Snoop Dogg & Bob Marley Were Soulmates

Snoop Dogg and Bob Marley were soulmates. At least astrologically, they were.

So the new Bob Marley doco is apparently amazing – even if you don’t like his music, it is said to be radically moving.

Marley was, of course, the quintessential Aquarian iconoclast – ironically an icon particularly beloved to his very own Pluto in Leo generation.

(Pluto in Leo generation = Baby Boomers)

What’s really surreal is that i was reading this article on how Snoop Dogg totally adores Bob Marley & was attending the premiere of the doco…that is logical, right?Β  Similar values, similar, you know, lifestyle. I think Snoop is crazy but a genius.

But the astro between Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg is sensationally hooked up…They should SO have met but it was not to be.

Here it is, for the Astro-Fiends amongst you…

Both have Moon in Scorpio…close degrees…

Marley was Chiron-Neptune-Lilith in Libra – Snoop is Pluto-Uranus-Lilith-Sun in Libra.

The Liliths are conjunct.

Snoop’s Saturn is on Bob Marley’s Uranus, his Mars is on Marley’s Sun in Aquarius, Snoop’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is on Marley’s Saggo Ascendent, Marley’s Mars is on Snoop’s MC.Β 

The chart connections between these two just go on and on. Actually, often if you look at the chart of an artist whose work you genuinely adore and this person had a major influence upon the very development of your persona, you find these intense connections. It is soul resonance and i realize that a lot of peeps dismiss Snoop or see him as just a showman but his soul link with Bob Marley is profound.


Snoop Dog in rasta hat making peace sign

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52 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg & Bob Marley Were Soulmates

  1. I have found that when your Mars is on someone’s Sun you just resonate energetically with them,it’s high on the list of important synastry aspects.When it’s male female the person is just ‘your type’–and when it’s same sex you just vibe well together,although you can be competitive as well—-there is just a lot of energy between you.Sometimes it can turn,however—for example Guy Richie’s Mars in Leo was right on Madonna’s Sun.The list goes on,you’ll find an attraction there almost always with Sun/Mars regardless of any other synastry aspects going on—-

  2. I have loved loved loved Snoop for years. As in I have a giant library of his songs on my ipod (over 300 songs). Ironically I detest the glamorization of being a pimp (especially being a woman) but his freakin beats and melodies make me happy.
    It’s interesting these two… I just watched a documentary on VH1 about the LA riots (it being 20 years ago) and Snoop narrated it. He basically was born from the aftermath. Once the riots stopped and the community began to become more accepting he came out with his west coast laid back style, which he’s kept since. I don’t know too much about Marley but I know his music was about where he was from and the social injustices that took place (not unlike Snoop).
    I must go compare charts!

  3. Wonder how Zalborg is after her dilemmal with the Dodgy Dudes?
    Outing them. Hope she is safe as she mentioned repercussions.
    Must look after some of these Librans, you know. They can be a sensitive bunch.

      • As was Blue Lib, hence my concern.
        We are all precious.
        Speaking of ‘precious’ watched the entire trilogy
        of Lord of the Rings over w/e. Adored Gollum calling the Gold Ring ‘precious-my precious’.
        Now understand why many women love Viggo.

  4. I listen to a lot of heavy metal music, and some of it can have some pretty dark lyrics as well. So I am used to people saying that it’s the devil’s music, that people who dress the way I do are the reason we had so many school shootings ten years back. Thing was, none of us took the lyrics seriously. It was just venting…an outlet…sometimes exploring things that should never be explored in real life.

    If someone listens to music like Snoops and then does bad things, you have to blame the person – not the music. I person who is not inclined to beat a woman is not going to do is just because he heard someone singing about it.

    I love this feminist-lesbian post-childhood-abuse-focused metal artist named Otep. She regularly writes about killing the people who did such terrible things to her. Far as I know it doesn’t mean she actually does it, and in my experience most of her fans enjoy going to her shows because its such a good chance to get all their frustrations out.

    • Yes, enjoy responsibly. Quite true. Resonate, own your sh* and build your strengths from there.

      But Aqualeoscmoon is right. There is stuff out there that is not commercially available, and even the word ‘bootleg’ doesn’t cover it. Looking back on some chapters of my adventures, shall we call them, i still cannot believe some of the places/groups i got into, and even the wildest riskiest of my true friends began to worry. It’s almost like a dream now! So far removed from anything else and it’s there that my forays into hiphop and rap took dark dark turns. It wasn’t the music itself, you’re right, but if you could hear it i’m sure you wouldn’t choose to “enjoy” it like the people then did. When the people that came with me into those groups had had enough, i stayed. Mostly it was all men, but it was worse when there were other girls… they were severely abused and twisted. There are some superficial things about me that made me accepted into those groups. You know me here from my voice and somehow we form a diverse group. They had a closed hateful group, but i just had to see for myself. I’ve found metal people, on the other hand, wonderfully accepting during my musical forays there. But i’m back in my own country now, too.

  5. Really cool Mystic.

    After seeing the above interview with Snoop, Cuba Gooding Jnr and Elle Macpherson one night on the Graham Norton show, my respect-odometre rose for Mr Snoop Doogy Dogg, if you fast forward to 11 minutes, (soz only so much googling i could do) … you hear him talk abouthis releationship with his wife…..Also check ou the end when Elle says to him ”You didn’t Google me ??? I googled you!!” ..

    He came across tres charismatic, to moi.

    Was that a Libran comment about exposing his wife to everything he comes acrooss, so there are no hidden secrets ? Or does that have to do with his Scorp moon do you reckon ? Or just trying to keep a marraige going ? hmmm

  6. Snoop is a tired try for BOB, its a little too late. He should have choose his idols more wisely, Now he wants to get all Marleyish before his death. I read and noticed from peoples NDE you feel the pain that youve caused others, more acutely than when you were on earth during passing. I hope he goes through the same fights I did, the same fears. I hope he sees how many women he caused to get beat and how many men thought of his lyrics before killing someones child. Someones father.

    just a few here.

    Bitches gon love to doubt me (fuck em, yeah)
    Nigga this, nigga that, we do this, we do that
    Talkin’ that shit’ll get yo’ wig blew back – (MEANS HIT IN THE HEAD HAIR FLYING)
    You knew that, we do that, like it’s ‘sposed to be done
    Back up off me, you gettin too close to me son
    It’d be fun if you didnt have a gun (BEACAUSE HE DOES)
    But if you didn’t had one you’d probably run; come come
    Now spit it from the tip of your tongue, a lil wisdom (FAR FROM IT)
    gives em somethin’ to move to, groove to (EGO YOURSELF TO)
    The next time you see me again gangsta’d up and crippin. (GANG BLUE IS CRIPS WEST SIDE AMERICA)

    You get the released for raido version here, then you get the real stuff on the cassette or CD. So you mighta thought u heard. Sippin gin and juice laid back. But check the other things people are involved in before you start saying how funny they would be or great they are. This guy is a main cause of gang culture here. Nothing to be proud of, and everything an aquarian like Marley would despise.

  7. trivia from waay back when.

    Was given the very first Marley commercial albumn in London circa ’73
    called ‘Light a Fire’ with the cover a replica of a Zippo lighter. Open the lid
    (like the zippo) and the record was inside. Unique. It was courtesy of Island records whos owner Chris Blackwell had close ties to Jamaica.
    Then again in ’80, given 70 vinyls to bring to Oz for promotion as i was staying in Brixton. That was the time when the brass section was added to the music filling it out and 2 DJ’s would play opposite each other & synchronise but a few minutes before or after each other. Twas amazing, more so by my being the only ‘whitey’ there, and a woman!
    The only radio station to accept them was Triple MMM Radio (then a very alternative fm station in a small cottage in Adelaide). They had a one hour reggae programme on Friday nights, so delighted with new direct material but blushed a bit at some of the words. But as for record deals…nada.
    All the other stations said ‘we are into New Wave’. I said ‘this is the Last Wave’.
    ‘I don’t like reggae I love it’…..10CC.

    • Love that song! “When you walk in my world better show some respect”. A mark of the true traveller, non? You must have brought them some of your own luck, Pegs. In all the tales, don’t those who play host to the wandering traveller happen upon some amazing gift? Good luck runs two way.

      • πŸ™‚ Lovely Ladies, i did have me some fun & adventures in my youth surely maxed it out.
        Airports are no longer joyful, peeps fearful, countries broke, peeps working their butts off or just loungin & making trouble.
        Beautiful Indian student at my local shop was amazed when i said at her age Sunday work was triple pay and partying easy before drink driving laws. One could almost hitchhike around the world taking wanted items to share from country to country like gemstones & jeans….shells too πŸ™‚
        We all deserve a glorious youth to sustain us later
        (or need therapy to heal it), to be able to say ‘ I missed nothing’ and to have been delirious with excitment of it all, friends work-career-environment-innocence and most of all, the Music, whereas 21st century seems much more fraught for most.
        You have my admiration for your (hardearned?) coping & persevering abilities.
        Blessings x

        • love your story… just got the best visual of us all floor lounging on throw pillows of exotic prints drapes of fabric regaling each other with life’s travels…

          soon as I typed the above, the wind really picked up outside, funny
          Sags don’t need a weatherman πŸ™‚ xo

          • to know which way the wind blows…..
            Hi there Honey, long time between drinks, good to know your’e still around.

  8. ABSOLUTELY. I have noticed this so often among writing/ academic friends, who often have a sun sign connection to the poet/ writer they are focusing their PhD on. I seem to have a thing for Gemini, Aquarius & especially Capricorn writers – Neptune in Cap trines my Venus & midheaven conjunction, so they manifest as the exact perfection of the art I aspire to (poetry). Off to check my synastry with Virginia Woolf!

    • Oh wow that makes so much sense. I am writing my PhD about someone, not famous, ‘footnote in history’ kind of guy, and I’ve never been able to explain why I’m drawn to his story. Off to check my chart against his now…

    • Crumbs, i still don’t know what it is but the subject of my postgrad studies lifts my heart. Every time i read of how he died i spontaneously weep with grief. Today it happened again, so i’m not spending more time checking the chart connections. There was a photograph of him in the ‘striped pyjamas’ of the camps, which he survived, only to die later of TB contracted there.

      He was a genius who stood up to former friend Breton (whom he described as a bull/ox) against diluting Surrealism with communist politics. He also saved some people along with himself in the camps, and it is this that embodies for me the absolute power of Dadaism and Surrealism in its freeing of mental paradigms, the iconoclastic glee of the playing imagination.

      If interested, the story is under the title Resistance and Deportation:

      • Mille! what an interesting man. Not to reduce is life to one anecdote, but the story of how he saved himself and others in the death camp gave me goosebumps.

        Dada is one of my favourite art ‘movements’ , if i can call it that, really only just starting to learn about it (and surrealism, which got more press) though.

        the ‘footnote’ people are often as fascinating if not more so than the headliners – it’s often so arbitrary the way that some people float up to the surface of history and become / remain famous, while others remain more of a mystery. I suppose that’s part of the joy of research, you really get to dig around and *learn* about people, make your own connections.

        thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best for the research πŸ™‚ xxxx

        • Pleasure. But that was YEARS ago. My research was all PAPER. Not quite papyrus. This is the first time i’ve looked him up on teh interwebs.

          I was immersed in his poetry. I prefer to know nothing of the artist’s life before really analysing the work, since a biography is someone’s point of view. Then close to the end of my research i found out how he died.

          • Thanks so much for sharing this, Mille, I enjoyed reading about him very much. What a privilege it must have been to be immersed in his work, and his life, for so long. xx

            btw I too am old school with my research. Best time on this project was my time in the National Archives in London with boxes of letters and papers.

            • Ah, bliss! In those days i lost time studying very old Hermes Trismegistus and astrology texts. Not wasted time, of course, but very much before Saturn return. May i ask even the general area you study?

              • Convict transportation… it’s a bit bleak, and my main focus is a rather unlikeable guy. Hoping to be done by the end of this year. Loved the research phase. The writing is brutal!

      • ‘Guides on the sides not sages on the stages’.
        Stewart Wilde
        ‘Intelligence is the greatest aphrodisiac’.
        Timothy Leary
        This culture of Celebrities who have done FA compared to these personages whom you have discoverd who have moved mountains *sigh*.

        • Pegs, I love and agree.
          Give the whiney public a sugar cookie to shut it up, then sneak up the blindside.

          Why I wonder do so many let the idiot box live out the days of their lives for them ?
          I create my own stories, way more fun !

          soz all when Mars leaves 9th house righteous indignation will dullen somewhat. hmmaybe. lol
          *steps off soap box*

  9. I like BOB BUT I cant stand snoop, I will Never forget hearing the really disgusting abusive things he would say about women killing, gloating. while I lived with 11 other boys besides myself in various Group homes throughout Colorado from 12 to 17.

    For you guys its a silly little songs your heard on the raido. For me that music made my childhood all the more full of violence to the point I was almost killed. Not from my hands though.

    of course the popular sun moon and ascendants just keel over in respect of these violent celebs. Lemme tell you I watched peoples eyes change after playing this shit music in a basement… They literally did, at least the people in the grouphome, whatever these people glorified in the music. They acted out days later.

    Snoop is a very bad example of low scorpio moon and Lo libra..

    • Agreed. I’ve been attracted by production values and beats/lyrical timing in Snoop’s work many a time but as i soon as i listen to his words the portcullis slams down. Weirdly, when i hear the lyrics i actually SEE groups of men’s EYES shift and change. I would never have thought to explain that.

      • Go to any club with that stuff coming out of the speakers, death/ fight rates are quite high.

        If the scorpio moon has anything to do with energetic responsibility, I would hate to be there for Snoop Douggys, life review. What a thing to pass on to the world.. It used to just be rowdy boys. After hip ho, came thug life, its almost a religion with chants/ as “raps”. They repeat said chants even while falling aslleep.

        You guys wouldnt believe how far it went, they would get ahold of some really nasty nasty CDs. That were not even on the raido or buyable. And of course they would have battles, who can be the nastiest. Meanest cruelest. And after rapping who can act that way. Then Who can be that way.

        Then who is now that way.

        Good thing I was never swayed by pop opnion, or hateful. I Never joined a gang, I stuck up for myself a few times. But thats about it. Chiron Mars contacts might have has something to do with it.

    • holy shit dude. that’s not ok. i don’t know his music well enough to know he took it that far, the fuqed up stuff about women was one reason i quit listening to some kinds of rap at a relatively young age, “this is my sisters they’re talking about”. OUT. shame.

  10. while we’re on the subject of music:
    RIP Adam Youch. πŸ™ i guess i am a rap fan after all. the Beastie Boys rule.

    • I was just readin this! So sad and I’m not a rap fan at all, but his music was a part of my growing up. He was so young and a Leo i think!

    • i know!! so sad. i think all musos should have a little shrine at their gigs to a favoured musician / artist who has passed away recently. as a mark of respect, yo. my band once dedicated a song to John Denver after he died (may he rest in peace), although i must say it was a bit cheeky but the song itself was called “flight” so, you know. but it was mellow.

  11. As a muso I’m always checking out the charts of other musos.

    I work in Electronic music… and it’s pretty funny how all those people have strong aquarian/uranian tendencies.

    In the DJ scene – lots of the dudes at the top of it – multiple conjunct Capricorns with some kind of Aquarian streak going on.

    If the music is dark and emotional – scorpio/pluto. If it’s sensual… I always find venus. And always in strong relation to the moon.

  12. i am not a huge fan of rap/hip hop, but i love me some snoop. i would love to hang out with him for a day. i think he would have me laughing all the time. plus, i live in long beach, california (da LBC, yo!), so i am obligated to love him. i do love reggae and bob marley. maybe it’s the weed, but i think that both he and snoop seem to have/had an inner calmness or something.

  13. Interesting Saturn-Uranus connection, I guess a quick interpretation would be that Marley’s unique insights on universal human value are what Snoop Dogg considers aspirational and authoritative?

  14. I love this post! Neither one is my kind of music but my goodness there is craftsmanship in both of their respective realms. It is sad they couldn’t have met.

  15. I can’t wait to see this! the various acting roles he has done have allowed me to warm to snoop dogg. his irreverence comes through for me. is he an aqua too?

  16. I just love those connections, which is why I love astrology and love the phrase ‘ soul resonance’ – totally.
    Don’t really know snoop – just not been into music for years now, prefer the sound & silence of the world around me ( tho’ music does filter into that quite regularly) – But love Bob Marley πŸ™‚

  17. I think this is the best astrology article of all time. Seriously, Mystic, love this.

    I now am dying to look at the charts of the artists who’ve had a profound impact on me.

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