True Taurus Moon

True Heart Magazine – David Armstrong

This is multiple Taurean Kirsten Dunst (Sun, Chiron, Mercury) in a Gaia-Ceres type dress, the wheat, right?Β  Sometimes i think that maybe Chiron rules Virgo and Gaia/Eartha or even Ceres rules Taurus. Then again sometimes i think that Neptune is not a planet but a drug and that Lilith is basically Lady-Pluto.

Speaking of Pluto – if you haven’t done this year – go check out where your asteroid Persephone is and compare to your natal Pluto, interesting non. Persephone is where you have been to the underworld, made your secret pact, grabbed your treasure (psychological – god knows how you got it but you did) and escaped alive to thrive on. Pomegranate means ‘seeded apple’ – see She Gave Me An Apple & It Was Red for more apple mythology. Weird; The French word for pomegranate is ‘grenade’ – the shapes are similar, i guess.

Anyway, Happy Taurus Moon and though all New Moons are reinventive, note how practical and sensual the the Taurean New Moon rebirth impulses are.Β  Seemingly shallow or basic changes can have deeper significance. Change your clothes policy, the crap that’s in your pantry, simplify things back down to their simple basics and voila – a big transformation.


Persephone – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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174 thoughts on “True Taurus Moon

  1. I heard it was hygeia that rules virgo, and ceres that rules taurus, it seams to fit, but I dunno

  2. Persephone is conjunct Chiron in Taurus. So I stole the things that make me most wounded and got away or my greatest gifts come from the hard fought wisdom these wounds result from? Interesting.

  3. 😯


    Amazing dreams last night – involved bungee jumping! 😯

    Checked our Persephone in my chart – 5th house 18 degrees sextile Gem moon and Pluto. Trine Neptune and MC. Square Uranus… 😯

    Fun and creativity is my therapy! 😯

    LOVE Kirsten Dunst btw!

  4. I’m pretty amazed by what this moon has managed to do.. Over the weekend, and in the past 24 hours especially, I’ve made some pretty heartfelt intentions known in a delicate matter of the heart, and had a surprising turn which resulted in possibly the most traumatic event in my life being acknowledged and put on the mend 14 years after it happened.. Other little steps forward in life, mental things, etc…

    Kinda massive impact, exactly what I wanted. And I know it’s going to continue to unfold.

      • I agree! Can’t keep things building up inside forever, it’s just so so very unwise. It feels pretty wholesome and magical to finally have these things put out there. This absolutely is a massive new beginning, in the best possible way.

        On all fronts, let the healing begin <3

    • That is brilliant :), I hope this is the unfolding of some much needed healing. Good on you for speaking up. Rah!! You Rock!

    • Amazingly, everything just got crazier at the moment of the Uranus/Mercury conjunction… My job turned to shit and thus the full on incentive to find something new went into well beyond overdrive.

      New future? Nah…new now :p

  5. Ceres for Taurus – makes sense to me. Venus fits Libra so well and Taurus and Libra don’t really vibe the same – nor do Gemini and Virgo. I’m claiming Chiron as my ruler (virgo, virgo rising). What does it take to make these things “official”?

      • Chiron isn’t Virgo-ish because its wounded, its about being a healer who can’t overcome their own wound. It you think of the word wound as “imperfect nature”, it starts to sound a lot more Virgoan. It makes sense to me. Makes my chart make sense to me. Not in some future predictive way, but by looking at the past, facts of my life, that sort of thing.

        • I guess what I mean to say is that chiron is that whole, your wounded, tough shit, but the response is of a philosophical nature, virgo sees something “wrong” and seeks to practically literally improve it, chiron cant really directly heal its own wound, chiron is about being okay with and accepting the pain on some level, whilst virgo goes about directly self improving with robotic efficiency, there definitely is something to the virgo pisces axis about it though, make no mistake, chiron gets wounded in the foot, que spiritual awakening(pisces) and seeks to heel it(virgo), I read that connection somewhere else though and it was put way better than how I just said it, anyways adding to this is supposedly chiron is a sort of visiting body in the solar system and may possibly leave or something like that, and has not been there as long as the rest of them, hence the separateness chiron evinces as well as the maverick, so virgo can improve on a very real level that chiron cant really even begin to even consider, but if you feel within yourself an affinity with it, I have no right to argue with that, and I might be wrong anyways

          • I don’t think Virgos are at all robotic. For me, the Chiron story resonates because it is the wound that won’t heal. And its the wound you know so well. As a Virgo, my sensible advice is sometimes taken as my personal strength and I resent it. Because its about seeing what needs to heal/be fixed/be aligned and KNOWING that’s what the wound needs. I doesn’t mean I can efficiently fix the world, but I am particularly aware of the way people are misaligned with their nature. And, for me, it isn’t even about healing an individual – which Hygia seems more about. It isn’t about being a nurse to a patient. Some wounds should get bigger, some patients should die, because that’s part of the wound of being mortal creatures. How do we align ourselves to that fate? Its process, not outcome that matters around here. Because the outcome (death) is already known. How Chironic is that?

            • virgos can become robotic, that doesnt mean they all are or that is what it is supposed to be like, virgo is about choosing, not necessarily about healing, they say this not that, this specifically under these particular circumstances, so it is improvement in the sense they pick or discard, the problem is when they think important things are not necessary, hygea isnt necessarily the nurse, she is more about prevention, she is about being healthy to prevent diseases and such not really about treatment, although there is a great sympathy for when that happens im sure, but chiron isnt about health, chiron is the wound, wounds are outside of and besides how healthy you are, you can eat well, exercise, and so forth and still get wounded, and what then? That is why chiron is the wound that cant heal, it is something not even virgo could ever hope to adress or get right. Virgo is the connection from the mind to the body to the environment, if you have the right relationship with the world you improve your body, if you improve your body you improve your mind, virgo is about seeking out impurities and removing them for very real improvement(also hygeia has to do with washing hands or something) while pisces problem is being too indiscriminate between good and bad influences both, so virgo is about perfecting, in the sense a shoemaker or smith or any kind of such person improves his craft, chiron is about a wound you can not make better, you accept the pain, and by doing so are connected to something bigger and to other people in new and important way, but even then you help them not in the virgo sense of “eat your vitamins” but in a sense of accepting the tragedy of it all and just feeling it with them, and even thought this pain can not be addressed or gotten rid of, you can make people feel a little better about it, to be fair chiron can be related to very real healing like chiropractic work, so I guess the point is by accepting your wound and pain you can deal with other peoples, but even still there is nothing to figure out and master, Virgo is made fun of for being finicky and nitpicky because they want it to be “correct” and seeing it as incorrect frazzle their nerves, chiron does not care about correct, or how much one has “mastered”or figured something out, it just is aware of pain

              • I disagree that chiron doesn’t care about correct. The story is about having a mortal wound, but not being able to die from it, and using that knowledge to help heal others – even if the healing is futile. I’ve never been much of a hypochondriac, which seems to be the Virgo model you have in mind – obsessive hand washing and that sort of thing. Are you Virgo too?

                • To clarify – to me, Taurus is connected to the bounty of the earth, the comforts of it. Virgo is connected to the practical realities of how that works. Like eating. Eating is brutal. Vegan or not, something dies so you can live. Objectively. Forget the spiritual spin on it. So, does anything really die around here? Is that ultimate wound heal-able? No. Because it is life. A unified balance. Virgos try to make the blood and shit aspect of life more palatable, stylized, balanced. It isn’t about a “fix.” But Virgos get such a tight-ass rep because people don’t appreciate being reminded that their shit does in fact stink and that eating is a brutal affair.

                  • I do not mean “fix” in the sense, aha now it is complete, or something like that, virgo is not really about stylizing, but mastery lets say, it figures out to a point, and synthesizes and analyzes, but that does not mean it is like an on off switch, if anything there is always a tinkering to it, and as far as food, I think virgo isnt really about food like taurus or cancer are, it is about diet, or what you choose to eat regularly, and as far as were the food comes from that seams more scoprio/8th house concern, you can take most things including food and uncover some heinous origin, that seams more like a scorpio kind of thing, virgo is kind of like the stats, not really the uncovering of things behind it, though again only on a conceptual level, not to say that it is incapable of knowing or uncaring of such thing

                    • Well, I am a very 8th house Virgo. Aries is on my 8th house cusp and I have Mars – my 8th house ruler – at 0 degrees of my first house Libra. I can’t argue for only seeing the superficial “diet” side of digestion. Food does require work to obtain, that famous Virgo efficiency. But eating is Piscean in that it is the most basic, complete merger of inner and outer realities. We consume each other to live here. We must eat – blend with our environment – and die if we don’t. That is “health.” And Chiron resonates that story back to me. Knowing he is mortally wounded, but being unable to die. Being a part of the process of dying, working to be able to die. But, then again, I am 12th house Sun. So, of course, my perspective is a reflection of lots of elements of my chart. But I am Virgo sun, Virgo rising, so suspect some of what I am is reflective of that zodiac sign.

                • aghhh, okay im virgo rising, I did not mean to make virgo look like a hypochondriac,
                  im sorry I dont think you are, and I dont think most virgos are either, also chiron was a healer before his wound, not because of it, so the point is he accepts it and forfeits his immortality
                  Okay lets take pisces, if we say the main point of pisces and some other key words, we can say confusion, drugs, connection to the all and many other things, if you take neptune its ruling planet, it is basically the exact same thing and represents the same theme, same with sagg/jupiter aries/mars and so on. Now lets take virgo and chiron, and also I should say that just because this is what virgo is about does not presuppose it is taken too far or the only thing virgo is capable of doing, just like if you took the process of pisces you wouldnt really assume at all hours they are spaced out, so virgo is about digestion, discernment, choosing, removing impurities,also routine, getting things right/figuring it out and health among many other things, chiron is about the wound you can not heal, it is like a broken bone, if touched you flinch, in that are of chiron you shrink away from and avoid that wound and do everything to keep from addressing it, then you finally accept it, and are finally just okay with the pain, virgo and chiron are not interchangeable, if anything they are incongruous, although not irreconcilable, if virgo is about digesting, then how can it be ruled by the one thing that can not be digested, the one thing that cant be broken down and figured out? Chiron as a theme is about acceptance, virgo as a theme is not, it is about improvement and such, virgo can and does do things about its perceived problems and worries, chiron can not, and if I am still offending you with the virgo thing please explain how so I can understand what you mean, I really dont think virgos are hypochondriacs or incapable of anything other than figuring things out I am sorry

                  • I think I kind of responded to this above by clarifying my comment before I read your post. Digestion is a wound that doesn’t heal if you think about the human desire for permanence. Life has a lot of bloody, wounding aspects. Like menstruation. Chiron fits Virgo martyrdom too.

      • Ha! I decided to look up hygia in my chart. Its in my 8th house (same as Chiron) but its in Taurus whereas my Chiron in Aries. I’m telling you – either way – my chart ruler is in the 8th. Its clicking for me. But I still prefer Chiron to Hygia. Can’t quite say why.

        • maybe its cause hygea is kind of boring, its just about some sort of improvement, also it is not as well covered as chiron either, I guess it could help weather you feel more arien or taurean maybe, im reluctant to claim it as chart ruler as well, I like the idea of being a mercucial smarty pants way too much, maybe thats just the gemini moon though, so comfortable
          also I happen to be re reading a lot of these articles, happen to be on one that is totally relevant to your chiron

    • It’s funny you say that 12HV, I’ve never felt that Libra really clicked with Venus (but that may just be because most of my recent experiences with Librans have been negative) and Gem & Virgo absolutely go together for me.

      Perspective is a funny thing.

      • Librans can be really superficial and flighty and total suckers for beauty in a dangerous way I don’t think a Taurus would fall for – Taureans are more about comfort and stability. Librans are beauty at all costs and sometimes those costs are really high and some Librans I’ve known don’t even seem to notice what they’re paying for, if that makes sense. I don’t think Venus being their ruler makes them better than Taureans or any other sign for that matter.

        • 12HV, I have Venus in Libra and you are spot on about Librans being total suckers for beauty! I think this is why the Saturn transit to my Venus was harsh & unbearable.

        • As Libran with a Taurus Moon I have to disagree with you. Comfort and Stability = rigid. It’s so freakin hard for me to let go of some ideas and routines sometimes. And Taurus Moon is exalted; Libran Sun is in the Fall. I feel it should be the other way round. I’m so happy to be a Cardinal Venusian Libby Sun lover of beauty in a dangerous way. My Taurus Moon takes some work. Thanks x

    • Me too. After MM’s Chiron post I did some digging & it really has made sense of things. I am so Cere’s it’s ridiculous and she is is conjunct Pallas, Venus & Neptune and simply has to be on my Ascendent ( Scorpio). They are trine my Chiron which is opposite my Uranus. I have 4 planets in Virgo and though I kind of felt that what I do fulfilled that, understanding Cere’s & Chiron just gives it that ‘Aha’ moment of clarity. My Virgo is a kind of Florence Nightingale – soothing healer, clarifying & gently bringing to the light distress to heal. What I am finding is that whereever Saturn has bought difficulty & trauma to my life along comes Chiron and gently guides me to finding the positive and the growth from that. I think I’ve gone a little of track now 12th house virgo, but in short I agree :-)

      • Makes sense to me. Saturn is like “brush your teeth” and Chiron is like “notice how you couldn’t see your loved one’s dental problems until you brushed your own teeth?” Like, Saturn teaches you to care for yourself – no if/ands/buts. And Chiron helps you see how others suffer. You kind of have to step out of your own way (Saturn) to see others wounds in relationship (Chiron) at least, that’s how it played out for me thus far.

        • I enjoyed reading this whole dialog, though my comment is stuck here in the middle. 12th house — interesting analogy. david — I like your passion.

    • Response: alright now your getting in to the whole, life is horrible area, as far as life as tragic, chiron speaks to that, technically you can say any sign speaks to that, there are tragic fatalistic realities behind every process and every sign, virgo is not ruled by this any more than any other sign, and does not deal with it any more than any other sign either, sure there are nasty part to the body, but different signs rule different parts of the body, digestion is a necessary process, you take the nutrients out of the food you eat, virgo is this process personified, taking the most efficiency, for example, out of the reality at hand, it is a process of dealing with. Sure there is no end to it, but no more than any other human process, and besides why must eating only be in relation to what we get out of it, what about enjoying our food a la Taurus? If you look at it a certain way, it is tragic, but no more tragic than any other sign. digestion as an unsolvable wound is so only on a technicality, as in we must exist and continue to eat, you can say the feat or tragic because woh is me I must continue to walk places and stand up and what is the point of always doing that, but then you would say pisces is ruled by chiron? Or woh is me my heart just keeps on beating just like all the other times makes chiron rule leo?

        • you dont have to eat things that are tragic, the process of digesting itself is not tragic, if you just ate things you grew in your backyard lets say, it would not be tragic, the process and distribution of tragedy laced food product is not really virgo, the messed up side of things behind it all is more 8th house/scorpio, and feet can be tragic, how many people and things have died on the ground we walk on? Or what if the process of getting the material we walk on involved mining, and many tragic deaths of exploited workers, or what of the Chinese kids making our shoes that cover our feet, feet can be tragic too.

        • and also do you think you can repeat what you put above that I didnt respond to, I really cant read that at all, its okay if you dont wanna

      • and also virgo is only a martyr by extension, by nature of the pisces virgo axis, pisces neptune is the one that represents the whole redeemer, savior, sinner dynamic.

  6. powerful new moon. i was in a dark moon funk. decided to cook my way out of it. as soon as the moon clicked over, my phone started ringing. filming work to be done. social time w my pack. the flirtation reappeared after a dodgy dark moon textjoke. i went and saw theatre last night. this morning a yoga workshop. i return to find a note about my ranging guinea pig. his inevitable demise. and persephone. she stands alone in my gemini 7th house. i adore pomegranates. very sensual. is it they that some believe was the original apple in that old garden story?

    • makes sense because we’re more likely to have found pomegranates rather than an apple in the middle east, where the biblical stories are set

    • I’ve been cooking a lot this new moon too! Each year since my sister in law died, around Christmas I paint a still life of pomegranates and have given the paintings as gifts to friends. Missed doing it this past winter. Going to paint another today.

    • timely to be talking about pomegranates with Samhain coming up. I alwasy see this as the time when persephone returns to the underworld.

  7. My natal Persephone is in Gem 7th. I checked dates of my Relationship from Hell a few years ago, and interestingly, Uranus and Persephone were cojoined in transit conjunct my natal Venus. It was a hell and back experience, all right.

  8. My Persephone is in 6th (not sure what that means at all), opposite Pluto and they both square Ceres.

    That’s pretty close to my real life when I have a boyfriend–I’m Persephone and Demeter (my mother) hates anyone I date.

    • I’m Pluto – Persephone opposite too (big long post below about wha that means – went into it with a Shamanistic Astrologer). But I don’t have Demeter in the mix, thank god, she is squaring things elswhere in my chart.
      Demeter is probably trying to protect you, but it doesn’t help when she won’t let you grow up either.
      If you happen to be near Perth Western Australia I could perhaps recommend you visit this woman who is amazing…

  9. “Kirsten realised that she might have to discuss with Clarins the results of their new “wheat-protein-based Stimulating Cell Renewal Leg Cream” in a little more detail…”

  10. Persephone, Mars, Vertex in my 8th house. Aquarius, not conjunct or anything. No major aspects except trine Neptune in 6th.

    • whoops, i mean sextile – and trine pluto. I take the fact that Persephone is AHEAD of pluto in the trine, to mean that I have at some stage already had that battle, am freed. BUT pluto conjunct my IC means that … I don’t know, I’ve kept the lesson very close to me? it drives / controls my outward life, opposing MC? maybe i need to revisit something here, I feel a creative visualisation journey coming on. Like I need to ask “what!! what do you want!! why are you still here!” etc.

    • Or maybe that I learnt something – early in life – about Power in relationships (pluto in Libra, 4th house after all) while I was down there, and this lesson now remains in the most fundamental part of my consciousness now. And i can access more of my own power by returning to this experience or lesson, (re)gain some unblinkered knowledge and savage / realist insight into such matters

      • particularly since NN is also there and opposite VENUS. in my 10th.

  11. Oh goodness, astrology gets more interesting all the time! Persephone conjunct my Neptune and IC in the 4th. Also sextile my Pluto and trine my 8th house Chiron. My limited understanding of this would be: been to hell and back via toxic nut-job family of origin merde, got out alive, transform it in to something useful to heal myself and others??

  12. Went to an extreme gender party last weekend. I crafted codpieces out of styrofoam ups, pasta, model paint and feathers. They looked like the gayest Daleks in town ( I swear).
    Why I am telling you this? The party food was Pomegranates.

    • oh my god!! extreme gender party!!! that would have been hilarious…

      • It was all catsuit, feather and men in skirt (so pretty damn fun:))

  13. Hmm.. I have Persephone at 29’49” Gemini, the Anaretic degree. It’s in a very exact sextile (1 second orb) with Pluto (also Anaretic) and another sextile with Mercury. In fact, it’s at the midpoint between the two. This is very strange.

    BTW, it seems apropos, I am considering going back to school to get my MFA in what is essentially a dead art form: bookbinding and letterpress printing. I have a small letterpress and hundreds of pounds of lead type I inherited from my Grandfather but I have never set it up. I can almost hear Pluto and Mercury yelling at each other, with Persephone in the middle.

    • I’ve no real clue about the astro…but … not dead yet, surely?, and what a wonderful idea! Books are beautiful.

    • Go Charles. LOVE letterpress and old book binding. I think it needs to make a comeback, so bring it back please!

      • Yes, that stuff is retro and popular now. But the problem is, can I make a living at it? I’m not sure.

        But dammit, it might already be too late. I just found out the deadline for applications was Feb 1, which the Department Head didn’t tell me when I interviewed with him last week. I will need him to make some exceptions for me, but that might make it hard to get funding. Oh well, I’ll figure out something. If it’s supposed to happen, it will.

    • letterpress is definitely around, a shop just opened up the road from me which prints invites, cards, whatever, using letterpress. I would say boutique industry, specific applications, find the target market, go for your life…?

      • Omg PUNM!!, I know the shop! I applied for an apprenticeship there during Mars Rx (didn’t get it, maybe for the best).
        You’re in my neighbourhood! … well, I’m closer to the water but still… πŸ˜€

        • scorplicious, are you serious?!! NFW!! like, um, (am being a bit obscure about location).. the place near a Certain Pub, tailor, locksmith…real estate agent… across the road from a deli that may or may not have just opened… just down the hill from a 3-way roundabout…?

          • Scorpy hahahahaha now i am trying to work out if i can spot the pisces barista next time many cafes tho (Assuming we are talking about the same neighbourhood) lol xxx

          • we must be talking about different companies. The one i’m thinking of is next to a very popular gym and round the corner form a cluster of cafes but Pisces barista doesn’t work in this ‘hood.

            • Ah, well there you go. Further evidence for Charles too that letterpress is alive and well!

    • also. two sextiles make a trine right? that means not yelling, more like old friendship. i think pluto, persephone, merc, might be partners in crime in your chart

      • Yes on the Pluto Mercury trine. I never know what to make of something like that. I have a terribly placed Pluto, it’s square to my Sun/Moon conjunct. So whenever there’s a Full or New Moon, it makes a Pluto square.

  14. Persephone exact conjunct IC in Pisces. I escaped my roots! lol. No aspects to natal Pluto.

  15. I have Persephone in Aquarius in the 7th House.
    She’s (tightly) conjunct Saturn, square Pluto, and sitting opposite of my Leo Ascendant, which is conjunct Chiron.

    I’ve never really read too much into Persephone in Astrology,; I’ve always been more concerned with my Chiron Rising, opposite Saturn and square Pluto. I remember seeing that she (Persephone) was in Aquarius in my Birth Chart a couple of years ago, but for some reason it didn’t click that she would be sitting in my 7th House and that’s already loaded with the Saturn/Pluto/Chiron thing.

    Wow…..I’m not exactly sure what this means. Anyone willing to take a shot and attempt to maybe decipher this a bit? It would be very much appreciated and very interesting as well.

  16. Persephone dead conjunct Pluto which is conjunct my Venus in Scorpio. I have frighteningly intense feelings in love, have always attracted people to me without really trying, and am intensely deep and sometimes cynical about love and sex, not anything else in my life. Can anyone shed some light on this conjunction??

    • trifecta!!

      it sounds like you do understand yourself in Love matters.

      Perhaps something would be to consider the myth of persephone. Right now she’s parked with the god of the underworld – post-abduction. At some stage, her mother (demeter? can’t recall sorry) cuts a deal with Pluto that she will be free ‘above-ground’ for 6 months of the year, spring & summer.

      Maybe have a think about what it would be like to be free of the intensity and need for control / omniscience (or *under* the control / surveillance of others?) in your relationships – what’s it like to resurface, bask in the sunlight, visit old friends, be free of (or at least, not engaged in) power dynamics in love / sex?

      Sorry, I can’t possibly shed any more light on this, i am mostly outrageously airily dismissive of matters love / sex, to me like they’re only the icing on the cake – rather than the table, cake, knife and plates, napkins, coffee, …. (2% of the time i fall into a vortex of interpersonal chaos but then I clamber out via a wormhole and run away very fast)

      • Now i really will look where Persephone is as i am
        only ‘above ground’ Spring & Summer. Must have Sun & Heat to be in my force.

      • pegs, i know what you mean!

        saggg, btw when I say “right now” i mean in your chart – that’s the natal placement going on for you. understanding the journey, while it doesn’t mean we “have to” change, it does let us sort of contextualise our thinking, feelings, who we are in relation to everyone else. (that last bit probably attributable to my 9th house influences) xx

        • Thank you so much Piscean … Your outlook as informed by your 9th house influences are especially resonant, I am a triple Sagg myself! Thinking about Persephone in terms of a journey and my place on that journey is eerily specific to my life … (duh) … But astrology really doesn’t cease to amaze me. Have had many experiences of being threatened by strangers/ sexual abuse, and really struggle to see sex and love outside of a devastating power dynamic. Pluto/Venus/peresphone in Scorp in the third house suggests to me that I will come to terms with that particularly powerful conjunction in study, in terms of thinking, analysis, expression, and personal relationships. Which is so spot on. Thank you again!!!

          • Jesus. I just looked up my Ceres, it’s conjunct my Sun in Sag. I also have Chiron conjunct my Ascendent. just to intensify the mix!

          • gosh, that’s heavy, i am really sorry to read that this stuff has happened in your life. it sounds like you’re making your way through it all… softly softly..

            3rd house yes i agree, all those gemini modes of expression (analysis, communication, information )where the planets in that house set their stage. ..also, to my understanding, the local community, neighbourhood, short journeys.

            good luck saggi xxxx

  17. My Persephone is in 4th house, by herself, in Leo. Pluto is next door with Uranus in 5th Virgo. ?????

    • Ok so this is just getting wierder. I’ve spent the weekend between lambing, getting accounts done for my deadline tomorrow & looking at the asteroid stuff in my chart – which has taken on a whole new depth and understanding of astrology.
      My persephone is in Cancer semi-square pluto conjunct jupiter in Virgo. While I was there found it was midpoint between my mothers Jupiter & descendent, her pluto is conjunct her sun in Leo and her Persephone is in cancer at the midpoint between her descendent & sun. Hmmm.

  18. Persephone is 6 deg from Sun. Persephone is in Cancer in the 2nd House. She sounds like she might have strong values or is really bad at letting go.

    My Pluto is in the 4th House in Libra – she is rather demure I guess. The Home is my Underworld – I phoenix as I do the laundry?

    • Hahaha! I have Pluto in the 4th House as well, but in Scorpio. I have a dog named Cerberus. ;P

  19. Yep – I’m taking most of this week off to clear out the house, the wardrobe and my psyche of crap I no longer need. This Taurus moon is just the ticket. I’m Pagan and living in the southern hemisphere, so we are approaching Samhain (Halloween) on 30 April and I for one have BIG plans. A ritual which is the culmination of shedding all that is no longer necessary, honouring the ancestors and preparing to launch forward. Last week was such a drag energy wise, but this new moon rocks!

  20. She is in my eighth house – which, as a Cap, she shares with my Venus. They’re square my Pluto (Libra, which is also my Moon, Uranus and Lilith). So the deal I did in the Underworld was all about my emotional security and soul??

  21. This resonated to me a LOT… so i discovered

    I have Persephone conjunct sun (gem), prosperpina conjunct ascendant (cap) … (Persephone in relation to pluto is nothing much… 10 degrees away from a trine..)

    As if being a Gem/Cap wasn’t confusing enough.

    So basically I come across naive and innocent but serious and grown up… .. but I’m actually really an amoral childish silly bugger with psychological insight?

  22. She’s in Virgo in my 2nd house. Pluto’s there too, but not close. If I did a deal about my finances and material stuff I didn’t negotiate very well. So must have been my values … live my life by my rules.

  23. Persephone at 27 Aquarius, exact square to my Moon and Asc. There is actually a red triangle in my chart from 7th, 10th, Asc.

    Any interpretations?

  24. Persephone in Aquarius within 5 d of my vertex, and a triangle square ???

  25. Persephone is conjunct my natal Uranus in Scorpio, 8th house. No aspects to Pluto. I feel this is a very harmonious placement!

    Navigating the journey to hell with The Prankster by my side :-)

  26. Okay, I reckon I am a True Taurus Moon gal.

    It’s on my MC and I was just reading that Moon exalted MC is good public speaking or ability to connect with audiences, high achievement, loves being near to the water (moon ~ water), kind hearted. Given my job this is all true. I did not know about the moon + water connection, though it’s obvious and makes sense now I come to think of it. The kind hearted bit is new to me, but is true, I actually have to be careful with making boundaries more firm so that others don’t overstep them for their own gain.

    As for pomegranate – they have come up twice this wk-nd so far! Both in connection to sensuality and women I love.

    Thanks for an interesting post.

    • The Moon on the MC with me explains my love of water,
      so merci for that info Harp, didn’t know that, but how true
      for me as well.

      Pomegrantes are nicknamed ‘love apples’ and tis the season. There are 2 trees of them in my street, delicious.

  27. I have Taurus Moon natally in my 12th house. The New Moon has manifested as a desire to take better care of my body by starting a consistent exercise regimen and a continued focus on decorating my new apartment and making it feel cozy and lived in.

    But the big lesson I’m taking away is to truly, deeply appreciate every day I live on this planet. This past week a neighbor committed suicide and yesterday we came upon a cyclist who had been hit by a car and seriously injured. I know this was the Universe reminding me to focus on the bigger picture of why I’m here and not let the daily hamster-wheel to-do list rule my consciousness.

  28. Interesting…. my Persephone conjunct Pluto 1 degree and sister has Persephone conjunct Ceres and opposing Pluto.

  29. Persephone is conjuct my DC @ 5 deg Virgo, 6th house. Seems fitting, that Perse would be on the DC… There’s nothing else in my 6th house.

    And speaking of nothing, here are all of my houses which are totally empty:
    2, 3, 4, 10.

    Here are my houses that only have an asteriod in them: 6, 11, 12.

    Finally, here are my houses that are home to only one planet apiece: 1, 5.

    Where’s the party?! 8th house, with a couple of stragglers in the 7th and 9th. Hence my moniker.

    Could it be that those few asteroids scattered about my chart provide a bit of balance to my uber heavy 8th? Or am I just completely off-kilter and totally destined to be such?

    I am totally comfortable with the off-kilter. In fact, the more surreal the more comfortable I am. Schedules, the mundane, monotony: they drive me to impulses to run away and join the circus. Nature brings me immeasurable pleasure, so full of life and death, signs and symbols…

    • 6 of my houses are empty as well. Read over w/e when doing Chiron and it said go by the signs the empty houses are in. More info on that under Harmonic Astrology, Inc.

  30. Help.. I am struggling with trying to figure out where these two are placed in my chart. How did you determine their positioning? Sorry!

    • You mean the asteroids? Go to the “Extended Chart Selection” section on; it’s in the sidebar on the right of the page, might have to scroll down a bit.

      If you’ve all ready done your natal chart on astro, when you click “Extended Charts,” a bunch of options will pop up for you. Go down to the bottom of that page, and you’ll see business about asteroids. Click on “Asteroid name/number list;” an alphabetical list of asteroids will pop up, and you need to record/remember their numbers (in parentheses). When you have the number(s), close that list, and enter your asteroid number in the empty box just above the link that you clicked on for the asteroid list. Finally, click the blue box, “Click here to show…” and viola: chart with asteroid(s).

  31. So, I’ve been going through my past to see what my chart was doing when significant relationships happened in my life. Unexpectedly, it seems like Ceres is a major player. Ceres transiting my NN when I met my ex-husband, Ceres conjunct my ascendant when I reconnected with a relationship from hell, Ceres conjunct Vertex when I realized that relationship was hell and I was getting out of it. Never thought of Ceres as being relevant to these things before.

  32. My Persephone (2 Aries in the 2nd) is directly opposite my Pluto (0 Libra in the 8th). And part of a grand cross with Jupiter and Venus.

    I did several amazing sessions with the Shamanistic Astrologer walking the wheel, in which I became Persephone and Pluto alternately. Actually I don’t think I spend a lot of time as Pluto, but did spend a lot as Persephone – a very interesting and intense journey.

    Pluto was actually the one who carried away Persephone to the underworld, so she lost her girlhood, and all the rest of it. For me, Persephone started out like being buried, I was so far under so much dirt, I had to dig and dig and dig and dig and dig my way out (took absolutely ages). Finally got up to the top and Rage at Pluto, but also impotence. Then had to shake my body free and use my arms. The Shamanistic Astrologer has a few props, so I think it was a rubber baseball bat or perhaps a knife? But in any case I do remember screaming You die, you die, you die, you die, you die, you will so fucking die (being Persephone, at Pluto) and You will never have me, you will never have me, you can not have me, etc. Over about 3 sessions I gradually moved out of the impotence and being buried, into rage, into finally, power – so I didn’t need to bash Pluto with a baseball bat, I could just look at him with incredible withering disdain. Finally in some versions of the Persephone myth she became an all-powerful Queen and that is how I think of her now.

    But certain stories just make me furious and full of hate, any frickin dickhead who captures some teenager and buries her in his cellar so he can rape her for a few years – tends to bring out this rage. I really can see no point whatever in these men being allowed to live, but also can see all the conflicts to a poor girl who only knows that person as their only human contact for some years. So to me this is the archetypal Pluto – Persephone opposition.

    Interestingly, Barack Obama has a Pluto – Persephone opposition and I put this down to his mother’s story – really being overwhelmed by Mr Obama and getting pregnant at 18 and then married (although he already had a wife in Kenya we don’t know if he told her about).

    In most of my relationships to date (most serious ones were early) I do find myself being overwhelmed by the guy, who is typically selfish without even thinking (although probably charming too), and although I am sceptical I end up somewhat buying into their vision of the world and the relationship, and I really need to struggle to maintain my individual self. Maybe now I’ve done this Persephone work the next one will be easier.

    Persephone in Aries is a warrior! Starts out innocent – innocent no more, honey – not gonna put up with any more men’s shit no more.

    • wow aqua lion, what a massive journey. visualising, playing out / acting out battles and resolutions for ourselves is so incredibly powerful. I hope this has changed your course for future romances, in fact I am sure it has, given how much your level of self-awareness has changed. you’ll meet someone and you will recognise whether this is an old pattern or something fresh and new (and good) xx

    • When Pluto is viewed as rebirth and regeneration – in the personal natal not as myth – I am mulling over how Persephone changes Pluto.

      Energy & Power is an exchange after all. Is relevant in my story, and the story of someone close to me.
      Pluto IS also changed.

      Thanks to all commenters for food for thought !
      Will return ~

  33. So my Persephone is in Aqua in 1st House opposite Jupiter in 7th. I’m sure this is very telling. But I’m not sure I want to know :)

    • I am with you George. I am not familiar with astroid placement and would love to know how these 2 interact with us.

      Persephone is in Scorpio my 2nd house. Prosperina is in Libra my 12th house.

      • Actually I misread your post.. you don’t want to know. I do however.. just curious about all of the activity and how it relates to us.

  34. Looking for comments on whether or not people are still dealing with the retrograde that has been hitting some of us. I was hoping April 21 would change what I am going through so my question is does it take some time to get the positive flow of energies going? I am impatient and SO want this bad trend to lighten up a bit so I can feel more positive!! I am struggling right now.. it can’t believe how difficult it has been for me! Friday seemed to show so positive light but yesterday really brought my frustration level back up. Thanks for responding!!

  35. @david5379

    To summarize: Virgo links to Pisces through the act of digestion. Life feeds life, plant or animal. It links the mortal and immortal. To me, Chiron tells this story. I can’t change my view of it just because you don’t agree. But I respect your right not to share my view. It isn’t really that 8th-house-ish. 8th house is about sexuality and shared resources. 12th house is the finality/immortality aspect that is part of our daily habit (6th house) through consumption/digestion. 8th house is about rebirth in life, pro-creation, management of previously existing wealth.

    • More simply put, 8th house is about generation/re-generation. It links to 2nd house, which is Taurus, rooted fertility, comfort of personal assets/values. Virgo is about daily mortality, which links to the 12th house of immortality. I don’t see the tragedy of any of that. I just see mortality as a wound that doesn’t heal, although it is Virgo’s job as daily habit/health to keep death at bay for as long as reasonable. Scorpio/8th house job is to pass assets between generations.

    • thanks for putting it down here, kay, 8th house does rule those things as well, here is the crux of what I think is the disagreement, earlier though I am too lazy to look it up exactly you say it is virgos job to remind people there shit stinks or something like that, like that things are messed up basically and bringing to the forefront, and then you say as well that there is something wrong with digestion, that the act of eating itself is brutal,
      okay, there are two possible ways you mean that the digestive process is brutal or tragic
      1 the fatalistic sense, that you will always have to eat for the rest of your days, and you will never be so full that you wont have to eat again, to which I made the point every process is subject to that and such a qualm is only a matter of perception, pisces feet must always walks and so on, any sign can go through that
      2The process that got the food there, and the food itself being eaten involved something brutal, like mistreatment of animals, to which I would say this is none of virgos concern whatsoever. Scorpio/8th house(after this im just going to say scorpio so I dont have to say both, but from now on I mean both) is concerned with death, that can include the death of animals and how we treat that, arguably killing is marsian instead, but scorpio is about death, and the death of animals or how they were killed is scorpios concern, not virgos. When you kill something and eat it, the part of you that killed is scorpio(or maybe arguably mars, either way) once it goes down the tubes to your virgo intestines to be digested, virgo can not control what food it is pumped with, it must instead pick out the nutrients only, and get the most nourishment out of what it gets, however amoral that material is. Likewise virgo as a concept can only choose, it has this amount of money, has this amount of time, can only realistically shop from these amount of stores, and with that will do the best thing possible, all virgo can do is choose to eat food that was not involved in brutality, or if it cannot make that choice or does not want to, must get the best food for the best price or best nutrients or whatever, if it is impossible to do otherwise, then virgo does not care, virgo will make the practical best of it, scorpio is both the actual act of killing, all virgo does is digest, or not, what was already killed, and the uncovering that the killing of those animals or the way they were killed is messed up and that processed should die. Both the killing of the animals and the killing of that process all together are scorpios domain, if you talk about ghandi to scorpio he will respond that ghandi didnt give his wife medicine when she needed it and instead decided to pray and she ended up dying but when sick himself took morphine, when you tell him how much you like woodroe wilson he will tell you how rascist he was, and if you show a reverence for the founding fathers he will point out how messed up slavery was, scorpio is the one that reminds us our shit stinks not virgo, virgo would say instead what shit stinks less, or what food makes your shit stink the least, scoprio is about uncovering the messed up bits and changing it, not virgo, the 8th and 12th are both about the hidden, but scoprio is about the hidden that needs to change, yes food can be messed up, but it does not have to be, and as a concept it is not virgos place to uncover these things and change them, but to take what is given and make the best of it, weather that be the best spiritually or nutrition or whatever, yes things can be messed up, but as any scorpio can tell you, they are messed up anywhere you look

      • There’s a lot I’ve said to support my view. Not just that Virgo’s job is to remind people their shit stinks. Virgos would remind them that they need to shit, perhaps more fiber in their diet, that sort of thing, and then fret over the fiber source – is it quality enough? And I strongly disagree that Virgos are not concerned with treatment of animals. 6th house rules pets. That’s not opinion.

        As for Scorpio, it rules regeneration. And revenge. The shit comment is really more about Virgos being into practical details then weighing out whose shit is stinkiest. Anyway, I kind of regret making the shit comment now. Don’t have much more to add to support my view.

        • The shit thing was just an example, that somehow you think the virgo process is more messed up or chiriotic, to which I say no more messed up than any other sign(ie the whole pisces feet thing), virgo would only inform you politely your shit stunk with the intent to inform you how to fix that, otherwise pointing out how messed up something is and reminding people things are messed up to no end would be more scorpio.remember you are mortal and messed up too is a scorpio kind of thing. as far as the animal thing, anyone who is virgo is a human being and does care about those things, but the concept virgo does not, is what I meant to say, and it does rule pets but not animals, animals seam more like a moon/mars kind of thing, but domesticated pets are definitely virgo. And scorpios have a propensity for revenge but I dunno if they rule revenge, virgo does not rule being nitpicky, and rule death, by death you get a new life, you can not be regenerated if the messed up peace does not die, so all death is scorpio domain as is the concern for killing what is messed up in the world.
          Essentially I do not see the virgo chiron connection, chiron was an immortal centaur healer teacher, meaning he had divine inclination inspite of a bestial half, he was then wounded(on his animal half) and despite his healing ability he already possessed and his immortality, he could not fix it, instead he finally forfeits his divinity to die. The lesson being to give in, to accept, to be okay with the pain, to accept the animal mortal can never get better side. Virgo is not about giving in, or being okay with, it is an active day to day process, making the most of it, not being okay with it, but improving what you can
          pisces: surrender to the infinity, transcend
          Neptune: surrender to the infinity, transcend
          scorpio: death, rebirth, the messed up side of things
          Pluto:death, rebirth, the messed up side of things
          Virgo: improve the stats, digest, analyze, improve
          Chrion: accept the pain, be okay with it
          virgo and chiron can have some similarities but there main themes are not interchangeable at all, chiron was a healer, but he can not heal himself, virgo is very much about bettering oneself as much as possible, while chiron accepts the animal mortal side, you can find and justify some sort of connection because they both kind of have to do with health and stuff, but the main lesson from each are not the same at all, I am sorry if you dont wanna discuss anymore or if im making you irritated with how long this is going, I want to get to the bottom of it, if you can explain what I dont understand I really like to discuss, and i am sorry if i come off pointed or something, thats the only way I can put things

          • David and 12th House Virgo.. I am loving this thread!! Since I am a virgo and it has been posted “it is virgos job to remind people there shit stinks or something like that, like that things are messed up basically and bringing to the forefront”… I have to agree. I am always bringing problems to the table to have them worked out! I also can’t stand arrogance in people and although I don’t bring it to their attention that I think their “shit DOES stink”… I think that!! Anyway.. you two are working out your understanding of this and I appreciate it very much! I hope you walk away hugging each other!! (please).. God Speed!

            • Interesting aside no one has mentioned here… Chiron traded places with Prometheus which lead to Chirons death, thus ending his wound through helping another. Is this not the ultimate sacrifice (Pisces) and death (Pluto) leading to the ultimate reunion with the cosmic All One. (Pisces)
              Sun/Ura/Pluto Virgo here.

              • I knew about that, I thought the wound ended because of the weird thing prometheus was being subject to, I forget what it was, his intestines getting eaten or something, was it really because he sacrificed or was it because of the thing he was taking his place for? I thought it was not pertinent to the argument, I dont remember that hole prometheus thing very well

                • Prometheus delivered fire to humans, Zeus chained him to torment endlessly on a rock, griffon ate his regenerated liver.
                  Mowing and circling it came to me.

                  Everyone is somebody’s Chiron ~ yes ?


                  Very centaurian.

                  Virgo stellium 9th here.

                • ‘Destiny Swap’
                  ala Melanie Reinhart.

                  Zues decreed an immortal had to swap for Prometheus to be freed.
                  Chiron died – thus transformation and release.

          • I am saying what I think, so you don’t have to figure out what I somehow think and tell me what that is. My argument isn’t over who is the most “messed up” myth or zodiac sign. My argument is that Chiron makes sense to me as ruler of Virgo being that Virgo, ruler of 6th house (pets, daily habits, health) is opposite Pisces, Neptune’s realm (mystical experience, collective, immortality, etc). That duality is part of my experience as a Virgo. It is deep and is why details matter to me. And Chiron speaks to that duality between mortal/immortal to me. Now, this is my opinion. Obviously just MY opinion because Mercury is the official ruler of Virgo. No need to spend so much energy trying to tell me I am wrong when I started from that position anyway. And, please, don’t tell me what I am trying to say. I am saying it.

            • I never thought you were saying virgo was the most messed up, but that you were trying to equate what was up with virgo with a chiriotic sort of mortality and acceptance of that i didnt mean in the sense to tell you what you think, but that I might be misunderstanding what you think, I am trying to figure out, but not to figure out so I can tell you, and I am not trying to tell you are wrong, I am disagreeing and trying to get to the bottom of it, either I will be wrong and learn something, or you will be wrong and learn something, or both of us will further develop what we really think, but what I really intended and though would happen was to find the detail specific reason we disagreed upon that cropped up all the other misunderstanding, I just wanted to understand, I will drop it now and I am sorry for upsetting, I actually dont know who should rule virgo anyways, I just like getting to the bottom of things

    • hellooooooooooooo 12V from all the way down here to your very first couple of posts that I am replying to. I just wanted to say that I find your interp of the 8th house quite helpful. Am always reading , “sex, debt, shared resources…” without really coming to grips with how that (simplistic) description keys into the life / soul journey. so, thanks

      • Thanks! No books. Lots of online research and lots and lots of thinking about it.

        • oops, I replied in the wrong spot. Hard to track these threads! Still, glad my perspective was useful to you. 8th house is difficult to get a grip on.

  36. First of all I have to say that I LOVE the first picture in the article! Second I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this article.
    Looking forrward to your next post!

  37. Dying to get in on this discussion of Virgo rulership…but will have to wait until I finish mowing meditation.
    Mystic, Persephone is very revealing in relation to Chiron. thx !

  38. I like Demeter in this story and have trouble sympathizing with Persephone.Yes, she was a victim, but she stays a victim, which goes against my Ariean grain. She’s abducted and forced to be Hades “wife’ but is punished for her abduction by being made to remain there through unknowingly eating underworld magic food. No fair.

    Meanwhile, Demeter is moving heaven and hell to get her daughter back, finally refusing to let spring happen till she is returned. Demeter is pissed off, angry and powerful. I like those qualities all together when the strong is protecting the weak.

      • But she didn’t choose the position, and I don’t think Hades would let her get out of hand. She only there because of the pomegranate seeds. (Arils.)

        • From Wikipedia: “Homer describes [Persephone] as the formidable, venerable majestic queen of the shades, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead.”

          She brings the will of live to the Underworld. Forced, abducted, fated, whatever. That’s her work.

            • The myths are rather elastic. Their importance is in what an individual gleans from them. I glean Ariean virtues. You may glean what you like. Older works are more basic and brutal, with less of the modern redemption in even the vilest of actions.

  39. I had a past life experience as goddess of the mountain around the time when agriculture was just starting. I sacrificed goats. I couldn’t pick the goat. People had to bring one to me as tribute. And they were my companion animals. Very much so. I loved them. I lived on the brink of starvation and the goats helped me to survive cold, thirst, loss, and confusion. They showed me how to live on the mountain. But part of that ritual life required I kill those same goats so I could live. And I felt that they understood, the goats. The 12th house is the goat I slaughtered reappearing on the mountain again as a kid. As long as there were enough goats on the mountain, all was well. I ate them personally (6th house) but the goats as a resource was collective (12th house). The 6th house was the daily habit of killing to eat, to survive. The sacrifice. The 12th house, the interconnectedness of mortality/immortality. The 6th/12th houses are deeply connected in this way.

    • Not stalking you on this thread i swear 12th house, but the understandings you share are super interesting. is there a particular resource (s) you were referring to to develop your understandings (e.g. a useful book), or is it all a result of much introspection and general reading around.

    • Are you familiar with the Thoth Tarot deck? All day I’ve been mulling over Virgo being the Queen of Discs from here – I get it alot. She’s also Cere’s which I now believe is my totem :-) totally. But I’ve just come back to look at this link & wow – your practically describing that card!
      And can I add that I believe that food carries energy – and if it has been loved & cared for that is good energy & will nourish your body better then food that has been neglectfully reared. :-)

      • Never heard of it. I’m not the greatest at understanding Tarot. But I do love the housewives tarot deck. I play with it online.

        I really would like to share more of the story about this particular past life experience. Its odd – because who is to say its “true” and the idea of saying I was once a goddess is really irritating a beside the point of the historical value and context of agriculture and sexuality the overall times contained. It was so amazingly insightful for me to revisit that I would like to share more of it with others. Mulling that one over. Sex was easier to have than a meal in those times. So, in a way, food was way more sacred. Livestock were more like peers. A different sense of interdependence and fertility that is something I think our current times are calling us back to.

  40. Haven’t seen a good explanation of Pluto opposition Persephone yet….what does it mean?
    I have Pluto at 29 degrees Virgo opposite Persephone 23 degrees Pisces. Seems like there’s some insight to be gleaned here, but I don’t know what.

  41. I have Persephone in my Libra 11th house, exactly conjunct my Venus and Pan. But that’s not all– Percy semisextiles my Neptune, Dionysus, and Eros, and trines my Node. I must be a roiling cauldron of passion, no?

    Here’s the thing: I have been celibate since 1999. Plus, I and all my friends agree that “Born to be mild” is an accurate description of me.

    I think Percy took my mojo to the underworld with her and buried it.

  42. had a non-date later afternoon which turned into a real date, which completely freaked me out because I am in a relationship. This boy is a double cancer (oh the irony – I have always said I don’t care for Cancer men finding them too squishy for this Cappie with gem rising). As the moon clicked over, I found myself sitting next to him at the bar, at the second glass of wine – only two in three hours, with food – so no drunken haze there – and feeling the most intense chemistry possible I have ever felt. And he knew it and felt the same. And he knew that I knew that he knew. And we didn’t need to say anything. It was just there, in the physical space. My heart was pounding.

    It was the third time we ever met – the first two were in professional circumstances – around a ton of people – my sagg BF – etc

    This time was supposed to be a friendly thing, where I thanked him for his work, gave him a gift and we had a friendly drink and off we went to respective lives.

    Instead, we started talking and telling each other everything about ourselves – and then found ourselves three hours later, sitting, staring at each other, in the middle of a noisy bar, with a sense it was only the two of us there. I had to leave, because I knew that if I touched him, all sorts of things would happen which I would regret.

    I went home hyperventilating and walked in on my boyfriend and my house and my reality, and there it was – my reality – and yet for three hours prior I was in a completely different reality which felt just as real, if not more.

    I may refuse to see him, and it would be the safe way to go, and I know I should. But it’s as big as an elephant in my chest. I am not particularly panicking, either, because strangely enough it all feels very fated, too. Just *there*. I know I will see him again, because I need to explore this and figure out *why*.

    • ahh.. etrina! The confusing thoughts on an outside chemistry influence. What a great feeling but being in a relationship really is tuff. It sounds like it is bringing to the table your current relationship. Is there something missing that this gent is bringing out. I wish you luck!! God Speed!!

      • ha yes, indeed. my sagg is many things, but perhaps tender he is not. Compassion or nurturing are also not his strongest suits. He tends to overpower a bit, energetically, although at the bottom of it, he is a very nice person – unlike what my mom seems to think. But she does not see the rising Cap in him – the steadiness of that –

        It has now been two years exactly, and my fear is that I may be growing beyond this relationship. I am becoming strong – it’s strange – strong in a way that I can now accept occasional nurturing without feeling that I am being weak or needy – but also strong enough to assert myself and not want to be overpowered or directed: oh, please tell me what to do sort of thing.

        The truth is I know who he is now: I know he will not change – I love who he is – and yet even after two years – he rubs me raw in the same places.

        i woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to be on my own for a while – in my own place – to sort out my head and my heart. I certainly do not want to betray him. He is a very physical creature – all fire and sagg all over, cappie rising holding him to the ground – he would not forgive.

        And yes, I know this is a manifestation of what I have been sorely lacking now for two years – the cancer boy, whose belief is that ‘listening’ to another is one of the most important things one can learn to do. Mine often doesn’t. Even when he does, I find myself feeling like I am not being heard. It has made me stronger, not weaker, but still irritates me – now it irritates me, where before it made me very sad or upset.

        Also, I am tired of mostly silence. The sagg bf is not a talker at his best. I am the one always talking, or trying to, and then lapsing into silence because I am not sure it’s welcome.

        So yes, no surprise that all of a sudden I am confronted with a cancer who is sweet, can express himself and really listens.

        The only question is: what to DO about it.

        • UUummm, send him my way? The Sagg with Cap rising that is coz so am I :-)
          Two years IS a turning point in a relationship
          i think, it’s a ‘shall we continue or what’ timeframe.

        • oh oh oh!! *waves hands wildly* currently attached (well, married, ugh) gemini rising madly, obsessively in love with double cancer too!! and fated oh my yes… i knew he was the “one” from the second or third second (though i also knew my (can/tau/sco) husband was the “one” also… geminis… not satisfied with “one”!! ha.). his presence (which is not presence since he lives across the country… completely different reality that feels easily as real… neptune in pisces perhaps- ha?!? but working it like it IS reality because what is reality really… and all that… *shrugs* and we get so stuck in one reality and someone comes along and jolts us out and is it real or are they a vehicle for escape and self-actualization? a little of both? art in all ways? regardless of motivations, if the connection is strong enough you’re going to do it… for you. and sagg bf will survive… though ok, 13 years ago i left my saggo bf for the single cancer hubby and he almost didn’t survive… but now is happy and thriving in a beautiful ashram which is exactly where he needs/needed to be… and i am yes trying to leave fated cancer hubby but have beautiful children and beautiful experiences and am stronger, better, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. the agonizing over what to do is the worst part by far… good luck sweets. <3

          • oh dear goddess the rambling… a million apologies for lack of editing!! meant to say above his presence has awakened creativity and joy that i thought was long dead… awakened me to myself again in a way that nothing but pure pluto-venus love obsession can! (then there is supposed to be parentheses and… stuff…)

    • I want to press the LIKE button. And answer your question “Why?” with … Because you are ALIVE :)

      • haha, well yes. I have to say, although I am a little disconcerted by all this, I am feeling very much alive – and I am an artist, you see, so I will channel this into some very nice things – and beyond it all I can say right now is:

        I knew it was coming – somehow. It has a sense of ‘meant to have happened’ all over it.

        whatever happens, I will follow my intuition, stay in my body and true to my self – to heck with the norm, fears and standards. This is my path of learning – I have to follow where it makes me feel most alive – do no harm rule to be observed, yes – and faith that there is always a reason why things come to pass.

        • Amazing.. I know the feeling!! Although I think you are in with your current relationship a little more steady than I. Being alive in a relationships is a great feeling and should be dealth with. For you I would hate for you to say “what if”… The kharmic connection with your new guy is powerful. The chemstry connection is SO important.. IMO. That is what makes us alive in a relationship, again IMO. To me there is no better feeling!! Again, I wish you luck!! You will figure out the best way to handle this or the universe will guide you to the right path!! Hugs!! :)

    • wow. thanks for sharing etarina, your words are very moving. I wish you courage and clarity.

  43. NIce wheat. Remembered it was Toro moon after I started self-administering a foot rub at my desk. : ).
    Good timing also as I was scanning a bunch of neolithic vase imagery from around the Ukraine which has heaps of that wheat kernel, dividing eggs and serpentine razz. Beautiful stuff and a major forge for all the Greco-roman mythology soon after.

    Reminds me of the local dreamtime stuff here in oz with the big snakes.. ( I think we might have to wind back the euro-introduced wheat here tho these days; saw a shocking dust storm the other day..zillions of tons of topsoil off to sea…dang herbicides..

    Celestial body relationships (Pluto /Lilith and wotnot) reminds me of the fantastic Frank Herbert’s series with the sentient suns hanging around, soaking it in.
    Maybe they’re siblings?? : )

    • Hiya bootes, what book you talkin’ ’bout ?
      I am a Dune freak, but I have not read about sentient suns, am intrigued…

      • Rox, I dont know if any of them would still be in print. They were pulled from scifi mags as well but wiki has a good rundown on them.
        Very similar in style to Dune; a series called the consentient universe.
        Read them when I was quite young but I recall there were some amusing themes… I just remember thinking these suns must get bored sometimes and probably one of the first times getting my head around what a billion years would be. Loved Dune.

        • Fascinating will carry the visual, like the way it rolls off the tongue too. Sentient suns. Cool

  44. wow….This Taurus new moon brought me to a new level with my Taurus man. Very happy as is he. Not sure what it means, where it’s going. Don’t care. Enjoying the now of it.

    Wonderful weekend….weather, friends, kids, party, cuddles, food. Perfect. Am I this happy? And so soon after that horrid dark moon. I have forgotten about it even, it feels so long ago…..

    My persephone is at 18* Virgo in the 1st house conjunct my part of fortune. ” been to the underworld, made your secret pact, grabbed your treasure (psychological – god knows how you got it but you did) and escaped alive to thrive on.” YES! in the 1st house in the sign of my ascendant. Not just a part of me, but all of me. Diet and health has been a GIGANTIC part of it too. Feeling like your dying and not getting adequete care as a child left some severe scars.
    I also really resonate with the Persephone myth. Always have, even when young.

    My ceres is in Taurus conjunct psyche and with both conjunct the fixed star Algol. HA! Fun stuff there. They are 3* from my Midheaven. Ceres has definately been a representation of my career.

  45. So I’ve figured out that Persephone is in Leo in my 9th house, with my Leo Sun and Mercury. We’re a happy lot.

    Pluto is in Virgo, conj. my midheaven, in the 10th.

    How do I use astrodienst to see the position of persephone in relation to other objects in my chart? I’m still pretty new at reading symbols on the natal wheel. Please? Thank you in advance if you can help me out.

  46. persephone and pandora(!!!) in 10th pisces at apex of pluto/vesta yod. getting massively fucked up in public, at odds with queenly dignity and needs for transformative partnership? pluto in 5th libra feels like a big pussycat… one of the nicest placements in my chart… odd plutonic thought but i luuvs him! but what really interests me is when i started looking at charts i found a pattern between persephone, vesta, and lilith. check this out: my daughters, (#1conj vesta sq lil, #2 conj lil quin vesta) mother (quincux vesta though no lilith), husband (sextile both though they don’t trine), and cancer loverboy (yod w/ lilith apex). most of these are the closest aspects by far. i’m curious if this is some kind of family legacy or if it’s more universal… the archetypes are quite conflicted it would seem at least natally… interesting, no??

  47. I really enjoy your website. I’m no expert on astrology, but I’m grateful to people who are! An astrologer once recommended that I read, “DANTE.” I have, and get it!

    Persephone in Taurus (11th):

    Trine Jupiter in Virgo (3rd)
    Opposition North Node in Scorpio (5th)
    Square to Chiron in Aquarius (8th)