Everything Is A Cycle

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Teegan White

Everything is a cycle? Too true. And this moment is several grand eras coming to an end with the new ones just starting to begin…if you know what i mean. If you tune in, you know what’s going and you know what’s coming, follow your bliss, align with the growing Qi, stagnation is unhealthy. So, are you feeling this?


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53 thoughts on “Everything Is A Cycle

    • Haha your emoticon sequence almost exactly mirrors my reaction to this post! Except there’s a smile at the end of mine : )

        • I am glad yours end in a smile. Yes should have put a ……. at the end as the yoyo continues always with an underliying :) even if it doesn’t show.
          I love cycles especially when they all sync their peaks acceleration points!!
          With many physical things currently in a craptastic sh#tty shambles, I find myself silently cleaning up the mess and dreaming of all the wonderous things that will be here presently :) :) :) :) …..
          Saw a great Hopi (?) quote the other day – “without tears the soul has no rainbow”

  1. Everything changes, but it all stays the same. I like cycles, and look for them, particularly ones that go in spirals, for that suggests to me a sort of growth pattern.

  2. Affirmative! Old skin shed, metamorphasis almost complete and a new feeling of emptiness which I think may actually be Zen.
    New experiences await and excitement is building…..drums fingers impatiently.

    • I have been feeling that zen also. Loving it. It doesn’t feel “bad” or “depressed” either.

  3. Yes, yes, yes. And how liberating does it feel to be moving with the energy, rather than resisting it? I’m enduring some big changes – and the pain that accompanies them – the end of a five-year relationship, returning to living on my own again, the confrontation of my own company and it has been difficult but also *right*. I’m not sure what the next few years are going to bring, but I feel pretty much like The Fool right now – on the edge of a precipice, looking ahead and certain I am embarking on the most exciting period of my life.

  4. I am so feeling THIS. Would like to try drugs for the first time in my life but instead I am listening to Pema Chodron on itunes.

    Some Buddhist books and a little bit of vodka may just be the medicine I need. Feels like a time when lots of people are meeting lots of other people but friendships and relationships aren’t going to stick for awhile.
    Least that’s what I’m feeling.

    • A drug high is a cheap but ultimately tainted version of what you’re really looking for… Stick to enlightenment, it’s harder to find but much, much more rewarding. And there’s no come down :)

  5. Yes. Job interview today for my perfect job!!! that will fit in with studying art!!!! and my gorgeous new boyfriend is so close I can almost smell him!!! and he smells good!!!!!

    • hey, this is a totally nice, mellow little track. listening to in my quiet house on a Monday lunch time. thanks x

      • You’re most welcome, I’d suggest getting well into this artist. His downtempo albums are amongst the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. His dance music, especially the more recent stuff…beyond alien in its grooves ;D

        • just had a listen. yes, it is! like stuff i used to listen to but then lost touch with for var reasons. ta will continue,, x

  6. There is a space of disorientation between the end of the end and the new beginning; the unknown and the uncertainty of what next…this is the place of pure being and of the opportunity to BE and not DO, to allow Life to assert itself and reveal its secrets. PATIENCE and TRUST and lots of deep breathing the key

    • yes! I have been in this space for half a year. It has been a wonderous opportunity for personal healing and transformation. I know something big is coming….but what, how, who, when all remain a mystery. I am patient, but sometimes not so much.

      • Catfish Moon – do you have Leo and Pisces? I am a Pisces Sun with Leo Rising, and I have been feeling exactly the same as you for the past few months. I can feel the change coming, massive transition, but still feeling the fear of letting go of this life completely until i can get a whiff of what is in the next. I broke down to my yoga teacher on Sunday saying that I have been hearing her tell me to live a simpler life for months now, but now I am ready…

  7. Yes! Dreams so intense and real . Telling me to let go if the past and embrace myself in all it’s beauty . I chose myself !

  8. Yes! please! Going back to school, done w/ everyone toxic, leaving one of my two jobs. There’s change in the air and I cant wait.

  9. Yes and yes. Pulling myself, bit by bit, out of what feels like the worst rut I’ve ever experienced and looking forward. Just vowed last night to stop complaining, period (after a nudge from the Oracle, thank you Oracle). This Sag is ready to reframe uncertainty as possibility again.

  10. Yes definately – on quite a mundane level and a super deep unseen to others level. I feel this site has helped me be aware of this cycle. I feel I have learned in the past four months what I couldhave learned over the past ten years and it has all come a rushing up thank goodness, to be in time for the next cycle. I am sure there is more to come and learn. as there always will be.

  11. to cap, I would say I am the most aware I have been ever in my whole life (that does not say that much though!! late developer).

  12. Thank you Mystic, I really hope I’m able to kick this stagnation. Already I’m looking into getting out and travelling and doing workshops for things I’ve always wanted to do… Bliss, wherefore art thou?

    • Same with me, I’m looking forward to enrolling into that dance school and public speaking classes. Woohoo meditation is the key here folks, stay centered.

      • Thanks for that Aries, yes I agree more meditation and conscious living is required here. Funny I was looking at doing a dance class too! Need more to look forward to :)

  13. Oh boy YES!! I am still dealing with the transition. Maybe I am resisting since I am struggling and I don’t like it! Everything is on hold! If I could get one area of my life to transition into something better everything else will fall into place!! Will I have to wait longer that everyone else! It’s making me sad! ugh!!

  14. 😯

    Awesome Mystic – I actually had a light bulb moment about this over the weekend… even had to write it down… it was THAT profound! 😯

  15. Yes I feel that there is a huge change comiing. Going to do a meditation class tonight. Really need to feel and be at peace with myself!

  16. I went Crazy Present today. Actually, for the last few days I have been Crazy Present.

    You have to understand, I appear to have the saddest stars in the world (or so my depression and lack of faith that anything will get better ever) so I spend the vast majority of my life in this beautiful little world in my head where my husband is taller than me and holds my hand and buys Coachella tix for me without me needing to prompt ’cause he knows I love The Shins and then is like oh bee-tee-dubs we’re visiting your mom for a few days and I know that can be stressful so I also booked you a spa visit at that place in Las Vegas that snows body lotion snowflakes. Basically, dream land. Love dream land, love dream husband, love body lotion snowflakes.

    But this weekend! Crazy Present. It was sort of jarring when I realized it.

    • that is so cute. the stories on this site are amazing. I feel for your depression as you call it. I was there for fifteen years so understand and your writing is beautiful. LIsten to your feelings x

      • I’m trying! It’s just hard when my feelings are mostly sad. I would love for my outside life to reflect the beauty of my inner life, but I’m not sure how to get there.

    • Saturn conjunt sun here….so I totally get the sad stars part.
      Moon and venus in 12th daydreamed years away.

      But now, I am different(pluto square pluto transit) Being present is amazing though. I am happier than I have ever been.

      • I have a Sun-Saturn conjunction and my Sun and Moon are in opposition, and I’ve been “enjoying” Pluto transiting over Neptune. The majority of my life has been difficult – if this is what life is, I don’t know what the fuss is over it.

        • :/ Hopefully it gets better from here. I understand though. Was just saying last night I wish I didn’t have to learn things the hard way.

          Be bright, Bright. xoxo

  17. I am loving neptune in pisces – cinema, music & dreams are now not just filling in the spaces of time – they are more than time and space in the perfect escapist package.
    The elephant in the room – dah dahhh – is PLUTO. Pluto in libra square pluto in cap to exact. I am angsty about how it is playing out in my life (5th/8th houses) and wanting to learn to maximise this time instead of wallow (yes, stagnation). Not sure if that strikes any other pluto in lib types doing this square dance?

    • OH>>>.I am STILL in the longest pluto square pluto transit ever due to pluto’s lovely retrogrades.

      hell. yes. hell. IT started as soon as pluto came into orb of the square. I still have one more direct hit. Pluto will sit stationary at the degree before going direct. But as time has moved on things have gotten better.

      My natal pluto is in the 2nd though, in libra of course. IT is getting squared by transiting pluto in my 5th.
      2nd house: My finances took a huge hit. I use to have a whole lot more savings, BUT I did put a big down payment down on a house of my own.
      5th house: my relationship with my children has changed, for the better. They have transitioned into teenager and preteens. We are really close and adore each other.
      Plus I had a step daughter for awhile, though we weren’t close due to distance. Now I am dating someone with a daughter and we are all hanging out.
      I learned to play a few musical instruments too!
      My view on love, romance, partnerships, etc have taken a dramatic and huge turn, and then turned again. LOL.

      Overally the outcome is looking very good , but went throught levels of hell to get here. Let’s not forget this is pluto…..so left my home and land, was in a relationship with a manipulative man who was abusive at times, went to the depths of my own personal hades with my demons.

      I am wondering how yours is playing out with the different houses involved….Pluto transiting your 8th. wowsers.

      Good luck Numoon.

      Good luck.

  18. Yes! One cycle ended for us when we left Australia. I loved my time there but knew that it had come to an end. Surprisingly I haven’t felt homesick, but I have fallen in love with North Cyprus, aka, La-La Land. Things work here, well, when they happen to work. We have finally completed the purchase of our new apartment and moved in last week. It has lovely, marble floors, air-conditioning right through, loads of outdoor space, huge living room, modern kitchen with lots of cupboard space, flyscreens all round, double glazing, probably the best place we’ve ever lived in. With any luck our gear from Australia should arrive this week. And the skies are a clear blue, summer is on its way. Heaven in a little, very powerful island as this next cycle of our life continues.

  19. Too true, moving but staying in area i love, and pingback to 2005 re blk cat

  20. More grounded, yes. More self-revolutionary, yes. Happy to have the life I have had so far.

    Last night I had a dream, I put two red empty luggages into a cab trunk – one belonged to my parents, other was mine. I woke up thinking “I just paid my karmic debt”. I don’t know.

  21. Yes.

    Less blame, more forgiveness, less pressure to be perfect. A seriously tough couple of months but the lessons are starting to trickle in with little a-ha moments as I knew they would. Even though it seemed for a while like they wouldn’t come. I love the cycles, sometimes it would be nice if they weren’t so pronounced and hair raising but the Scorp in me generally loves the ride.

  22. Feeling a bit lost from all the change swirling around me, but know it’s all for the best. Hope there is a much bigger space for creative people in the new world order because I am fast losing my ability to successfully camouflage myself as an office drone…