        and all beautiful.

  11. Yes…. And this also reminds me of the book ‘The Hearts Code’ that I bought years ago about stories of people who have had heart transplants & who started taking on the desires & likes of people whom they got the heart from.. although this also happened to people who recieved other transplant organs as well.. Weird or what? Or perhaps it all just makes sense after all…….

    • The Chakras are beings that are guardians between your body and the dimensional level through which that particular energy vibration is beaming.
      To me they are not scientific either, perhaps they are guardians of the scientific?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I was taught that the ‘heart’ centre was the thymus. The heart itself just a pump, a muscle. The chakra system to me is glandular. Pineal, thymus, adrenals etc. like little pharma labs producing all the key cells that keep us happy and alive.
    Agree that breath is key, just mix in a few vowels to really open up those channels. Chant the vowels and let that tone move that right through your glandular system. AEIOU

    Comparing the brain ? not sure. The brain needs a good steady supply of oxygen and the heart is its key generator. Measuring the generator on power output and seeing it as greater than the user ? Thats like comparing a human using a coal fire, the coal is putting out more energy so is more central than the user ?

    • Heya DaveyL, there is a great book called “The Healing Codes” by Dr’s Alex Loyd & Ben Johnson who were guided to formulate a self healing system through using the glands. I like it (tho he was guided by J.C. & doesn’t mention past life trauma, so there seems to be assumption your cancer originates in your mum being disappointed you dropping your icecream at age 3, instead of viewing that as a subsequent sensitising event) I think the system is sound – and best of all it encourages an independent and direction connection to Spirit.

    • Sweet sounds abound when the mouth is round.

      Hope all copacetic with you David.x

    • glandular makes sense to me, the philosophy / science around the older knowledge systems & the body always relate in some direct way to its physical functions.

  13. This topic has really been on my mind the past few days, especially the subject of meditation and whether I should start.

    I still haven’t tamed my Mars in Aries, third house (I hate sport, not sure of other ways?) so I often get the rage flare up over minuscule things and can straight away feel my heart going crazy. Not healthy at the age of 21. I am always conscious of my heartbeat as I’m sure it’s faster than usual.

    I’ve got to the point of trying to control my rage by instead of just angry communicating, I just say to my boyfriend, “feel how fast my heart is going” and place his hand on my chest. He then holds me and helps me breathe and I always snap out of it within a few minutes.

    • hi anon, i was happy to hear that at just 21 you are learning how to deal with quick-fire anger / feelings. Having dated someone with an awful temper who never did anything practical to understand or manage it himself, or its impacts on his loved ones (it ran in his family, alas, learned behaviour), it was very distressing.

      I get a bit shouty at times and it’s always at my nearest and dearest. I think things like meditation to practice detachment from the feeling – it’s still ok to have the feeling, but putting an extra window or two between “you” and “the emotion” so you can say first, “wow I am experiencing a lot of rage / anger about this” – ie. observe, rather than “rrroaaaarrghhhh anger anger rage” straight up.

      Also – if you feel a need, for some further insight – maybe some more reading around about managing heated feelings and ragey-stuff.

      xxxxx take care

      • One more point – being able to ‘sandbox’ the feelings allows you to examine the factors around it. in my experience leads to some good breakthroughs here and there. “it won’t happen overnight…” but it will happen. Not that you need to become like the Dalai Lama or anything, but self-knowledge is king, I always say . x

  14. As a novice to meditation, I’ve recently achieved this and found it much easier to achieve than the struggle of stilling the endless antics of the mind.

      • I also have mercury in aries. my mind is constantly moving so fast, yet meditation practice has allowed me to slow my mind, be silent, and connect to the inner world. When i learned how to control my breath & synchronize breathing with movements, my yoga practice and my life grew in many ways. i just feel more connected, the in and out of the breath is the closest way to connect to the present moment. Throughout the day, I remind myself to take long deep breaths instead of freaking out!

    • Reading this, I just got a flash! This shape is exactly what we are doing when we practice meditation as taught at Vipassana!!!

  15. Syncronicity indeed! Only a year ago I realized I am a terrible superficial breather.
    I ‘ve been waking up with the feeling of a hangover for years because of this.
    I went to a neurologist for advise and was sent home with the knowledge it has to do with the ADD I’ve been diagnosed with.
    That was it…. (so glad to spend all this money on health insurance…. )
    Two weeks ago a was reading a passage on breathing in this NLP book.
    And started right away. Not during a meditation, but during the day an night.
    So as to try and make it part of my normal living routine.
    Watched a few things on You Tube.
    Received an E mail on breathing last week.
    And now this.
    When I breathe properly, I do feel like a different kind of person indeed. Relaxed but also in control.

  16. have a gorg wind through my boudoir as we speak. I am still a big believer in chakras, i balanced them with the full moons energy 2 nigjhts ago and worked a treat.

  17. I understand that the ancient Egyptians already knew about the relationship between breathing and good health / longevity?

    I wonder when modern science will catch up with using the power of crystals and gems for healing – each colour having a particular relationship to certain sections of the body or types of pain.

    In some ways we are already on the right track – we use lasers. Maybe down the track laser technology will be used with particular gems for particular healing

  18. Further to meditation, heart & breath, I found this:
    “When your Heart and Breath are in synchrony, (i.e. when your breath moves in, your heart rate goes up, and when your breath moves out, your heart rate goes down), you get greater Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which is known to be a correlate and/or cause of greater health, longevity, positive emotions, greater cognitive function, improved immune function, increased intuition (aka direct knowledge), and protection against negativity. The Institute of HeartMath (www.HeartMath.com and HeartMath.org) calls this coordination of Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and ParaSympathetic Nervous System (PNS or PSNS) Coherence.
    Famous brain scientist Karl Pribram, MD says that somehow when we go into such a Coherence state, we are accessing what he calls โ€œA quantum, Holographic Information Stateโ€ outside of our normal sense of space and time. Is it any wonder that at such times we can access information about events that have not yet happened โ€œin timeโ€? (See HeartMath and http://www.IONS.org research on Intuition.)”

    That movie I linked above says as the Universe is the shape of the Torus – this is how the universe breathes – and the sun of Alcyone has already been through the Torus!

  19. Wow, this is interesting stuff. I have always suffered from high bp. Was diagnosed as young, 18 yrs old. Every time I try western pills it comes down (the hbp) but then I end up with a host of bad side effects and after a time it starts rising again, like my body is trying to equalise you know. So I quit taking the meds. Fast forward 20 or so years and for the last 18 months I decided to get back on the meds again, my doc did a range of tests from MRI scans, ultra sounds, blood tests, urine tests etc. I told her I had all those in Aussie (back in NZ now) and it turns up nothing, nada, which it did in this case too. And again, on with the side effects from the meds, which this time are pretty horrific.

    Last week I went to Accupuncture for the first time eva (thanks Mystic) and oh my god, I don’t know how but its like I thought I was breathing before, but I so obviously wasn’t … it was nothing short of sublime, I wasn’t expecting that from just one session of accupuncture. Can’t wait to see my TCM doc this wed.

    Unfortunately I know my bp is up again, but thats cause me and loverboy have hit a snag, theres a wanton woman sniffing around him, and we have yet to have that talk. But thank god for eastern meds and mystic xx

  20. Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge is by far the best way to get engaged as a meditation practitioner: easy-to-follow guided meditations on different topics, short (under 20 minutes each), relevant. You could start training your Monkey Mind from there and then do it on your own.

  21. Naisha Ashian – amazing crystal healer and visionary has a meditation called Primus Activation Technique which is designed on this concept of the heart being the most powerful electromagnetic generator in the human body. Consistent practice of this meditation attunes your body and energy fields to a heart centered state of vibration.

    At the end of the meditation you broadcast love at full volume out over the earth and heavens and breathe it back into every cell in your body. You resonate with every other person or thing that can vibrate on this level of heart centered love. It is a tremendous and powerful experience and you can feel the energy amplifying through your body end energy field. You can feel it changing the vibration of your cells.

    It is totally amazing in mind, body and spirit. I’ve been doing it every day for over 2 months and it’s changed my life. Im much calmer, less stressed out, much more peaceful and generally happier, full of love.
    I recommend it to everyone:

  22. These documents he speaks of cannot be shown to exist… I do not know why we are wasting our time… just another man who wants his mommy to love him…

  23. Unfort. Scott Sonnon doesn’t give any links to ‘recent research’. Nonetheless I believe this completely and this image has been coming to mind of late.

    Get a guardian of the heart, is the ‘take home’ message. I think this illustrates how very vulnerable we are when we don’t have a bouncer at the heart’s door.

  24. Modern scientific tests have shown that red clover contains isoflavones, plant-based chemicals that produce estrogen like effects in the body. Isoflavones have shown potential in the treatment of a number of conditions associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, cardiovascular health, and osteoporosis. However, as researchers have become aware of the side effects of taking estrogen, there is also some concern about the safety of isoflavones. Plus, evidence that red clover helps reduce any menopausal symptoms — like hot flashes — is mixed….”-

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