Dr Aquarius Versus Venus Retrograde

Doctors Orders ArtHey Mystic,

Generally I try and keep any missives to letting you know you’re awesome and saying thank you and stuff.
But, seriously, what is up with this Venus Retrograde caper? Thank you so much for covering this action in your scopes, as it has been invaluable in keeping me sane and hopeful thus far.

I was minding my own business, then one day when Venus went stationary, walked onto the hospital ward at work and fell head over heels in infatuation with another doctor. He’s short, burly and looks like a Leo. Not my type, probably too young and a neurosurgeon who i actually do have to work with.

Who, I might add, I don’t know and have barely managed much of a conversation with. I’m convinced that there’s some karmic connection, and have a ridiculous visceral reaction every time our paths cross, up to and including heart palpitations. I’m aware that I may be insane. I mean, I’m 33, have two children and am an Aquarian for fuqs sake. This is so not me, and has never happened to me before.

I’m also aware that the above noted life situation may not be a prime selling point for moi as hot property, nor the fact that my Toro ex (who left me with no notice after 10 years and literally stole the couch on his way out) is back living in my spare room due to his general derelectitude and poverty and the fact I’m a kind hearted idiot. And he probably thinks he’s my boyfriend on that basis. In fact, he may have even told hot burly maybe-Leo neurosurgeon that he’s my boyfriend as their paths crossed in a professional sense last week. Holy crap, what if he said we’re married? (We’re not). Now I’m paranoid. You see? I’m insane, clearly.

I’m sure that hot burly maybe-Leo dude is having the same visceral reaction to me as I am. Which is making interaction quite awkward as we’re both too busy having runs of ventricular tachycardia or something, and pretending we’re cool.

Its made me reappraise everything. I was managing to compartmentalise my Toro-ex living arrangements up to now on the whole “good for the children, I work long hours” basis, but all of a sudden I want to stab him with a fork for being a miserable, borderline-alcoholic, cock-blocking robot sent to destroy my love life.

Pluto is almost exact conjunct Venus in my 6th house, making that Grand Trine thingy with natal Chiron in the tenth, and Saturn and the North Node in the second.
I really hope I’m not insane and just making all this up in my head. I can’t quite work out whats worse:
a) Me hitting on someone at work, therefore running the risk of being branded a cougar and an occupational health and safety risk plus or minus being rejected.
b) Succumbing to an urge to stalk that borders on the creepy.
c) Nothing ever coming of this, thus proving that I must have just made it all up in my head.

My Aquarian brain can’t cope. Nor can my Libra moon, as I now spend 10 minutes every morning agonizing over whether I should go with the ylang ylang or monoi body lotion and triaging its seductive / mystical qualities.


Stay awesome and love your work.
Dr Aquarius

My Dear Dr Aqua,

Some thoughts – don’t a whole heap of people meet via work? It’s brilliant as you can get to know one another gradually and without the awkwardness of a ‘date’ situation.Β  Pluto on Venus = once in a lifetime karmic romance type vibe so it’s either burly Leo neurosurgeon or he is just the “fluffer” as they say in adult film shoots, to help get you in the Venus-Pluto frame of reference. OR to open your heart, if you would appreciate some more New Age terminology.

More thoughts: Obviously you don’t hit on him at work nor stalk him, just get to know him. I already said in the Horoscopes that anything started April to August is ultra-promising but will take ages to play out, right? Kick the Taurus Ex out already! I think Monoi would be too cloying for an emergency room/hospital environment, don’t you? Oh and can’t you just say to burly maybe-Leo neurosurgeon that you hear he met fuqwit Taurus Ex who stole your couch and that you’re so happy you’re on good terms with him?

My esteemed viewers here will of course have some fabulously useful comments on this scenario, i know it.

Image: Monty Montgomery – Doctor’s Orders – Society 6


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72 thoughts on “Dr Aquarius Versus Venus Retrograde

  1. Get vaccinated against the Toro! They keep trying to squeeze their way back into your life and it’s hard to say no to them. πŸ™

  2. Oh no you can’t just make a Taurus move out. It’s his place, wherever he stomps his hooves. Easier for you to move away and leave him behind. And he’s not an alcoholic, he just enjoys his pleasures on a level you don’t understand, while you Aqua are out there hunting for some drug fix that hasn’t been invented yet.

    • have you ever witnessed a Toto V Aqua argument? Each are so convinced they are right. It’s like one of those standoffs in nature where no creature actually tussles, they just stand there with locked horns, skull to skull, not moving, feet planted, a twitch from one counterweighted by resistance from the other… it takes a gemini or a pisces to break the deadlock. Well, in my experience..

        • The truth usually backs up an aquarian in time, one is associated with sacraficing comfort for truth, the other is about having it…

      • Yes PUNM!
        The argument I witnessed was be btwn my best friend (Taurean) and my beau (Aqua). I (Gem) tried to diffuse it, but it blew the friendship (between Toro and me) because she could never get over it – which was awfully sad.
        Such stubborn creatures, the pair of them.
        The Aqua is also year of the Ox… so the tussle was indeed bull v ox and unfortunately the bull never recovered.

        • aw that’s sad Zen. I wouldn’t know what to do if my partner and my bestie were fighting. Probably try to talk one or the other around in the best way possible…or at least to leave the difference by the wayside..

  3. oh yes turf the toro plz. even if this maybe-leo thing doesn’t pan out, it’s obviously highlighting for you what it is that you genuinely, truly DO want. if he’s going to be in the way of romance, hotness, and love bliss then get him out if you have to get a removalist in to pry him out with a crowbar.

    i’m predicting that this astro-passage mystic is referring to might lead to quite a few people evicting cloying former lovers from had-it relationships from their life. i just cut the cord with my ex of 3 months who had a habit of arriving at my house drunk and crying in front of me about our break up. i realised it’s for the best, me comforting her was stopping her from becoming emotionally independent from me. sounds like your toro is and has been dependent on you for his material comfort and he needs to get out, basically.

    THEN you can clear your head and think about future romantic bliss with hot maybe-leo.

    i think work romance is fine, esp. for doctors surely you spend heaps of time at work, plus other doctors can understand the insanity of your work life, right? just keep it low key and professional for now. yoga helps. and don’t talk down about yourself with the two kids and whatnot. wow, how much have you achieved at just 33? a doctor, mother of two, holy crap you are superwoman!

  4. Thanks for sharing Dr A, on the face of it I’d suggest kicking the Taurus ex to the curb, give yourself permission to enjoy the infatuation without any pressure on destination and in the end if that’s all that it ends up being (which is improbable) trust that it wasn’t meant to be and occurred purely to bring clarity to your (and probably your family’s) life. Ultimately you couldn’t say nothing happened or that it’s all in your head, after all when was the last time you felt your heart flutter?

    Whatever happens, I wish you all the best 8)

  5. I’m too busy laughing at the “miserable, borderline-alcoholic, cock-blocking robot sent to destroy my love life” comment to think of anything intelligent to say right now …

    Will get back to you! πŸ˜†

  6. The police are gone, perp in custody, and I am ok, so Toro’s stealing couches are a good diversion. Hurry up and steep calming herbal tea.

    I agree with get rid of the Toro. Mine (2nd marriage) was very hard to get rid of. I ended up moving 4 states away.

    A cougar? At 33? I thought you had to be an older older woman to be a cougar. My Toro is/was 8 years younger. Of course, yours is a Leo. But I still think whether a Toro or a Leo, you’re not a cougar.

    Work is tricky. Gossip, emotions spilling over, fights in the parking lot.

    I would definitely stab the Toro on his way out. But make it look like an accident. You don’t want the cops making the neighbors wonder what the nice person down the street is doing with cops cars completely blocking the street. Trust me, I know this.

    How do you bring younger Leos home with Toros coveting couches right there in your home? Even if the Leo is just a cub, the Toro has to go. Then you have the kids go to dad’s house while your entertain Leos or no, Leos are good. My Aqua son has a wonderful Leo partner. Hair and bling and works as a stylist in a trendy salon. Aveda.

    I need my tea…

  7. Wow.
    First – nobody at 33 is a ‘cougar’. You are a woman at the height of your powers, which the maybe-Leo has obviously figured out!

    I reckon – ditch the Toro ex, regardless. The Plutonic ‘authenticity or bust’ vibe is already in motion, if you’re realising how he’s limiting your life. Easier said than done, I know… but he can still be a great father to his children without being in your house. From my experience, Pluto will make the authenticity happen one way or the other, and it’s better to be in charge of the change than wait for it to steamroll you.

    Don’t feel bad about the urge to stalk. Pisceans call it ‘doing our homework’.

    How cool to read about a doctor who is sees such value in astro. I bet you’re fantastic. Good luck, Dr Aqua, stay sane and keep us posted xx

  8. OOOH I LOVE THESE SORTs of queries.

    Agree with everyone about Taurus getting the boot, pronto. Like NOW. I kept sleeping with my ex a bit after we broke up, telling myself the same crap that it was “for the children” a sort of continueing comfort zone but it was just me being weak and him wanting a root i dare say.

    So exciting re work affair though i would hate to having surgery with him all distracted by you wafting past in a haze of perfume and your scrubs undone to reveal a sheer calvin klein bra. seriously. you can still focus on the job?

    just relax. have fun. in my experience these sorts of strong chemistry reactions, heartbeat etc, are always mutual. it’s what you do with it where you might diverge.

    • Aquadoc I totally agree with Leo Socialite – in my experience too, those totally “wtf is that?” kinda feelings are always mutual. Maybe you are even feeling what HE is feeling, (more so than your own feelings if that makes sense?) which I sometimes find happens to me. I don’t know how but I also have bucketloads of earth in my chart and a strong chiron. Anyway, no matter where it starts – it’s there.

      …btw your explanation of the Taurean situation… f-ing hilarious…. in terms of that… I leave you with a song….


      • I had not heard of that one before. The mutualness thing that is.

        And you say, it could also happen that one actually picks up the feelings of another person and perceives them as their own?

        • Oh yes, ’tis true!!! I’ve always felt this instinctively. Then about 12 years ago I read an article about Sean Penn and he believes it too.

          “I like to believe that love is a reciprocal thing, that it can’t really be felt, truly, by one. That on a romantic level, if you feel it about somebody and it’s pure, it means that they do too. And if you keep believing that, they come around” – Sean Penn (Leo).

          I loved his quote so much I felt it deserved a place in my little book of quotes. (Mars Virgo- have heaps of little note books).

          Nice to know guys feel it too.

          And yes I think highly sensitive people (water signs/Neptune types) can pick up on other people’s feelings.

          • Hey Gorgeous Scorpalicious,
            Did you happen to click on this link the other day – where Mystic found the tree quote ?

            there are some beautifully breathtaking quotes on there,
            reminded me of your book of quotes, a lovely idea.

            tootle piparoonie xx

            • tootle piparoonie! πŸ˜€

              No I didn’t click on the link because I don’t want quotes handed to me on a platter all at once. I like to stumble across then spontaneously and serendipitously. They’re more meaningful that way.

              I reckon a book of quotes is better than a diary. I can look at any quote and roughly remember where I was when I read it or recall that time in my life. The only reason I started it in the first place is that I have a shocking memory where words and names are concerned (Saturn square Mercury in Scorp) but I have a photographic visual memory though. πŸ™‚

              Tally-ho Cosmic πŸ˜›
              Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. xx

          • Teehee I have lots of different notebooks/journals too. And my Virgo Moon insists that for every “purpose” there needs be a new one, and the writing has to be neat or to be erased. Gosh, the idiosyncrasy.

            On topic … I am not sure if I am a heavy Neptune type, its in my 8th and part of my mutable T with Moon and Mars, but Jupiter is in my 12th so they are sort of in a weird way in mutable reception even if 12th is Aries and 8th Sag? Buh, well everything is interconnected in my chart (splash) anyway.

            BUT, I’ve had the suspicion that I am picking up others feelings, especially of the person who dumps their moon into my 12th – actually, scratch that, I am sure I do. Only that I have no means or experience to see what’s originating in me and what not.

            • hehe… totally understand the idiosyncrasy!! As I was searching for the quote this morning, i stumbled across a few that no longer resonate. Will have to do some editing!! Gee, as if I don’t have enough on my plate. There’s always something to do. I don’t understand people who get bored!

              Anyway, I digress…. Neptune in the 8th house!!! Of course you pick stuff up and Jupiter in 12th expands that. 12th house is the Neptune house. Things are never clearly defined where Neptune is concerned. It’s like walking though a fog. So there’s no way of ever knowing if something is originating from you or someone else. If you have a strong sense of self, then you’ll just know.
              I have Neptune conjunct Sun and a packed 8th house. I think that if I stare at someone long enough I can read their mind. Very Scorp non? πŸ˜† I’m learning to listen to my gut more and trust my intuition. And of course, keep that Scorp paranoia under control. πŸ™‚

              • Haha, yesterday evening I went through magazine clippings i had since awhile and tossed most of them cause they only left me with a blank “bazinga” when looking at them πŸ˜‰

                My 12th is actually double neptune “ruled” ’cause pisces is on the cusp even if jupiter itself is in aries together with chiron, vesta, lilith and pallas. Not got a strong sense of self. Yet. Working on that.

                Still, in very quiet moments, I just know, there’s no doubt … my gut says “it is so”. But alas, spent a lifetime ignoring and shutting down that gut. Ya know? Grrrrrr.

                It does NOT help at all, that the dude whome my subco and gut tell me is very much “into me” turns around being extra friendly to another woman, handing out the things I am actually working my butt off for having, triggering all my shitty issues. My Scorp Desc chants “kill kill kill”, my zen core says “it’s just a ruse, work with it” and my fragile ego goes of wheeping at yet another time I am being left on the bench”.
                I haven’t figured out yet whether he’s a cunning bastard genius or a shithead. Karmic mindfuckery galore, but I am not sad because whatever, it works … in a way :p

  9. 😯

    Work affairs are the BEST! 😯
    The things I have got up to in that cafe! 😯 😯

    Anyway, where was I… oh that’s right… 😯

    Ok here’s the plan:

    FIRST: put the couch out the front, preferably on a day of the council pick up (if you don’t have a regular one you can always book it). HOPEFULLY you’re ex will still be ATTACHED to it when they toss it onto the back of the truck… 😯

    SECOND: go and get your done, like really DONE. The kind of hair style that makes you feel HOT. 😯

    THIRD: get yourself sexed up and go and GET HIM SISTER! 😯


  10. This whole post is a gem: Dr Aquarius’s letter, Mystic’s response and suggestions above. I am loving and lol’ing it.

  11. This is such a witty query!

    That you want to stab Toro with a fork is a wake up that you are actually still in a relationship with the Toro and if you want another new and functional relationship, you should first make yourself …. single. Having any male adult other than your child living in the house is unfair on the maybe Leo who maybe a nice person and maybe have emotions and maybe worthy of an uncomplicated relationship.

    Cougar? That is so passΓ©. Besides which, you are Aqua with LIbra moon, and therefore ageless.

    I agree with Barista. Get working on your hair anyway.

  12. I love these queries!! Especially when they’re witty.

    “…but all of a sudden I want to stab him with a fork for being a miserable, borderline-alcoholic, cock-blocking robot sent to destroy my love life”

    “Nor can my Libra moon, as I now spend 10 minutes every morning agonizing over whether I should go with the ylang ylang or monoi body lotion…”

    GOLD!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    • Oh I totally missed the bodylotion part … don’t worry, this happens to me too, but I have like at least 10 to pick from, plus of course the matching shower gel.

      Only bloody thing in Libra is gen. Pluto, I do blame my Taurus Asc wanting to be smelling ze best. Or maybe it’s the Cap Venus?

      • Of course your Taurus Asc and Cap Venus explains your love of body lotions. Cap rules skin & bones πŸ™‚

        With a Taurus Asc and Venus ruling Toro that makes venus your chart ruler. You lucky thing. My chart ruler is Saturn. I guess that has it’s own rewards πŸ™‚

        • Well, Saturn rx is opposing my lovely chart ruler tightly and the universe made sure I had someone around to make me feel like the ugly duckling for enough time to deeply ingrain the idea, spent my 20ies hermiting my life away, slept through my saturn return, just now coming around to be the beautiful princess I was born to be πŸ˜‰

          Still in the faking stages but it gets better everyday, same time, filling life with “you did/made/created that? Ah yes, I did that”-stuff to detach from need to get attention for prettyness.

          Not bitter, just wish killing of those issues would go faster and very much annoyed when falling back into old habits of “boohoo poor me, no one wants me”.

    • yes totally. I have one myself but I am not going to post to mystic and I would die if it was a post. but seriously my aqua scenario is insane. and for anyone that has met anyone during a venus pluto transit that shit is completely insane.

      • I don’t think I’d die, on the contrary, I am at a point where I can use all the help I can get to figure out what the hell is happening (another insane aqua … it’s an epidemic?) and how to beat my own demons so I can go deal and play like a pro.

          • Sigh, I wish logic would help :p Only, I am up against an ol’ cancer, I feel horribly out of my league. But that might just be something my demons are trying to make me believe see …

            Pffff, I must scheme up a cunning win-win strategy that works around or with the demons.

        • that was not a slurr on you just scorping privacy is all. I love this post x

      • Ms, you could just write anonymously. Nobody need know. I’d love to hear a Venus/Pluto story!!
        Is Pluto conjunct your Venus?

        • still way too ID able. I get outed here enough as it is

          Pluto venus was my 22/23. Nuts.

          Currently I am venus gemini saggo venus scorping sun love transit natal bliss that is whatever the crazy astro. Node transit on my moon, who knows. I am heaven I am happy, this will take ages to play out. Mystic is correct. I just hope i am not delusional venusneptune soaked but he is a m a z i n g

  13. oh yeah and you are only a cougar if you are technically old enough to have given birth to them. I know these things.

  14. Dr Aquarius – you haven’t lost your sense of humour (as your witty comments show), so you are one up already.
    Cougar at 33?! No NO! And anyway, what’s wrong with a few cougaring moments? (Moi 50 and last encounter 28. Sweet, fun and no hearts or bones broken).
    Ask the divine Leo out for a drink or something once you have led the toro (by the nose, the most sensitive part of a bull, apparently) out the door.

    Re Venus retro: I am being contacted by last untrue love who was a real thief in the house of love. So wonderful not to be in thrall to the screwed up little boy. I see and understand his sweetness but his moon in Aries (I want it now and I don’t care what happens) and long-standing obsession with his ex blew the fuse.
    To paraphrase a favourite playwright – I used to love him – ‘but that was in another country, and besides, the wench is dead’.)

  15. Find a way to remove the Taurean influence from your life.
    I suspect that he is offering something of value , maybe companionship, maybe more, but the relationship failed for a good reason.
    Taureans like their comforts and their routine. He should find a way to re-structure his life, by himself.
    Your Libra Moon craves a meaningful relationship, and doesn’t enjoy solitude. A Libra Moon will often do anything rather than face being alone.
    I think the Pluto / Venus transit is time for a massive clear-out of all the things that don’t really work in your life. That means being hard-headed and somewhat ruthless. There seems to be a lot of deadwood to be pruned , most of it screaming for its survival .
    Time to be clear-headed and true to yourself. No half-measures, no what if’s . No ruining your own love life by propping up someone you don’t really want around. O.K. so there’s a big age gap between you and your colleague, and it may not be professional to have an affair. People have affairs all the time. Does an affair have to destroy everything you value ? If it does, then you’ll just have to keep it in your head.
    Is the maybe-Leo just a reminder that you need passion and lust ?
    Some of us fall in love several times a day . There might be karmic issues between you and the maybe-Leo. But karma is in the now, and you don’t have to fall into a disaster of a relationship, just because it feels so good .

  16. Wow… Yes kick the EX out! TODAY! He’s keeping you looped in old codependent bullshittery! Go the tough love otherwise you’re just enabling his victim-trip. Leo has been sent to open your sexy chakras and move onwards and upwards. Embrace the new!

    • I keep laughing at the advice to kick out the Taurus. It can’t be done. It’s like kicking a 2 ton block of stone. The only way you’re getting rid of a Taurus is to somehow get him to believe it’s his idea to leave. Then nothing can stop him from leaving.

  17. Firstly, i love your way with words πŸ˜€

    OK. I am very relieved to hear that other women in the vicinity of 33ish feel like ancient creatures not fit to feel the gaze of hot young things. I can relate to that. However, everything I read tells me that such wimmin are hot property / in the age irrelevant bracket. So, I might suggest dismissing the age concern.

    I am pitifully underqualified in every other aspect of this conundrum / furphy / excitement / etc. I agree that the feelings you have for the nuggetty Leonic Dr Jr may not be entirely one-sided. I also strongly agree that it’s a bit rich for that Toro ex husband to fuq right off and then slime back in; however you being a non-emo-psycho Aquarian I do understand how you can manage to be cool with that, plus the life logistics as you mentioned. However, depending on how old the kidlets are, there are other perfectly acceptable and legal ways for your ex to care for your children and generally exist without having to lump into your life the way he is. He left you, you wish to move on, he is the sacred cow in the middle of the road in Bangalore and you are a fully loaded double decker passenger bus hurtling towards him. Or something.

    Tachycardia and cystolic pressure aside, this sounds like FUN.

    Since pluto transits seem to take place more slowly than the Pitch Drop Experiement, I also think that this pluto-venus thing will take a while – Mystic is probably right here when she says “just get to know him”…. now, being the kind of person who experiences near heart failure and other social maladies around objects of desire I have NO idea how you get to know someone who you want to stare at while completely losing your command of the English language.

    Is there a conference coming up that you can both attend… do any of your colleagues go for after work drinks…i mean you don’t want to come home to the kids hammered, but this would be a looser scenario to get to know the guy.

    I generally avoid dangerous work liaisons for all the usual reasons, but then again I’ve never been so het up that I’ve wanted to get involved in one (at least, not where the guy wasn’t making my it easy by leaving the country two weeks later). So, this is also a V. good reason to stop, breathe, flirt in the libran moon way that you libran moon types do, let him reveal who he is without you trying to push anything (that’s my MO anyway, seems easier that way).

    Maybe Venus retro trine (?ish) your sun is going to help slow things down so you can feel like you have a slightly firmer grip on things.

    the end. love PUNM. good luck. xx

  18. This thread is a treat! And just before the dark of the dark moon. I can’t think of anything different to say on top of what has been said πŸ™‚ 1. No, you are not a cougar. 2. There is nothing wrong being a bit obsessed about a man at work place. 3. Ditch the ex, obviously you should not feed leeches..

    I am thrilled to think the coming stream of stories during this Venus retro πŸ™‚

  19. my cap doctor friend met her doctor husband at work. First sighting was ‘this is the man I’m gonna marry’. So, she went to work getting style factor up, being incredibly flexible in offering to swap shifts with peeps so that he and she were at work at the same time, and then just being her natural self.

    he didn’t stand a chance…

    I think the best advice I can give is to enjoy the feeling of wanting someone special again in your life, unblock your energy by moving ex on to another pasture (don’t assume that won’t also be best for your children) and carpe diem.

  20. Ok nevr eva hit on a person you work with. but it happens. keep your guard up. wait until he shows you he is honest and sincere. even if you have to get up close with the person you work with for work – it’s good to leave it at the door and just be mates, if it’s going to happen let it unfold in time.

    April to August you say

  21. I married my co-worker. Best decision I ever made. Anyway Dr. Aquarius. You are too young to be a cougar. I think you have to be at least 38 before that term applies. How young can a neurosurgeon be anyway unless he is Doogie Howser MD.

  22. If it feels like one of those heavy karma meets then you need to take it slow/careful because:

    1) affects your children
    2) you work together
    3) unstickifying yourself if you need to will be a difficult process

  23. Gosh, sounds eerily similar. Think I am absolutley nuts as I have left my husband in the last two weeks, he is also a couch potato whose parting words were from pouting Gem/Taurean lips “But you do all the things that NEED to be done but hey it’s cool, it will be fun to be single again!” Hmmmph.
    Ahh but stick with me peeps, it’s gets better. I ‘came out’ and confessed my undying lust for my best man (yes you read that right) who is normally soooooo not my type but geez I want him baaaad (my Arien mate thinks I am nuts as he is short, balding and a body made of sinful treats). I have had a crush on him for three years but now that I am single dcided WTF might as well go out in a blaze of glory (Aries Moon Venus am I) and he was all keen, now best man hard to find and disappeared (Gem sun OMG another GEM Cancer Moon – Venus).
    To top it all off I am the least boho chick in the world preferring my Black Sabbath shirt to Laura Ashley (which BTW if anybody wanted me to divulge national secrets just put me in a flowery floaty dress and I will tell you anything “It BURNS, It Burns” I shall scream. Anyway, just given up my ultra modern miminalist, sleek, stainless steel ridden four bedroom home for small three bedroom cottage, English garden complete with me buying French Provincial/Baroque syle decor.
    Kill me now!!!!! HA HA

  24. Oops forgot to mention Aquarius Sun, Virgo Rising, Aries practically everything else.