Asteroid Gary, Science Fiction and Weekly Horoscopes

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Hey guys – the New Yorker has done its very first Science Fiction issue  AND the Weekly Horoscopes from June 2 are up AND asteroid Gary just moved into Gemini.

Yes, asteroid Gary. Number 4735 if you want to check it out on the Extended Chart Options Astrodienst I have him conjunct my Moon in Libra, which is a bit of a worry.  Where is your Gary?

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115 thoughts on “Asteroid Gary, Science Fiction and Weekly Horoscopes

  1. He’s the asteroid who can’t quit smoking… Ha! (sorry, I’m tired and I have jetlag…)

      • and my first real crush (should we not count astro boy, whom I was obsessed with, and a transformer)

        I had insomnia -forever- and I would sneak out to watch rage, there he was, down in the park, dressed in make up and a leather jumpsuit zooming around in an electro moog chair. I was in love.

    • seriously good stuff. his live gigs were awesome…. Manson without the “look at me” vibe. And I’ve yet to hear a bad cover of anything he’s done either… I could listen to ‘Are Friends Electric’ forever!

  2. Gary natally is 4 degrees away from my Saturn. Google refuses to discuss him. Asteroid Gary will oppose my natal Gary in a few weeks. Should I hide in my house then? Refuse to speak to anyone named Gary? If it’s bad for Mystic’s moon, is he annoying my Saturn? Does anyone know about Gary? Can we break the silence surrounding him?

    • Some guy named Gary says that The Killer Asteroid Apophis (which is large enough to fill the Rose Bowl) will dip below the altitude of our communication satellites on Friday the 13th of April 2029. If it is in a certain range on that day, it ensures that the asteroid will slam into the Pacific Ocean 7 years later, causing a tsunami that puts the coast under water, turning the US back into the land masses of Laramidia and Appalachia.

      Ok, I added the part about being turned back into Laramidia and Appalachia, but I’m sure we’ll all agree it was probably just an oversight on Gary’s part not to mention it.

  3. If there’s an asteroid called Gary is there also an asteroid called Sharon..??

    I cannot believe there is an asteroid called Gary. I’m still laughing.

    • Oh god. Bogan asteroids. Don’t start this or people will blame their ugg boot fascination and fetish for skintight lycra on the overweight on sharon. The uk must have a permanent conjunction to sharon.

      Gary is not a very sci fi name though, or is it? educate me.

      • bogan asteroids !!!! Love it. Apologies to anyone who is called Gary or Sharon though…

        • maybe that is it though. Maybe sharon is a minor deity worshiped in the outer rings of towns and cities with massive shrines erected in her honour, like kmart and target, housed in the sacred pyramids of fountain gate.

          • Hahahahahahah!
            Do you remember Eric Bana in Full Frontal playing ‘Poiter’ – swoit mate!

            • did you know that is how Eric Bana scored the role of Chopper/launch his career. He said he wanted him to play him after seeing him do ‘Poiter’

  4. have gary in 8th cap squaring my nodes. obv he is very very important! 😉 he will soon hit my merc so i should seek out dudes named gary to talk to for forced evolutionary growth? or make it a point on upcoming road trip to go through gary, indiana? would indeed be a challenge for spica nn…

    hilarious! ah, the power of blog!

  5. oh yes, the Science Fiction edition of the New Yorker, I am glad someone else is also a bit excited about this. I have a paper to write so it is staying in the sealed mail bag as an enticement to finish!

  6. My Gary sits alone in Virgo, my fourth house. His only claim to fame may be that he opposes my Mars. What a hip name for an asteroid, it coming across so ironic and all.

  7. Gary is located in my Scorpio near Venus and Neptune but with the transit it is Gemini next to Jupiter… Help! What do I look at / for to figure out how this will affect me. I am not looking forward to a long wait until July to see things improve.. ugh!! 🙂

  8. My Gary is safely filed away under ex husband. Frankly I,m horrified that someone has name a celestial body Gary!! Should be a law against it.

  9. A Gary asteroid? Couldn’t handle a ‘Gary’ on earth let alone in sky.
    Hope they the skywatchers don’t call the next discovery ‘Trevor’, that
    would really be too too much.

    • I knew a Gary once. He was adopted and had very disturbed mental problems. The name Gary brings up strange memories. All bad.
      My asteroid Gary is in my 4th House/Pisces and still have no idea what he means to me yet.

    • hahhaha trevor, hilarious! squaring my natal Kevin ewwwwwwgghhahahaha i’d stop beleiving in astrology if there were something resembling a kevin in the sky

      • Even worse to have your chart full of conjunctions to Kevin, Bob, etc. Imagine having your chart ruled by Gary? HAHAHAhaha

  10. Gary?? What’s next, the asteroids Barry and Kevin?? Frankly I’m having enough trouble with the big boys Mars, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto to be bothered wondering where Gaz is hitting on my chart. LOL!

    • OK so I just looked him up and as I suspected he sits alone in my chart at 4 Libra, completely unaspected and irrelevant. I feel sorry for him that he has no symbol. How about an ugg boot?

      • I have Gary at 5 Libra conjunct Elvis (#17059) also in 5 Libra –which seems appropriate, since both Gary Numan and Elvis were music pioneers.

        Also Gary is biQ my Saturn and quintile Urania (#30) –that seems right too, since Saturn is all about reality and objectivity and Urania is the muse of science/technology/astronomy/science fiction.

        I do like reading science fiction. It’s the genre I am drawn to the most (Aqua moon?) next to crime fiction and murder mysteries (Scorpio Sun?)

  11. Gary is conjunct my IC Libra at 13 degrees in the 4th house near Pluto. I am at home with Gary. Gary is a part of the foundation in my understanding of things.

    Gary will manifest as my future interior decorator whom wishes to create a designer post sharman lux haven for taxidermy occult inspired symbols balanced with sporadic childhood memories and the contemporary feel of modern living spaces.

    • When you put it that way, Gary sounds pretty dreamy. Is he Feng Shui savvy? I should look him up.

      • I think the stuffed animals would out the feng shui, unless he has some older plutonian cryptic method he will employ on the house. I will try to negotiate something more vegan for his plutonian ways

      • OMG penny drop!

        I am literally sitting here to the sounds of hard swearing liverpuddlian accent of the head builder roaring over the sounds of destroying/ rebuilding part of my neighbours house. Its too hot to close the window I can hear absolutely everything! If Gary is conjunct my IC and loosely my pluto that means in orbit of the pluto retro saturn retro conjunct hence me listening to frigging bansaws and gary swearing at everyone all day while they rebuild the house. But it’s not exactly conjunct so it’s not my house I am just listening to it.

        • Wow! How’s that for synchronicity?

          Hey, Gary: you gonna make love to that house or you gonna fucking fix it? Tryin to blog here, for chrissakes! Wrap it up!

  12. Gary is transiting my 8th house along with Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury. So, go Gary.

    Natally resides in 5th house of fun and mirth. Eh.

  13. Gary is on my Venus! I have always had a soft spot for the working men. Are there any geminis out there who can say how gary is affecting them now?

  14. lol Mystic, you can’t not give us any info on what Gary is all about??? not fair.

    for what it’s worth Natal Gary is 3 degrees off venus in the 9th and is currently smack bang on my saturn.

    So what is Gary going to teach me? lol. Maybe he’s the asteroid for pimples as i have a massive one on my nose. It’s horrible.

    • Guys we are going to discover for ourselves what asteroid Gary is all about and how is influence manifests in our chart. Personally i prefer asteroids with names like Astarte, Dionysus, Urania and so on BUT i believe it behoves us to work with Gary.

      Saturn is – for example – on my Moon at the moment and so thus also on my Gary…This morning i had a supportive and insightful dialogue with some guys tearing up the pavement outside my house.

      i feel asteroid Gary has to do with manual wisdom, dexterity and simplicity of outlook.

      What do other people think? (You will have to visualize the muu-muu, patchouli, counselllory nods and passing the speaking stick here)

      • Well Venus is not far off my Gary at the moment. I’ll take notes and get back if anything exciting happens.

        Mmmm manual dexterity and simplicity.,…. Was playing draw something (requires lot’s of manual dexterity) with a very cute man. Drew the word love and sent it to him, he then asked me to the movies. done. Simple. lol.

        • So Gary is a builder? lol 🙂
          All the gary’s I’ve known were builders too & certainly fit MM’s description…………………….off to find him in my chart now…………………oh dear …………………………….has this got something to do with venus retrograde?

  15. Gary is in my 10th house (Taurus) and Jupiter just made an exact hit on Gary and I did just meet someone named Gary who was much older (well he seemed much older–nine years is “much older” right?). Anyway, seemed a different generation. I think he called me “Dear.” Or “dearie”… But nice in a regular guy kind of way.

  16. Got Gary conjunct Chiron in the 10th House opposing Uranus.
    Really. How unsavoury.

    Gary just moved into my 12th house.

    I can’t tell what he is doing there but I did do a distant healing the other day for two hours on a client who is dying, can’t talk and lives far away.
    It was very successful I believe. But it was very hard work.
    I have never had the sensation of 3rd eye being exhausted before, it was quite an odd sensation.

  17. Gary is a friendly little bugger, possibly a bit of a larrikin, sitting in my 5th House in Aries (watch for the cheerful swearing when muckin around). Gary trines my MC and NN and it’s true that a bit of laconic blokiness is always appreciated in my endeavours.

  18. Am I the only one who isn’t having a Gary transit? Or whose natal Gary isn’t at all aspected? Now I feel inadequate and left out.

    • Transit??? Oh f* my 7th house of partnership.

      Nup, I won’t marry Gary.

      So, where IS your Gary, lionfish?

      • He’s at 4 Libra. 3rd house but makes no aspects. Even Saturn is nowhere near him. I picture Gary all alone in the corner, wearing one of those dodgy brown Bali leather jackets, high waisted pants, clutching his Bundy and coke and wishing he had the guts to step over the border into my 4th and go chat up my Neptune 🙂

  19. Garry is in my 6th house at 13d capricorn and currently unaspected. Pluto is currently conjuncting him.

      • Are ugg boots in the same category as Crocs? Cuz I’ve never owned a pair of uggs, but I love me some Crocs!

      • YES I have Natal Gary in my sixth, being opposed by Pluto.
        I have always LOATHED ugg books. Then about 6 weeks ago I bought a pair, have been living in them, think they’re the greatest invention ever, infact I was actually going to go to the UGG store today and maybe start a collection.

        I’VE BEEN GARY’D.

  20. Come ON ladies and menfolk. This is an AUSTRALIAN website. So over here, we say Gazza. not Gary.

    • that said, gazza is in my 7th house Cap, forming an exact T-square with my MC and IC-Pluto. this explains everything!! lol

    • I’ll just talk to myself one more time i swear, to say that i am quite sure mystic places no special significance on the origins of the site and that nationality is irrelevant. which it is, of course.

    • Now I want to post all sorts of caveats that I abhor warfare of all sorts, and even posting a rendition of a satire of puppets at war, serves to perpetuate the injuries of warfare in all its forms. *sigh*

  21. oh my god! I just had the most awesome idea. ok, several.
    – Gary transits to your 4th house, (or second house?) are when you have work done on your home. Like, renovations. Gary conjunct Saturn? book those builders. Get the plumber in.
    – Gary square Neptune is when you are caught walking to the shops to buy milk and ciggies while you are still coming down from the hoochie juice bender , so you are in your PJs and ugg boots with a baseball hat crammed on your violently messy hair… AND THEN you run into an ex who you’re still not quite over. Square Venus too? your skin decided to break out that day.
    – Gary-Mars in the third house is when you develop a giant, unmanageable crush on the mechanic (you know, short journeys – car trips 😉 ).
    – Gary in the 9th house, is that hot workman-yogi combo. He’ll repair the parquetry in your 17th-century Paris apartment and then discuss the merits of ashtanga over bikram for improving hip joint mobility.
    – Gary-Venus in pisces? The pool cleaner OBVIOUSLY. or maybe the lifesaver – (chiron transit)

    oh, that’ll do

    • (in my best Gary voice): You’s a friggin genius or sumpin, Pi? You”s all right. 😉

      • If I could get paid to make stuff like this up, it might be a dream job.

  22. HA!!! My natal Gary is conjunct my sun in Cancer in the 11th. It is also conjunct my saturn in cancer in the 11th(but closer to my sun)…..

    Does that make me Garyish?????? I think not. Never have I owned a pair of Uggs. I do work though.

    Gary is transiting my 10th house, and is conjunct my south node.

  23. The symbol for asteroid Gary should be a spanner … and a can of VB.


  24. I just discovered that my all-time have book Seat of the Soul by the brilliant Gary Zukav was lent out & never returned…synchronistic I do feel given that I was reading about the significance of June’s transit of Venus which last occurred in 2004 which is when I moved from Byron Bay to Melbs & in retrospect abouts the last time I saw my beloved book…just bought a new copy online, thanks Gary!

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  26. Generally looking at the discovery chart for this asteroid it looks like someone that has a gift for getting stuff done. Robson had a field day with this one.. A lot of negative stuff, but Robson is pretty negative overall. But I’ve found if you have anyone in your life named Gary, this might show where people named Gary tend to turn up. I find this is the case with asteroids that have people’s names.

    For instance, asteroid Brian 2683 is conjunct my DC. My partner of three years is named Brian!

    • This asteroid, 4735 is inconjunct my ASC, conjunct Artemis. Forms a Yod with Medusa. I have no idea what significance that could mean. lol.

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  31. I havee no idea the meanin of this asteroid gary…i just read all the comments either im dumb or idk what i still didnt understand the meanin of it . I checked for mself it is conjunct my sun:moon midpoint in aries…any ideas??

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