We Need To Talk About Lilith

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Kate Moss with apple and snake“Lilith embodies the presence of an archaic form of feminine strength that ignores any patriarchal discourse of power and dominance and allies itself with those forces that affirm life itself.”

I’ve always been rather fond of Dark Moon Lilith, but not everyone is. This article here – for example – neatly shafts Lilith as being mega-demonic, connected to feminine rage, evil, stillbirths, abortion, miscarriage, promiscuity, prostitution etc. The astrologer writing does appear to be Christian which, you know, could indicate a bias lol but still…it is worth a read for informative purposes but please – i ain’t endorsing any of it. And contraception, so-called promiscuity and gayness ain’t a sin in my book. 

Check the extensive posts in the Lilith category for more on this fascinating creature (the mythological first wife of Adam, before Eve, she took off, thus creating somewhat of a Madonna-Whore complex in the very first man lol)

How do you experience Lilith in your chart? If you’re a female, she’s got to come out some way or another. Repressing Lilith energy seems to be a bad idea, though it does not stop peeps trying. If you’re hetero male, you might be dating her. If you’re female and gay, you really get to do Lilith.  Lilith connections between charts create super-strong sexual chemistry + they’re really common in love/lust charts between girls.

Just to redux this for ease of analysis: Look at your Moon and see that as nurturing, soft, classic, receptive Yin mothery energy. Then your Venus for the bombshell, sensual and sexual female archetype of beauty and art. Then look to Lilith for potential witch, bitch, whore, adventuress, transgressive or outcast female energy.  Compare and contrast. If one of these is more prominent or well aspected (trines to something make it easy to access and express the energy) that is an archetype you’re cool with.

Yes, Lilith energy can be where you are the scorned woman (or you’re always in love with one) but it’s also where you access the power of not giving a fuq, the artistic and psychic strength of pure independence, undiluted by people-pleasing, simpering and 2nd-guessing yourself.

Let’s not forget that before her appearance (and demonization) in the relatively recent Christian legend, she was a powerful Snake Goddess of Ancient Sumeria, linked with Ishtar, Inanna & Astarte.

F.Y.I. Lilith energy is amplified for the first half of 2012 as the original Bitch Goddess is hanging out with the enchantress CIrce and uber-Jupiter in Taurus. Hence the extra emphasis on her in the Horoscopes, especially for the Fixed Signs; Leo, Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius.


Image: Mario Sorrenti

Bottom Image; Ancient Babylon – Lilith


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218 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Lilith

  1. She’s not what you think She is. She’s the thing of nightmares. She LOVES fire and fire deaths. You have NO idea…..

  2. What can you tell me about Moon conjunct Lilith in Cancer…and lilith transiting it ? 😐
    Should someone fear me?! :)) Btw, my boyfriend’s Sun (in his 12 house) is in opposite with my moon and Lilith…this means something?

  3. I’ve got Uber Lilith. She’s in Aries, and she’s part of my Grand Fire trine with Leo Asc and Sag Uranus. It’s pretty easy for me to express my Lilith nature, though perhaps it’s sometimes TOO easy, if you know what I mean….

  4. I just found that Lilith resides between my unaspected Sun in Aqua. and my very well aspected Mercury. Could it be that I both attract and repel men and maybe women with a WTF attitude.

  5. Fascinated by all the comments re Lilith. Don’t really understand why she’s termed a bitch or a goddess as mythologically she was neither. Ditto the terms Madonna and whore. I understand the words . . . just not what they have to do with a symbolic woman who refused to be cowed by a fucked up male created by a fucked up male deity. These are their words, not ours. Just sayin’.

  6. sould the most bia appline count in such a disscussion, yes it sould. I know “how could he be so pig headed” no i am not, to shut out or turn away any sort of infomation would be pig headed hear what others have to say, always seek for infomation if you want more of it, but never shut it out, this is simply because your view on what other peoples views are, are always conflicted with what your told about thos people.
    i’m not going denie i may not be the smartest man but i hear every one out, X specaly when it comes to…her, so many thories its really quite amazeing, and as i sat hear and tought a new ideal came to me why the jews may fear her, she in mutiple articals is said to have dissapeared into the deserted after leaveing samhain, and i thought “could the desert be where the garden was? could this be why they fear her so much perhaps they came across her with moses, ideals nothing more, because fact is never truely fact there is no such as fact, its simply something humans came up with to define what they THINK they understand, like the concept of good and evil, take the movie “Let Me In” who is truely viewed as evil, the vampire girl who needs to kill and feed in order to servive, or the bullies who torment this young lad simply out of pure joy of watching him suffer, thus this in turn is a lovely example if lilith did need to feed on us, tho some belive she brings peace, i am a bit skeptical on HOW she brings it theres many different views on “peace” to me its in death and that may be how she gives it to you, sort of pleasent and frighting, no i’m not crazy well lol not cut me self up crazy, i have attempted to reach into gods mind as well as some in hell to try and understand there out look, threw meditation, qeustions many qeustions some find funny others simply cant be answered, LILITH being one of the major ones, she is quite fasinateing, weather shes good or evil, tho my personal belife is this…shes nether, sure she may have tricked eva, but she did not do it to get adam or eva kicked out, it is tought that she did this so that eva could see how arrogant adam was, now i’d like to take a pause and tell you when i tought of this i thought of 3’s company, lol told u i was’t quite right, any ways bk to the topic now i cant speak on behalf of my brother, but some things dont quite add up
    1- if adam truely loved lilith, why did’t he go after her, maybe its just humans, but would’t you chase after someone you cared deeply for even if shes angery.
    2- lilith was allowed to come bk into the garden even after she left, is this because she did’t go agenst gods will, perhaps god gave her a choice others belive it was threw saying his name she manage this.
    3- if she left when they were apart from each other, how long till adam notice she was gone, i’m not sure sending the angels after he is why she would’t return, i think she may have wanted adam to come and get her, i meen how bad dose it look if i send my friends to bring bk my wife hum not to good in her eyes i bet, it was a test and my brother failed, she wanted him to show her…tho what….that still ponders me.

    well now ladies and gentilmen its neerly 3 am and i must be geting to bed, sorry about rambleing i tend to do that, most people tend to just smack me acutly i tell them to.

    btw i’m so intrested in lilith is because i was her mate in this apacoliptic dream/nightmare it was’t always nightmareish is why i call it half, tho i was just a child when i had the vision, no one belives me to this day, but then i had no ideal who she was, i was very quite and shy bk then still a bit now i suppose, but in the dream i became the right hand of a demon king, a blood pact was made, but he dare hurt my love, the deal was broken
    deal- you nor any other demon/zombie/ or any other hellish bean is allowed to hurt any one i care for or i wish to take under my wing of protection.

    my skin and body was twisted, “rubs his ching” ruin me good looks if i say so lol, but in the end he was slain, for you see the blood is pure, angelic and demonic, my actions in the end, well i was a half breed i suppose, after turning to the light or what ever i figered out in the dream, my hair was like blue water, my eyes turned into a bird type feature and my wings…um i did it agine did’t i “gets smacked by every one” well if you’d like to hear more, but one more thing this dream/nightmare lasted for a month, started with this raident woman entering my bedroom and we talked, then the next night of dream i had a woman in my bed no its not a wet dream i did’t know who she was still not quite, but these 2 could have nothing to do with the hellish ones that fallowed, i just tought i mention it.

    in the dream i was older, i know that, and now i am looking as i did in it, and it tends to bother me, so i seek lilith out to better understand, and i am bloody tired of every mail SUMMONING her to take her, must you all be fools, your summoning one who did not want to submit to adams rule what makes you think she change her mind for you? hum?


    he sould’t have hurt my mate is all i have to say, u hurt her…u hurt me acutly was my only weakness was her, i’v never been one to break agenst pain to my self, just laugh.

    trust me this is’t even the tip of what i tought of

    “bows to every one” its been lovely shareing with all of you, “blows a kiss to lilith” never know where she might show up “wink”

  7. My lilith is in Aquarius, the 11th or the 8th house, (I’m either an Aries or a cancer ascendant, depending on cafeastrology or astrotheme).
    Lilith quintile Sun
    Lilith sextile moon & mercury
    Lilith semisquadrate venus
    So this totally makes me a free bitch 😀

    • Oh, and I always wondered what was the difference between Sun quintile Lilith and Venus/pluto or Neptune ascendant. They both give charms and add manipulation in a native’s chart, and since they sound awfully similar, wouldn’t it be nice to regroup them?

  8. I have asteroid Lilith in 3rd house Virgo, but conjunct the IC, then Black Moon Lilith in 4th house Virgo, and Dark Moon Lilith in 11th house Taurus. Growing up, I worshipped my family in spite of boundary issues, nothing abusive, but nevertheless aggravating, like being cheated in favor of younger siblings, especially the boys. Finally came to a head when I got engaged. Yes, the most Lilithian thing I have ever done was get married, as family was not cooperative and we ended up eloping instead of getting married properly in Church. Moved away and didn’t speak to them for a long time.

    Funny thing is, all my life I have had a thing for cats of all kinds and owls. I also wear my hair very long, and have always preferred it this way. I am childless by choice. I love to cook for others (Venus Cancer), but I have been known to eject people from my kitchen when they get in the way or try to tell me how to cook. I like my privacy and freedom. Sometimes, Lilith’s influence doesn’t make you a wild child, it just makes you seriously independent.

  9. I was reading this french blog and the interps were amazing, mine is in virgo. It said ppublic sexual humiliation and that was my child hood. And since it said im not a very good lover because of it. And its so true. I like to hurry up in sex. And she said you would act as if sex is blah. And what really brings out the virginy lilth, is attraction to someone at work.

    She also expresses herself as me being to critical skeptical and fault finding.

    I do admit.

  10. Yoikes! Thanks for getting me to look up my Lilith placement, Mystic. Now I realize that I have a Grand Cross in fixed signs if I count another asteroid: Sun 19 Leo, Jupiter 22 Scorpio, Chiron 25 Aquarius, Lilith 29 Taurus. Plus Lilith is conjunct my descendant, which explains a lot my relationships…

  11. Just learning about lilith, thanks for this article.

    I have both Lilith and Venus in Cancer, within a degree of each other. With my natal Libra moon I am thinking, in the context of your comments and insights about female archetypes, embodying extreme independent nurturing? lol

    I am so new to things that I can’t figure out which chart to use over at astrodienst to determine which house Lilith is in. Suggestions, anyone?

  12. Lilith in the 6th house at 15 degrees Sag. I also have my chart ruler, Uranus, in the 6th house. I CANNOT work for other people anymore, I MUST WORK FOR MYSELF. I’ve turned into a raving witch about this and am tired of others mimicking the “get a real job” parrot-speak. I just never fit in the regular working world, and have finally figured out that’s okay. My work is intense, it is me, and I just can’t abide by anybody else’s rules.

    So there. Thanks for the energy, Lilith. 🙂

  13. I love it when Mystic posts about Lilith. I just get chills when I hear Her name… She came to me when I was in my early twenties and at the time I was role playing and came across a book called “Revelations of the Dark Mother”

    It totally compelled me to aspire to Lilith’s cause, though in no way did she expect “followers” – in fact I always like to think of her as a kind of “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” character – subtly brushing against the edges of our consciousness, giving us the option to view things from the other side. “Live, Learn, Suffer, Transcend” is her message and one I utter often. Lilith is in Cancer for me and there she offsets my fiery Aries Moon and whimsical Venus in Gemini. Deep, moody and maternal, at heart a caregiver but often overshadowed by my other more loudmouthed female planets, Lilith is that quiet space I need to visit more often.

  14. I have Lilith in Scorpio house 6. Exactly on my rx Pluto and conjunct my Moon 1 deg away and Squares my MC (also 1 deg away)
    So Lilith is decently prominent in my chart…But my Lilith energy is more private and subtle. So my Lilith energy isn’t so appropriate for being on the job. Really only the people close to me know how deep and “dark” I am. But to the outside world I am like Marry flipping Poppins. (I got Sun sextile Mars and Venus trine Jupiter so I can be so lovely and charming)

    My Lilith energy is usually more subtle….I look, and I am a nice person…but I am also more stubborn and vengeful than I look too. I like the mottos living well is the best revenge, and also one that goes like don’t seek revenge, they are bound to fuq up eventually and if your lucky God will let you watch. (I do more than watch, I usually give them a mocking smile, and that freaks em out haha)
    But in other situations I’m just a b!tch…comes with getting older I think. And I do make a scene once in a while. lol

    To me, Lilith is the chick who wants equality respect, and will not settle for anything less. Does not want to be boxed in, and if she is not content she will go stir crazy and venture out. Does not take no for an answer, and if the people around her don’t see things her way, she will seek people that do.

  15. Lilith @ 20 Aqua in my 12th, all by herself. Which is great because I know she needs her elbow room. But it’s lonely at the top sometimes, isn’t it?

  16. Team Lilith ! Eve can go home early and bake me cookies.

    This year, I developed my Lilith. It was ass in the fire, deep solar plexus pain and heart suffering that made me do it.

    It’s been coming all my life but very repressed in certain areas.
    Creative but very immigrant working class guilt stuff blah, blah, blah.

    Always do the best with what ya got is my new motto/mantra.
    (I’m sketching a coat of arms for myself with an art pencil made in Germany as I type with my other hand.)

    Finding it much easier to be around Liliths than “Nice” chicks these days
    who don’t know who the eff they are. (They’re usually the ones gossiping about people at book club while Liliths are at archery class.)

    Nice Chicks At Book Club:” Nooo I didn’t have time to read the book this month but did you know….no really, so and so told me, it’s true, probably.”

    Liliths read a lot of non-fiction. Other Liliths WRITE the books those other chicks read !

    NIce Chicks say things like, “Who. Does. She-think-she-is !”
    and the classic, “she needs to be taken down a notch.”

    Liliths say, “Go fuq yourself.” But with such kindness and compassion it sounds like, “Go find yourself !” ” I won’t be here when you get back from the ashram, say hi to Panjeet for me.”

    Liliths are a little Eve too. Liliths can be whatever they want.

  17. that is an awesome earth magic photo of Kate hanging out so raw and relaxed with beautiful exotic snake – so beautiful, calm and natural

    lilith to me i think has been all about having to define and invent myself from being weighed down for so long with other significant people’s limited and negative estimations of my own worth

    i used to unquestioningly believe myself to be how other’s defined me – a result of heavy emotional pain, not independent thoughts on self worth -now i’m relaxed and have found faith in my own and well, everyone’s ability to be able to define and love themselves, others and life freely as they choose – if people have a beautiful heart and intentions, they can have all the love in the world within and with others, and not try to control or confined other’s attempts to find love or healing – fuq old judgements imposed by others

    when life has no meaning and you are alone and unloved – you’re forced to choose to either love and follow your heart or to live a life clinging to pain, blindly ignoring your own existence and letting your spirit die – this was my experience

    lilith conj venus and mars in aqua 11th, sextile MC, trine IC and squaring Neptune 9th which is opp Moon in 3rd = self liberation and respect that others can liberate themselves too 🙂

  18. “When women negotiate, they are perceived as more pushy, less likable and undesirable work colleagues. This loss of social capital has long-term consequences for women’s economic outcomes: a negative reputation is likely to spillover and impede problem-solving in future negotiations.”

    Being a tough negotiator might win you financial capital, but it loses you social capital.

    “Men appear relatively immune to whether women implement a competitive or an accommodating strategy. However, other women are highly sensitive to the gender-congruence of a female negotiator’s strategy: trust increases when female negotiators’ conform to gender stereotypes by implementing an accommodating strategy, but decreases when violating gender stereotypes by competing.”

    egads! [retreats to cave]. fuq.


  19. My Moon is conjunct all 3 Liliths in the 8th so I guess the nurturing mother and the inner bitch are one in the same for me. LOL. I dont really see myself as the femme fatale type but I do feel like I make enemies anytime I move up in life or get an ounce of self confidence. Mostly the reason I’ve retreated to my 12th house…..I don’t trust people now.
    Or in true Virgo Moon fashion, I like animals better than people. I’m guessing this aspect may also be the reason I don’t identify with a lot of descriptions of my Cancer Sun (moon is my ruler after all). Then again, 99.9% of most Cancer interps are crap so that point in moot.

  20. lilith in 12th gemini conj mercury, semi-sextile venus/moon in 12th taurus. i am all-goddess extrordinaire… earth mama, lazy sacred whore, and fuq-it-all patriarchy-smashing witch. not *exactly* integrated… to put it mildly… 🙂

    on a related note, holy moly lilith-jupter transit!!! incredible!!!! kundalini outta thin air twice a day every day… THANK YOU!!! 😀

  21. A Q … My apologies if it’s already been answered, but I couldn’t decipher in the comments. Can you find your Lilith via the charts on Astro.com? If so, is it specifically labelled Lilith?


    • Umm … Silly me. Found Lilith right there in the chart. Never knew to pay attention to it before. Reading back through all of the previous Lilith-related posts now. Thanks Mystic!

    • yes AstroGeek, you can sure find out your Lilith via Astro.com. you must go to the ‘extended chart selection’ and add Lilith to the chart. 🙂
      very simple!

  22. I’m so lilithed out. all the ladies hate me. but then i watched this and i felt better. btw, my lilith is gemini. lots of girls like me, lots of boys like me, and i’m just like feeling hella what the fuck ever about it. I want to make art and be left alone.

  23. I’ve always been a little confused about my Lilith because there is a Mean Lilith and a True Lilith? My True Lilith is in Scorpio, in the 12th house, and retrograde. 20 degrees too! It conjucts my Scorp asc and Pluto in Scorp, trines my Venus in Cancer…

    Then there’s my “Mean” Lilith, which is at 0 degrees in Sagittarius. It’s also in the first house so does that mean it’s rising? I really don’t know if it’s typical to have a Mean Lilith that’s different, and I’m not sure which Lilith to look to! But when I go to astrodienst and use the Lilith option under extended charts, it just gives me the Saggo?

  24. I just noticed I have a grand cross going on with Lilly (Leo) opp. Eros (in Aqua. conj. Asc) square Venus (Toro) and Psyche (Scorp). I really need to look more into this

  25. Then again, if you get scared of self-confident femme fatale psychobitches, then she is obviosly problematic to you. 😉

  26. I feel completely in tune with Lilith and those old supressed “female” energies pre- Christianity ideals of controlled well-behaved womanity and wouldn’t call her bitchy. She’s just.. normal. 😛 Free, wild, intuitive with what she likes and about her passions and spontaneous aspirations. Untamed, might be the accurate word. I have lilith conjunct moon, uranus, cor serpentis opposite Algol (related with asteroids ishtar, dionysos, sphinx, eros, if that counts). I also have a trine of bml, dml and white moon lilith. Lilith is untamed, creative, primitive and intuitive and how is she even a threat to anything (when not needed to be), really? Only when not integrated or accepted s a part of us. Oh and I adore men if any sexist would think of Lilith-dom as anti-men. To say that you adore men does sound a bit sexist, though. 😛 But you know how I mean, we are all humans and also men have a bit of Lilith, me thinks.

    • what I meant above, was that I don’t think she even has to be problematic. only when we neglect tapping in to her schamanic formulas and supress them/her.

  27. years ago, I used to date a saggo junghian psycho(logist) who was also interested in experimental astrology (the kinda interest a sagittarian may have). he organized an experimental study group journée with a hebrew kabbalist who was also a kabbalist astrologer. we talked about our charts and everything, and then I came out with a question about Lilith (I don’t remeber what I asked exactly, just recall that I made this name “LILITH”).
    well, the astrologer was suddenly pale, and I thought I’d probably said something really wrong…he just stared at me and said he DIDN’T want to talk about that, and that he would have prefer that THIS NAME hadn’t been said at all. he told us that even pronouncing the word would have been evil, that we must keep a taboo on this for our own safety, because the energy of ‘the thing’ was too bad, and it was better for all to just “ignore” it, as he did.
    I was left full of surpise by this, I didn’t see why a in a experimental study group conducted by men which I considered well-instructed, wise, and open-minded for lots af good reasons, I had to have an answer like that on my innocent question…
    that was my first experience with this powerful myth. I’ve been reading about Lilith then everywhere, and I came to the very personal conclusion that this myth is still somekind raw and genuine, mostly because male scholars have not being able to dwell into the subject (too scary?), and so anything about Lilith is still unrationalised.
    I think there are epiphanies of Lilith in art, mainly in female artists (one could be Tracy Emin, another one which I consider very Lilithian is the singer Tory Amos: hear her amazing “Originall Sinsuality” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iYXHJdUDgg!)
    then I found Aries author Camille Paglia, in her “Sexual Personae” she wrote unconventianal things about Lilith.
    and, the last one I remember is Vicky Noble, a feminist shamanic healer who wrote a wow!! wonderful book about the whole subject called “Shakti woman”.

  28. OMG I am learning so much this week 🙂 My Lilith is in Gemini square Mars ( virgo) and this is the energy that I am most familiar with in the area of the feminine. I am not a typical first house venus in Scorpio – extremely subdued by it’s conjunction to Neptune so more universal than personal. As far as my moon in Virgo is concerned, other than my deep desire for organisation, I’m sensual rather than overtly sexual – I love massage etc.
    But lilith in the sign of the trickster – yes that is me I am very mercurial! She is also conjunct my hubby’s moon, my sons mars and on the midpoint between my daughters son & moon ( both mercury), I have found my gemini connection to the rest of my family 🙂

  29. So interesting! My lilith is conjunct my Virgo Sun in the 4th house 😀 And yet I am pretty nice at home though I can show my impish side in front of close people 🙂

  30. I have Lillith in Leo in my 6th house conjunct Jupiter. So does this meani am a bitch at work but lucky enough to get away with it?

  31. Wow. I just read the linked article about Lilith. I sort of feel sorry for the person who wrote it. How cut off can you be from your real self? Sure I could make comments like she’s a lapdog of the patriarchy, but I think she really believes this stuff about “evil women” and Lilith. The whole dualism and separation of good and evil confuses me because I see everything as a whole that contains “good” parts and “bad” parts.

  32. In one of the Arthurian stories, a knight was found to have assaulted a maiden and he was subject to the judgement of the Queen’s Court. He was given a year and a day to discover what women wanted. If he failed in his quest, he would die.
    He wandered all over the shop, talking to all sorts of women and trying to find out what they wanted. But he got so many different answers, he found himself, the day before he was due to return to court, with no idea of what the truth was.
    As he led his horse through the forest, looking for somewhere to spend the night, he met an old and ugly dame. She told him she could help him – she would provide the answer to his quest but in return he had to promise to do whatever she asked. The knight readily agreed but turned pale when the old woman told him he had to marry her.
    However, he stuck to his word and as soon as they reached Camelot, they were married. The whispered and pitying comments of his comrades and their ladies followed him into the Queen’s Court. His wife was so ugly and old! However, she too was true to her word and had given the knight the answer he had so desperately sought. What women wanted was -Sovereignty.
    To rule themselves. To be able to make their own choices. To be Sovereign of themselves.
    The Court ruled him free and he started making his way to his bed chamber where his wife was waiting for him. The sly laughter and comments followed him out and he approached his room with a heavy heart.
    But the wife who waited for him was a beauty.
    She told him that he could have her beautiful at night, when he could enjoy her but that he would bear the brunt of the courtiers’ malice, as she would be ugly in the day, when all would see her. Alternatively, she could appear beautiful in the day, and all men would envy him, but be ‘ugly as sin’, at night in their bedchamber.

    The knight looked at his lady and said: ‘You Choose’.

    And because he acknowledged her Sovereignty over her self, she became beautiful all the time.

    For me, this is a Lilith story. Respect her Sovereignty over her own body and mind and you find beauty.
    Sorry this post went on for a bit! I should (of course) be doing some work……

    • This is a beautiful story. Except..

      Long lived is so maligned. We (mostly) will all become long lived at some point. Must we accept that we are horrifying to be with sexually and no longer desirable? I know women who are older and not attractive to my thinking but have younger husbands and happy marriages. What is it they possess? I don’t really expect an answer, my birthday is here and it’s something I am thinking about for the future — being stunning the rest of my life. 🙂 But it was an insightful story.

      • Funnily enough, in the version I read, it didn’t say she was Young & Beautiful – just the latter.
        Some people are better looking at forty than twenty. And so on…
        I was thinking of the actress who played Pussy Galore (!) in one of the old Bond films. She is now in her seventies or eighties and she looks fabulous.
        And I don’t think its just good bones. I think it is also good vibes. She looks like a woman who has loved!

    • I love your story Green Witch, also reply by anon.

      My Juno 0 Libra conjunct Virgo Sun, opp Chiron.
      Sun conj Uran, Merc MC – lover has to love my mind, exchange of ideas, be willing to converse and be fair.
      Lillith conj NN solidifies this.

      Also ties in with Piscean renov. & Pegs recent link – sex most googled thing – second to movies. Fantasy is still number one.

      There is great hope for honest discourse between all genders and persuasions, but the media we are immersed in is all about the illusion & $$. What a powerful weapon the media could be for enlightenment, sadly much of it is just freaks on parade.

      When the level of public discourse rises to illuminate the ‘real human’ the eternal spirit, instead of the ‘plastic ageless human’ (walking wallets – a commodity to cultivate) then this world will see real progress for all earthkind.

    • hahahahaha I heard the punchline was “It doesn’t matter if a woman is ugly or beautiful, underneath it all she’s still a witch.”

      (noting but refraining from comment that a woman in spite of her sovereignty over self is still judged most harshly for her beauty).

      but yes a good fable.

    • Isn’t that Gawain and Dame Ragnelle? Although I don’t recall Gawain assaulting someone….it was due to a challenge from another knight to Arthur. At any rate it is a nice Lilithian theme.

  33. i have been in a relationship with a dark Lilith for a year .
    It was Shamanic ! Moving on ! My bread is burned. Would like something more Balanced.

  34. Dark Moon Lilith in Virgo my 10th House of Career square my Neptune in Scorpio 1st House. Pisces Moon 4th House and Venus in Scorpio in my 1st.
    I can be a bitch. y Pisces Moon mellows me out a bit.
    I feel like I can go from being feeling like a doormat and some people treating me as such to a raging inner she-demon bitch.
    When I get pissed I really get pissed off. Long fuse but, big explosion. Might try to temper my anger by managing my Lilith to be present daily.

    • “Long fuse but, big explosion” haha… I like that. 🙂

      ’tis tres Scorp. Seethe, seethe, seethe.. *bang* EXPLODE

  35. People. Isn’t a bit tedious these days to buy into that dualistic sort of argument around ‘powerful men seek to oppress women..label them bitches, attack their sexuality yada yada…? There is plenty of space in the world to flourish without even needing to engage emotionally with that , well, paradigm. I certainly agree that it is important to understand the history of gender and the subtleties of this conflict that persists you know ‘those who do not know their history are destined to repeat it’ etc. And non-subtleties, if warfare and anonymous hatey bloggy crap and chauvinistic, opining politicians are anything to go by.

    Personally I think that ‘christian’ person, who was saying very UNchristian things re lilith archetype, was just trolling. Why would you engage?

    I mean I (try not to) boil with rage at the misuse of power in the world too. But falling into the trap of arguing with fools is just wasting time we could be spending doing our OWN awesome stuff, building our own empires, being free. Yeah? What u reckon? Choose your battles I say..

    • That, and making sure that the sisterhood is strong. Making sure our young women (and men) know how to navigate and win/get ahead among the various forms of misleading crap the world throws at us all.

    • as i was thinking about my comment i was also wondering if i was being a bit rude, i mean, mystic’s point was that she was upset and angered (?) by the writer’s take on the matter. It’s not for me to say whether or not people should feel a certain way or not engage with / fight against something that upsets them. so i just wanted to mention that. if anyone’s still reading. xx

      • Yes, I’m still reading, and I find your sentiment spot-on. I find nothing rude, only of a different perspective. And a perfectly valid point.

        Battle can be nonproductive; at worst, hurtful to the self.


        Battle can be completely cathartic and empowering. Sometimes those muscles need a good stretch.

        (e.g., Sometimes my tail gets tight– ha!– and only a whip-crack zap move is the remedy.)

        Raising consciousness is so powerful… and your comment, and all of these comments, are doing just that: raising consciousness.

        I heart raising things up out of the ground. *wink*

  36. Natal Lilith conjunct Moon in Scorpio in the 12th.
    My feminine emotional side is always in alignment with my Lilith.

    • Dark Moon Lilith – is this the “Lilith” in the clickable menu of additional objects on astro.com (and not one that can be charted only by manually entering its number)?

        • Thank you both piscean r etc, and MM —
          in that case my Lilith is on the final degree of my 7th House on the 28th degree of Libra. She aspects exactly sesquiquadrate my Pisces Asc and Chiron. Lilith and Aqua Saturn are the only major Air in my chart.

  37. First: I’ll use this article as an opportunity to announce that I am still confused on how to properly identify “Lilith” in a chart (I am at best an AP “freshman” in the school of astrology). I can chart four different “Lilith’s” in a chart on astro.com. Articles I’ve read on properly charting Lilith have only served to muddy the murky grasp I have on which is which is which is whom in the cast of Liliths. I take credit for and place no blame on any author for my confusion.
    That said I’d love some pointed clarification on the who is who in this cast of characters.

    • Second: My view is that dark and light exist at all points – no more or less for a feminine energy than a male one. That said, “blame the bitch” has been thoroughly absorbed and repeatedly campaigned for by men and women alike around the globe. Manifesting our Lilith or any other point in positive light is what will serve our highest paths. Red flag warnings for feminine energies always put this Ram on alert for a fight or flight (from an ocean of BS).

  38. oh!! Lilith conjunct N. Node and Midheaven in Taurus, trine Mars + Venus in Virgo, trine Moon in Capricorn, opposition to Pluto. all of the angels are really close, everyone is between 7 and 11 degrees, except venus. I feel like this could make someone very passionate and driven, extroverted. But I am so passive and shy. But I have been thinking a lot about Lilith over the past several weeks, because I realized how important it is for me to start accessing my Taurus power. I already notice changes, and with a bitch like Lilith on my side who even knows what is in store.

    • I have a lot of your same placements…with Lillith conj NN in Taurus in my 10th house trine Virgo mars and opposite Pluto in Scorp. I’m ridiculously introverted and reserved too but I also recognize that my shadow is (which I’ve been integrating more and more) very Taurean. I don’t think of Taurus as a particularly extroverted sign but it is indulgent and stubborn. I also liken this placement to being like what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, with the Taurus lilith being the immovable object.

      This is my favorite description of Lilith in Taurus that I’ve read so far http://sanjaperic.com/2005/04/28/lilith-in-taurus/

      • Wow! its really exciting to hear about people with very similar placements. I LOVE your description of the unstoppable force and the immoveable object. This is exactly what I have been thinking about so much but have never been able to sum it up so perfectly.

        I was thinking that it was probably the fact that everything is in Earth signs that was turning me inward. I’m sure Pluto doesn’t help, in Scorpio of all places. I have more going on in Earth signs too. What a world!

        • I love reading about people with similar placements or even the complete opposite placements too! It makes me feel less crazy

  39. Wow, with Circe and Lillith conjunct my natal sun at 19 taurus, your initial quote is the story of my life. I have been practicing ancient herbal lore and yoga for over 30 years, and always had more respect for natural and universal laws than those created by patriarchal institutes. Am particularly feeling the magnification of Jupiter’s transit at the mo…..bring it on!
    Thanks to your posts I’ve been clutter clearing, visionboarding and reconnecting with authentic power…..love it!

  40. Lillith in the 1st house luckily in Aqua, coz it says ‘fiercley independant to the point of taking no direction from anyone. Quite apt. The Aqua part would have me at least listening before resisting, surely.
    That’s the dark moon Lilly. And she aspects Neptune somehow as there is a line between them.
    1181 at zero degrees Aries. If something is at zero degrees does it miss out on being of value?
    Man on top a la missionary suffocates me. Yet i like an alpha man’s man every which way BUT on top, that’s my position.
    Lillith is an ubiquitious nom de plume in the Dominatrix Arena, guess an Eve wouldn’t be suitable. Mistress Daisy doesn’t have the same effect.

  41. Wow. My Lilith is sitting right on top of my Moon in Pisces at the exact same degree! I’m not sure what that means exactly. Or at all. But it’s interesting, no?

  42. Lilith in late Aquarius squares my mars in scorp. Lilith is opposite my Leo moon. Struggle with feminine identity, why yes, mars in scorp also squares my Leo moon. Grinding, but I won’t be ground down.

  43. “Lilith’s claim to equality is based on the fact that both she and Adam were created from dust…however, Lilith refuses to be merely earth for Adam. She wants the freedom to move, act, choose and determine. These are the qualities of the individuating feminine ego….”
    Quote from Barbara Black Koltuv – ‘The Book of Lilith

    Lillith and Medusa were my two key archetypes in my (unfinished) dissertation. And – no doubt – in my sense of myself at that point in time.
    I have Lilith in Aries in my third house and have a very dysfunctional family background. Upshot is, all my sisters are married and I am the spinster aunt! Love it! Love Lilith and the reclamation of her power and energy. I know its a bit of a personal mantra but I have to say it again – this is all part of the Return of the Goddess!
    And note – Lilith was about equality. I may not want a patriarchy but I don’t want a matriarchy either. People for people.

  44. Wicked!

    I have Lilith conjunct Jupiter in Taurus in my 11th house (less than 1 degree apart), sextile sun-mercury in Pisces, and trine Moon in Capricorn. All within about 2 degrees.

    The degree of Lilith-Jupiter in Toro means that every Taurus man I have met (not that many, unfortunately) who has a birthday around mid-May is like, magnetic sexual attraction for me. gaaaah

    Happy to see that I have a Jupiter Return fast approaching, and evidently a Lilith return shortly after then.

    I’d like to think this makes me a very imaginative, emotionally strong, buxom Revolutionista. Spaghetti and massages for everyone!! lol.

    For all creatures great and small, of course, being a Pisces and all 😉

    • Ooh, I want to join your party and be a campaigner– Yes to spaghetti and massages for all! (I have Jupiter in Toro in my 6th house.)

      My Lilith is in 3 Capricorn, exactly trine my Mars in 3 Virgo. (My moon trines the Node, and my Venus is biQ Jupiter–those are the only “positive” aspects made to my Moon and Venus.)

      I am not sure what to make of the exact trine between Lilith and Mars. But your post makes me think that maybe Lilith placement/aspects have something to do with the kind of guy you are attracted to. I do find Capri men appealing.

      • yeah, i don’t know. it could just be that I am attracted to Taurus men and those that I have been involved with happen to be mid-may types. I will go and have affairs with more of them and get back to you 😀

  45. Lilith and my moon are both in sag…so i suppose that I cancel myself out or I have a dual personality with Venus in Gemini?? Must depends which day or moon you get me on I suppose…

  46. Great comments, and this is slightly off topic, but has anyone checked out the hairstyling how to videos on Youtube by a fascinating woman who goes by the name of lilithemoon?
    Just wondered if there is any connection with hair and lilith?

  47. Great article. Thank you!
    I think we’re re inventing femininity.
    But it’s quite hard because we’ve been brainwashed since childhood.
    How many heroines are there in child stories? So many books are being written by women, but still the hero is a boy/male animal. Sure there is a girl to accompany him.
    I don’t like mythology, or religious books.
    The women are beautiful and weak or jealous and monstrous.
    I see Lilith as a strong and independent woman, close to Nature.
    Not at all a whore. what a terrible word.

    • actually, no offence intended SunMoonLuckyStars, but i know women who have been proud to reclaim the W word. it was used against the goddesses of babylon (i know that from this blog, not Vogue lol) to belittle them but a woman or a man can do what they want with their body imo.

      i think my lilith is in aquarius,

      • Whore is supposed to have come from the ‘Heratae’
        in ancient Greece the only women permitted to own property and have an income.
        Whores are the true radicals.

      • Great sheroine link AAC ! thanks
        Anyone (USA) remember “Oh Mighty Isis” ? As a kid I had the Bionic Woman action figure. She was always pulling naked barbie out of the ditch. lol. no offense intended to naked barbies of course

        • Oh mighty Isis! Yeah, I absolutely loved that show as a kid! (It was on TV in Australia in the 70’s) I also had a bionic woman action figure, she got turned punk along with my Barbies…

          • punk barbie ! had 1 barbie, she was outnumbered by trek guys and bionic people.
            Oz had Isis too, very cool.
            I forgot she had magickal rhymes.
            revisited Wonder Woman winning the amazon sports competition today and a dash of Xena too.
            Don’t have kids or tv – who is modern day…? curious

            • I don’t have kids and don’t really get into mainstream entertainment so I’ve got no idea who the latest is either. As far as I can make out, it’s all about Catwoman remakes these days.

              I was an extra in numerous Xena and Hercules episodes but I’ve never watched a single episode of either show! (I also had the opportunity to be Xena’s stunt double at one stage; I had the hair, the martial arts & the acrobatics skills but I couldn’t ride a horse and didn’t really want to learn… bad decision in retrospect!)

              • stunt double ! Hooper is an old fave flick- job sounds wicked cool fun !
                do you have strong Saturn & Uranus for timing stunts ?

                • Well I never got to find out due to lack of horseriding skills but yeah, it would have been wicked cool fun!

                  I’ve got Uranus opposite MC/Eris conjunct in Aries. (Eris was called Xena before being officially named amed Eris!)

              • sorry mis-read thought you had done all but hb ride.
                so xena/eris hidden at nadir, how apt for your decision. my eris lurking down under too

    • “I see Lilith as a strong and independent woman, close to Nature.
      Not at all a whore. what a terrible word.”
      I agree. How come no man is ever called a whore with the same disrespect?
      It’s regarded as funny but not an insult.
      I think some will Lilith energy as evil not powerful femme energy instead.

    • oh, i don’t think they’d cancel each other out, like matter and anti-matter – I think that a better way to consider that is that the spectrum of your feminine energy (maybe look into Venus too) is expressed via the same Libran means…? for your consideration.

    • They have fun and bounce creativity & emotions around with each other. Would amplify one another.

      Someone correct me if that’s unlikely astro-wise,please.

    • They’re both much better perspectives, PUNM and Peg. 🙂

      I think I am stll growing it all … never too late to get something right …

  48. Whoo! Hot topic.
    Mine’s in 1st house Cap, exactly trining my 8th house Mercury in Virgo, both 7* off from exactly trining my 4th house Taurus Moon. I’m really good at laughing at creepy awful scenarios though, dark sense of humor sometimes. My good Scorp buddy is the only one that indulges with me.

  49. I appear to be going through a Lilith transit to my natal Lilith in my first (Aq) – rediscovering my female power – it trines my Gem sun

  50. Having a vast experience with rattlesnakes I know when to enter or to stay away from a den of snakes. their rattle can be heard far and wide as they crackle. I am done with those who worship lilith as her goddess and she is off to suckle on the soul of another.

  51. haha I recall the story – you clocked someone close upside the head, yes..?! Keeps em on their toes !
    my fem. freak flag waves proudly here as well 🙂 xo

    • Lilith in the 12th is a serious brooder when crossed and a fairly pointy-ended arguer No huge rushes. Revenge could be a speciality with me, but Aries Moon and Saturn conj Sun–I remember it’s a dish best served cold, and then I forget, the moment lost. . .

      I do like hearing revenge stories, especially funny ones, like the woman who superglued her husband’s clothes to the floor as a final departing act.

      I once wrote in red lipstick on the white duco of a car door. “Herein a worthless piece of shit” as a friend said who else would say ‘herein’. Lipstick on car duco I recommend it, mediums born for one another. I did worry later though that very cold overnight temperatures would somehow fuse the red pigment to the white duco and I would really be in trouble if it didn’t come off. Also hate poems, I wrote one of those to the same man. Sent him ashen in the street–that was powerful because it was brutally true. I have tempered my ways, truth does not trump kindness. I wasn’t as wild as I sound just hurt and really really really really pissed off about it.

      • gosh lily in 12th sounds v serious brooder indeed. i can’t relate. i get distracted too easily with pretty things and caught up in creating my wonderful future, which sometimes – okay often! – is a fusion of being in a quirky movie directed by woody allen, but it is close to my reality of set in an art gallery, where i’m an ambitious assistant art curator and i have messed up but hilarious parents and siblings… to ever care about revenge. Then again, I may be too young and new to dating becasuse i don’t have much experience with being hurt.

  52. I have moon, venus, and Lilith all in Taurus including north node. Moon conjunct venus, moon conjunct Lilith…moon opposition pluto (scorpio)….venus opposition pluto (scorpio) and Lilith opposition pluto (scorpio).

    I feel trapped sometimes and if I don’t watch out I can get my self in trouble. Men in relationships find me extremely attractive. I have turned the married ones down, once I know they are married I block them off. But the ones with girlfriends are fair game but I stop myself I never pursue them. I feel sometimes that these are the only men attracted to me and I don’t like it!

    And then I get “cute” I look cute! I don’t want to be cute! I have an innocent yet sensual face (thats what a recent guy said to me)…how is that!? He said I look like I can please a man….yet cute…warm and cuddly!!? WTF

    I am Gemini sun (youthful appearance?) but also I have strong scorpio….ascendent, saturn in scorpio in the 8th house and 3 planets in the 8th….(sun, merc and mars). I hear pluto people look innocent too?

    I feel like a living breathing contradiction and a total Madonna-Whore 🙁

    • Wow. Your future lies in making yourself very happy, very content, not worrying about what men think. You can probably forget about men completely, who gives a shit what they think? Madonna or whore? That’s my choice. Yeah. Right. When you’re ready you choose. If men are completely suckered in by your appearance alone, tell them to take a hike. Deluded fools. Not that I know you at all, but really. . . . falling for a beautiful woman merely because she’s beautiful, it’s a bit of a Hollywood cliche isn’t it? I wouldn’t know it never really happened to me, but certainly alarm bells go off in my head. Men who fall for beauty are a bit upset when we pull Lilith out!

      I’m so over the cultural preoccupation with pairing up and women chasing men. We seriously no longer need men for our very survival, we certainly don’t need to marry them. Instant subordination almost by definition, definitely by tradition. Society seems about 150 years behind the times of what is actually going on/down.

      I think having the moon and venus near the north node would be a very nice aspect to have. Lucky you. Especially in earthy Taurus. Never worry what men think, about you, even if it’s appalling you. Run instead.

      • thank you for your words of encouragement. i guess i am lucky these aspects along with moon and venus and black Lilith all trine neptune in capricorn.
        I also have Lilith sextile mars and mercury to get strength from….i suppose i can project the strong Lilith with sextile mars action and I also have venus sextile mars….I have a good balance that i can counterpart the pluto and men’s projection of the Madonna/Whore and choose to assert my self with my own view/projection of strength and beauty. I feel like I have the tools to do it, somedays I am strong and confident and other days I am not and sometimes because I let others projection of me get to me.
        Sometimes I feel like Persephone(Venus) always getting sucked back into the underworld (opposition Pluto) and longing (Saturn) for spring and Demeter(Lilith?) to come get me out of my funk.
        I wanna break free and run

      • Love your attitude, Link. You are a wise and independent minded person indeed. You are spot on with the cultural preoccupation crap, I would add it is mere propaganda to get people to conform to values that serve to undermine their well being and capability for freedom, equal sexes, liberte.

    • Madonna/Whore complex is the men’s issue not yours. Women are both nor neither.
      These men are projecting on you.

    • thanks for sharing about Pluto people looking innocent.That is so interesting I found out a few days ago that Pluto is my most dominant planet. I have an innocent look to me also.

      • yeah i got a report that stated that my strongest influence is Pluto and then Saturn and Venus.
        the scorpio/pluto look can def be innocent even though lurking inside is something more sultry and dangerous. the innocent look of scorpio Winona Ryder or scorpio rising Natalie Portman is a good example.

        i feel like i can play both but in general i look “pure hearted.” i guess the gemini sparking eyes and impish smirk that keeps me youthful too…or it can be saturn in scorpio in the 1st that ages backwards.

  53. “where you access the power of not giving a fuq, the artistic and psychic strength of pure independence, undiluted by people-pleasing, simpering and 2nd-guessing yourself.”

    Love it! Obviously got a strong Lilith (8th house, saggi)

  54. My dearest Lily is part of my Aries-Xena-Cluster (and I don’t care if 4° are too much of an orb for asteroids to be conjunct, it has Jupiter in it so it counts!!) which is made up of Pallas (on the Venus-Mars-Midpoint xact), Lily, Vesta, Jupi and Chiron. Aaah 12th house.
    Do you know how often I had to listen to “X is not for girls” … “girls don’t do this”.

    • if you hear that too often honey, you gotta go find some new people to hang with who are more aligned with your values / world view… xx

      • Well, this in my childhood/teens. Anything I wanted or did do (think, tomboy galore … my “want to be” profession was ehr Indiana Jones or Viper Pilot, nowadays there’s Lara Croft at least).

        Anyway, I lost some years in depri misery, but have now found an alternative to becoming Indiana Jones. And step-by-step I am learning to identify programmed-by-society-expectations patterns in myself and/or insidiously self-esteem-robbing talking (ya know, the one where they tell you something that sounds nice only that it really isn’t? Gee wiz, I do not think half the people that do it even do it conciously)

        That Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cap zap zone stuff is like rocket fuel on that stellum.

        • I also wanted to grow to be Indiana Jones too. I studied Art History and that seemed to fix that kick, but I still dream of adventures in foreign lands…

  55. hmm. interesting. i’m learning a lot today. 🙂

    lilith is in libra in first house EXACT square my moon and 1 and 2 degress off my sun and mercury.

    lilith is also trining saturn in gemini

  56. Lillith in Leo in 2nd trining Chiron in 10th (sexual healing?). When my progressed Asc hit the same degree as my natal Lillith I modelled for a photo shoot with very Lillithesque themes. Also born during balsamic Moon in Scorpio so I feel more at home with the whole dark feminine witch, bitch thang than the mother/wife/nurturer gig… (have never felt the urge to merge, nest and procreate as per societal expectations).

  57. did any of u guys read the scary article i linked to? I kinda wanted to bitch about it a bit – i think it eerily encapsulates an attitude that gives me the auto-shits.

    loving these comments – i think Lilith conjunct something or rather is great – it’s the squares that take more work, You know the old saying though, with enough hard work you can make a square operate like a trine

    • “Nonetheless, no matter how you look at it, Lilith was not a nice person. She clearly represents the dark and frightening side of a woman that every decent person, male or female, fears.”

      That article is comedy gold!

      • Gimme 20 years and maybe then I’ll laugh.

        Of course being a ‘nice’ person is the most important thing a woman can be. Nice people give in, give up, concede, always forgive and always take the lower position. i.e, on the ground.

        Sod that.

        The Erin Virgo has only one exact conjunction in his chart –Lilith conj North Node. I have been wondering what that could possibly mean, but I’m getting a clearer picture.

        I love Lilith, I completely identify.

        • Lilith in the 12th trine Venus in Aries. The main complaint men have against me is that I’m too independent. W.T.F. So I should rely on them and wait for the eventual let down, disappointment, no show? Yeah. Right. As if.

          Truly a surprise to learn my independence was a fault.

          • and apparently my 11th networking skills where i have jupiter beefing it up in natal – is also a weakness, not a strength. love how they flip the power so that lillith is always in a position of powerlessness. humph!

            • Interesting observation; Lillith opposite Juno/Vertex here & the thought of being dependent on a partner freaks the fuq out of me.

    • an interesting article. Okay, the bit abot spawning hundreds of demons everyday was curious, but where it resonated with me was the Black Moon Lilith at the end of article. I am doing 11th house here now, pretty well I might add because I’m doing all the work in a group and not getting any credit. Damn you BMlilith!
      But what does this information mean and how can I integrate it into my chart and knowledge? Does it mean I have to deny my 11th house black moon lilith in order to get credit I deserve?
      I am also doing dark moon lilith too – friendships on my terms or i go it alone.

      • fuq it. i just re-read the whole article and i’d love to write to the little author to say it’s article’s like that are what give me PMS!

        and i’d sign it from,
        a Black_Dark-Chocolate whipped mocha apple pie Moon lilith sophie x

    • The usual If a woman does it, it’s horrific, but if a man does, nobody notice. I have never known truly sexually evil women, but I have known men like that. Submissive feminine kindness and charm only gets miniature men. I have Lilith in the 5th and have great kids and rewarding relationships with them.

    • “Juno had been betrayed by her husband, who went off bedding other women, but that was who and what Zeus was. Monogamy wasn’t in his vocabulary and being controlled, much less giving into his wife’s demands, wasn’t an option. ”

      goddess give me strength to not boil myself dry with rage at the hypocrisy herein … honestly, stupid stupid stupid

    • lillith the ‘screech owl’ bit was fingernails on my chalkboard, as was lillith as ‘fatal attraction’ and ‘psycho bitch from hell’. plus quoting from ye olde fixed stars book ? obv. they are overly wrought fire and brimstone texts.

      MM, this post is very timely + oddlly relevant yet unrelated to the message I sent you. quite unexpected -and insightful, thanks kindly xo

        • The, “psycho bitch from hell” bit completely cracked me up… projection much?

          In my experience, “psycho bitch from hell” is the label that insecure, control freak, narcissistic males give to the ex wives and girlfriends who wise up to their abusive ways and dump their sorry arses.

        • yeah, right ?! Women full of jealous bile who turn and bite other women over a dude. the worst. I like my women supportive, thanks. if not, take a hike back to the primordial ooze.

    • So I read this bit, about Lilith and how, “She’s stainless steel estrogen with a razor’s edge, a virtual vortex of lustful, sexual energy with no regard for anything other than fulfilling her driven and frequently perverted desires.”

      And all I can think is..so the issue is what again??

      Then this excerpt on Juno who, “no matter how enraged or vindictive she becomes, has a certain civilized restraint that Lilith never displays”. Really? I mean props to Juno as come on, Zeus did spread it around more than a bit much but civilized???

      I used to wonder why if Juno were so smart, she didn’t just resolve the situation with Zeus once and for all, instead of turning poor addled maidens suckered into bed by the Jolly God of the Heavens himself, into whatever creature she happened to fancy. This is the same kind of quaint yet faulty reasoning used to argue on how mega tax breaks for the 1% rich is supposed to help the working poor, or saying health care reform CAN be compared to broccoli. Please.

      My unfortunate, and rather not quite well informed quick present day association as a Juno figure would be Posh Beckham. Something about her unsmiling face, the lovely yet strict-tailored frocks and the conquest of LA as the new empire just..rings all that to me.

  58. he he

    subtle complicated and secretive 12th house libran moon
    contends with the cohorts of leonine lilith and aries venus

    maybe rather than seeing it as this battle of wills or oppositions, i need to see the firey ladies as defending my moon’s right to be complicated and secretive and shy??

    ooo – i like that!

  59. My Lillith is sextile my venus in pisces as well as my moon in Scorpio and since she is at 9 cap 33 …Pluto is stationing on it NOW.
    Just got off phone with ex—no I don’t have the compassion to let the TAurus rising scorpio sun and moon stay in my house, so he can heal He has insomnia and just needs a neutral place to sleep. Since I have 3 unoccupied bedrooms,I’m the logical choice–but that fact that I have a continuing problem with his past behaviour–he can’t do anything about that, nor can he work on changing his current behaviour at this time…because he’s sick and must take care of that first.’.The Bitch ‘in me just can’t put myself in aggravation’s way. FAIR ???

  60. I have Lilith exact conjunct my moon in Cap in the 5th. I am quite warrior-like in how I love people/causes. Insanely loyal with v high standards for myself and others, Neptune influences notwithstanding, lol

  61. lillith & venus (retograde) both in gemini, cancer moon

    i feel like i always hang in a balance of a female goddess of bith, creativitiy, and immediate destruction and wile – i channel one or the other depending on the task i am about to undertake (i.e. facing terrible male micromanaging libra boss, suffocating triple virgo flatmate, running long distances, long, contemplative walks). my husband, with a pisces lillith and venus, loves these qualities … i’m thinking it’s the duality thing ?

    i also feel very attached to the same energy angelina jolie emits in photos – i’d say that embodies my littlith / venus relationship

  62. I have Lilith conjunct my moon in late Libra and Venus and Pluto in early Scorp.

    So would this mean they’re all competing for dominance?

    • Don’t think it’s about competition, each have their own niche / realm . Perhaps investigate synergies?

    • Lilith in libra is about applause, seeking it, being swayed by it and popular opnion to your detriment. It also has to do with you being quite the charmer, but you can also charm yourself into fantasy and thats not good when your boyfriend is dangerous.

  63. Hmm. Have Lilith in Capricorn 7th house conjunct descendent. Partner is Cap..

    What do the Owls and Lions symbolise in the photo? Wisdom/Strength?

  64. lol your description of doing the energy of the moon and venus are in fact the natural qualities associated with my natal moon and venus. Liith is close to my moon and jupiter (either side of lilith, protecting her). I have so many thoughts on lilith, too many to write here, I’m still learning.

    For your info, I read your post on scarlet the braz girl saying red is neutral and you may like to know that i had my regular eye health check and have to get new spectacles, which I narrowed down to the red or purple pair, and lol the young girl in the shop said “purple is more neutral than red”.

  65. My Pisces moon trines my ascendant, my Pisces Venus trines my Neptune, and my Lilith? In Aries, how’s that for bitchy, trining my Uranus. Pure independence.

    • my gemini lilith is opposing my neptune and venus is about to conjunct my lilith. i have no idea what venus on my lilith will bring, any thoughts? perhaps i will love my bad self, or perhaps i’ll write about living a bad girl lilith life (merc, gem, 11th). my moon and venus are trine each other and are earhy. it’s my lilith that is both hot and cold at once.

      • Lilith wanted to be on top for sex and Adam refused. Men used to fear domination by a woman, not allowing her to use her superiority and not accepting help. Things are changing. You could write about the ability of both sexes to utilize each others strength without fear of being diminished. Complete acceptance of all parts of each.

        • thanks. but between you and me I secretly think some men in powerful positions still fear women. the most scariest thing in society appears to be an independant woman, why else would structures be so rigid on keeping women down, it feels like a continuum that definitely needs a lilith shift. on a more optimistic note, i think you are right that things are changing, but not nearly quick enough for me, perhaps i will use this venus on my lilith trans to do what i feel and write it all down and up. x

          • Many men still fear women. Men would rather do dumb-ass, failure laden crap than admit a woman is smarter than they are and accept her help. But I see it changing from the bottom up. Younger men don’t seem to have the same fears. Your Lilith is in gemmie…it will be brilliant whatever it is.

          • I agree. Lots of men fearful of woman being independent.
            It’s what is fueling the whole War on Women GOP movement right ow with the battle over conception.
            Santorum seems horrified of women. I am still in shock that he is married.

        • well, that’s the biblical patriarchal conctruction of the earlier fertility goddesses Lilith was meant to be the only lingering quasi-representation of. perhaps she just wanted a little variation..?

      • The house placement would matter, too. Dark Lilith in Aries, sign of life force energy, initiation, aggression, combat and Uranus, awakener, unpredictability, wtf? future, technology. Lilith is not passive, nor Aries, nor Uranus. They are all agents of change or expression. And then I guess you’re igniting it all with Saggi fire. 🙂

        • Lilith is in the 9th House in my chart. Thank you for sharing that, Arien Scorp – much appreciated! 🙂 So much to think about – all of the energy described is stuff I have been feeling the urge to tap into more, as I don’t think I’ve accessed the stronger parts and potential of my fiery and Uranian nature. It’s exciting!

      • built for speed. not waiting for things to happen, because your lilith has already initiated them before anyone has even gotten an incling. raw hunger? or something with technology 😛 uh..sparks flying. nascar..

      • Lilith in Aries too here SaggiBee, in the 8th house trining Jupiter. Love the helpful info Arienscorp. 🙂

        • I know, it’s great isn’t it? So fortunate to have such a great forum here for finding out this kind of info! 🙂

  66. Conj NN trine ASC + Venus/Jupiter. have loved since hearing many moons ago: bitch = being in total control of herself. fuq yeah. love snakes and reptiles too. cool pic

      • is good innit sophie – def. worth a repeat !
        interesting lillith opposes my Sun/Uran conj as it is a masc. aspect for a girl. tomboy from the waybacks. moon exalted in Toro 4 yet any mom ideas had to ride shotgun while creativity drives. Ven/Jup in Leo + lillith enhances.

        • venus-jup in leo is big fun and like a person who gets snapped by paparitzzi and pics posted in vogue etc. helps people get in tocuh with their lilith energy in terms of iconic fashionista? just a thought.

          he he, yeah me a tomboy younger yrs. nowadays, my moon and creative energies fight over drivers seat, and my martian energy rides shotgun to venus. i have artistic ventures and lovers but both have to have a rebel force, lol – makes me think my lilith is projected into my art and onto lovers – which i see as being put to very good use.
          Thanks, this was helpful to write up.

          • lol, paparazzi ! paparazzi ! heh -no.
            Leo Venus/Jup square biggie Neptuner in Scorp – if I have control of camera is okay. otherwise no. ha

            Lillith giving strength of purpose + strong instincts re: directions of creative actions, def. very good use !

    • That`s ideal! I love my Lilith very much…She is pure aotonome and selfsuficiant…She is in 2nd house in Virgo
      in cinjunction with north node Uranus and Pluto…and Psyche …Gey company, lol…

      • My Lilith is hanging out with Uranus and North Node too! All in Leo in the 12. Venus Leo is in my Cancer-ruled 11 house. I guess that means I go from wild and crazy to sulky? No wonder my love life has been so…ummm…operatic.

    • I only use asteroid lilith- never DML, BML, true lilith or mean lilith. DML has never been confirmed as even existing (and i don’t trust that ephemeris out there for DML) and i don’t like using BML, true lilith or mean lilith as they are angles and calculations. i like using asteroid lilith because it’s a confirmed astral body. just my own personal preference. 🙂

      • I tend to use Lillith in conjunction with Ryu and Wolverine as her Soul Flash attacks allow her to range well, combined with Ryu’s great anti air and Wolverines honestly IMBA DPS its a combination thats hard to beat.

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