Eighties Shampoo Advertisement Rachel HunterI always liked Rachel and now i know why.  She just graduated as a witch!

Model, Mrs Rod Stewart, Pantene Girl, Mother, Cougar, Witch…this seems like a very modern,  career trajectory, don’t you think?

She is Virgo (Sun-Pluto) with a gloriously Pantene Moon-Venus in Leo + Crab Rising (does not go clubbing, proud mothering, known for excellent boobage)

AND this is not to be catty but Venus square Saturn in Taurus…Hello marriage to leggy-blonde consuming thousand year older under Rod Stewart as a sweet young thing? 

See the post re age-gap relationships here: Chrono-Sex

Who says this site is too shallow?!  Lets this THE most commented post on ever.

Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter magazine cover

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58 thoughts on “Rewitched

  1. Set my alarm 3 hours earlier than needed…accidently, so checked out
    Laurie Cabot’s shop in Salem, it’s on youtube.
    The wands are works of art. Potions, the old chemists bottles.
    $400 a workshop is it. She would be value!

  2. I enjoy astrology, tarot and palm readings. THATS ABOUT IT!

    As far as psychi’s go, I’m so tired of them telling me my loved ones are there. I want to hear MY future NOT that my loved ones know every freakin thing I do. They never bothered when they were here so why afterlife???

  3. An oild friend w/ stellium in Leo has never had leo hair! Its thick, coarse & straight yet flyaway hair that wont take color anymore. She’d often hand me a tweezer asking me to get that off my chin.

    However her husband is 10 yrs younger and has renovated her entire house for her.

    I hope when I die i’ll come back as a Leo. They know how to get their needs met.

  4. Randomness:

    It was a very windy day yesterday, and I mowed the lawn (4 acres, with trees). I was a couple of days behind schedule, so the grass was very long.

    (There I go with the grass again. Anyhow,)

    The wind was blowing the clippings all about as I chugged along, but mostly it swirled them up and into my hair– a fuzzy curly hot mess, to say the least. Grass bits in my eyes, in my bra, but mostly in my hair.

    A few of the trees that I mowed under have low branches, and my hair snagged on a few of them (as a tall woman on a riding mower, I can only duck down so far). Ouch, fucker!

    Three hours later I was finally done with the yard, and I needed to run into town quick and grab a few things at the grocery. No time to check myself whatever before I went: just went.

    My scalp felt especially itchy in the check-out line, and I was surprised to reach into my bird nest of a hairdo and pull out a twig! HA– there was a bit of tree branch in my hair. It was time to pay and I needed both of my hands to get my wallet out, but I was holding this twig, so I just put it in my purse as the cashier watched me, cautiously. Really, lady? It’s just grass and a bit of tree in my hair.

    ( *Natura* -bjork )

    When I finally had the chance, I showered, but I’m still picking grass bits out of my hair today.

    Yes, I use Pantene. Just the conditioner, though.

    Is it Hogwarts, then? The school were one gets a degree in Witchery? I’m so dumb about this stuff: I haven’t read the books, seen the movies, nothing. Mine’s honorary, from the Roman Catholic Church– thanks, guys!

    • Really enjoyed reading your randomness! I live in a rural area myself and you see all manner of garden/paddock ‘styling’ on this hill. I kinda like it – It’s like: “good to see you getting your Earth Goddess on girl!”
      Just PLEASE promise me this one thing – never, and I mean NEVER, go to the shops or drop your kids off at school in your pyjamas and Ugh boots honey!
      *shudders in disbelief at such behaviour*

    • Enjoyed your randomness! I mowed my own grass for yrs. Finally some young boys came knocking and offered to do it really cheap. I’m not a lazy Taurus but I am frugal. So now they do it. But this last time they cut down a vine I’ve been watching for the past 4 to 5 yrs waiting patiently for it tok take off and grow with my roses. Dammit!!!
      I’ve always got a scratch on my face or body, dirty finger or toenails because I’m a gardener w/ 3 little dogs. I love being outdoors messing around the yard. even afte3r a shower I still feel dirty and embarrassed when I get a peddi because my feet always look dirty ;o

      • *Awesome*

        Zai, I’ll do my best to not trod out in my pj’s– much. haha “Earth Goddess on”: Love that. Always.

        Sky Rose, may your vines runneth amok! One thing is certain: Roses are tough, are they not?

        Delish Scorpalish, campfire tinder hot! Or maybe there’s an egg hidden in there… Thanks xo

  5. “She is Virgo (Sun-Pluto) with a gloriously Pantene Moon-Venus in Leo” hahaha! me too! and, while the rest of me reads Virgo (small and slender and heart shaped face) my hair! well! it is leo to the max! in fact just yesterday I went to see a friend and her little daughter was trying to get me to play with her. “i’m a frog and you can be…” she looked at me for a long moment and then said, “…the lion!”

  6. So, double Virgo, Kataka, Leo in her chart seems to me she’s doing it well.

    I’ve got double Virgo, double Kataka, Leo asc. Juries is still out on whether I’m doin my astrology the justice it deserves.

    BUT, I see what you are getting are there with marrying Saturn in Taurus!!

    I have Saturn in Leo, so I guess I should not discount marrying a Director, Actor, Musician, Performer type?!

    OR, if Rod S = Saturn, and Rachel = Venus (Taurus) does that then mean, I wonder, if I’ll become a performer (sun/Leo) and a saturn type shall be betrothed to moi?

    Pitty I’m sworn off marriage.

    Thanks for this post Mystic.

    I shall return! x

  7. I remember, she did have a fling with Robbie Aqua, doorstopping, Williams. Aqua and Leo, tea and bickies, wine and cheese … no idea where i am going with this……….stop.

    Always made me wonder how/who tipped off the paparazzi to get the shots of them by the pool. Bet it was HIM! ha ha.

  8. I grew up in a household that listened to Rod Stewart, but then again, my parents LOVED music and had such a wide ranging collection, which is where I get it from.

    • You had to be around at the time of Gasoline Alley,
      to appreciate it.,a, then raw & rocky.
      He was a white boy with black man’s voice.

  9. omg and i REALLY want this to be the most commented on post ever. maybe we can do a word association game (!) or something to keep the post-count up…. i’ll start! with GANGSTERS 😀

    (In honour of the bloods & crips headline on the mag cover)

    • Yup, I remember before leaving NZ for Sydney (1990) there was such a huge fuss about her, in regards to her modelling career. Alot of ppl in kiwi-land were dishing on her and saying she didn’t have a hope in hell. I think her nickname banged about in the papers at the time was “thunder thighs” extremely unkind. On top of that it had hit the papers that she had an international rockstar lover!! The kiwi journos were all falling over themselves as to who ‘he’ happened to be. I can’t remember who they listed as her possible lovers. But I do remember no one at the time linked her to Rod Stewart lol. So when the news broke obviously everyone went into a frenzy about the age thing etc and her being just a trophy wife blah blah. But she stuck with Rod for nearly ten years had two kids so I wouldn’t say trophy wife. I like her, not too hot on her clothing range that comes out at the Warehouse but hey.

      • The media here in NZ still make a big fuss over her here, so OTT. Her presenting skills at the Halberg awards were awful!

      • I remember all that. Poor Rachel having pretty much the entire country bashing her, but she handled herself really well & showed them all.

        Kiwi and Aussie peeps are absolutely vicious when it comes to tall poppy syndrome. (I think Australia were busy trashing Kylie Minogue around that era).

  10. Never got the rod stewart thing. Though I fear I am becoming him as I age re cradle snatching. What is it in your chart that makes younger lovers magnet to you?

  11. massive, massive hair envy. I am going to bed early with lavender tea to get over this. i hope rod is supportive of her witch thing, he seems as if he might not be quite jiggy with it lol

    • LS darlink I am sure your hair is EVEN MORE divinely shiny and luscious than Ms Hunter’s… worry not feline one xox

  12. and, just look at the headlines on that rolling stone cover!! if they don’t scream 1990 (or thereabouts) i’ll eat my hat, or something.

  13. I so remember her from glossies in the 80’s was it?
    The run of Californian Blondes even if they weren’t from there!
    Playing Rod Stewart at the moment ‘Human’ very smooth & sophisticated
    hum worthy 🙂 haha.

    Going to Soul 11 Soul & Seal tonight, hope he’s not as drippy as the flashes
    from The Blind Talent Search whatever it’s called, he seems forced, maybe the real stage is his forte or maybe he just records well. The Rose Song gives great heart.
    Alchemist scored some almost front row seats, so time for the girls to ‘step out’ in their tights & spikes. Hope to use some magic so a man’s man can fall in love with her. I like doing that,part ofthe arrow thing Saggo’s do well
    and their simpatico Chiron. Courses for horses.(galls me Black caviar is going to be ridden to an early death.

    • PS: I have committed to watch the first episode of the show – the line-up of celeb muso’s and the format is not X-factor (sooo tired of that) makes it look promising. 🙂

      • Wow! Didn’t know Seal had such an ‘amazing’ body.
        Second row from front showed skin like silk, thighs like temples. Great light show & he wore fab hi-tops, black & squishy with old black jeans, black tee & diamente belt, understated chic.
        He gives a very good show, but was sad for him & his marriage, the songs were poignant.

        • Wow, Im envious, I love seeing live shows of all kinds, and would have loved to see Seal as a front performer.
          I had noticed his upper body is in pretty good shape (from in Sydney when they filmed episodes )

  14. no way!! hahahaha that’s awesome. all that Leo, Cancer and Virgo makes for a very socially adjusted human, in my opinion. witchery or not. I do recall in a post about psychic-ness aaages ago, the people with the strong Cancer aspects seemed to corner the market on psychic experiences..?

    • HA! cancer sun, leo moon, virgo rising….

      still working on that socially well adjusted part. Psychic, yes. Hair, yes.
      Witch, absolutely.

    • Sun Moon Mercury in all in first few degrees of Cancer…Virgo Rising.

      Psychic? yep. Sometimes pre cog too but usually such unhelpful info and not a long time in advance. Eg. was walking around the city yesterday lunchtime and had a strong mental image of a guy a dated a few times last year. Thought “well i’m not going anywhere near where he work and i’m certainly never going to drop in at his workplace ever again thought dismissed” 2 mins later see him crossing the road towards me with a bunch of people.

      Usually know who’s ringing and who is texting, sometimes get flashes from staff early in the morning then later on get texts from them saying they’re not coming to work.

      I am a witch too. Doing magic with people as in a working group or coven heightens that connection. I have spent time in the middle of the night wondering why i’m thinking of buying my mum a nightie as it’s no where near her birthday to find out a few days later person from the pagan group had a massive argument with her mum about buying a nightie.

      Some stuff has been less mundane, I’ve met future lovers in trance states. More aware friends have said they’ve felt my presence when they’ve been going through some sort of crisis. From my end i’m not quite aware of what i’m doing but I know that part of me is sometimes “elsewhere’.

      Heaps of stuff like this – could go on all day! But I won’t – must get down to work at real job in this dimension.

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