Karmic Mars Weirding

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Chalcidian Helmet from approx 4Century BC

Don’t freak but Mars square the North and South Nodes of the Moon for the next week so past life memories can be volatile and like, well, like they happened yesterday. Dreams are tres revelatory & this plus the Transit Of Venus = (a) karmic relationships and (b) run-ins with peeps who it feels like you’ve met before.

Plus it’s Anzac Day (similar to Memorial Day) where i live so how sad, sombre and eerily beautiful is the vibe of this ancient helmet?!ย  Who knows what the winged creatures are? Sphinxes? Winged Lions? But that’s more Babylon…Thoughts?



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154 thoughts on “Karmic Mars Weirding

  1. wow, it looks like the ancient version of ancient stuff, I read an interesting theory, that there was a whole world civilization set up before this one, but they nuked themselves, they actually had a decent amount of evidence for the argument, and keep finding nuclear craters in india, its not natural, and when they carbon date it goes back to a point we should not have had nukes, and all that stuff about aliens giving us stuff isnt true its just that its all been done before, some of the stuff, back then, so recently things like pyramids could be made super quickly against all logic, cause crazy stuff was still fresh in their memory

    • I do have some (completely unresearched) theories about that too. I mean, seriously, the earth is ~4.5 billion years old, and the ONLY “intelligent” life that has ever existed has been here for 0.00000009 % (give or take a zero) of that? everything we have ever built or made will degrade into an unrecognisable form within far less than a million years, and that’s one five-thousandth of the time that we’ve been here so far. Entire civilisations come and go and we don’t know anything about them! We barely have traces of even the most recent and we can’t understand how they navigated, built pyramids, etc, as if we’re the only creatures to have established some form of engineering and those who preceded us were mere stone-throwing primates (I argue that we remain stone-throwing primates, if international politics is anything to go by sometimes).

      I think religious books like the Bible definitely have some folk relevance for this reason, you know, the Flood, etc.

      anyway I could go on but really should get my head around palaeo-anthropology a bit more before I bang on

      • theres a flood myth in literally every single culture, in china ints nuh-wah, ha, http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Lost-Races-Discoveries-Civilizations/dp/1572581980/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top, theres the book, took a while to remember, seriously out of all the book I have ever read this one had the most new stuff in it, and thats saying something, virgo rising and all, I found it in my school library hidden behind some other books, and the only other time it was checked out was in the 70s, thats the only reason I got it and it turned out to be one of the coolest little books ever

      • Folks who work in construction are insultdd by the idea that the pyramids or other such buildings are often explained away by alien theorists. These burley lads know how to make things work. It would be like someone turning around and saying that sat nav tech is alien gifted. Humans are smarter than most people realise.

        • I know right? maybe their are aliens, but I feel like people use them as a cop out to explain things that they feel they can not explain, I mean look at Nikolai Tesla, what if there were a few of him wandering around back then, how wouldnt amazing things happen

      • I always tell people we are still living in the past as far a civil society. Whats the diffence between burning some lowly commoner in a square and setting up commoner wallets for financial ruin – while alive and- now before birth. But your renting and make monay. or you think you “own” so i forgot. Wow we have come so far.

        People win lotterys and dance in the street to the feeling of not having so hard to survive, and we get in line for the next big draw.

        Just like blacks were hung in the street here a few decades ago as entertainment with the kiddies around. A truly civil society will look upon financial windfall as a human shame and embarrassment.

        • Whenever I am frustrated by my society or afraid of my creative impulse, I thank God/Goddess that there are no longer town squares built for hanging people. These things did happen. And not metaphorically. And they don’t happen in the USA any longer. I may be unacceptable, odd, or any number of things. But I am not likely to hangged in a town square in front of all my family and friends as a result of who I am. I do understand your point. But you dismiss the real freedom on hand in our world today by clinging to the metaphor of an unfortunate past. We are free NOW to address any problem any way we’d like. We may not win, but since when has that mattered? Life is for the living. And we get to live longer now.

          • so you ok with wallet burning? Still happening… I Dont need to give credit for what is baby steps, do i say good job white people? Im not clininging just showing you how to wake up. You wouldnt even want to know or be prepared to face your true reality.

            I am half white and half blk dont get me twisted ither..

            Im not here to pat the good on the back, im here to truley free, not give a damn impression of it to keep you settled. u can stand beside me on this or get behind me, cling i do not. Progressiv futureistic thinking yes i do, no cancer planets here. Im not so seeped in convention and blind servatude to see my peole still being hurt.

            Im an aquarius not a virgo. We are not called social archeticts for nothing, you do your job, i do my life thanks.

          • so you ok with wallet burning? Still happening… I Dont need to give credit for what is baby steps, do i say good job white people? Im not clininging just showing you how to wake up. You wouldnt even want to know or be prepared to face your true reality.

            I am half white and half blk dont get me twisted ither..

            Im not here to pat the good on the back, im here to truley free, not give a damn impression of it to keep you settled. u can stand beside me on this or get behind me, cling i do not. Progressiv futureistic thinking yes i do, no cancer planets here. Im not so seeped in convention and blind servatude to see my peole still being hurt.

            Im an aquarius not a virgo. We are not called social archeticts for nothing, you do your job, i do my life thanks.

            • Burn whatever you’d like. That’s my point. Burn it now. And then tell the story about who stopped you. I doubt anyone can.

            • No we dont build nukes or burn in public we do it privatley with your food, your tax dollars. with your dreams, with your hope and your wishes. Welcome to CORP USa.

              We lock minorites up and have privately own prisons on the stock market for sale. Gotta keep them beds full, we kill your inside while leaving others to believe, its not town square burning how bad could it be… Pray pray pray thank thank thank do nothing do nothing do nothing. Beautiful day out isint it guys,..

              Thats what you Goddess is channeling to me. Make sure its really not happening in another form.

              Are we just the lucky ones here at a time so social kindness and equlibriam. Real nice you can pray to your goddess from your safe space making assumptions on the all great evolution of your country. Nope GMO’s thankgod everyone has enough to eat and nobody goes hungry here in USA

              Tonights “power”ball drawing

              1 12 13 27 7

              • I didnt say i like to burn anything, im saying wallet buringing is alive and well within your town squares of america,

                Why is it any more acceptable to slowly starve to death. I guess so we should just be thankful were not burned only poisined lied to and starved.

              • nothing is wrong with being thankful jeez, do not equate being thankful with accepting the status quo, even if one is thankful you can still want the messed up things to change, because there ARE things to be thankful for, and the fact other things are still messed up and there is distance to go is a non point towards such thankfulness, if anything it just means appreciating both how far things have gone and acknowledging there is still ways to go, lest you end up jaded and bitter, things can be done, and things have been done, you can not deny those things or peoples right to appreciate our place in time

                • Im not denying it, im not bitter, but shes can do the thanking. Ive done it on my own time,

                  Like i said people will equate financial windfall the same as hanging blacks in the street.

                  Simple, theres thqnkful ones and theres ones things are not good enough for.

                  I never said she wasnt entilted. I just wanna make sure ever human runs a check on there societys evolution.

                  • it is not so simple, being thanful is not some singular event you check off the list and are done with, and likewise people can be thankful and still want change, do not separate the two so easily, that is just something you just made up, people are a lot of things, not one or the other, also actively killing people is not as bad as now, there is no mass starving going on, things are shit sure, but this isnt feudal china during a shit dynasty were like half the people starve, people starved back then too, and people can keep track of societal evolution and still be thankful, how can you even keep track of whats going on if you have no sense of the past, and if you look at the past, you very well should be thankful, these things arent mutually exclusive

                    • Just want to mention North Korea and parts of Africa like Sudan – people do still starve to death at the hands of selfish and vile governments.

                  • and if you respond, dont do it directly, respond to yourself up there so I can still read what you put

                  • I dont really eat fast food much, see I am not speaking to that, dividing people along us/them lines never works, that is the only thing I am speaking to, you assume I am unaware of what is going on just because I am not accusing you of not knowing or using that as a reason for argument, I am not bookmarking how specific it is, but letting you know how complicated it is, people are not equations, and life is a spectrum, and if your gonna be all astologicly superior, well I am a pisces, with gemini moon, so I guess I cant expect you to appreciate how complicated and nuanced it all is, stick to your equations if that suits you, I am actually living, and just because it is in america makes no difference, and to be fair pisces is beyond time as well, I am in the now, and am aware how bad the now really is, thank you very much, and also am aware that other people can be aware of it too, gasp, and can even think different things than me and still be right, gasp

              • and also, societies crime today is one of greed and indifference, not one of active hatred and outright oppression, things are a spectrum, if we say, thank god it is not so dark, you say, ah but whats the difference look how dark it still is, dark is still dark, but that is not true, it is a spectrum, things are more complicated than varying degrees of bad

                • Societys today.. Lol see im timeless.. Every WTC, every bay of pigs, every iraq war every, pain for sale pill for sale lie for sale. Is for me And thankful for you its not happening as often. And for totally harmless non ego involved reasons. im allowed to say it as much as i want. How i want.

                  If your not an aquarian you will not understand. I wont be bookmarked by virgoian clinical defitntions. It is unacceptable to me. Specktrum this spectum that.

                  You act as if all these atrocities are so far behind, they are not dont let your fast food GMO cancer inducing americano life lul you. I know your both in the thick of it.

                  Your life may be shades of grey, but i dont have a scorpio moon for nothing.

                  • and also I am not the one trying to define you, thats a weird accusation, you are trying to define us

                  • think about how silly that is, spectrum means you can still be you, if anything I am still allowing to be whatever you are and only pointing out that people can be different, how can you box someone into a spectrum, that doesnt even make sense

              • Actually, the lack of funding for prisons causes them to let people go who shouldn’t, but that’s not nearly as fun to get excited about. Dark and light are two ways to do the same thing. Dark is not going to go away. To make a choice to live in light and create it around you is good, by my standards, but a complete erradication of dark will never happen, design society how you will. Change is accomplished through the individual, not the mass, so screaming at others to help you do your job is fruitless, as they need to be carrying their own responsibilities.

                • Im not screaming im putting it out there once you know something you cannot unknow it.

                  Dark will be eraticated. And by golly that is part of my reason for being here. Humanity will reach a point of almost perfect evolution

                  That is the point.
                  If your job is you job you do yous, i do mine.. Been doing mine will keep doing mine.

                  I change and wake up people everyday, im not even gonna go to the beginning of the zodiac ive already been there.

                  • Fun is over rated. I dont talk for fun like ariens do. I talk to help the aqarian age come to pass that starts by helping people with there responsibilies…

                  • ?? you just wasted some words there, you arent convincing or advancing any cause, your on the internet, what does that even mean, talking for fun, are you trying to convert people? I think fun is better than being holier-than-thou

                    • Wow whyam i here. I know whyim here were debating the better ment of humanity…

                      Everyone is evolvingat all times even on. Pretty evolved astrology blogs. That is what there for.

                    • thats not what we are debating at all, you think its us/them, or in your case you think its you/us, all I have argued is it is more complicated than that, it is not one or the other at all, insinuating a monopoly on correctness is silly

                    • and also just because I argue that is more complicated, you equate that with opposing change, people can support change without being exactly the same as you

      • I’ve mentioned it on the blog before – the Seth Speaks and other Seth works by Jane Roberts. Anyway, he goes into the previous civilizations a bit. Like the Lumanians. They used sound as advanced technology and built an advanced civilization underground so as to not disturb any life on earth. I believe they found a way to make artifical foods. They bred the aggression out of their species and went extinct. Interesting, but I don’t see how its relevant to now. We have so much talent now that we aren’t using.

        • i dont know about any of that, this one just has proof for flying machines and basically all the stuff we already have minus written language and internet, and also nukes, but separately I heard this weird greek thing about humans descending from plant people or something like that, with is why they are always painted with leaves down there, I like all this weird stuff, but unfortunately there were tons of times tons of books that might have to do with this stuff got burned, still pretty cool though

          • David dear, firstly i want to state my admiration of your Astrology knowledge but why not start your replies in a new box and write ‘reply’ to………whomever.
            Then one wouldn’t have to scroll down forever to get somewhere else as this way makes it impossible to read or make sense when there one or two word lines to a reply.
            ‘seem’ not’ seam, that’s a joining of pieces.
            ‘which’ not ‘witch’. (we do have ‘witches with willys’ on blog but not in this context).
            It’s important to your future to get these differences correct.
            This is told with respect & care, from

            • I usually put that I am going to respond bellow, or what have you, but this one involved multiple things to respond to,but I usually just relocate, I am sorry it is all messy and a chore to see *which* comment goes where(/were) and ya I know my grammar is bad, I’ll work on it, or I am working on it in general

            • Maybe it’s something Mystic can fix? or said was going to fix?

              It’s an absolute nightmare on the phone!

    • Dear Aqualeo/Anon, your ranting is just making you look stupid.

      David, thanks for your thoughtful and intelligent replies.

      Arienscorp, I agree.

  2. ah Anzac Day. Such a sombre time. Decades ago, I wondered if it would die out as the Diggers died out, but it just keeps on, getting stronger if anything.
    Significant too that it is so close to the 30 April, which, if we reversed the dates to be appropriate for the southern hemisphere, would be our ‘all souls night’ or ‘halloween;.
    Certainly in Oz it is our ‘day of the dead’

  3. As australia is ruled by Capricorn we seem to have a particular relationship
    to war – I agree, it’s becoming more glorified (my word) not less.

  4. I thought they were gryphons (or griffins), lions with eagle wings. They were meant to have mastery over land and skies, combining the courage of the lion with the suprasenses of the eagle. Their role was to defend.

    • That is inspiring. Mastery is very apt for the shifts in my world (in me) right now. So is Mystic’s post, here on ‘Karmic Mars Weirding’.

      Maybe I’m tapping into a past life significance?? Maybe it’s Uranus, maybe Pluto sq sun, or Jupiter on MC trine my 1st??? Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever it is I’ve super-realised how mediocre some things in my life actually are. A lightbulb moment, only the lightbulb is supercharged with 50 trillion watt. Some shifts occurred to me at Mars direct, now I bide my time, wait in the wings for my curtain call before I really come out from the shadows. Mars weirding for me is an awakening. Most importantly, keep thy faith in myself and my path and my eagle-eye vision.

    • yes, griffins was my first guess too.

      I want this helmet with a sword and a pair of Grecian/Roman sandals.

  5. Weirding, indeed. Just found out this a.m. that a young woman in my community lost her 5 month old baby yesterday afternoon, without warning. We are all family here, and I can feel the atmosphere heavier, the breeze salty.

    My glib is gone today.

    I read my emailed Daily Mystics (like I always do), and I’m so down with following my bliss: yes yes and yes. One little detail, though, is that I’m so close to being done with a five-year-long trek through graduate school that even *I* would find it asinine (in hindsight) to quit now. Yeah, it’s tedious, boring, mojo-sucking, and chock-full of Qi vampires– but, 2 more weeks of class and internship, and the (4 hour long) comp exam in June to graduate, and Bam: done.

    Yesterday I forged a deal with a shop owner downtown, and now have a painting hanging in his place for sale on consignment. This is bliss followed! In two weeks, when my classes are done, so much of my time and energy will be freed to create more– sell more. *wink*

    My copy of Rework is on its way, via Amazon.

    It’s a weird time. Going to spend the day outside, Zen-like on the lawnmower with my headphones on.

    Good day, all.

    • Good day to you too .
      I had a similar response – am in throes of study – doesn’t all feel blissful all the time, but after some sleep I’ll prob remember I’m doing it because it is my bliss.

      Your reference to qi vampires at grad school -is that challenging people or demanding tasks? I only ask cause I feel sucked dry tonite

      • Hi guys – same situation here… almost at the end of a very very hard post-grad degree which prob belongs to Neptune in Aqua era for me. Could happily chuck a match in right now, walk away and never look back. It saps my Qi on a daily basis but I will see it through, if for no other reason than I couldn’t bear having to tell everyone that I quit at the last hurdle.
        Well done re your painting, Scorporation! Hope you sell many more!

        • Lionfish, I did not even consider the astro climate of when I began this work as a reason why my work feels stale to me now: you called yours “Neptune in Aqua era,” and we are in a new time now. That’s a wonderful insight, and totally relevant. Thanks for that.

          Thanks, too, for the props re my painting! Although, my copy of Rework arrived yesterday and as I was reading it I thought, “Why am I screwing around with putting my art in a physical place when I could just sell it online?!” HA! But, I like the physical place because I want a local audience and a physical relationship between myself/art and my community, I think. Online is fine, but it’s… Hmm… Online feels 2D: my work on a wall at a shop downtown is 3D.

          Rework is fantastic, btw. Highly recommend.

      • Qi vampires at school are the snarky classmates who want to see people fail, who delight in the misfortune of others. I can see the evil little glint in their eyes when they ask others, “So, are you done with your research yet?” and they can’t wait to hear someone say, “No, and I don’t know how I’ll get it done on time!” They’re also the ones who “forget” to pass along vital information to group members with whom they are supposed to be collaborating, and the ones who gossip incessantly. A lot of competitive, dog-eat-dog vibes. Even a professor is suspect. Ugh.

        • Anon and lionfish, good luck to you in wrapping up your studies!! It bolsters my determination to know that I’m not the only one in a little canoe on these waters :)

          • Indeed, some industries/ environments are truly dog eat dog. Thanks to you both for your comments too, it does make a difference not to be the only one.

            Here’s to miraculously smooth culminations :-)

  6. Last night I had a dream that felt like it was a past life experience. And it had to do with being a refugee during WWI. As the dream went on, my body was breaking down more and more. But my inner self continued to get stronger and stronger. I helped free some children and animals from a crumbling building. After a long journey I made it to the the dark stormy shores of the Atlantic ocean. The cold black waters did not scare me like they normally do in my dreams. I’ve never felt so strong and comfortable in dreams before. This time I didn’t run from anything. I felt so real and so karmic. Mystic is right on in this post. But I find that she usually is.

    Thanks for listening.

    Pisces with Gem ascendent

    • i had an eerily similar dream last night, right down to being on a ship at night and looking at cold Atlantic ocean (I knew it was the Atlantic because Celine dions I know that my heart will go on was playing , so assumed it was linked to titanic). it was a bizarre lucid dream. freaked me out. I woke up panicked that it had something to do with my current relationship but I don’t think
      it does- I think it is past life/past relationship stuff.

      I don’t know- I’m usually great with understanding my dreams but this one was a doozy. south node stuff …..?

  7. I’ve decide I have to write the story of Astarte and Tinjis even if it means I self-invest in publishing a kindle book or something self-made to do it. I’ve decided, it doesn’t really matter how I came to know the story – I don’t have to tell the story of how I learned it. I can just tell the story. Its a great one.

    • Just looked it up. Astrate is asteroid 672 and wouldn’t you know it – in my natal chart, she’s in Gemini near my MC.

      • Oh, would you consider an iPad app? I would love o read in bed with pictures, and maybe even music on title page?

        • I would love to do an app. I hope once I can get the writing done, I can inspire an illustrator into doing some wonderful artwork to go along with it. That said, I spent several hours on a paragraph last night. So…this may take awhile…:-)

  8. Since Mars went direct, it’s all bliss. No more striving to put a new work paradigm together. That fell apart during retro as efficiently as it fell together when Mars entered my Virgo 10th. I have one client now, who showed up as Mars went direct. A joy to work with. My new path is still my old path?

    Money is not the anxious (longterm) thing it once was. I’ve restored the lifestlye I had pre-2008, when Pluto pulled the rug out from under me. Next is investing. I feel relaxed and secure these days, not like the last 3 years of constantly feeling the need become something new.

    Yesterday someone said she felt she and I had known each other in a former life.

    Mars feels soft these days. Maybe the Warrior is savoring his spoils of war.

    • that is wonderful!!

      it is great to read about yours mars and work journey. interesting the old is new… it is lovely to read that Mars feels soft these days!

      my mars journey is still about self-awareness. it has been like this since mars into virgo = my solar 12th. i have made some changes and i have at times second guessed myself and my changes, which i hate (awful feeling), but not changing is far worse. overall, i feel like i’m still in transition. perhaps that what this zap zone will bring in for me – and i will bring in for myself – i will get to where i should be and it will be high up in the clouds walking high on a tightrope but very grounded and settled. thanks for your inspiration x

  9. My dreams are catapulting into another dimension. Two days ago I had an odd dream, woke up thinking “I paid a karmic debt”

    catfishmoon, thank you for your comment

    Two days forward and last night, in my dream, I gave birth – the babies were twins. Just after the first baby came, someone walked in, or something happened, the second baby couldn’t borne. I walked around, thinking, that is OK, this one can wait.

    This is the second birth dream I remember vividly. The first one was in 2006, approximately nine months after I had a dream of dying. I still remember those dreams because in the first dream, I died with no regrets (such an amazing feeling for the then-self), and the second one taught me how mothers must love their children. That would be when I began paying serious attention to my dreams.

    My subconscious is operating high gear once again, it seems. Gem Sun, Pisces rising, retro (Neptune/Jupiter) conjunct 8th-9th houses

    • Your are welcome :)

      Wow. You are in dream mode.
      Interestingly, I did have twins with the 2nd being born much later for our society’s standards. They want the baby born fast, whereas I said give it an hour. They are 50 minutes apart.

      So you have Neptune in Pisces transiting your 12th house now? Great time for dreams.

  10. YEA!!! MARS is finally off my ascendant. Am leaving for a trip tomorrow and was a little concerned. Another astrology said mars on the ascendant is connected to accidents.
    My poor finger….while mars on ascendant I burned it all the way down into the meat and then a week later hacked into it with a dull blade.

    As far as karmic mars on a mission….time will tell. Definately feel like me and Taurus have some karmic links, but they feel good! And now I am leaving on my vacation so who know what will happen.

    • well, just realized after reading the posts about dreams that this explains my dreams and Taurus sun/scorpio moon’s dreams last night.

      It was his 1st night sleeping in my bed at my house. Neither of us slept well and both of us had bad dreams. Him being chased, me fighting with my son. He also said I talked all night long. :/

    • Thank you again for your comment. when I read it, the post was almost out of fashion, so I waited for a new one to thank you. I believe reading your comment triggered the second dream, but i can’t think of a reason why..

      Neptune in Aqua was when my dreams were like cheap Bond movies – > chase + bombs + fly + run. I’d wake up utterly exhausted but was worth the thrill. Neptune in Pisces dreams are more otherworldly.

      If Mars on Ascendant means accidents to your self, can we say Mars on Descendant means the urge to take a hammer and reduce thoughtless peeps to dust? :-)

  11. Mars has been licking at my South Node in Virgo for too long…

    The only guys I meet that seem interested in me? They ALL have Venus conjunct my SN. It’s… retarded, for lack of a better phrasing. My ex’s Venus trined it. It’s like I’m stuck in the romantic past.

    Which is really sucking.

    Add to Venus transitin my 12th house, thereby licking at my Mars and Jupiter in Gemini/12th, and guys just come and go. A lot of karmic lessons re love, and I think I might FINALLY be getting the hint[s]. Like no more e-stalking, as it vibes. No trying to show off how you’re “over” it, something I’d only considered taking an opportunity to do so yesterday/today – though I didn’t, because it vibes negative, too. No more dissecting it/him, as it vibes. It’s like MM said in her emails, people will come and go as they’re needed then not; just roll with it.

    If someone ever wants to try to re-enter your life, then whatever. Don’t let that stop you from seeing who else will pop up!

    Ugh, these karmic love lessons are really, really rough. :\

  12. I was just thinking about karma this a.m. Seems that someone who fuq’d with my husband and I 2 years ago seems to be getting her due. Came completely out of the blue too. Wasn’t seeking it out but it just came in the form of a call this a.m. Weird.

  13. Timely. Alexander the Great 2000 years of treasures starts in Sydney at the Australian Museum this November, was looking on line at it yesterday, also I recently had my eye on a similar shaped piece, albeit fom the kids section of a store, and made of plastic, it’s Thors I think, but it really did suit me! The only reason I didn’t get it is I didn’t want the raised eyebrows and head shake from the Piscean….brilliant pmt, dont mess ith me, wear!

  14. Everything feels karmic to me at the moment.

    Would love to wear that helmet everywhere for a week until I feel more warrior-like. People would say, “Yup.” “Me too, where do I get one ?”

    (Usually I just wear on old, lucky baseball cap around the house when I need to roll up my sleeves.)

  15. Oh love the helmet. I was very moved by the artifacts in the Tutankhamen exhibition last year… my very favourite were a ceramic turquoise blue pomegranite, and a small statue of winged goddess. I made paintings of some Egyptian things after that.

    One of my past lives was a Roman soldier (male) and the thing that I remember most clearly was the watery gruel we had to eat when on the march (would have to get the maggots out of the grain first). Bleeuughh.

    When a friend reminded me of this life (was in the Roman army with him) I realised why I have such a strong warrior energy. Also was once a Queen or very powerful woman leader with lots of servants/slaves and I sometimes get frustrated not having an army or people to serve me now. (explains where I get my delusions of grandeur?) LOL

  16. So Mars is in my fifth house, close to my natal Uranus and Pluto. He is super charging my creativity and artwork! Hooray

    • Do you see a different way to channel Mars, Pegasus? I wonder if the energy can be other than aggressive. Is the God of War likely to have a different manifestation? Certainly in personal astro i think we can channel Mars energy differently, but i wonder if in mundane astro it is an inevitable fact of human history or natural history.

      Mars forms a square in every contact in my chart! But that has both beneficial and challenging sides of course. My question to you is less personal than philosophical.

      • Make Love not War was the catch-cry during Vietnam.
        Mars i was told is the god of sexuality, so was is mis-directed sexual energy?
        It employs peeps, acts as population control but so do many other things. It’s beyond my tiny brain to figure. Not too many woman throughout history are responsible for wars, those that have though, did a good job :-).
        Heard a yelling match between 2 different types of women: Men create wars said one, the other said but women send men to war.
        In our DNA? Perhaps it is now but i know there must have been a time when it wasn’t.
        SOmewhere along the line we have been interfered with perhaps? There is much written about that.
        A friend likened football to men seeking the holy grail. I said it was more primitive than that, it represented the fight for the sperm to enter the egg.
        Guess the only way to view war is symbolically.
        War became very nasty when man to man hand to hand combat was phased out.
        Would it be better for each country to have Champions, a set of men (or women if needs be or both) that fought on behalf of the tribe to save masses of bloodshed.
        Medicine took a great leap after WW1 and more so after WW11 but have we really benefited from all the pharmaceuticals available, i wonder.
        David l needs to weigh in on this as he is convinced we are on Planet Prison in the bigger picture of the universes.That this IS the testing battleground from which we do or do not evolve.
        You set me up with deep thought, Millie, on that reply. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’?
        I’ll check in later. Enjoy your holiday x

        • If you want philosophy ask a Sagittarian!

          Footbal as the race to the egg by the sperm. Priceless! And definitely agree with you on the move away from hand to hand combat as a strong negative impact. I was trained in it from young, and was also in the process of old school manual weapons training. I love the ART of the body and physics in this instance, but do not enjoy hurting an opponent, especially since realising my capability.

          There are definitely female goddesses of war in many cultures though, and funnily enough i called on images of Pallas Athene last week to assist a kind of symbolic battle. Love was also important. Call it late Saturn in Libra but balancing that fine line between holding ground and being empathetic was key. As for women not being responsible for many wars, again that depends a little on culture, but a lot on power throughout the ages.

          God of Sexuality. There is a highly erotic charge in hand to hand combat, and intimacy akin to the physical act of sex is often experienced in opponents of true equality. “Becoming one” with the enemy: enmity dissolves. (Not to be too polaric but Sex often makes enemies of people, too.)

          • Mille, one of my challenges is using my agression/anger wisely. Not to punch people physically or mentally, but have compassion for them and lead by example. So I think a hi Mars reaction would be to get really angry… and use that anger appropriately… to fire you up to change something unjust, defend the weak, or change things for the better (without punching anyone! LOL)

            • Um, thanks, yes i do get where you’re coming from, Gemyogi. That’s a great way of looking at personal stuff but i’m not asking for advice personally here, i’m really into mythology and philosophy. It’s more a big picture kind of quest xx

              • Yes, funny today at Fed Square they had ‘Lest we forget’ running on the digital feed thingy… it’s lovely and poetic but it’s about people being killed in (what seems to me) most pointless wars. The comment about Australian being Capricorn and the way we are becoming more reverent about our returned soldiers over time struck a chord with me.

              • Do you think that’s less about war than national identity? We’re young. Our media and many politicians are still ill equipped to represent us as we really are, selectively clinging to rather than integrating traditions. This is different from Mars the initiator of war.

                • Yes I do think the national identity was about identifying with England ‘the mother country’ and following that blindly. Our media and politicians are fuqued if you ask me… clinging to old traditional traditions, yes. why should Aussies be going to Afghanistan to be killed in an American war about oil??? No idea. But it seems wrong.

            • Yes, positive anger is very motivating, using it to create beneficial changes. Does need loads of self-examination though, don’t you think before acting on it?

  17. for lighter moon and sun types who think they are free.
    Mars is still outta control- for the sake of your loved ones and future generations, take back what is rightfully yours. your body, your children, your food, your labor your dignity. your right to a borderless earth.


    • David Icke is an ex-sports commentator from the UK who believes he is the son of God. He also believes the British royal family (among others) are a race of reptiles, I mean real reptiles as opposed to it being a simile for, say, real estate agents, and that the Queen Mother had to drink human blood to stay alive. Not to say that his views on unnecessary vaccinations and Eugenics aren’t worthy of a second look. But ‘Social Workers being the spies of Eugenics?’ as mentioned in the clip?

        • im sure spider man will save us from the lizard people, he has so much experience dealing with them

          • you guys are like little kids so cute. chukle like kiddies at the serious.. i know that is the only way you can process your governmental chains. they are quite heavy, tis only amusing. Everyone is a child of the universe.

            • again, you do not know what I know, making a joke does not means I do not know, you dont know what I know, I guess you just dont know that though, its a bit too complicated I suppose, its a lot easier to be angry at lizard people, well you know what, lizards have souls too! Look at me, so unknowing for making a joke, dur dur dur

            • oh, you know what is cuter than jokes? someone who sees a few lame youtube videos and thinks they know how the world works now and have taken it on as their duty to convert nonbelievers, and blindly passes judgment on others with the assumption they do not know better than you when they may possibly know more, like some college kid who takes a class in psychology and suddenly starts trying to diagnose people and feels so smart and special for knowing something everyone else know, how special and precious they are, if only EVERYONE knew what they knew, then the world would work better, thats cute

  18. I wonder if those three hollow prongs on top were for putting feathers in – strengthening the flight motif of the wings.

    • Cosmic Ram and ArienScorp had the same thoughts a little way above. I believe they were. Feathers symbolise more than flight, though. They are also heraldic, and different birds signified different qualities or status. I haven’t looked up anything detailed just yet but i do remember for example that high ranking commanders bore ostrich or some such.

      A soldier in battle would be differently garbed for practical combat reasons, i imagine, than during a miltary presentation.

  19. You know i do feel as though these things happend yesterday. Maybe I was part of the hangings or the holocaust. It is why keep mans dark potential close.

    I just want to use the tools of the internet in a good way so that they do not happen agian. The internet has never been here before in the face of such abusive government, so all I can do is what my intuition tells me. And like my 1st house NN said, if i think im bothering someone with my views. Thats when I lose. im done with the going along to get along..

    And im too (neptune singleton) and cant spell to write my own blog. To those who think I dont know that I can change your mind by this wonderful tool. l I know I can if you dont wanna be changed dont look. You can say you wont do this and that this is like this. but I see you guys commin around now at 32 to what i usually say is what it IS.

    I may seem wounded, but a quick look into my chart tells of seeing through facades and technical details straight to a fixed position. if you have more changeable configurations. you might want to look into the possiblity that in this particular lifetime you should be more flexible with your views.

    I dont have a monopoly on the truth, even though my sign is highly associated with it. I dont even get paid to tell it either so im not even invested. I was just born on Feb 7. So some of you follow astrology basic teachings when its good for you and dont when its suits you. As far as I know all my angles are fixed and my moon is also so I rarely does mucha changin. NN in leo =develop one. HOW AM I DOING? :)

    • how evolved of you to covertly refer to me without just outright addressing me, so mature, isnt being passive aggressive soo great, or at least thats what SOME people think…
      do you know what changeable means? it is another word for flexible in case you did not know, and also your “views” whatever they are do not bother me, but that you assume opposition that is not there, and are insinuating that your the only one that knows anything, I have a very open mind, and read many things and entertain many ideas, you have not presented anything new to me, so I have not rejected anything, again and again I was talking about not oversimplifying into us/them, but was ignored on such points over and over again, and you have yet to actually address that sole point I have made, instead you continue on about whatever it is you think of the world, which is besides my point and irrelevant completely, maybe if you could break down your structure of “opening minds” you could open your own mind and see what I am actually saying, you keep alluding to how great your chart is, thats silly, you can see through facades? Really? you have yet to actually comprehend the words I type, and if your talking about pluto, I know pluto, I have plenty of pluto, which means there is no facade to see through on this end, I have said what I have meant, you have been covertly and sneakily preachy this whole time, and thats what I meant by monopoly, as if someone disagreeing with you on a minor point thus opposes your entire paradigm of being correct, other people have things they know too, many people know more than you, and everyone else has there own charts too. For someone so keen on playing Prometheus, you have contributed very little fire at all, get over yourself, if there is info you would like to share, share it, dont turn it into a crusade, as if the fate of the world depends on it

      • Aqualeo and david5379, while it has been astrologically insightful reading your ideas and even more so, how you express those ideas, this has degenerated into an argument rather than debate. Neither of you can change the other’s viewpoint. If you’re in it to win it, please… get a room.

          • Had enough of ungracious attitudes. Go take time out like a child and return to blogging when you can behave like you are an invited guest at a dinner party.

        • I agree.. let’s get to a common ground!! This site is for sharing not challenging each other. What would it take for you, aqualeoscorpmn and david5379, to accept each other!! Please!!!

  20. sorry Cosmic Ram didn’t see your comment above – it would have been an amazing helmet with large feathers in – imagine a whole troop of them marching with large colourful feathers on top – waving as they walked!

  21. is everything sooo complicated for a gemini moon? im talking about humanity as a whole people always seem to think I pick them out to think about.

    Really im humanity focused not people pettty. I dont mind what people say and not much for making reputation or following others.

    There is nothing from you to address david. Its not that complicated.. If me and your mom share the same chiron configuration and I also have people looking up to me for guidance, you might wanna just chill and realize you have your thing. I have my thing.

    • all I did was respond to you, I made fair and polite points, I never attacked your view on humanity, but the assumptions you make while addressing me, assumptions you still make, you very much minded when someone said they were thankful to god, you took issue with that because a worldview, and I took issue that said worldview had nothing to do with that, that is all, you have made it about something else, that is not my fault, not very complicated at all, you should really read what I am typing sometime, I am not interfering with guidance, but responding to you addressing me, that is within bounds, dont complain

    • basically if you read what you have put, you have been needlessly antagonistic, this is not right, that is the only thing I have addressed

    • “If your not an aquarian you will not understand.
      “If your job is you job you do yous, i do mine.. Been doing mine will keep doing mine.”

      Apart from the atrocious spelling and grammar, the superiority and moral smugness in these two sentences really got up my nose.

      So I skimmed over the rest of your posts…

      Converting people to your viewpoint: FAIL.

  22. looks like its too late to avoid the slippery slope, but lets remember it started due to bragging, acting superior, and assuming a higher place
    “see im timeless..
    If your not an aquarian you will not understand. I wont be bookmarked by virgoian clinical defitntions. It is unacceptable to me. Specktrum this spectum that.”, how you can be boxed into a spectrum, the definition of to each his own, is beyond me
    “You act as if all these atrocities are so far behind, they are not dont let your fast food GMO cancer inducing americano life lul you. I know your both in the thick of it.” there is the assumption just because I live in america
    “That is the point.
    If your job is you job you do yous, i do mine.. Been doing mine will keep doing mine.
    I change and wake up people everyday, im not even gonna go to the beginning of the zodiac ive already been there.” this was said to an ariean, the comment is almost astrologically elitist, as if “further along” and thus more evolved, then it was over, but then I was eluded to

    “for lighter moon and sun types who think they are free.” referring to me cause I mentioned my sun and moon, passive aggressively referring to me deserved a little joke and jab

    “have more changeable configurations. you might want to look into the possiblity that in this particular lifetime you should be more flexible with your views.” obviously referring to me again, and when I respond I am met with such shock, if you keep this going, I will keep responding, but dont allude to me then complain when I defend myself, and you have deserved opposition for how mean you have been, I remain justified, Ill knock it off for now since people are getting peeved, but you were being silly, I dont understand what you dont get about how objectionable you have been, but whatever, thats it for today, Ill spare everyone drawing it out anymore

  23. So are some sun signs better than others? is this what it has come down to on this blog. Sheesh.

    • Well apparently you think you are better than anyone else. That is the tone I’m getting from your posts.

  24. Hi everyone,

    Would someone please tell me when Mars goes into Libra?

    Is it July, and for how long?

    ….doing some Mars forward planning.

    Thank you in advance x

    • Hey Sophie, I see Scorpy has answered you below, but you may be interested to go to the Astrodienst web page where you can download a PDF emphemeris of whatever year you like and do all sorts of forward or backward planning. Great for procrastination moments.

  25. PS: I flick read very long rants like those above. They’re pointless to me. I’m a Gemini Moon who likes it kept short, sweet, witty and sharp to the point, with a bit of humor too.

    • “short, sweet, witty and sharp to the point”

      Yes! me too! Gem NN and Saggo moon. :)

      Mars goes into Libra on 4th July, until 24 August. Can’t wait!!!

      • Question: so when Mars goes into Libra on July 4th does that mean that the Mars influence will affect the House Libra is in? Mars is in Scorpio for me though. Virgo Ellie is my name, being too technical is my game… I am a Virgo.. LOL!!

        Thanks for responding!!! :)

        • Hehe. Well I have Mars in Virgo, so I like a practical and sensible question… and I like to be of service :)
          Answer is Yes! Wherever mars is transiting will give that house a certain flavour and will give you some idea of how the transit will play out for you. Your mars in Scorp is your natal placement. Mars in Libra is a transit. It will still affect you. Depending on what other planets you got going on in the house, mars will aspect them. For eg. I’ve got Venus in Libra, so Mars will conjunct my Venus :)
          Hope that makes sense?

    • I ran an event chart for that time/place. Not that sure what to make of it.
      Taurus, Mars in aries, square Saturn/Pluto which are conjunct. 4am has the event as Pisces rising but it could easily be Aries rising, with mars on Asc.
      Determined fighting makes more sense than determined vaguary.
      Venus, jupiter and Chiron also in Pisces, square Saturn and Pluto.
      Lots of squares and conjunctions in the chart.
      Not sure what else to say. But Saturn/Pluto conjunction is prob the signature of WWI.

  26. Hey somebody, do you know which post of Mystic’s had the “You’re not the jerk whisperer,” pic on it? A refresher might be timely.

  27. I am not suffering fools gladly anymore at all – privately I never did – now I’m being more direct than I ever knew I could. I mean despite the rest of my astro I’m a Libran for fuq’s sake – politeness incarnate even if thro’ gritted teeth that resembles a smile. I live in a part of the world that is reknowned for it’s hospitality and some visitors really take the piss and assume that you’ve got nothing better to do then entertain them – well I’m not a native even if my husband is. I have been making a rather diplomatic stand against a couple of vamps for the past couple of years now & thought we were getting somewhere – but no – yesterday I told them to fuq off in no uncertain terms and feel much better for it :-)
    As for the others vamps & Qi grabbers in my life they are being binned too – I simply will not cannot tolerate those who I cannot share mutual respect with.
    So other than all this Mars, Venus stuff going on I think retrograde Saturn across my sun opposing my natal may be doing it. If so it’s the best saturn transit I’ve ever had – authenticity, bring it on :-)