Neptune In Pisces Is On Your Phone

Neptune in Pisces is here and on your phone.  It’s just beginning. We have until 2027 to get off on this thing.

This app is totally worth checking out – it SLEEPS WITH YOU!!! 

My dreams are already too lucid + i overdo it with Matrix-Inception type material as it is so no thank you but who wants to experiment and review this?

24 thoughts on “Neptune In Pisces Is On Your Phone

  1. I don’t know if this would work for me. I regularly use music to fall asleep and I haven’t had an over abundance of ocean/beach/dishwasher dreams.

  2. I was recently told an amethyst under the pillow would remember my dreams. Seems to be working well for me.

  3. Hopefully this isn’t hijacking the post too much, but speaking of Neptune in Pisces, I saw a film at an indie film festival recently called Forgetting the Girl and it had Neptune in Pisces all over it, from the lead character being a photographer to one of the plot elements involving a drowning . . . and I loved, loved, loved it. It is a total “sleeper” hit, ooops, more Neptune.

  4. I downloaded the app give it a try tonight. Not keen on it being so close to my head. It’ll be a laugh if anything.

    Slightly OT but last night I read Aqua daily scope. Dreamscape will be fab, analyze, even cynical Aquas re love….etc. I rolled my eyes, snorted & moved on to reading my rising sign hoping for some sanity there. Well, I dreamt alright, dreamt of ex Leo lover damn it. We were telling the other that were missing the other. It woke me lol before the alarm, laid there I had to admit that I missed our chatting more than the rest. I don’t know whether it’s wise to act on it as I ended it. That’ll teach me rolling my eyes while reading the dailies :)

    • In our dreams, we’re all the characters. So that was one side of yourself telling you that you love you and miss you. To figure out what’s going on, think about what part of you you’ve left behind and miss. Then love on that.

      • Wow that’s really cool thanks SL :) & catfish I get you. As the day went on I got clearer about it all thanks :)

  5. Turn your phone to flight mode so it’s not pulling a signal right near your brain box.

    It’s good sleep hygiene to turn your phone off anyway – who wants to be woken by a drunken late night text or, heaven forbid, bad news. It can all wait til the morning.

    • I don’t like alarm clocks, usually birds wake me up but if we have a cooler night (I live in the desert) I’ll sleep thru. A mobile is more reliable ie power cuts which seem to be regular in this part of the world. It’s a big no no when you have a truck of concrete waiting for you & your late because it waits for no one. It’s not the done thing when your one of the bosses. Each to their own.

  6. I don’t really even want a cell present in my bedroom. “Soundscapes” would wake me and therefore interrupt my dreams. In fact just the idea that something/one is waiting for a signal from me would mess with my sleep cycle. The only appealing aspect is the dedicated dream journal – would prefer it to be voice activated …

  7. I’ve downloaded it and am going to give it a go!

    I have a Sun-Neptune conjunction and am pretty into dream stuff, but am generally too lazy to write them down when I wake up.

  8. This won’t work on my phone. Interesting idea though.

    On a different Neptune note…… Totally sucks to lose another friend(although we haven’t been in touch in years) to a drug overdose.
    This morning I had to call my mainly estranged ex best friend(so glad we had had a couple of positive interactions last fall) to tell her that yet another of her closest friends ever died of a drug overdose.

    The friend who passed away is someone I became good friends with by doing energy work on her while she was bed ridden years ago.

    So feeling raw. Needing a hug. So grateful that my kids saved my life.

    • oh ouch Catfish. Such a raw time for you. Just hope you can find the hugs you need, the company that soothes your soul at this time. And that you come to find a place of rest within you where you can accept tho not support the life choices your friend made.

  9. I’m going to do it. I saw this the other day and thought: this is so Neptune in Pisces!

  10. The rising Aquarius in me is drawn like a moth to the flame……or a bug to the windshield….to this app.

  11. I had a lucid dream before but it was flying a few years ago. Then i had one a few days ago where i actually got to change the scene.

    I was at the top of some suburban neighborhood and this big blue construction truck passed up the street and i wondered how it was getting up the two amazingly big hills. Then i was riding down the hill in a dish holder you would find ad a restraunt.

    I was noticing how detailed the asphalt was and was dowm the first hill comming to the bottom of the second surfing in it, then i realized i was dreaming, this was after i got up early and went back to sleep.

    I knew the bottom was comming fast so i asked for water to appear and it did and i stine skipped across it in the dish holder. Then i feel through the water and was bbehind some sort of mall and my hand was below the water line i was feeling seaweed and i tried to take my hand out of the water but i was afraid to. I dont know why but i woke up after that.

  12. LOL this aint gonna work for me for a while – little bubby only lets me sleep 3 hours at a time (if im lucky) and sleeps right next to me. Love the idea though.