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Rose Selavy


Of course, quite apart from Venus in Gemini till August being potentially karmic and all, it’s also just old-school Gemini – skittish, easily bored, Mercurial loving whims, liking to do several things (or people) at once. You can’t actually predict it all that easily.  The Pluto-Scorp vibe is demanding depth & the Gemini Venusian Voodoo is like, just let me be. Love triangles, btw, are totes Venus in Gemini. Lust triangles, in some cases.


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20 thoughts on “Ambiguity

  1. I am loving all this mercury venus action and plutoness. xxxxx

  2. This ambiguity is making it very hard to get my school work done: Pluto-Scorp urges me to do something more personally meaningful with myself, and Venus in Gem is egging them on: “Yeah, to hell with school admin banal duties– let’s have fun!” Meanwhile, Saturn is all up my ass: “Must finish projects! You will not have come this far in vain!” Dammit.

    Triangles in my love life? No way. It’s all or nothing, and there’s not enough of me to go around. I just couldn’t do anyone justice that way.

    • This is SO what’s going on in my life. Venus in Gemini is doing a pretty good job controlling my whims at the moment but not without heaps and heaps of Saturn guilt. And Pluto in Scorpio is just making me listless, a lot of “is that ALL there is??” late night musings. Ugh!

      • samey samey oneirix. What is that listless about? Where should I look in my astro to find the mother and boot her ass? I’ve been like that for months.

  3. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the 2004 Venus transit was when I planted some nuclear-powered seeds of actualization in terms of where I wanted to be and what I really-really-really needed in my life. The things I hoped for (a stable job in a location where I wanted to be, among other things) “came true” and absolutely changed my life for the better. Now, I’m thinking of what I have yet to actualize and hoping to sow!!

  4. What year was Venus transiting Gemini again?
    It alludes me atm.

    • Pretty much every year at some point Scorpy, but usually not for as long as it does this year :-)

    • ?? 2004… this year supposedly echoes the love weirding of 2004. I had NO such weirding (injured and depressed…) THIS year is WILD beyond anything I could imagine !!! That was the last transit of the Sun for Venus… Not ONE transit of the Sun occurred in the entire 20th century… WOW

      The transits of the 12 constellations happen every year (?) BUT 4 months in Gemini is crazy long (vs one month)… My dominate planet is Mars and I am all jelly in love… *sigh* Gemini needs this love/lust/creativity/dreaming fest… best time in my life and I’m almost 50.

      On 5 June 2012 (beginning 6:04PM EDT) Venus will Transit the Sun… which will not happen again for us until 2117 !!!! The transit of the sun generally occurs twice a century. What amazing times for change into something oozing GRACE! Use protective goggles to view ANy eclipse involving Sol… Me I don’t need to SEE as the FEEL is amazing.

      I hope everyone enjoyed the BRIGHTEST Venus they will ever see last month… She’s still out there and still magnetic… She pulls and makes me gushy and happy… Mars watches us, jealous… Venus is still a bright evening star and will be a bright morning star July -October.

      Enjoy and Love. THIS is the TRUE meaning of all the 2012 hype. Mankind set upon the right path of love & kindness.


  5. My Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all happy with Venus here near nadir in my chart. She will be squaring nearly all the rest of the cast and crew including herself. I’m disappointed in that I am finding excuses to buy and or make chocolate treats for “others”.

    I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer I do not want to be a fat arsed ram come summer

      • Get out there and GET MOVING !!! Treat what you have likes it’s what you want and it WILL become it!

  6. Ambiguity? Or frivolity? Immaturity? That’s what i’m wondering after reading the Daily email. I feel super clear, humble and balanced, yet powerful and confident under the Scorpio Moon. I have just come through the full on shit and i’m shining.

    Now i’m wondering whether the lighter astro actually muddies my awesome! I feel it difficult to judge peoperly, doubt myself at every turn, feel my heavy clumsy attempts to be graceful and patient.

    Perhaps the Scorp Moon brings out the best of my 12th house AND rising. I become thoughtful but i don’t have to try so hard, if that makes sense. ….No, i’m probably just a Mutable, and always will be. *sigh*

    • Balanced etc so i’ve just described Libra, most likely, and we’re not even there yet. Let alone into Scorpio.

      Worse, i’ve woken up to “Wednesday”. It shouldn’t be. Linear time, linear time, who invented this?? And why do they keep sending it to me??

      I’m so terribl;e with Time. Mutable forever, it seems.

    • Hi Millie Pie,
      Nothing could muddy your awesomeness !
      Huzzah on the astro comp win, I loved your story. X
      Shine on x

    • Virgo moon (my 1st house) always does the same to me. I’m totally ‘on game’ but confoundingly melancholic. Tis a weird one the Moon-Asc sweep.
      And yes, how is it not FRIDAY yet? WTF

  7. so in another thread i said i met this gemini man and he was the spring fling i was looking for..turns out he has a gf and we were Facebook friends and had 15 mutual friends…. i manipulated the situation so he had to confess to her…she took him back and now he hates me cuz i made him show her his true nature.
    ….i know we still want to have fun…i am very tempted to answer if he calls.

    gemini man…and gemini woman…passionate, kinky, fun….fun…fun….and then the evil twins come out to play….watch out when the evil twins have their fun.

    i am so pluto tho…scorpio rising, saturn in scorpio in the 1st house, gem sun in the 8th along with mars and merc. so there is no way he could have left unscathed….aka have his cake and eat it too.

    i am just waiting for the weekend (full moon in scorpio) to find the lotus within me.