Capricorns On Pluto

That’s Capricorns on Pluto like it’s some sort of a lifeforce drug of pure raw excellence, not as in on another planet.

Cosmos aligned Capricorns have never been so alive, thriving and sensationally grounded as they are now.

Success? Climbing? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Being Pluto-powered is not for the low Qi types (ask Saggos about their late 90s until 2008 phase) but it’s awesome once you get with it.

Caps operating beneath expectations or doing Orc work just get paranoid or worse, sleazy-compulsive.

But this is the kind of astro vibe that, if you’re a Capricorn in bold growth mode at the mo, mighty forces come to your aid.

So Caps, do share…

62 thoughts on “Capricorns On Pluto

  1. No, I’m not a Cappy, but my youngest daughter is. After her trip-to-Hades divorce, she is back on the upward mobility track, doing fabulously. Her sun begins her Cap stellium: Sun at 5, Uranus at 9, Neptune at 13, Venus at 15, Saturn at 25 and NN at 28. Pluto’s transit of her sun only made her stronger/better. It will be fascinating to watch the transit through her stellium.

  2. I know a couple of ‘operating beneth expectations’ , sleazy, needy, stuck, angry caps at the moment. I’m putting this down to Pluto in cap is retrograde and their ruler Saturn is retrograde also.

    • Oh yah? Take another gander at the pix. Those goats are moving onward and upward and will leave some of us hotshots in the dust. They are regrouping after major storms. Merely regrouping.

  3. He looks like he’s wearing a borrowed goat skin! What happened to his shoulder?

    • wondered same !
      Love pic, I have a similar goat -y pic on vision board.
      3 tiny goats on inch wide rock crags on sheer cliff face.

      Cap rising, I must say lots going on under the surface,
      I am holding it close to the vest at the mo. Oddly all these Saturn peeps have been cropping up lately – Saturn prominent people and I just love it – my folks both Cap Suns – also out of any and all sports I’d pick hiking up a mountain anyday
      glorious pic Mystic- I also love the pics of goats on the italian dam is basically a giant salt lick

  4. Well i’m early degrees of cap rising.
    & Very Pro-Pluto these days.

    Since middle of last year – broke up from lovely but just-not-startling relationship, moved out, had mad plutonic love affair, found loft apartment of my dreams, got offered cool contract that would forever change my work/life identity, then got powertripped by guys having ‘mantasies’ so couldn’t take it, shut down plutonic love affair, fuqed off from the mantasy brigade, chased down new contract alone, found one a million times better & (as jupiter crosses moon/mars) have just found the most miraculous manager to help me move forward from here. (jupiter crossing his sun!)

    Loving this shit! The lows are low but the speedy upswing to the highs (if you dare stick your neck out) more than make up for them. Feel like life is currently an earthquake cracking open new worlds. Trust the destruction – in the end things are renewed & so much more exciting. Joie-de-vivre is not an infinite resource but it needs a defibrillator.

    Pluto is your friend :-)

    • wow! knowing when to fuq off out of a shitty situation has def made a massive difference in your life. inspiring!
      ps love ‘mantasies’ a new word for me! hopefully i don’t encounter em though

    • Gemricorn, you are spot on! Yes, the defibrillator must be on full charge because, since the Mars went direct, just in time to save me from walking off the end of the dock with rocks in pockets, life is operating at full tilt boogie. Months of heartache and wading in old childhood/family angst (Chiron Return anyone??) while job hunting (what fun) has now morphed into not one, but two potential job offers that will lift me out of my current funk, physically and mentally, maybe spiritually too. Good stuff, good stuff…:)
      Pluto – not for sissies.

  5. This week my 79-year-old, Capricorn Mum has given a flurry of interviews for local media on a community health issue. In years leading up to this, the group she belongs to had to fight to be heard. Apparently she came across well, saying that just because a decision has been made by a public administration body, shouldn’t mean it can’t be changed for a better outcome.

  6. My password doesn’t give me access to the Taurus birthday present post. Tired when logged off and again when logged on.
    I have two Taurus people to buy for so am keen to check it out.

    • hey i am still testing it to make sure the link works – when i know it’s auto downloading, i remove the password – i can’t test it without putting it on the actual site but obviously don’t want peeps trying to buy until have tested…will remove password v.soon xxx

    • Mine doesn’t work either. And now I can’t get in to the Oracle or horoscopes. At first I thought I was being punished for Oracle abuse, but since it’s happening to you too, I ‘spose it’s just a glitch.

      • Guys there is NO glitch.

        The Taurus Gift Post will be open when i am certain that the automatic download works.

        Everything else is operating as usual

        • Hi guys – it is working. I moved the post to go up later tonight, right before the thousand hour moon void in pisces lol BUT the Taurus Page is up now and at the top right of the site.

  7. The Cap I live with is on fire, single handedly sorting out a long-standing toxic family sitch. Talk about super powered. It’s awesome to watch. Pluto is right on his sun right now.

  8. Cap sun in 10th my world feels good I feel calm and the most grounded I’ve ever felt on my own – come what may – I will survive and thrive.

    Moments of fear I admit but I am following my bliss and doing my best most of the time, more lessons in store no doubt, love the life I’ve made on my own so far.

    Where can I read more re Orcus?

  9. I’m a double Cap – rising, and a 12th House Sun – suddenly all my research, work and guinea-pigging on myself about “youthing” rather than ageing is finding an eager audience. Thank god for webinars, facebook and blogging to get the word out. I’m one powered up Cappy in full stride.

  10. Oh Gawwwwd, everything is going WRONG!! Seriously. Cap Sun/ Merc/ Venus.

    I was just harping on about this last night (PMSing by myself on the couch watching The Voice.) Just when none of my recent ventures have failed to take-off or even sputter into anything resembling a chance of a hope of becoming something, my mother emails me to tell me my ex-best friend (and oddly, my biggest competitor growing up) has just sold her 25th book and is rolling in money, so much so that her darling hubby only works two days so he can keep house and 3 gorgeous kids for her while she goes and writes in a coffee shop. She’s a Cancer. My moon and Saturn are in Cancer.

    Jealousy is evil and yet my face just burrrrrns and my gut chuurrrrrns when I hear stories of her. I can’t get any auditions after 10 years of pretty regular acting gigs, my industry friends seem to have disappeared, not even my darling short film has made it into any festival so far submitted to (okay, so i didn’t think it would realistically make Cannes… but…), I don’t have a boy or any babies and I’m not daring to get any more pets because I’ve lost too many recently. Waaaahhhh! Every aspect of career/ life seems to be dismal!!!

    Ahh. Better. sorry to off-load. I’m staying busy writing my screenplay (same one I’ve been chipping away at for 4 years and 9 drafts) and am trying to get a neighbourhood campaign up to save a beautiful local property from gross redevelopment (soooo hard to get ppl caring about stuff!!) but it’s hard to stay motivated and upbeat.

    Yes, yes, Pluto’s on my sun in the 3rd house and Saturn is still in my 1st, but surely something I’ve been plugging away at for the past year plus (plus plus) will come to goodness and success soon??? huh, Pluto?? huh????

    • Equilib Girl – Hang in! What would it take for all that to turn around? (That’s a question for the universe, not you!). My sun/asc/venus tells me we just get better as we age and you haven’t hit your stride!

      • Agree. Hang in there. What you are doing is worthy and yes I do believe your hard work will pay off somehow, we just don’t know exactly what that will look like yet.

        And…jealousy. It’s an authentic emotion that one cannot necessarily talk oneself out of UNLESS one believes that all is not what it appears on surface. That ex-friend can seem sparkly and enchanted by some kind of Midas touch, but we just don’t know what her life is really, really like behind the curtain. Have faith in your own life:)

      • Hmm, what would it take for things to turn around? Very good question. I must make another coffee and ponder this. And eat another Tim Tam. Yes, very important to have a chocolate fix whilst pondering this… 😉

    • Jealousy doesn’t become anyone and will work against you.

      We all know jealousy though, it’s a very human (and primitive) feeling. It’s good of you to be open about it.

      Acknowledge it’s there, say to yourself it’s a silly feeling and that you wish anyone the best (NLP)
      Really works.

      Good luck

    • Thanks for all of this, equilibrium girl. A timely post, and I enjoyed and valued reading your utter sincerity. You are a decent and worthy person simply in you ‘being you’ is my thoughts ?
      Your words express so genuinely the feelings of frustration, and the inner hauntings of potential doomed mediocrity, and all that those feelings could then mean in terms of estimations of self worth. I love your utter honesty and your guts to say it out loud.
      I don’t know about you, but such kinds of feelings in my own past, used to somehow make me unconsciously grieve that I would never find the love I so used to wish for.
      I used to believe that if I wasn’t brilliant, well I wouldn’t deserve to be loved brilliantly, and I only wanted to be loved brilliantly didn’t I, I later grokked, feeling a bit embarrassed at self…like a big Capricorn ‘kid’ hahahha
      Your identity is evolving sounds like for sure, you will find your way over these high cliffs and you will shine.

      My philosophy on Pluto in summary is: The Sun is bigger than Pluto = Fact ! ! ! ?

      Simplistic I know, but I wish you all the success in the world. Go Girl x

      • btw the question marks are meant to be :)

        as dark moon and all i pre-typed my response and so smileys came out as ? soz for confusion there.

        • …”the inner hauntings of potential doomed mediocrity…” Stunning way of putting it, Aurora Lights!
          Thank you so much for your kind words and insight. The Sun is bigger than Pluto!! Hells yeah!

          Muchly appreciated, lovely. xxxxxx

          • you’re welcome eq girl, what you describe is how i used to feel when i was a teen and up until my thirties. my mother used to point out to me how well my peers and relatives were doing too, bless her. if that is your photo you are gorgeous, i do wish you well, you are still so young and can do so many things you know, and you sound like you’ve achieved some stunning things already and definitely have creative gold. I wish you joy xx

    • I feel you. What I think you should do is LET GO of all of the notions of what you should be doing and excel right where you are. What is bothering you about your situation re the frenemy is that your Mom is so proud of her and that she has achieved success on her own terms. I have Saturn in Cancer too and Cancer people always make me feel the full weight of that Saturn. Your frenemy is your conscience, your judge and your yardstick. Until you do whatever it is you need to do to feel successful, accomplished and whole, you will continue to project your self-concept of “failure” on her. And- with Pluto opposing her sun and Saturn squaring it, life is no picnic right now for her either. Cancers are having an even harder time than we are.
      You’re being very light hearted about it and using your wit to downplay how hurtful it is but I know this is on the scale of an existential crisis. And I’m thinking to myself that maybe that’s why your entertainment career is not working right now. Its not coming from the heart. This is a serious time for you and maybe you should focus on the serious things, such as your work in the community. I hate tough love and I double hate when people tell me how strong I am and that I need to handle my business when what I want is a hug and candy, lol so if I come across like that, I totally apologize.

      My advice to you is decompress, take some time off: don’t pay your phone bill or throw your phone in the toilet or something so you can have some time to not have to talk to your mom, don’t look the frenemy up on Facebook or thru other people or whatever, jog, meditate, get a bottle of something that’ll put hair on your chest and stay in the house and drink it and let inspiration come to you. If you have some money, get a copy of the audiobook of Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil” and listen to it. Get in touch with yourself and come up with a vision you feel estatic about the possibility of. Good luck and be blessed!!!

  11. Sweetie, what part of my life has not been a massive growth phase? So, business as usual, but yeah, it does seem like I haven’t blinked in several days…. maybe it’s even more intense than usual…..

    Sun in cap
    moon in Scorp.

        • but they keep the cameras running so they don’t miss anything during the millisecond that their eyes are closed 😀

          • The Piscean speaks truth,,,, and I have the raging eye problems to prove it. Seriously, I really should blink more often.

    • Totally know what you mean about business as usual. The only thing I have in capicorn is my vertex. Still not sure what to do with that though.

      But I am in the midst of the longest pluto square natal pluto transit ever……
      Plus pluto is opposing my Juno in Cancer, then on to opposing my sun then saturn!

      Business as usual.

  12. I hope the cappy man I was grizzling about (but otherwise admire, more or less) in an earlier post has an incredible life-expanding mind-melting psyche-powering breakthrough when pluto transits his sun in a few years.

  13. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in Cap in 11th house – change better come soon cos I’m basically too exhausted to grok anything.

    • That’s me as well. Just stunned by all the bad stuff that’s been going on – and seeing no way forward. (Cap sun in 10th.)

    • If I’ve learned anything from Pluto, and I hope I have (Uranus, Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Venus, NN in Cap), it’s that change comes when it’s called. Or rather, you have to make it come to you if you want it to be good change. As exhausted as you may be, you’ll be surprised by how much more you’ve got left to give. I mean, you’re a Cap after all. Resilience is practically coded into your DNA.

      Best of luck to you x

      • Thank you Sonyah, I understand the resilience, I could keep on going like this until I drop, but there’s no time for me in the situation right now, and I’m just barely functioning – it’s good to be reminded that I can bring the change!

        Bluesky, how true, when I was pregnant I started waking in the night with cramps, the naturopath put me on magnesium and they improved – they’ve been starting again, so will get into the magnesium – thank you!

  14. Oh, thank golly goodness Mystic. Just today, right on cue I got word that I got the job I have been waiting to hear about since forever (or at least since Mars was doing it’s pesky retrograde thingy). So it’s the job I wanted and fitting into the longer term goals I have.. hoorah!

    Love the goat picture. What a great, tenacious climber that little dude is.

  15. I have a lot going on in Cap (1st house): Uranus at 9, Sun at 12, Neptune at 14, Saturn at 25, Venus at 27, NN at 29. The past year has been a whirlwind or anxieties, successes, failures.

    I broke up with the Aries guy I was dating (but we’re still good friends) and had a huge falling out with my Pisces roommate (who I originally thought was great, but ended up being very low-Pisces, and near the climax of our conflict acted very, very intentionally hurtful). All this while going to school for electronics engineering- not an easy program (and Saturn’s been touring my 10th, so I haven’t been allowed to slack off).

    Basically, I’ve been doing zen-master-guru as of late. My best friend the Libra (what is it with Caps and Libras?) said he’s interested to see what kind of person I’ll be at 50, and almost felt sorry for anyone who drew my ire. Personally, I’m more interested in what I’ll be like once Pluto gets off my Uranus-Sun-Neptune. I’m hoping for big things!

    • Should mention that my theme song the past few months has been “This Year – The Mountain Goats”. The chorus goes, “I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.”

      Oddly appropriate that they’re called the Mountain Goats, though the lead singer is a Pisces. Either way, it’s great.

      • My Cappy daughter (see first post) with a similar stellium to yours, had to evolve. She let go of a lifetime of strongly held beliefs. It was a hard and painful process for her, but she is so much happier now. It was her gateway to success. The old was a closed door.

        • This exact same thing is happening to a Cap man I know, he has sun-Venus conjunct plus Merc in 7th, Pluto on sun/Venus right now, and his entire belief system about relationships is being dismantled piece by piece. He is resisting every step of the way. He is thumping the closed door desperate to be let back in.

          • Yeah. Letting go of things isn’t easy for us goats. I mean, just look at the picture on this post! I doubt that guy isn’t terribly keen on letting go of any of his footholds.. but sometimes footholds crumble, and you have to let go for something better.

            That’s the only way to climb higher!

  16. So I am not a Sun Cappy- although Cap is at my midheaven line in venus- and I will definitely say I am feeling empowered lately. I’ve been thrown contracts for work that put in my power roles I’ve never had, and my career has taken off- for many years I had been a bit wondered in my search for the right fit and as of late things have def. aligned for me (knock on wood)

    ? though; I have a mutual reception between cap in venus mid heaven 11th house opposed saturn in libra 6th house- isnt this somehow oddly yin/yang but still a pull on my career in bad/good ways?

  17. My friend who overdosed over the weekend was a capicorn sun. Mars had just gone direct. sigh…..

    All 3 of my children are capicorn rising. Pluto has been going back in forth in their 12th house for years. They have gone through some intense spiritual testing and growth from a very early age. I love them.

    I just realized I need to prepare for when pluto goes over their ascendants. The boys share the same degree even.

    • I can’t believe you have 3 kids with the same ascendant, down to the degree! Wow!

      • I know!
        The odd thing is the older boy and the twin boy have the same degree, only 2 minutes off!! I know their birthtime was very accurate.

        The twin girl also has the cappy rising, but at a later degree.

  18. I don’t feel “empowered” yet. Sooo much has happened since 2008 that no, I am not the same person I was those eons ago, anymore than the world is the same world. The state of things has me feeling really crappy – the gmo frankenfood, the stuff in the water, the weird weather, the way everything wicked and horrid is made to seem good, living in what feels like Panopticon, NYC (where I just got off a bus with FIVE surveillance cameras on it) and the total death of culture, the soulless music, vapid media, energy vampire internet, no children outside playing…

    I don’t see how any Earth sign people could be genuinely happy right now. All of the crazy, depressed, fearful energy all around us is having an impact. We feel places. We can walk into a room and tell you what was going on in there before we came in and all of the places we go now feel strange. We’re too sensitive and intuitive to be happy in a time like this. For Caps, Pluto conjunct our Sun is making us more aware of all of the Scorpio-ruled things in life and forcing us out of our genteel, refined comfort zones. There’s no chivalry or code of honor or standards. Everything is in the gutter. There are no sacred cows or heroes or even good guys anymore. Every day an icon is destroyed, outed as a liar, a thief, a fraud, a party to an evil conspiracy, a drug addict, a pedophile, etc. Something that chips away a little bit more at our whole concept of Life because it is so unforeseen and unforgivable. Imagine if the goat in the picture had a snake following him wherever he went. Yeah, its like that.

    I think all around us the effed-up ness is making itself UNBEARABLE to push us into action, to force us to use our powers. Every Cap I know is at a crossroads. We’re uber-private people and we care very much about how we are perceived so I think there is a lot of secrecy going on about what is really happening in our lives right now. With the influence of Saturn being in Libra, all of the relationship “issues” have been compounded, made absolutely undeniable. Our relationships are falling apart because we can’t make the concessions and allow ourselves to be walked all over to keep the peace anymore. We’re looking our mates, best friends, confidants in the eyes and finding nothing there. Our goals are proving to be worthless and the big dreams that we’ve obsessed over for so long are fizzing out, losing their magnetic pull. We have to lose everything to make a fresh start and to initiate the new world that is coming but its hard right now to feel the confidence needed to do what we have to.

    Don’t get me wrong- we’ll be okay, but things are hard right now.