F.y.i. A Mote Of Dust Suspended In A Sunbeam

Carl Sagan hated astrology – i feel it’s fair to give him that – it was his Taurus Rising, lol. 

But you know he manifested every nano-byte of his amazing chart…Multiple Conjunct Scorpio – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Sun – Moon in questing Saggo, Mars-Neptune in Virgo, North Node with the Midheaven in Aquarius…


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50 thoughts on “F.y.i. A Mote Of Dust Suspended In A Sunbeam

  1. Oh how I love Carl, I too sun sag, Taurus rising, mars in Virgo—
    He was able to blend the science of astronomy with a wonder and curiosity that was both mysteriously sceptic and spiritual, it has to be that Neptune and mars energy together that connected different dimensions together in beautiful ways. I loved him- he made me see things in magnificent ways.

    • Yes Holly,

      I totally agree with your sentiments about Carl, & his love & sense of wonder for the deep mystery of all life & the Cosmos that surrounds us all.. And even though the Cosmos series is a little dated.. I still love watching it.. And what about the brilliant film ‘Contact’ that was made from his novel about Science versus Belief.. or the possibility that life may be far stranger than the rational mind can comprehend etc… “I had an experience” says Ellie in her dramatic.. moving & powerful scene towards the end of the film.. And he was also born almost at the same time as my father.. but with a Sag Moon though.. instead of a Scorpio Moon.. Yes, all that Scorpio searching for the mysteries of life etc… the Cosmic detective.. And, yes even though he thought astrology was rubbish.. I also did a blog on Carl.. the film ‘Contact’ & his chart etc.. And I often wonder what if I could meet with him & show him all the evidence for astrology now.. versus his limited knowledge or understanding of the subject etc…… Although I have often had similar arguments with my father about all this.. but there are moments when I think he does appreciate the wonder & mystery of life etc…… ie. beyond the natural Scorpio skepticism etc….. And here is my blog at http://whatsitallmeanthen.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/film-contact-carl-sagan-jodie-foster.html

  2. Sagan was cool and brought physics and math to the masses…but he didn’t have a sense of humour at all as David Letterman found out one night. And guess who is still alive and having the last laugh?

    But I miss Carl. And looking at that photo, it’d be nice to see our Prime Minister from 4 billion fucking light years away. That would be the best view we could ever hope for in our lifetime…

    • clever….same that Farewell Intercourse law (where it’s totally legal to have sex with your dead wife/husband up to six hours after their death…) being drafted right now, humans can seem like a pretty disgusting group. Not to mention the fact that at least half of us are like the walking dead in which we all think we’re totally aware of everything around us (or everything we need to know) when really we know nothing at all, the sheeple disease, etc etc etc

  3. Yea i saw his painful astrology rant on youtube, his and bill Nyes. He kinda sucks all the spirit out of the planets into this grandiose amazing but i dont know why definition.. Quite smug about astrology. More Poetic on the universe, more than the usual scinentist.

    Ive loved astronomy as much as them since childhood but astrology brought me in contact with them the planets and with me myself. Science stands back in smug arrogance with no definition of why we come from. Astrology lets me know and accurately prooves my being here is for a reason.

    Not as a dot in a ray of sunshine but, i am a ray of sun kind of way.

    Leo ascendant.

      • is there some reason that all of a sudden the world is being filled with beautiful, poetic people and thoughts right when we (i) need them the most?! (thank you)

  4. Civilization like…”a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”

    That makes me think of Neoterics from Sturgeon’s Microcosmic God.

  5. Ha! This is funny ….

    I’ve known a few Taurean Sun or Asc peeps who when they first met me announced categorically that “astrology is a load of shit.” Then after knowing me awhile (and being fed tidy tidbits of pertinent astro info) started asking “…. so what’s happening with the planets lately?” hehehe

    Actually I gave my friend, the Libran with Toro Asc and Scorp Mars/Venus, a natal chart and transit chart interpretation for his last birthday. He recently said “Initially I thought it was the lamest gift I’ve ever been given. Now I think it’s the best gift I’ve ever been given. In fact, I actually find myself referring back to it often which is weird considering there is no evidence or proof that any of it means anything.” LOL

    • I’m a scientist as well as a multiple conjunct Taurus, and I believe in astrology. Not all Tauruses are boring, stupid, fat, stubborn, etc.

      • I dont think anyone is implying that, it just takes taurus forever to be convinced, they can be convinced, it just takes forever thats all

      • No, they are gorgeous, fab in bed and great cuddlers :) And they love my cooking, which is big plus!

    • Who said anything about Taureans being boring, fat or stupid? I’ve actually never met one fat Taurus – they are all rather buff despite their ability to hoe down truckloads of food. And who has time to get bored around a Toro when you’re busy getting blissbombed by their zen calm vibes?

      Now stubborn … I would argue that point! 😉

      • prowlncrab, I am not stubborn!! I am willing to argue to the end of time that I am not stubborn!!!! 😉

        OK. Maybe just a little bit.

        Taurus, hi-five from another multi Toro scientist! There has been a bit of anti-Toro sentiment around at the moment but that’s not always the case. I think the Sun sign specific frustration usually gets dished out fairly evenly – Just our turn this week : )

        • ha at first I was so scared you were arguing you werent stubborn and didnt register it was a joke until the smiley face, I was like, well how can i prove that? ha

          • Definitely joking!! Gotta have a sense of humour about these things : ) I should be careful though I guess… Taking the piss out of yourself is very Aussie – I forget how many Americans are on this blog!

            • no no it was just I was half asleep, and kind of glanced at it and assumed the whole thing was just an extension of that first statement, it was such a simple denial there was no real way I could even address or argue with it, what would I say, yes you are? ha

        • NO anti-Toro sentiments from me!!!!

          In fact, I asked the universe for a Taurus lover( I have mars in Taurus, along with south node, Midheaven, psyche, and Ceres). The universe delivered.

          He is the best cuddler, cooks, wants to please me, is great with my kids, down to earth.
          stubborn, yes, and he admits it. One reason I went for him(we are really different) was we first were talking as friends he was amazed to find astrology to be accurate for him and his daughter’s sun signs.

          Would be impossible to be with someone who didn’t believe at all.

    • Lol mu sister were all just animals with no purpuse mars 3rd house libra. Now believes and calls me universe man. People talk a good game and shit sometimes to your face, but most of them just need processing time. I never was skeptical of it. Just curious, i guess astronomy just was a warm up. But toros are usually o so painfully down to earth and evar so smug. Sometimes i want to hit them with a cowbell. Bad scorpio moon! bad!

  6. I hate when people I admire hate astrology, it makes me feel so conflicted and embarrassed

    • I know…it’s like when I held my first wife under the bathwater until the bubbles stopped. I thought “jeez, I can hardly hear a word she’s saying” but then I really did like the peace and quiet… She was a Scorpio. It’s okay. Really… :)

        • a third… the Libran wasn’t malleable either… but I’m going Sag this time. As Cancer with Aries rising and Pisces Moon 12 house on my end what could possible go wrong?

          • O man!! (snorts wine out of nostrils) You could be the male Imelda Marcos of relationships. Bet the Sag will snap you into shape though :)

  7. I’m a Taurus rising and moon and I’m way into astrology.
    BUT I’ve got loaded 8th and 12th houses

    • yes, and you’re also female (I assume by your name).

      It’s usually men who are sceptical.

  8. i got the ‘Cosmos’ series on dvd by Sagan
    the first dvd, it starts off so poetic, almost like he has been smoking pot and come out of some ten day meditation retreat…
    i was really enjoying it all, despite the bland seventies space ship set in the first dvd,
    then he gets all serious and absolute in one brief snippet saying he doesn’t believe in astrology
    just dismissed it…

    and i just felt so depressed when he said this that i couldn’t watch anymore – still he was an amazing genius person, i will watch the rest of the dvds someday or maybe even give them away

  9. I heard about this guy and his series/book Cosmos, for the first time on sunday evening, there’s a show on the abc (in Australia) called ‘wonders of the universe’ with the sexiest sparkly eyed host, professor Brian Cox, phwoar !!! I’ve got the book on the op shop hunting book list.
    I think it’s hilarious when people with obvious sun sign traits act all in denial about astro…Like my toro sun uncle and his cappie wife..it’s hilarious how archetypical they are…it just makes me and them up even more….its also nice to open their eyes and others to the beauty of it I reckon…

    • And he’s Piscean (the sexy Professor who mentioned the book in his series) to boot ! Sagg rising I guess, those long legs and big teeth smile….

      • haha, love Brian Cox too, he’s totally uber gorgeous and he’s kind of got a beautiful unique enthusiasm when he talks that makes him double gorgeous and fascinating

        • He was on QI on Friday night (in Australia), really engaging guy and more than a match for the professional comedians. A Pisces huh? Maybe some Gem also? That youthful enthusiasm… Or maybe that’s just because he’s young, lol. And a brilliant talker.

          • Oh thanks LionFish, will watch on Iview this evening .. Yep, Gem in there too … he was in a band once too..the one that sang “”Things can only get better”…(from google stalkery!) xx

  10. Funny how the non believers are so true to their planetary stuff. Just love what he says AND today’s daily pic…it’s galactic beauty.

  11. I have met plenty of people who aren’t Taurus rising/sun that didn’t believe in astrology. Not sure why the “lol” in mystics post? I am surprised she even mentions Taurus on her blog as its quite obvious she has some hateful feelings towards the sign.

    • Is it just me, or are the Tauruses the most sensitive about this issue? I remember some other signs feeling insulted, but the Taureans stubbornly insist they’re hated. Do they have more insecurity than other signs? I wouldn’t have thought so.

  12. Only the insecure ones,

    And capricorns

    And You could get gemini to care long enough.

    n Scorpio just revels in the fact.

  13. sagan could NOT allow himself to think outside his scientific cocoon. It FRIGHTENED him. Look at his rants against Velikovsky (read “the velikovsky affair” for perspective). He could not believe that thoughts/solutions could come from the universe via an astrologer ( or a spiritualist medium for that matter). He needed a “double blind proof ” and thats what he was — doubly blind.

  14. This quote and this picture are just what I needed, Mystic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    So beautiful.
    I know he’s taking a pounding for being single mindedly against Astrology, but what he has to say here is breathtakingly beautiful. It is such a spiritual approach to what he sees in the picture.
    He was a genius and an agnostic, refusing to deny the presence of a higher being – that deserves some recognition.

  15. I am finding “Scientism” more and more depressing…

    I don’t even get angry any more – just “Oh dear, you just haven’t really studied this or thought about it at all, have you ?”

    To Sagan I say (possibly via a Medium) and to Brain Cox, whose smile is dimmed in my eyes after stating loudly that Astrology is rubbish – “I believe in Astrology, Sir, because I have studied it, and you have not”.

    I will further paraphrase Nancy Mitford (why not ?!) and state that to “Bend the rules for one’s own amusement or for that of one’s friends is one thing, but to break the rules through ignorance is sheer barbarism”…

    … by this I mean that it is one thing to criticise astrology (or homeopathy, or Reiki etc) if one has studied it thoroughly and understands its principles and practices well; but to criticise it from a position of utter ignorance is sheer barbarism.

  16. My aunt just sent me a link to this photo and the full Sagan text. Makes me think it is a message but what? I sometimes wish the Universe could just spell things out clearly. Not that I don’t love a good puzzle but still…