Ninja Chiron: How To Handle Chiron Transits

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Dan Mantina

How to handle Chiron transits?

Let’s use this Dark Moon time to so some old-school self-processing and astro-analysis of our Chiron.


Don’t worry if you don’t what any of this means – the point of D.I.Y. Astro is that people who know more help other peeps out in the comments. Ask as stupid a question as you want.

The fact is that with Chiron, we’re all a bit stupid with it.ย  It was discovered relatively recently – in 1977 – and named after Chiron, the Wise Centaur who trained Warriors.ย  As opposed to some of the other Centaurs who galloped about on drunken benders, pissing off goddesses and starting wars.

But does the mythology of Chiron fit with the astrological Chiron? Not really i.m.o. But then again, I have never agreed with or resonated with anything i’ve read about Chiron. I know, i know…Super New Age astrologers love him as apparently some sort of a rainbow bridge to higher consciousness.

Some say Chiron is like a more sensitive version of Saturn, to do with wounds and healing. Others say he is the maverick, more like the awesome Magician card of Tarot. Chiron can be seen as a sexy Saturn-Uranus hybrid.ย  Frankly, i tend to ignore Chiron whenever possible, it’s easy at the mo because Chiron and Neptune are SO close together, right?

BUT if you do some astrological retro-engineering, always the best way to learn astrology, I guarantee you will wow out at Chiron.

WHAT is astrological retro-engineering? It’s when you go back over your entire life and check the astro for your most major events and turning points. Yes, there will be a lot going on at such intense times – Pluto is always a contender lol – but when i did it recently, i decided to finally look at Chiron and voila: Chiron on my angles (Descendent, Midheaven, Ascendent) and most important planets at all of the most vital and evolution-intensive times.

So i think with Chiron, the quickest way to figure out how it works for you is to look back and analyze.

The easiest way to astrologically retro-engineer is to have your chart open on a computer/bit of paper AND then use an ephemeris. You can get them online but most astro-fiends love old-school ephemeris books for various reasons. They end up tattered and covered in coffee stains but so useful. I think its because you have the chart which is a visual map and then an ephemeris listing the planetary positions and that you can read chronologically, like a book. This truly is the method i think is best to learn astrology.

So let’s do Chiron – what is your natal Chiron and how do you find Chiron by transit? The Wounded Healer or the Magician? Personally i think Chiron is more like a crazy Ninja. I really do. Chiron by transit for me has always resulted in intuitive leaps of faith – some pain but mostly gain.

Thoughts please?!

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209 thoughts on “Ninja Chiron: How To Handle Chiron Transits

  1. Am doing Mars in Virgo and my Mercury Sagg meaning don’t need much encouragement to communciate.
    (It’s actually anger as a positive motivation).
    10 printed astrodienst natal charts, all mine, spread out.

    Mystic I must be getting it after all. How much admiration for your tenacity
    and your devotion to getting it out there an a fun and insightful way.
    Happiness for fullifilling your destiny and what you give out to do so.
    Bernadette Brady sparked my interest in ’88, previously only LInda Goodman’s Arien take for public. Athena Starwoman was Kataka if i remember.
    You have the Neptunian Water Bearer to pour forth. The Star in Tarot, yes?

  2. My natal aspects to Chiron, is in Pisces Asc, conj Saturn, trine Neptune, sext Sun, quintile Moon, squares my Merc and Jup and is opposite Uranus and Pluto Virgo 7th. The exceptional/unexceptional theme played strong in life.

    Agree with Mystic very hard to sort Saturn Chiron, esp. with Saturn in 12th….I suspect that Chiron has to with with being so forced into yourself through pain, for eg. that you come to grow some kind of exceptional heartfelt understanding of others pain and suffering, your ego has to take a back seat for years maybe, but it is by magic, it is heart energy not intellectualising of things, and def beyond blame/victim theories.

    In practice i would say that it is unexceptional in that an individual simply helps another, the exceptionality of it is that you begin to heal yourself when no one else can, or can grok just what you’ve had to live thru.

    When you begin to heal yourself, in my own experience, you can truly have a magic way of helping others in times of crisis, as if by magic they say you’ve worked magic on their hearts. i’ve done this myself with people in some very drastic life situs, maybe this has worked because i’ve known them and they me, i don’t know if i’d have this ability with strangers for eg.

    Have Chiron conj Saturn prog transit coming up soon, ho-hum, i’ll work it somehow.

  3. I have Chiron in the twelfth house, conjunct my Ascendant in Leo… I am definitely a healer of sorts, I have always attracted sensitive types to me, and constantly have people confiding in me, within minutes of knowing me… I also have a knack for knowing the right thing to say, and knowing how to deal with and understand intense emotions, sometimes beyond my own personal experience. Not sure how Chiron specifically manifests itself in the 12th house and conjunct to my Leo Rising though, could anybody shed some light?

  4. ok, so after some digging…I have chiron in aries in the fourth house, opposing midheaven, sesquiquadrate ascendant. not sure how to interpret that!

        • I did after posting this. pretty depressing stuff, mainly because it’s true! I know there has to be a way to kind of work with that, but I just don’t know how.

          lots of feeling out of place, alone, not really existent, in a nutshell. lots of self doubt.

    • What did you find about Chiron in your 4th house that’s depressing? Mine is there, too, in Aries as well, but minus the other aspects.

      • I just found that it really underlined my feelings of awkwardness and feeling non-existent. also, it points out big father issues, and I certainly have those. but I read it as, kind of, that’s THAT to it, you know? I’m not sure how to turn those things into healing or a positive, if that makes sense (I’m too tired to tell right now). ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well, I have Chiron conjuct my sun in Taurus. I am trying to remember whether I have it in my 6th or 7th house.
    On Thursday I had a seizure, which was a terrifying experience, but this conversation about Chiron is actually quite interesting in this context. A trial in my health, but also throwing into light my varying and long working hours and how I still went into work and confusing people about how I am not considering to cancel shift out of a sense of duty.
    Quite a few things to ponder and evaluate.

  6. Chiron in Aries / 11th House. It is (wait for it) Square my Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Moon and Lilith, if that’s possible. My wound and hopefully the healing, or at least helping of others, are around a few issues, from childhood through adulthood. Nothing happens the usual, ordinary way in my life. But I am not complaining! I wouldn’t change my part in my life for a usual, ordinary life but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy either.

    • Actually it is not Square my Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Moon and Lilith. I think it opposes them as they are all Libra. Oops.

  7. Hi guys!

    well id love some astro help : )

    I have chiron in the 10th house which is in Gemini right next to Lilith. I knwo tenth rules career and “freedom” from the 4th house sort of thing ( somethign id really like to break out of, and Ive felt that to get there seems extremely daunting. I blame my saturn in the 3rd which blocks my ability to tune into the gemini sense of communicative ease, as well as pluto in the second house: financial sabotage ??? does that make sense?. Also if relevant I have chiron sitting in my 6th house right now, right next to my moon and a few doors down to my retrograde jupiter : )

    • i think it is important to know what sign/house your mercury is in: what are you trying to communicate?

  8. Thanks circlesquared!

    well i say communicationn because in order to enter my tenth house positively it is said to work on the qualities of the sign that rules it, which is gemini. Im just ina rut in that I have no career and no real job and really would like to get a move on with my life, but just cant seem to break out of this bind : (
    Third house is in scorpio.

  9. I have Chiron in Aquarius in the 8th house (Aquarius cusp), and have certainly seen more than my share of dark days.

    Trine to Gemini Sun (12th) (Gemini cusp)
    Square to Moon and North Node in Scorpio (5th) (Scorpio cusp)
    Biquintile to Jupiter in Virgo (3rd) (Leo cusp)

    I recently finished a Chiron Return — glad that’s over! But, it gave me a lot of insight.


  10. Hey Pegasus, Thanks, I appreciate the thoughts. 42 years old, well if I could just have the power while I still have some fertility I would appreciate it even more, but hey, I guess by that stage you know which way you are going a bit more.

    self-waxing – yes, I do the face but oh my god the coordination to do all of the legs, tried a few times but could only do the fronts (not the backs) so really not very socially acceptable. So I wear a lot of trousers. But even a wax job only seems to last about 2 weeks on me, 3 maybe if I am lucky. So it gets expensive.

    I feel like I should be doing more healing, but it took me so long to find this “real” job (with money and also some meaning, although perhaps not as much as healing) that I am doing a deal with myself to stay in the job for a while. I have never really managed to stay in a continuous career for more than a few years and it is so nice to have money, I do appreciate it. But I do love healing too. OK you have all motivated me a bit to do a bit more.

  11. chaos in virgo !

    sympathise totally, you need to take a step out of your rut. In any direction, it almost doesn’t matter at this time provided that it is something that is going to make you feel good in some way (ie. not trading off your morality or personhood, but somewhere and someplace they value you. Is there anything you are interested in pursuing further where you do work? Anything that bugs you that could be done better that you would be interested in offering to take over? Or else anything outside your job you want to pursue? Is there any chance you could talk to your boss about getting a day a week off, for a while, to look into some other things that interest you?

    If there’s any chance you can put your interests to work where you are now, you’ll probably find your workplace is more supportive… but worth asking anyway… it is your life after all. They can only say no.

    I don’t have chiron in the 10th but I do have neptune… and it took forever to get a career going. So probably not the sharp pain you get from a Chiron but just a long long time going around in circles.

    What is your strength? Can you use your Chiron experience to help someone else, somehow? — Strongly would suggest you take a little time (if possible) to do some work experience somewhere you are interested in – just a week, or even a bit less, will give you a taste for whether you are interested in something. And people generally are open to having someone interested in their career, learn from them for a bit.

    I know this kind of depends on being able to free up some time for this exploration – but if you are serious and start the process, the universe will help you. It did for me a couple of years ago. It was hell difficult at first trying to balance the different part time jobs which were supposed to give me more free time to explore my options… easiest if you can get some savings happening and then just take a bit of time off. The career I’m in, I got into by a chance comment from one of my colleagues, where I was working at the time. Wasn’t a career I had thought of, but it is actually a good fit. Everyone knew I was looking for something else so people do actually try to help if you let them.

    Hope you can get just one rung up – every step out is a step forward… and being able to use what you know you can do, will give you confidence. Most important thing is to find a nice supportive workplace – they do exist! somewhere where they are nice to work with.

    wish you luck, I’m sure you can offer more than where you are now, and other people are just waiting for you to be able to.

    I know this is important to a Virgo – particularly – so good luck to you.

  12. Aqua Lion two words for you: medical marijuana.
    I suffer with severe endometriosis/adenomyeosis. I manage the bleeding with progesterone, the cysts with laparoscopies every couple of years, and everything else with MJ.

    I am chiron in Pisces. Every day used to be a battle but I’m stubborn so after all of the pain I reaped the rewards ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am 44. I listened to the traditional docs and took a horrible range of meds( every BCP known to man, lupron, depo, you name it.) from ages 19 to 40. Found MJ at 42. I am never looking back.

  13. Came back to this tonight so I could read through it all properly, there is so much here.

    I really like twinfishrising’s insight, on how Chiron is different from Saturn:
    Chiron = Disciplined practice of the Magician’s art of living magically that pays the returns, whereas
    Saturn = woodchopping, bean counting etc.

    I have tried the Saturn approach to dealing with PCOS (ie. ridiculously strict diet / exercise regimes that I as an Aqua-Leo simply refuse to continue as a major impost to my Fabulousness). It works BUT only while you keep suffering, killing yourself. Also the Western medicine approach (eg. give you the drugs they give to major sex offenders to chemically castrate them) doesn’t work so good either.

    Intuitively since about 6 years ago I don’t want ANY kind of outside “treatment”, synthetic hormones or drugs or anything else. I want to get my body back into balance so it can heal itself. Next step is more acupuncture (just found an acupuncturist who claims he can cure it in 6weeks – and he’s good – so worth a shot crossed fingers).

    But I do also feel the answer is in living magically somehow. With Eris-Moon-Chiron tight in Aries, don’t feel I really had a childhood, feel I was running on a treadmill to achievement by other people’s measures. To be honest I would rather have a life than have the PCOS 100% fixed. I can live with SOME of the symptoms just would rather have them at the minor and manageable end.
    And every step I take in the alternative healing world just seems to make amazing contacts, this is the one area of my life that has truly flowed easily without me making much apparent effort at all.

    I also like the idea (put by a few people here) that you heal yourself through healing others. I think I used to think this way, then somewhere or somehow I got told that this was “displacement” and just a distraction from fixing your own stuff. Nooooo – I think you guys are right, I think helping others with these specific problems is the best way to activate the “magic”. The other aspect of Moon-Aries-Chiron I think is finding it hard to fit in, having to be a “survivor” in a new place and tough it out. Something I do as second nature is to spot this in others and try to make their life easier, so they don’t have to do things the hard way.
    I don’t think I had ever linked this trait to my Chiron, but definitely the results pay off for ME, not just for them.

    Mystic, this is a brilliant post / blog, way better than the ultra-depressing Chiron book I was just skimming through recently (got too depressed to go far with it).

    DIY astro rocks !
    Can I make a request for an Eris post? I know nothing much about Eris but I am curious to know how she plays out. (PS It was recently found she is NOT actually bigger than Pluto – is slightly smaller but much brighter…. so Pluto got kicked out of the Planet-Club by an actually smaller rival! Really matches her description as the evil fairy and troublemaker !

  14. I’m new to this, was fun finding out where things where not sure what it means… appreciated
    My natal Chiron is in Taurus 5 house, with Sun, & (conjunct Mercury, Mars; Trine Moon)
    Transit Chiron is in Pisces 3 house no planets but (square Jupiter, Uranus; Trine Saturn)

    When I checked some vital moments (they are a bit over year apart), had similar things โ€“ but is that just caz Chiron moves slow???
    Meeting my partner for first time Chiron in Aquarius 2nd house (no planets there, but square Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron; trine Venus, Jupiter, Pluto)
    Giving birth to my baby girl Chiron in Aquarius 2nd house (Square Mercury, Mars, Chiron; Trine Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, True Node)
    But I guess for me both these moments I would agree with Ninja Chiron, pain but mostly gain

  15. I have Chiron in Pisces in the 6th.I always feared that meant having some health problems,I have had a few here and there but nothing too serious.I have always felt strongly about the mind/body connection—one day I was sitting at the beach with a friend and was just feeling really healthy and alive,both in my physical and mental self,and just was feeling the connection between the two,like you really couldn’t have one without the other and just said out loud–‘Sound body,sound mind’-

    That’s mainly what Chiron in the 6th is about for me—