Queen Scorpio

Marie Antoinette Hair In A locketGold locket with the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette; British Museum   via Homicidal Brunette

So SO sad & macabre…I don’t care what your politics are, her execution was a cruel act.

She was Scorpio – Sun & Venus – with Moon in Libra. Crab Rising.  So super-Venusian as Venus rules Libra and the Moon rules her chart. You know how scent-obsessed Moon in Libra is? That’s how Marie Antoinette was caught – fleeing the city in rough clothing to evade capture, she was basically sniffed out, when someone noticed how sensational she smelled, for a woman in rags.

Some difficult aspects in her chart:  Uranus square Pluto!!!!  Moon square Saturn. Mars opposite Saturn.  Neptune square Sun-Venus.

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I found this:
Marie-Antoinette’s last letter to her sister as she waits to go to the gallows

Gneiss Rox

I like very much the locket in pic, Mystic.
My Scorp boss has a collection of hair trinkets fashioned into jewelry – they were made from hair of the soldier at war or lover at sea and they are the most delicate intricate weavings. Truly boggles the mind – hours in the parlour tiny human hairs into necklaces and whatnot.

And Pegs, he speaks of the same crawlies in the old greased wigs, also why always the hankerchiefs near the mouth – bad breath / teeth


Big wow! Remember having elephant’s hair bracelets
obtained somewhere obscure in the east. Quite strong but delicate, 3 strands with gold band holding them together.
They improved my memory 🙂


elephant hair ?
yousa soOo saggie Pegs xo

Little Joey

Ok if this is TMI, I’m sorry in advance if it is gross). 😯 But this reminded me (of a memory I obviously suppressed for good reason!!) of two girls in high school, who decided to collect a pubic hair from each girl in our year. It says something of us as a group, I guess, that most of us cheerfully handed over a pubic hair, upon request. They were all put into a small box, as I recall. I wonder what would have happened had our teachers found out – I went to one of those all girl selective… Read more »


I don’t see or pick up Scorpio vibe from Marie but Libra and Cancer yes.
My female friends who are both Libra both feel they were princesses and Queens in past life. Both are obsessed with royalty or claiming they were re carnations of various royal figures throughout history. Both of them are not dainty women but, very loud, obnoxious almost mannish women.
The obsession with royalty or celebrities eludes me. I understand admiration but not worship and obsession.

Little Joey

I used to work with a Libran who was also obsessed with royalty. Actually obsessed doesn’t really describe it ……. it was unhealthy and way,way too full on. Not to mention a bore beyond all measure.

This same Libran also loved the idea of power – and said things like “I’m YOUR manager and you are the subordinate” on a regular basis. It was sad really, because everybody thought this person was a joke and had no respect for them at all.


but keep in mind that most of the history about the french royals we know of is written by revolutionaries or people who benefited from the revolution…we don’t really /know/ anything about her personally at all. she might’ve been witty as hell, but that insipid movie turned her into a perfect powder puff.

Amanda Gun

I love Marie Antoinette so much and I have recently begun reading more about her so this is beautiful synchronicity! I’m happy to learn that she was born only one day before me (give or take a few hundred years, of course).

Piscean closed for renovation

I was going to say, you look fabulous for your age! You scorpies do have some good beauty secrets 😀

aurora lights

i just wanna go and live in the Schonbrun…an apartment in wien one day is one of my dreams – florence would be divine too, still there’s no place like oz

Neptunian Amazon

I loved Marie Antoinette in primary school/middle school (still do)! Everytime we had a project for some subject I’d always find a way to make it about Marie Antoinette…I wonder what the teachers thought :p

I’m going to have to see if there is a perfume similar to what she wore to buy for myself now that you’ve brought it up Pegasus.

Love the hair in the locket.


And they took snuff because everything smelled so bad!

How do you figure out your chart ruler?


‘The Smell Report’…hahaha….says Violet. Her court was known as the
Perfumed Court.


wore Uranus oil this am thinking of this post
smells like ozone buzz


I would imagine she would have smelt like Jean Patou’s “Joy’.
It would have been lavender & rose would have been the eau de cologne
of the day. Floral Absolutes.
What else? Jasmin maybe. Would have needed a base. Whaling then, so ambergris. Musk from Deers. Civet from cats. Sandlewood Myrhh & Frankinsence were around then.
Annick Goultard could do a ‘Marie Antionette’ parfum?
Must google 18th century essential oils now, curiousity reigns.
Sophie Coppola did an amazing depiction of her in the movie.
Love the story of ‘The Diamond Necklace’.


You can buy her scent it’s called Black Amber and was obtained from an old recipe that corresponded with analysis of a black Amber scent bottle she owned. I only discovered it about two weeks ago it is the most complex fragrance I have ever worn it starts out very spicy and oriental at the first spray, then becomes a flower garden and by the end of the day is a flowery powdery wonder that lasts even through showering – divine!


It’s called Black Jade, for the seekers.


i ddint know perfume was so complex.



Gosh, Pegasus, weren’t you on the money? Your list of scents just made me decide on this evening’s oils… thank you. And i’m keeping my head.


Please keep it, don’t give it away, it’s a very good one.


Bless you x


wasn’t she the one who said, when told that there was no bread for the masses, “Let them eat cake”? Somehow I find it very hard, if not impossible to find any empathy/sympathy for her fate. She clearly was a victim of her birth and the times she lived in but she was also guilty of all the superficiality and excesses of the privileged class. And obviously not too bright if in fact it was her scent which found her out….


She never said that according to facts. Another distortion
of history among the many.


And as people didn’t bathe very often at all, perfume was the disguise.
Apparently all sorts of weird cralies got into the wigs & hair pieces.
Many places in France don’t have showers or baths,just bidets.
Talk about ‘plumbing the depths’ 🙂


‘crawlies’ them things with many legs….


true- someone out there really has gotten it out for Marie…it was actually a Spanish princess who said the whole ‘let them eat cake’ line. But i guess this is a ‘fact’ we’ve grown up with, just like how pluto’s a planet- no matter what science says now it still sticks to us as a planet anyways.

Piscean Under New Management

And she was so young too. I suppose people grew up differently then..


Loved the Sofia Coppola movie

aurora lights

me too


I look at that picture and all I can think is how heavy that dress must have been??! A virtual imprisonment via frock!


I love keys and locks as symbolism – fittimng imagery for secrets and lilith week


I love her, and that dress is so crab rising.


Not exactly what I needed to see today all things considered.
One public execution coming up – but I’d prefer it not to be my own…


Good wishes for your launch today Zaiborg. The universe is on your side in shining a light into dark corners.


I hope you kick arse! (I’d wait until tomorrow to launch attack though as moon is void of course for most of the day and Mercury is in last degree of Pisces… better chance of a positive outcome if you hold off until tomorrow when Moon shifts into Pisces and Mercury into Aries.)


That sentence didn’t come out right, Moon moves into Pisces late this afternoon, but even if you wait until then, tomorrow has better aspects…


I’ve been Musing that day for a week—Thanks!!!!


Thanks everyone for all your support.
As I have only two weeks to petition by law, It was kind of a case of now or never – so didn’t really have the luxury of waiting till the 23rd.
So far my efforts have been well received in the community.
I don’t expect to win this one – it’s really more a case of me finally standing up for myself and being heard.


Sometimes the astro just doesn’t quite go with the timing externally imposed on us. It’s then you’ve got to take a deep breath, check your posture and dive right in. Loving your courage x

aurora lights

Go Zaiborg, fortune favours the bold, go with your heart and you can stand up to anyone/anything if you know your principles are just xxx (admit easily said, but if you feel just and fair in your guts – it helps! don’t forget to breathe too 🙂

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