Mercury In Aries Made Me Do It

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Do you have Mercury in Aries?  I do and sometimes it occurs to me that i can blame it for practically everything. YES.

Never mind fancy planetary configurations, Pluto Transits that zap you straight to hell and (hopefully) back or those experimental Uranian Dating eras when five minutes can be a year but you’re always in the moment.

Forget all that.  You can pin a lot of crap onto Mercury in Aries. 

Are you Mercury in Aries and if so, do you have any of these traits?

* You blast your iPod headphones so loud that weak-eared wankers wince at you when you’re trying to master the Cybex at the gym?

* You absolutely hate to be interrupted but you butt in a lot?

* You talk fast – to the point of being unintelligible to peeps who don’t know you. 

* You read a lot but it’s mostly skim-reading.

* Ever since you learned to read, you did it day & night, completely democratically – Booker Award winning novels, Spam emails, the sides of cereal boxes, shit scrawled on the side of the gutter, signs in the distance.

* You feel hideously insulted when someone tells you information that you happen to already know.

* Your nostrils flare and your fists clench when forced to listen to boring shit.

There’s more for sure but my Mercury in Aries concentration span is already  over this – can you Mercury in Aries peeps relate? Or do you know someone with Mercury in Aries and this has made you suddenly go all eureka?  OR am i completely wrong and these traits are in fact related to something else? General Aries? Mercury in the 3rd House? Please share…





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144 thoughts on “Mercury In Aries Made Me Do It

  1. Mercury in 1st house square uranus in gemini—–REALLY bored easily!
    Skim read and get ‘IT’ like osmosis, don’t tell me the same thing more than twice as I won’t stay polite…
    Don’t talk alot, but don’t forget alot either

  2. – love Mystic’s maxims 🙂
    – collect them in my head
    – very helps
    – as trip over molehills
    – and into deep shallow quarries

    – should only read maxims
    – now methunks 🙂

  3. Man, am I late to this party!

    My eyes glaze over when boring people are talking to me. If I’m on the phone, I immediately mute my computer so I can do something interesting, remembering to say, “Uh, huh……oh yeah,” at perfectly timed moments.

    I am hideously insulted when someone tells me something I already know. Why didn’t they assume I knew that?

    Oh, yes, reading. Read, read, read.

    I read three books at a time which some people find strange. I speed read naturally, so I suppose that’s a form of skimming.

    I don’t think I speak quickly but my thoughts are hard to follow if you can’t keep up.

    I don’t mind being interrupted. I have this ability to stop and start speaking again without losing my thought (and shouldn’t everyone?), and since I’m a natural interrupter, jumping in with my brilliance that makes the conversation better, I allow others to do so too. Those who complain they can’t get a word in when talking to me are passive types who wait for me to give them the floor (so to speak) instead of having the ability to do dialog. Monolog is boring ok? See my eyes beginning to glaze over…?

    Loud music is good.

    Merc in Aries 5, cojoining my Sun.

  4. Mercury in Aries, check!
    * loud music at gym is absolutely necessary to drown out the shite they play there
    * I don’t even realise when I’m interrupting, I genuinely think what I have to say is more important and just say it out loud.
    * I read EVERYTHING.
    * I hate hate HATE being told something I already know. It’s like it’s dead information. Ugh. Do not want.

  5. Yep, all of them. When I was younger I talked so fast my best friend literally had to interpret what I was saying to other people. My Mercury also trines Uranus rising…..even now my brain goes way faster than my mouth will allow. If someone wants to tell me a story, they had better do it in 2 minutes or less!

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  7. I’ve mercury in Aries…my family has moons/suns/mars in cancer with saturns in Aries…..uh, they all pretty much hate me…thinks, I condescend and am aggressive to them when I’m talking to them…I say, I just want to get my thoughts out before I lose that next train of thought that I’m already on….I don’t have time to condescend to them…I’d have to care to do that in the first place and that takes time!!!

  8. hate yo have to stand in line to get my thoughts out…so I cut alot.

    I’ts very rude…I’m working on it.

  9. “Mercury In Aries Made Me Do It” needs to be one of the t-shirts. its also the reason for the t-shirts.

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