The New Us

Thank fuq for the New Moon in Aries – you feel the lift, yes? 

No it’s not full savage momentum ahead yet but it is a start. 

Look for strong hints of the Zap Zone in the next ten days.  And then even though it is not exact till June, we really start to feel it from late April as Uranus gets closer to perfecting the square to Pluto that is the Zap Zone.

We will be a New Us.  Not everyone is going to like it and some of them are already wigging out and getting pass-agg, resentful, stuck snarky etc. NOT a good coping mechanism for the Zap Zone. 

But do you feel the bold new Ram vibe today?

118 thoughts on “The New Us

  1. yes it just seemed to go on long and low like an old organ note that hangs and hangs, and heavily at that. And even the friends that don’t have the magic of MM insight are back – posting, commenting, texting and OMG’ing this morning… quite something to behold :)

  2. yes ! “refreshed inspiration,”

    “live with intention.
    walk to the edge.
    listen hard.
    practice wellness.
    play with abandon.
    choose with no regret.
    continue to learn.
    appreciate your friends.
    do what you love.
    live as if
    this is all there is.”

    – Mary Anne Radmacher

    sums up the new Aries moon energy nicely methinks :)

  3. Yes, the dark moon took me pretty low! But I have bounced out of the pit.

    There are potential Big Changes in the career dept at the moment, in an area of my work that is very suitable for the Zap Zone. All of it totally aligns with MM’s take on the astro, particularly in my cosmic consults over the past year.

    Am heeding the wisdom of Mars & Merc retro, and sitting tight for now.

    • Should add, Aries is my 10th, so Uranus was already rattling my career cage bigtime before the rest of the planets moved in.

  4. I actually don’t I feellike heading home though and chilling out on the lounge with a glass of wine and the telly. That doesnt sound new moony at all! Wierd. And I am usually so in tune with them. But the dark moon didnt have much of an affect on me either.

    • i got in early and wore myself out (poor bod can’t cope with my mind yet!) Like FlashFire below, i caught myself saying “I’m on fire!” but it started a couple of days ago. I thought i’d better tone it down being Dark Moon but i couldn’t go to bed on time!

      Look at all the Aries in the ephemeris (is that the correct word for this Current Planets box here?)

  5. I am on fire! I actually said that three times today. Out loud. To a human being. Unreal! And so long overdue.

  6. This Aries rising felt it. Still counting the days until Mars moves forward, I can’t believe what a bitch of a transit it’s been.

    • For me it culminated in silent tears falling down my face on the bus home. That sort of thing never happens to me, so I need to find me some better coping and resilence skills if we have just been experiencing a hint of what is to come. (A qquiet weekend @ home has helped but that is not always an option!).

      • Oops got al muddled between the mars, moon etc stuff and the zap zone to come. Sounds like the hint of things to come have helped lift me out of that morass I was in. I have to help it along with better coping skills tho. Never want to feel like again.

        I hope Tesla is feeling better, too, Mystic.

  7. I feel flat haven’t felt this way in years & years. Seems like if I’m not fighting the fight of sorts I get bored lol.

  8. Actually yeah, I feel kind of like my heart is racing and I am excited….but I have no idea what for.

  9. Oh shit, YES.
    go the ram vibe. aries rising, giving thanks, FEELing
    the whooosh!!

    • Me too! Aries moon. Today was like a flood of decisions, actions & impact! So glad!!!!!! Worked like a maniac but for once everyone listened to me!

    • Me neither. Actually feel much more down today than all last week.

      • Me too!!! All that Aries energy is squaring my Asc. Pluto’s squaring my venus, Uranus is opposite my venus. I’m going crazy-bats MENTAL!!!

        Seriously contemplating getting stoned for the next 3 weeks just to get me through this horrid Mars Rx phase! FML!

        • What has Uranus opposite Venus been like? I have this starting in my chart next month and continuing for something like a year.

          • Gbs, I’m sorry, my mind was a mess yesterday. I have so many squares and opps in my chart it was easy to get confused. My Uranus/Venus transit is actually coming up in May.

  10. Woke up at 5:30, two hours earlier than needed!
    Then at end of work day, got sick, came home, crashed out. Going back to bed soon. My friend is having a party this weekend and I am excited. The crush made sure I was going!

  11. I feel like I’ve had firecrackers going off in my pocket all week. Unexpected events. I fell in love with a building – its abandoned, historical, and I want to save it and have vague magnificient plans of how I could. I connected with a venomous hate for the education system in the US when my daughter’s reading teacher suggested I medicate my child into compliance. (“How can we do this to our children – its a collective crime!” – screams my Mars-retro-12th house transit). Work schedule/priorities shifting. Public Facebook confrontation my Scrop karmic-crush’s pass-ag Mars in Libra. Then, last night while hanging birthday decorations for my Aries new moon girl’s 7th bday, I fractured my foot. Had Leo ex take me to ER today. I used to laugh at his snobbish comments. Its taken me sixteen years to realize he’s serious when he says things like “Asian children have no soul.”

    So, all week its been like something gunning the engine and breaking my foot was like “Slow down, remember your body has to come along on this ride.” Still – I am so amped. But not in a really great way, you know? Scattered. I spent the last few hours cleaning. I’m debating whether or not a fracture foot is a reason to skip a Bikram yoga class. Too much energy.

    • 12 hse sun & moon in Taurus can relate. frac 2 toe bones & elbow on 1/17 so Im afraid to do it again b/c I’m a bull in a china shop as it is! I can get all my stuff done but am extremely bored and just cant to fulfill my dreams and escape for a few weeks. Then i can come abck and get the rest of it done. Im just not ready to do the full monte yet b/c I’ve got way too much on my plate. And oh yea, venus, jup & merc in aries 11th I’m not givng up the ship yet! This girls got alot of fight left. And I’m fightin for whats MINE.

    • p.s let your child be who she is. the schools just want them drugged do they can label them. they told me my Cap son should take woodworking in BOCES, now he’s got a Bachelors in Phsy Ed, no working in the field due to no jobs but we proved them wrong didnt we? Its all about maturation of the child. I told them ‘Fuck you U send your kid to BOSCES’ We’ve got to be OUR child’s advocate.

    • Me no too! I just feel restless and irritated … blah. I preferred it back when everyone was whining about how awful the astro was.

      • Kinda, another meeting to come just to clarify and confirm some stuff and then, I think it will be a resounding “hell yes”.
        as Merc is Rx I should zip the lip and not jinx it, but will be pretty bloody exciting if it all comes together! Aaaah – I see that promised “change” in sight!

    • congrats Lex! I hope it’s a great job and turns out for you!

      I myself took a job in 2009 that was my absolute dream job during mercury rx and while it was it was full of snags and ultimately dissolved 2 exact rx cycles later. But i will never forget that job EVER!!

      • Thank you and funny you should say that. I get a feeling it’ll be short lived but great. Still not jinxing, touching wood, mercury rx back da fuq off puhlease.

  12. Yes, thank fuq indeed!! Felt the change with sun going into Aries too. Aries rising.

  13. Yes ! Yes ! Felt better but oddly like sliding into it. Glad for the heightened awareness. Didn’t lose the aggro but definitely more comfortable with it.

  14. nope, not feeling it. Feeling overwhelmed, like I will never learn to cope with this new life, learn this new language.Last night burst into tears at a beautiful, but not personally significant, piece of music. Had to get out of the office and go for a walk today, just after the moon became new, or I would have burst into tears. Not teary for any particular reason that I can identify.

    Don’t think I have shared an office for 30 years, now sharing a not particularly large office with 5 other people – today I was even sharing a (very normal sized one-person) desk. And one of my office mates has to regularly interview members of the public at her desk.

    My 12 house sun is not super-happy with this, but I don’t expect any change this year. .

    • Oh no, change is hard but we have to accept. Something wants you to be with others. Open yourself to it.

      • Thanks Erika,yes mostly it is what I want, mostly am happy with the changes – not sure what is going on at the moment, need to seriously get a grip

  15. quad aries hurr, sun/moon/venu/merc in 10th house. feeling the tug towards grad school, all arian impulse “hey, wuldn’t that look cool?” also met a gem man today who could only talk about himself – extremely one-sided conversation. massive headache. finally i blurt out, “has anyone ever paid you to shut up?” “well i’ll just pack my ass up and go home then.” haha, whooooooooops. (yay aries new moon tingling with uranus while simultaneously squaring my 7th house cappy uranus! …whooooops!)

  16. Had a day off today and was planning on pretty much laying around in bed all day – the week has been brutal! But yes, woke today feeling a new wave of “something in the air” and spent it out in the garden for 5 hours, pruning, planting, preparing. A major theme right now. Feeling that everything is definitely on the move today!

  17. As a newcomer to Medusaness I’m a bit unclear about Zap Zone – sounds serious! What do I need to know….?

  18. Okay this is SUCH a cat lady thing to post on a Friday night BUT my poor little Aquarius cat – the two yro Aquarius girl cat Tesla – is at the vet with sudden acute renal (kidney) failure, possibly poisoned.

    She is on a drip and so on. Pls can anyone good at Reiki send good vibes or email me re that, thank you…

    • o god mystic i am so sorry…poor little tesla xxx no reiki sorry juyst piscean prayer

          • Oh dear! :( Hope she’s ok! Just a question- do you have lilies in or around your home at all? Lily toxicity will do that to cats, and you won’t see symptoms till they’re already in renal failure. Even a tiny amount of pollen licked off the paws. Important for every cat person to know.

      • thank you – yah the vet asked about lilies as well – is first i had heard of it – none that i know of…how strange that lilies could be fatal to cats, it is like a fairy tale curse.

          • thank you everyone! I am so fed up with this mercury retro/mars retro – just went to play some music and the ‘investment’ ipod dock conked – i realize these are yuppie concerns in many ways & i also think there is some sort of an omen in everything right now – spooky hot weird times, fierce and empowering if we can but get with them.

            • so sorry to hear about your Kitty Mystic :( i tried using positive will eg.”SHE WILL GET WELL & RESTORE FULLY TO VIBRANT HEALTH” feel this intent in your heart with will, and visualise her in full health and “COMFORTABLE EASE” do it over and over -worked for my situ. Blessings and love to you both xxxooo

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending Tesla my prayers. How do beloved pets make us feel so much for them and wrap themselves around our heartstrings so, without ever saying a word?

    • My neighbor’s dog was poisoned because a woman was trying to poison cats because she didn’t like them messing with birds at her bird feeder. I believe she was arrested which is how my neighbor found out what happened. Good luck sorting it out. It took time and money but the dog recovered. Hoping the best for your cat.

      The Dog Lady

      • Thank you everyone – she is heaps better this morning but staying in another night, cone on her head, drip, both front paws bandaged, very anxious but bloodwork showing massive improvement whereas last night they warned me she might die.

        SO i am convinced that all your beautiful thoughts, Reiki, prayers and generally awesome vibes have helped a LOT. Thank you people, i appreciate it SO much.

        • Yay for Tesla and yay for you as Tesla-Mummy doing all you can to save her! Poor liitle thing managing the accoutrements.

        • That’s great. Maybe some Rescue Remedy when she gets home. Lots of sleep, but can cats possibly sleep any more!

        • So glad she’s doing better. Same thing happened to our pup ( rare reaction to the painkillers post-speying). She made a full recovery, & I’m sending super healing thoughts of Tesla doing the same thing. Xo

  19. :-( tripped, while travelling at top speed doing a million things at once ( well in my head) – fell flat on my face ( well missed the face – how I don’t know) on concrete – must have shouted fuq – then thought ‘on no I’m broken’ . Managed to get up & get inside – winded, badly bruised leg and pulled muscles – had chocolate for breakfast, medicinal purposes – nothing broken just all my plans for the day :-(
    So would that be moon opposite my natal Uranus or Jupiter conjuncting my descendant. What makes us accident prone? Mars possibly transiting my moon too. Would love to know :-)

    • Oh violetmoon i think you’ve become a Sagittarian (an Arian would have hit their face). It could be Mars. Hope you feel better soon. This sounds woowoo but i’m not: lavender oil neat is great for bruises. I carry some at work and home (lots of Sag + impatient Merc in Aries)

      • Didn’t think of Lavender – loads of arnica though I’ve nearly run out….having said that I’ve one for the animal that includes lavender & aloe vera………..Interesting being saggitarian – I think I’ve got some progresed stuff going on there and some asteroids that I never knew I had………..I’ll have to tell hubby about the face – that’s so true ( he’s an arian) :-) Looking forward to finding my lavender oil…..can smell it already.
        That reminds me – both my kids have saggitarius rising ( though my son might be scorp after all) and I always carried a little medical kit with arnica, rescue remedy, lavender, chamomile & teatree with me :-)

      • +1 for Arnica pills ! I gallop about like a mad thing and have two broken ankles (same one !) a broken wrist, broken thumb, broken finger etc to show for it…

        Will have to try the neat lavender oil – I’ve been using the arnica gel, which is great, but stingy.

    • They say Uranus can make us accident prone and Mars being in awkward places. Take some Vitamin C for fast recovery! =)

      Also, if you have a female cycle, the week before it, many people “swell” and that swelling is not just on body parts we can see, it can extend to the brain area and cause clumsiness. If you suspect this, cut back on table salt and balance your other salts like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

      • That happens to me every time, and pple have told me I am making things up. Now I have validation AND a solution! :) Also a clumsy Sagg at best of times, but am really skilled at reversing the fall (lots of practice), albeit in the most undignified way possible.

      • That’s interesting too – My Uranus is at 1 degree Libra – so all these Early Aries planets are ( or were) transiting at the mo. Also Mars moving retrograde across my virgo planets but closest to my moon at the time
        Been far more clumsy than usual, but that last trip was spectacular.
        Felt a bit old, as I don’t bounce on concrete any more – but at least nothing was broken.

  20. I wanted to burn bridges in spectacular fashion today at work (think Godzilla going “RAAR!” and maliciously tap-dancing the ashes of the bridges into a river bank) but something held me back.

    My inner Leo is swishing its tail in irritation but my Scorpio rising is somewhat relieved that all the secrets have been kept and arcane plottings can continue, undetected, as before.

    • The visual of you tap dancing the ashes into the river is just gorgeous and let me say, I imagined it with voracity and a smile

      • Ah, thanks. Even though all this was happening in my head, I can’t help wondering if my fangs and horns were showing. Many of my colleagues looked a bit frightened when they passed me in the corridors that day… 😉

  21. Burst into this new energy with a one-hour remedial, all-body massage with a Turkish Cypriot lady. “Off with everything” she ordered, then this shortish, sturdy lady started working with HANDS OF STEEL! Found every knot, every bit of tightness, absolutely brilliant. Best ever massage and I’ve had plenty. I also bought our first furniture for our new home (we move into it in mid- to late April – an outdoor setting of four wicker chairs, and a simple round wicker table with a dark, toughened glass top. Also got talking with the two Cypriot-English lasses working there, who are interested in Tarot readings when I get settled in our new Aphrodite’s Abode!

  22. Feeling the energy rush just in time for Spring!
    Wearing red nails. Love red! Favorite color. It’s go time!

  23. def change of mood on friday after work. got home had decision to make… do I just sloth for the night or get in a late surf. surf it was. had to battle the rip but lovely at sunset. top arian decision. then slothed and sloshed with a friend over friday night ‘why its so great to be single” drinks.

  24. That day long, dark Piscean moon void was dreary!! I decided to make use of the energies and had a dark moon tarot reading done by a young reader I’ve been using lately. (ABroomAndTheMoon on Etsy. Very inexpensive.) She did a great job, lots to think about. I felt much better when the moon went into Aries. Strange how astro can make you moody.

  25. Lost my phone. Got a house. making sure the lease isn’t active till April 5. Will have to replace phone.

    Have a sore head like a bear, but have been enjoying the frantic ride, by the same token, us aries’es like to laze about too. Doing that for a full 5 hours tonight. Bliss.

    Videos. Cooking, CBF!

  26. Amazing time to be alive… endless potential! I feel it grow more every day bounding freer and higher than the last 40 years altitude combined!

    22 Mar new moon got me good I SHAVED my head! Now I look like a male elf! “What did you do?”

    The daffodils behind me had a good hearty Spring laugh! My husband actually helped buzz the back… not sure if it’s ‘love’ but he does know when to NOT pick a fight!

    Festival Time! Get your *bloom* on! I am blossoming red and pink all over!

    Love for all,

      • Thanks for that! How funny! “Giddy silly” is the word! Not sure what’s up in the Universe (yeah okay maybe a teeny tiny bit…) but I am stupidly happy all the time! It must be getting close to 50 years old… I finally feel like I kNOW who I am and I really LIKE who I am… now on to make the world perfect like it already is (under the slime, confusion, mess and lies! )

        …and I obviously am not too worried about what others think… people are good… but LOTS and LOTS of bad behavior. (yes I can feel that way about ALL people… creepy I know…)

        Peace for all for all peace!

  27. WEEEEEEHAH!!! This bear has woken up from hibernation. 😀 😀 😀
    At last.

    Soooo glad to have a bit if FIrrrrrrrrre back in the horoscope. And what a jump start it was with the Sun, Moon en Uranus in Aries.
    Great all this sensible earth. Sure I needed to be a hermit for a while (?) But my body felt like lead.
    It’s firrrrre we need as fuel!

  28. I wonder if it is the northern hemisphere that are feeling the buzz and the southern hemisphere peeps the ones that are not….

    I’m not feeling the buzz… but then the moon is on my chiron today and aspecting uranus… mars is doing some heavy shit… with pluto probably, but I can’t concentrate enough to remember….

    felt the first crisp air of a southerly wind today with a crisp clear sky after a week of rain, watched the golden dawn light the hill behind me as this part of the earth woke this morn, it was so beautiful, stunning, the kind of beauty that is hard to tolerate when the heart aches, when it would make sense for a dreary overcast grey day, the colours were luminescent…. and it was painful…

    Just watched a beautiful movie :the tree of life – brad pitt sean penn (goddess i find sean penn sexy)…. anyway…. the movie was similar to my day, in some way, beautiful but sad… such profound beauty in loss….

    • oh thats right…. but im also aware im rather down about the state election….

      • Maybe it’s the start of autumn that’s making you melancholy Plutonic gem. I’m feeling a burst of energy and inspiration since the new moon. Still tired though and have noticed people around me wigging out.

          • yes…. qld… disappointing that the majority of voters are advocating for or not aware of the implications of a liberal party leadership with such a majority in this state…

  29. “Not everyone is going to like it and some of them are already wigging out and getting pass-agg, resentful, stuck snarky etc.”

    Oh my god this is so me right now.

    Anyone else?

  30. I’ve noticed the lift. That was some very heavy, dreary energy and none of my usual fixes worked.

    Still in a blo*ody state of flux tho. Grrr. By that I mean I’ve been doing pendulum readings and it quite clearly let me know that no matter how much I love the photography, that I’m not going to make money from it.

    Double checked it against the IChing which basically said the same thing :( I Ching most unhelpful. I’m supposed to be waiting and eating and drinking. Sick of waiting. Need to earn *some* money. Don’t want to go back to Corporate or retail. Or Academic or Government. Sigh.