Ninja Chiron: How To Handle Chiron Transits

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Dan Mantina

How to handle Chiron transits?

Let’s use this Dark Moon time to so some old-school self-processing and astro-analysis of our Chiron.


Don’t worry if you don’t what any of this means – the point of D.I.Y. Astro is that people who know more help other peeps out in the comments. Ask as stupid a question as you want.

The fact is that with Chiron, we’re all a bit stupid with it.  It was discovered relatively recently – in 1977 – and named after Chiron, the Wise Centaur who trained Warriors.  As opposed to some of the other Centaurs who galloped about on drunken benders, pissing off goddesses and starting wars.

But does the mythology of Chiron fit with the astrological Chiron? Not really i.m.o. But then again, I have never agreed with or resonated with anything i’ve read about Chiron. I know, i know…Super New Age astrologers love him as apparently some sort of a rainbow bridge to higher consciousness.

Some say Chiron is like a more sensitive version of Saturn, to do with wounds and healing. Others say he is the maverick, more like the awesome Magician card of Tarot. Chiron can be seen as a sexy Saturn-Uranus hybrid.  Frankly, i tend to ignore Chiron whenever possible, it’s easy at the mo because Chiron and Neptune are SO close together, right?

BUT if you do some astrological retro-engineering, always the best way to learn astrology, I guarantee you will wow out at Chiron.

WHAT is astrological retro-engineering? It’s when you go back over your entire life and check the astro for your most major events and turning points. Yes, there will be a lot going on at such intense times – Pluto is always a contender lol – but when i did it recently, i decided to finally look at Chiron and voila: Chiron on my angles (Descendent, Midheaven, Ascendent) and most important planets at all of the most vital and evolution-intensive times.

So i think with Chiron, the quickest way to figure out how it works for you is to look back and analyze.

The easiest way to astrologically retro-engineer is to have your chart open on a computer/bit of paper AND then use an ephemeris. You can get them online but most astro-fiends love old-school ephemeris books for various reasons. They end up tattered and covered in coffee stains but so useful. I think its because you have the chart which is a visual map and then an ephemeris listing the planetary positions and that you can read chronologically, like a book. This truly is the method i think is best to learn astrology.

So let’s do Chiron – what is your natal Chiron and how do you find Chiron by transit? The Wounded Healer or the Magician? Personally i think Chiron is more like a crazy Ninja. I really do. Chiron by transit for me has always resulted in intuitive leaps of faith – some pain but mostly gain.

Thoughts please?!

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209 thoughts on “Ninja Chiron: How To Handle Chiron Transits

  1. I’m probably the only one that looks at the picture and thinks “Naruto” when I see Rasengan!!! 😀

    Hmmmm….I see crap happen when Chiron makes an exact square or lines up with a major axis, but some of that can be explained by Neptune or Saturn too. So I don’t know.

  2. My personal take on Chiron is the teacher outside of the “system”.. even though the mythology is that he’s an orphan yet he’s evolved a fantastic family life, his half brother (Jupiter) is the head guy, the establishment, thus due to the fact Chiron is always taking in strays..or the bastard children of the Gods.. he’s also converting the trouble makers into “heroes”..

    That is the roll of the “outsider teacher” who works outside of the way then established system works.

    He’s outside of the rules and yet he’s thriving, he’s not like Jupiter in the sense that the establishment has everything and is still not happ.. where as Chiron is satisfied with his marriage, his own children and takes in more to add to his family.. this is the ultimate “Christ like” symbol in a way.. someone who was hurt early in life, deals with it and even goes beyond this “hurt” and abandonment.

    The mythology that struck me most with an impression of Chiron vs the “establishment” was the part where Chiron’s daughter was blinded for seeing too much into the future by Hera/Juno.. (the establishment & their dislike for anything that would give anyone an advantage such as astrology/ fortune telling/ palmistry and such)

    These skills of “second sight” (and what a symbol) also TAUGHT by Chrion to his daughters.. the arts of divination.. healing and inner strength..

    There is also about doing the “right thing” self sacrifice, as well as self esteem issues that Chiron has a very strong play in.. and of course, “how to be a hero 101” which think the first lesson is, “be who you are”

    :) AET

  3. I have chiron in taurus in the ninth house square my north node in leo in the 12th house.

    I have no idea what that means, totally open to suggestions!

    • this is just putting it together by numbers but do you ever feel a conflict between one type of wisdom/learning (eg academic) and another (eg; instinctive or spiritual?)

      like an architect-scientist who longs to be a dancer sort of thing

      squares to the nodes are motivating tho…

      • yes! I do think those types of knowledge conflict in my life, though I hadn’t made that connection before. I should try to integrate the 12th house intuition into my life more, which i think i am beginning to do (saturn return).

        thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

      • WOW! :) I also have Chiron in Aries, in the 9th, almost conjuct my MC, it makes a sextile to my sun and jupiter, and a square to my moon.
        I have ALWAYS been in such a huge conflicts about this thing you Mystic said above! My conflicts has always been academic learning vs everything not (such for example all esoterics topic, or kind of: astrology, tarots, Bach flowers, exc, spirituality in general…and other things..).
        I didn’t finish my academic studies in both psychology and literature/film studies and it wiould take me just the final step to do it, (my final essay!), but, things led me to “encounter” (karmically speaking) a very very academics relator, who, BELIEVE only in post-strucuralist!! and marxist theories, and she’s very strict on it…and i feven I fell in love with her acute mind and method of working, I also felt utterly inadequate in front of her, not to mention that I have different ideas about all the subjecst she wanted me to write on…
        so on..
        I’ve never graduated…but I’ve been studying and reserching a lot by myself.
        this is a very difficult point for me. thanks for posting and bring it to light.

      • omg, Mystic. super relevant – the conflict between two or more types of knowledge / experience is a distinct feature of my life. Chiron opposite NN

      • Chiron in Aries at the zero point in the ninth

        Square my natal moon in Sagg in the sixth

        I feel like ALL of my studies into art, science, astrology, directly relate to my wounding around the way that I was mothered ( as in, lack of) .. like ’emotional binge eating’ , I craved knowledge.

        • yes… what we weren’t taught about life by our parent/s (or at least set examples for) we feel we need to soak up from everywhere else, however possible. sometimes, in certain ways at least, i feel like i was raised by wolves – lone water sign in a home completely dominated by Air signs. (interestingly all of us have earthy moon signs)

      • Me too Mystic!

        I have SN in 8th = astrology

        I have NN in 2nd in Libra with mercury in there and on cusp and my work is all about mercurial and libran values and is how I make my money and is totally at odds with astrology!

    • Chiron in the ninth house, in my experience, shows that you may have struggles with listening and connecting with your higher self, and also difficulties with making wise choices for the long term in your life.
      Do you have struggles apologizing and admitting you are wrong sometimes?

  4. my mom has chiron saturn sun conjunction in pisces(10th house), and she definitely is a sort of healer, so I think theres something to it. She is always getting nonstop calls from everyone always asking for help/advice, its not her job, people just seek her out, its crazy, and within moments they reveal all their problems and stuff, and its not the same people over and over again its like all of her friends, and she has a lot of friends.
    Its my understanding chiron is kinda like saturn in the sense you get a shit hand, but unlike saturn you dont even get the chance to play the blame game or even blame yourself, it just kinda sucks, but your pain/separateness breeds authenticity in that area from just dealing with it, I have venus chiron exact trined, I definitely always feel like the odd one out socially, but not in a bad way, it just feels like the way it is, and its not like I am lesser, just separate, I have never really felt upset about it or bitter, the friendships I do have feel very meaningful though, I wish I could say more about chiron, but its in my 12th soooo

    • hey david5379. that ‘s an interesting point there:

      “you dont even get the chance to play the blame game or even blame yourself,….. but your pain/separateness breeds authenticity in that area from just dealing with it”.

      • ya, saturn is about responsibility, mainly weather you take it and own up(even if its not your fault) or blame things on other people, chiron is different because you cant blame a direct person or even yourself, its just kind of, oops
        so the response is more about understanding than improvement, to be fair there is still improvement to be had, just not the kind of conventional building up saturn has to do

        • My Chiron is in the 10th occupying the last 4th quarter and is the highest body in my chart almost conjunct the MC And boy am i ever forever labled by it.

          To make a long story very short, I was molested as a child, at 6 by my moms girlfriends boyfriend, my sister is the one that told on him to my mom, at first she didnt believe him till he was caught with another man.

          and then molested my 1and a half year old sister a year later when I was seven, That was the first time I was ripped from my childhood, so cold, so very cold and didnt know which way was home or why it was happening. I never did it agian, but it didnt stop the accusation from comming at me agian with my new little sister when I was 12, because my mom was babysitting a little boy did molest my new sister. But blamed it on me after his mother who I did admit that to myself to see if she would say I was a bad person. Because this is what I wanted to know most by adults because they brainwashed me into thinking im a molester. WHY would i tell her if I wanted to do it agian.

          ANd like a steam roller nothing I said worked, i ended up being taken away eventually my mom thought I could have because they kept putting it in her head that I could (reoffend) first off how does a child whos been offeended by a grown man, sincerly know there offending a child?

          THEY DONT! and this is where the blame doesnt come in, who can I blame it on? The guy who molested me no. There is no one thanks to astrology i see Im not a bad person. Im more than carrying the sexual crosses of the ADULT child murders and rapists.

          how many other people told me they did experiment with there sibliings and never lost there childhoods. I was brought into the idea of experimenting very early. So I hate all the judges that looked at me like I was to be the next. Even murders get more understanding.

          MY CHILDhoOD was beyond hard and wired. IM forever marked by chiron sitting at the top of my MC and still consistantily get into wrongful accusations which send me into a tailspin of PTSD courts judges police intervierwers case studys files, caseworkers juvinile justice stystem lawers head spin.

          They made my mom give me up to the state of COlorado. I was no longer her child, they interviewed my family and sister to the point of admittance of something that never happend,

          EVEN ON OPRAH THEY HAD KIDS TO ADMITTED TO KILLING THERE PARENTS. when DNA prooved they didnt do it. Oprah said why? why would you admit to something you didnt do? Well when someone takes all your dignity away all your love and puts you in a group home and puts a carrot ( your mom) your only parent in your face your only love to say you will go home after you admit.

          JUst like those accused kids I love my mom and family so much I lied to get home, They put me on the stand when I was 14 years old. My GAurdian ad litem told me to just think about the kids if i Put them on the stand. how they will feel, basically leading me, she never looked at me and said, if you never did this dont admit to it. She said if I said not guilty and came up guilty I would spend 2 years in juviniale jail.

          Anyway chiron, I hate him. Hes not a ninja in my life. Sorry my moon is opposite pluto right now. he took away my family. But I do know I chose my birth configuations. So I can only default love my mom enough. this is only a tiny sliver of of my chiron caused and filled existance. Im not even gonna prooff read, I just hope I chironed some of this by making it public everynow and then. I have nothing to HIDE I never was and have never been a childmolester.

          • That’s a heavy story. You seem to be a victim of circumstance & manipulation in it. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in ‘woundology’ because of it though.
            Peeps with the greatest wounds can become the greatest of healers.
            Many of us have crosses to carry, it’s HOW you carry it & WHAT it’s made of and never lay blame even tho’ some parts of life can be heavy duty.
            It iS past, can you allow it to be just that. USofA is big enough to move states & re-design another life for yourself far away to create it as you would like it to be.
            Bon courage.

            • Thanks, I have moved so many times already. Its nice to finally be in one place thought. I read In the message of the stars book that said, Uranus in the 4th individuals should move from the place of birth soon as everyone will become very antagonistic, I know chiron has alot to do with it also though. I can just feel it. I dont hate him really, I just needed to say that. Its really hard to explain my past, and since chiron is there, quite impossible not to. If I dont people will think my moodyness and lack of fitting in is because of something else. Also i Have NOTHING to hide like they always said I had..

          • I should probably clear up, that when i said still get into wrongful accusations, I meant over mundane things. that re activate all those things that happened. I have flashbacks when I try to proove my innocence to people. my chiron.. gets reactivated. and its very noticeable somthings going on. But no one understands less I tell. and people ask me, why this and that. They want a short answer, but short answers also lead to people thinking wrongly. I have to tell what happend from beginning to end for me to feel ok. Sometimes there not always happy about it being a story of a failed harvard admittance, or a family divorce. I do my best.

            sorry for not proof reading im still wrangiling my 3rd house pluto. Im either mute or blurting….

            • Someone told me some appiicable words many moons ago which i have always remembered:
              ‘Only the guilty explain themselves’.
              Perhaps say that to whoever makes any accusations about anything?
              Be Kind to Yourself, it seems YOU have been emotionally abused, often that’s the worst kind as it’s more hidden.
              Good Luck with your life.

              • ah, I wish I had read this before posting my comment, I guess I took too long typing it up, that quote is a waaaaaay better way of putting it than the whole little rant I just had

            • aqualeoscorpmn your story sounds like you have lived so much hell, and a very hard, hard, confusing life as a child. at least, astrology has helped you to try and make sense of your experiences and to begin to unravel the inexplicable past and present. you sound very brave and strong, i hope you gain more insights, and that one day you can have peace and put the past behind you. imo, chiron does have a very hard-won, but real magic to it that comes after many years of pain, suffering and being misunderstood by society. Love and strength to you xxxx

              • Thanks AU Yea if it wasnt for astrology I dont know where I would be. I probably would not.

                But its is so amazingly accurate its impossible for there not to be a wonderful reason for life including pain,

                I will stay and help as many as I can. Ive looked at myself as a martyr of life. I suffer staying alive for others, I have wanted to go so many times and came very close to doing it once when 17 im 32 now and never tried it agian. since my venus is in the 8th in pisces. I want to stay and help as many as I can now that I know its all for some glorious reason.

                • Aqualeoscorpmoon, I can hear the pain in your voice –about having lost your home and having to move so often, and having lost your family as well. For what its worth, consider adopting this website as your home and its members as your virtual family. The people here are very caring and ready to listen.

                  • Thanks anon, sorry for the not so short short story. I always think i can get what happend to me out in a few words. But ive noticed having pluto in the 3rd feels like im trying to fit a boulder in a teacup without it breaking..

                  • Thanks anon, sorry for the not so short short story. I always think i can get what happend to me out in a few words. But ive noticed having pluto in the 3rd feels like im trying to fit a boulder in a teacup without it breaking..

        • yes, chiron is a bit more like “You’re on your own here buddy”, and with saturn the development is (seems to me) often in the context of other people rather than a sort of lone / soul journey.

  5. maybe the ninja thing has to do with sensitivity, I hear that word thrown around alot with chiron, also chiron was pretty bad ass if you think about it, teaching all the heroes how to fight

      • glad to hear it, mind saying what it is or is it just a fleeting understanding or something

        • thanks for making the blame thing click for me, silvia browne also healed me, she said if I didnt do something back with pure intent to hurt, Im forgivin. My sister loves me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO much ( the one I did act out what I was taught on ) that she left me with my 8 year old nephew.

          I dont like kids or people who cant remember what happend last week or medicated people with alzhimers or dimentia because they can come up with another accusation I dont need.

          But it was nice of her and goes to show all those stupid case workers and judges who bought luxury cars and homes with with my pain and stolen childhood happiness. that I am a GOOD person, we know what you did to our family and we know what CPS Chid Protective Services is a brainwashing Child hurting family tearing indurstry in the united states.

          Yes they do rescue some, but most are better left alone by this now commercialzed “social service”.

          • I am glad I could somehow help in some small way, and so sorry to hear about the hardships you were subject to . Saying oh well is a hard thing to do, as far as continuing to get blamed/ being the object of suspicion I think I might be able to speak to, but I must also say I am in no way anywhere near your situation and should not allow myself to assume any sort of authority of opinion over the matter, lacking both any sort of fair context whatsoever and a right to address such a depth, so I offer the upcoming suggestion tenuously and fully acknowledging I may be wrong, I am not you, and should not pretend to know better, this is what I think might help, but it very well could be incorrect and not fix anything,
            anyways I get paranoid of people being possibly suspicious of me as well(maybe a 3rd house pluto thing), if I am at a friends house sometimes I get scared they will lose something and think I stole it, or when at a store I am scared people think I might have stolen merchandise in my pocket or something, it used to be a worse problem and I would be willing and always prepared to prove my hypothetical innocence at the drop of a hat, it has gotten better luckily, to the point I dont think like that anymore, the way I saw it was, if I did do it, they could not prove it, there was no way they could ever possibly prove it, accusing me is a risky move on their part and something they would rather avoid, and I realized the best thing to do for everyone is to simply and unflinchingly stick to my story, even though it is the truth, internalize this truth rather than internalizing hypothetical suspicion, when accused stick to your story with such simplicity, displaying such a naivete appearance that you seam to not even understand what you are even being accused of, play stupid/innocent, let them outright accuse you if they really think so, when confronted with passive aggressive covert accusations and suspicions, stupidly ignore it with your story, let it go over your head, I know what you are scared of is way different than stealing, but I hope maybe the advice can still help, there is nothing else to be done, I am glad to hear things have gotten better for you, and thank you for being so brave as to speak to such delicate matters, I certainly would not be able to

            • Yea i never thought about that but since you feel the same Im sure my 3rd house pluto is a contributing factor because we have the same fear of people being around them for fear of them misplacing there stuff and blaming it on us.

              I just read the 4th house is the house of misplaced articles. so From now on I will just tell people to check there 4th house when they ask if I have seen where there thing went. :)

            • Thanks for the kind words they mean your chiron is in the 12 thats why, mine is in the 10th. even they are expressed or not expressed in the correct house position. I feel i have to make what happen to me as public as possible. People even tell me to be quiet about it. I dont carry a bull horn, but if you wanna be my friend, i dont really see you as a friend until i have felt comfortable telling you.

              And you may hear my what I said, and not felt it. that warrents a little more saturn venus opp from me as well. I dont consider lovers who listen. I consider lovers who feel. and understand empathy. When you felt and not heard what I said, then i have to reapeat and go over my story much less.

              I also get more chances to be myself when my past, is something you were brave enough to feel with me for a moment. Then i have to explain much less my actions or personality because FINALLY people just get me. I think that is the lesson im taking from chiron in such a public postion, it is unavoidable to hide my wound for long and when I dont. It seems no matter how painful the revisit, more often than not to make things better between me and the other person, if they can handle it.

      • The nin character (kanji character, from the Chinese) shows a knife above a heart. Its literal meaning is absolutely visible.

  6. Chiron sits in Taurus in my 3rd house and has pretty much been “blamed” for everything from my weight problems to my feelings of inadequatcy for not finishing my schooling. So for me he is kind of the scape goat that lurks at the bottom of my chart, far away from my other planets. I am unsure of what to really make of him.

    • Oh and look right now Chiron is trine my natal Saturn, Pluto and Mars….Should I be scared?

        • fab and chiron in general now is sextile pluto and trine mars so brill time to work on your chiron issues….i do think chiron is always about growth but it’s fuqing hard to distinguish him from saturn in that regard.

          • Thanks Mystic! Hopefully all these growy changey stars are supporting my cross country move.

  7. Chiron: First house, Aries, intercepted. For the longest time expressing myself properly was a problem – it was either nothing or over the top.

    I still can’t hack it, but I found I am at my best when I encourage people to be themselves. My take on Chiron

    “healing starts with offering the panacea to others first”

  8. inbetween my moon(14°)/sun(16°) conjunction in gemini 10th house at 15°, square jupiter, opposing uranus/saturn and bq Mars. the “wounded healer” sounds more accurate in my case, because my parents were/are a unit (sun-moon), but they hurt eachother too, so there you go. :)

  9. Ok. I have what I have been told is a bucket chart? that has chiron as the ‘handle’ anyone who can enlighten me on that is welcome as it’s never been explained beyond that.

    I think my life to date has been rather chiron-esque from what I have read. Living with a pain that will not heal turned poison but the knowledge gained from the healing is the key (the symbol even looks like a key to me) has given me wisdom, strength and put me in many a role of a guide (of sorts) to others. There is a lot of personal alchemy I have undergone in terms of taking something toxic that was environmental, absorbing it physically only to transform it into gold, which I am not sure if I am attributing correctly to Chiron but the whole wounded healer thing is a definite theme.

    My Chiron is in the 11th house in Taurus, In a grand trine with Jupiter and Circe. Trine Lilith, and conjunct vesta.

    • Yes I think I have this bucket scenario too! chiron conjunct saturn in pisces in the eleventh and everything else over the other side, most action in the 5th house, (sun uranus pluto)

      I like your reference to alchemy, it does feel like that for me, this constant sorting through crap and finding ways to transform it. By necessity learning to love this process ( does not seem to be going away anytime soon)

      Any tips on how else to swing this bucket?

      • I just read up on this, it says that the handle (the one at the top of the chart) is the access point to the rest of the chart. If you can transmit that then you can channel the rest? For me that is Chiron in the 11th.

        For you it’s chiron and saturn. Mastery there will help channel the rest. Hmm Saturn with chiron in the 11th is pretty big for groups and associations, friends etc. An internet based astrological community isn’t a bad start, heh x

  10. so my problem is that I don’t know my exact time of birth – and being born on the 22nd November – its a little tricky – but using 12pm I’ve got Chiron in my 2nd house Taurus ( i think )
    Chiron Taurus 2°14’10”
    have no idea what any of this means but loving learning all about it

  11. My Chiron is exact conjunct my Sun.
    My whole sense of self is based around knowing myself/coming to wisdom through experience (especially the negative experiences/ ‘wounding’) and then being able to build and fortify this wisdom to make myself stronger and to help make others stronger. Though there are shades of Saturn there potentially.

    I think perhaps that Chiron is like an internal/spiritualised Saturn?

    Chiron is a bit of a maverick though. They rely on themselves for their healing. The process is purely based on the individual’s unique experience. – So yes, as Mystic says, almost a Saturn/Uranus hybrid

    I’ve also found Chiron contacts to be hugely “impactful” (irresistibly painful in a WHAM kind of way) in synastry eg: conjunct my sun/moon midpoint.

    I found these links helpful in understanding how Chiron operates:

    • When you say “conjunct with”…. does that mean right next to, across from? I my chart Chiron is in Pisces, 5th house with Saturn sitting right next door. I am going to apply “conjuct with” to right next door! :) I don’t like the sound of those 2 together! LOL!!

      • Hey Virgo Ellise, exact conjunct means right next to/ on top of in the same sign/ same degree of that sign.
        Saturn and Chiron together would be an interesting mix. My thought is that chiron would make saturn’s effect more transformational- almost higher/’haute’ saturn rather than low saturn??

        My saturn is opposite my chiron/sun so I can relate to this in a sense.

    • mmm this is good … experential wisdom … thanks for that … i also have sun conjunct chiron and in 6th house (i was rambling about this below as they are intercepted within the 6th) and i think this is such a crucial part of my chart to understand … but when your forming is via injury, emotional, physical etc, you can’t begrudge it, and more often, i feel fear for other people’s vulnerability: when you can see/feel that their life experiences have left them so open to BIG pain via (usually) disproportionately small injuries … not sure if that makes any sense??

  12. Chiron’s been on my sun/Saturn/Merc for ages, plus some Mars opp action happening too. Natally I have Chiron in Pisces just over the border into the 8th house, opp Mars/Pluto/Uranus. Whatever is going on, I can’t say I’m dealing all that well. Relationships of all kinds being ‘redefined’. Attempting to learn lessons from failed love affair when really, all I am is miserable. Soz to whine. Trying to do my work with good grace, focus on 9th/10th house Taurus blessings and hope the astro fog in my 7th clears real soon.

    • I think chiron transits are some of the hardest to deal with. I have transiting chiron going over all my virgo in opposition and squaring other planets so I sympathise. Well worth the effort to liberate the healing just takes a lot of brass. x

      • Thanks, Ms. I like what you said earlier re ‘personal alchemy’ and your own journey, very powerful and insightful. I feel like that sort of process must be what’s happening with me. x

        • failed affairs always hurt like hell. but there are lessons in there. Pisces chiron in the 8th sounds pretty potent! Do you get into your own intuition much or spiritual activities?

          • Yep, loads of lessons… he was Neptune over my Venus on the cusp of my 7th. I was Pluto over his Venus in 7th, so he’ll never be the same again, I know it, and I take comfort from that :)
            My intuitive/spiritual ‘self’ has really started to come alive in the last couple of years, I always ignored it but now I pay attention and give it room, respect it instead of second guessing. I’m getting more comfortable with being in the world this way.

  13. 😯

    I have Natal Chiron at 16 degrees Taurus in 2nd house Trine Mars and Saturn. Just check out the placement of Chiron when my parents passed and it was transitting across 4th house and Uranus was in opposition in the 10th house.

    Pluto was conjunct natal Uranus… 😯

    All the slow moving planets… no wonder it was hell! 😯

    • that’s such a big thing BG. Your stories about this have always hit a heart cord. xx

    • 😯

      Ms. & PCRF xxx

      I was just thinking about Titanic anniversary and this song featured as the promo for it…. 😯

      Anyway if Chiron had a song I think this could possibly be it…

  14. Astro gold app is brill!!! I use it all the time now and it’s only about $30! Just a thought for anyone interested xx

  15. FWIW, Sun and moon in my 10th atm, conjunct Chiron, Venus, South node, part of fortune. Jupiter return approaching. Saturn retro ON my North Node.

    A casual unch with some Seriously Big Business people today, a very “small-fry among the extremely big fish” experience, strange…


    I have no idea.

      • OMG.. LMAO! When I read your “unch” definition I didn’t undestand why you posted. I had to read your comment priot to that one a couple of times. It took 3 tries to see “unch” in your post. Have you heard about the Cambridge study on mixing letters in the words and how it doesn’t matter you will still read the word correctly. It work for me with “unch”.. :)

        Good luck with the “big people”.. hopefully it was introducing you to the big scheme of things at work and leading you into more recognition if that is what you are hoping. That is how I would take it!

        • thanks Ellie, yes it was a shake up for my approach to a couple of things.

          the word-recognition thing is why i don’t bother correcting my typos in a follow up comment half the time now, people know what i mean more or less :)

  16. Chiron in Pisces at 18 degrees in 2nd house where my moon resides at 26 Pisces; natally square my Gem sun, sextile my Mars and Merc in Toro-land, trine Neptune at 15 deg Scorpio, and probably also trining my MC at 11 degrees Scorpio; opposite Pluto in Virgo (although it’s at 11 degrees),

    so that’s all the natal stuff.

    As to transits, Jupiter will be about to sextile my natal Chiron, while Chiron is transitting opp my natal Uranus or was just recently, while it has also recently trined my natal Venus.

    What’s it all mean? Life took an unexpected turn work-wise around mid-December (turned back on stable source of income and let go of career of last 7 years) and I only started work again last week using my skill set but in a different career. Financially 2012 has stunk thus far. But in terms of personal development, reflection, introspection, realisations, yes to all of these and the time has been valuable, very valuable.

    Really looking forward to new moon on 21 April and especially MN on 21 May to reboot more fully.

    • Good Luck!! Sounds like starting December the universe was setting up good things for the upcoming months! Finances will come into play shortly after, I hope for you! God Speed! :)

      • You know – it’s comments like these that make Mystic’s blog so special.

        Thank you very much for your kind thoughts VE.

  17. Chiron conjunct venus in 3rd house…
    anyone care to divulge on the above?
    please.. enlighten me ?

    • How you perceive beauty and enjoy things/ also the qualities you are attracted to have a healing effect on you- or possibly there is a history of hurt/pain/wounding here that you are trying to overcome as your own path to wisdom. All this is in third house, so happening/related to the area of your life to do with your immediate environment, your close friends/siblings, style of communication/ thought processes??

  18. So… is Chiron appearing at the table right now? Ugh, with my chart having Chiron and Saturn right next to each other in my 5th house of Romance!! NOOO!! I thought maybe some good news might be coming through! Or is this a topic just for discussion.. I hope… LOL!! :)

  19. Curvaceous Venus is on the cusp of my 9th and 10th houses, with MC between. Chiron is in my 9th house. I am so tired of having chemistry lessons with erudite people who are unavailable and whom I meet at one of my jobs. It wounds me, yet I bet it heals them.

    • Lol that sounds familiar… I have Chiron and Venus close together (can’t remember angles) in Aries. Constantly attracting folks who need therapy but they seem to prefer to work things out by getting close to me and doing my head in.

      So Chiron in Aries is wound in self esteem, but then after getting some (self esteem), it’s my job to help others with theirs. I am particularly drawn to positive mental health in kids, especially if their parents have dropped the ball due to divorce or just shitty lifestyle. As much as I’d love to dedicate a career to this, I love what i do and would rather do the ‘social work’ as a sideline. And, of course, focus on making sure my own kid(s) have great relationships with their family, the world around them, and themselves.

      • I think the Chiron wound doesn’t get to be a part of “official” work. My Aries/8th Chiron has given me loads of insight into sexual identity wounds. I could write a book about it. But, instead, I end up having best friends who are closeted or come out of the closet as a result of knowing me. Not an official role I play, as in a job, but part of what happens by being who I am. My point being, by being who you are you can impact the children who come into your lives. Your own, their friends, that sort of thing. I think we make life more complicated when we try to turn everything into a job. Realize that you’re not doing that, just applauding, in my own way, you for being you and empathizing with the sensitivity to the wounded.

  20. Chiron the ‘outside teacher’ does kind of fit. It feels like “the clarifier”, something electric about it’s action – like an electron microscope with a sonic pulse cleansing attachment, maybe that’s the Magicians wand :-)

    Chiron is currently conjunct my Chiron in the 5th house loose square my venus/moon conjunction in Sagg and closing in on that square. It feels like it’s showing up, clearly and with respect, viewpoints on love and relating which I need to correct – and at the same time it helps me do this. There is an element of support in it.

    • I love this description Diederik though you do not look old enough to be Chiron Returning!

      your description makes Chiron more like a Uranus whose done therapy, i mean that in a good way…

      • Thanks fro the kind words Mystic. It doesn’t compute that I’m that old lol – I feel 36, and I’m aware of gifted genetics.

        I didn’t realise Chiron moved that slowly, although I’m noticing that the conjunction plays out over quite a while.

    • I too am a Chiron return person this year. Natally, mine is exact conjunct Jupiter in 4th on IC, exactly opposed by Stationary Uranus bang on MC in 10th, loosely opposed (6 degree orb) by Pluto-Ceres conjunction in 10th, and loosely squared by Sun in Sagg.

      Uranus transit all over that was very difficult; father developed motor neurone disease and wasted away, lost my lover, lost my job, my home, my sense of being at home.

      Mars transit back and forth over it all has been excruciating: deep conflict between outrageous work demands/hours and emotional needs, and again, given imminent end of contract, overqualification, and age, and need yet again to move out of the flat I’ve enjoyed while on a decent income, deep sense of insecurity about the future, with no obvious (or not obvious) solution as yet. Working on it but it is hard to focus on much other than the present when your current job has you working an 80 hour week. Career wise, I’ve swung between conventional jobs that have always demanded far more than they initially appeared too, and low paid insecure work trying to cobble together a few things that give me more time for doing things I like and that get me out of the rat race.

      Back when I was supplementing income by teaching singing at home, those who answered my ad were people with enormous wounds, and something about me (Chiron trine Venus-Neptune on scorp ascendant?) or indeed the issues that singing (expressing deep feelings, finding onés voice, overcoming one’s fear of making loud mistakes that the neighbours might hear) brings up, encouraged them to disclose these wounds to me. In many cases these wounds were things I had had to deal with myself (abuse, bulling, eating disorders, expectations of parents etc); in others, they were particularly shocking (eg one student’s father had lined up his family and threatened to shoot them all with a shotgun, meaning he carried a huge amount of tension in his body). Anyway, given I’d had to terminate a pregnancy around the same time, and was feeling a lot of grief, maybe these people were an outlet for nurturing that I won’t have with a child of my own.

      I would definitely concur that when Chiron hits all the angles of your chart natally, your ride is all about having to learn how to self-heal and self-soothe, and nurture others towards doing same, particularly when those particularly painful angles are all being pinged by transits.

      There is no complete healing with Chiron; Chiron had to accept that after a long journey trying to find a cure, during which he learned much, but no permanent fix. Funny, now that I think of it, during the Uranus transit of Chiron, I (like Chiron) sustained a major leg injury, that has made my other parts of my leg vulnerable to pain and injury, and which an operation hasn’t fixed. How very ironic, given that I too am a centaur who was wildly fit and althletic and can’t quite do what I used to be able to do anymore, thanks to injury that no amount of conventional or alternative therapy has been able to fix completely.

      But life goes on and you just try to do your bit to help heal with compassion as the opportunity arises.

  21. I have Chiron in Aries in the 7th house. Which frightened me to no end when I first read it, like what is that? Intense healing through relationships etc etc??? Pullen astro says, “This person’s ability to help, heal, and teach others, and where one has much experience is forceful, energetic, direct, courageous, and seeks adventure and challenge” and that it is in the area of intimacy/relationships.

    Sounds good for intuitive coaching…but not quite a happy place for moi?

    Natally, Chiron opposes Uranus, squares Mars & my sun, sextiles Mercury and the moon but has a trine (finally!) with Venus in Leo. Not sure what this all means.

  22. Without knowing anything I’d always assumed that Chiron had an affinity with Virgo. I don’t really get it and it took me years to get to grips with the virgo stuff in my chart and then I’m only just, so it makes sense to me.
    I love AlterEgoTrips definition.
    Mine is 0.1 degree aries in the 5th house with saturn – 21 degrees apart – directly opp. Uranus. Trine my venus/neptune/ceres/pallas conjunction in Scorpio First house ( still not certain if this conjuncts my ascendent – time issues) . TBH I don’t think it indicates anything i didn’t already know from other area’s of my chart – though if I do what MM suggests I’ll expect that I’ll find more precision to stuff I’d always put down to Saturn………………….

    • Thinking about it being a healer of some form was a driving force for much of my life until my early 30’s, and inspired alot of creativity. Then as I healed my childhood stuff, that need gradually disolved as did my (obvious) creative stuff. My creativity is much more incorporated into my everyday life, as is my need, and knowledge of, to heal/healing.
      With the transits right now ( not just chiron at work though) I seem to be getting back in touch with those things again, out of my own personal interest and maturity, rather as some raw driven need to know & heal.

  23. I know the Magi astrologers think that Chiron is a beneficent influence and harmonious chironic aspects between people create lucky relationships.

    I have chiron in pisces in 1st.

  24. Just the other week I recalled times in my life when I was profoundly convinced I had the signs and symptoms of a terminal illness. Fortunately these signs and symptoms came to pass without the manifestations of any physical malady. Last week I retro-engineered my astro using the Astrodienst chart feature and discovered that on all such occasions Saturn was opposing Chiron. So, I guess for me at least, Chiron and Saturn work together to psychosomatise me into appreciating the value of my life and those I share it with.

  25. chiron 6th pisces 41’10’ no clue … one of the few plants not in my 2nd house in scorp. baffled.

  26. First house Chiron in Aqua, conjunct Moon in Piscy and opposite Pluto in Leo in seventh.
    For me, Chiron is about mentoring – self and others.
    (Classic eldest daughter of dysfunctional Irish family)
    Romantic relationships totally bonkers – hanging in there to heal; getting out to survive; spiralling down with the pain; and then facing the truth.
    Which will, of course, set you free – but not before it hurts like hell.

    • the relationship part of what you wrote is well-said for me, too. I have chiron in the Ist (pisces) conjunct NN in aries opposite pluto/uranus/jupiter in the 7th, sort of the same as you. chiron seems to colour my whole chart, maybe because of a pisces venus rising. relationships ALWAYS have a painful healing quality. you have gone through your chiron return and i am about to have mine. did you notice anything?!

      • Well, haven’t been in a relationship proper for some years (seven in fact) since the last black hole swallowed it’s own event horizon BUT
        for the first time in my life, really happy being single. I’ve needed this time to face my demons and discover my desires. And realise that I am not prepared to give up the mono-state unless it’s really what I want – and this time without the icky stuff. It feels really liberating. I’ve had some offers and some encounters (frequently from much younger men) and, while the dalliance has been fun, I have ensured it has been short-lived. I have no desire to be a cliche (ie the older woman) and have to admit that while the physical liaison was entertaining the mental stimulation – I am Gem sun and Merc, after all) – was lacking and therefore a long-term play not viable. However, if darlin MM’s analysis correct, I may get lucky soon! All I can say is bring it on. This time I can love another, rather than a projection of my animus – we’ve had a few discussions and both agreed!

  27. I dont know what chiron really represents astrologically, but I have it almost conjunct my midheaven in the 10th house. If you count it as a planetoid, then it is in a grand earth trine with venus in cap in the 6th and saturn / north node in virgo the second. I started studying botany and its medical applications at 15, and now Im a doctor of both chinese and western medicine.
    Jupiter was sitting right on it when I started working as a western doc.

    • Amazing….Chiron in the 10th of careers. Near midheaven.
      And a healer you are. Wonderful.

  28. Ceres conj Sun, Lilith with Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, I can’t help thinking that these planets all have ‘interns’ at the moment. Althought I don’t think Lilith would like to think of herself as an ‘intern’ of anybody’s.

    Chiron in the 4th conj the IC for me, exactly opp Pluto. (That’d be my Dad I’d say) and interestingly I think this part of my chart is as much to do with his pain (if not more) than it has to do with mine. My cousin has the exact opposite. Pluto conj IC opp Chiron (conj Ceres) in the tenth. Speaks about her father too.

  29. Natal Chiron 21 degrees Aries, 1st house. That’s all I have in Aries, and as far as I can tell, my Chiron doesn’t square/trine/conjuct/canoodle with anything else.

  30. I have Chiron in Aries in the 9th. But the Chiron transit through Aqua/Pisces have been squaring my Merc and Sun. Yes Neptune doing that too so lots of vaguary. But the days when I felt really really shit, like all I could do was cry and feel hopeless, where those when the Chiron square was exact.
    Don’t think I felt very healed by it either. Glad to see the back of him. I expect the upcoming moon conjunction will be a barrel of laughs.

    • Hello, fellow Chiron in Aries person..mine’s in the 7th and am utterly hopeless at figuring out what the transits are doing to mine, some sort of buggering I reckon.

      I could use barrel of laughs right about now, I’ve gone disgustingly dreary. Can you imagine? Me of the red high heeled shoes, dreary?? Shudder.

      • I’m Chiron in Aries also. Mine is at the end of Aries conjunct Jupiter. It falls in the 9th house in Placidus house system, but in Koch it is in the 8th.

      • I had something to say to you re this FA. But moving has been a shitfight and I’m too exhausted/busy to remember or think straight.
        It was something along the lines of Femme Ruthless being you living out your Chiron.
        If you come up with an answer for the dreariness let me know…

        • For whatever reason this thing keeps making me anonymous. But I’m not, you hear me!!!!

  31. My natal Chiron is conjunct mercury and both in 10th house- conjunct midheaven. Oh and I see that on a chart by an astrologer who did a chart for me she has listed my natal chiron, mercury, mars (in 9th) conjunct all in Taurus. I would say this is most relevant in learning to speak up for myself and to follow a career path that I want, not what society wants or expects. I do feel some tension between rules and regulations and helping people- that translates as not necessarily agreeing with theoretical foundations and distrust or annoyance at the quality of research in my field. My chiron squares my natal moon in aquarius in 7th. Maybe there will be times when my work and relationships don’t work harmoniously. OR the square could just be the tension between caring for others and caring for self or having time away from everything, which I find I need with an aquarian moon. It’s important to separate helping others and home life. I should say i’ve trained in a health field.

    Chiron is currently transiting my 7th house in the Pisces section of that house. It is squaring my natal jupiter-conjunct- uranus (in sagittarius in 4th) and trining my natal saturn (scorpio in 3rd conjunct pluto in 2nd). The trine to saturn helps as when Saturn is 0 degrees my first saturn return will be exact. I think it’s October. I always wondered: when there is an aspect to a particular planet but it is conjunct another planet, which all of mine are except moon, does the meaning of that aspect have to take that conjunction into consideration? or do you look at say the squares separately? I find it difficult to interpret the aspects with so many conjunctions.

    Transiting Chiron in Pisces in 7th square jupiter-uranus in 4th sagittarius and trine saturn in scorpio in 3rd… Remember that I was recently sorting sheet music and the ‘freedom is coming’ song fell out? I think that’s to do with the chiron square to jupiter uranus. This is really difficult to interpret.

  32. omg HELP I have sun conjunct chiron on my IC gemini in the 3/4th house opposite Uranus conjunct Midheaven in the 9th, and I feel like this is the cause of/answer to all my problems. What does it all mean????

    also, I love D.I.Y. astro! I have learned so much from it. Thanks!

    • you never felt respected/listened to as a child and you carry that insecurity around with you but every once and a while you bust out with “fuq-it-all i’m a genius and i want to be recognized for my brilliance! and i’m going to go have mad adventured to prove my brilliance?” “

  33. The wounded healer stuff makes the most sense to me, but I am really a rank amateur at interpretation and tend toward the overly literal, so I’m not making any great claims for my interpretation.

    I have Chiron at the end of Pisces, trine Mars, opposite Uranus and semi-sextile the North node. I dropped out of medicine after just over three years, have spent most of my life raising my disabled children and am probably about to drop my almost complete psychology degree as well.

    I am very comfortable in those traditional helper roles that Virgos seem to gravitate towards but have always been seriously conflicted by what I saw as the abuse of power that frequently underlies many counsellor/healer-client relationships. Psychology has taken a turn towards the grossly authoritarian in the past few years, it scares me to see what is being done now, and perhaps it is my middle age speaking here but I fear that psychology as the tool of gross state oppression is making a big comeback, and not at the margins, right in the centre of the so called free world.

    Which brings me to the most negative aspect that I think may be related to Chiron (but also maybe to Neptune which is conjunct mars natally for me anyway), my solution is to withdraw, hunker down, pull the boulder across the cave and wait it out.

    Doing some of that retroactive stuff I see retrograde Chiron with retrograde Jupiter were conjunct my natal moon when I met my late partner, the father of my children, and also square my saturn, so activating a lot of deep father issues which goes with the moon square saturn territory. I’m still processing the lessons of that one, down here in the cave : )

    When my first child was diagnosed with a life-long disability, Chiron was retrograding square my moon, opposite Saturn and coming up to opposing it’s position in my natal chart.

    I won’t go on, but there’s lots of other examples.

    • Finish the almost complete psychology degree…it may open some new doors to walk through.

  34. have been trying to understand my chiron for years… i feel like i’ve read 20,000 articles about it… and yet i still don’t “get” him completely. probably because of his placement… exactly conjunct (within 2 degrees all) moon/mars/sedna/venus 12th taurus. likely he is ridiculously obviously to everyone but me, but the soup is too thick for the light of clarity to pierce through! i DO go through wounding experiences that are entire self-created (voluntarily becoming a homeless junkie for 2 years to understand ex’s pain… ouch), and people do use me as a free therapist always (and i do thrive on this, as much it exhausts me). beyond that it soooo murky… help astrogeniuses??

    • oh and opposite uranus/vertex and squared by vesta/pof and loosely (though does he ever feel loose? ha!) saturn. argh!!

      • just realized chiron probably has everything to do with my embrace of the “house of self-undoing” scary old 12th house astro.

  35. Seems Chiron is WAY important in my life and I assume, in the charts of others as well. Powerful stuff. Wounded healer resonates. Teacher of heroes resonates. But its a painful healing – yes? – to see the heroes not able to recognize themselves as such. Going through a Chiron Venus opposition transit now. Realizing all my significant relationships were with people who have deep secrets they would never admit to anyone (sexual abuse, sexual orientation, that sort of thing). I’ve got Chiron in 8th house Aries and Mars 0 degrees first house Libra. My Aries daughter’s Venus/NN conjunction hits exactly on my Chiron. She’s somehow my teammate in this “healing” business. Not sure just how yet. Am sure that I am done playing the role of healer in romantic relationships – comes off too much like martyrdom being a Virgo/Virgo-rising.

    • Wow. This just kind of clicked for me. Chiron in Aries is the wound of identity. And in the 8th house, sexuality/Scropio stuff. Astrology is fascinating. My ex-husband hasn’t and likely never will admit he’s gay. Its sad to care about someone who can’t own their sexual identity. I see it with people ALL the time – particularly the way society projects crap onto male sexuality. Had a soul mate who was sexually abused by his mother. Talk about walking through hell – that was no joy to feel/discover because society (Chiron being outsider fits here) doesn’t see men as sexual abuse victims of their Mothers or – really – anyone in general, which makes the wound all the more wounding. Sexual identity – its the wound I know well but mainly as it affects the opposite sex – men. Maybe its just because I am going through the Venus-Chiron opposition transit currently, but issues of human sexual freedom/personal identity are on my mind all the time these days.

      • Goodness 12th house, your ex sounds a bit like the Sewer Scorp. I have Chiron in Aries in the 7th.. he was secretly bisexual, but given the layers of secrecy, I’m not sure that was it.

        It is sad when someone denies who they are. In many ways, we’re all given that challenge when we first come up in the world, beyond our strongest identifications, we find the things we resist that are ours, and not necessarily negative things. It is hard to watch someone get trapped in that cycle of denial, a bit like a bird going frantic in a cage.

        • 12HV and FA, this has resonated w me. *Takes deep breath* I’m married to scorp rising/8th house moon guy who I’m pretty sure is gay but will never come out. It’s only since I had an affair I realised his coldness wasn’t my fault. He subtly blames me for his lack of interest. I’m financially dependent and desperately want to leave but I can’t just yet. Loads of reasons why I ended up in this situation. His pain and fear re his denial is palpable but I am tired of enabling it. Am praying on the new moon for a job that will give me my independence back. What a mess. It is very, very hard to say all this ‘out loud’ even in a relatively anonymous forum. My Chiron in the 8th (Pisces) as I mentioned earlier in the thread.

          • My ex-husband isn’t the sewer. We met young and helped raise each other. He’s from a culture where being with boys is OK as long as its in protection of women’s chastity. He admitted he had a boy crush once, and then denied it and played it as a joke. There’s always opportunities to see things clearly. And I didn’t take mine. Anyway, now I see the effort he made in our marriage differently. I know what he was struggling with, why he was depressed eating imported chocolate on the couch in his underwear most nights. Never anything I could have done about it. That makes me sad – that we lived with that secret. I don’t know that he’ll ever come out. Now – I’d like him to know that me and our daughter just want him to be happy. He should finally be free to be himself. And we should recognize the effort we put into our partnership and honestly acknowledge why it couldn’t last forever. Maybe one day. I hate secrets. HATE secrets. There’s no reason for a person to be ashamed of what they are.

            • My husband is a good man, the first man to treat me with real kindness and with whom I felt safe. Not surprising given his upbringing and mine that we came together. We are great friends and intellectual partners. But he has been running from his true orientation his whole life, the signs as you say 12HV have been really clear along the way. I hope we can end things compassionately and remain friends.

              • I hope for that too. I think the best thing you can do is recognize your needs and his as legitimate. No more negotiating. Sometimes what we need isn’t “fair” in a situation. But we don’t pick our needs. We grow up and do our best to have them met. And you can lead by example. Good luck.

          • Lionfish – you are so brave to speak your fear and pain out loud. I hope and pray you find the love and life you deserve – and it’s probably much better than you think you should have. All and every bright blessing.

        • BTW – the guy who was sexual abused by his Mom was the sewer for me. The pain and denial of that was so much greater than anything I ever felt before. And he never admitted it. I realized he never would. I think a lot of “womanizers” are severely sexually abused men/boys. We’d see it quicker in women, oddly, how promiscuity is a call for attention, a lack of self esteem, whatever. But with men, we call them “bad boys.” Unfair. But EXTREMELY painful to live with someone in that kind of denial, as you noted. Honestly, it shocked me so much to realize what had happened to him. Things like that DON”T happen…mother’s don’t have sex with their sons. But they do. And I knew if it was hard for me to accept, it was impossible for him. Not in our society…who comes out as a mother fucker, you know? In our society, if a man gets hard, he’s into it. Whatever. I could rant about it. A lot of men have deeply wounded sexuality and society celebrates/scorns them for it.

        • my “sewer” was a scorpion sun also. I believe he was at least bisexual. He was in complete denial. He said when his wife and him broke up that he wanted to figure out if he might be gay or bi. He thought about it and decided he wasn’t. No actual follow through if you know what I mean.

          It explains alot. Though not everything. He was just unstable also.

  36. chiron is definitely virgo’s natural ruler. No doubt. it makes more sense in every way. and everyone knows us virgos are all about senses and making sense sensible, that garbage. if the “bridge” theme IS real then virgo being the halfway mark of the zodiac, it IS opposite pisces, the godliest of signs… blah blah etc etc i mean the story is this guy HELPING others, serving by teaching them skills, no?

    • I agree. Mercury is CLEARLY the ruler of Gemini. I never got why it was associated with Virgo. Virgos are process oriented, not communication/information oriented.

      • The more I think of this, the more sense it makes to me that my chart ruler (Chiron) is in the 8th house.

        • Well, astrologer official policy matches your opinion. Still – I’m taking Chiron as my ruler. I know too many secrets and get no joy from knowing them – such 8th house crap. With Chiron as ruler of my chart in the 8th, so many pieces fall into place. Chiron’s story explains Virgo servitude to me also. Its work that is never done. The wound that never heals.

          • This virgo rising agrees with chiron as the ruler. When I first read up I felt it in my soul.
            I do have mercury in Gemini, so I have the influence. but it isn’t me.

      • Can we give Vesta to Taurus? I don’t believe in Venus as ruler of Taurus either. Venus CLEARLY rules Libra. That said – Chiron is a minor planet whereas Vesta is an asteroid. I don’t like the idea of asteroids as rulers.

  37. Um. This thread makes me think I need to read a book about Chiron. It is conjunct my Mercury in Gemini, placed in the 11th house at 20 degrees, & opposing my Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the fifth. The consequences of this are outlined in excellent & accurate detail here.
    I am using mind-body healing (Uranus) to deal with a chronic pain problem, a method which is discredited by authority figures in my life (parents, doctors), & though my progress is excruciatingly slow (which I will admit is my own fault) I know it’s right. I know if I can hang in there it will change my whole life.
    Anyone who has any advice on energy healing or mind-body psych work, please feel welcome to comment – I need all the input I can get!

    • Chiron is the wound that doesn’t heal, yes? Meaning you use your Chiron-pain to heal others. Not sure what you are doing with mind-body healing, but Chiron energy helps you heal others, not your self. Perhaps working with others who have similar problems will give you an outlet as a healer, but I am not sure what will heal your pain. I do wish you the best.

      • Umm I would say Chiron works by healing self through helping others. Like when you channel energy to others for their benefit, the flow of that energy through you heals you also. Working with others is one of the most common spiritual principles of karma and consciousness clearing. 😀

        • Channeling energy to others that heals you sounds like reki to me. There’s lots of kinds of energy work. I still don’t know about doing reki on yourself. It is a channeling thing. But I was thinking more about chiron being the wound you know best. I don’t think it ever gets put to use in a socially recognized way. Its a kind of knowing that is part of who you are. Like being the person who knows a dark scary path really well. Its a comfort for someone else to see another being on the same trail. Not sure if that makes sense.

        • so true – chiron did a lot of suffering in silence whilst he taught, healed, created outwards to and for others

  38. If Chiron in natal Aries is the wound of identity, mine in Aries in the 4th house sheds light on my being adopted during a time of shame and secrecy. At least it makes sense to me.

  39. Wish I had more time to read all the posts…

    Trans Chiron is conjunct my MC in Pisces…trans Neptune is conjunct my MC/Sun-Mn midpoint in Pisces opposite natal Pluto (kudos to those of you gifted with visualization for this stuff when we try to explain) … trine natal Neptune in 5th..

    Another words, I am out to heal the world 😉

    As an Aries I’ll die trying…it’s my destiny…

    Natal Aqua Chiron 9th side conjunct the MC, exact trine to Gemini Mars/Asc…I have done massage/healing work for 20 years but my “other job” is in the written and a “transfer of consciousness” (sans the red wine of course… lol)

  40. 3rd house Pisces Chiron is trine Neptuner and opp Virgo Sun/Uran/Pluto stellium. Life has really changed – big ego wanted to heal the world, may yet – but starting in small bites. I am learning polarities and balance, writing to heal.

    One person with whom I have Chiron contact – working to find balance -sitch is maverick, very strange Saturn & Uranian and yes, centaurian.
    All of it.

    I am intrigued by the idea of rulership of Virgo – Chiron as self-esteem and personal hurdles regarding ‘not good enough’ sounds very Virgo.
    My Chiron indicates self-esteem and the re-building of it. As does the contact I mentioned above.

    • Wanting to heal the world doesn’t usually come from ego, Babe, it’s a heart thing, a woman thing and an idealism.
      Ego is when you think you can cure cancer or ageing.

      • Rox, I was going to say “gee, this is the second time this week someone has stabbed me in the back”…as that is what your words felt like to me…

        Trans Mars on my Pluto opposite MC/Sun-Mn midpoint and Mercury in the zap zone..

        I understand about self esteem/personal hurdles/”not good enough”….Those are the things that I have had to work through as well to cultivate my dreams…I was born with a dream..I can’t help it…It’s just who I am and as an Aries or simply a human being I will not apologize for it. It is all from my heart and so I’m sending love light to you from my heart. x

        • Sweetpea, I swear i just got your vibe while spacing at my desk, and thought what I had written last night might make you think I was speaking of you and I wasn’t. Pegs is right it is a heart want not a bad thing to want to heal. I was just going about it all wrong, all wrong.

          Hi Pegs, you are right is my Venus/Jup on Leo 8th. Sun is my final dispositor, I AM here to take ego hits, Sun conj Uran / Pluto.

          What I said is true, I was admitting my own weakness and struggles with 8th house power used incorrectly.

          Sweets in no way was I trying to take a shot at you, or your gifts for healing which I so admire – I am so sorry you thought I was. What you said triggered my own confession regarding my own ego issues.

          The healing you and Pegs do is admirable !

          I thought of doing massage and pulled back, now I know my astro and I see why – is reserved for my life partner because of my chart. Love + sorry…

          • Hey, you know what? I was listening to this last night before the ipod died…Over and over…

            Saturn never let me get away with anything (as far as the lyrics in the song …..I toot my horn here as Cap Moon in 8th internalize so much..Where is Gem/Aries gonna make it’s splash?…Joking but we have our moments..)

            I drove 13 miles one way (to library)just to make sure we smooth this over Rox. My car is on empty…what does that say about Cap Moon/Saturn squares to Aries stuff?

            It says we rock on faith… x

            I LOVE YOU…Always…xxx

            • Oh and I think you were a catalyst for me today…I had a good cry…

              I felt utterly unloved and alone..I pulled my car to the side of the road and wept… (but there was a strength behind it…I hoped! lol)..

              Mars in Virgo working …

            • I think the world of you honey and was worried you would stew all night until you had computer access bless you for coming back all that way ! Xo
              Love you sweets !
              Pluto has my past up in my face so much these days don’t know if comin or goin some days. Thank you for forgiving me and yes Saturn has ties with good too love you always soul sistah xo

  41. I remember when I first learnt the story of Chiron – big resonance – and then I looked for him in my chart – there he was:

    Conjunct my Sun in the 6th house – a bizarre house, still figuring it out – Taurus intercepted, a kind of secret locked treasure chest, in this house cluttered with Aries personal planets!?

    Anyway, so he is my sun’s buddy in this dark locked space, opposing Neptune, trining Saturn, Squaring Jupiter.

    His transit work was pretty good too, a couple of examples ..

    Passing over natal Moon – a fraught student/teacher relationship begins (music context – tiny room, two music stands and the instrument/emotion between us)

    Passing over natal Uranus, opposing Sun/Chiron – first major relationship begins w a deeply injured soul, we had a child together, so that is an ever evolving r’ship even tho we are not together – but a mess of healing, then scarring, then healing, over and over – hahaha Uranus, thanks mate

  42. I have Chiron in the 11th in Cancer, opposite Capricorn Sun/Saturn/NN (from 27º14′ to 28º14′, cozy little things) in the 5th. I often think how absolutely doomed an old school astrologer would find me by looking at my chart.
    I don’t know much about Chiron (even though this post has helped), honestly, and I’m still trying to figure out where all the information fits. 11th House – mankind, creativity, friends, technology… Cancer is all about emotions, motherhood and home life… And isn’t the SN somewhat of our comfort zone? Where we came from, and the NN where we need to go?

    It’s been great reading your thoughts, Mystic has such great community members <3

  43. Fascinating reading everyone’s posts on this.
    Agree with Chiron parallels to Saturn – no.pain no gain for example, but also a little Plutonic it seems to me too. Something too mysterious for pinning down until after the fact, after the process, and then there is the shame of chironic pain processes that is similar in effect to intense plutonic secrecy.
    I have it there in Aries 2nd house and it is aspected by a few major players. I have an inability to receive (8th) which I know is rooted in this wound in the 2nd. I never had a career ambition at all although I have a multitude of ambitious visions and some of them I have chased to completion and to me chiron in Aries is the ultimate survivor. Whilst that is a shitty mode or habit to be in cos it is better to thrive, right?- still I get the teacher aspect of it in keeping values close to what is real by living lean rather than living large and several people have admired this capacity to keep such vitality in times of real poverty or resource adversity .. the shame factor is that sometimes living with less in a capitalist consumer culture is viewed with suspicion and fear and yet somehow I know that this ” weakness” has become my greatest strength and when a friend recently had to go part time from full-time work I was the only person around who could counsel her fear of lack with a practical experienced perspective of the gains she could make with the transition to a lower income with more time. Discipline is definately involved in Chiron issues but agree it is more the disciplined practise of Magician’s art of living magically that pays the returns with Chiron, wheras Saturn is more like woodchopping, weed pulling, bean counting discipline .

    • totally agree – chiron is saturn in magical, plutonic, tricksterish form versus saturn’s grounded, structures, footings etc …

    • More time available to do Art? Plant a garden?
      Learn all DIY there is?
      Swap the manicure kit for a tool kit?
      Search out old building being pulled down for interesting or practical salvage?
      Boycott supermarkets?
      Learn the 64 arts of life?
      That sorta stuff TwinFish? Good counsel.
      It costs me 50% of my income to be employed! (and many wasted hours ‘on standby’.

  44. I was reading that chiron in the 10th is when you have to bear your wounds publicly. That has no doubt been my experience, I dont know if other posters 10th chiron house” told all or left out the chiron part due to us not understanding it fully. I think it has alot to do with my childhood. And I also get the stupid looks from society for not following the path of “success” thats because my life successes are internal and on MY timeline, I have No need to have them in view of others mass expectations.

    But people find it ego blowing when I say no to a relaitonship, or hurtful. Most do not really know how deep my pain goes. I think only someone whos used to baring there wounds publicly could understand. Im thankful for astrology for knowing that its probably best not for me to waste my time moving furniture for people that just wanna be what they see, and not actually me.

  45. Hey Chiron is a pretty interesting fella eh? I admit I’ve pretty much neglected him in my astro investigations but after a bit of retro thingy detective work, I reckon I agree with you Mystic that he does pack a punch.

    My take is that whilst Saturn is more about unconscious structures that either hinder or help (the internalised critical parent), Chiron is more about perceived hurts that one can’t release and keep cropping up over and over. It may be in different areas of life, but the underlying wound is still the same. I say “perceived” because that’s where the “wound that won’t heal” thing comes from. The unconscious child that lives within us all and carries the wounds of growing up, unable to release them until re-examined through the adult self.

    I’ve got Chiron in Aries in the 11th house and yep one of my greatest “wounds that won’t heal” is staying individuated whilst being one amongst many. In other words being my authentic self whilst being in a group. Group membership has always been problematic for me due to a range of early childhood experiences – being perceived as an outsider in both my birth country and my adopted country due to having parents with different nationalities, which led to being bullied and victimised for no other reason than my background was different. As such I rarely connect with people my own age – only older or younger. Only this year have I made some friends born in my year and I find it a struggle to stay there and not want to bolt …

    Currently transiting my 10th house, so insecurities around work and my career abilities and talents are definitely in focus.

    Interesting thoughts for a Saturday morning …

    • my sister has the same placement, she dont make friends or have any long term easily…

    • Ooh! Intersting insight. I didn’t see these two posts before I posted below. Chiron in Aries / 11th as well. And always a fish out of water, even among friends and family who love me lots. I think more people love me than like me.

  46. As the Andromeda has turned me onto Barbara Hand Clow, read her take first. Chiron the Rainbow Bridge (between Saturn & Pluto), with a 50 year cycle.
    Most of what i read about my Scorpionic Chiron resonated entirely, in 11th house (Aqua-humanity). Goes with the other 8th house Saturn & Pluto.
    What i found interesting was when it was discovered in ’77, was the time the HIV virus was found under the microscope……mmmm.
    Chiron last in Scorp in ’99. The year i finally did a workshop by a Polarity
    expert from States after doing theory for 9 years. It rules Polarity & Energy healing via the hands and how i make my living, the hands on bizzo.
    One could see the conflict, if that is correct word between my gregarious (and perhaps superficial Sagginess and all that Scorpiness). Secretive about deep soulful meaninfull things but not too shy about anything else :-).
    Can see why the Sexual Healing raised it’s head with me, not becuase I needed it, not at all, but humanity. ‘If sex can kill so can it cure’ was the message i received with hiv hitting the population.
    Of course always related to Chiron, the Centaur and the French word for surgery, then there is chiropodist, chiropractic.
    Chironic & Plutonic appears strongly in my Astro. Explains why i’m so interested in creating new ways of dying.
    Baba Ram Dass when in his 80’s when asked was there any regrets, said
    ‘wished i had spent 10 years preparingfor my death’ hence my interest in Designer-Death. Maybe if birth is painful, death can be bliss? Why not?

    • lol o gosh HIV is my other life wound. only I survived it because I didnt take the meds and dont think doctors are always correct. I did think i would die in the beginning but I never got anything!?! 13 years so called positive. After being familiar since almost birth with americas dark underbelly in my family dynamics. That idea didnt seem far off.

      studying the work of Robert Gallow and Peter Deusberg I saw that big time there was so many political motivations for them to lie.

      Theres alot of evidence ive gone over which i cant put here but I also did Robert Gallows noon chart and Peter deusbergs and found another nail in the coffin for HIV, Robert Gallow Has ERIS conjunct his sun by 2 degrees.

      And i read on Planet waves about Eris, anyone who knows about it can see the guy is a iiar, he had a couple grants taken and was in court before for lying.

      Anyway Eris has to do with denied sexuality, it said when you deny eris you can cause chaos upon the whole world. and that people with heavy eris contacts get jealous of other sexually open people. He could have used that agianst gays. maybe he is gay and he denied his sexual identity in favor of hurting the world with a hastly rushed fake disease. then everyone used it for there own purposes. Not to get off topic but he has Mercury Neptune opp. also prone to lying.

      Peter Deusberg has the Mercury Neptune square but eris no where near his sun. Has merc in sagittarius more associated with truth. Than Robert Gallows mercury in ambtion not truth associated aries…

      • Mercury in Sagg here…lying an impossiblility but my Neptune conjunct Libra can invent fantasies very well:-)
        Don’t know the peeps you mentioned but do know hiv doesn’t need to kill anymore if you are relativley healthy. The message it gave was to ‘Look at this thing called Sex’ and so did via Tanta and it’s philosophies and found the solutions, the antidote.
        If our foundation our root chakra is stable & nourished all the other chakra will follow from the
        base upwards (occlivity).

        • Robert Gallow is the original Co- founder of HIV on the US side. Luc Montagnier is the French Discoverer, that even admitted publicly recently in a documentary, called The House Of Numbers that HIV can be can be “cleared” with proper nutrition, and that there was no money in feeding africas poor and treating diseases that have been around for decades. Which are now cloaked under the umbrealla of vaccine grasping. drug pushing, patent creating HIV related illness.

          Peter Deusberg is one of a now growing body of 2500 scientists that said they did the virology wrong from the beginning and rushed the papers through.

          They take your funding if you dont spout there almost religious fervor toward the HIV hypothesis. Some doctors and scientists even resort to very dark threats and taunts. Science is supposed to be able to be questioned, if there so right why all the nasty attacks. Im sure if they could they would burn people who questioned there method in the local square if it was still allowed.

          • W O W.

            Saw cartoon in ’86, of 2 Wall Street types, a desk between them, saying
            ‘buy condoms not condiminiums’.
            HIV, The Money Making Dis-eaze’.
            Why am i not surpised.

  47. Currently transiting my 2nd house about money, self worth and value.
    That is SO accurate as feel like giving up work as not paid enough and been dithering about giving myself a raise for 8 months now.
    Thanx for mentioning the transit Prowin, hence my peek at where it is currently.
    50.7 year cycle divided by 12 houses, so approx 4+ years.
    That’s how long i have been underpaid? That would be right!
    When it goes into the 3rd, it will be about Community, City life. YUP want to move to CBD and get more involved, go tell it as i see it.

    • Hiya Pegs :)

      I have Chiron in Pisces in 2nd as well. Too busy to look into its meaning right now. I tend to ignore Chiron. There’s so much going on in my chart – especially when it’s full of squares.

      Anywaaaaay, more important question for you. Hoping you have some idea. Or if anyone else does, feel free to jump in.

      What do you reckon it means if someone (a current potential love interest) in your dream touches your third eye? I’ve never dreamed that before. It was quite a blissful feeling by the way.

      His Neptune in Saggo bang on my Moon. I don’t feel that it’s a past life connection and I’m glad actually because they usually end – quickly painfully and dramatically (Pluto/Uranus in 8th)

      • Hello Lovely and a :-) to you too.
        One of the excercises in Tantra is 3rd eye sex!
        Having a vision together, creating that vision together.
        You have the paints, he has the canvas, sopaint the picture together.
        Very symbolic dream it’s about YOU not him, about your inner lover awakening you, your desire for a more spiritual connection. Once you have it, even if it’s for a while, you will always be friends.
        Sky Dancing Tanta, named after a Tibetan lady-monk, Sky Dancer, said it was having cosmic union with the universe. I take it to mean ‘getting out of your own way, forgetting ego & character and seeing each other as 2 energy bodies worshipping the sun moon stars by entwining.
        So much net stuff written about 3rd eye is erroneous, delicious Scorp.
        Touching foreheads with each other (before ‘head’), visualising a golden light, then breathing that light into your bodies is step #1, step #2 is placing your hand on his heart space vertically, centre (surrepticiously if you want-need to) and asking some improtant questions you would like to know & difficult for the men to lie.
        AAhhh, sacred spiritual secret sex, huh?
        Dream Lover’s are the best (sang Buddy Holly?)

        • PS are not Scorps the best for psychic sex?
          AND your 8th house. Sex & Death the biggest
          Le petite mort? That’s entering the void where ALL creation takes place…….
          it’s written in my book of secrets…lol
          When a client-friend saw the book he said ‘well it’s won’t be a secret anymore’.
          Not with this big mouthed Sagg, i thought.

        • Cosmic union with the universe :) Aha! I think that’s what it is. I like it! We were texting all night then agreed to meet in our dreams at 3am. I was thinking “yeah, in ya dreams… is the only way you can have me” tee hee. He’s not currently available, which kinda bothered me at first but yesterday I thought, oh just enjoy it for what it is. He has awakened something in me and I’ve been dead for so long. Its nice to have the blood pumping through my veins again. He may be the catalyst for something else wicked which may come… Hope springs eternal.
          What Scorp doesn’t like psychic sex! Any kind is good. Essential for transformation.

          Thanks for your spirirual riffing. x

          • Catalyst. Work it. Enjoy the feeling.
            You can be sensible w/o it disturbing your happiness :-) (as it did for me in the past-being sensible that is, also a committed man).
            As you are so independant & free, him not being free could be an advantage, just to keep the juices moving & groovin in the right direction..

            • I think I’m bored already. (moon in Saggo square Uranus) 😆

              Always sensible (Cap Asc) :)

              He’s an Aries ex work colleague (freedom loving Uranus all over his Sun) who got in touch after I left the company. Said I “oozed” independence and freedom…. that was the attraction. Think the penny dropped when he revealed that. Maybe that’s why only attached men approach me (I certainly don’t go looking for it). They get their freedom via me. Perhaps my independence/free spirit is too threatening for the single guys? Who knows….

  48. so neat that the sun is 5 degrees away from My Natal Chiron. It is really something when you first think of a planet or learn or talk of something many times you can see it mirrored in the chart. Like when I first talked to my scorpio friend of chiron his mercury was passing within two degrees of it. lol so kewl to know all this (our life/lives) is for a reason. Not just a season.

    • Let the Stars guide you, yes.
      and go back to school because you missed your childhood
      and re-do it according to your needs. Choose your subjects.
      Tout est possible.

  49. So many great insights here, and amazing how much pain people carry that you have no idea about.

    I have natal Chiron conjunct Moon and Eris (fairly tight) in Aries, directly opposite Uranus and Pallas conjunct in the 8th.

    A very long and to me boring story, as I have been dealing with it for so long…. I don’t know if there are any “insights” left to glean out of it, just want the various issues to go away, have been working on them for so long and am really just trying to give myself a break from them right now.

    So – lack of mothering (no she didn’t beat me or starve me, just didn’t “get” me or seem to notice I was there at all amongst a large family – so any problems that I had as a child (and I was always a weird kid) I had to deal with on my own. It amazes me that my parents can have been so oblivious to my behaviour and health issues, still they were relatively young (compared to me) and had 3 other younger kids to deal with. So anyway, I always felt on my own and that I should prove myself by achievement (Aries) and was always judged by my mother on my achievements (strangely although I started out as being a kid with talents, as the years went on I fell further and further behind my peers till after I graduated from uni with a useless degree I basically spent 3 years in a data entry job / crap relationship with much older man just separated from his wife, etc).

    I haven’t looked up my Chiron transits but I’m guessing that would be one – age 21 / 22. I was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries at that time (useless catch-all name that means ” you have lots of problems with your hormones and we have no idea how to fix them, so you are going to have to live with them.” While I’d always had irregular and heavy painful periods, and had never been considered attractive by any means, at this time I put on a lot of weight and started growing a beard and lots of facial hair, (I’d always had body hair) which I have to this day. Yes it involves a lot of plucking shaving and waxing, on a daily basis.

    Crap sex in almost all my relationships, I think its key that age 21/22 (first sexual relationship, became live-in very quickly after he succeeded in getting me thrown out of my share house due to playing on some past history with my housemate that I was unaware of)…. was the time I put on weight, got the beard etc. I remember also missing periods for 5 months (in a relationship where mr selectively-catholic chose to not use any contraception) and he assuring me that it was fine and not to worry about it – the doctor was horrified and we were both (the dr and I) incredibly relieved I wasn’t pregnant, but I simply had no other friends or relationships at the time who were holding me up, so I stayed in that relationship for years. The sex was quite frankly shit, for me, whereas he had just left a marriage where he was used to having it most nights of the week. I was tired, low in energy, trying to fill my life with studies to get ahead out of my dead end job, and then to have to put out at 1 am or 2 am or listen to him whinging until I could finally get to sleep. He knew about the PCOS (also affects sex drive) and said that he was normal, I was the one with the problem, so it was not fair for him to do without sex just because I had the problem. (Also his excellent sex life with his ex wife who he had no respect for, proved that he was normal…. whereas I think I knew quite well that nobody would have me, and so I told myself that was the only relationship I could get).

    So — my life is better now — but I stil have the beard (got rid of most of the fat), and have no relationship, no sex life, no children, and am hitting 40 later this year.
    However, I do have a good bunch of friends now (strangely, quite a few also with PCOS) and a sort of relationship with my mother (who over the years has realised that I have done not terribly for myself… although the comparisons with “such and such from primary school has just got her PhD and got married in Hawaii last year” are going to keep coming, forever. (At least these hit all my brothers and sisters as well, so it’s easier to roll your eyes at them).

    There is still a lot to heal. But as David said above, nothing I see that I can do about it, nothing to blame myself for, all I can really do is hang on for the ride until it turns around.
    I have done the valuing myself by going to healers of all kinds (conventional western medicine – don’t bother if you have PCOS), acupuncture, naturopathy, electrolysis, laser hair removal, laser hair removal again (NB it grows back as soon as you stop), full on no-carbs diets, Bowen therapy, spiritual healing etc.
    Spent a lot of money – results slow – and expensive – so am in a rest phase for a while. Or looking for the cheaper options amongst these, as when it is time, it will happen…. all I get from reading cards is “Divine Timing”, it will happen when it happens.

    I got told that Chiron opposite Uranus is the sign of a healer, and I do have a great desire to heal (I do reiki). I am particularly drawn to heal women with sexual problems or abuse and these stories always used to affect me very deeply. I haven’t hit too much of it over the years (I don’t get told the stories always) but the thing I love about Reiki is you don’t need to know the details, to help. I kind of feel I will move into working as a healer after I have had a phase of 10 years or so working in a normal-in-the-system job, where I want to help the world in a different way (less personal, more systematic).

    To me, Chiron does seem like a Virgo thing too… I have strong 6th house so it might be hard to separate.

    Chiron in mythology is the true father of medicine, who trained Asclepius (recognised as the founder of medicine). I went to the Asclepion in Kos, Greece about a year ago (the ancient original healing complex, with an incredible view over the sea to the snowy mountains of Turkey, temples, baths, originally with music and diet and everything beautiful to bring a person’s body and soul back into balance. Truly gorgeous and it has an amazing energy about it.

    • Keep that Temple in your mind constantly, it’s your spiritual ‘home’. What a priviledge to go there.
      The Healer gets Healed….ancient saying.

      DIY waxing, fuq all the other ways. Golden hairs glisten & shine in the sun, so blonde them?
      A woman comes into her Force at 42 years.

      • lovely comment pegasus.

        aqua lion, have you looked into bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? (you can have a hormone profile saliva test – much more reliable than bloods – and have a practitioner guide you.)

  50. Am doing Mars in Virgo and my Mercury Sagg meaning don’t need much encouragement to communciate.
    (It’s actually anger as a positive motivation).
    10 printed astrodienst natal charts, all mine, spread out.

    Mystic I must be getting it after all. How much admiration for your tenacity
    and your devotion to getting it out there an a fun and insightful way.
    Happiness for fullifilling your destiny and what you give out to do so.
    Bernadette Brady sparked my interest in ’88, previously only LInda Goodman’s Arien take for public. Athena Starwoman was Kataka if i remember.
    You have the Neptunian Water Bearer to pour forth. The Star in Tarot, yes?

  51. My natal aspects to Chiron, is in Pisces Asc, conj Saturn, trine Neptune, sext Sun, quintile Moon, squares my Merc and Jup and is opposite Uranus and Pluto Virgo 7th. The exceptional/unexceptional theme played strong in life.

    Agree with Mystic very hard to sort Saturn Chiron, esp. with Saturn in 12th….I suspect that Chiron has to with with being so forced into yourself through pain, for eg. that you come to grow some kind of exceptional heartfelt understanding of others pain and suffering, your ego has to take a back seat for years maybe, but it is by magic, it is heart energy not intellectualising of things, and def beyond blame/victim theories.

    In practice i would say that it is unexceptional in that an individual simply helps another, the exceptionality of it is that you begin to heal yourself when no one else can, or can grok just what you’ve had to live thru.

    When you begin to heal yourself, in my own experience, you can truly have a magic way of helping others in times of crisis, as if by magic they say you’ve worked magic on their hearts. i’ve done this myself with people in some very drastic life situs, maybe this has worked because i’ve known them and they me, i don’t know if i’d have this ability with strangers for eg.

    Have Chiron conj Saturn prog transit coming up soon, ho-hum, i’ll work it somehow.

  52. I have Chiron in the twelfth house, conjunct my Ascendant in Leo… I am definitely a healer of sorts, I have always attracted sensitive types to me, and constantly have people confiding in me, within minutes of knowing me… I also have a knack for knowing the right thing to say, and knowing how to deal with and understand intense emotions, sometimes beyond my own personal experience. Not sure how Chiron specifically manifests itself in the 12th house and conjunct to my Leo Rising though, could anybody shed some light?

  53. ok, so after some digging…I have chiron in aries in the fourth house, opposing midheaven, sesquiquadrate ascendant. not sure how to interpret that!

        • I did after posting this. pretty depressing stuff, mainly because it’s true! I know there has to be a way to kind of work with that, but I just don’t know how.

          lots of feeling out of place, alone, not really existent, in a nutshell. lots of self doubt.

    • What did you find about Chiron in your 4th house that’s depressing? Mine is there, too, in Aries as well, but minus the other aspects.

      • I just found that it really underlined my feelings of awkwardness and feeling non-existent. also, it points out big father issues, and I certainly have those. but I read it as, kind of, that’s THAT to it, you know? I’m not sure how to turn those things into healing or a positive, if that makes sense (I’m too tired to tell right now). :)

  54. Well, I have Chiron conjuct my sun in Taurus. I am trying to remember whether I have it in my 6th or 7th house.
    On Thursday I had a seizure, which was a terrifying experience, but this conversation about Chiron is actually quite interesting in this context. A trial in my health, but also throwing into light my varying and long working hours and how I still went into work and confusing people about how I am not considering to cancel shift out of a sense of duty.
    Quite a few things to ponder and evaluate.

  55. Chiron in Aries / 11th House. It is (wait for it) Square my Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Moon and Lilith, if that’s possible. My wound and hopefully the healing, or at least helping of others, are around a few issues, from childhood through adulthood. Nothing happens the usual, ordinary way in my life. But I am not complaining! I wouldn’t change my part in my life for a usual, ordinary life but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy either.

    • Actually it is not Square my Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Moon and Lilith. I think it opposes them as they are all Libra. Oops.

  56. Hi guys!

    well id love some astro help : )

    I have chiron in the 10th house which is in Gemini right next to Lilith. I knwo tenth rules career and “freedom” from the 4th house sort of thing ( somethign id really like to break out of, and Ive felt that to get there seems extremely daunting. I blame my saturn in the 3rd which blocks my ability to tune into the gemini sense of communicative ease, as well as pluto in the second house: financial sabotage ??? does that make sense?. Also if relevant I have chiron sitting in my 6th house right now, right next to my moon and a few doors down to my retrograde jupiter : )

    • i think it is important to know what sign/house your mercury is in: what are you trying to communicate?

  57. Thanks circlesquared!

    well i say communicationn because in order to enter my tenth house positively it is said to work on the qualities of the sign that rules it, which is gemini. Im just ina rut in that I have no career and no real job and really would like to get a move on with my life, but just cant seem to break out of this bind : (
    Third house is in scorpio.

  58. I have Chiron in Aquarius in the 8th house (Aquarius cusp), and have certainly seen more than my share of dark days.

    Trine to Gemini Sun (12th) (Gemini cusp)
    Square to Moon and North Node in Scorpio (5th) (Scorpio cusp)
    Biquintile to Jupiter in Virgo (3rd) (Leo cusp)

    I recently finished a Chiron Return — glad that’s over! But, it gave me a lot of insight.


  59. Hey Pegasus, Thanks, I appreciate the thoughts. 42 years old, well if I could just have the power while I still have some fertility I would appreciate it even more, but hey, I guess by that stage you know which way you are going a bit more.

    self-waxing – yes, I do the face but oh my god the coordination to do all of the legs, tried a few times but could only do the fronts (not the backs) so really not very socially acceptable. So I wear a lot of trousers. But even a wax job only seems to last about 2 weeks on me, 3 maybe if I am lucky. So it gets expensive.

    I feel like I should be doing more healing, but it took me so long to find this “real” job (with money and also some meaning, although perhaps not as much as healing) that I am doing a deal with myself to stay in the job for a while. I have never really managed to stay in a continuous career for more than a few years and it is so nice to have money, I do appreciate it. But I do love healing too. OK you have all motivated me a bit to do a bit more.

  60. chaos in virgo !

    sympathise totally, you need to take a step out of your rut. In any direction, it almost doesn’t matter at this time provided that it is something that is going to make you feel good in some way (ie. not trading off your morality or personhood, but somewhere and someplace they value you. Is there anything you are interested in pursuing further where you do work? Anything that bugs you that could be done better that you would be interested in offering to take over? Or else anything outside your job you want to pursue? Is there any chance you could talk to your boss about getting a day a week off, for a while, to look into some other things that interest you?

    If there’s any chance you can put your interests to work where you are now, you’ll probably find your workplace is more supportive… but worth asking anyway… it is your life after all. They can only say no.

    I don’t have chiron in the 10th but I do have neptune… and it took forever to get a career going. So probably not the sharp pain you get from a Chiron but just a long long time going around in circles.

    What is your strength? Can you use your Chiron experience to help someone else, somehow? — Strongly would suggest you take a little time (if possible) to do some work experience somewhere you are interested in – just a week, or even a bit less, will give you a taste for whether you are interested in something. And people generally are open to having someone interested in their career, learn from them for a bit.

    I know this kind of depends on being able to free up some time for this exploration – but if you are serious and start the process, the universe will help you. It did for me a couple of years ago. It was hell difficult at first trying to balance the different part time jobs which were supposed to give me more free time to explore my options… easiest if you can get some savings happening and then just take a bit of time off. The career I’m in, I got into by a chance comment from one of my colleagues, where I was working at the time. Wasn’t a career I had thought of, but it is actually a good fit. Everyone knew I was looking for something else so people do actually try to help if you let them.

    Hope you can get just one rung up – every step out is a step forward… and being able to use what you know you can do, will give you confidence. Most important thing is to find a nice supportive workplace – they do exist! somewhere where they are nice to work with.

    wish you luck, I’m sure you can offer more than where you are now, and other people are just waiting for you to be able to.

    I know this is important to a Virgo – particularly – so good luck to you.

  61. Aqua Lion two words for you: medical marijuana.
    I suffer with severe endometriosis/adenomyeosis. I manage the bleeding with progesterone, the cysts with laparoscopies every couple of years, and everything else with MJ.

    I am chiron in Pisces. Every day used to be a battle but I’m stubborn so after all of the pain I reaped the rewards :)

    I am 44. I listened to the traditional docs and took a horrible range of meds( every BCP known to man, lupron, depo, you name it.) from ages 19 to 40. Found MJ at 42. I am never looking back.

  62. Came back to this tonight so I could read through it all properly, there is so much here.

    I really like twinfishrising’s insight, on how Chiron is different from Saturn:
    Chiron = Disciplined practice of the Magician’s art of living magically that pays the returns, whereas
    Saturn = woodchopping, bean counting etc.

    I have tried the Saturn approach to dealing with PCOS (ie. ridiculously strict diet / exercise regimes that I as an Aqua-Leo simply refuse to continue as a major impost to my Fabulousness). It works BUT only while you keep suffering, killing yourself. Also the Western medicine approach (eg. give you the drugs they give to major sex offenders to chemically castrate them) doesn’t work so good either.

    Intuitively since about 6 years ago I don’t want ANY kind of outside “treatment”, synthetic hormones or drugs or anything else. I want to get my body back into balance so it can heal itself. Next step is more acupuncture (just found an acupuncturist who claims he can cure it in 6weeks – and he’s good – so worth a shot crossed fingers).

    But I do also feel the answer is in living magically somehow. With Eris-Moon-Chiron tight in Aries, don’t feel I really had a childhood, feel I was running on a treadmill to achievement by other people’s measures. To be honest I would rather have a life than have the PCOS 100% fixed. I can live with SOME of the symptoms just would rather have them at the minor and manageable end.
    And every step I take in the alternative healing world just seems to make amazing contacts, this is the one area of my life that has truly flowed easily without me making much apparent effort at all.

    I also like the idea (put by a few people here) that you heal yourself through healing others. I think I used to think this way, then somewhere or somehow I got told that this was “displacement” and just a distraction from fixing your own stuff. Nooooo – I think you guys are right, I think helping others with these specific problems is the best way to activate the “magic”. The other aspect of Moon-Aries-Chiron I think is finding it hard to fit in, having to be a “survivor” in a new place and tough it out. Something I do as second nature is to spot this in others and try to make their life easier, so they don’t have to do things the hard way.
    I don’t think I had ever linked this trait to my Chiron, but definitely the results pay off for ME, not just for them.

    Mystic, this is a brilliant post / blog, way better than the ultra-depressing Chiron book I was just skimming through recently (got too depressed to go far with it).

    DIY astro rocks !
    Can I make a request for an Eris post? I know nothing much about Eris but I am curious to know how she plays out. (PS It was recently found she is NOT actually bigger than Pluto – is slightly smaller but much brighter…. so Pluto got kicked out of the Planet-Club by an actually smaller rival! Really matches her description as the evil fairy and troublemaker !

  63. I’m new to this, was fun finding out where things where not sure what it means… appreciated
    My natal Chiron is in Taurus 5 house, with Sun, & (conjunct Mercury, Mars; Trine Moon)
    Transit Chiron is in Pisces 3 house no planets but (square Jupiter, Uranus; Trine Saturn)

    When I checked some vital moments (they are a bit over year apart), had similar things – but is that just caz Chiron moves slow???
    Meeting my partner for first time Chiron in Aquarius 2nd house (no planets there, but square Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron; trine Venus, Jupiter, Pluto)
    Giving birth to my baby girl Chiron in Aquarius 2nd house (Square Mercury, Mars, Chiron; Trine Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, True Node)
    But I guess for me both these moments I would agree with Ninja Chiron, pain but mostly gain

  64. I have Chiron in Pisces in the 6th.I always feared that meant having some health problems,I have had a few here and there but nothing too serious.I have always felt strongly about the mind/body connection—one day I was sitting at the beach with a friend and was just feeling really healthy and alive,both in my physical and mental self,and just was feeling the connection between the two,like you really couldn’t have one without the other and just said out loud–‘Sound body,sound mind’-

    That’s mainly what Chiron in the 6th is about for me—