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Don't Let Your Mind Bully Your BodyLori Weitzel

 “I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself.


…It wasn’t until my late twenties that I learned that by working out I had given myself a great gift. I learned that nothing good comes without work and a certain amount of pain. When I finish a set that leaves me shaking, I know more about myself. When something gets bad, I know it can’t be as bad as that workout.

I used to fight the pain, but recently this became clear to me: pain is not my enemy; it is my call to greatness. But when dealing with the Iron, one must be careful to interpret the pain correctly. Most injuries involving the Iron come from ego. I once spent a few weeks lifting weight that my body wasn’t ready for and spent a few months not picking up anything heavier than a fork. Try to lift what you’re not prepared to and the Iron will teach you a little lesson in restraint and self-control….

I have never met a truly strong person who didn’t have self-respect. I think a lot of inwardly and outwardly directed contempt passes itself off as self-respect: the idea of raising yourself by stepping on someone’s shoulders instead of doing it yourself. When I see guys working out for cosmetic reasons, I see vanity exposing them in the worst way, as cartoon characters, billboards for imbalance and insecurity. Strength reveals itself through character….

Muscle mass does not always equal strength. Strength is kindness and sensitivity. Strength is understanding that your power is both physical and emotional. That it comes from the body and the mind. And the heart.

It enables me to concentrate on the lessons that the Iron has for me. Learning about what you’re made of is always time well spent, and I have found no better teacher. The Iron had taught me how to live. Life is capable of driving you out of your mind. The way it all comes down these days, it’s some kind of miracle if you’re not insane. People have become separated from their bodies. They are no longer whole.

I see them move from their offices to their cars and on to their suburban homes. They stress out constantly, they lose sleep, they eat badly. And they behave badly. Their egos run wild; they become motivated by that which will eventually give them a massive stroke. They need the Iron Mind.

Through the years, I have combined meditation, action, and the Iron into a single strength. I believe that when the body is strong, the mind thinks strong thoughts. Time spent away from the Iron makes my mind degenerate. I wallow in a thick depression. My body shuts down my mind.

The Iron is the best antidepressant I have ever found. There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength. Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it’s impossible to turn back.

The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds….”

Henry Rollins – The Iron – you can read the rest  here or my rant re his fascinating astro in – Is Henry Rollins Plutonic or Uranian?  And Pure Pluto Loving.  I actually don’t even know any of his music – i’m more about hip hop, rap etc – but i love his writing.

Thoughts?  And yes, this is the Mars Direct Motivational Rant.



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79 thoughts on “The Iron – Mars Direct Reading

  1. 😯

    Wow, that was a great read! 😯

    I was totally feeling that way up until a few moments ago, well that was until I saw a hundred wasps*. I squealed and ran in the opposite direction…

    * a hundred may or may not be an exaggeration… 😯

  2. I can relate, sometimes I overdo a workout and cant walk the next day, luckily I started p90x, i know its intense and hard and pushing you to the limit, but it is sooo easy, i dont know if that makes sense, thank god i have a routine now otherwise I just do something stupid until I collapse, my mars is pretty big, and yes, today was great

    • 😯

      This is the second time I have seen you refer to p90x as easy… are you some kind of machine?!

      I have never tried it but I have known people to cry because of it… 😯 You must have a high fitness level.

      • well ive been playing soccer for forever, and with anything athletic im just an idiot and overdo it in the first 5 minutes in a crazy burst of everything I can muster, I cant actually play correctly until I tire myself out, so I have to play whole games on an empty tank, thats hard, compared to me being a dutiful enthusiastic idiot on the soccer field p90x cardio is nothing, and then the “iron” part of the workout is easy, because weights you just lift and then suddenly your arm stops working and there you go, all they ask you to do is give it your best, and stick around, to me thats easy because left to my own devices i cant tell if im working hard enough and am paranoid im not working hard enough till after i pushed it too far, and then thats it for the day, now im on the leaner side here i cant do much weight, but im just so harsh on myself p90x is “easy”, and also useful and not random and stupid, like I would be by myself, and I was not exagerating when I said I have overdone it to the point of not being able to walk the next day, forget not lifting forks, i LITERALLY could not walk, so people telling me what to do is way “easier”

        • 😯

          Oh I see you mean! I totally understand about self directed exercise, it is nearly impossible to judge how you’re going when you’re in the zone. I used to ride hills all the time because I had no sense of what I was doing – I was only thinking about the energy I wanted to burn and I had lots of it… that was until I burnt myself out. Now I time my rides and cap them, no more than 25km… I work my energy around that.

          • thats good, even when I would try and set limits for myself, I still could not tell if that was what I was “supposed” to do, and unless i collapse I get this nagging “maybe you could have done better/ you were actually slacking off” feeling, but when I was in cross country it wasnt so much of a problem, just run till you cant anymore, slowly get better, for me anyways. finding a rythym that works is the best thing to do probably

  3. Hey is p90x like Crossfit??? It’s interesting that just as yoga/pilates are reaching saturation point, these older style hardcore workouts are back. My capricorn kickboxing instructor who is already superfit and paleo is doing crossfit, crawls out half dead each time but sensational results. their slogan is ‘our warm-up is your workout’ and before you sign up for a class, they make you watch a class first…so you know what you would be in for. But pls, tell me more about p90x – isn’t a home based thing?

    • ya, you just need a mat, push up bar, some weights(bands are stupid, maybe if you get the right ones, but i would just get weights), and a pull up bar. Its an hour a day, one day off out of the week, there is some yoga in there, and there is a meal plan in stuff(I dont have it, it got lost, I just vaguely try and eat well).
      There are two super intense top of the line workout things out there intensity, and p90x, intensity is probably harder, and its basically all cardio, p90x has a good balance on the other hand, will get the job done, and also is “fun” in the sense instead of monotonous there is a very good variety, very good, you wont get bogged down.
      I dont know what crossfit is, there is probably cardio stuff out there “harder” than p90x, but p90x gets the job done, it seams the difference is crossfit has a new video all the time, so far I havent gotten tired of p90x though, and im starting to memorize some of the lines, so its all varying degrees of getting the job done, the trick is I imagine is these things have it built in that you do everything you can, so no matter what level you are at you will get a good workout, does that answer your question? maybe I said it wrong or missed something but ya, it works

      • also, astrologically, tony horton(the guy who made p90x) is a cancer, they seam to make the best coaches, and I started paying attention, and he TOTALLY mentions his mom, I was like, how did you manage to slip that in there? and hes always talking about food and stew and trying to be funny, I dunno hes kind of goofy, but hes a good person to hold your hand through the work out

        • that desscription does sound cancerian. apparently cancer men are often the hunkiest, ie muscles, you know, building the shell and all

      • I tried Tracey Anderson, am now *in love* with Exhale Core Fusion. Great combo of strength & flexibility with yoga, Pilates, ballet & cardio work. Lots of stretching, plus a really good workout. I have to watch the DVDs of our PS3, ‘cos I could only find region 1, but you can buy them as downloads from Amazon, too. They have been my Mars in Virgo/ Mars retro salvation.

      • I tried that too… Only did the leg workout section and those exercises are deceptively simple looking…until the next day… Aw aw awwww

    • It is old school hardcore army boot camp. The rope burns are the only down side but it gets results.

  4. Who would have thought that Cancer would be the mark of a good trainer, but my favorite trainer has Cancer Moon. He has Scorpio Venus too though, which I think is the source of his “bloodbath” workouts, as I call them. They kill me as I’m doing them, but they bring results!

  5. Nice read.

    Direct time: Thunder crashed and boomed, while lightening lit up the sky and rain came angrily beating down. It was fierce and threatening, Mars was announcing he is the god of war and he is back. But then it gave way to softly pattering rain, and quiet stillness. The world felt empty, and I felt empty.

    Ok, Mars. I will await your pleasure. It is your right to rule the Arieans.

    • Here in Bonbeach yesterday at the direct time, was on a long stretch of beach on Port Phillip bay – a gentle breeze , light clouds and sun, with few peeps about. Faced the sea and came up with a ‘to do’ list more to do with attitude than things, if that makes sense.

  6. Leave it to a Aqua to try to use logic and physics to “out-depression” himself. I have to admit it’s true, but I’m natal Pluto conjunct Mars so making myself go through physical blood bath workouts are my ritual to salvation.

  7. Damn Mystic – poignant, relevant and talk about getting all ‘art imitating life’ on it yet again. Well at least my life.
    How’d I guess that there’d be no avoiding being ‘haunted’ and getting my sh*t fully freaked out this weekend? – because the Universe loves to torture me and test my resolve.
    Even tried to hide and pretend not to be home – yet it has still managed to find me and bitch slapped me senseless.
    Feel the burn…

  8. It used to be cleaning, walking and sex (now its just walking and cleaning) to keep fit. I went into a gym once and left rapidly, through boredom (Mercury in Gem, sun in Gem and aqua risisng).
    However, I have now spent Friday night and Saturday morning writing my research outline and while my body is tired my brain has had the work-out I have procrastinated over for the last week. So I am not going to feel guilty at my lack of physical exercise. Whoop de doo!

  9. This comment by Rollins I find sooo Uranian, defiant. He sounds reactive and oppositional in that physical way my spectrum son is. It’s why we take him swimming – the water is the only for him to learn to control his reactive nature – by tangling with something implacable and bigger than him.

    • Not sure if he was on the spectrum but Rollins was on stimulant medication as a kid. I have a wee one on the ASD spectrum too, your comment the other day and the responses here bolstered me enormously.xx

    • my brother has attention disorders and couldn’t stick to one thing for too long…swimming did him a lot of good too, i guess since you really couldn’t ignore the water. will make a mental note for any upcoming (god willing) kid i have at all, sounds smart

    • Hi Hun, adult size beanbags are handy for quiet time too, kids can really feel where their body ends, sink down and feel supported….(dont fill to capacity so they really get in) x also a nice long piece of lycra to wrap up in, spesh in front of mirror..or that might just be my Leo rising boys. Mwa

  10. Great read. Before reading that it was Henry Rollins’ words the speaker was definately female. Hello Uranian Henry .

    On topic, was riding hard uphill yesterday and getting to “that point” , like the aleph point of a workout ( exercise for strength has seemed to me always like bringing on the future , a rain of seed is born within as the beads of sweat fall without….anyway, at that point yesterday on a ride) and that goddamm song ” when the going gets tough” just hassled my head bigtime. I verbally shouted ” no that don’t ! They get strong, they get resilient ! Its the weak and get rough when it gets hard !!”

    And when I got home I googled ” I hate high-vis shirts” and thus ruined all my fresh mental agility .

    The chemistry of our mind-cellular connections is wonderful..takes a lifetime to become wise to.

    • Oops meant it’s the weak that get rough….

      Also wondered yesterday, in Neptunian form, if we could evidence a third survival instinct other than fight or flight, and just call it faith.

      • Ladies, ladies, ladies – all hail to the sensual life etc and yes i DO have Mars-Pluto-Uranus in the 8th so i’m psycho sans workout but i have one word for you;
        bone density.
        okay – that was two. But lifting with proper weights (ie; challenging, to exhaustion at the end of each rep) is apparently the only way to densify your bones.
        it’s so satisfyingly saturn…as well as Mars. Mars rules Iron btw, in case you did not know.

      • ahahahahhahaahah at the Google thing- yes i hate being all clear and genius and then getting tricked into getting all bleary due to the interwebz. why does this happen?!

  11. Couldn’t agree with you more Aphrodite Rising!!! And I’m only 47.

    I hate gyms and refuse to punish my body.
    Walking is all I do… the occasional jog when I have a bit of energy 🙂 but it’s always outdoors and not a freakin’ treadmill and it costs me nothing.
    I’ve been lucky enough to maintain the same weight I’ve had since I was 18. I’m a little bit softer around the edges but who cares!

    • Scorpy I walk every day too! Three miles usually. Where I live a near paradise unto itself…nature is so comforting (Venus in Taurus) and healing…the flowers/trees/rainbow the other day/hummingbirds/red robins…Just spectacular. Some days I truly count my blessings as somehow spirit has always provided that as I go through my “trials”…lol

      Lord at the library printing off forms to file my, I do them myself and save $300 bucks.. Fixing my computer is next..must prioritize..

      Went to the tarot lady I saw last year…She said double Venus…Sun/Toro-Libran/Moon wondering why his charms aren’t working on me…lol…Oh they’ve worked alright from day one but Aries/Eros Venus can’t know that quite right now from Aries/Merc Sun…you know?

      Uranus a huge component to the whole thing and I’m having loads of fun being elusive…. 😉 Thank god for astrology.. x

      Jeepzus gawd this mouse is not working properly and yes Mystic, Mars SD (stationary direct), has had me a bit frustrated with clumsyness and cussing out load which Cap Moon never does (but Aries Merc just might) lol..

      Hi Rox and Gemmy…x

      • 😯

        Sweetpea! I have been thinking of you, although not unusual, I ALWAYS do when I call into MM’s! 😀

        Great U2 song – Hope you’re having a beautiful day! xxx

      • Sounds lovely Sweetpea. You are lucky to be so close to nature. I live in the inner city and 5 mins away from the harbour-side park. I count my blessings too. It’s nice to walk beside the water and see the spectacular sunsets reflected on the surface. Really lovely when there’s a full moon too. There are always heaps of people walking their dogs and doing their exercise routines. I feel safe there after dark. Of course that’s when I like to do my walks. I find the dark comforting. I’m a Scorp after all 😉

        I’m glad you’re having fun with Uranus. Sounds you’re in a good place with the Toro. Nice to be slightly detached (very Uranian)

        Not sure how I feel about Uranus. It’s squaring my Asc now. Feeling restless and got a very short attention span. Short fuse too when Mars went direct. You should have seen me at home! I was like the Roadrunner *beep beep*.

        I had almost started getting used to the slow pace of Mars retro. Well, no more… Mars is baaaack!!! And Zap Zone about to begin. Pluto about to go over my Asc again. Let the games begin! x

      • Hi Sweetpea !
        Just popped in for a peek over dinner – happy Mars d to ya ! Funny your dude is wondering what is up, clearly he has met his match lol ! Good on you xo hee
        All sorts of surprises are full steam ahead over here, working like a fiend and happy, hope you are too ! ox cool jet fly over, U2 fan since I will follow cya hon ~>

        • Hey guys, thanks for the comments and support! I am in a print shop running off copies of my tax return…they are due today and I just did them today! (eh, not to worry, Cap Moon gets it done when in a pinch and why pay the bastards before one has to…huge gov waste being exposed BOUT TIME..Would like to say, “uh, just deduct what I owe from what those idiots wasted”)…Meditated this am, did three mile walk, two loads of laundry and now five hours massage ahead of me and this on three cups of coffee and two black olives…I kid you not…lol…Is that Aries or Saturn? 🙂 STARVING…lunch time.


  12. No pain no gain! Getting my Mars on is that place where I meet myself and truthfully say one more repetition , one more minute one more mile ! Or I will not take that BS anymore from anyone including myself ! Truth baby , give me the Truth! I know that my joy is complete and my life is abundant . Yet being me in its glory and fullness is the only quarantee it will sustain and expand ! Be yourself everyone else is taken!

  13. The Iron… I hate that shit! I swear to God, as soon as I’m turning a profit I am hiring our laundry out– no more wasting time and energy with the washing and the drying and the folding and– The Iron! Pfffft!

      • Oh darlin’ maybe it’s my Cap Moon with Virgo Pluto on the IC/4th…but I love the way a hot, steamy iron leaves it’s scent after an ironing frenzy..Things (life) are un wrinkled and smoothed out a bit and I feel an inner organization even if parts of my life are a mess..

        Symbols of the psyche in denial of other symbols… or at least seeking to make sense…

    • Grew up with the scent of the iron … as someone else came in to do it twice a week 🙂 I miss that scent, since i outsource my ironing. No domestic chore makes me unhappier than ironing. I put that down to imaptient, clumsy scalding Merc in Aries. Well, hey it’s in the 5th house so it prefers partying.

  14. I’m not so concerned about how I deal with Mars direct, I have Mars in Pisces and I think it’s a weak placement so I’m not the kind of guy who has Martial outbursts.

    BUT I am gravely concerned with OTHER people. Mars always seems to manifest in my life when I’m driving. Yesterday I got into an incident with a maniac driver who tried to jam me up from behind when I was merging lanes. It was clear, I had well more than a car length so I merged left into the spot. He zoomed forward into the gap to block me, I was half into the lane and he was not going to let me in, he was halfway across the yellow line into the oncoming traffic lane when I decided to back off and let the jerk have his way. Hey Mars driving dude, I could have made one flick of the wheel and pushed you head on into an oncoming car, and you would have deserved it. Lucky for you, I’m not as much of an asshole as you.

  15. Mars direct, whoa!!

    – Almost drove into a couple carrying their baby,
    – A lady spilt her whole lunch tray all over me
    – House next door was on fire last night
    – Divorce terms agreed upon
    – Frenzy of new sign-ups at the gym – the poor guy behind the counter couldn’t cope and was having a nervous breakdown,
    – and MAJOR new health regime started in the last few days. Wow!

    Pluto retrograding at the same time, has also added some intense moments to this past week. A guy from the past running into me and apologizing for something from two years ago.

  16. Wow! Awesome! I could have guessed that was Henry Rollins before finishing the article. He’s my celebrity boyfriend. Seriously. I was reading another article not knowing it was him and was like, “wow. this is my husband.” that guy is not afraid of plumbing the depths. I think I’m going to do our synastry. ha.

    well let me tell you this mars thing is crazy… right as mars stationed I figured out what has been ailing me MY WHOLE LIFE: I have candida! Agh! I always thought i was just fat, because my stomach was always disproportionally huge. But with Saturn dead standing on my Sun, and Pluto dead standing on my Mars, I lost nearly 40lbs and was skinny everywhere except my stomach. Came to find it was not fat but swelling and bloating! Holy crap!

    I’ve now started transitioning into a paleo type diet. I’m amazed. And excited.

    And exercising every day on my bike. I don’t need to go totally Rollins on this one. But I’m intrigued by his blending of the spiritual and philosophical with strength training.

    Oh and marilyn monroe in jeans benchpressing is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  17. I’m off to see Henry soon for his spoken word tour. Have always had a lot of time for Mr Rollins, such an interesting fella. If you need an introduction to his music, seek out the awesome “Up for it”. If you are EVER in need of a shot of inspiration, this is it. Rollins goes the FUNK truth…

    Loved this post Mystic, perfect for someone who had just woken up, considered going back to bed but really needs to go row. Hard.

  18. I’ve just jauntily biked aournd town for my sunday exercise. Nothing too tough. Basketball is my game where I go hard. Im playing against young blokes ( I am a mature (cough cough) lady redhead- see gravatar and sniggrer) and love their energy but its laid back at the same time. Love MM’s pluto post that is a love poem by Rollins. beautiful.

  19. (1) love the black n white pic of Marilyn Monroe channeling the iron. Her intrigue factor lifts the roof off.

    (2) love this plain-iron-speak of Henry Rollings, encourages me to go against the tide and delve deeper into my heart, i’ve been following his work for a while and is like a big ‘wake up’ tonic for the collective, military-poetry style, the cold sharp edge of the blade, yet does not resort to playing power games with the reader/ audience like so many writers often do to get famous. one of the few, truly great writer/speaker for this time, in my eyes. rare.

    i wonder what his astro is, the planet ruling his MC has me guessing. leo?
    does anyone know?

  20. I’ve almost surely come to the conclusion that he is virgo AC or cap AC. his obsessive perfectionism and writing love letters to a woman who “gives and gives and gives” have me thinking.

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