Her Magical Tiger Tatt

Angelina Jolie getting tattooed, July 7th, 2004

Angelina Jolie has her lower back engraved with a 20 cm long and 30 cm wide tattoo of a snarling tiger by renowned Thai tatoo artist Sompong Kanphai in Bangkok, Thailand. The star who plays Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider series has had a previous tattoo from Sompong, who during this engraving, chanted an ancient hymn to bless the tiger tattoo to bring wealth and power to its wearer.

Via Suicide Blonde

Well, clearly it worked.

It was two days off her Saturn Return Exact and i reckon Angelina knew it. 

My acupuncturist says that if you get a tattoo at the right point/meridian, it is like having that point permanently activated.

It can also be a spell, worn and forever active on your body. 

So who knows a shamanic tattooist?!



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  1. I do! She’s doing her art on paper and stuff instead of skin these days though.

      • Nora Blansett – Borealis Art. (Her website hasn’t been updated for a while, I think her most recent work is on Facebook and Deviantart.)

  2. I don’t have any tattoos, and never felt like I genuinely wanted one until now. It seems so purposeful. I think I would get one to bring love and balance!

  3. Would a henna tattoo have the same effect? Scared of needles and permanent committments:).

  4. hehe My partner has my name tattooed on his chest right near his heart. Its near the starting circulation point. I guess Im forever circulating through his body :)

  5. I had this crappy ankle tat that I wanted covered over. When in New Zealand I went to a spiritualist artist that meets you, goes away into the forest to meditate overnight, and comes back with the tattoo The Ancestors have show him, and that you deserve. You get no say in the matter.
    I was given the most beautiful feather, that I adore to this day. I loved it so much I went back a few years latter and entrusted him with my lower back – again gorgeous – like a double headed phoenix, whose wings also look like scorpion pincher/claws. Perfect. You have to have a lot of trust in the process tho!

    • P.S. – my first word was ‘bird’ and I was a Flight Attendant so he nailed it!

    • That sounds really cool! So you do get a say in the placement of the tattoo, but not the motive? What about size/colours used etc? I think in the end I’m a bit too much of a control freak to ever do something like that but it sounds absolutely wicked!

      • Yeah the one on my back is huge! – took over 6 hours to put on and I went on this weird vision quest/trance/shock/trip thing. These spirit people told me that your Ta Moko travels with your soul and that’s how you are recognised in the spirit world!
        The Maori women took me away and took care of me till I came back to earth! I LOVE my tatts and they are just as much a part of me as say my blonde hair or whatever. But they are not for everyone.

  6. i’ve done my own tattoos and asked people who are special in my life to contribute. i have tattoos done by my three beautifull boys when they were 9, 11 and 13. all very special to me. some peoples bodies are like a canvas-mine is a little like a sketch book.

  7. Great lady. She looks pretty relaxed but I’d say her jaw would be rather sore after that session. Mine would anyway.. They take a LONG time.
    Reminds me of Dan Thome; he uses a kind of similar technique.
    The man has quite a presence about him and I guess 15 years on freighters under Micronesian stars would send any westerner a dash shamanic.

    He seems to have disappeared of the internets radar so if anyone reading this in the US knows who he is and has heard of him recently I’d love to hear where he’s at?

    Can most acupuncturists read tattoos in that way?

  8. Had my Turtle & Ghekko done by a Fire Dancer of renown on Moorea Island (Tahiti). He told me how a turtle was ridden, how to make it dive and return to surface by directing the arm flappers. It took me on an oceanic voyage, very transcendental. The ghekkos are 2 entwined in a circle, had to tail, tapped on by hand. Hardly felt it and smiled a lot. He was fully covered head to toe almost in traditional tatoo-age. We got it on after, guess that’s why i was smiling, knew it was going to happen.
    He wore a garden of greenery and flowers instead of clothes :-)
    A man smelling of gardenias, frangipani and basil…..mmmmmm.

  9. I love Ange. She is one of the most interesting people in the public eye to have grown up in and come out of that industry town. Her chart is fascinating: pluto, lilith, fire, air, water, sun and moon sq neptune.
    I have a tatt on the same point as the pic above: an elephant with trunk-up, not coloured because it is a white elephant for wisdom. xox

  10. Hey I am currently “in trouble” because I mentioned under duress to my quite proudly tattooed in-laws that I had said to my baby daughter (not yet 2) tattoos are “naughty drawings” (mostly toxic ink “permanent”, unfit for a child…)

    I’ll be honest – I did also mention I am suspicious of them…and question the “individuality” some people think they attain from them, but I do know it is someone else’s business to tattoo…

    They have known me for a long time and I do really like & care for these folks, and one of them has chosen to take it really badly – even though I made it quite clear I think it has nothing to do with someone’s morality…I was questioned about it – and am honest & direct (saturn aries) and conservative (venus cap, virgo pluto / uranus / jupiter/ rising).

    I still persist in ensuring our child meets up with everyone – irrespective – and expect folks to move forward. I used to think tattoos were mostly about unique artistry, but they are more about a person making a private concern a perpetual place to revisit . I am wondering can one have a tattoo and evolve past the act of the actual tattoo being sacred?

    A tattoo cannot be kept, surely it is never meant to literally remain as it did, it’s what someone imbues into the tattoo isn’t it? But the irony here is it does change and escape over time.

    • I think some of your views of why people get tattoos are correct, but limited.
      Individuality has nothing to do with it for me. Mine were compulsions. I HAD to get what I got where I got it. I can hide them and the first one I got almost no one knows about let alone sees.
      Do they stay the same, no, but neither do we, nor our memories.

      I would have taken offense with the naughty part. I am sure they do not want their grandchild having images of their grandparents as naughty. Inappropriate for a child, yes. Possibly unhealthy, yes. But naughty just sounds so judgemental.

      If your child grows up rebellious you may have just ensured that she gets them.

      • My tattoo has individual meaning for me… But it’s not visible to the general public. I think calling them ‘naughty’ could very reasonably be interpreted as a statement re the in-laws. It’s not like a child can get a permanent tattoo anyway, so why make it a moral issue? When I showed mine to my family, my sis told her kids permanent tattoos were only for over-40s. Same message re age-appropriateness, minus the baggage.

    • Personally, I (rightly or wrongly) take more offence at the word ”naughty” being used with children.

  11. cool! there is a point a bit lower that activates past lives- looks like she had this tatooed as well, perhaps thats why she can channel it into so many big roles!!

  12. Man, she got my tatt! It looks lovely on her too 😀 Being a Tiger rising Tiger, Leo Sun and Mayan Jaguar sign I tend to claim all the big cat symbolism. But I never did understand why she went for it if she is a Wood Rabbit as her Chinese astro according would indicate?

    (Can actresses lie about their age in the the Information Age? I heard someone sued IMDB for releasing their actual age and ruining their career).

    Totally love the idea of shamanistic tattooing, but you can do that kind of think sans ink, so it must be for enjoyment of the picture in the end.

    • ‘How to catch aTiger…pretend to be a Pig’…..ancient saying.
      Jaguar is potent medicine, Andromeda.
      BTW spent a couple of hours reading BHClow’s writings coz
      you mentioned her. Love that you can get a speed read from
      Amazon’s ‘look inside’. Thanx.
      My very first morning thought was ‘we are not descended from apes’, although much behaviour iv’e seen says so!

    • Maybe it is her rising sign in chinese astrology. Or her month or day animal.

      I resonate with my rising sign animal, the dragon. I am a wood rabbit by year.

  13. I don’t understand why you’d get a tattoo on your lower back that you can’t actually see yourself. Unless of course it’s not for your viewing pleasure but for that of er . . . the person approaching you from behind. And if that is the case (& I’m open to some other reasonable interpretation), I find it further cause for total dismay at what women will do to themselves or allow to have done to them for the sake of getting the passing attention of some utter knob.

    • I guess the difference is if it is personal or for show.
      What made me want one was a movie with Richard Gere
      and Kim Basinger called ‘No Mercy’ circa ’87.She had a
      parrot on her back shoulder.

    • Mine is on my lower back, is a powerful image, and has symbolic meaning for me.. It’s not ‘decoration’ or a lure for a passing knob.. It’s under my clothes most of the time. I can see it in the mirror anytime I like.

  14. Amazing. I just remember I dreamt I did my own tattoo last night. On my right bicep. I’m thinking of getting one there at the mo. Either three butterflies in a circle or a peacock feather eye. But I dreamed I did it myself, but it had a heart as well. Weird.

    I have a chinese dragon tattooed on my left hipbone. Got it when I was 40.

    • Year of the Dragon! Also I wanted it somewhere it wouldn’t be seen if I didn’t want it to be. Also didn’t want one on my back because I wanted to be able to see it without using a mirror.

  15. I love this. I’ve been mulling over another tatt.. it’s between two crescents of waves chasing each other and a solid red circle in the middle. Or the ouroboros. I would want this on my back where it would correspond to my heart.

    I was going to have my sun, moon & rising glyphs tatted on my wrist but hesitated for some reason. So for now it’s still the crawling scorpion with a flaming tale on my left back hip. Sigh.