The Oracle Is Going On Super-Human Space Growth Hormones

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My Scorpio Kitten, Phoenix.

GUYS, exciting news, guess what?

The Oracle is going on superhuman growth hormones from space.

As of next week: shitloads more questions, untold more answers.ย  Fun and Synchronicity infinity.

This was always intended to be the case but i did not want to delay the site launch by fuqing around with the Oracle.

Now, the time IS ripe for fuqing around with the Oracle lol.

It is going to be so cool…I’ll let subscribers know via the Daily Mystic the moment it’s up + post here as well.

Thanks to those of you who took part in the Oracle Question Survey – love your responses & suggestions. To the girl suggesting a Justin Bieber category, no and ditto to the suggested questions “Should I get a divorce?” and “Is My Bottom Too Big?”ย 

BTW if you have a black cat, fling some Tarot cards on the bed and see which cards he/she chooses first. Seriously. They’re not meant to be witches familiars for nothing you know. I don’t know if my cats go ‘between the worlds’ or just next door to act half-starved and scrounge for scraps of gourmet chicken but they’re certainly brill at Tarot.




54 thoughts on “The Oracle Is Going On Super-Human Space Growth Hormones

  1. Can’t wait for the new Oracle! Actually yourself & the paricipants can be like oracles lol.

    My ginger wonder cat Stuey peforated my The Hermit card once. And he & Kitty do the same scabbing food from 3 houses across the road lil scrotes!

  2. oh….I do wonder what my black kitty, Silver(yes that is his name) would pick. He has long claws, 2 protruding long fangs, and is all black. Everyone says he looks like a vampire. He has a big belly and is afraid to go outside though…LOL.

    Mystic, Pheonix is very cute. I love tuxedo kitties. I had one once, the smartest cat I have ever been friends with. His name was Zeke.

    Excited about the Oracle!!!!!

    • My other kitty is a beautiful smeared calico. She has the cutest split colored face, big round blue eyes. She is a cuddler, mother, and huntress supreme.

      She has been a street cat, my pet, lived feral in the woods for half a year, then recovered as my pet again.

      I would take her tarot readings more serious. She is in touch….

      I don’t know their signs at all. :/ Wish I did.
      My dog is a Kataka I know. My moonwalker.

  3. So sweet! Looks like my poor, dear passed kitty Lacra. Lacra means a sign of illness, but in Argentinian spanish it’s also like saying, “Sick”, as in ‘cool’.
    (I did not name her..).

    She appeared on the road out the village I was living in, smack in front of my car with a hideous dog snarling and frothing on the side of the road. She looked about two weeks old, was almost blind with eye infections – barely had her eyes open anyway.

    I had a space age Diesel top, white with a kangaroo-pouch round pocket in the middle of my tummy. She would nestle in there and poke her tiny head out and shock people.

    Incredible little thing, she had more balls some of my ex-boyfriends.

  4. Oooh looks like Puddy-Wuddy has a young male fire sign in her midst.

  5. With the Zap zone nigh, I reckon we are going to be hammering the Oracle!

    I wanted to add another q but bossy survey gizmo said no more PLEASE!

    My other q was: What issue do I most need to deal with to reach my full potential?

    Will a white cat with an almost black mask work almost as well as the chat noir?

  6. I dunno, I never really want to know oracular answers to the big questions of life, the universe, and everything. I mostly want to know where my car keys went, or where is my other sock. Maybe I should study Horary Astrology. But I think I’ll just stick to dowsing, I’m actually pretty good at that. You know, I bought a copper Cameron Aurameter back when they cost $12 and now they cost $150!

    • Charles, your comments are so Taurean it’s a scream. I’m guessing Tau Sun and Mars Pisces makes for a good dowser. Or do you think it’s another astro combination?

      When someone asks an impossible q it’s the done thing to say ’42’.

      • The answer to the universe 42?
        In years it’s quite fabulous age to be, like 22 is.

        • And that would be 9 x 6!!

          Oh dear, and i knew a girl who called herself “42”. I always felt like saying “but Deep Thought made a mistake”. I dont think that was the point though…………

          Thank you Mr Adams.

    • PS: I’m dowsing a bit at the moment as well. Its interesting when we synchronise…

      I have a huge lump of Moldovite which refused utterly to be my pendulum… Think its a bit beneath it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I am also definitely getting “outside interference” as well – got a beautiful obsidian arrowhead to use as a pendulum (they won’t get past that !) then realised I have nothing to hang it with that it won’t cut through…..

      Rearranged my bedroom due to Geopathic stress and am having the most AMAZING dreams, but waking up refreshed (as opposed to not having any dreams and waking up exhausted)

      To Summarise :YAY dowsing :) :)

      • cool! I am interested.

        Moldivite may be to outerspacey for earthly dowsing. I use to have a wonderful piece that had an indenture that fit my thumb perfectly. It vanished though.

        • Yeah, copper’s probably ideal. I noticed my copper gadget now comes in other variations, with options like chrome or gold plating. Personally, I think a couple of steel angle rods cut from coat hangers works just fine.

      • DT, could you use a piece of blu-tack, or a nice sticky tape of some sort? or if it is an arrowhead, weap some (copper?) wire around the top securely, if you can? ie as long as it won’t slip out and bang on the ground x

  7. kitty the ex foster cat who stayed kicked and also punctured the fool card and i have now inherited another two readers at a new place im moving too! Good omen!

  8. My silvery-gold car is called Phoenix!
    My mechanic calls her that too. We both believe cars have personalities.

  9. I want to know if cats respond to astrology too. My new kitten is a sagg. Fits in very well with our loony household but I detetct a glint in his eye as he tries to find a way outside….(he’s being brought up as an entirely indoor cat and comes from a long line of entirely indoor cats.)

    Should I make him a turquoise collar?? would this make him vibrate better with his surroundings?
    PS I’ve just discovered a secret vice – I’ve realised I really like to buy new clothes (which happens about once every year currently…) then leave them in their bags in the living room for approximately a week, because a. it makes me feel rich and smug, and b. by the time I get them out of the bags, I’ve forgotten what they were and it’s almost like I got them for free.

    • Also he keeps trying to fall in the bath. he’s done it four times already. A normal cat would swear off even going near the bathroom for life. But not Fred. He also falls in the sink whenever he can manage it whilst nobody’s looking. I’m wondering if he is a secret monkey

      • My Emily Lee slides off her perch when sleeping quite often. It’s quite funny to see her saunter off as if to say “you didn’t see a thing”.

        She follows me everywhere and drives me quite mad when I’m trying to have a shower or go to the loo.

      • I have had a couple of cats that like to perch on the edge of the bath while I take one. One would paw the water. She would nap there by me.

  10. MM your cat looks like a younger version of my new cat just arrived tonight. She is cruising around purring and checking us out but way cool cat.After looking at many cats over past few weeks I had a good felininging about her. Too much Leo in one house ( me multiple, son leo rising and now puss ) is never enough.

  11. That’s not Mystic’s kitten! It’s my Emily Lee doing astral travel I swear!

  12. Actually my cat does that I’d be laying my cards out on the bed and he comes and walks all over them, sometimes he sits in front of them and pats them with his paw, next time I will pay attention instead of getting annoyed lol. He’s ginger though.

    • My ginger kitty would probably just destroy them! She likes nothing better than to turn good quality paper (the important document kind) into confetti! The little darling is a Pisces.

      • My cat too destroys paper, anything left around like boxes or letters he just chews, he could possibly be a Pisces too. Not 100% sure.

  13. Excuse me everybody — this is unrelated to The Oracle — but did anyone save a copy of the Sleazometer before it was removed? I had it once, by I don’t know what means, but I’d love to get my hands on it again!

    Thanks ahead of time <3

  14. Justin Beiber would have been super brillz.

    I have to train my cat to use my tarot iPhone app. Just a poke of the nose and all becomes clear.

  15. Has anyone experienced the oracle to respond inaccurately in lieu of abuse? I asked a question twice in one day that I pretty much already knew the answer to and it gave me an opposite response which was very unsettling…

    • Yes! I was just thinking this very same thought. Since I gave up Oracle abuse and treated it with the respect it deserves, it has given me much more accurate, and kinder, answers.

      • thats good to know…generally using oracles of any sort can be confusing if misused. i generally find them to be most potent when only used every once in a while. though when i was oracle abusing over a terrible fling there was only two occasions when it ever said anything good about him! I managed to work out an average of 98% negative response. ha! so you can imagine my horror when upon meeting someone super nice and having a great time i asked if he was thinking of me and oracle said to “detach asap”. wha? noooooo. prob cause it was the second time i asked that day? or is oracle wise beyond my own understanding? we shall soon see!

  16. I actually do have a wonderful black kitty….she was a stray, so I don’t know her sign, but I”ve always suspected she’s a Taurus. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, she loves to lay on paper; mail, magazines, etc. I’m thinking maybe she’s been waiting for tarot cards to put her hidden superpowers to use!

  17. me too black kitteh with 4 white sox. brand new in the house still prowling around getting the lay of her new loving her here

  18. Answers to add to oracle:

    X has an air moon and keeps changing his/her mind

    X is sleeping

    X is totally bats. RUN!

  19. cute cat and great name for him/her.

    a question suggestion: should I stay or should I go? (can relate to lots of different scenarios, eg work, relationships, an event)