Should Solo Scorp Be Dating A Guy Named Black Moon?

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“Dear Mystic,

Should I be paying attention to the astrological clues & avoiding a guy whose username on an online dating site is Black Moon?

I’ve just done a quick google search and there are a few variations on how to interpret this.

 He’s an adventurer so maybe I don’t even need to look to astrology as the answers are there :)

That said, I’d be interested to hear your take on it.


Solo Scorp”

Dear Solo Scorp,

Yes! Okay, well no. Maybe. Don’t aggravate my indecisive Moon in Libra with a question so direct! Seriously, i think that the astrology definitely favors (in general) romantic risk-taking and Venusian Voodoo.  But a self-described “adventurer” with the user name “Black Moon” has high tool potential, don’t you think?  Possibly a bit emo? Does he list any odd hobbies – breeding bats? nude alchemy? teaching e-stalking? Earth as a second planet?

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What does everyone else think? 

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68 thoughts on “Should Solo Scorp Be Dating A Guy Named Black Moon?

  1. i would say definitely not as if it felt right you would just do it? if i have ever asked someone else what they think re guy its usually cause its not in my best interests to pursue and im asking so someone warns me. the gymp in pulp fiction probably described himself as adventurer…..

    • Hm a self described “adventurer”. On a dating site. With Lilith references.

      Darlin’ go for gold if you’re fully into being put on a pedestal/having said pedestal used as a weapon against you when you fall off it. Madonne Whore complex much?

      Or you want to fully immerse yourself in the ZZ. The dark way. There’s the astro, and then there’s the ass-tro.

      • Hahahah!!! Just browsing by on the w/end astro and I see a comment from Mille.. you make me laugh straight up with ass-tro!! Yeah, ain’t it so at the mo! Are opportunities REALLY opportunities? These times are bringing a whole host of ‘opportunties’ but I would say one of the biggest in the mix is discernment. Discernment can mean going gang busters on the Dark Moon but within that it also means knowing what that really means and not being under any illusion. Hugs lovely xx

        • Ola Scorchy!!!! Fancy meeting you here. Pulling a couple of six-day weeks with *sigh* some intense Mars in V Defcon 2 factor. Oh of course a quick rest for the ol’ war midweek. How appropriate. Will catch up soon! xxx

        • Oh hey i’ve never done online dating but i’ve found a name for if i do:

          Ol’ War Horse

          I could include some choice puns about not being a one trick pony etc etc Pop that in your tool file.

  2. Is there a profile pic of him? If he’s good looking I definitely would.

    Venus in Libra. :)

    • Hmm agree. Had another word in mind to add on the end of pretentious, but ‘poseur’ sound so much more sophisticated than ‘wanker.’

  3. i’m gonna go pragmatic and say you should just chat with him and see if he says anything that raises any red flags? does ‘black moon’ raise flags for you?

    i mean, if he IS referring to lilith, lilith isn’t exclusively bad – i see her as more of a realistic role model than say eve or the virgin mary.

    i think someone has already flagged the potential for ‘madonna-whore’ complex. does he talk to you like a normal human being? anything particularly wacky? a bit obsessive? gets snarky if you mention other/past lovers? these things aren’t good in anyone, no matter how they present.

    plenty of bad dudes come across as sweetness and light at first, then get freaky.

    if he seems down-to-earth and self-aware, then i think he’s fine. as someone mentioned above though, be aware that sometimes guys who put you on a pedestal also like to take it out from underneath you. hence the importance that he sees who you really are and appreciates that, not some idealised ‘lilithised’ version of you that you can’t (and wouldn’t want to) live up to!


    oh, and my moon = gemini. venus in Libra though = respect and equilibrium is everything.

  4. Definite tool. Well put. As for “dangerous” I doubt. I say go. It can only be potentially wonderful or a very funny anecdote. WIN/WIN

  5. sounds kinda lame and uncreative, like that guy who thinks hes cool and deep, but not really

    • “lame and uncreative” ??!!

      It’s better than most of the boring and sleazy names that guys come up with like “just4u_69″ “hot4u” etc etc. :roll:

      • well, those people(and hey! myself!) are not trying to be creative/cool/ what have you, and failing, but just don’t really care about a screen name all that much, and also, the numbers next to my name have synchronous (if thats the word) significance to my life, it’s kinda like, lets say sunglasses, nothing is wrong with sunglasses, but wearing them inside…come on

        • for some reason I was not automatically signed in, that anonymous was me, oops

      • oh wait, I misfired, you meant names with numbers that kinda work together in a lame way, not just some random name and number, in that case, you have a point, I would still consider black moon(phhh) in the same lame ass bottom tear though

    • maybe if it was like, bad moon on the rise, cause then it would be like, okay this guy/gal has good taste in music

  6. No, no, no!!! He’s giving enough signals – it’s all about him and will be for ever more.

  7. I’ve never known a Scorp who asked others whether or not she should pursue someone. She must be operating under another aspect of her astro… Peculiar.

    • Agreed! Unlike me. I always ask my besties opinions, no matter what. I do so because I have choosen poorly before, they know me better than anyone else, they aren’t tangled in the hormones, karma, etc.
      But I am a kataka with a venus in virgo.

  8. online dating is where SELECT creepy ones get to pretend they are nice people (that have problems), whats wrong with meeting someone while you are living your life?

  9. it seems the consensus is not in favour of ‘black moon’, lol.

    if it’s any consolation, i am a lesbian and in my formative years long ago i went onto a lesbian chat room and everyone was named ‘timber wolf’, ‘coyote something’ or whatever. it was the late ’90s…

    …sometimes you take what you can get… 😉

    • I was married in a lesbian pagan wedding thing, at dawn, in the Mountains of Utah, and my other half was invited to: ‘Step into the circle ‘Timberwolf’. I didn’t even know her name was timberwolf, I thought it was Stephanie :) xx .

      • LOL You two are so right, with the whole wolf-coyote thing. I never understood the popularity and association of wild canines and lesbians. A play on “bitch”? I don’t know. But I remember the wolves… And ravens, lots of ravens. Once I asked someone, “Aren’t ravens and crows the same thing?” (That inquiry was not well-received, btw, and I don’t recommend it.)

        “I thought it was Stephanie.” Golden!

      • tee hee, what a great story! i’m sure the lesbian pagan wedding in the mountains of Utah was beautiful Anon….

        do you mean to say that your other half’s real name is timber wolf and she changed it to Stephanie?? lol..

        • Hello Scorporation Inc and VirgoAqua, Yes, what is with the wolfie/Raven thingie? No-one wants to be a beaver or hummingbird, do they? Timberwolf was her Pagan name Virgo :) which I didn’t know, and when I was asked to step into the circle I felt a bit stupid saying my normal name.. I felt like making something up.. ‘ArcticBeaver'; it was very beautiful, by the way, and there were hummingbirds, and a beaver swimming across the lake!

  10. I dunno, hun. Maybe try the Oracle about this one. It’s surprisingly gushy these days. Words per Oracle have def gone up!

    But if you don’t, I’d go with the poseur opinion. Really, anyone working that hard at marketing themselves doesn’t have time for a real personality.

  11. So what exactly does his handle “Black Moon” refer to?


    —The sci-fi movie “Black Moon” which features a war between men and women. (In that case run….)

    —the hip-hop group???? Black Moon (backronymed as Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin Music Out On Nations) debuted in 1992

    we need a little more to go by….

    also, you’re a scorp… put that handle into pipl and see what you get.

  12. Let’s get the focus OFF him and ON you:

    You are attracted, but concerned, so you know he’s trouble already, but still are curious for a try. Go into it knowing it’s not your life partner but a chance for you to face why you are (presently) attracted to whatever crap is going to show up. I don’t think he’s evilly sending drag-you-to-your-doom rays, I think your own emotional complexity is attracted to your difficulty with whatever he presents.

    It is possible to have a relationship without giving your entire soul away to be dragged down to hell. The parts of you that you merge completely can be selectively chosen.

    Good luck! :)

  13. Yes.
    And when you do ask him why ‘Black Moon’ and let us know………………;-)

  14. Black Moon??? That’s so 80’s… In the personal adds of yesteryear that moniker would rock.

  15. Why not respond? If he’s a lame ass loser, as I suspect, you can trash him with a lift of your eyebrow and your laser beam stinkeye, then come and report back. LOL!

  16. Bring him to my dungeon… A short session with the anal probe will soon reveal if he’s from another planet.

  17. Once when I was a teenager some guy came up to me on the subway and said “My name’s Black Feather. Is that the bible you’re reading?” It was actually the Beavis & Butthead Ensucklopedia but I said “yeah”

    That is what this reminded me of. I dunno if Black Moon is really so sketch. A little cheesy perhaps. If the name was Pink Moon I’d think that was cute.

  18. Multiple conjunct Scorp here. You’ll have to meet him in person and then decide. Maybe he’s completely the opposite than his online persona. Just a guess. Actually, come to think of it, I’ll bet on it that he’s some weepy, wishy-washy sort. lol

    • …sorry.. a bit esoteric…
      I dunno… the handle ‘black moon’ just conjured the sorta ..’one word…stone-enge’ imagery for me.

      apollogies if I’ve offended any middle-aged goths (love you) or anyone :> its a bit like tourettes for me


      It seems its also a movie from 1975 also, the blerb says
      ” Black Moon is a Freudian tale of adolescent sexuality set in a postapocalyptic world of shifting identities and talking animals. It is one of Malle’s most experimental films and a cinematic daydream like no other.”

      There are some really cool opinions on this, for a ram with lots of gem, i love all the different outlooks….

      I’m quite straight up though, and well, direct at times, so i think i would be asking ”why black moon man?”

      Good luck hun. Let us know how you go, and that youre safe huh, if you decide to give him a go. blessings.

      • Any guy who has a online name after a Wilco song would get a date with me! :-)

  19. Can’t help but wonder if what he is projecting is more wishful thinking than actual fact…
    Also, a great teacher of mine used to say that the answer is contained in the question…so you know the answer already by the mere fact of having the question. Doubt signals that your truth meter is working, but that your curiosity is getting the better of you…and we all know that curiosity killed the cat…
    Unless you want to be an adventurer and take a risk, I’d give this guy a wide berth.

  20. How do we know his name isn’t actually Black Moon? I’ve heard more esoteric mantels from the kids of hippies, and, you know, Adventurer could be a completely legitimate occupation. What did Columbus put on his business card? Up until recently I was employed as a professional homo.
    I think for a Scorp this guy sounds mighty tempting. A proctologist named Black Hole one might advise against, but Lilith with Wanderlust… Worth a coffee date, no?

    • Thank you! I’m kinda surprised at all the negative judgements here just based on someone’s user name. Being a Scorp myself I don’t think a name like “Black Moon” is lame or tool-ish or poseur-like or whatever. My guess is that he could be a Scorpio too and is just wary of using his real name for the sake of protecting his privacy. Totally understandable. Maybe he’s even into astrology and esoteric stuff, so there’s no harm in asking him straight out about the significance of his user name.

      And being an “Adventurer” isn’t so bad. Maybe he’s a goth that likes to travel, but is stuck working in retail or flipping burgers just to pay the bills. What would you rather define yourself as to attract a mate….burger flipper or Adventurer? So don’t jump to conclusions and ask some deeper questions to see what else he might reveal.

      • Negative judgements can be more fun with mars in Virgo, :-) but yes, I agree, let’s show kindness to awkward screen-names. My one foray into online dating world saw me so obsessive with maintaining anonymity I think I created the most obtuse and mawkish profile ever. SO tricky to get a clear picture of anyone in those forums – I think intuition is your only real resource in that world.

    • yeah ! :) Thanks for all you do Mystic, heads up and beautiful images and wise words every day, day after day, thank you so much :)

  21. first impression possibly related to dracula? frankenstein?

    so there’s no shiny, sparkly, pearly, interesting, fluffy or coloured bits

    adventurer? never there? goes where you wouldn’t expect/want to go?

    does sound ‘interesting,’ but maybe enough to leave alone this Venus in Aqua decides :)

  22. So I think of myself as an adventurer. I am a girl. I am not afraid of the word at all. It doesnt mean that i go around being completely unreliable all the time, either. Why is there such a double standard, ladies? Why is it that you instantly put someone in a box based on a pretty harmless word? And I like Black Moon. It is related to Blue Moon. In general I would say his handle and and description are on the artistic side. Is that so bad?

    I hate to say it, but all to often we use astrology as a self limiting rather than self liberating tool. Live a little! Dont box yourself or people in! Give people a chance regardless of supposed compatibility, haha. Life is too short.

    As to doubts being signs of inner warnings. Baloney. It all depends on the baggage you carry. After a certain amount of baggage we are ruled by fear: dont risk this, don’t open your heart to that, don’t call him too soon, blah blah. Fear masquerades as practicality, too.

    As to the guy. Just meet him for a non alcoholic drink. In five minutes all becomes clear. End of story.

    Cappie sun, gem rising, and yes, Venus in Scorpio.

  23. Can I just take the opportunity to share the worst online dating username I’ve come across recently? It was 420crunk007. Right???? That said, I agree with Mystic: check out the hobbies, etc. Naming yourself Black Moon could go any number of ways, I think.

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