Eminem’s Recovery Astro

Eminem has helpfully publicized the exact day he went totally clean after struggling with pills-booze etc: April 20 2008.

Why helpful? Because it’s interesting to be able to check out the transits occurring on such a drastic turning point of a day, right?

The key astro him that day was:

* Chiron + Neptune on his Moon – that’s a time that can equal spiritual awakening/healing breakthrough for sure. It could also equate to a bender of epic proportions and thus possibly a hangover harrowing enough to drive some sort of a moment?

* Pluto on his Jupiter – anything Jupiter-Pluto has the potential to be extremely enriching, like a positive, amazingly exciting metamorphosis.

* Jupiter on his North Node in Capricorn. The North Node is Destiny – Jupiter there brings helpful people, maybe a Guru (Jupiter is Guru in Sanskrit) and aid back towards the rightful path. An intervention would fit with this astro.

Note the double Jupiter action AND how Chiron/Neptune activated his natal, genius Grand Air Trine: Uranus-Sun in Libra trine Saturn in Gemini trine Moon in Aquarius.


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17 thoughts on “Eminem’s Recovery Astro

  1. awww I didnt know he had addictions issues. Dont most superstars?
    If they survive eventually they clean up their acts. I like his music and especially the movie 8 Mile w/ Brittany Murphy who died a few years ago. I wonder if her death coincided with his getting clean?

    • EEL, what’s the significance of 4/20? I’m assuming it’s an American thing?

      • 4-20 is slang for pot smoking.

        It started because supposedly the police code for pot smoking was 420.

        It became slang in the mid 90s. Now people celebrate it as the annual pot smoking holiday.

  2. Fascinating. I’ve always thought that it would be very helpful incorporating astrological principles when working with people in recovery.

  3. My son loves him.

    Maybe he went gave up hard drugs, but kept smoking pot, so he chose 4/20? Don’t know enough about his drug choices to know if he smokes pot or ever smoked a lot.

    Interesting post Mystic. With so many of my friends being pot heads, recreational drug users, ex users, alcoholics(yes, my descendant is pisces with neptune in my 4th….dad ex alcoholic) I find this post very interesting. I myself have been a intoxicated person, for years at one point. My clean and sober day were brought on my neptune in aquarius in my 6th house. NOw that it is in Pisces and entering my 7th, I drink and smoke a little(not much and nothing else).

  4. Yes a very interesting post.
    Astrology has so many uses. When my husband was diagnosed with his illness he was having a pluto transit ( cann’t remember exactly what now), when I looked it up, I saw he’d had a similar transit when he was 5 ( 40 years previously) – basically whatever happened went underground to re-emerge then. ‘What happened when you were 5?’ ‘I was run over by a truck had loads of blood transfusions, an operation on my liver and was in hospital for a year’ Until then he’d never made the connection – we were able to tell the specialist & get the appropriate tests ( I never mentioned astrology though!).
    Personally as I have Jupiter conjunct Pluto in my natal – I tend to throw myself into experiences just to see what I can learn from them and as it’s in virgo I have to analyse every detail to get as much as possible out of it – nothing is wasted :-)

    • Thanks for sharing, that’s really interesting and I’m glad he got help!

  5. interesting. i went and looked up the chart for my own heroin kick. pluto in the last half of the 6th, mercury retrograding over NN. sun transiting pluto and NN (i only know the month, kinda lose little things like exact dates when your moldy tent under a bridge is morphing into demons and such!), pholus on uranus/vertex (and i don’t understand him very well but he’s ALWAYS doing something at significant times), uranus retrograding close to MC (rethinking very public intoxication/rebellion yeah just maybe!!), and the biggie, saturn stationing retrograde on jupiter and easily within orb of my asc and sun. yeah, i call that a perfect storm…

    • I love that song too.

      It is interesting astro – he has moon aqua and sun libra – these social justice messages to the collective I see clearly in his work and are his aqua and libra playing out. he has that lovely libran pretty look. the cap NN is interesting – a destined climber.

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