Lol Mercury Retro

LOL Mercury Retro.

Mercury is at a standstill right now – RESIST the temptation to send some batty communique, invest in some hot tip or go on some stupid nostalgia trip.  We have Eclipses & the Zap Zone to look forward to – will mooning over something historical really prove productive?

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  1. I was waiting for this post..

    Mercury retro period was relatively uneventful. I mentioned a Scorp crush appearing out of nowhere – as erudite posters here predicted, Merc went stand still and he disappeared.

    But the last two days – suddenly peeps from my previous lives are popping up, telling me secrets I didn’t know then. It is as if the whole retro period has wrapped itself into 48 hours.

    My plan is to sit on my hands tomorrow and do “nothing”, write “nothing” tell “nothing”. It is too much static out there, as if all of us are speaking out of a fish bowl.

    • I agree Q, relatively un eventful – primarily cos I have gaffs taped my mouth shut and my typing fingers all as one!
      I had an old school friend message me totally out of the blue – i thought he had that ‘ i think you are hot, and i would tell you, but I have swallowed my tongue ” look about him when i last saw him in September. I think it was confirmed last Sarurday night with the content being about “catching up” – his new place, wine, dinner and stay – ummm?! It could be that he meant a large group of people…& I live remote from him, but I think Merc struck for him?
      Hot Sag gone missing – I sent very very tame communique -used every divination tool available to remove foopahs – but it was a needed message.

      And today, I have awoken full of springing sensations – dying to post on Facebook something awesome to convey how I feel – like ” send me an available man, Universe! I give up my addiction to the semi-available or too far flung to be viable ” … I won’t, so much better to get that out of my system on here!!
      And I think that is my retro message – & my zap zone one as well – looking forward to what the next months bring :)

    • I’ve had retro brain won’t sleep at night flashbacks. It like my memories have been on rewind and replay for last three days. I’m talking all the way to childhood

  2. Does this apply to yesterday? Because oops batty communique on my part. How embarrassing.

  3. hmmm…I know it’s not rocket science, but looking at this photo isn’t all one has to do is turn the key over to make it right handed? Are they kidding? Does Ikea have a sense of humor or is this just a ploy to get shoppers back into the store?

    • My thoughst too Virgo Rising, and when is Ikea ever closed ? April Fools joke – surely.

      • It’s April Fool’s every day at Ikea. The joke is their furniture. The elaborate maze designed to play with their shoppers shows a cruel form of humour.

  4. Cute! Actually I saw erroneous ‘alien’ key for a mo. That was mysterious.

  5. It was an April 1st ad. Every year you’ll see a few of them scattered through the newspaper. Advertisers day of mischief and fun

  6. fresh insight from a dream last night; I read your daily email about the new vibe in the coming week ~ feels like its started, or maybe it’s merc retro SD..
    Gem Venus will aspect many of my personal planets. Gem is one of my fave signs becuse of the airy mental stimulation, light, curious, fun. I recently found out my hairdresser is also a Gemini: that makes all of my go-to peeps are mutables.

    Great post + pic! Thank u

  7. I have to admit – I was revisited last night by memories of a love-gone-wrong from many, many years ago – not a bad relationship or anything, a different scenario… anyway the feeling about this guy was strong enough for me to go to and check out what was going on in his chart at the time he was, well, chasing me. Kind of interesting, north node was transiting his pluto exact at the same time pluto was transiting his north node. That’s about all I could see that might astrologically explain why he was so smitten. I was an errant 19 year old with all manner of ideas about who and what I was attracted to, and it was not he. Later (too late) of course realising that I needed to man up and give him a chance to prove himself.

    My question is, though, if we have blast-from-the-past urges, is it (or WHY is it) a bad idea to contact someone? I’m serious – sometimes if there is unfinished business, or maybe a belated apology due, or simply a chance to reconnect even if for the length of time it takes to say ‘thanks for the memories, kid’ – or longer of course – or resolve our karma / past things / let them realise they were right or wrong in their feelings etc. I don’t like barging off with nary a backward glance, if things are not ‘happy’ where they are. Of course, if the other person couldn’t give a rats, then that’s a different story and we hafta cop it sweet. either way… what u people think?

    • I think the advice is given because it’s really really hard to be pure in motive. Many people simply can’t leave well enough alone, and so we hoodwink ourselves with grand rationalisations to mask our true reasons for wanting to regain contact. Most of us, let’s face it, probably harbour a desire to try and turn the tide back in our favour. You can see that openly in some of the more honest comments here, which i really respect, and you can read it plainly between the lines of some of the more despairing comments. Or revenge, bitterness, anger.

      If you have reasons that morally resonate with your highest self, and feel capable of handling any reaction/response from the other person, then PNM you’ve probably done the astro-climate to good effect. Congratulations! You don’t really know how the other party views things at the mo, though, and if that person has not made contact perhaps they simply need their own space and their own beliefs about what happened and what it means.

      • thanks mille, some truths in there i think. It has been so long since I have seen the guy (like, before mobile phones were in wide circulation and DEFINITELY before facebook, and we have no mutual friends I think) that we’d both have to do some searching for details to reconnect. I”m the one who sort of stomped on his heart so yeah, might be a lot at stake / in play / that he is happy to not ever deal with again, etc. hmm

    • I agree with milleunanotte. I have people from past contacting me for not-so-obvious reasons and my reactions are often “it does not matter for now – I loved since then, I cried since then, we all grew up”.

      For the army of people in my history to whom I did wrong, or I was not understanding enough, I try to send my apologies and well-wishes by trying to create a clean space in my head for them. All of us are fighting big enough wars, if my well-wishes can help them a bit, then life is OK.

      • i guess so….that’s a nice philosophy quadrupled. think i might be slip-sliding into some sort of soggy emo that i thought I had managed to reason my way out of forever a while ago. xx

  8. Is it not in many writings where those who looked back while fleeting the past , were turned to stone . Have had two communication from the past them calling me . Beware !! I find it amusing , these relationships were important . Very slippery ! Careful conversation , do not need to create anymore Karma . Less said best said !!

    • Yes our private musings on a relationship are not the same as participatory energies in one.

    • like lot’s wife, who looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. not sure about the exact biblical context there.

  9. Heard a catholic priest was making a presentation to a group of parents and mistakenly showed gay porn that was tucked away on his USB stick – ‘unknowingly’. lol.
    And my car broke down today – as it did last merc retro. ho hum.

  10. Nobody from my past (thankfully) a few simple malfunctions, computer issues -uneventful merc retro here as well.

  11. Oh boy. Where do I start?
    House mate is moving out. Whilst I am looking at buying house. Home upheaval is not my bossom buddy.
    Friend had her boyfriend of five years break it off with her mid intimate times by telling her there was ‘just nothing there’ and that an old flame had taken him for a walk up a mountain and told him she loved him. My friend has not eaten in 3 weeks and has a blanket fort in the middle of the living room of their shared house. No one is allowed in it apart from her. I spent 3 hours with her and she went through a pack of 25 cigarettes during that time. She has the gall to tell me it’s fine and not a big deal.
    My oldest friend (I have know her since I was four) had her nanna pass away last night. Considering that her nanna was the only other not crazy person in her family, stuff just hit a fan some where.
    I can’t scroll up on this thing. And I can’t seem to log in on the members thingy sometimes (I am sure it me and not you MM)
    The ex is flirting. Not even covertly. And he says he is not certain about his current relationship. What. A. Huge. Surprise.
    A friends dog was killed by a pitbull we they were walking it in the park.
    It’s as if my world is a snow globe and some one us giving it a good shake. I would like to have words with this person.

    • Yeh trust not a single soul what you feel lest you can turn back time and say it never!!! People talk endlessly

  12. My head has felt like it’s wired, 24/7. Wired as in won’t shut the f up! Meditation, yoga, reiki, walking – nothing is shutting it off. I’m awake at odd hours, sleeping in and waking up feeling like I haven’t slept.
    Has anyone else got this antsy / head-spacey vibe happening?

    Have heard from a few recent randoms but most of the blokes have disappeared.. too funny. Have given up wanting anything from them. For now :)

    • I’m not sleeping, and it’s caused tonsilitus for me…. I do not handle more than a coupld of days without bone deep 8 hours + sleep……. Am going to try meditiation tonight to get me off to the blanket show. Ironically, afternoon naps not affected. Bah humbug

      • Yes, but I’ve been having a Uranus transit too ( as well as Saturn…) Was really wired before Mars/Mercury went retrograde. Now brain wired but unable to function fully & tires easily :-( – difficult to focus & concentrate. Have been doing an Open University course and am struggling – not with the material – with just getting down to do it. Assignment due in tomorrow and suddenly yesterday afternoon everything became easier again…………Otherwise Mercury retro unevenful computer crashed before it happened! Arian Hubby finding it hard, he really believes in astrology now! ‘So what does Mystic say today?’ He’s been impatiently waiting for things to start going the right way round……………………….

    • That was me a few weeks back, but it turns out it was a precursor to influenza, which I’ve now had for three weeks. I didn’t even know i had it, as i don’t recall having flu before. I thought i’d eaten something. I even had the vaccination a week after first bout, when i thought i was better.

      So do take care, and look at some ways of getting rest. It might be a transit or your body might be incubating a bug it’s trying to fight. In my case i’m having a few transits but i can’t blame Uranus for everything 😉

  13. Okay, Mercury’s played a late April Fool’s joke on us – the bank in Australia won’t accept the SWIFT code to transfer international payment for our apartment to the solicitor’s in North Cyprus. Fingers crossed they find a way to do the transfer as, otherwise, I’ll go bald from tearing my hair out.

  14. For the past two days I think I have been experiencing mercury retro stationing direct motion sickness. My symptoms consist of: headaches involving neck and both shoulders, dizzy, forgetful, dreamy (moreso than usual). The last two evenings I have dined on counter meals at underground pubs and have been drinking Carlton Draught over dinner and enjoying this beer – like what. is. wrong. with. me?!

    Thank paddocks for the daily scopes, and blueberries and strawberries.

  15. Funny, I’m in the midst of a *major* event that features communications (speakers, egos, multiple stages, lots of powerpoint presos) and lots of moving parts. Today (Tues) was good. A few mishaps with our attendee registration system, some speakers who didn’t show up and some presos that didn’t quite go the way they were supposed to, but what were we supposed to do … postpone the event?

    So far, the Merc retro has been more in my head (with me rethinking everything I say, pondering conversations with exes, wondering about past offenses to friends) than in the “big, bad real world” … and I’m hoping tomorrow will be just as mellow on the work front. (Had quite a bit of Blue-Devil Hoochie Juice this evening, so apologies if I’m rambling)

    I think Mystic’s warnings about Merc & Mars retro have been so helpful that I’ve preempted any horrid happenings. Or at least been so prepared for them that they haven’t seemed so awful. Now that’s worth paying a subscription for.