Ancient Maya Astrology Was Based On Venus

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Tyrone Turner – National Geographic

The Mayan Calendar does not end in 2012 say elite archeologists and the Ancient Mayans THEMSELVES.


Sorry, my Mercury in Aries does like to harp on about this sort of thing.

But my most whacko emails (seriously) have always been when i’ve done a post saying i simply don’t believe that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 and that the idea the Mayans felt the world would somehow end then is just crap and peeps charging around claiming to be channelling ancient Mayan kings, courtesans, scribes, astrologers, deities whatever are just doom-mongerers. Just as bad as the Jehovahs Witnesses saying only the “good” will be “saved” come the end times. Only the Mayan peeps say only the people vibrating at the right frequency. Ludicrous.

Anyway an archeologist named William Saturno (i love his name) has found a secret Ancient Mayan astrology den that sound more or less like my office now lol AND proof that no way does the Mayan Calendar end in 2012. Right?  You can read about it here and also here

What is AMAZING about all this is that we are but a few weeks off the Transit of Venus – if there was one thing the Ancient Mayans adored and tracked more than anything else, it was the cycles of Venus. Next, they followed Mars, also doing its own weirding at this time. So it’s beautiful and eerie synchronicity.  If were in Mesopotamia with this astro, the whole army & everyone in the city would be on high alert the first week of June, when Mars squares Venus during the Transit of Venus.

From the news articles linked to above:

“…One is a lunar table, and the other is a “ring number”—something previously known only from much later Maya books, where it was used as part of a backward calculation in establishing a base date for planetary cycles. Nearby is a sequence of numbered intervals corresponding to key calendrical and planetary cycles.

“The calculations include dates some 7,000 years in the future, adding to evidence against the idea that the Maya thought the world would end in 2012—a modern myth inspired by an ancient calendar that depicts time starting over this year.

“We keep looking for endings,” expedition leader Saturno said in a statement. “The Maya were looking for a guarantee that nothing would change. It’s an entirely different mindset.”

“Explorers chanced upon the writings while excavating a room buried under a collapsed building that was overgrown with rainforest vegetation in Xultún in the north-eastern region of Petén. Researchers who dug debris from the room found bright and vivid paintings of the king and other figures preserved on the walls, leading them to speculate the owner might have been a royal relative.

“One wall was covered with hundreds of small red and black symbols that tracked the phases of the moon, with others thought to represent the Mayan ceremonial calendar and cycles of the sun, Mars and Venus.

“This is certainly our oldest Mayan astronomical table. It’s the only one we have from the classical period. It’s also the first time we get to look inside a scribe or astronomer’s house and see the writing on the wall,” Saturno told the Guardian. More enigmatic charts on the north wall appear to represent the 365-day solar calendar, the 584-day cycle of Venus and the 780-day cycle of Mars.

“They were keen on keeping track of all planetary motions. They liked to anchor the events of their lives in cosmic terms. What comes around today will repeat again in the future and is a symbol of what happened in the distant past,” Saturno added.”

THIS has reawakened my interest in Mayan superfoods – Maca & Quinoa – they’re just genius. And a good antidote to the carbing up that is the norm with the Sun near Jupiter in Taurus, right.


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78 thoughts on “Ancient Maya Astrology Was Based On Venus

  1. “‘We keep looking for endings,’” expedition leader Saturno said in a statement. “’The Maya were looking for a guarantee that nothing would change. It’s an entirely different mindset.’”

    It’s all about perspective. I love this.

    • I totes agree with this. Humanity as a whole seems to have this whole apocalyptic perspective and it’s kind of annoying really. A shit Christianity based legacy imo.

      It’s always refreshing to come across things that promote a brighter future. (Don’t get me wrong, they make entertaining movies, computer games and stories, which is cool if they’re just that).

  2. I have my maca too, and organic honey, goji berry, etc….time to start concocting super-smoothies lol.

    The Mayan aspect is quite interesting. Must read up on this. I always thought the “end in 2012” was crap, too. I always wondered if maybe it meant the end of a cycle, and the beginning of another, not simply “the” end.

    • Yes, a friend of mine who studies Maya archaeology, and has worked with Bill Saturno, says that 2012 is the end of one long cycle in the Mayan calendar and the beginning of another, but that there is absolutely nothing catastrophic or doomsday associated with the depiction of it. People are basing wild speculation on one stone panel of hieroglyphics in Honduras, I believe, that just records the passing of one era and the beginning of another.

  3. Unfortunatley there are enough peoples believing the doom-y forecast
    they may actually manifest it through their thoughtforms or be pushed
    to enact wtf scenarios. That’s what IS scary.

    Bloodthirsty lot those Mayans were….

  4. those mayans were CRAZY accurate, their pyramids were built PERFECTLY to scale the same distance that the planets are apart, no one even knows how they were possibly so accurate, so cool

    • They were an advanced civilisation as far as I understand, until the Spanish came along and destroyed Everything. (My cool mexican Scorp friend was telling me a lot about the history of his beautiful country.) Think of it as a nation / alien race / whoever coming along now and destroying the internet, power stations, every single library, hospitals, the works. We’d be back in the dark ages pretty fast too…

      • Frightening concept, but the religious right is hellbent and dragging the world into The Dark Ages, no Aliens needed 😉

        • It’s interesting that church membership is down, yet the religious right is such a major force?

  5. I heard that a South American scientist had checked all the Mayan astronomical calculations with a computer, and discovered they’re predictions were slightly out – by, er, 14 years! Apparently the alignment that was supposed to be the end of the world happened back in 1998. The scientist published his findings in a book, but the authorities have never let it be published outside of South America.

    • “the authorities”, what authorities? can’t they just go to an overseas publisher… surely.

    • Where is the proof of what you ‘heard’.. Saturn says show me the facts…….. the evidence of what you say.. otherwise its no different to all the other misinformation out there.. So I need to see proof.. although many researchers have already established teh date of the end of this long-count calender…. While here is an interesting article at You just have to ignor all the usual skeptical stuff.. although on the rubbish on literal ‘end of the world’ doomsday stuff.. I as are most astrologers & wise people are united in agreement… And as a 1965’er my 1st house Mercury in Taurus.. trines my 5th house Uranus-Pluto-Mars in Virgo… all sextile & opposing an 11th house Saturn-Ceres-Chiron in Pisces… All forming a ‘mutable grand cross’ with an 8th house Sag Sth Node.. along with a 2nd house Taurus Sun, conj Jupiter-Venus-Gemini Nth Node.. 9th house Cap Moon, conj Aqu Midheaven.. And a 7th house Neptune in Scorp…… While I also did a blog on all this & what it means etc at!/2012/01/here-we-go-on-another-orbit-around-sun.html

  6. Ok, this is nothing to do with the topic with the post. This is the 2nd day in a row I’m coming across “Saturno” as the last name. One was an actual local person. Now this. Is Saturn sending me signals? Oh sh*t.

    • Be Afraid H., Be very afriad – mu ha ha ha ha ! – umm just jokes H. xx

      • i must not make spelling errors whilst dissing Saturn, i must not make spelling errors whilst dissing Saturn.

  7. Oh and completely off-topic, the site is remembering me. YAY !

    Must be because the world is about to end…not.

    Read some interesting stuff by a number of different psychics* who claim to be able to see into the future and they all say that we’re going to have a rough patch followed by something much better starting around 2020. I DO hope they’re right.

    * Lots. If you really want to know I’ll dig up references, but not now because I have to make sangers and my stinger hurts 🙂

    • hey i said that!!!! It gets heaps better with Uranus in Taurus trining Pluto in Cap lol and sextiling neptune in Pisces. That’s 2018 Also Nep sextile Pluto and Saturn is very good for new paradigms from Oct BUT the old geopolitical paradigms are still going, right…

  8. So which sign is the most bummed by the lack of end of world finesse that was supposed to happen at the end of the year?

    • love my dark choc, latest sensation is Lindt dark with passionfruit and for really trying times, Green and Blacks’ organic dark choc with whole bittersweet cherries, take with caffeine after a healthy no carb lunch, and you can soar into the afternoon like a dynamo.

      my healthy carb comfort options, lentil soup make with brocolli and cauliflower garlic and chillies and hot quinoa with tamari to taste, then thrown into a big bowl of green leafs and salad to make a warm comfy salad 🙂 it’s the taurus moon in me to find these solutions !

  9. ummm, Mystic, I think that maca and quinoa are foods associated with the Incas (Peru) rather than the Mayans (Central America and Mexico).

  10. Loved this article when I found it, and your take on things.

    Things I wonder about….

    No matter how coll and interesting, they always say these ancient people sold clay pots. I don’t think they ware after pottery for the most part. I would reckon the clay pots were their from of shopping bag or shipping container…. think about it.

  11. i agree, about 1% of the world’s population thinks this,the ones who can afford computers and internet access, the rest are just scraping around for a buck or three to feed their kids

  12. Mystic and others, make sure you buy Australian grown Quinoa (if you’re in Australia, obviously). Not the Bolivian stuff. It’s a staple food over there and else where in latin America I am led to believe, and ever since the hippies got a hold of the idea that Quinoa is amayzingg, the demand has skyrocketed and now the locals are generally priced out of the market and turn to other less healthy – but cheaper – food for sustenance.

    check facts and details online, to make sure I am still up to date, but yes. Locally grown – not to mention about 95% fewer food miles.

      • While you can grow maca in the backyard, quinoa is trickier and pineapples are out of the question and once I move on from the place I am at now, I’ll plant fruits and things so I won’t want pineapples, but right now it’s ship it in or go without, and I am sadly not wanting to go without. But I’ll be happier when I am no longer eating traveling food. Though it’s nice to know it’s there. Like my dryer. My new dryer was delivered the day my Saggo Friend put up a clothesline for me. I love hanging clothes out to dry, watching them billow in the breeze, but also having a shiny blue dryer that sings at me when the cycle is finished for when it rains or I feel the need to heat sanitize my laundry. I think I had a point in here somewhere about not wanting to buy shipped food and agreeing global markets are bad.

        • Yeah. I mean for example imported tinned tomatoes from Italy (while they taste AMAZING) are out-competing Australian tomato growers for price, sure, it’s business and we’re meant to specialise in whatever it is we’re best at, but ffs that market logic has its limits. anyway. hafta study, um, economics now bahahah (learn the system, then destroy it) x

      • NO very NO. Local producers are bleeding vinegar.
        The old expression ‘Think Global-Buy Local’ surely applies now. Radical adjustments to that are needed to protect our resources.
        Peeps on borderline poverty don’t have the luxury of
        choosing to buy local if the imported product is half price.
        The words of Omar Khayam come to mind:

        Ah Love! Could thou & I with fate conspire
        To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire
        Would we not shatter it to bits-and then
        Re-mould it nearer to the Heart’s desire!

  13. and omg how cute!! your site now says “BELONG” instead of membership, way to build a community mystic! xox

    • me. uh-oh, maybe it wasn’t just crazy security settings, this site just had amnesia re my name. bah.

  14. Tracking lunar and planetary cycles– and MENSTRUAL cycles! Thanks, ancient Mayan women and girls for bestowing your wisdoms and mathematics unto us. We’d be lost without you.

  15. My grandmother was Mayan she was doing things like cleaning , burning incense , cooking certain foods by following the moon cycle . I was very young she was a closet mystic being that my grandfather and aunts were Christian . When all things failed during a crisis they called the curanderos the faith healers . Quite a few were women
    What I remember the most was how in tune to her intuition she was . Good to see that truth is being revealed and shared

    • Cooking certain foods by the cycles of the moon? How amazing. I’d love to know more! Totally feeling the carbifying Sun coming up to Jupiter vibe. Must counteract with nice bitter Maca. Yes siree, maca on my muesli tomorrow morning! Also, is it just me or is anyone else feeling tiiired at the moment? I can’t seem to get enough rest even though the planets are like – PUSH!

  16. Having been fortunate enough to have spent consideral time in Chichen-Itza and the rest of the Yucatan as well as the Aztec cities in central southern Mexcico and can’t forget Monte Alban in Oaxaca during the 70’s I never felt the 2012 would be the end.
    Returned to Oaxaca in Sept 1987–The harmonic convergance time–to see the photographers from all over the world waiting to see the Legend of the Tule Tree manifest.. I can’t think of how to spell the feathered serpents name, but his heart was to imerge from the tree when it split open—that did not occur. The tree was filled with small rainbows, do to the early morning fog—-still a fun experience!!

    • Coincidentally the prophesied HC was when i discovered
      crystals & did my holistic bodywork course, had my astro chart done and a huge desire to go to Manchu Piccu. Thought it was ’88 but your memory is prob better than mine.

      • I could have been ’88, it was Sept. .I am greatful I got to all of these places before you weren’t allowed to go inside them any more….The Tule Tree is enormus in it’s girth. The top room of El Castilo in Chichen-Itza was fabulous to meditate in and The Needle in Monte Alban like wise. The only problem I felt was in the “Nunnery” in C I which was located under the Caracoal–one of the first Astro Observatories in Meso-America…

  17. Yes indeed….. ‘Saturno’ etc et al.. AND.. all this too with *Mars in Virgo.. symbolising an archaeologist.. opposing *Neptune-Chiron in Pisces.. while all also remain in a ‘mutable grand cross’ with *the Gemini-Sagittarian Nodal Axis of the Moon… And with the Gemini Sth Node bringing ancient writing out from the long ago past!!!!!!! And current Chiron transit is the ‘return of the Shaman’.. in the sign of Pisces the Mystic… new phase conjunction to *Neptune in Pisces…….. And I have just been re-reading Melanie Reinhart’s excellent book ‘Chiron & the Healing Journey’.. ie. on my natal 11th house Chiron in Pisces.. as my Chiron return approaches.. while transiting Chiron in Pisces, also plays out a long square to my natal 2nd house Jupiter-Venus in Gemini.. While the upcoming Venus in Gem retro, also squares my natal Ceres-Chiron in Pisces!!! And also of course *Venus in Gemini, about to enter its last retro cycle, is also currenly trine *Saturn(r) in Libra.. So enter stage right, Mr Saturno, the archeologist……

    Chiron in Aquarius
    or the 11th House
    Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively
    maladjusted…. honesty impels me to admit that
    transformed nonconformity, which is always costly
    & never altogether comfortable, may man walking
    through the valley of the Shadow of suffering.

    Martin Luther King ‘Strength to Love.’

    Chiron in Pisces
    or the 12th House
    Can you educate yourself your Soul so that it
    encompasses the One without dispersing itself?

    Lao Tzu, ‘Toa Te Ching.’

        • While I also did a blog on all this too back at the start of the year.. at!/2012/01/here-we-go-on-another-orbit-around-sun.html

          Oh & Mystic I must appologise for my previous comment in reply to Ancestral Cabage’s post since I was working still working out what I was actually trying to say when I hit post.. but I had not edited what I was trying to say… I was still trying to figure out what Ancestral Cabage was trying to say about the dates being ‘wrong’ etc… While I also like to read skeptical articles from time to time, as they often provide some interesting information that I perhaps had not heard of before.. despite all their generalised naysaying opinions about msytics & astrologers etc… ie. Encountering the ‘Other’…. while maintaining one’s own integrity & centre etc… And no even Nostradamus did not say all things were absolutely “fated”.. as we all still have free will to change our minds & the course of the future etc etc…

  18. The Star of david is what the Venus transits ARE all about. Wonderful you discovered that w/o prior knowledge, Andru.

    • Yes of course, thanks for reminding me. For this Venus Cycle composite chart the MC is also the midpoint of Pluto and the North Node, moving across the event horizon of our future?

  19. I love your take Andru. Was reading on the Mayans re Venus too, the evening star (stationary Rx) is regarded as masculine, death (inferior conjunction) and rebirth comes as the feminine priciple in the morning star.

    Interesting your discovery, and a circle may crop up who knows ? hee

    • Thanks – we’ll see : )

      But wait this is getting even stranger. This Venus Transit composite chart is showing the moon in the seventh house and Jupiter opposite mars like the Fifth Dimension song: When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets. And love will steer the stars. This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

      I think there’s a couple of astrologers who are saying that June is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Maybe I’ve stumbled on a little truth of that.

      And look and behold there’s this composite chart shows Neptune on the 29th degree of Aquarius.

      I guess right now with Sun conjunct Jupiter everything feels possible.

  20. Same goes at least over here to americans thinking they have a functioning government, clean water, and unpiosioned food. You can do more harm believing no one is out to harm you. History tells us shit aint over.

    Im camping in pittsburg so sad the people here are literally deformed and so disturbingly overweight. I swear there is a system here meant to make you a lazy medicaded heavy zombie. That works to survive and die soon. At least in NYC i see Whole Foods. Here is nothing but fast food and non organic highly processed options. Breaks my heart, im teaching my sagi friend though how to wade through it.

  21. I dont look at the trogging along as indicator but how recent or far in the past atrocities happend. Yea it definetly aint what people think it is that is for sure. The past is not the past to me if said events took place a few decades back. Proof is in the centurys. Not decades.

  22. Agree AR, this whole concept of ‘specialness’ has hit me like a bolt this year, esp with chiron on asc, it has really generated new thought waves for me in so many ways…

    For a long time now i’ve noticed that the most wounded of peeps around me, and myself included, find it so very hard to forgive or let go, and see an alternative or freeing understanding of situs, esp. so when peeps have a real reason to feel victimised and were in fact abused or violated. It’s easy when you’ve been hurt so bad, to get stuck in pain and stay there, ultimately to your own detriment like a dog clinging on to the only bone there is.

    For me it has been almost as if a childhood and young adulthood full of heavy loads to bear has somehow made me special in some warped way, and unconsciously want to cling to that pain because it makes me special for having endured and survived it or something.

    Thinking i’m special, has only in hindsight, confused me about my options and reality.

    When thousands of people the world over suffer so much now and historically, yes, what makes anyone in the western world so special, one could very well ask.

    I think every human being is special, it’s a fact – individuals are unique, that striving to be unique and special is in my view, just a deep desire to feel loved and respected and no human can take this need away from another, to do so is not to unify but to only separate or divide and temporarily conquer.

    What inspires me though, is that the most beautiful and inspiring people i’ve known and met have been humble and grounded, even though they might be beautiful and/or wealthy or the exact opposite. Grounded humility is something so very wholesome i so want to keep striving for these days, but not in an arrogant or exclusive humanity denying way either.

    • thousands should be billions, and maybe the entirety of humanity in reality