Disco Died

OMG disco just died!ย  Donna Summer was sensational, i swear the openings to I Feel Love & Love To Love You are just mega iconic. Didn’t Beyonce just sample one? Anyway Donna Summer was super-Capricorn (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Moon all in the 5th House*). She had the cheekbones & work ethic to go with it. Her disco ballads to sex workers – Bad Girls & She Works Hard For The Money were weirdly feminist.

Spookily, her death is being reported as being from lung cancer after she inhaled toxic particles on the day of the terror attacks on New York on September 11 2001.ย  She passed just three days from an Eclipse on her Midheaven in Gemini (exact) which is kind of poignant as that signifies a massive and sudden sort of rebirth in the public eye, adulation et al. Cue outpouring of love, acclaim and endorsements from people all over the world.

* It is amazing how often people with official careers in the performing arts have totes loaded 5th houses.


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46 thoughts on “Disco Died

  1. I was saddened by her death more than Whitney’s. Four Seasons of Love I still thrash Summer Fever, to me is one of the best disco songs. My first live in love introduced me to this album nearly 30 years ago & it was he that texted me this morning about her death, wierd. Her life wasn’t easy at times from what I’ve read over the years. Loved her Cappy cheeks and lovely woman sized thighs.

  2. I know!!!! many of her songs a soundtrack to my early childhood. *sigh*

    • oh god, if i had the money and didn’t have to slave over assignments, I would go find the nearest awesome club and make them play her stuff all nite. disco on babay. bring on the sparkles n love.

      • I’d be right there with you… dancing the night away ๐Ÿ˜›

        If I had the money I would have a dedicated music/dancing room with a disco ball.

        • yay! discoooooo *unearths can of hairspray for biggest ever postmodern disco hair-art *

        • From Dada to Disco…that would be a great progression in my day. *stares at incomplete essay onscreen, willing it to write itself*

          scorpbot, i reckon you would be an excellent clubbing pal (or at least lurking scorp-style in a dark corner doing whatever it is scorpios do in dark corners in bars ๐Ÿ˜€ )

          also that was me anon again just then

          • ditto! … Pisces are great drinking and dancing buddies!

            nah, i dont lurk. I have moon in Saggo :)
            Once I have a few drinks in me you can’t get me off the dance floor!! I’ve even danced on pool tables!! That was back in Pluto in Sagg days. Wouldn’t dream of doing anything of the sort now!

            Gee, i miss clubbing… *remembers the good old days*
            If friends didn’t want to party on, I would just go by myself just to have a good boogie.
            The dance floor is THE best place to pick up too. *sigh*

  3. I’m shocked. Love her and still play her music quite regularly. So many great songs. Looks like I’m having a music night at my place tonight. Funny too as my record player was fixed and picked up today :)

  4. Wow, what an aweful thing for me to hear today, loved her music!
    Saw her in The Fiesta Palace Hotel, Mexico City summer of 1977.

    I had purchased a 5′ tall papier-mache horse, left in the shop until I was leaving in a few days.
    The next day when I went down to the lobby it was gone…borrowed for her concert that evening, which I would be attending.
    Getting that item home was a real challenge. It was a gift and the person recieving it loved the horse and the story.

    • oh my god! mexico city…1970s…disco concert…giant papier-mache horses…borrowed for the show itself….i love every part of that xxxxx

  5. Apart form the Anthem all fine whores took as their personal singalong, didn’t she also do State of Independence, which has to be one of the world’s best numbers?
    Have about 5 of her CD’s around or on I-Pod. Time for a salute to her.
    Many children were conceived to Love to Love you Baby in the 70’s, it was OrgasmCentral immortalised to vinyl.
    So sad, she was a superb, true disco diva.
    5th house of play, creativity, joy & having fun, isn’t it? Well didn’t she then.
    RIP Lady Donna.

  6. Yes, very sad to see such a legend pass. I remember being on a school trip to Noumea in 1979 and for some reason in a disco. The DJ played Hot Stuff and a local French boy asked me “wot is zis ‘ot sterf?” … but to comment on MM’s asterisk – I have five planets in the fifth house – and I write for performers…. interesting.

    • O can they party in New Caledonia. One of then best discos i have ever been to was in Noumea circa ’90 with best music
      & DJ.
      The Very Best were in Singapore, lush as.

  7. Very sad to hear. Will have her music on high rotation for tonight and dance like no one is watching coz…no one will be yay!

  8. Anyone eles notice how young people are dying over here? Anyone else notice how the American government is out to poison us, trust me They have no problem doing it to other countries.

    Any capricorns? Nah they are usually the last to find out how damaging an unchecked abusive government is… Although I do have capricorn ruling the 6th house of health, though Mysitc did say that is where you are wise beyond words. Guess that coupled with virgo, means I take no bullshit. ESP from government and when it comes to health.

    I have a feeling she would have lived longer if she would have stayed away from a few neurologically depressing/ cancer causing things on this list.

    Canola Oil
    Soy Lechithin
    Vegetable Oil also known as Canola Oil
    Transfat 0 lables = per serving of say cracker. Still means has transfat
    Sodium Aluminum Phosphate
    Hydrogenated Vegtable Oil
    Cottonseed Oil
    Irradiated fruits

    All manner of MSG which was created to make elderly people eat more, then used as nicotine for most corp food to have you continually buy there chemically bloated nutritionally dead product. Betcha cant eat just one right?

    • sep 11,th how absurd. Everything is the tally ban here. “free” american public -1 eugenicists +1

    • I feel your pain AqualeoScorpmn. This was my reaction too. Really looking forward to the false flag op that Sep 11th is being finally made public.

      And having just learned about preservatives and additives, not to mention the evil that is aspartame and fructose, I am in incredulous as to what is legalised for consumption.

      What a fabulous voice R.I.P. lovely lady.

      • I did mean to put those two, but was up super late.. Studying more of the arien rushed HIV massacre by medication by Dr Robert Galllow some are gonna be really suprised, because this is happening across the board here. Its not like capitalisims grim details stays in little sectors. There all right next door to eachother, up to things you and I are not capable even dreaming about.

    • I avoid those like the plague. The stuff is everything!
      yes, I can’t wait until the paradigm shifts and everyone demands the truth about the food supply.

  9. She does have Saturn R in virgo in the 1st. Could be denoted as being blinded to the full darkness of government affecting her outward persona. and her being health conscious about her looks, virgo ascendant. But to live a good zombie free life style you have to take virgoian lessons deeper than that, infused with being aware of what saturn structures are being poured into make ups and supermarket shelves to the “doctors” offices. To the alum filled prescriptions people take, that half the time, a good juicer and healthier eating choices like floride free water and Organics can clear right up.

  10. I love you Donna THank you for some amazing muisc wish I was old enough to be at at studio 54 and the paladiam to experience it. At least you get a new life and a new body.

  11. Sad news about Donna Summer. I hadn’t heard she was ill. Donna Summer was a gift to that era. As for the 9/11 toxins causing her lung cancer – I’m inclined to believe that Donna Summer was in denial that her own cigarette smoking was in any way to blame. We can’t hang every crap thing we create in our own lives on Bin Laden … can we?

  12. May she R.I.P.
    Cancer is horrible way to go.
    Never was a fan of disco but, she had a few cool songs and many new wave bands covered.

  13. I was part of the disco era, and loved Donna Summer’s music. I hope Donna and Whitney perform duets in the ethers.


  14. Gutted. My earliest musical memory is singing along to Bad Girls on my little portable record player. Love love love her, and still have that album.

    So sad.

  15. So sad, I loved her.

    I have a loaded fifth house – saturn, uranus & neptune, plus leo (sun) is my ascendant, governing the fifth, & chart-ruler.

  16. Loved, still love…MacArthur Park,
    “someone left my cake out in the rain and I don’t think that I can take it.”

  17. “Last Dance” was the theme to my Senior Prom. May she R.I.P.

  18. Been playing I feel love over and over to get things done. Packed for trip in record time, ran errands, drove across state. It’s like music rocket fuel:D A caffeine trance.

    Just love it. Haven’t listened in ages.

  19. Who knew I had such similar astro to Donna? I’m a Fifth House Cap with Saturn Rising in Virgo and about to have an Eclipse on my Midheaven too. Well there you go…
    I had heard once, that despite her massive gay following, Donna was actually quite homophobic. Obviously these claims were total hearsay and unfounded but did serve to make me feel kinda uncomfortable about her.
    Still – LOVE the tunes. My lord. What a catalyst she was.
    Meanwhile – Sept 11 fumes? Hmmm… That sounds about as credible as the homophobia claims to me, but regardless, a pretty unpleasant way to go for a woman who was all about breath and voice. Very sad. Peace Out to her, indeed.

    • Shame about the poss homophobia, it’s disappointing to hear that kind of thing.
      But the fume thing may be valid for her if she was a New Yorker, wiki says:
      “The dust from the collapsed towers was “wildly toxic”, according to air pollution experts…The thousands of tons of toxic debris ..consisted of more than 2,500 contaminants: 50% non-fibrous material and construction debris; 40% glass and other fibers; 9.2% cellulose; and 0.8% of the extremely toxic carcinogen asbestos, as well as detectable amounts of [4] lead, and mercury. There were also unprecedented levels of dioxin and PAHs from the fires which burned for three months.[5] Many of the dispersed substances (asbestos, crystalline silica, lead, cadmium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are carcinogenic; other substances can trigger kidney, heart, liver and nervous system deterioration”.

    • Yah Elton John was devastated at her passing and put out a statement, he said they were friends so the homophobic thing sounds a bit of a stretch?

      • Oh the Elton endorsement IS reassuring, and now you’ve enlightened me to her being a Virgo Rising 5th House Cap, I really can’t believe she’d be bigotted, even if for personal ego reasons alone x

        • Cap bigoted? For work/ reputation…they can do anything.. Just what ive noticed. Unless you were say right up by the towers. The fallout wasnt exactly chernobyl.. The body clears alot of that, but a lifetime including womb consuption of GMOs can kill anyone early…. But ive met many caps that say there too succesful to be being poisioneded by government.

          Blind faith in authrority is an incarnationally risky thing.

  20. So sad with the death of Robin Gibb this morning! This week heralds the true death of Disco!!!