Headhunters Looks Tres Pluto

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“An accomplished headhunter risks everything to obtain a valuable painting owned by a former mercenary”.

Can’t wait to see this, it looks totally Pluto with its blend of art, sex, dirty commerce, strange psychological fuqed up compulsions and mercenaries. Pluto is always about the dark end of town or – obviously – the underworld. Plus Pluto is not money – as such – but it is riches.

Pluto Peeps – like the mercenary in this movie, appropriately played by a Scorp (Askel Hennie), are extremophiles, far more comfortable in extreme environments than they are the “normal” or down at the mall lol. See also The Hurt Locker for an example of same genre of Pluto person.

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24 thoughts on “Headhunters Looks Tres Pluto

  1. I saw this movie last night and LOVED it. Very Pluto, I agree. SPOILER ALERT: This is a film where everything goes horribly horribly wrong for the main character, but it somehow works out, due to his: a) luck, and b) brilliance. Amazingly, amusingly, it plays out. Very male energy, over the top. I cringed and laughed my way through.

    Yes, it is extreme, which freaked out my lovely Taurus moon, meanwhile my Sadge sun loved it. Highly recommended!

  2. spoiler alert in the very first comment? come on, not fair!!!! I had to quickly scroll to the reply bit before my eye skimmed the text… thanks for the warning i guess..

    anyway, I was going to say. a valuable painting?? if it was plutonic could we assume i contains some secret key to an ancient sect, access to limitless power etc etc yeah?

    • Sorry for that spoiler alert so early, but I didn’t actually give any details away. And I shall say nothing about your question, except that you will very likely be laughing at movie’s end.

  3. Sounds *horrid*. I like light, fluffy, and preferably animated. I can barely stand the tension in a Terry Pratchett made-for-TV movie – this would send me over the edge. Which is odd, as I have a Stellium in Scorpio, but its like: I *know* how awful the world/people can be, and I don’t want to look at it for light entertainment.

    Looking forward to The Avengers though :)

    • Saw the Avengers, by myself on Mothers Day with a big box of popcorn and a choc top – bliss! Loved the movie, I’m a sucker for spectacular effects, superheros and over-muscled hotties – yes I’m over 40 and a mother, but also deep inside lurks a teenage boy who loves the awesomeness and wishes he had special powers and super strength! 😀

    • i think it’s a scandinavian thing. it does have that pared-back plutonic undercover thing going on…

      • yes it looks amazing – wonder if the whole movie has that kind of visual tonal palette/look?

  4. My ancestry includes German mercenaries. Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday… Exciting, extreme, excelsior!

    I totally get, though, how my station in this life is tied to past work and doings. Where once I killed for a living, now I work to help people be more alive. Which is harder work? Not sure… But I know that no matter what exactly I’m doing to earn a living in This life, it will be related to helping others rise up. Yin and yang, past lives and present. I get plenty of opportunity to exercise my Pluto-Moon conjunction, regardless. *wink*

    • interesting, Scorp. i have chiron-south node-venus in my Aries 10th, and have often contemplated that collection of features.

  5. I love Pluto movies….North node and IC conjunct in scorpio, jupiter in the 8th house.

    • Love Pluto themed movies too. Light-hearted romances and chick flicks annoy the carp outta me. Superficiality and vapidness is like a plague.
      (I have many planets in Scorpio and Pluto)

      • I know what you mean Scorpiorising. I loathe romcoms too. Or any sentimental crap like The Descendants which I had to sit through recently as a compromise with my Crab husband. lol

        • I actually felt that the Descendants covered such a heavy subject matter and the shock the characters find themselves in with a lot of grace. I have Pluto conjunct Venus… Wild at Heart is my ultimate movie. And love Mulholland Drive. In fact, Lynch full stop.

          • Okay, I admit it was okay. But did it deserve to win an Oscar for best writing?

            Love David Lynch too. Much more my cup of tea.

            • Oh I should add that I’m a multiple conjunct Scorp (10th house) but with Pluto in Virgo in 8th.

            • No it didn’t deserve an Oscar for Best Writing. My feeling this that this award was a nod to the writing in his previous films Sideways & About Schmidt as much as for this actual film. Which film did you feel deserved the Oscar? I’ve got Moon in the 8th & Merc in Scorp.

              • I liked About Schmidt much better. I think Hugo should have won. Brilliant movie imo. I’ve got Merc in Scorp but moon in Cap.

  6. I saw this film a few weeks ago, and would say that it would be hard to spoil this movies as it has LOTS of twists and turns – totally hard to predict. Also, think Pluto = big transformations. Maybe “works out” for him is a bit on the positive end of the scale – his character at the beginning of the movie might not agree with that assessment? Psychological growth – yes, transformation – yes. Funny movie? My god, yes! Dark humour all over the place. It’s great to see lots of good Norwegian films coming out: TrollHunter, this, erm there was another one I can’t remember right now (!).

  7. I actually felt that the Descendants covered such a heavy subject matter and the shock the characters find themselves in with a lot of grace. I have Pluto conjunct Venus… Wild at Heart is my ultimate movie. And love Mulholland Drive. In fact, Lynch full stop.

    • Oops this turned up twice – as I was trying to stop the version under ‘tiger cub’ from going out. Wish it would stop trying to call me that!