Full Lotus Moon

In many different cultures and across the ages, the Pink Lotus symbolizes many thing: Buddha, Serenity, Enlightenment, Lakshmi the Wealth Goddess, Good Fortune, creativity amidst the obstacles of daily life…

The Pink Lotus floats so elegantly upon the surface of the pond but beneath the flower is a stem and that goes straight to the bottom of the pond, sourcing nourishment from all the gunk, debris & crap down there. Swans have such gorgeous long necks because they are also bottom feeders. Roses thrive on manure.

The point? It’s a Full Moon in Scorp week and it is opposing Bitch-Goddess Lilith. Don’t shun your own psychological crap/poisonous monsters at the bottom of your “pond”/darkness as that is where the beautifying & serenity-enhancing soul nourishment is to be found.

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45 thoughts on “Full Lotus Moon

  1. i’ve been contemplating this picture all day, thinking how the lily has the perfect stance in life, it is beautiful and open and never looks down, and doesn’t have to delve into the dark matter. The dark matter underneath is it simply nutrition for it’s growth. As above so below and all that, perfect simplicity and beauty.

    And when it closes its petals at night, all it sees is it’s own inner beauty.

  2. Yah, it is building up – I felt it when I pasted my twit smile for an inane remark rather than going after the logical fallacy. Hope to survive through Sunday with fab insights rather than fab fangles.

  3. I love the idea that such as calm, beautiful flower can be deemed also “aggressive.”

    “Assertive” maybe ?

    Asked a florist if they could get me some lotus but she didn’t know what it was. Der, small town.

    I’ll walk this week with imaginary lotus flowers pretend tattooed all over me. Nice.

    Thank you Link for the quote about the Buddha.

  4. Just a random statement of sorts, but I’m wondering something. At the moment I can’t help but feel as though I’m in some surreal post-limbo state of lucidity where everything is just gliding along calmly at its own rate, with relative clarity. I’m an early Virgo (24/08) so I know I’m still under some degree of strain from the astral plains (although I am feeling Mars chill out a bit as he moves forth).. All my situations that have caused me immense grief this year (a work/money based situation, and a mindfuq of a romance type thing) have seemingly just stopped being of ache and are rectifying themselves in their own chill manner (new job opportunities, tension in the loveness thing gone and seemingly ready to be of rebirth) and I’m sitting here thinking ‘WTF???’

    Either everythings getting surreal or I really did all the right things over the tense past few months… Anyone else have any take on this? Other Virgoans especially?

  5. Thanks Mystic, got through some tough moments yesterday by remembering this post and the image of a lotus.

  6. ‘No Mud No Lotus’

    Though ‘No Shit No Lotus’ – seems to be more expressive if not so mindful πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks Mystic, love your wisdom and timing – it is perfect for me right now…I have been shunning! Now I think about it, also feeling blocked, no growth, so time to embrace the sludge at the bottom of the pond! Hopefully to find some beautifying soul growth and serenity!

  8. Love this. Been feeling all the shifts very solidly. Feeling like I am drawing from the roots quite solidly. Totally magic people things atm but I am being challenged to be true to self amongst it. Fantastic climate to thrive on the anarchy and pond muck x

  9. In the southern hemisphere many of us would have celebrated all souls night lastnight, and maybe into the week. Perfectly suited to end with such an auspicious moon

  10. I didn’t know about the root going down to the gunk. So as to mystic saying not to shun our own poisonous crap as that’s where soul nourishment can be found… Um, what do you mean not shun?

    Eg today a group of young men spoke particularly disrespectfully to me in an elevator and I gave it back to them in the same style! I didn’t mumble into my ruffled feathers like a miffed hen. Since Mars in Virgo I Have little to no censor. Prior to that I rarely uttered a peep. I think a colleague of mine overheard it and who knows what they think of me, but I’m just amazed that the young people had no pretense of politeness.

    It’s too late for me to redo It. Am I getting the astro right if I repent, or if I own it?

    it… I’m not sure whether to own it or repent!

  11. what a coincidence… my mother, who has just been ordained a Buddhist nun and changed her name to Lhamo, sent me a birthday gift full of lotus-theme stuff (Buddhist themed stuff really).

    • The full moon in May when the sun is in Taurus is a very special Buddhist festival–Wesak.

      “It was on the night of the full moon in May that Siddartha sat on the grass under the famous fig tree (Bodhi tree) at Buddhagaya. He entered into a very deep meditation, during which veil after veil was lifted that covered the face of Truth. Finally, He beheld the fullness of that blessed Truth, which completely transfigured Him.”

      Auspicious that your mother was recently ordained.

  12. I always loved the symbolism behind the lotus. Thank you for reminding me that. And it’s funny how I was just thinking about how I felt some weird change, thinking about all the crap I put myself through made me more aware (hopefully a better person).
    And the Virgo speaking here – this is a water lilly πŸ™‚ Lotus flowers float above the surface which strengthens the symbolism because if you think of the bottom as the crap level, the surface is the reality level (still has crap in it) and the flower is somehow peacefully floating above it all. (That said, IMO lilies have prettier flowers :)) I hope my comment doesn’t come off as dickish.

    • And the reason i wondered about the difference was because i came across a pond with all its flowers in bud except one and i planned to go back there to see the whole pond in full bloom.

      Great reminder when i have the whole weekend to enjoy now, without work.

      Do you know how long they take from bud to bloom?

      • I have only seen them while in Asia and there they are in full bloom throughout the whole summer (or at least it seemed so) but no idea how long it takes them to flower… Sorry.

  13. It’s a beautiful photograph, but it’s in fact a water lilly not a lotus, sorry to be a pedantic Virgo rising here πŸ™‚

    Lotus plants hold their leaves above water, water lillies have their leaves on the surface of the water, but the flowers are almost identical. I’ve been looking into lotus culture recently to grow them in my new garden.

    • Yes, you are right–it is a water lily, not a lotus. Both are beautiful flowers, but the water lily wins the beauty pageant hands down, in my opinion.

      It is also interesting that both flowers are associated with Pisces. Maybe in addition to the “transformation” lesson (very Scorpio), there is another lesson–imagination helps us to rise above the gunk of reality (Pisces).

    • I heard that lotuses are quite aggressive plants and take over quite quickly so if you’d better keep them in underwater containers πŸ™‚

      • Oh yes, they’ll be in containers, there’s no room for a dam in my suburban garden. There are some lovely mini varieties that grow well in tubs in the sub tropics.

  14. hmmm certainly felt a shift…..this full moon continous the illuminations arcing up my grand cross. really lapped up the goregous new moon transiting my natal moon…swam in the ocean, sat around a fire in the evening with most precious dea ones, shared delish organic meal with things from garden + got a shiatzu massage.
    now feeling so relaxed with being all that I am in this moment that I am enjoying simply saying No to anything which doesn’t light me up with inspiration

  15. I feel like I been the pond scum dwelling at the bottom for last decade. I’m not scared of what lies beneath… Just sick of the smell

  16. Oh mystic, so spot on as usual, totally resonates with me. And had just spent past couple days re-researching designs for my long-thought-of lotus tattoo….

    • And am primed and prepped for any possible backlash from ex-boyfriend – just finished it all completely. Had become far too toxic. I’m with the current astro! He’s Venus in Scorpio, but I’m hoping the strong Virgo and Saturn in his personality stops him from behaving in a lower-scorp full-moon bad way.

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