Mars Bites

Eyvind Earle

Hey, the Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up – totally Goth & Machiavellian to go with the Mars-Nodes bingle, Shadow of the Eclipse, Full Moon in Scorp, intensifying Zap Zone sort of a vibe.   You’re feeling it…right? This is a really good time to get change-adept and go read/re-read that Zap Zone rant on the monthly scopes page.



Albert-Joseph Penot

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31 thoughts on “Mars Bites

  1. goddess yes. am being seriously pushed out of my comfort zone as we speak. career and romance. but, nice little moment of following logic, applying calm and graciousness to a belly full of nerveworms, asking a daunting question and receiving a simple yes. EXhale. x

  2. Definitely feeling something. A rasping, grating, purifying mechanism. Not smooth – more gritty. Reminds me of the tough “Basic training” in army. Boundaries pushed, commands being belted out an inch from your ear. Wake up!!! Get real!!! Stop whining!!! Push on!!! Change!!!

    • leo groover – I digress – but love your new hair!! 😉

      • I digress to say glad to see you check in RockStar.
        And of course hope your’e still rocking iit :-) x

      • THx rox. You can digress and talk hair anytime. Im trying it on to name my new biz Redhead Social Media Agency mmmm? what do you think?

  3. Prosperina 6 degrees of Cancer, almost opp Pluto, & Psyche more or less conjunct Mars. Viva la revolution girls–and boys.

  4. thanks again Mystic for the reminder…so glad i read the zap zone again, as i got some new ideas…

    a quote for the zap zone,

    “This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well.”

    – Paulo Freire

  5. Today is one of my best feeling days, got up super early worked out, my workouts before used to feel so grueling with mars retro, hes probably working his way out of the shadow zone as we speak. Just hope todays feeling lasts all week but maybe its just sunday. Nice weather here in NYC, but same ol governmental bullish. So my sunny days can only get to 90 percent. I doubt ill ever live a 100 percent sunny day, since Ill be dead way before society breaks free of there chains.

    But im excited OWS is back in effect here tomorrow. Hope its soooo big. like last year but bigger. ZAP…………..

    • I was wondering what happened to OWS there. Seemed to have gotten a lot smaller. :(

  6. The police just got alot meaner and it got colder. So now that its warming up, people went back home to stew over the growing economic woes and the obsurdity of not being able to assemble like so many times in the past. & Its really becoming police state esque here.

    The people that fell off the “government is good wagon” are joining the masses. I mean people are getting murderd for iphones left and right. But they say its a just a bunch of heartless criminals. Nobody realizes there is a tax to pay in every society when we dont care enough for others as ourselves. Im not saying its ok to rob and steal but its really, everyone looking out for themselves and denying the saddness young people are facing.

    Society is only as safe as your people are happy working and able to afford. If no one can even get a job (Just Over Broke) after colleges are lying left and right to get them worthless degrees. There gonna do what they have to to survive. We dont know how many times there positions were turned down because of there race or because of no space. But people usually dont just go a killin and stealing for no reason unless they are male with really heavy unnurtured pluto mars contacts.

    This is really a 3rd world country now with pretty things. Check any crime stats or local american paper. Its crazy death and dying. Suicide is up, and going higher. Someone jumps in front of a train here up to 3 times a day in this city.

    sorry to be so morbid, but I have merc pluto trine so this stuff is meant to be noticed by me and spread since I am aqua.

    • You should get yourself outta there. There is a better world coming but hard to be part of it if you are surrounded by the dross of the old way.

  7. I know people are busy but some are totally self centered, they think they cant do anything. When you become aware of these things just try if you can to become a movement within your community as much as you can. If your wounded and low on energy do what you can.

    If your busy and had a pretty good childhood and upbringing try spending a little more time with people that are not your immediate family. Its amazing what one small thing can do. Even a word, even a slight gesture to change someone into seeing around them. Teach people they have a purpouse and have a soul show them how amazing and how beautiful they forgetting they are.

    I really dislike when people say well. Your not a politician so your not chaning anything. Or your on the internet, so whats that gonna do. Thats from people that dont know what Neptune is all about. Neptune knows that there is a chemical unseen reaction for every gesture you do a day. The power of your word, not over others but with. Is just as much in the eyes of the universe as amazingingly important. The universe cares not how many people you change but how authentically you tried to do it.

    Then With spoken authenticity you can automatically speak more, because Neptune just spills out everywhere, even when people are uncomfortable and being naysayers just keep doing it. Find the truth within your heart and spread it as best you know how. That is OWS millons of tiny energetic souls waking up and realizing hey. We forgot about neptune and uranus. We been doing mars WAAY to much so to speak.

    • sounds like enlightened advice to me.
      I ignore the negative naysayers too!
      Good for you. :)
      Every gesture does make a difference, no matter how small.

      • well I wouldnt say there negative, I would say everyone is HIV negative. But thats another american story full of love and freedom.

        But there just forgetting, that the visible comes from the invisible. So many things happen when you say something, if you could see with sprit eyes. Amazing colors would come pouring from your mouth, touching interacting with others. Those colors Neptunian in nature are all over this blog, as everyone helps create this canvas, and the canvas that is created helps for others to see.

        Some people are quietly working away in there life. With there own, issues. The woman or man that had the easy upbringing and created a movement are not any more important than the wounded, that knew they could change, only the few he/she knew. As you change others even you change, change is the only constant. blogs make it now possilbe to change many more than before.

        I saved my sister from thinking we were just animals. Running around with no purpouse. Now she sees if I can predict her life a few years in advance or a few weeks. Only the egotistical and unevolved chiron in piscean people will be fearful to not see the message for us up there. Its impossible for it to work so well and be so synced for there not to be a loving creator, or us be the loving creator. These are people too preoccupied with using there eyes. I try not to use mine in front of them so they can see how they can do the same. CHANGE ZAP whatever you wanna call it.

        its just a matter of one forgetting there potiential to help others with even there psyche. Universally born- both are equal in doing there part as one is no better. Goodness is goodness, the authenticity of your of Uranian/Neptunian love is where the Partay is at, that is what is in review when we moves on to our next life.

  8. Times are changin’ good and bad but, people are waking up and getting really sick of the corruption of politicians, officials, government and corporations. I hope that positive change will come of this instead of heading down a dark road.
    Have you read The End of America by Naomi Wolf?

    • No but I watched one of her lectures on youtube, I think that might have been the name of it. I have a saturn neptune square, so I tend to remember the experience of things rather than the details, so im always forgetting what things are called after a few months, I may not be able to give someone details of something, but I always remember the spiritual hi or low nature of it. And then put with other information Ive gathered sum it up with some common sense and intution. Then blurt it out all Neptune Singletony to whoever I know.. lol

  9. wooo yeah, there is a mega multi layered vibe at the mo. EEEK it is going to be a HUGE week, I can feel it in my everything, YIKES.
    WelL I am stepping up :) if only I could decide what to do first, this mental energy is exhausting, I could solve all my problems and the worlds at the moment if it just involved mental energy, my exhausted other bodies are flat out keeping up, HOW do you Gemmys do it? I am high quota of air and I am even noticing it.
    Bubbles on people, focus on target and move forward with those blinders in tact ?! See you at the finish line ready to begin the next step :)

  10. I love the Mars/Neptune opposition! I’m gobbling up all this Magic stuff, feel like I’m leaping toward my destiny and having artistic inspiration as a side dish