Uranian Weekend

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So, isn’t Sun-Uranus in Aries a little fire-cracker of a transit?  Portable atomic fusion device is probably more appropriate than ‘firecracker’ lol.

So who did NOT have a weird weekend but also a sensational breakthrough of some sort? 

Note that from Friday just gone and until next weekend, the astro-weirding mirrors the Zap Zone…precognitive hints are everywhere.

AND the Daily Horoscopes for Monday are posted.

157 thoughts on “Uranian Weekend

  1. I came to a delightful new conclusion about my eyebrows. I know that sounds stiupid but i think it’s pertinent seeing as Aries is involved.

    • I actually experienced something wonderful too with my eyebrows! They’re now shaped beautifully.

    • lol! I used to be an eye-brow shaping type, but when I went bush for 5 weeks I decided I liked them better a bit more luscious and expressive (obviously not out of control tho). So whatver conclusion you reached, good on yu!

      • yeah…I’m not doing full bush, but I just realized I have no natural arch so why keep trying to make one. My whole life I’ve had “arches” foisted onto me as a gold beauty standard by my mother (who had one child she celebrated with lovely huge hella Crawford-style arches) and just Western American beauty in general. Seriously, I know it’s dumb to feel ugly because your mom thinks you have shitty brows and you’ve been told your whole life by the environ around you , you have shitty brows. BUT Then I find some other people who said FUQ ARCHES! We praise straight eyebrows and I’m like floored. These people exist? I had no idea. A whole new world of thought where I can look like my real self ought to.

        • two words: jessica alba!!
          sounds wonderful, im all about eyebrow freedom!!

        • Classic. I have naturally arched brows and find them outdated and tacky. I yearn for the youthful, straight and sexy brow and keep trying to grow mine into that shape!

    • Not stupid. You hit a new level of freedom! Funny how much the details of that personal story matter. Good on sorting yours!

  2. Yes, me, I am feeling Uranus-Sun in my solar 7th and it’s trining my Asc and I love how the speed of everyday things has picked up and edging forward everso slightly, but movement yes!

    I had a grrrr8t wk-nd with sensational breakthroughs. I got to mine my life for gold with an unexpected guide – an Arien type.

    Whenever I am with someone who has strong Aries I learn how much I do not know. I learn about the limits and blind spots in what I think I know. I lose track of time. They are easy to be around, for me, and they say the same about me.

  3. Last night went to a concert. Shook my booty. No alcohol just sugar fixz drinks…Slept in today like i was hung over and am now AWOL from two simultaneously timed bbq’s.
    I think I’m with the aqua alienating friends pattern.

    • ya me too what’s up with that. feel very isolated even though everything is fine upfront. just ready to shirk everything off and leave.

      • ive had my bags packed for at least a week. if there was an opt out of current reality button i’d push it

          • And me too lionfish – me sun pisces leo rising.
            I have had an absolutely sleepless awful weekend, anxiety and panic attacks, taking me back to a bad period in 2004/5.
            I have loaded way too much onto my plate and am desperately seeking the eject button.
            Chest pains…

            • Major panic attacks here, but with Sun/Uranus exactly opposite my Moon, little surprise

              • I keep making plans with friends (keen as mustard in the moment) then cancelling/rescheduling as the day approaches due to feeling blah, despite the fact seeing good folks makes me feel better. What is with that? I’m starting to annoy myself.

  4. Everything i read this wk-nd was also Uranian and I questioned my ideologies, the limitations of narrowly-defined identity categories, and thus revealing things that I have wanted to keep even from myself.

    • While its still early Sun morn nothing out of the norm for me. Bre akthrough, ahh yes.I too kept it hiddden f rom myself i wouldnt have been able to handle it until now.

  5. I’m starting to really have a problem with “yes” people, who don’t have the balls to stick to the yes part. Especially when it could help many other helpless souls ( dogs) that are suffering horribly right now. I can get a desperately needed grant for them! I am questioning everything, and everyone. Am I seeing them for who they really are? Overlooking their faults (or just blind to them) being surrounded with so much air (aqua, gemini, cap. moon) I want to write a grant and I can get what this shelter needs. Shit, I even dumped my adderol down the drain and threw out my pack of cigarettes. All meditation and health from now on. I need every brain cell to figure out WTF is going on. The ZAP ZONE COMETH!!!

    • Hey there. I’m an animal rights activist. Can I help? I’m happy to give MM permission to pass on my email address to you.

  6. Having a fantastic weekend. Friday night, went out, made a bunch of new friends, destroyed a dancefloor.. Really starting to get over my shyness.

    Currently doing quantum-zen-guru. Definitely feeling Uranian- I’ve got my Sun conjunct Uranus in Cap (guess what Pluto is currently crossing!). I’m really quite enjoying this transit.

  7. Spent the weekend working in the garden, landscaping the unsightly strip next to the barbecue area which was previously a weed infested rat hole. Now de-weeded within an inch of its life, mulched and my new little “edible greenery” area is set up with an olive bush, blueberry bush, tomato plants, red chillies, basil and oregano.

    I might be developing Arian biceps …

    and soon I’ll start on the next project: The Raised Vege Patch.

    If anything I was so freakin irritated this weekend that I just HAD to get physical and let all that energy out.

    • I did the same totally went ape on the front yard. It looks amazing. Didnt go to the gym on the weekend and didnt count calories needed a break. Will get back to it tomorrow. Feel really good have lost weight since xmas and really starting to take care of me….

    • I was in the garden too. the veggie garden is next. I tried blueberries but the spot I planted them in was too sunny. Then I emembered Mom took us into the woods to pick so I’ll put thme in a lightly wooded area in the back of the yard.

      • they do need sun, but they also like acid soil. Better to grow them in pots unless you live in a peat bog … or England! 😉

    • Yup me too. Went crazy in the veggie patch, planned a massive extension to it. Then went for a big run where I tried to keep up with the guys (after overtaking me! Love that competitiveness!), then spent the rest of the weekend cooking/baking! Whoooooooo!

  8. All’s I know is my paranoia (I have hypochondria plus some legitimate lumps and bumps that should have seen a GP already, if only for my peace of mind…) is through the roof this weekend. Doing the Dr Google thing- so stupid- everyone knows that everything on Google says “you’re a goner” regardless of the symptom.

    The fact that I’m PMSing and that always makes it worse is not helping.

      • I should clarify, they’ve been checked once last year and ultrasounded and the doctor didn’t see the need to do anything urgent, but I should have gone for a check up ages ago and…didn’t. I know, I know… I’ll go soon.

  9. Very boring weekend (a trend I expect to continue until uni holidays) but yes to the breakthrough. Basic summary – Realising I can’t change certain factors as they are outside my control so I have to change the ones in my control – attitude, general approach etc. Stepped outside of the little stress ball I was bouncing around in & had a look at the bigger picture. Slept better last night than I have in weeks!

    • Keep it simple and have a sense of humor pretty much sums up my foundational life motto.

    • I had this same realization yesterday. Also got a message from the Universe to not focus on the things that aren’t working in my life, but put my energies into the areas that are successful and the rest will fall into place.

  10. yep – absolutely nuts – love it

    a rare hair cut/swapped around rooms/planted some trees versus family/ gatherings/personal histoire (my ex announces a baby on way – my son becomes a brother!)

    i have never been so swiftly discerning of where to channel my energy – usually am a complete sucker for trying to shape energy to where i wish to fit it – not these days – i went to bed w the round peg/square hole adage looping in my head

  11. Hmm, Aqua Sun, Aries Moon – Venus, Virgo Rising = worst weekend ever, got sacked from a job I loved for sticking up for my patients (I am an RN), feels like I am back at square one with so many things, hope things gets better as I am very very down which is not suited to my optimistic Aqua/Aries sides.

    • Hey i know this sounds trite when something so unfair has occurred but with this astro it IS somehow freeing you up for something far more authentic and liberating that you need to be doing – that is the intent of this scenario, in general

      Maybe you are meant to become a patient advocate? Start a lobby group?

      • And you certainly do not want to work for a place that would compromise your ethics; they’re a sinking ship (in several ways), and they’d only drag you down with them.

        Stay strong. Eventually this “loss” will truly feel like the Cosmic Blessing that it is! *hugs*

    • This Aqua Sun Aries Moon knows how it feels to be sacked for sticking up for the people you work with. . . . . strangely liberating!

      See it as an opportunity.

      • I am so sorry to hear this Louise. Bastards! But what lovely affirming advice from MM and others.


    • Its old news to say every ending is a beginning, but seriously – I sense opportunity. Keep honest to your core and have faith that the opportunity will be something new which is why you can’t imagine it now.

    • Hi Louise, Aqua sun, Aries rising and mars…. I feel for you. On one afternoon during that grand earth trine I lost my dream job, house and man… well I thought the man still had momentum, but had to walk away from him this weekend. But then the agent came back re the house at 100K less. And a peer of mine of many years sent me a lovely note asking me to teach at his yoga school, even though I am only a practitioner, and actually don’t want to teach. I find this to be a challenging and confusing time. I wake up panicking most nights.

      I’m not sure that this is a signal that any of my three dream things are wrong, but I am finding new lenses through which to view them. The world is getting harsher and more violent. Maybe many people won’t be too affected, but doing what you are doing as an RN you are up against this increasing harshness. Do what you think is right but be prepared to find that other people don’t agree with you and be super gracious about it. Be wary of fluffy details too.
      I hope you find a moment today where your natural optimism returns. xx

  12. Lovely weekend doing things I enjoy… art, yummy brunch, seeing friends… now having a glass of rose and planning to cook myself a delicious dinner… life is good.

    • Love sun/uranus in Aries. Also doing a really large painting and got a flash of insight today that I will either sell it for a really good price or will win a prize with it!!! Hoorah!

  13. I’ve spent the weekend gleefully scheming a move to Melbourne, making the most of an amazing short-term project management contract that just kinda fell into my lap. I was planning to come back to Adelaide (home town) afterwards, but seriously, haven’t I DONE Adelaide sufficiently?? Never mind the nebulous financial situation – it’ll all work out somehow!

  14. Bit of a pall cast over my weekend with my father in law smacking my crying toddler repeatedly. It was because he threw a heavy toy at the younger toddler’s face. But still. Yay Aries moon.

    Am afraid my roaring Leo Sun went a little on the scary side of pretty. He apologised but the poor old Saggi didn’t recover his equilibrium the rest of his visit. My boys completely adore him and cry when he leaves. But still. Yay Aries Moon…

    • Go Mums defending their kids. Wonder what your fatherinlaw has going on in his chart this weekend.

      • It’s a hard one personally, he is Asperger’s and was bullied so badly by his own family he developed Tourettes. He’s incredibly loving, then his impulse control just…goes.

        Aries rules his 12th house, so I think he just got unconscious and pain triggered emotionally – instead of spiritually fired up as the opposing possibility I guess.

        He’s lovely to study actually. He also has Saggi/Merc/Venus conjunct in Sagg OPP Uranus/Sat wide (6 deg) conjunct in Gem. There is A LOT of tension there.

        I consider he largely hold this tension together with grace these days, this was a ‘blast from the past’.
        Thanks for making me look!

  15. Oh I don’t fuqing know. There’s so much going on in my life I don’t know where one things stops and the next begins. Everything is new and old at the same time. Ideas spring from everywhere and I have decided just to trust that they will keep coming regardless, because I have trouble keeping up with them all. Too much distraction will divert me from whatever my goals are…

    • I know exactly how you feel. Wild flip-flopping between mad motivation and inspiration and defeated inertia, perchance….?

      • Sort of Diana – the only defeated inertia I am facing is re money, love and home life. HAHAHA so that’s like everything.

        But everything else feels like it’s on speed.

        (the love / sex / romance concept has been left out of my life for so long it looks like one of those tibetan prayer flags that’s been through ten Himalayan winters. But I really am working on several other life goals so I fear I would be a pain in the ass for any potential lover)

        • ” … like one of those tibetan prayer flags that’s been through ten Himalayan winters”


          Gee you’re funny. I shouldn’t laugh but I laugh in recognition :(

          • if we can’t laugh at our lives (as well as thoroughly investigating them for dramatic possibilities and creative ventures) then we got nothin baby xxxxxxx

    • same here, ‘new’ / ‘old’ situs weirding too, i’ve really felt it

      if i focus tho, i do make progress and more stuff seems ‘new’ progress, and the old seems re-made for better in some way. if i don’t focus i get lost and whinge to myself i’m stuq and therefore will be fuqued and feel all doom and gloom.

      i’m wondering if it’s the bigger picture of the pisces into neptune process, as i have Pisces Asc ?

      • i think ‘focus’ is a massive thing right now (well, for some people maybe? us? others..?). I feel like neptunian fogs or mercurial zinging around can only be manifested into some sort of progress if we shake ourselves out of our slumber, splash cold water on our faces, as though to keep ourselves from losing consciousness or getting lost in the endless fairground of diverting activities. We march through the fog / snow / sand dunes / revellers a few more steps, keeping a close watch on the compass gripped in our hands and holding fast to the notion (question?) that there is / is there a point in the journey.. ? Sometimes we detour and talk to strange figures, or stop and pick up a small object in the landscape / dreamscape, and pocket it only to forget who or what we spoke to or how we acquired these strange objects and crystallisations after we arrive at our destination, awake and blinking in the sunlight.

        (I’ve been reading a bit about surrealism lately… it might be showing)

        • brilliant ! you’ve described the fabulous nebulosity of it all with such knowing succinct clarity, a wise navigator you sound :)

          so many dimensions to discover, explore, move about it in, and traverse, so very many beautiful, exotic, and interesting realms to possibly float in or soar along into…

          yes, the real world can be such a boring, mundane endless drag…ho hum very oh oh

          …with fantasy always accessible just through any potential glorious doorway in the crystal metropolis of endless phosphorescent pastel castles, a sprawling pleasantly coloured twinkling city of unlimited realms and then there’s the dungeons where the dragons live chained to the dark candlelight…always there lurking

          *time collapses again*

          And you are so right pisces under new management, been to so many non existent realms, as if went ‘somewhere’, well did in some way…but it was just a journey, not a real place, not a real thing i could touch and look at or even value for long. So i’ve been telling myself increasingly to ‘make it real’…and that involves getting lost (finding flow more like) in the real world activities in a adroit ways, to at least try…take a bold leap back to reality.

          for me, if i’m physically moving or doing something specific = usually a good sign, a little progress does inspire, and satisfaction can build with slaying the mundane and then the mundane again, makes drifting feel less satisfactory escapism after a while :)

          • true aurora! i think maybe it’s about letting the wanderings nourish us / replenish our souls, and then bringing the dreams to earth (if they let us) and sharing the light / fun / imaginings. Well, in my ideal world… Sounds like you’re also happy in the land of the phosphorescent castles and unlimited realms too and yes being at peace in our earth-bound bodies too :) … Xxx

          • ps love the ‘time collapsing again’ notion. so much FUN..!

            • love to you – i love reading your posts piscean, sometimes you articulate so much of what i feel and think too, at the same time i’m pondering such things, thank you, xxxooo :)

  16. A firecracker of a weekend? Well, Queensland had an election and became almost a one-party state. Very, very weird weekend and it will be a very weird and probably nasty three years.

    Sorry to get political.

    • Yeah what is with Qld? Why so fuquing conservative… seems to be going back to Joh years??

      • It was a result that went from bad to weird…Labor fuqed up its campaign and the LNP didn’t…I’m trying not to think about it…

        • very depressing…. and how does this fit with the pluto in capricorn energy…. whenever LNP get in, sometimes i think, bring it on, when the liberals tighten the thumb screws, the peopel get louder!! that might just be wishful thinking… or magical thinking something like that… While QLD definitely harbours some backward people, I would suggest that other states of australia are just as conservative, and for example nsw also got rid of labor in their last state election, and gillard will probably go in the next federal election…. the tides are turning and it may get worse before it gets better

          • I can’t believe what happened here (Qld) yesterday. The next three years will be a la Zap Zone personified as this week is meant to be a foreflash of it. Shudder. Don’t look at me, I voted for Kate (an Aries Sun/Mars with Virgo Moon) I can just smell the room watching the creepy peeps now in power on the news gloating over their jurisdiction. Goddess save Queensland, ’cause their isn’t one in sight.

            • Thanks for voting against Can’t do :) It’s gonna be a long 3 years…and I work in the Qld public service!!!!!

              • Well the alternative… was no alternative – but others clearly couldn’t see the danger. And I wish you luck with your job Pisces with Sagg Rising, Can’t Do promised to slash the PS to fund his promises 😯 xx

    • Much sympathy, Blossom, I’ve lived in Queensland and it was a very weird place. Some seriously whacko people there. I also noted that Joe Ludwig commented Qld blokes don’t like women in charge. Sounds about right for Qld. Good luck to you over the next three years, I remember living in Qld when it was illegal to do Tarot readings, so I hope it doesn’t leap too much into the past. Must be a depressing place to live.

    • Oh God/dess, So fuqing depressing I cant even tune-in to anything remotely political anymore… I dont want to know!
      …As far as i’m concerned the ALP has detonated their own incendiary bomb… & self-destructed. RIP ALP : /

      • Well it certainly has been comedy gold. Literally! The comedians are going off like firecrackers over it.

        • Good observation Pisces with Sagg Rising. The election results were very depressing indeed.

          • funny how in Oz our comedy gets bettern when our politics are worse – or is this a phenomenon everywhere?

            • Although scholars noted the dearth of political satire in Australia during the Howard era. Nevertheless virgotigress, generally, your observation makes sense – something has to give!

  17. My weekend’s been a real mixed bag. Spent most of yesterday working and then enjoyed a lovely sexy evening with hubby.
    Trundled way across town this morning for my monthly pilgrimage to ‘sacred dance’ with the lovely Liat Sokal. Byron Bay folks may know her. http://www.divinedance.com.au/about-liat-sokal. She comes to Melbourne once a month. For me it’s a way to worship, release, express… whatever I need.
    Anyway… this morning the energy felt quite… edgy. People coming and going (rather than staying for the entire journey) and acute angst for some. It seems to have brought on a kind of ‘detoxing’ for me. Have been feeling bleugh ever since.
    Can’t report anything resembling a sensational breakthrough but I’m open to a last minute arrival… 😉

  18. I had the weirdest dream that I chose to turn into a raven and convinced a guy to willingly come under my spell and turn into a raven as well. I woke up with my arms spread out like I was a bird. It had a very positive vibe but left me wanting to find out more and why I had chosen to do that in my dream. I have read that ravens are meant to be very Uraniun? Any thoughts on how this might be linked??

    • Raven black as pitch,mystical as the moon,
      speak to me of magic
      i will fly with you soon.
      From Animal Medicine.
      Raven is the bringer of magic across many cultures.
      The message is that you have earned the right to see & experience a little more of life’s magic.

      Noice, huh?

      • Thanks Pegasus, that is beautiful. I hope that I have the experience again! It nice to get a good omen of what is to come.

  19. Hello all, first time posting. I am dealing with a pass/agg man who I love and this time around is a little different. Haven’t seen him since November but we have been, I guess, working through a bump in the road we hit in November. Cleared the air a little a couple of weeks ago. Stll haven’t seen him since he thinks I want more every time I reach out to him on a friend level, when I don’t.. I can’t right now. My breakthrough with him was being able to communicate with him and leave the conversation without giving him the thought that I wanted to see him. He may have thought so but I walked away feeling good about it and moving on. Had a fun day yesterday but during my ride home all I heard were songs like “it’s not over” etc. It was weird. I hope things work out to be the way they were but I am not letting it interfere with my current plans of improving my career / financial path.

    I enjoy reading everyones posts. Enjoy the day and upcoming week!

        • Thank you! Trying to learn more about astrology as well so the discussions keep me going with a lot of questions / researching about placement and their effects. Love this line of life.. astrology! Blessings to you all! :)

          • Also, I was wondering if you could confirm for me that the activities happening in our charts relate to the placement of Aries and the house it effects? Is that correct?

            • that’s about right Ellie. for examples Aries rules my 10th house – my MC (9th-10th house cusp) is in aries and that sign fills up most of my 10th house. So, give or take a few details, most aries stuff resonates for me in the realm of public life, visibility, “career” how the outside world sees me, that sort of thing. (lots of info about houses online). Also keep an eye out for planets in aries that form aspects to planets in other houses, e.g. the uranus-pluto square, or something shorter term like venus sextile uranus etc.

              hope that helps. have fun. xo

  20. Yeah all went weird and good until JUST NOW.

    I realised that although Saturn has certainly finished trundling over Uranus in Libra…. yes, astro fiends, yes, i will have an Uranus opposing Uranus transit.

    OK how quickly does Uranus move through the signs? I’m wondering when it’ll hit 12 degrees.

    I’m not sure i can possibly get more um.. individualised, rebellious or idiosyncratic. Or sudden. OK maybe more individualised, in a really cool way. Maybe it’ll zing off NN in Aqua and i’ll suddenly change tack in my destiny. Peculiar times ahead, i suppose.

    • Uranus oppose Uranus , far out! What d’ya suppose that’ll bring? Freedom vs um, more freedom?
      I’m having a Uranus oppose Sun + Pluto square Sun, and just had Saturn on my 2nd h stellium, now prepping for Saturn in Scorp to square my Asc. Far out, me! It’s all about identity.
      NN in Aqua is a wonderful destiny path to work toward, imo!

      • Yes, that makes sense, all your name changing and change of tone here. It sounds like it’s working wonders for you, Harp-o (it’s a Marx Bros compliment) ! I’m afraid i can be a little demon, just between you and me, however. I’ve been ;laughing a lot lately and that is an impish sign. (Aries 5th house Merc).

        • Ha! 5th house merc – maybe you should work that area and get into comedy more? Instead of watching it, why not write it or perform it! Book yourself in a half-hr slot at a local venue or just go wilde’ and buy heaps of tix to upcoming events.
          According to Astro.com Ive got a ‘sense of humor’ trans coming up when Jupiter trines my sun! Hilarious… he he can’t wait

    • HOLY FREAK i have to STOP looking at my chart! So first Uranus will transit Merc and Chiron in Aries at 8 and 9 degrees. The natal opposition of Uranus to Merc already gives me a bit of snap, shall we say.

      I’ve a feeling i might zap lightning bolts off my tongue in the WRONG circumstances. I have been drawing a few lines in the sand of late, but trying to do it in a graceful manner selon l’avis de la Medusa. But if i tape my lips up i might just end up creating poltergeist action.

      I’m already very fidgety. Tap tap tapping my feet, chewing gum and kicking about. Had to apologise to someone i just met for kicking him at the theatre this evening. Was worried the comedian was going to single me out as he gave me some sharp looks, but then he just talked about a nude woman in his dream. My Aries planets trine all my Sag stuff. I’m trying to live quietly!

      • Ha! I kinda know what you mean about fidgety. Since Sun and New Moon into Aries I’ve felt the zing trining my Asc, opposing my Sun. I also like Mars heavy Aries sign.
        Yesterday I finally cleaned my home, it’d been in such a mess for a while – I was in the middle of working on something and the cups seem to multiply. Now I’ve cleared the decks for the new week.
        Your Aries Merc and my Sun are directly opposing, both at 8d.
        I learnt new stuff about my chart too, this weekend, really opened my eyes.

  21. Righty. Have decided to stick with the photography, even if it makes me poor.

    The IChng says “No” or “42” (seriously !) so have decided to stop consulting the IcHing :) :)

    I am going to study, practice and publish. I am going to get up early and photograph the dawn. Have downloaded an app which will wake me at the top of my sleep cycle !! I am going to photograph sunsets. I am going to learn my camera backwards. I am going to submit photos to Stock Libraries. I am going to join a Club. I am going to study the work of other photographers with barely concealed rage and envy..

    Yah – whatever is going on up there in Astrology-land, its got me good :)

      • Yep that has been my weekend so far DT (still early Sun morning here) – with echoes of that youtube clip of Chopper Reed in my head, “Harden the fq up, Australia” – decided it was time to get over this woosiness and just get on with life. Made a bunch of to do lists Iso comforting to my Virgo sun). Have ticked off some of the more challenging ones, and it made for a much better day yesterday.

        • woosines is such a great description + word.
          Making lists and crossing things off are gold!

  22. As it turns out at the end of the weekend, I would rather not live with 15 year old Aries teenager, regardless of how uniquely talented she is. This is the D.I.L. and I kinda knew that this was coming. She and Dad can live together happily ever after and I can . . . slip out the back Jack.

    • That was my 16 year old sagg daughter. We calmly discussed how our lifestyles had diverged completely at that point and it was better to part ways. She got emancipated and went her way. We are excellent friends now, she grown with a family. Sometimes you need a break from one another, especially if the teenaged other is very outwardly expressing her learning who she is. It’s messy with some kids, especially fire children. Not at all like my Capricorn daughter who could be my mother!

    • And if not there is always chamomile to nudge you to sleep or valerian to give more of a kick…where you are now, they probably grow wild (a bit later in the summer).

      • Yes, people go into the mountains and paddocks here to harvest weeds, ie, wild food, as part of their normal diet. I’m hoping to track down eventually someone who can take me around to show me what’s edible and what isn’t.

        • fantastic about the wild gathering.
          I too have slept horrible(I’m sick and new love interest) but have also been waking up early on my own…real early.

  23. I had a HOT weekend! Who would have thunk it! I met someone and it’s such a strong meeting of minds and the rest……

    I don’t know if it will last – he is passing through – but I don’t care – life is too short to not enjoy the now and somehow I intuit that, even if a transient thing, this won’t be hard on my soul, on the contrary…..

    (Sagg Sun, Aqua Rising, Uranus in my 7th house)

    • Yeah, it feels like something is pushing on the accelerator for sure. Tons of people having accidents and that sort of thing. My mind is ready to go WAY faster than my body. I feel like I need to work to slow down.

  24. well nothing really weird and no major breakthroughs, except, maybe, that it takes more time to fill the cup back up than i expected, that sometimes i definitely need to recieve than just exert to gain energy, but thats just like remembering something i forgot momentarily…. that crying is really good, and sleeping is also really good, that voltaren gel on sore shoulders and neck is excellent, and valium would have been better, that the hot bath, yoga , swim, walk relxation just peeled off the surface and it took 48 hours to even start to shift the, whatever it is, that is going on for me….

  25. had a breakthrough in the form of a mild panic attack/meltdown in the department store dressing room while trying on pretty sundresses, thanks to horrible lighting and full length mirror. after a dreadful 2011 that reduced me to a completely sedentary lifestyle and numerous ego-shattering dating failures – one of which imploded yesterday right before the dressing room incident – i’ve realized the poor condition my physique is in and what i need to do to fix it and how i shouldn’t expect any pos changes in love life to occur until i get my self-esteem out of the gutter. already started on healthy exercise regime last week and feeling better, but had no idea how far i had to go until now.

    then i met up with friends at the bar and got drunk.

    received unexpected midnight text w/profession of love from on again/off again ARIES lover who is more of a dear friend/protector than a perfect love match for me, but now i’m wondering… maybe dear friend/protector is all i need right now? or ever?

    pisces sun in 7th – cancer moon in 12th – leo rising – venus aries 9th

    • Oh Fuzzy!
      A dear friend/protector is a wonderful person indeed. Only you can decide that, but I have made the choice to go for that myself.
      Good for you for starting the fitness plan. Good luck.

      • thanks, hon. we’ll see. he’s certainly handsome enough, funny & adorable but a tad dense and totally uncultured. can’t have it all i guess, but i try to get as close as i can. good luck with your taurus!

  26. I”m in the States so it is still the weekend. I don’t know about a weird weekend but I definitely had a brain spa weekend. Saturday was a “Money & Law of Attraction” workshop and today is “Manifest Optimal Health and Wellbeing” workshop. I am feeling rather Zen.

  27. I had three tarot readings done that all said the same thing: stop striving and be creative. Sigh. The sun (and Uranus) are visiting my 5th house. I am in the process of letting go of what I wanted to do and accepting what will be, though I am not sure what that is yet. The process is painful, but I’ve had practice over the years and know I’ll get through it.

    The present energies say, “Would you relax and go play already?!” My reply, “Won’t everything fall apart if I do?” Answer: “Nah!”

    Trying to believe.

  28. I’m not feeling the Uranus. But then, with the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries, I’m so mercurial and uranian generally that I couldn’t feel much more of that energy even if it was present. And I seem to be lacking in energy. My Mr Fusion machine is on the fritz.

  29. I had a MAJOR breakthrough about an Aries ex, it felt like I went back in time for two days to work through all the stuff I was too scared to feel back then. It was rough but then it got better. Now I feel like a giant weight’s been lifted.

    And all of that was completely unexpected!

  30. This may be too vague or spacey to make sense. But, I had a vision/spiritual situation in 2009 that was rough and at the time I meditated/prayed on why. And I got “What you are going through is to bring balance to the feminine.” Didn’t know what to do with that at the time. But I had a dream that women were talking about me, repeating what I said as if I were an authority. And I thought it was strange that they would quote me and not use the power of their own voice, but I realized I was being honored. Anyway, this weekend, the women came to me. Odds and ends. Unexpectedly old friends popped up to take my advice. Not very sexy, yeah? But a new level of manifestation is occuring. IMHO. Ah, well. Spiritual work. I wish it was a hot new lover, but being balance to the feminine’s not bad I guess :-)

    • just skimming through the comments 12v but i got goosebumps when i read yours! good luck on th journey .

  31. I just realized that I have noticed a lot of people dealing with the loss of a pet. Too many lately! It is weird to see and wondering how this relates to the current energies flowing. I am worried about my little guy since he is getting older and dealing with a medical condition that is showing its roots!!! Praying that he continues to function as well as he can while I love him endlessly! :)

  32. On another note, I feel like I woke up in the middle of a nightmare. I can’t believe I live in a society where the powers that be and my own generation believes in medicating children so they can sit thorugh a class. 12% of the kids in my State are drugged for school. I’m going to go cry now. I cannot participate and I won’t but I feel this is too large to just ignore.

  33. No new breakthroughs here, but a lovely weekend – a bit of gardening, a bit of pottering, some loving with the Stealth Leo, walked the dog, went to a mate’s birthday dinner. Fun all round.

    Looming Zap Zone career change continues to loom, but will happen when it happens. I will be very happy if/when it comes off… It involves working with a great team, on a long term project completely aligned with my values. And yes, project is around deep cultural change in large organisations… Very Uranus-Pluto.

  34. YES!
    Taurus crush and I have moved to the next step. Boy oh boy.

    All weekend was weird with ups and downs.. Woke up Friday morning sick and still am. I made good money Friday,then got put on the spot by crushes friends and I paniced :O oh well. Saturday, still sick, sad heartbreak for son and his dad, but managed to end it well….

    Crush and I solidified we want to hang out. But he thinks I may WTF us later. Which, truthfully,most everyone who knows us will WTF when they hear. What can I say…he has MARS IN PISCES SQUARE NEPTUNE. And that explains so much…. But I still like him and felt such comfort and safety with him.

    So yea….interesting times for me.

  35. ah yes. very unusual happenings. Some pushed my comfort zones, some felt like home, some triumphant,some revealed the extreme scary side of humanity. The massage was bliss however as was the lover and his ways.

  36. Hi.. just wondering what area of my chart the current flow of energy will affect. Should I look at Aries placement in my chart and the houses associated?

    • Yes…for this sun and uranus conjunction look at what house those degrees of Aries fall. That is the starting point.

  37. I realised my wardrobe was crap and juvenile. I’ve been sort of wondering it for sometime but I finally reached an “Ah ha” moment when I was in some lovely kitch cocktail bar where everyone was dressed like characters in Mad Men and here’s me in a Superman t-shirt, jeans and red chucks. That sort of stuff is ok for weekends, gay clubs/bars but I don’t dress well at all. Even my work clothes are all over the place. Nice shirts that don’t fit me properly with crappy Lowes trousers and unstylish shoes. I need a stylist and about $10,00 for clothes shopping. So if anyone can help out with this, send me an e-mail and we’ll talk.

    • i love Mad Men have only seen three episodes tho.

      with clothes myself i’ve had to get new stuff as have lost a lot of weight.

      i dress for the weather, what i’m doing, who i’m meeting, formality level etc. i wear ten dollar skinny leg jeans from the supermarket with cotton t’s and tops and nice scarves, good shoes and only bling is minimal silver jewellery most days. i keep it simple.
      at home by self i wear cotton tights and t’s for comfort can throw on a tunic if get visitors. if do biz meeting will usually wear a nice jacket over jeans and nice flats or heels. have minimal fuss ultra mod hairstyle.
      if you can find it and afford it, natural fibres like bamboo and merino are awesome for comfort and good wearing.

      i think you don’t need to spend a fortune, just try out what works for you and take a friend with you to try on stuff. accessories make the plain look stylish but you need to know what colours you like and suit you too. oh and you need good foundation structure like right sized bra etc. :)

      • Ok, I feel a little better now but I still think I should fence the poster child for Jay Jays look I currently have. Also, I’ll replace the word bra with underpants, coz you know being a guy and all 😉

        But yeah I’m in the sam spot as well where I’ve lost heaps of weight but still wanting to lose a bit more and I’m also kinda muscular and shortish so clothes seem to fit me in a peculiar way…

        • hahaha…after i hit the button, it occurred to me you might be a guy ha ha ha ! soo sorry for that, please excuse me !

          i work mainly with men, so i rarely wear killer dresses and heels all bitched up like, unless i’m with girly gals at night out and fabulously showing off, which is rare for me.

          i thought it might help to share that i’ve done a stint in fashion and was commercially successful…and thoroughly enjoyed solving peeps fashion probs. had a ball of a time. it is all about body type and colours. don’t buy bling fashion unless you live a bling lifestyle i would say, it’s a bit about deciding who you are, or wanna be seen as, and what you want to say to the world about your identity or multiple identities too…it can reinforce positively who you want to become or are, but no one has noticed etc,

          sold men a lot of fabulously tailored hemp stuff in the past, merino and beautiful softest possum jumpers that girls love to hug you in when its cold :)

          …so i’d say go for a good foundation of ‘key wardrobe pieces’…for real world living and what life you live mostly,

          and get yourself some fabulous statement pieces in colours statements you identify with for Mad Men like extravaganza events,

          lastly, what you buy has to suit your body type or it won’t work and it’ll just gather dust…as you say you’ve got special things worth showing off, which is why you need to try a lot of stuff on, first…another idea is to look out for anyone you admire, who has similar body to you, and grok what they wear that looks cool and posh. Hope i’ve helped. :) Geez i better get to work already, talked ten tonnes on here today!

          • Wow, thanks 😀 And yeah I love hearing other people’s advice, it’s great. Especially when it’s things I have no idea about.

            You’ve raised a valid point there. I tend to look at something and go “OMG I want that” and don’t think about how I’d look in it. Then when I put it on it’s like “Yeah… not exactly the effect I was going for… but I’ll wear it coz I like it.”

            So yeah modelling on similar body shaped people would probably help out a lot.

            And you’re right about how you want to be projected etc. I’m finding that I’m more and more perceived as “juvenile” or not serious. I think as I get older, I’d like to move more in to the realm of sophisticated and serious but also fun at the same time 😉

            Seriously, thanks for the advice! 😀 And yeah I best get back to work as well. *sigh*

            • aw, i’m glad to have given some useful ideas.

              you know with just simple proper fitting clothes and awesome accessories, awesome hair styling and healthy clean physical slate, you can project ‘any’ image you want, even have ‘several’ fabulous personas in your wardrobe…

              when i want to look sophisticated i like the ‘i’ve just flown in from new york ultra futuristic elegant understated look’ suits any age man or woman straight or gay – go you heh! xo

      • Indeed I am, inner east. Which is probably why I’ve become so fashion concious now. :S

  38. i spent weekend doing my Venus in Aquarius and devoted the whole weekend to other peeps…felt tres good.

  39. i’m still a little stunned at what happened on the weekend.

    Have aries in my 7th and the conjunction is opposite my natal uranus. Chiron is there in 7th house but that’s it.

    Saturday atternoon relationship with new lover was heading towards break up from my perspective – me not dealing with lack of plans and feeling like i’m getting the brush off also compounded by the fact that he has recently informed me that if he goes to India to see his parents as planned in September they are very likely to present him with a list of approved matches and expect him to choose and get married on the spot. He’s much younger than me so from two perspectives age and nationality i’m not going to be a likely approved girlfriend material. We both live in Australia but his parents are in India. Please note that he has not said he wants to do this or is going to, just that he’s pretty sure that’s what they’re planning.

    We’ve only been seeing eachother for 7 weeks

    Sunday I end up going to his cricket final and meeting close friends and his sister.

    Still spinning out. Still not at all sure where this is going but from Saturday to Sunday was big change for me.

      • I had to comment since I know what you are going through. It is so hard to understand the language of men. I hope it works out for you. Sometimes they say these things because they are scared OR in your case stuck in something that they really don’t want to be in. Enjoy your time with him and envision a close connection to let you love freely until he makes that decision. In my opinion there is nothing better than expressing free love for someone right now with an understanding (in me) that it may not be forever. But for right now it is a spiritual great feeling and he enjoys it too! Wishing you the best with this new love connection!!! :)

        • Thanks Ellie. :-) I do need to be reminded to just enjoy the moment sometimes.

  40. Natal moon in Aries. I had some big emotional breakthroughs this weekend. Last night I realized that I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship with the city I live in, and that this has been holding me back in all areas of my life. I cried and cried and cried.

    I’ve been suffering from a very bad bought of writer’s block for the past few years that somehow has been connected to my weird city relationship. Over the past few months, I’ve been slowly coming out of it, but still struggling a bit with a short story. This morning, after my big emotional breakthrough, I woke up feeling super productive and wrote pages and pages. Now I have that feeling that when the story is done, it’s time to move on and move out.

    Also discovered some great new hair products, so I’m having some major hair breakthroughs as well. :)

    • wonderful, wonderful. i love to hear it when a writer’s block breaks. best feeling in the world (well, one of them anyway).

  41. i guess since Im already weird didn’t notice the weird weekend,

    that would be like a ocean being startled about a flake of snow re-entering the ocean from the top of a mountain.

  42. OUT OF NOWHERE, I came to find the causes in my childhood of my current sex addiction and sex preferences. All of the memories, coming in order and connected. Not even with the best kind of hippy grass or hours with the therapist have I accomplished such a clear picture.

  43. No panicing, I’m happy to say….just rujuvenation and resting up for the major change I feel coming. I’m definitely following Mystic’s advice (esp. since my ruler is retrograde) and decluttering, reorganizing, trying NOT to sweat people from the past and focusing on the future. I will admit I had some intense emotions come up, but didn’t act on them or act out too much, so I consider that a victory!

  44. emotional hangover from weekend has taken hold and I’m at a crossroads who to choose. i can’t go on putting off the Gem boy altho he is very persistent but not very available tiime wise and energy wise. the lover well {swoon sigh) long back story but not ideal either. maybe better to go solo and let time reveal, in other words chicken out making any decision and leave it to the universe to decide.

    • Yes, let the universe decide. It is amazing the answer comes through and makes a connectio much stronger. Good luck! I am trying to do the same thing! It’s hard but I know it’s worth it! :)

  45. Ok.. I think I kinda lost it today!! WOW.. I don’t know WHAT happened but I just went psycho. Recovering today by enjoying the birth of my niece. Will lay low or at least try to after my actions today and hope that I didn’t ruin my connection with a guy I have had such a good time with! I hope things get better next week or come April 13. :)