Saturn Is Your Own Best Enemy

My own Worst EnemyJon Langford

It’s true. Saturn is your own best enemy.

Since last November and until early October, Saturn has been (and will be) pulverizing the 22 to 29 degrees of Libra.Β 

Awesome growth in that sector of your chart and for Librans born in the last week of their sign – Aries, Cancerians and Capricorns born in that last week of their sign to a lesser extent.

Saturn growth never feels like fun – it feels like you go to bed every night bitching at yourself about what you have not yet accomplished, status disequilibrium crap, hypochondria, $$$, dentistry and how come Alexander The Great could conquer his known world by the time he was 21 but you can’t even get out of bed without an existential crisis.Β 

But stick with the internal carping of Saturn long enough, conjure up a proper plan and you amaze yourself. By the time Saturn moves on – this will be felt first of all in June and then again in Oct – you realize that you’ve made some major momentum.

Saturn Bonus: It’s impossible to make a dick of yourself with Saturn in your sign or on an important point. You’re sagacious, nuanced and (okay) way too self-conscious to make a dud move. If you do go after anything, it’s significant and a game-changer.Β  Lives, businesses and relationship realms are being restructured out there.Β 

LIBRA: Hang in there. Keep building. Conquer the Time-Money-Personal-Space Continuum. Radical results are en route.

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F.Y.I there are two songs called Saturn Return – one by the Eraserheads and one by R.E.M.

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108 thoughts on “Saturn Is Your Own Best Enemy

  1. Q: why am i always walking in circles?
    A: shut up or i’ll nail your other foot to the floor!

      • This was so funny πŸ˜€

        But now really, imo think we are taking a wrong turn if we prsonalize Saturn into like/hate/friends/enemies …. Saturn stands for the rules of the world, those to which all material creation abides. That’s as personal as Saturn gets with ANY of us. Making out of us fully grown functional units that doesn’t fall easely out of the tapestry of life So, you’re up t the challenge or you’re not, but must never forget, everything has it’s due time. And in this respect, Saturn is just as you can get πŸ™‚


        • Interesting. I read an article, can’t find it now, that argued for Saturn being a personal planet. Mars (Aries), Venus (Libra), Moon (Cancer) being completed as a cross with Saturn (Capricorn). While Saturn is discipline and physical limits, I find it does apply those as skills to life personally, as inner discipline and resolve. Pluto on the other hand….the messages of Pluto are almost impossible to pick up personally.

          • Yes i agree about Pluto being about as much transpersonal consciousness as you can get, eaven transhuman dare say (i have a Pluto/Sun sq/Moon tr nataly)

            About the Saturn article, was it this one ?


            I personally think is somehow wrong to take a he-loves-me-he-hates-me stance thoward Saturn .. He does excell into balancing relating with his position in Libra now, but in a more general sense he does stand for making happen whatever is needed to achieve functionality integrally, eaven globally.

            Now thinking about it, i have somewhat of a hunch that, the disfunctional conditions of our Moon’s is what makes us suffer later in the Saturn cycles, basicly not having compleated the previous, Moon one. Cancer and the Moon are the foundation for Saturn and Capricorn, as viceversa, when the cycle progresses and turns arround :-/


            • My natal Saturn is in Cancer where the moon belongs, so Saturn is pretty comfy with my moon issues. I do feel like my Saturn return was very personal, as in connecting to my personal will and personal power. It didn’t make me a control freak about anyone else. It made me aware of how much I do control by controlling my own behavior. It was more like self-awareness, inner drive, than social discipline or rules, if that makes sense. Pluto though….if its coming for you its going to make a change, self aware, unconscious, whatever, its happening. Saturn is more related to consequences of personal behavior. You can impact how the Saturn energy works in a way I don’t think you can steer or impact the consequences/effects of a Pluto transit personally.

              • Sounds like you’ve done a marvelous job out of your Saturn’s return πŸ™‚ I can just hope to prepare myself adequately to be as good as you when the time comes in two years πŸ™‚ I am so grateful for this Saturn transit over my AC no matter how hard it may be, it cant be compared with it transiting your 12th house πŸ˜› *shivers*

                My nt Saturn is in Scorpio cj SN and POF, disposed by Pluto on my AC, ruling my Cappy IC and the Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune steliumin in this sign. I’m basically displaying such a strong Saturn’s seal that, while most of my personal planets are in Pisces, i’ve felt like choking under it most my life. And i sure didnt feellike nagging. Taurus NN and Libra AC on the contrary point to a whole another dimension of life …. πŸ™‚

                Having Saturn in my rising sign now is aiding me in achieving personal stability and boundaries i’ve seldomly been able to feel before. I’m happy to say i dont feel the least apologetic for it now πŸ™‚

                This nt Saturn of mine is hard to be teared down, but there’s no other way. With MC in Cancer, i myself am compelled to provide the missing pieces and bring the Moon’s part of the work back in the picture on my own. The last aspect to the Moon before birth was a sq to saturn, no less.

                About Pluto dear, let’s put things in this perspective,

                at the core of our Solar system stands the Sun, providing all what’s needed to keep the system compact, functinal and alive πŸ˜€ On the other hand, we have planet Pluto tracing the last boundary of it, the ‘skin layer’ of our system so to speak. The Sun has his cycle of ‘inhaling’ and ‘exhaling’ – lasting aprox 11y each. In the first case, the solar activity contracts and diminishes pulling in material from outer space-into-the solar system, in the other case with the Sun expanding and increasing, the whole system get’s bombarded by all the extended sun’s contenent, the particles, the radiation, like what’s happening exactly at the time now, we are in the solar’s peak cycle. So Pluto being the outmost member of the system, is the first been hit by the outer space-cosmic radiation+what-not. He’s the first channel that basicly brings forth not only ‘news’ from the Galactic Centre, but all the other puter space happenings that have very little of that antropocentric in their nature we are acustomed to …. ~

    • lol Pegs !
      Saturn over Libra MC 26 opp N Node. tick tock
      bing-bong past calling. Pluto transit Cap square natal Saturn transit Saturn over S Node no wonder.

      • Hey Rox, yes Saturn has been on my Libran Moon & Neptune MC at last moving into Scorpio, don’t think we will be too sorry to see it moving.
        Saturn there has meant i have had to acknowlege my
        limitations, that’s a slow burn for this Sagg when ‘limitlessness’ has been my life philosophy.
        Do feel that Saturn tells you to go over the same ground till you get it right (if ever).
        Hope you are content, productive & in fine health.

        • Thanks Pegs, am well if a bit overworked.
          Surface looks calm but much going on in the depths. I am clearing my past and honoring old debts and keeping my promises. I was sick for a very long time and couldn’t, now I finally feel well enough to do so and am very relieved. It has been a Saturnian weight in the back of my mind for years, I am finally getting free of it. Then my inner landscape and mind horizons will be expansive again…

          I know that finishing is due to Pluto squ Saturn, when Pluto began to trine natal moon it felt amazing, indescribably revelatory. Planetary sidekicks, definitely friends.

          Hope you are doing well too, Pegs.
          I loved your joke so Saturn cracked me up !
          Saturn in 3 rd so mind getting a overhaul, perhaps the solid friendships with moon ?
          I know saturns a drag, but we are long haulers ya know ? xo. : )

          oh and Mystic cool pic reminds me of the art in the House of Blues. There is one tiny little painting I always go visit when there to hear music – reminds me of it…

  2. I know it is going to sound more depressing than it is, saturn isn’t even messing with much in my chart, and this sounds like a normal day to me, you can bet if I mess up one bit I will spend the whole night ripping myself a new one, but it’s okay, I actually improve, and slowly, the self critical voice has less and less to say, that’s probably why saturn gets better with age, you just improve to the point you have nearly nothing to be negative about anymore

    • Huh yeah, you are in fact speaking about the Saturn/Moon axis and the psyche-into-matter evolution. We all have our ‘tender’ parts and our ‘solid’ ones. The tender parts obv solidify with time into those more of steady ones, with *time* as the key factor, Saturn’s job. So respecting one brings to another, and neurosis kicks in when loosing touch with this perspective, or, if you haven’t been taught about it from the start, you learn it on your own the hard way. It’s just a pitty that while going through all of this, you burn away so much precious energy that could been used in a much better way, but at least, you learn that tearing yourself apart, for whatever reason, doesnt get you aniwhere.

      Peace πŸ™‚ ~

      • ‘Neurosis kicks in when losing touchwith this perspective’. O thanx Sha, i needed those words today. Something that has been neglected, mismanaged and not attended to has now blown out of proportion and was becoming for 8months has now become an obsession until key word PERSPECTIVE came from you to help me.
        What gets swept under the mat must cause bumps in the mat, yes?

        • Hahaha, good one πŸ˜€ I’ll have to write down that last one myself πŸ˜€

          My Scorp Saturn/SN would tell you, *there’s NOTHING more important than sparing your precious, precious life energy which you need to achiever YOUR GOALS in life. For that, you’ll need to raise immunity thoward all of the petty, daily, shallow manipulation we are all immersed into. Glue your bum to the ‘Ignore’ button and keep minding your own business*

          Then again, we arent robocops, that can be absolutely programmed :-/ Certain things/situations/ppl DO push our buttons and throw us out of balance. For those things/situations/pple, you are called to PROTECT yourself from, that would be exterting a healthy Moon approach. Give them no energy whatsoever, screw them :€

          The following scenario is the usual though :

          while being stepped on by others, and no kidding, there are many who’ll do you the pleasure, we’re beating the crap out of ourselves for it. We go k.o. in no time. How ku-ku is that ? But we can stop, apparently.

          Well, there’s a good news in this sector, we CAN stop to gnaw ourself, but we have to work on it before it works by itself. It’s an issue of will-meet’s-trust, and where you choose to put those two.

          As @Tomuchgoingon said
          *without a voice-raised or backward glance*

          the good ol’fashioned
          *Fuq Off ~ You Arent Worth Of My Minding*

          is the simply best. Making your oppinions and choices absolute, the rest fall’s off by itself.

          Let’s just look at that mischevious ‘little voice’ undermining mechanism. It repeats the same track endlessly until you feel you’re womiting it through all of your pores. It behaves like a virus, making you drained and sick. Now i can only ask, why are the informations provided by this ‘voice’ so hard to assimilate, if they are all “true” ? Whay do they make you puke, metaphorically or literally then ?

          Basically, they aint true, that’s why πŸ™‚ The truth of who you are isnt compatible with all that ramble, and if you just look at the symptoms span you get from exposure to them, you’ll know. Bottomline why it has to be enforced onto you in ‘brainwashing style’, until it fixes itself up your skull like a nail. A healthy immunity would flush it down with no blinking.

          Modern psychology/new age waves have made their call to counterpoint the modern western materialism calling our individual ego’s in cause as the root of all evils. I think it covers the Neptune-in-Aqua timespan, no ? While not being much of an ego-type myself, i find it simply hilarious how much preaching and antipropaganda can be made on behalf of something that phantomatic, which carries a name, but not a clearly defined ‘body’, that everybody talks about, but nobody can point to what is it, or where is it, lol ? The nearest to what it’s being identifyed as – we call “function” – and the warmest recomendation of the global psych-health pastors on how to functionally live with it – was to lose it. Haha, yeah .. that deserves a group palmface imo πŸ˜€

          What i’m seeing from my point, is that in the long run, the whole ‘speech’ has done so much harm to those with an already fragile and/or poor ego coating, while those thick skinned, hardcoated overhealthy ego types didnt take the bait, the are too clever for that. So bgasically between the two groups, threy’ve put us in a wolves-vs-sheeps kind of situation. Now, dont get me wrong, i’m not calling for any blame or malice here, fact is who has here to learn what from who …. πŸ˜‰

          In astrology the ego function is – usually – asigned to Mars, or the AC ruler, or spread a bit here-a bit there through the analysis. I myself cant really resist the congruence of how much does the word EGO resemble the word EGG, hm ? I have a Cappy Merc so i’m very much drawnt to functionality when it comes to analysis, i believe action and behavior speak so much more for themself than any description or explanation in the first place attached. In the end, is a old human custom to name things after their functions, but in this modern time we are somewhat loosing the touch of this principle ..

          So, let’s get back to looking at ego as an egg. What is the function of an egg that carries a life in formation withn, let’s say a baby chick ? And what would happen to that baby chick if he discharged, lost or broke the shell before time ? It’s pretty obvious, no .. And let’s not forget, when the time is due, the chick brokes his eggshell himself πŸ™‚

          Back to the Saturn/Moon axis, we all aim to grow into fully functional well integrated exemlplars of our species, but there’s a protocol for that happening, and for a steady Saturn to land anywhere, we need a good old TLC Moon job done beforehand. We all know, you can be fully grown in body, and still a shivering or immature kid invardly, which makes you egocentric by defalut, that’s a compromised Moon symptom. And Moon means food, aiding things in growth and shelter, if those requirements arent meet, you’re stuck, simple mathematics. Hm, i-moon-ity, interesting.

          So, when we are going back to those ‘voices’ and recycling themslef in our heads, what we are basically telling to ourself is, *i need more food, more imput, more attention, more care, more of that *something* to build /or/ outgrow my shell* .. We should better be asking *why is my shell crumbling* and *how to fix it* that hating ourself for it and tearing down what’s already obv in scrapes. Having a favorably placed Saturn by trend are probably the times we gather enough of that inner authority to start paying and minding, searching and finding the pieces we crave in the name of our growth, which the Moon assimilates .. How pretty is that ? πŸ™‚ ~

          • Oh Sha, you’re amazing! Thanks for that. I think my EGG got broken when I was in my late teens/20s and that’s what caused me to go into depression. Great explanation! Only started getting self confidence in my mid 30s and now it’s high enough to finally love and accept myself, and not be a bitch defensively when I get attacked, just stand in my strength and feel compassion for the haters. (99% of the time, the other 1% I just want to kick their arses) ;-D

            • Brilliant Sha! Double brilliant & so applicable to what’s going down in my world.
              The old expression (and what Myst has been saying during these times is ‘change or be forced to’.
              Better to lead the changes than have them thrust upon you.

              • Well those are some thoughts of mine, i’m glad if they could be of help πŸ™‚

                Bottomline the perspective we was talking about before is having a clear gasp of what is what between the Moon and the Saturn jurisdiction. Try switching a nursery teacher and a judge in their working habitats for just one day and see what happens πŸ˜€

                As long as our Moon’s are *hungry*, they will yell and scream and cry just like babies. We can let them cry until they exhaust themselves, close them bethind ‘soundproof’ doors and turn a deaf ear, but ‘beating them up’ is the last commendable thing to do, really .. And, wanting to squeaze out a ‘honorable Saturn’ out of such a Moon brings forth plain neurosis, it’s inevitable. An unhappy Moon can be Saturn’s worst nightmare, tailing it as a shadow.

                Yes Mystic is right, i found somewhere a beautiful poster along the same lines, saying

                *Be lead by your dreams, not pushed by your problems* πŸ™‚

                Last, i’ve mentioned before that we arent robots, but truth is that the Moon stands indeed for that programmable part of ours, all depending on the intake. As long as you’re still ‘tender’ and ‘formless’ somewhere, you should have a chance to shape and mold those parts at your volition. That at least should bring some solid comfort πŸ™‚

                Take care ~

            • *giggles* Yeah, feel’s good to kick some butheads from time to time, it’s just, they cry too πŸ™

              It’s funny how those who usually show hate, when ‘hit’ by agape, they extend fear. They simply dont know what *is it*. As long as you’ve seen the whole cycle unfold, you cant blame anybody in the end, is just endless sadness.

              The Moon/Cancer rules trust, and Saturn/Cappy stands for that which uppon our trust is bestowed. Sometimes our first choices or the lack of thereof arent alywas in our best interest and getting back re-step those choices feel’s like starting gymnastics in your 30’s, damn. It aint easy, but it aint impossible, and once you patch yourself back into your PROPPER SHAPE, you are bound to have the time of your life πŸ˜€ ~

    • david5379, sweetheart, fellow Virgo rising – what you describe doesn’t have to do so much with Saturn as it does your own belief in Ultimate Truth. I so appreciate that you want to GET IT RIGHT all the time. And that you do want to connect to others to be sure that you are being real. And, maybe its my maturity, and it pains me to say, that truth in the form you’re seeking doesn’t wholy exist. Truth transcends opinion, so it is something quiet you keep in yourself. Not that it should stop you from talking or arguing as you like to know it. But knowing it gives you the power to tell that critical voice in your head to fuq off. Be kind to yourself.

      • “That I feed the hungry, that I forgive an insult, that I love my enemy in the name of Christ — all these are undoubtedly great virtues. What I do unto the least of my brethren, that I do unto Christ. But what if I should discover that the least among them all, the poorest of all the beggars, the most impudent of all the offenders, the very enemy himself — that these are within me, and that I myself stand in need of the alms of my own kindness — that I myself am the enemy who must be loved — what then? There is then no more talk of love and long suffering, we say to the brother within us “raka”, and condemn and rage against ourselves. We hide him from the world, we deny ever having met this least among the lowly in ourselves. And had it been god himself, who drew near to us in this despicable form, we should have denied him a thousand times before a single cock had crowed”
        -Carl Jung
        I heard that from some place recently, and when it was said it really affected me(to the core) and was describing exactly how I treat myself, everyone is told to treat others how they would treat themselves, but instead my problem was that I needed to treat myself how I treat others, unfortunately it is not like flipping a switch, and modus operandis take a while to reformat. Fortunately everything has gotten a lot better this month, it’s something I am working on, but old habits are sticky, thanks 12hv :), this is one of those thing I realize and forget over and over again, but this time I will make it a point to never forget ever again

        • you are a decent, good and worthy person David, and so deserving of all the best love. you sound like such a sensitive and wise soul,

          i love reading your posts, there is so much to you, and i learn stuff from you baring your soul, so thank you.

  3. Ahhh yes – have had Saturn “pulverizing” (great word too Mystic!) my Venus (26 Aries) – opposition, lovely. Everything seemed so hard. Venus is in my 3rd house. But all of a sudden, I’m getting it and I can actually feel the benefits of this enforced growth… and have actually started to appreciate (gag – can you believe?!) the lessons it has forced on me. I’m now looking forward to the new, improved version of me at the end of it. Saturn, yes you’re a bitch, but Mystic, once again, you’re so right – if you do manage to grok the insights, Saturn can be your best friend. (This feels like a major breakthrough for me.) I know it’s not over yet, but bring it on, I’m ready.

  4. Thank you Mystic,

    what you wrote here we really need to hear that now, and seems you know it ;))

    /26Β° Libra rising here/

    In a way, we are learning how to transmute those loose bitchy neurotic impulses (aimed inward or outward) into an attitude of true class and steadyness. The Cappy edge and stamina are really felt there.

    And it’s true, it’s impossible to get hijacked off route at this point, cose nothing else matters but achieving absolute balance in the end …. how cool is that ? πŸ˜€ Beating our own drumms,

    love & thank you <3 ~

  5. Hey well i have saturn on my MOON…at the moment…my empathy factor for anyone doing saturn is immense at the mo. It’s the jupiter types giving me the shits lol

    • Oh gawd. So you’re having Saturn zapping over your nt Moon at the time ? Seem’s like a time to find a moment and get lost in the wood’s somewhere in the mountains with a clear source of water at hand, a spring, a lake …. and clear yourself whenever you’re feeling heavy :/

      Saturn sure does manage to impose allot on us, but he gives *time bonus to diggest and assimilate everything propperly …. Take care ~

      • I suspect we’ll be full of joy and light and doing lots of flitting about making jokes and trying to ensure all we are with are having a good time. If you experience that to be obnoxious we’ll probably prefer it if you stay at home.

      • I’m not being obnoxious! Feeling lucky, blessed, creating fun and social/art events with fellow art students, I feel like the social director of my course. And I like it!
        Saturn is getting v close to my Descendent (Libra border of 6th 7th house

    • am in the oxymoronic spot of saturn on my moon and jupiter n my sun … it’s bizarrely neutral

    • me too Myst… 5th house… now I’m working two jobs, raising 5 girls alone & writing a book. Have never felt more intensely focused on my responsibilities and getting things done.

    • Me three – Saturn on my Libra moon. πŸ™‚ With a Sagg sun (and jupiter) opposing my Gem ascendant, am I just going to be one of those obnoxious for the next year or so? Maybe I could just cancel myself out / be ultra balanced …

  6. Crow.

    Well, it’s good to know that it’ll be impossible to make a dick of myself during this time. God knows I’ve had enough of the fucking dicks as of late–

    I’m on Zap Zen hiatus presently–

    and the thought of morphing into one of them tempts the most awesome self-loathing I can imagine…

    Need to do my homework re the 8th house, since Saturn has been/will be traipsing all through it: Uranus & Mercury at 29 degrees Libra; Sun, Mars, Virgo in Scorpio. That’s my 8th.

    And BYOB, cuz I only have enough for me. Now, where did I put my gd Zen?

      • Thank you, 12th house virgo. I’m 12th aqua, btw. Not as a name, but natally, I mean.

        I’ve harnessed Pluto and Jupiter to my chariot. Let’s do this.

    • Speaking of Venus, and Mars n Sun in Scorp/8th house, my natal Saturn trines them. And speaking of trines, natal Jupiter (on AC) does with Mars n Sun, and Mercury (@ 29 degrees Libra/8th house). Then there’s this dashed green line from Jupiter to Moon in Libra, and I don’t know what that means yet, but to Jupiter I say yes, please.

      I think Lilith in my 12th sits opposite Persephone in my 6th (on DC).

      Pluto 2 degrees from Moon in Libra, 7th house.

      I have a birthmark between my eyes. I enjoy long walks through the woods. Sundays are for polka.

  7. When Saturn hit my exact degree of Aries mid-2011, I found the courage to leave my difficult 16 year marriage without a voice-raised or backward glance. I have discarded a lot of personal debris during this radical transit and feel I’m a better person now from chosing to embrace Saturn and all the lessons he brings.

  8. I really needed this post, thank you!

    Uranus at 25 Libra (1st house) and Chiron at 23 Aries (8th). Saturn’s transit of my first house has left me feeling restricted, isolated, and, oddly, full of inner strength. Its frustrating to feel strong and isolated at the same time. In any case, this Saturn transit has been so much better than Saturn in Virgo, which is when I lost my sister, my marriage, my social supports, my heart and my mind. I’d be surprised if Saturn Uranus can kick anything else out of my life. My job is in info tech, so it suits Saturn and Uranus just fine.

    My Saturn return (natal Saturn in Cancer) was awesome. I was healthy, kicked all sorts of bad habits. Felt like ruler of the world, my world. But this…I’ve been feeling run down, like its a stamina challenge. Saturn in Virgo ripped my world apart. Saturn in Libra has put me in a corner to think about it. I thought there would be good things coming after all I lost with Saturn and Virgo. But…beyond my own stability and inner strength, there is nothing new sprouting just yet. Perhaps Saturn in my empty second house will reward me?

  9. Saturn depression is so fuqing heavy!! I know its great life changing stuff, but you still have to survive the process. I would never change anything in my life, even the really so-called bad stuff as the things you discover at the depth of despair are incredible and you can’t get them any where else etc yada yada yada… But just as you think you are done, you get thrown a crumb to keep you going, just enough, geez thanks mate :).
    May be its just that my sun is at 25 libra and saturn has been sitting on my light for so long and uranus is opposing my three early libby planets that have done their saturn time recently, but I have had enough (signal breakthrough?!?!?)
    When he gets his fat ass off my sun, it will be shining brighter than ever baby – LOOK OUT. I may even celebrate my birthday this year as the last few have been rather crappy timing, but what better timing that Saturn exiting the Libran Building πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    In summary, yes some progress on career, but still not sorted but prob soon, yes better. May be homeless soon, but they may work out ok as current situation is rather hideous. Self esteem nil, but people keep telling me how good I look and I usually really think they are trying to cheer me up and say something like ” Its fine I know I look crap andI am cool with it, its my vibe at the MO”. Money stall/flow/disappear/reappear. Love heartache due to living in internal imagination as that is about all I have energy for. Art – fanfuqingtastic ideas that I am strugging to channel into the physical but will come up with something awesome every now and then to leave me beaming proudly in the ashes of my life! Health appears good although the aging process seems to be accelerated, who knows maybe it will have a little backward motion come sep/oct πŸ™‚
    the end
    ….tottles off to find induced sleep chamber to go to nap for 6 months!

    • … oh my rising is at 21 Aries πŸ™‚ not sure what is happening there, but my muscles have def improved over the last two years πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Dear Hippychic, I feel I have to respond. I can PROMISE you that life will feel so much lighter when Saturn passes over your sun (even if you have your moon in Scorp you won’t feel as heavy as you do now) . I suggest that you find the most beautiful, inspirational, piece of artwork that you have created (or someone else has created if this makes you feel better) and place it on the wall opposite your bed so that when you wake up each morning, you see it as you rise – this is to remind/inspire you that life will get better again! From your post I can see that you know this in your heart – but a little reminder is a good thing! Go ahead and plan the celebration of your birthday – you WILL feel like it when it arrives. Saturn will deliver for you – it never breaks its promise. So pl, hang in there.

      • LL that is a great idea, there is a big empty space on the wall across the foot of my bed and you just inspired me to do something great to wake up to. I have the Sun in Libra at 29 degrees, and Moon Libra 1 degress. Saturn has been having its way with me for a while now and its hard for me to remember that I actually can make things and do things…I’m just in a heavy spot. Definitely a great idea to post some reminders of what and who I am!

      • Thanks luscious Leo. Leos always watch out for me :).
        I will always be hanging in there, tis what I do, just a little tired of that. I think that is what Saturn will leave me with – living more than “just hanging in there”
        Moon in Aqua, so once this is passed, it will be released πŸ™‚
        Blessings to you, HC xx

    • Yes good advice from all. Hang in there is one of the best, it’s amazing when you are really depressed/suicidal, your brain IS actually crazy – in a bad way – and you think what’s the point, I just want to check out of this life!! Been there a couple of times, and until the last time, was really scared of going there again.

      But now feeling strong and centred again, and *hopefully* have learned what my depression was trying to teach me now. It DOES get better, I found it really helped me to talk to friends and laugh… it reminded me ‘Oh yes the happy me is still there inside somewhere’ (((Hippychic)))

  10. OK have just looked at transits on and it seems Saturn is sort-of squaring my Cap moon – does the square with the symbol ‘ after it mean loose square? It’s also square my Eros in Cap (lol), trine my Venus and sextile my ascendant. All relevant themes in my world… it’s also opposing my 9th in Aries. For sure I am doing hard slog right now, with my thesis and my relationships.

    So – I’m in a dark alley getting slapped around by Chiron and Mars, Neptune’s leaning against the wall offering me a slug from the hooch bottle, and oops I forgot to look over my shoulder cos Saturn’s about to hit me with a 100-page cost-benefit analysis of my love life. Sigh.

    • Hilar! Hey if you need a Warrior to bitch slap Chiron and Mars, I’m there baby!! Been spoiling for a fight lately. You know how to call me LOL!

      • Hey Gemyogi, I do feel like I need reinforcements, haha. You got a spare pair of boxing gloves? I’ve got my third Mars return in six months coming up. Kapow!

  11. natal saturn @ 22 libra
    natal pluto @ 26 libra
    (also have my mars at 18 libra just to add to the fun)
    all that is squaring my venus in Cap which sits right on my descendant
    aand that stellium also squares my cancer ascendant and north node

    i’m exhausted.

    any of you lovely people care to reflect on that for me??

  12. Trying to figure this out….
    Saturn bearing down on my natal pluto and NN in the 6th-eek!
    While exactly trining (?) my Aries ascendant. And sextile (?) my Sagg sun.

    Hard core growth re: health and work in some kind of destined way?

    Could anyone help explain this?

  13. Saturn is hitting me hard! I’m in my saturn return and I have a libra sun. I keep wondering why I didn’t I do everything differently in my 20s…like make more art, figure out a good career, explore more, date better men, enjoy my youth.
    I know the light at the end of the tunnel is coming, I am still considering starting over completely with a new life (I will finish my masters this june). Is this normal for a saturn return? It’s been a good experience but i can’t help and i think i should have done so many things differently.

    • that is the point of Saturn – to become conciously aware once you reach your return.

      • thank you – I apologize for my freaking out online. You just feel like you are running out of time and torn in many directions.

    • Yes totally, sounds like you’re doing a fine job of SR. Write down all these realisations so you can remind yourself of them in your 30s…

      First sentence totally describes my own SR and let me tell you, at 47 I’m having the most fun of my LIFE following my heart’s dream from the age of 13. Finally allowed me to start on the path at 45. Don’t wait that long honey!

  14. Am an early Libra sign born 27/9. Hasn’t been pleasant at all having saturn in my sign. EVERYTHING is too hard. Each time there looks to be light at the end of the tunnel or if I meet a new man, hopes are always squashed. It’s like I dare not dream or wish or hope, it just doesn’t work out. The only constant thing is work. I work (have always worked) hard. I’m good at my job and I get recognised for it, but then again, always have. Its a part of my life that I have mastered. If only I can master fun and a great committed relationship with a man!!

  15. Natal moon at 26 Cap – I had read about cap moons, but it was this long Saturn square Moon taught me what a Cap moon is about.

    • Hey Quadrupled, probably already figured this out yerself but that moon would be squared by Saturn at the mo. πŸ˜‰

      • Oh yes, Saturn is square poking my Moon. How about you? Any Saturn action?

        Mystic gave the best advice: the only way to enjoy your fun transits is to master your Saturn transit πŸ™‚ so we can ride the zap zone in style πŸ˜€

        • Hi Quadrupled, I would love to know what your big lessons were re your Cap moon? I have a Cap moon too (5th) and tbh have not really ever come to grips with it.

          • my Cap moon lessons are hard: a Cap Moon takes it responsibilities very seriously, so is discriminatory on who needs care to the fullest and who is actually whining. Kind of cold, but my Cap Moon is tired of abuse. Loyalty is sexy for me, not smooches – other party should walk the talk. Like all things related to Saturn, a Cap Moon perfects itself with age. Don’t be defensive when people accuse you for not being forthcoming or not showing affection in public. Some of us are reserved because we are burned enough times. A cap moon’s loyalty is for life, so don’t sell yourself short. Only a few friends at the end, but you know they are there for your life, and they know you are there for life. πŸ™‚

            • Q, that is really interesting as I have been thinking a lot lately about how loyalty/trust is paramount for me to be able to fully express my Venus in Aqua πŸ™‚ I have Lilith/Eros/Juno also in Cap. Thanks for your insights, this really helps x

          • Saturn is hitting my Cap Moon from 7th house (relations) to 11th house natal (friends) πŸ™‚ Check how loyalty, discriminatory applies where Saturn is now in your chart and your Cap moon – 5th house πŸ™‚

            • We’re twins Q, with the 26 degree Cap Moon. That is a “crucial degree” in the Cardinals as well, meaning, our experiences are a little more dramatic/depth/growth invoking, etc.

              Yeah, I’m a loner deep down still, but working on it…

              This weekend I have seen two movies with Reese Witherspoon (Aries Sun-Cap Moon)…Man in the Moon and Water for Elephants..

              At the end of The Man in the Moon, she comforts her older sister as she weeps over her dead lover’s grave…

              Of course….she is the strong one..Know that feeling I bet, esp with Cap Moon, eh?

        • That is pearlesque advice.
          Am having Saturn sq my north node ( same placement as ur moon πŸ˜‰ ) in 11th house. Interestingly I have become newly involved with 2 organisations and been immediately offered managerial role in both. The responsibility excites me but am cautious to not overestimate my abilities so taking it slowly. Apparently , so I read, when saturn makes aspect to north node you get a strong sense of a past life. That sounds pretty cool. πŸ™‚

          Otherwise venus transitting my 4 gem planets in sequence . Saturn was the surge. Now the sun , and had a surprise bit of wild spontaneous love action last week a la venus style – afternoon turned into champagne party with new friend who runs local art gallery and I literally woke up in shock in his friend’s bed. Have been fickle about it since like it never happened ..preferring to focus on the new work I’m doing in these organisations.

          Venus merc transit next . I have an trip upcoming to a nearby island with a beach πŸ˜‰

  16. dayum, thank you. this sounds like my life to a t (last week libra), the way it’s been going, i really needed this bit of light at the end of the tunnel. i have been really struggling. whew.

  17. you rock MM! After today’s 12 hours straight study of nature vs nurture, I needed this “how?”, it made me laugh and I’m very grateful 8)

  18. Saturn is riding my natal t-square of Venus/Cap oppos. Saturn/Cancer both squaring Jupiter conj. Chiron in Aries hard. Every little bit of ego and insecurity shits is coming up. And I know the “little voice” all to well by know.

    Add to that, my maybe-eventually-yes/no-mentor/teacher figure has his natal Saturn at 21Β° Libra … bleargh. bleargh. I swear I cannot figure if he hates or loves me.

  19. i love that artwork, it so Saturn, and it’s so sums it up – the drudge – it made me laugh in recognition.
    so in the spirit of that…

    my saturn shits over me
    like it always has
    sits there with chiron
    laughing at me
    sticks the knife in
    round it goes every day
    squares and opposes
    my everything
    just like me
    can’t make it go away
    it’s all teamed up with neptune
    secretly tucked away in no. 12
    it’s pisces protected and shit
    that i can’t even see

    • recently i had to tell the truth to a friend to sort out some boundaries. it hurt a little. since, we have become even closer out of mutual honesty and respect. she feels freer to tell me the truth too, so we can be more real with each other. our rel feels so much stronger and light hearted at same time. truth sets you both free methinks.

  20. Wow, this has been a really great set of comments! Just as serious and heavy as I would expect something about Saturn to be…hmm….would I be presumptuous to say I believe that the “rewards” (hard earned!) of Saturn can and WILL appear when you rise to the call of duty?

    I know that sounds obvious but Saturn has been so incredibly huge the last few years I was sure the drudge would never end….then I realized how different everything was…I’ve been more willing to throw out garbage then I ever have been previous. And by garbage I mean low-quality things, people, situations… couple that with my progressed moon return and voila…all sorts of amazing things have started to happen! I’ve weeded out the riff raff and the good things are growing strong and tall! I’ve lost so much weight people think i have a problem…they just don’t know how much i’ve gone through internally conquering an emotional eating disorder…I now only keep very special people close to me and have delegated the rest as acquaintances…I made a conscious decision to let go of the crappy guy who was giving me the run around and like magic the most amazing guy came into my life who was there the whole time- I just couldn’t appreciate him until i had been run over by lessons a few hundred times. Now I feel its my saturn responsibility to maintain the good things with highest degree of accountability and realistic thinking. I’m into it!

  21. MM you ARE – G.O.L.D ….!!!

    ” ……$$$, dentistry and how come Alexander The Great could conquer his known world by the time he was 21 but you can’t even get out of bed without an existential crisis….”

    seriously – you rule!!

    xox πŸ˜‰ xox

  22. Saturn, the planet of constriction, is up against my natal Jupiter in late Libra. It opposes my Sun/Mercury in Aries. My NN at Scorp 1 and Neptune at Scorp 3 are up next for Saturn’s chilling stare.

    I feel very grounded, though I think that has more to do with Mars in earthy Virgo. I am doing things I’ve only talked about for years, and it feels good. Maybe the nitpicky-ness of Virgo combined with the stern discipline of Saturn has made me more stable. Saturn in my Scorpion 12th house will be about completions, and that’s what I am beginning now: To complete something started decades ago that I must have closure on to be whole. My mom died 6 months ago, and I needed that release to be able to be all I can be. I kicked against her insistance on my limitations for years. Only now with her gone is the battle over and I can calmly do what I need to do. People’s energies affect us so deeply even when we are doing all we can to counteract it. I feel a karmic debt has been paid with the leaving of my mom from my life.

  23. I have so much in Libra: Sun/DC/Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto/Mercury (in that order). And right now Saturn is going over my Pluto/Mercury conjunction.

    Transformation/Learning Process… In my 7th house… My relationships aren’t going through any great upheaval – if anything, my love life is the best it’s ever been! Although I have been getting the feeling that I don’t “fit in” with the other people in my field..

    I feel this has been manifesting more in my work life (and Saturn does rule my 10th and 11th houses). Been refocusing on certain fundamental aspects of my profession, and having trouble grasping them.
    Music has always come naturally to me but now I’m trying to refocus on basic techniques and coming up short πŸ™

    I feel this is the lesson Saturn is teaching me – that maybe raw talent isn’t everything and hard work is required for *everyone* who wants to succeed.
    Now if only Virgo wasn’t intercepted in my 6th house, haha!

  24. Thank you mystic, I am pulverised and hanging in there – Sun 25 degrees ( conjunct mercury) Libra 11th/12th house cusp opposite saturn 5th house ( usually !) and husband sun ( conjunct venus) 25 degrees Aries -12th opposite Saturn 24 degrees Libra conjunct Neptune 6th.
    The past couple of years have seen projects held up for whole heaps of reasons, the past year financially has been really tough and my husbands health has took a turn for the worst just over 2 years ago – yet the sychronicity and flow ( even when nearly stagnant) of events has been heartening. Things seem to be working out and I can see glimmers that these projects will be completed this year ! This will free up so much time for us, we will be able to focus on our income & health, relax and enjoy.
    I’ve gone back to study (OU) and though I’m undecided, I am focused ( though I’m very aware that the goal of my focus will undergo radical change over the coming months) – it’s been important for me to put the blinkers on and set a goal to get through this and work towards earning a proper income if needed. 12 – 14 years my solution to these issues then was to grow our own fruit & veg and the changes we are making are to the business that has grown out of this. We’re taking it back to a more self-sustainable level so it becomes more enjoyable again.
    At times I’m nearly a little scared, but generally I’ve managed to hold the faith that things will work out and as I teeter towards the edge of panic again something wonderful happens to take me away from it again. In that way this has been restorative, a kind of ‘look how far I’ve come’
    So I can consider the Time-Money-Personal-Space conquest well under way πŸ™‚

    • Oh and finding you & getting back into astrology again has been amazing ………

    • Hold the faith, Violet. It’s hard and scary but you know what you’re doing is right. (((Violetmoon)))

    • yes vm, hang in there! And me too, have found having a goal to focus on is strengthening in tough times because it gives you direction and prevents energy & time being wasted on draining and endless worry.

    • Thanks you two, I’m doing my best – it feels like a test of spiritual stamina to see how much I’ve learned………….I think I’m near the top, so it’ll be down hill all the way to scorpio soon πŸ™‚

  25. Radical results are enroute because I am recognising them, I am inventing myself, I am the becomming of a ferocious exalted Uranian, I am the ending of a Libran human, I am a seduced woman happy with her new discovered planetary powers within.

  26. feels like i’ve been doing saturn return since last summer. i hate it. jupiter over my eighth house sun seems to be making things even worse too. it’s nightmarish, really.

  27. Oh dear. Just see that Saturn is transiting my natal Uranus in the 4th house.
    Any advice? I am working from home & caring for small kidlets.

    It’s meant to be tense, but I am billowing out of myself in the process of enjoying my life…
    I feel less like seeking praise or recognition and more like aligning myself with the Great Loving Energy out there, in here.

    The most positive spin I could make for Saturn hovering over my 4th House Uranus: Saturn keeps my Uranus’s need to up-sticks settled?

    • Andromeda, I have just done Saturn over natal Uranus, but in the 11th so it relates far more to my friendship group and relating at work, as well as even general interaction.

      Saturn has made me aware of time, health, routine, personal boundaries and courtesy. It has culled everything extraneous to good health, proper time management and proper attitudes from very very deep. I’ll never be the same.

      But you sound so much more grounded than me, Andromeda. I’m not one for TIME routine by nature (all that neptune jupiter mutable moonie flow with strong venus uranus aspects and party hard 5th house sun merc) but a really strong HABIT routine (Saturn Tau 6th).

      Whatever has to go will go under Saturn but with Uranus, if you try to go back to the old it will INSTANTLY have undesirable effects. It just will not work like BANG! I’m an envelope pusher with my bod and my luck too so i’m lucky not to have had bad accidents but believe me i still pushed cos i wanted to know the EXACT boundaries.

      Uranus will agitate for change while Saturn will only reward the hard yards. I’m Mars sq Uranus, Mars sq Pluto, Uranus opp Merc so believe me GRACEFUL PATIENCE has been my major lesson. You’re a Leo so i’m sure you’ve already got that beautiful sense of aplomb the good lions have. And you’re a loving parent so you’ll make wise decisions for the good of your fam rather than impulse.

      • Millie you are awesome, thank you for that thoughtful, gorgeous essay!
        Don’t believe you aren’t ‘grounded’ in reality, you sound very cogent and smart! My ‘groundedness’ hmm, well as a person with Neptune trine my MC, I believe my ADD’ness is tied up with my path. I was never meant to get too grounded! Lol. (Also, my exact boundaries were found by having epileptic fits at pivotal moments).
        Your 5th house sounds fab! No wonder you are so playful.
        My Sun is 2nd House so I am a little grounded and can be patient – esp. having Venus-Saturn conj. in the 1st, so my Saturn is pervasive to my character. But never truly grounded by anything? Maybe except where Jupiter in my 9th is concerned – as it is trine Sat in Cancer.
        So I reckon the only place I am sensible, appreciate slow growth and have a native understanding of ‘time’ is in the spiritual realms. Jupiter is conj. my MC too, more life path weighting.
        But yah, Saturn on my Uranus means both are opposing my natal Chiron. That is really important to me what with the energy work. But I have learned that fear can have no place in this occupation and that unconditional love is an absolute necessity, Saturn opposing Chiron is about searching out where I lack confidence.
        I guess I am hoping for the end of fear based reactiveness with this Sat. transit.
        Courtesy, as you have mentioned, has been a feature of this transit so far.
        Parenting & good quality relationships depend upon a gentle mouth. And I have Uranus square Mercury, ouch! I am willing to do the hard yards, I have already learned so much in the last two years, I guess I just don’t want too many surprises – the 4th is where my heart is.. πŸ˜‰ Funny, Thank you again for helping me to understand my chart better. Your comments really helped, your Mercury emits Grace Xx.

    • I had saturn transit my uranus ( also opposite chiron) in the 10th house a couple of years now. At 24% virgo it first transited my pluto/jupiter conjunction within 10 days my father died, my son went to university, I got completion on some land I was buying & I made a commitment to a Zen buddhist path. I also saw another side to my brother that I haven’t been able to resolve – that was painful. So by 1% Libra ( uranus) there was alot going on which I needed to work on, establishing a new business & a new spiritual path, letting go of my eldest & adapting to that and saying goodbye to my father which wasn’t that hard as we’d made our peace – what was hard was my brothers reaction and complex miriad of issues that arose – (I was the rebel, the straighttalker who refused to play ‘lets pretend we’re a happy family’)
      What I have learned and what is serving me well now ( Saturn transiting my sun Opposite saturn) – ‘is to feel the fear & do it anyway’ – the path I now practise doesn’t focus on negative or positive, but in indentifying the feeling, being with it & acknowledging it and that way learning about yourself. If your fear overwhelms you – that will not aid your work, but working with it treating it like a friend or ‘best enemy’ will.
      I’m a bit opposite to you, I’ve become so grounded – I’m rooted to the spot, something I never experienced as a child ( somewhere I felt was safe), so for me it was about becoming more etheral, fluid, letting go, stopping that Virgo moon etc. getting too nitpicky πŸ™‚ a kind of redressing of the balance ( libra).
      As your saturn is in cancer ( 4th house ruler) I imagine you’ve had a saturn square recently too.

      • Thank you for sharing that – that sounds very transformative in all the right ways, but totally challenging while in the moment. So sorry about your father. I am also a person who likes to be very honest with family about the status quo. If you evade your pain you put off your evolution. What is the point of that? Still, evade they all do, lol πŸ˜€ I am learning to let go of my dear wish to see those around me happy and free. Having respect for others while they disrespect themselves is difficult, but being free of their crap is great – particularly my mum – that’s very 4th house Saturn transit, innit!

  28. Did you say pulverizing Mystic? These past few weeks, I come home so tired I don’t have the energy to go after my 16 year old Aries daughter!
    thank you

  29. Saturn is currently in 5th & nearly exact square my Cap Mn 26 degrees in 8th. Yes we’re wading our way thru hell but we’re getting there.

    • Not long ago it was opposite my Sun, but it’s true that the outer planets & their passages deepen us and make us more effective in what we have to offer and who we are.


  30. My twin Cap Moon πŸ™‚ Sometimes, it is up to us to tell that our support is precious, it does not come easily to many. I don’t mind loneliness if the opposite is facing someone who does not get me. It is OK to be timid, shy and reserved, a bit lonely. We recharge so we can stand tall. xoxo

  31. Gorgeous pic of Libra! I’m pretty much always disappointed with the scale symbol ( you know, just like when you flip the new calendar to see ”your month” and the picture is dull) but this one ! wow! thanks for that – funny how just an image can cheer me up (libra in: sun, moon (@29), jupiter, saturn and pluto (@23) )

  32. Saturn is bearing down on my moon, I do feel emotionally practical that is for sure, Ive noticed since being in jail for something I didnt even do in the past, that being on the outside is almost like jail depending on your country. I have seen Australia’s jails and america does try and make them like americas CCA is down there in the down under changing the way AU tries to rehabilitate instead of forever punish.

    Here, Hospitals look Exactly like jails, my old boss was a rish jewish lady she got the best care, same jail sheets same jail tv same jail food. same jail looking bathroom. if the people only knew, go to the TSA same people that work in the jails work for TSA. Same peopel that work for DMV or SS office same people that work in jails. Im really not afraid. I mean if you have kids I can see that being a problem. But I was just at the grinding restrictive similarities.