Easter W.T.F.

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Easter, seriously, w.t.f? THIS IS ME EVERY YEAR, Set and Forget –


I mean, LOOK at this thing.  It ticks every box on the crazy-bats list.


* Stolen Pagan Festival. Easter = Oestre – Goddess of the Dawn. Think oestrogen. Oestrus as in heat. HENCE the EGGS.


* Commemorating the death and resurrection of the awesome Jesus Christ. As a vegetarian, anarchist and open-minded dude, he would have surely hated how the Pope & Co go off with moralistic cant this time of year.


* Dairy & cheap sugar laden chocolate that is pale echo of the raw super-foodie power substance of the Ancient Mayans. Yes, Mayans. Let’s throw THEM into the Easter mix.


* Bunnies, Hares, Rabbits – we shoot and eat them but commemorate at Easter in weird throwback to this being a fertility festival. ie; rabbits have a LOT of sex.


* Has to, by Papal edict or whatever, be held on a Full Moon in Libra. Cue fuqed relationship flashpoints all over the world.


If Easter were a person he/she would be under 24 hour watch by the lunatic police.

EVERY YEAR I AM GOING TO REPOST THIS CRAP & hey, as always, intelligent arguments welcome!

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66 thoughts on “Easter W.T.F.

  1. Easter is the opposite of time off for me, always. But that’s self employment after a career in casual agency nursing for you. Have lovely rests you guys.

  2. Hello Aphro, at home i read on your personal island , with B-grade movie blue sea around you and special pencil shop.
    Making this Sagg quite green 🙂
    You are close to London for a week! How mind blowing would THAT be after Oz, the very big island, your island in the sun, then London and the book & art shops,(tea with hot Harry?)
    Have fun, my friend, as you have been having,
    salut x
    Ps: i experienced the very same dog bite in Tahiti island,
    even same calf. Still have the scar. In a lifetime full of dogs, the only bite ever amongst the many licks 🙂

    • Thank the Goddess we recovered 🙂
      at least you were not a BOY with irish priests in the 50’s.
      We will be National Treasures in 20 years. Hands to shake, money to make,
      cheeks to kiss.

  3. Sweet Cyber Children,

    What would Easter bring up to a person born on the Immaculate Conception feast day, was taught by a Sister Mary Emmanuelle, and whose birth name means ‘little-petite-small’ Mary.
    And went to an all girls Catholic College. Was taught by a Priest, tongue-kissing was a mortal sin worthy of HELL if not confessed to him or another parish Priest. zThis was when we were 13 years of age (grade 7?) and had no idea what exactly tongue-kissing was, but sure then wanted to know!
    The Stations of the Cross (in Roman Catholic speak), a meditation on 12 depictions of Jeezus, bleeding, stumbling up a hill. Thanx Mel Gibson, is no wonder i try & help the bleeding hearts called Men. My cup overflowth
    with compassion. Hence the rise of the Goddess culture, of which most of us seem to belong.
    Give me the EGG symbolism anytime and those ubiquitous fluffy bunnies.
    Good Friday, shall i expect the sky to go dark at 4pm, as it’s won’t to do?
    Shall be eating fish caught on the holidays by AquaMan & CowGirl, so goodbye for now and thanx for the fish.
    Love Pegasus

    On Thursday my local bank, post office and library had bowls of chocolate eggs for visitors. 3 from each place.
    So thank for all the eggs too.

  4. MM, Easter’s the first Sunday after the full moon in *Aries*, isn’t it? Or are we talking about something else… that I missed…? I’m confused now! Too much Neptune squishing me right now…

    • Moon will be in Scorpio on Sunday. In Libra at mo.
      Check right hand ‘astrodienst’ strip above for planetary

      • i get it now–rare lucid moment about an hour ago–HA!!!…. full moon always a sun opposition moon thing, so (full) moon in Libra = sun in Aries. also makes sense of the fertility/coupling thang that is so prevalent this time of year: sun opposite moon in signs ruled by Venus & Mars. my god, is this why i am so crazy right now? or was i born this way? hahaha!

        • Yes, i have spent the morning reading Barbara Hand Clow and astrology bizzo.
          Lots of cosmic penny drops…epiphanies i mean, thanx to Andromeda mentioning her
          books a thread or 2 back.
          What interested me the most was that perhaps
          11.000 years ago, the Earth was not on an axis tilt, hence no seasons.
          I so dislike Seasons!!!! I like when close to equator, same time sun set & rise. No sense of time passing.

  5. I cant keep up who wrote what but re: tha Pasta loving son, my son’s meat & potatoe’s, my daughter was the pasta lover. I’m not even Italian but I LOVE the food more than meat & potatoes I was raised on.

  6. OOOH, I forgot to mention the other thing I LOVE about Easter.
    Jesus Christ Super Star – and crankin’ it!

    That opening guitar riff to ‘Heaven On their Minds’
    Judas: “My mind is clearer now – at last all too well
    I can see where we all soon will be
    If you strip away the Myth from the Man
    you will see where we all soon will be…

    Groovy man.

  7. My son is 29 we share & eat the goodies the week before Easter. We’ve already eated 2 bags, lol. Now we’re starting on the Russel Stover marshmallow eggs. By the time easter arrives we’ve only got jelly beans and the choc bunny lefy 😮 The day after Easter we start eating helthy again. By then I’m sick of all the sweets anyway. Its wierd my diet changes on its own once the warmer weather arrives, but then when it gets cool again we start eating all the junk food again.

    Have a Happy Easter w/ your son!.

  8. I love the time off too, was getting very bored this week. I wear my bunny ears all week and get lots of nice happy easter comments. Makes me smile and others too so can’t be all bad.

    • Love it Leogroover!!! I think I will get soem bunny ears too. I’ve got alot of homeless pooches all dressed up for Easter on my facebook wall. My dogs have pretty little dresses and collars for the local Easter parade which we wontg be able to go to because I promised I’d go see my dear old Scorpio Aunty in the hosp rec’v from major heart surg. Next year we’ll go!

  9. I still make an easter basket with colored eggs, marshmallow eggs, a chocolate buny and various other goodies. I buy myself flowering plants as they come out at the grocery store. I plant them after they dry up. I’ve lived in my home 35 yrs, you should see my flowers, OMG even I’m in awe!
    We dont do church. I was raised Catholic, but I’ve not gone to church since I was 15, except for funeral masses with the rest of the phonies. Even when I was a kid I knew the nuns & priests were a bunch of wierdo’s!

    • I got the chocolate, grass, basket, etc. today and am hiding it in my truck so my son doesn’t find it. Now that he’s asleep, I’m thinking about getting into the candy: he couldn’t possibly eat all that by himself, you know.

      (MM, good call on the Oestre. I missed that one. Thanks. Editing.)

      If anybody needs me, I’ll be in my truck.

  10. Easter marks the beginning of my 4 days off so I ain’t got anything bad to say about it this year. I’ve found in re: to Christianity, Im neutral at the most. Anything organized can have its good and bad points.

  11. I was raised quite religiously and went to church until I was 28. Suffice to say… I don’t do it anymore … hehehe… that is long long gone from my persona.

    Anyone interested in religious/mythic ideas might like to read this lady and her work….

    Acharya S / D M Murdoch… she’s got a few sites… here’s her books…


  12. Interestingly – this parallels the myth of both Odin and Dionysus and a host of other Gods whose death and resurrection to save humanity stories predate Christianity by thousands of years. Osiris also.

    • Quetzacoatl is also nominated as being Jesus by some. He is a god of of life, death & resurrection. “Quetzalcoatl decided to leave the world and threw himself onto a funeral pyre. As his body burned, birds flew forth from the flames, and his heart went up into the heavens to become Venus, the morning and evening star”.

    • That’s true, there’s a lot of discussion out there on how other myths / belief systems were adapted. That film ‘zetigeist’ , while it is bizarrely put together and at times drones on like some stoned conspiracy theorist at 4am at someone’s party, draws some parallels with Egyptian mythology and xmas, etc.

        • “drones on like some stoned conspiracy theorist at 4am at someone’s party”
          I literally spat out my tea I was sipping,
          and started laughing so hard a little bit came out my nose…

      • might be stating the obvious for most readers here right! plus obv mystic in the past mentioning the various religio-fests and how they have co-opted the pagan dudes and dudettes.

        • It’s such fertile ground, all the gods and myths and how connected our festivals really are… I think it is like the book I just read by B. Hand Clow, Catastraphobia, where she puts forth her idea of world history. She says we love this stuff because we want to know our true past, like what isn’t taught in school!

  13. “For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered death and was buried. On the third day, He rose again, in accordance with the scriptures…”

    Branded onto my memory after a decade of childhood Sunday masses. You don’t forget something that quickly when you’ve been repeating it once a week every week for 10 years! I went to church again recently with extended family for Christmas, Very Strange Experience…

  14. I have 4 consecutive days off work, that’s why I like Easter. Otherwise, it’s kind of a joke really. Especially as we actually have days off for it. I still don’t understand why Australia and it’s cultural/religious mix still has Christian festivities as public holidays when it’s probably now one of the least followed religion here. Not even Catholic countries like Spain have these as public holidays. I don’t get it. Having said all this, I bought Lindt bunnies for people at work today and realised I forgot to get one for myself 🙁

    • Well, perhaps just as the Church filched a pagan festival that was celebrated anyway, superimposing their own layers of meaning over it, we too have somehow taken the Church holiday (Holy Day) and are in the process of superimposing other layers onto it.

      Catholicism may not be a dominant part of modern Australian culture but public holidays are. Anyway, last census results point to a majority claiming a Christian faith (~53%) compared to No Religion (~19%) That is the 2006 census as last year’s data comes up in June.

        • There was a tick a box for that? I wonder if they’ll find Jedi percentages down while Rastafari numbers are on the rise. The changing religious face of Australia.

          • PASTAfarian. Those who love Jah & Italian food with their spliffs…lol.

            Rastas & I go back a long way as i lived in Brixton for a few months in ’80.
            I called out to the neighbours ‘the bass is too loud’. They replied: ‘not lood enoof mun’ 🙂

        • Pastfarianism is a very real and legitimate faith!!


          I was going to put it on the census myself, but then I read this campaign

          and i realised recording any religion, even a protest religion, on the census records you as holding “religious values” and puts further sway towards considering religious values in law making.
          So while I have a very strong spiritual faith, (and am very supportive of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster), I sadly branded myself an atheist on political grounds.

          All hail his Noodly Appendage!!

      • I wonder how many of those 53% actually practise Christianity. I think this ties in with the public holiday thing. I believe people think “well I celebrate Xmas and Easter so I must be Christian”. Like those pretentious people who claim they’re buddhists just because they meditate and despise capitalism. lol

    • Easter really is pretty weird…
      But I love getting a long weekend (at my work we get Easter Tuesday off, so I am taking off next Wed-Fri too – ahhhh).

      And THE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always have a cream egg at some point cause it’s kinda tradition, but mostly I love the good stuff. Haighs Easter Bilby, anyone? Mmmm…

      Can’t wait till 5pm clock-off time!

      • Yay for the Easter Bilby! When I was studying for a semester abroad in Australia I bought Easter Bilbies to ship home to friends and family. I think the company donates a percentage to their wildlife conservation too. 🙂

        • 53% (roughly) Christian, which includes Catholics, Anglican, Presbyterian, Uniting Church and Methodists. I didn’t say majority Catholic, in fact i said Catholicism doesn’t dominate our culture. They’re simply figures from the ABS, not an opinion about our culture, religious or otherwise.

          • Millie, only mentioned the 6mill coz
            of them wanting to dispute gay marriage, actively stop it.
            I write ‘Holistic’ on census forms under ‘other’ 🙂

  15. Easter as a person under lunatic watch… what do you make of Christmas as a person? Do you remember the scene in SIlence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter is carted up on a trolley in a metal mask with mouth cage to speak with the Senator? And still manages to verbally engage her then insult her to the core? Yah, that’s Christmas as a person to me.. dangerous, offensive but fascinating.

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