We Need To Talk About Lilith

Kate Moss with apple and snake“Lilith embodies the presence of an archaic form of feminine strength that ignores any patriarchal discourse of power and dominance and allies itself with those forces that affirm life itself.”

I’ve always been rather fond of Dark Moon Lilith, but not everyone is. This article here – for example – neatly shafts Lilith as being mega-demonic, connected to feminine rage, evil, stillbirths, abortion, miscarriage, promiscuity, prostitution etc. The astrologer writing does appear to be Christian which, you know, could indicate a bias lol but still…it is worth a read for informative purposes but please – i ain’t endorsing any of it. And contraception, so-called promiscuity and gayness ain’t a sin in my book. 

Check the extensive posts in the Lilith category for more on this fascinating creature (the mythological first wife of Adam, before Eve, she took off, thus creating somewhat of a Madonna-Whore complex in the very first man lol)

How do you experience Lilith in your chart? If you’re a female, she’s got to come out some way or another. Repressing Lilith energy seems to be a bad idea, though it does not stop peeps trying. If you’re hetero male, you might be dating her. If you’re female and gay, you really get to do Lilith.  Lilith connections between charts create super-strong sexual chemistry + they’re really common in love/lust charts between girls.

Just to redux this for ease of analysis: Look at your Moon and see that as nurturing, soft, classic, receptive Yin mothery energy. Then your Venus for the bombshell, sensual and sexual female archetype of beauty and art. Then look to Lilith for potential witch, bitch, whore, adventuress, transgressive or outcast female energy.  Compare and contrast. If one of these is more prominent or well aspected (trines to something make it easy to access and express the energy) that is an archetype you’re cool with.

Yes, Lilith energy can be where you are the scorned woman (or you’re always in love with one) but it’s also where you access the power of not giving a fuq, the artistic and psychic strength of pure independence, undiluted by people-pleasing, simpering and 2nd-guessing yourself.

Let’s not forget that before her appearance (and demonization) in the relatively recent Christian legend, she was a powerful Snake Goddess of Ancient Sumeria, linked with Ishtar, Inanna & Astarte.

F.Y.I. Lilith energy is amplified for the first half of 2012 as the original Bitch Goddess is hanging out with the enchantress CIrce and uber-Jupiter in Taurus. Hence the extra emphasis on her in the Horoscopes, especially for the Fixed Signs; Leo, Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius.


Image: Mario Sorrenti

Bottom Image; Ancient Babylon – Lilith


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She’s not what you think She is. She’s the thing of nightmares. She LOVES fire and fire deaths. You have NO idea…..


What can you tell me about Moon conjunct Lilith in Cancer…and lilith transiting it ? 😐
Should someone fear me?! :)) Btw, my boyfriend’s Sun (in his 12 house) is in opposite with my moon and Lilith…this means something?


and my Lilith is in the 9 house


I’ve got Uber Lilith. She’s in Aries, and she’s part of my Grand Fire trine with Leo Asc and Sag Uranus. It’s pretty easy for me to express my Lilith nature, though perhaps it’s sometimes TOO easy, if you know what I mean….


I just found that Lilith resides between my unaspected Sun in Aqua. and my very well aspected Mercury. Could it be that I both attract and repel men and maybe women with a WTF attitude.


Well I have her conjunct Pluto/ Juno in Scorp. The Scorping should be fun lol


Fascinated by all the comments re Lilith. Don’t really understand why she’s termed a bitch or a goddess as mythologically she was neither. Ditto the terms Madonna and whore. I understand the words . . . just not what they have to do with a symbolic woman who refused to be cowed by a fucked up male created by a fucked up male deity. These are their words, not ours. Just sayin’.


I’m just learning about Lilith and I find it very intriguing….I’m also amazed to realize that she came alive in my art before I had even heard of her…not kidding….my “modern mystik/snake goddess”….totally a Lilith energy and available on a t-shirt for pre-sale right now…the universe is working it’s own magic for sure:) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/197696216/the-2012-t-shirt-collection-by-modern-mystik


sould the most bia appline count in such a disscussion, yes it sould. I know “how could he be so pig headed” no i am not, to shut out or turn away any sort of infomation would be pig headed hear what others have to say, always seek for infomation if you want more of it, but never shut it out, this is simply because your view on what other peoples views are, are always conflicted with what your told about thos people. i’m not going denie i may not be the smartest man but i hear every one out,… Read more »

Lilith chick

My lilith is in Aquarius, the 11th or the 8th house, (I’m either an Aries or a cancer ascendant, depending on cafeastrology or astrotheme).
Lilith quintile Sun
Lilith sextile moon & mercury
Lilith semisquadrate venus
So this totally makes me a free bitch 😀


Oh, and I always wondered what was the difference between Sun quintile Lilith and Venus/pluto or Neptune ascendant. They both give charms and add manipulation in a native’s chart, and since they sound awfully similar, wouldn’t it be nice to regroup them?


I have asteroid Lilith in 3rd house Virgo, but conjunct the IC, then Black Moon Lilith in 4th house Virgo, and Dark Moon Lilith in 11th house Taurus. Growing up, I worshipped my family in spite of boundary issues, nothing abusive, but nevertheless aggravating, like being cheated in favor of younger siblings, especially the boys. Finally came to a head when I got engaged. Yes, the most Lilithian thing I have ever done was get married, as family was not cooperative and we ended up eloping instead of getting married properly in Church. Moved away and didn’t speak to them… Read more »

Lizzy Theoadora

Lilith conj Asc in 1st, Scorp/Scorp rising … glad to have her. She’s gifted me profoundly.


I was reading this french blog and the interps were amazing, mine is in virgo. It said ppublic sexual humiliation and that was my child hood. And since it said im not a very good lover because of it. And its so true. I like to hurry up in sex. And she said you would act as if sex is blah. And what really brings out the virginy lilth, is attraction to someone at work.

She also expresses herself as me being to critical skeptical and fault finding.

I do admit.


Yoikes! Thanks for getting me to look up my Lilith placement, Mystic. Now I realize that I have a Grand Cross in fixed signs if I count another asteroid: Sun 19 Leo, Jupiter 22 Scorpio, Chiron 25 Aquarius, Lilith 29 Taurus. Plus Lilith is conjunct my descendant, which explains a lot my relationships…


So that is what they are – thought symbols, no idea what they represented though. Thanks!


Got Dark Moon Lilith in Scorpio/8th house.

Like a boss.


Just learning about lilith, thanks for this article.

I have both Lilith and Venus in Cancer, within a degree of each other. With my natal Libra moon I am thinking, in the context of your comments and insights about female archetypes, embodying extreme independent nurturing? lol

I am so new to things that I can’t figure out which chart to use over at astrodienst to determine which house Lilith is in. Suggestions, anyone?


OK, I just noticed Lilith and Venus are in my 8th house. Duh. Moon in the 10th.


Lilith in the 6th house at 15 degrees Sag. I also have my chart ruler, Uranus, in the 6th house. I CANNOT work for other people anymore, I MUST WORK FOR MYSELF. I’ve turned into a raving witch about this and am tired of others mimicking the “get a real job” parrot-speak. I just never fit in the regular working world, and have finally figured out that’s okay. My work is intense, it is me, and I just can’t abide by anybody else’s rules.

So there. Thanks for the energy, Lilith. 🙂


Moon – Aquarius
Venus – Cancer
Lilith and Sun – Virgo.

Sometimes I feel all Lilith, to be quite honest.

Hathor's Horns

I love it when Mystic posts about Lilith. I just get chills when I hear Her name… She came to me when I was in my early twenties and at the time I was role playing and came across a book called “Revelations of the Dark Mother” It totally compelled me to aspire to Lilith’s cause, though in no way did she expect “followers” – in fact I always like to think of her as a kind of “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” character – subtly brushing against the edges of our consciousness, giving us the option to… Read more »


I have Lilith in Scorpio house 6. Exactly on my rx Pluto and conjunct my Moon 1 deg away and Squares my MC (also 1 deg away) So Lilith is decently prominent in my chart…But my Lilith energy is more private and subtle. So my Lilith energy isn’t so appropriate for being on the job. Really only the people close to me know how deep and “dark” I am. But to the outside world I am like Marry flipping Poppins. (I got Sun sextile Mars and Venus trine Jupiter so I can be so lovely and charming) My Lilith energy… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

Lilith @ 20 Aqua in my 12th, all by herself. Which is great because I know she needs her elbow room. But it’s lonely at the top sometimes, isn’t it?

Scorporation, Inc.

Love it: the giant, the key, music, science, all that.


Team Lilith ! Eve can go home early and bake me cookies. This year, I developed my Lilith. It was ass in the fire, deep solar plexus pain and heart suffering that made me do it. It’s been coming all my life but very repressed in certain areas. Creative but very immigrant working class guilt stuff blah, blah, blah. Always do the best with what ya got is my new motto/mantra. (I’m sketching a coat of arms for myself with an art pencil made in Germany as I type with my other hand.) Finding it much easier to be around… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

“‘Go fuq yourself,’ that sounds like, ‘Go find yourself’…” Love that.


that is an awesome earth magic photo of Kate hanging out so raw and relaxed with beautiful exotic snake – so beautiful, calm and natural lilith to me i think has been all about having to define and invent myself from being weighed down for so long with other significant people’s limited and negative estimations of my own worth i used to unquestioningly believe myself to be how other’s defined me – a result of heavy emotional pain, not independent thoughts on self worth -now i’m relaxed and have found faith in my own and well, everyone’s ability to be… Read more »


aurora lights was here


Lilith conjunct Venus in Taurus


Kind of getting goosebumps about that actually


“When women negotiate, they are perceived as more pushy, less likable and undesirable work colleagues. This loss of social capital has long-term consequences for women’s economic outcomes: a negative reputation is likely to spillover and impede problem-solving in future negotiations.” Being a tough negotiator might win you financial capital, but it loses you social capital. “Men appear relatively immune to whether women implement a competitive or an accommodating strategy. However, other women are highly sensitive to the gender-congruence of a female negotiator’s strategy: trust increases when female negotiators’ conform to gender stereotypes by implementing an accommodating strategy, but decreases when… Read more »


My Moon is conjunct all 3 Liliths in the 8th so I guess the nurturing mother and the inner bitch are one in the same for me. LOL. I dont really see myself as the femme fatale type but I do feel like I make enemies anytime I move up in life or get an ounce of self confidence. Mostly the reason I’ve retreated to my 12th house…..I don’t trust people now. Or in true Virgo Moon fashion, I like animals better than people. I’m guessing this aspect may also be the reason I don’t identify with a lot of… Read more »


lilith in 12th gemini conj mercury, semi-sextile venus/moon in 12th taurus. i am all-goddess extrordinaire… earth mama, lazy sacred whore, and fuq-it-all patriarchy-smashing witch. not *exactly* integrated… to put it mildly… 🙂

on a related note, holy moly lilith-jupter transit!!! incredible!!!! kundalini outta thin air twice a day every day… THANK YOU!!! 😀


cool placements, hidden dragon queen! my lilith is also in H12 in virgo, but it’s conjunct my ASC, square my MC and sextile my mars.


thanks, sara! lilith rising is pretty darn cool too… 🙂

school of fish

how do I find out where my lillith and chiron are?


Wow lots of love for Lilith on here! Mine is in Scorp, slumming with Pluto and Juno


A Q … My apologies if it’s already been answered, but I couldn’t decipher in the comments. Can you find your Lilith via the charts on Astro.com? If so, is it specifically labelled Lilith?



Umm … Silly me. Found Lilith right there in the chart. Never knew to pay attention to it before. Reading back through all of the previous Lilith-related posts now. Thanks Mystic!


yes AstroGeek, you can sure find out your Lilith via Astro.com. you must go to the ‘extended chart selection’ and add Lilith to the chart. 🙂
very simple!


Found it, and thanks! 🙂


I’m so lilithed out. all the ladies hate me. but then i watched this and i felt better. btw, my lilith is gemini. lots of girls like me, lots of boys like me, and i’m just like feeling hella what the fuck ever about it. I want to make art and be left alone.


I’ve always been a little confused about my Lilith because there is a Mean Lilith and a True Lilith? My True Lilith is in Scorpio, in the 12th house, and retrograde. 20 degrees too! It conjucts my Scorp asc and Pluto in Scorp, trines my Venus in Cancer… Then there’s my “Mean” Lilith, which is at 0 degrees in Sagittarius. It’s also in the first house so does that mean it’s rising? I really don’t know if it’s typical to have a Mean Lilith that’s different, and I’m not sure which Lilith to look to! But when I go to… Read more »

Electric Eel Libran

The Saggo one for you is the Dark Moon one that Mystic speaks about.


Thank you! So may I ask you if having Lilith in the 1st house means it’s rising?

Electric Eel Libran

It should say on your chart if Lilith is conjunct with the ASC or not. (The conjunct symbol looks like a weird comet with one tail.) If it is, then it’s rising.


I just noticed I have a grand cross going on with Lilly (Leo) opp. Eros (in Aqua. conj. Asc) square Venus (Toro) and Psyche (Scorp). I really need to look more into this


Then again, if you get scared of self-confident femme fatale psychobitches, then she is obviosly problematic to you. 😉


this was by Erty. and I forgot an ‘u’..


I feel completely in tune with Lilith and those old supressed “female” energies pre- Christianity ideals of controlled well-behaved womanity and wouldn’t call her bitchy. She’s just.. normal. 😛 Free, wild, intuitive with what she likes and about her passions and spontaneous aspirations. Untamed, might be the accurate word. I have lilith conjunct moon, uranus, cor serpentis opposite Algol (related with asteroids ishtar, dionysos, sphinx, eros, if that counts). I also have a trine of bml, dml and white moon lilith. Lilith is untamed, creative, primitive and intuitive and how is she even a threat to anything (when not needed… Read more »


what I meant above, was that I don’t think she even has to be problematic. only when we neglect tapping in to her schamanic formulas and supress them/her.


years ago, I used to date a saggo junghian psycho(logist) who was also interested in experimental astrology (the kinda interest a sagittarian may have). he organized an experimental study group journée with a hebrew kabbalist who was also a kabbalist astrologer. we talked about our charts and everything, and then I came out with a question about Lilith (I don’t remeber what I asked exactly, just recall that I made this name “LILITH”). well, the astrologer was suddenly pale, and I thought I’d probably said something really wrong…he just stared at me and said he DIDN’T want to talk about… Read more »


OMG I am learning so much this week 🙂 My Lilith is in Gemini square Mars ( virgo) and this is the energy that I am most familiar with in the area of the feminine. I am not a typical first house venus in Scorpio – extremely subdued by it’s conjunction to Neptune so more universal than personal. As far as my moon in Virgo is concerned, other than my deep desire for organisation, I’m sensual rather than overtly sexual – I love massage etc. But lilith in the sign of the trickster – yes that is me I am… Read more »


So interesting! My lilith is conjunct my Virgo Sun in the 4th house 😀 And yet I am pretty nice at home though I can show my impish side in front of close people 🙂


I have Lillith in Leo in my 6th house conjunct Jupiter. So does this meani am a bitch at work but lucky enough to get away with it?

Electric Eel Libran

Wow. I just read the linked article about Lilith. I sort of feel sorry for the person who wrote it. How cut off can you be from your real self? Sure I could make comments like she’s a lapdog of the patriarchy, but I think she really believes this stuff about “evil women” and Lilith. The whole dualism and separation of good and evil confuses me because I see everything as a whole that contains “good” parts and “bad” parts.

The Green Witch

In one of the Arthurian stories, a knight was found to have assaulted a maiden and he was subject to the judgement of the Queen’s Court. He was given a year and a day to discover what women wanted. If he failed in his quest, he would die. He wandered all over the shop, talking to all sorts of women and trying to find out what they wanted. But he got so many different answers, he found himself, the day before he was due to return to court, with no idea of what the truth was. As he led his… Read more »


This is a beautiful story. Except..

Long lived is so maligned. We (mostly) will all become long lived at some point. Must we accept that we are horrifying to be with sexually and no longer desirable? I know women who are older and not attractive to my thinking but have younger husbands and happy marriages. What is it they possess? I don’t really expect an answer, my birthday is here and it’s something I am thinking about for the future — being stunning the rest of my life. 🙂 But it was an insightful story.

The Green Witch

Funnily enough, in the version I read, it didn’t say she was Young & Beautiful – just the latter.
Some people are better looking at forty than twenty. And so on…
I was thinking of the actress who played Pussy Galore (!) in one of the old Bond films. She is now in her seventies or eighties and she looks fabulous.
And I don’t think its just good bones. I think it is also good vibes. She looks like a woman who has loved!


Good bones ~ good vibes ~ *love*
Cap rising with Saturn Rx here xo


I love your story Green Witch, also reply by anon. My Juno 0 Libra conjunct Virgo Sun, opp Chiron. Sun conj Uran, Merc MC – lover has to love my mind, exchange of ideas, be willing to converse and be fair. Lillith conj NN solidifies this. Also ties in with Piscean renov. & Pegs recent link – sex most googled thing – second to movies. Fantasy is still number one. There is great hope for honest discourse between all genders and persuasions, but the media we are immersed in is all about the illusion & $$. What a powerful weapon… Read more »

Piscean closed for renovation

hahahahaha I heard the punchline was “It doesn’t matter if a woman is ugly or beautiful, underneath it all she’s still a witch.”

(noting but refraining from comment that a woman in spite of her sovereignty over self is still judged most harshly for her beauty).

but yes a good fable.


Isn’t that Gawain and Dame Ragnelle? Although I don’t recall Gawain assaulting someone….it was due to a challenge from another knight to Arthur. At any rate it is a nice Lilithian theme.


Oops, this is me^^^^

hermes love

i have been in a relationship with a dark Lilith for a year .
It was Shamanic ! Moving on ! My bread is burned. Would like something more Balanced.


Dark Moon Lilith in Virgo my 10th House of Career square my Neptune in Scorpio 1st House. Pisces Moon 4th House and Venus in Scorpio in my 1st.
I can be a bitch. y Pisces Moon mellows me out a bit.
I feel like I can go from being feeling like a doormat and some people treating me as such to a raging inner she-demon bitch.
When I get pissed I really get pissed off. Long fuse but, big explosion. Might try to temper my anger by managing my Lilith to be present daily.


“Long fuse but, big explosion” haha… I like that. 🙂

’tis tres Scorp. Seethe, seethe, seethe.. *bang* EXPLODE

piscean, renovation etc

People. Isn’t a bit tedious these days to buy into that dualistic sort of argument around ‘powerful men seek to oppress women..label them bitches, attack their sexuality yada yada…? There is plenty of space in the world to flourish without even needing to engage emotionally with that , well, paradigm. I certainly agree that it is important to understand the history of gender and the subtleties of this conflict that persists you know ‘those who do not know their history are destined to repeat it’ etc. And non-subtleties, if warfare and anonymous hatey bloggy crap and chauvinistic, opining politicians are… Read more »

piscean, renovation etc

That, and making sure that the sisterhood is strong. Making sure our young women (and men) know how to navigate and win/get ahead among the various forms of misleading crap the world throws at us all.


Like to the nth degree.


i agree, and on the point about being free and making choices on how to best use time/energy.

Piscean closed for renovation

as i was thinking about my comment i was also wondering if i was being a bit rude, i mean, mystic’s point was that she was upset and angered (?) by the writer’s take on the matter. It’s not for me to say whether or not people should feel a certain way or not engage with / fight against something that upsets them. so i just wanted to mention that. if anyone’s still reading. xx

Scorporation, Inc.

Yes, I’m still reading, and I find your sentiment spot-on. I find nothing rude, only of a different perspective. And a perfectly valid point.

Battle can be nonproductive; at worst, hurtful to the self.


Battle can be completely cathartic and empowering. Sometimes those muscles need a good stretch.

(e.g., Sometimes my tail gets tight– ha!– and only a whip-crack zap move is the remedy.)

Raising consciousness is so powerful… and your comment, and all of these comments, are doing just that: raising consciousness.

I heart raising things up out of the ground. *wink*


My Lilith conjuncts my North Node in Capricorn in the 7th House. Oh-my!!!

Electric Eel Libran

Natal Lilith conjunct Moon in Scorpio in the 12th.
My feminine emotional side is always in alignment with my Lilith.


quintile sun. much of my life has been liiith esque. I love her.


Dark Moon Lilith – is this the “Lilith” in the clickable menu of additional objects on astro.com (and not one that can be charted only by manually entering its number)?

piscean, renovation etc

That sounds like the one. It’s the lilith I include at least…


Thank you both piscean r etc, and MM —
in that case my Lilith is on the final degree of my 7th House on the 28th degree of Libra. She aspects exactly sesquiquadrate my Pisces Asc and Chiron. Lilith and Aqua Saturn are the only major Air in my chart.


First: I’ll use this article as an opportunity to announce that I am still confused on how to properly identify “Lilith” in a chart (I am at best an AP “freshman” in the school of astrology). I can chart four different “Lilith’s” in a chart on astro.com. Articles I’ve read on properly charting Lilith have only served to muddy the murky grasp I have on which is which is which is whom in the cast of Liliths. I take credit for and place no blame on any author for my confusion. That said I’d love some pointed clarification on the… Read more »


Second: My view is that dark and light exist at all points – no more or less for a feminine energy than a male one. That said, “blame the bitch” has been thoroughly absorbed and repeatedly campaigned for by men and women alike around the globe. Manifesting our Lilith or any other point in positive light is what will serve our highest paths. Red flag warnings for feminine energies always put this Ram on alert for a fight or flight (from an ocean of BS).

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