The Astrology Of W.T.F? Relationships

You know those kind of “relationships” where you come round later and say – basically – what the fuq?Β  Or more appropriately, WHY the fuq?

Now you can blame your transit (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto transits to your Moon, Mars, Ascendent & Venus are all good for a w.t.f style hookΒ  up) or you can even blame Sun Sign compatibility but i don’t really believe in the latter.

Still, for purposes of astrological research, what Sun Sign (s) were involved in your most stunningly inappropriate w.t.f style hook-ups?

I mean like the ones that had your friends nodding like they got it and gazing around for the nearest exit/emergency shrink type person.

I’ll go first – i’m Sun Sign Pisces and the w.t.f. contender was Aquarius. And you?

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  1. I’m an airy fairie lil Aqua and hooked up with low Scorp. Hippy witch chick meets gun toting, pig shooting, alcoholic redneck From Hell. We had been friends for years first where he thought I was into flowers, the beach & the moon and I thought he was all yachts and motorbikes. Then we moved to the country together. Worst two years of my life – on and off again with all friends scratching their heads – until he fuqed the town psycho. They are now engaged and will make lil redneck babies together, a far better pairing. I feel like I dodged a bullet but it has taken a while to get back into my skin.

    • Thats affirmative. (Hot) stoner scorpio boy + cool chic aquarian girl = FUQ NO! Including wild open protests from good friends. He galloped into my life in shining armour (which I thought was hilarious as well, who uses armour in love anyway?) and I sent his psycho way uncool ass to the fuqing curb. And I still HATE him in spite of my non-hating beliefs.

    • Oh God AquaFey, I can so relate!!! Identical story!
      So happy you told it first so i can sit here chiming “Ditto”…
      : )

    • 😯

      I can’t talk about it.. but use your imagination peeps!

      A Gemini… &… a Kataka… 😯

      *runs (like a girl) away from the Kataka memory*

      • Ha! As a fellow twin I struggle with Cancers of any description GB. So much so that I’ve never managed more than a first date with one. I have literally no water in my chart… Euuww… even the thought makes me feel… soggy.

      • lol – try being a triple cancer (sun moon mercury) with venus gemini

          • i’m guessing you could talk the hind leg off the proverbial donkey. lol

            • :-)
              An Aries girlfriend gave me a card once that said “Let’s talk until there’s no air left in the room” and I certainly can but as I get older I’ve become exceedingly choosy about conversation partners and very few people make ‘the grade’.
              Sadly, I think most of what we say to each other is vapid, repetitive and noisy.
              I admire people like my husband, who say little, yet pack a punch with every word.

              • :-) good conversation is hard to find this is v true. Quality is definitely better than quantity.

                • Im a Gem with both Mars & Venus in Cancer! Went thru a 2 year period where I kept having these mad crushes on Cancers. Nothing ever came of it & I think it was for the best. Met the love of my life…a Libran charmer with Cancer asc. Hilarious AND sweet!

          • oh and mars in aqua! lots of fun working out why i’m getting all moody cause i’m not getting the closeness and security I need still craving space and variety at the same time.

              • For me it’s about my invididuality and also my freedom. Also the other persons too.
                Does that make sense?

      • never been with a Gemini, never even a crush…I’m kataka sun. I do have mercury in Gemini though.

      • Yes, yes and yes. OMG. I used to be attracted to them because they seemed stable and family orientated but OMG. Too stable and too much need to stay at home.

        I also avoid Toros for the same reason

      • I would have to be heavily under the influence of Rohypnol to ever be near a Cancer man again. And i’m a water sign!

      • l am Gem Sun Scorp Moon&my boy friend is Kataka Sun Gem Moon and with all the Gemini we have together in our charts Pluto is right on it now giving them a nice brush…we sure can kill eachother at the mo :) yay!
        but yeah l have the crab detector my or Sun is also Kataka who knows what it is??

      • learned my lesson with the gemini who had so much charm and the love letters, flowers, etc, etc, only to crush me at the worst time possible…the day after my daughters wedding! UGH!

    • Hahaha,,Me too and to top it all off he was a Cancer from Milan! Don’t even wanna go there..

    • Ditto! Last two relationships were with Katakas and um yeah, you know. Routine/staying at home killed me. PLus they were stronger than me in some areas (emotionally intelligent) but others sucked hardcore -needy as hell!
      No good for this gemini!

    • Two of my most awful WTF relationships (one a long engagement and the other an actual marriage) were Gem Kataka. My Aqua moon/rising loves Gem men, but there may be something deadly about the Kataka/Gem sun pairing. DEADLY!

  2. I’m libra… There seem to be 2 wtf combos for me. The aries sun with a lot of pisces and the taurus sun with gemini.

  3. WTF contenders more like!! During pluto conjunct moon they were all demented. Well two of them – a Virgo and a Sagg. Actually I must admit to being pretty damn demented myself – for hooking up with such fuqtards. Then there was pluto opposite venus back when it first went into Cap (I’m 0 degrees Venus) and I met the double bullshit artist aka the toro sun/asc dude. Funny too that his south node is Cap and north node is Cancer – I’m a crab so I think it was all karmic. Actually it was pretty passionate, intense and a mega strong connection and all that, but it just didn’t work! Oh well.

    • Same same, I’m Cancer sun and have had seemingly good but eventually awful relationships with Taurus, Sagg and Virgo suns. Sagg was the best of them, but the bluntness/criticism of Sagg and Virgo, oh just too much. Tried a couple of times to ignite a soggy Cancer-Cancer thing, then finally realised that I dislike Cancer men, really.

  4. I’m an Aries Sun and although there have been a few wtfs… the one that I still can’t seem to shake is an Aries Sun with lots of Aries & Capricorn in his chart… for a more free-spirited kinda gal to be with a possessive alpha male… it’s just WAAAYYY too much!

  5. Ditto, kindof….aqua sun/rising, I had two wtf relationships each with aqua men during neptune in aqua era – one lasted ten years and went absofuqinglootlynowhere. The head shaking from friends, unhelpfully, came after the fact. Interestingly, the first aqua dude was waaay too obsessively possessive (didn’t know anything about astro to check the rest of his chart back then) and the second was so philosophically detached I deluded myself into thinking it was perfect for so long – even sans sex!!! I mean, WTF?????? I will NEVER hook up with another aquarian EVER. There, said.

  6. me: Aquarius, Asc Cancer, and the contender was Cancer, Asc Libra.
    Sort of a cross-ways match however, after two hours… fuq that – so sensitive and moody.
    But now I have a Capricorn, Asc. Leo on my heels. Ugh, leave me alone.
    Basically a Diva who talks a lot with set conventions and conformity. No, thank you.

  7. I’m a mega Kataka with Saturn, Sun, Mercury Venus all conjunct…but with Mars, Jupiter conjunct in Leo am also very fiery…Hard enough to live with myself, let alone others. Worst case patnership scenarios were with Aquarians…by far. Too cool for school…

    • I am a kataka sun and saturn, leo moon, virgo rising….never even been or crushed on an Aqua.

      • Cancer sun, moon mercury, closely conjunct. Venus Gemini, Mars Aqua and Virgo rising.

        Crushed heaps of Aqua’s (especially in my teens and early 20s but never been with one.

  8. this blog is filled with misandrists. is it any surprise the relationships are such failures. not even matches by charts survive.

    • well, I would hazard it’s mostly a straight female readership (or at least the commenters are). If one were to be reading the responses to a similar question on a blog where a lot of men were involved, the opposite might be the case. I might even suggest that the bad experiences noted here have been matched ..surpassed even, by their opposite – tales of love, dedication, romance, fireworks, comradeship all involving men. etc..

      besides it wld still be good to hear about men’s bizarro /crap astro r’ships too anyway.

      • Yes….a man’s astro perspective!
        My scorpio sun ex hubby’s WTF to the outside world(everyone asked me about it so I know) was another scorpio sun.

    • Come on dude, if relationships were all well matched,smooth, easy and low impact, no one would say a word unless they were haters. But things are complex, not always logical and normal, can throw you for six.

      We talk about it and learn. :-)

    • People probably don’t generalise about men as much as comment on their personal relationships, which are with men. You have generalised us, however.

    • Such a low blow with no juice???
      I comment here and read the comments here because for the most part the contributors are intelligent , honest and unafraid of standard steryotypes to the point that it is actually not obvious at all what gender people are.
      So, whatever you’re on about , Corpuscle , maybe construct an opinion with some beef to it before you blow off into a hearty blog with generalized character assault .

    • “The feminine is like the ocean, filled with life, power, and motion in all directions. It’s wild, alive, beautiful, unpredictable. The masculine is like a boat on the ocean, charting a course from point A to point B. It knows where it is and where it’s going.”

      I’m a straight male Pisces and its really hard to know if it was them or me that was hard to date, we all play our parts. I do know that if they are really good looking you put up with more ‘fuq’d up stuff. omggg typical fish response

    • I actually don’t blame you for saying that, corpuscule. Well only the bit re man bashing, not the demeaning bit. I kinda noticed that tone, that hateful tone when people discuss their past relationships. I don’t understand why people get so bitter, it’s a cool blog topic so have your fun with it. We’ve learned from our past relationships so rejoice rather than get nasty. I mean it is possible to talk about exes as people, and no one has to bag their exes out to the extent of calling them psycho etc. Having to resort to that is just unresolved issues. But I feel bad for the cancerian men Reading these responses as they would probably freak out and wonder WTF they did wrong lol

      • lol yeah cancerian men are getting a bashing. and my wtf was a cancer however the love of my life was also a cancer and current man i’m dating is also a cancer.

        and i have to say I dont’ get the coments about no passion. But then current lover has Mars Scorpio so maybe that’s where it’s coming from.

        Being a triple cancerian I totally get into the intensity that can happen between water signs.

    • Yeah. Men. Can’t live with them, can’t shoot them. LOL

      signed compassionate Gemini who tries not to stereotype men OR women…

  9. I’m double Sagg, Moon & Venus in Libra, Mars in Cap just ended short marriage to Scorpio, Sagg rising with Moon, Mercury & Venus in Sagg, Mars in Pisces. Serious WTF. Then my rebound was ultra low Cap with Moon in Libra, Mars in Leo, Venus in Sagg. No more Venus in Sagg for this one! Should have read the amazing MM Sleazeomter beforehand.

  10. Virgo-rising, with Sun and Venus in 12th house Virgo. None my relationships were a sudden wtf realization. They were all wtf projects – as in wtf was I working on. The Sagg was the hardest one to date.

  11. Mine was another Scorpio– but a scorp of The Lowest caliber. Seriously mutha effin low caliber scorp. And an attorney, no less. On the surface, you might say, “Sure: power, money, a fellow scorp. What’s so wtf about that?” It was so wtf because lawyer scorp was so ruthless, so sociopath, so Low. Plus, he looks like a troll.

    So, wtf? I was scared at the time, and glommed onto the first Thing that would have me; qi vampire basement troll scorp probably caught a whiff of my fear in the air, and moved in for the kill… I dumped Low, Esquire after a couple of months, when the giant sucking sound of my soul being eaten was crowding out the music on my stereo.

    A few years later, I had the opportunity to kill him. Really. I was driving down the street and all of a sudden there he was, walking across in a diagonal fashion, so that his back was to me. i slammed on the gas pedal and hurled toward him– what a rush! I didn’t seriously intend to kill him, mind you (because I’m haute like that), but seeing him run for the sidewalk was The Best!

    Ah, It still brings a smile to my face… :)

    • “when the giant sucking sound of my soul being eaten was crowding out the music on my stereo.”

      hahahahahaha love it

    • i think it’s scary that people think it’s okay/funny to drive a vehicle towards another being… there’s nothing haute about that.

        • Oh, poo to you, too. Does it change your mind to know that Low, Esq. was a purveyor of kiddie porn? “It’s not porn!” he argued, “It’s erotic writing, and it’s fully protected by the 1st amendment!” Yes: a website dedicated to the “erotic” writings of adult fantasies of having intercourse with children. Kiddie porn in my book, but of course, he’s right: he knows his “law,” after all. When I stumbled upon the website in his home pc browser, my first thought was to torch the place– while he slept. My second thought was to confront him, curse his existence, and end any kind of association with him immediately. So I did (the latter).

          Last I heard, this attorney was defending a middle-aged man accused of raping– not fondling, not exposing himself– but actually putting his penis into– two girls, 5- and 8-years-old. He’s defending this guy, trying to get him a lighter sentence, trying to keep him OUT of prison, trying to keep him In Our Neighborhood.

          I could have hit him, but I didn’t. I pray I did the right thing that day…

          • I won’t indulge you or anyone in a debate here. I give you the details of this situation only to illustrate the fact that there are indeed scary people, and you have no business judging me, or anyone here, when you have not one iota of info about people’s experiences. I understand that judging others gives a haute high, but it’s momentary, and contrived.

            Good day.

            • when a person comments, by way of conversation/blogging or otherwise, you’re allowing the right of reply… I make no apologies & maintain my position.

              Such a violent act of driving a vehicle towards a person with the intent to harm is unacceptable. Who do you think you are?

              if you have concerns about this person’s behavior maybe it’s better to inform others where appropriate.

              as someone who has dedicated their life to human rights, & in particularly for youth & children, of course I do not on any level condone abuse.

          • you did the right thing. you got out and on with your life. So sad for the little kids, hope he was found guilty!

      • Sweetie, you kinda missed the irony….

        We’re pretty evolved around here, just witty, and honest with it

        • The above response was to the first reply who said ‘not haute at all!’, not to the supportive comments.
          Don’t worry Scorporation, only those who have never seen truly foul behavior get on their high horse to judge your story.

          • That’s rubbish… Talk about those who judge leaving themselves open to judgement.

  12. I’m an Aries Sun, and my wtf guy was a Gemini Sun that had 3 cancer planets.
    I’m was raised in a pretty blue collar suburb,fresh out of highschool when I met him. He grew up in the ghetto, white trash wigger, borderline illiterate.
    I’m glad I came to my senses on that one.
    I have nice teeth and he (someone actually said this about them) “It looks like he chewed corn on the cob though a fence”

    • Gemini guys are always wtf I hear from so many women. That’s because you start off thinking they really only have two personalities and that’s manageable, then you see that it’s more like 18. Come to think of it, Aries girls are my total wtf. Ran for the hills & swore off them years ago!

        • Me too! Lots of gemini in my birthbag and lots of different shades of me. But we all have the same agenda.

  13. hm worst ever wtf was another cancerian, Seriously probably the only real regret i have. He was a housemate I was on the rebound and it lasted six months. He’s still friends of friends and I cringe and run every time I see him at an event.

    I have been with other cancerians but not that cringeworthy, bad for other reasons.

  14. Sun in Gem (Moon in Leo) and my WTF was a human firecracker of a Leo. Magnetically attracted to each other during a wild ride of a holiday then brought him home (from the UK to Oz) to my 1br apartment, then married him. At the registry office my best friend took me into the Ladies and asked straight up “Are you sure????”.

    • Cool best friend. Are/were they a Scorpio? That would have been a hard thing to ask, imo.

      • She was a lovely solid, stubborn, wise Toro who is unfortunately no longer my friend … by her choice. She survived that one, but decided my recent relationship was beyond her capacity to understand. Sadly, this time, she was wrong.
        I’m very open to her ‘coming back’ one day, but fear her obstinacy won’t let her.
        C’est la vie.

        • A hurt Taurus never comes back. They will take their injury in relationships, whether real or imagined, to the grave. Never hold your breath for a hurt Bull. It’s goodbye forever.

    • ‘human firecracker of a Leo’ … makes me laugh, perhaps they could have done with more earth to tone it down to a steadier and smooth burn.

  15. Interestingly… The best birthchart matches have given me the deepest heartache. Western/ Chinese/ Venus/ mars ….. Whatever….. Now Im not quite sure what to believe.

    Personally, Kataka does seem to be ruthless when real emotion is involved. Earth signs and Pisces definately lead with integrity.

    Aquarius and Leo in any placement… : ) …. We don’t go near each other. Funny. Ahhh were all mixed up perfect.

  16. Pisces . a real jerk. my fault for sticking around as long as i did. Lesson: Don’t date assholes. If you do, then Get Out as soon as you realise this is so, no delays, no justification, no emo, just go.

    • also, another lesson (learnt good and proper with the my Neptune-transit Toro) – you can’t ‘fix’ or ‘change’ people. Nor ‘heal’ their wounds or counsel them into a state of sound mental health. This takes professional help, commitment from them to change/comprehend self & others differently, and their own free will. They can only ever be who they are. You really, truly, are doing yourself a disservice. Move on, be free, waste time with some who’s actually fun and not too fuqed up.

      • (NB I believe this was actually the result of a Neptune & Chiron transit over my 8th house Aqua mars). Toro had moon conjunct my mars.

        • Yes, yes and yes! That’s the lesson I learnt from Cancer ex. Never again will I be that person.

          I have Mars in Aqua 8th house also. Maybe I had the same transit? Who knows, just identify with your statements big time!

      • Absolutely! I have learned this the hard way. But at least I have learned it!

  17. all of my relationships were WTF!?! lol. dear god i just met a guy it doesn’t feel WTF!> it more feels like the j.lo ja rule rendition of ‘I’m Real” but at the same time it is WTF because a WTF thing already happened and I’m pissed because he wants to be “excellent friends” with me but is clearly falling for me and I him and WTF?!? i can’t take it anymore. can’t i just have normal thing? nah.. i guess that would bore me to death… but this new guy i’m into, like really into, he is a gemini. Jesus i just deserve my ja rule to my j lo. that damn neptune transit, my damn venus square mars, fuq it. ok seriously that was the best sex i’ve ever had and i’ve had a lot of sex,,, and he know it 2, why is this guy bugging out other than he met me exactly one day after he broke up with his gf of two years. blah lol.

      • Sex is only gonna be good in the beginning once geminis got ego graticfication-they tire of sex. More importantly they tire of sex with you.

        Perfect for my aquarian personality, but not so good for leos i would think.

  18. I am Sagg sun, and my wtfs were a Scorp and a series of Virgos. Also two Aquas were memorable. All three are a month before something major in my chart (Mars Pisces and Libra moon).

  19. Aqua sun. Major WTF was leo sun and a couple of ‘near WTFs’ with Taurus sun. There was another WTF but I can’t remember his name let alone his sun.

  20. I can’t resist digressing to East-West combos… a la Suzanne White’s fabulous book: The New Astrology. Could be sacrilegious to some I guess, but I’ve found it uncanny.
    My darling (3rd) husband is one of only 3 or 4 (out of 144) recommended combo’s to partner with Gemini Snake. He’s an Aquarian Ox. Fixed as fuq but also strong, eccentric, creative and entirely devoted.

      • mitra – “suitable for your emotional needs are Gemini, Libra and Sag Rats. Aries, Libra, Scorp and Sag Dragons motivate you, too, and will answer your serious questions seriously. You’ll not be excited by Taurus, Leo or even Scorp Pigs. Your goals are opposed. Taurus and Leo/Tigers irk you with their self-importance and Scorpio Snakes may turn you on but they have not staying power for your kind of mind.”

    • I am a CAt/rabbit. Pigs come Highly recommended, as do scorpios for my kataka sun.
      BUT….My relationship with the scorpio sun Pig was horrid…abusive. Maybe it was his libra rising and my virgo rising…she didn’t give that good marks.

      I just read this on her website though. Haven’t read the book.

  21. I’m Kataka. My biggest, longest running. WTF???? was with a Scorpio sun. Of course there have been a number of scorpios in my life so odds are it would be a scorpio.
    But the one that I really have no clue whatsoever why we were ever hooking up was a low Capicorn. YUCK> YUCK! shivers.

    I agree it isn’t mismatched sun signs. Scorpio does square my leo moon. I totally blame transits. Our relationship began with Uranus in my 7th on one of my Liliths.

    On a positive note regarding romance…..The Taurus crush and I are moving along. :) Safe, stable steps that. Feels real nice. :) !!!!!!

  22. Me: Libra with Aqua rising Him: Taurus with Cancer rising. So wrong but felt soooo good.

    • Although that year I lovingly refer to as “the running of the bulls” because I think I made 5 close male friends…all Tauruses.

      • I’m libra aqua rising as well…. 2005 brought me exactly 5 tauruses in a row. Never again.

  23. all the men i’ve been with/dated are cancers, fuqing cancers. the last one was the best: aqua moon, leo venus, mars in aries. me? aries moon/venus, gem mars. it was a one-nighter as he was heading back home out of country 2 days after i met him, but the convo was incredible; he was very romantic and attentive; and still cancer-giving sexually with the aries mars rawr, sprinkled with the airy chatting in the middle of it. thank god i could see his red flag flaws from a mile off, but i wouldn’t say no if he were ever back in town πŸ˜‰ (oh, and he was ox to my snakey goodness. but i never love oxen, i just feel like i COULD love them. weird)

    other cancer wtf was the ex, a cancer sun/moon combo with venus in taurus and mars in aries. most intense sex eveeeeerrrrrr. our merc conjuncted the others’ mars. uh, yeah. oh, and his 2faced pisces mom? still don’t have much good to say about her…

    most wtf cancer? cancer sun/mars with pisces moon and gem venus, conjunct my mars. aaallll water in his little bitchboy chart. sex with him was so passive and sad since i was kinda “the dude” but his redneck ass was too mysoginist for even THAT to work properly. ugh.

    they just… flock to me… it’s like, i’m the guy they wish they were. then they get resentful of that fact. it doesn’t help cancer is in my 1st house :(

    • Wow, that’s a lot of Crabs!
      Your description of “cancer-giving sexually with Aries mars rawr” had me wondering what would have happened if the Cancer guy jumped me on Sat nite. He’s got moon in Toro, Venus in cancer, mars Leo. I did his astro in the back of the cab (mars in Virgo likes to plan ahead :) )

      I didn’t give him any signals to jump me either because I wanted the Pisces musician I went to see perform that night. He’s got moon in Toro too, venus Pisces and Mars Gem. No fire in his chart. With that astro set up, I don’t think he’ll chase me and there’s no way I’m chasing him. So, I guess I’ll just dream about him until my Uranus transit passes.

      • Lol lil bitchboy the story of my gay existance,
        Imagine a dating pool the size of a guppie in a shot glass and youve got my life.

        Most gays are lying bitches. Changing ther sexual prefrences faster than a truth obsessed gemini.

        Its is cosmical comedy gold. Really.
        But at least with Astrology, and not the rrason i started my studies. I can get a chance of having found a true mars in aries type, i have but he was a immagrant live in prostitute, like so many wives today. But it was the most amazing sex though the best.

  24. Hi I’m new and I love this blog and Couldn’t resist not commenting anymore especially once i read this post.. Soo yeah I’m a Pisces and my wtf hook up was with a Cancer! However when I did his chart (online and without a time) I found he had Venus in Gemini which definitely did not go with my Venus in Capricorn.
    I know this is kind of irrelevant but my better hook ups have been Venus in Aries

  25. Pisces (Me) + Aquarius (the FOB/Father of my Babies) = OMGWTF???????
    Ah well, I have to imagine the birth of my two incredible boyz is the ONLY reason the fuq’s ever happened. Cuz the whole, “What was I thinking?” question doesn’t even really apply. There couldn’t have been any thinking involved…lol.

    • That one wasn’t actually too bad, he had an Aqua rising. But I couldn’t stand the monotony or the addictions.

      Aqua on Aqua was a complete cock up. Bastard!

  26. Aqua sun. Who’s supposedly “perfectly matched” to Librans. Two libra males nearly undid me mentally.
    To this day just the mention of the ‘”L” sign makes my skin crawl.

  27. my biggest WTF relationship was a low pisces who manipulated the fuck out of me and refused to recognize my personal boundaries. I dont even know how we started dating, i realized it one day after he said he told his parents about his girlfriend (me). why why why

  28. Recent wtf was with a leo who has pisces moon
    I am multi gem including moon but the Hero and victim/saviour factor was just too much for this pisces rising even. I prefer a talk to a drama ANYDAY!

  29. I wish i could regale you with the full WTFery of my brief fling with a Sagittarius, as it still makes my friends laugh and there is plenty of weirdness in its brief timespan. Let’s just say that as Venus in Aqua i have often made romantic choices that my nearest and dearest fail to understand but they know better than to say anything to me (until afterward, if at all). But this one not only had buddies querying me the whole time, checking on my welfare, but even strangers gave us really odd looks! A lady i didn’t know warned me away. It was like my mind had completely gone missing,,, this is awful to say but my mind came back from its vacation rather suddenly in the bedroom and i started dry retching. I said it was a virus. It required police assistance to break up with him.

    • I feel like Pisces+Sag hardly ever work. I know there are always exceptions, but I feel like this pairing always starts off great and then burns out

      • I think it was more than that (i’m Sag Rising, Moon, Neptune, Jupiter).

        I’d love to explain but i do feel sorry for the poor Sag. Just a whole lot of unlucky in a whole lot of important departments.

        My besties have often been Sag chicks.

        • I am Pisces sun Gem rising with too much Capricorn everywhere else, but I have been friends with and wtf dated plenty of Saggs-in high school though and I’m 22 now-and I have only maintained friendship with one. Also my chart has 0 fire signs in the planets…is that, well, bad?

          • No! I don’t believe anything’s “bad”. You work with what you have and work out how to achieve what you don’t. Throw transits and progressions into the mix and you’ll see that the chart is in flux. Then add relationship. Some changes we enjoy some grind us down. But there’s always learning, there’s always adventure and there’s always support and kindness πŸ˜€

  30. Scary to-do list is making me miss all the fun here, how I wish I could read all comments and giggle/look with wide eyes Let’s hope the night will be mine to come here and read while eating a cheesecake. :-) Reader, I am still in a wtf? relationship. With a Scorp.

  31. WTF contenders . . . a Cancer and now a Virgo. I’m still WTeffing with this one.

    I love that silly image. Squirrel looks big and powerful like it’s inspecting the dinosaurs teeth.

    • hahaha saggitarius and cancer makes me laugh just thinking about it

      • True! :)

        Homebody Vs the constant traveller.
        Cancer sensitivity Vs Saggo bluntness
        Cancer’s remember Vs Saggos forget.
        Cancer security Vs Saggo freedom

  32. Libran social worker (me) with militant Virgo going to Afghanistan (him)!!! A-a-a-amazing sex explains it. I’d call it Virgoan dexterity and leave it at that lol.

  33. i fear there is not room enough here but the aries massage therapist i met at a resort and insisted leave his job and return back home with me where i would help him to fulfil his dreams because i felt i owed it to him from a past life connection would qualify.

    but are not all romances one day W.T.F? And that is normal? there was a poet who did something on this

    • i don’t think ex relationships are all wtf. Most of my exs I still have respect for and keep in touch with and if I look back I can see value in what we shared, lessons I learnt, good times that we had, journeys we went on together both real world and metaphorically speaking.

    • Most relationships are not WTF.

      Most come along for a reason and you enjoy them or learn from them for as long as you’re meant to, then they end. Or they keep going. Either way it’s good.

  34. All of my wtf relationships have been with Scorps to the point where I can safely say that anyone with a strong amount of Scorpio in their chart (and without fail, sun sign) is a dealbreaker.

    I sincerely think that Scorpios are significantly more dramatic in a bad way than any Leo could be.

      • Scorps are a a passive sign, dont know how lady like they can be in straight land. But they are downright bitchy in the gay one. My least fav pick.

        Its like bitch mode gets thrown into overdrive with the masculinity 25-50 percent behind the Passive signs.

        Id say pisces is about the only passive sign that gay mode doesnt turn all DM lilth like all the time.

  35. I haven’t had many WTF relationships (my Cap Asc too discerning) but plenty of WTF flings.

    Three Saggos in a row!!! back when Pluto was Sagg a few years ago.
    My Sag moon loves the Saggos but Sag is also my south node in 12th, so lots of karmic stuff that needed sorting. Well… that’s my explanation for it.

  36. I don’t get air signs as a rule….Aquarians are the biggest mystery to me. Current crush on an Aqua sun. I look at myself and don’t understand what the hell is going on but the ‘pull’ is intense. If it is not WTF now, is surely will be.

  37. sun sigh pisces….. wtf was aquarius. I kept going back, I think out of morbid curiosity!

  38. I’m a Libra in 8th house, therefore Scorpio midheaven, and all my wtf have been scorp/sag cusp dudes, attracted to my independence then want to destroy it. Sex was good but alas doesn’t last thru the emotional intensity of control.

  39. Woah there!! Gemini Sun, Taurus rising and my WTF was I thinking like was I on drugs (yes, probably) was a very, very low Pisces (he WAS on drugs). Basically, why I went there, and for that long, are questions I have no answers for, except you know when you have a memory of being so mean to yourself that it’s hard to forgive? Low, low Pisces was that memory. He was scum to the core.

  40. And he was my first ‘love”. And I had several very similar relationships before I wised up and realised something was deeply wrong. This guy was wrong, stupid in the way that stupid, dangerous people are stupid, amoral, talentless, sick, manipulative disgusting rat. WTF indeed. In my only defense, I can say I was 18 and absolutely unsure of myself.

    I look at the relationship now and it makes me almost physically sick, that I let someone like that near me. But at least I learnt to forgive myself. My last relationship was with a man who was the cardinal opposite. Took almost 16 years, but this last guy completely took the last of that bitter taste out of my mouth. Blessings.

    Vent over

  41. That was a long Neptune transit …………………… I married mine!
    I mean outwardly everyone thinks WTF – that is those who don’t look beneath the surface. We’re both loners and it works for us.

    My real WTF a Virgo sun conjunct uranus – nightmare triggered all my virgo stuff. A Scorpio ‘friend’ – he was a pain in the end – I was young & immature. There was also a Taurus, a Capricorn & a couple of Cancerian’s. Just didn’t work for my Libran sun despite all my earth & water.

    Mmm no wonder I chose an Arian, Gemini ( with a splash of Taurus) I need a good laugh after all that intensity :-)

  42. LMAO … cap sun virgo rising libra moon … WTF x 3 no less aquarians .. ALL the same date diff years .. and another very short lived aquarian the day before πŸ˜› … think i have finally learnt now … AVOID EM LIKE THE PLAGUE … lol i ask for birth dates up front πŸ˜›

  43. Cancer Sun + 3 other bodies, with a Gemini Venus. Biggest WTF is probably a Leo. He isn’t even that memorable, that’s how bad it was. Anyways, he has a Pisces and a Scorpio to fight over his narcissistic ass now so I’m sure there’s no love lost on his end neither.

  44. Pisces sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries so I’m typically pounce first, regret later. I think just about all of my relationships and encounters have been wtf on reflection after seemingly being a great match on the surface. the irony is that a Leo who seemed like the biggest wtf choice for me has proven to be the best choice in the end. Life is full of surprises.

    • I should’ve mentioned the signs: aqua, libra, scorp, sagg, cappy. Those are the ones that really stood out. There was a Leo who seemed a good match to our friends but that ended wierdly though I don’t think it was so wtf … Though the more I think about it… Nah that was just youth and inexperience in relationships combined with poor self esteem.

  45. It’s a dark, dark moon indeed.

    Revengeful, spiteful, superficial, generalizing bollocks! And hardly a drop of self responsibility. Them – all bad. Me – all excuses.

    And the glee, absolute glee…….to cut down and bury some poor sod (invariably male and barely another human being) to the point of finding the ‘near murder’ of a man amusing because it was well written!

    I can never understand an approach to life involving blame. In my opinion this is very low astro.

    What The Fuq!!!!!!

    • so true monte. i take some blame for all the pathetic excuses i conjured up from my delusional brain. Im glad im off the roller coaster. aren’t we all?

    • No i think you understand blame very well, monte. The complexity of a relationship and in particular its ending, especially where disrespect or abuse has been involved is not easily revealed on a blog, even in the longer posts. You cannot judge how people feel about themselves in regard to their relationship choices. A person is much more than their blog post. Some here have evn gone so far as to comment on their sense of self responsibility. Perhaps all you hear in these voices is the fact that many are female, and perhaps you take that far too personally. I wonder if negative comments on your sign provoke such disgust at generalisations.

      In my own case, i can say that never once has anyone had to call the police on me. Wouldn’t you say i’ve a right to a small wtf moment? A large man whose job involved using force, threatening and stalking me… yes, i relish the chance to look back with some levity instead of fear. Fear is something many have known in relationships and the chance to air with a bit of a bitch and a giggle is a chance to release that fear. I wonder if you think i’m responsible somehow for provoking the threats? Do you think i might have chosen to spend time with a person had i known? This is just my story. Neither you nor i know the half of others’ stories here.

      • I am sorry Mille that you went through such a horror story. I am sorry for every man, woman and child who has been a victim of abuse.

        I am also sorry for my past actions and behaviours that have been abusive, passive-aggressive, emotionally violent, whining, whinging, withholding, blaming etc etc….

        Alas, my short comings and failings are usually a signpost or pointer to hopefully, a better way. Yes, I guess I believe in life lessons and self reflection and self responsibility. I always have. I don’t know if I’m right but I prefer to learn from my mistakes and understand my part in my life and especially my relationships.

        Some of my deepest lessons have involved relationships with people who have been abusive towards me. Invariably it has involved me giving away my power. I am, it seems, a slow learner. But I like to think that people, all people, have redeeming features (and not just that they are great in bed) and are capable of finding some self awareness.

        And as one who has ‘bitched’ on many occasions, let me say that I am not so sure of the benefits of it.

        Just my opinion.

        • Thank you, monte but you needn’t be sorry. They were experiences, i did what i could and survived. The worst part (after the fear at the time of course) is blame of the self… you think how could i be so stupid? (I had a terribly violent upbringing and thought i should have sensed something). But the reality is that we trust, we love, and good people at heart don’t expect to be treated badly. Then comes the anger, the vengeful feelings…and i felt shame at that. Now i think shame is unwarranted.

          If abuse is as common as the figures suggest, and more common than figures for abuse of men suggest, then this searching for self responsibility for another’s abuse is bunkum. It is simply more self hurt. I have gone through plenty, but i am nobody’s victim (now) and believe my faith in the ability of all to achieve goodness and redemption has been played far too often. I’m not a cynic but i have worked very hard to overcome deep deep rage. Now i feel potential goodness is not enough in a person. Every person bears responsibility for their behaviour and they are perfectly able to do that with or without forgiveness. This “giving away our power” is called sharing and trusting in the context of love. And we forgive in love, too. Heaven help me if that makes me an “enabler” πŸ˜€ But i just can’t stomach the idea of being bitter or down on myself anymore.

          I understand why others’ comments hurt you. And the need to learn about your boundaries and dependencies. Your second response is better though because you’re not hurting other commenters who might not be able to say what they went through. Thank you for your tenderness about it. I didn’t use to be able to listen to or read these sort of comments, either, because it would stay with me. So i didn’t. Now i just laugh (mind you i don’t seriously believe someone would deliberately threaten to kill someone and say so…surely that’s an embellishment? An expression of the feeling?) Look after your self, monte.

          • My abusive relationship was my fault. No, I don’t deserve abuse, but I was at a point where I chose badly. If it’s not our fault, the world is a very unsafe place. I don’t believe that. I have honestly looked at why I made the choice I did and I don’t make those choices anymore. This is what I believe; others may believe differently.

            • Thanks, Arien. I wasn’t in an abusive relationship with the WTF Sag. I saw the signs, made the choice to break it off, THEN he showed the crap behaviour, so i sought assistance. It doesn’t mean the world is an unsafe place, it just means he was an unsafe person and i had to look over my shoulder for a time. But even before that he was a giant WTF, for as i said, other reasons that i won’t detail. It was hilarious (up to the end point) so no regrets there at all. I own that choice just as i own all my kooky choices! :) They don’t all end in tears though some in tears of laughter.

              • Yeah, that’s just my personal thing. I need a world where bad things can’t spontaneously happen, so I create control with my perceptions of how things are. I’m very Louise Hay because mind bending our world is so effective. We all mind bend our own way.

          • Thx Mille. I know that I don’t have all the answers and have become relatively comfortable all the unknowns in this world (12th house sun and moon). But I do believe that children who suffer abuse have their boundaries shattered. And as adults it causes many problems in their relationships.

            It is an unfortunate truth that people who suffer abuse as children either become abusers or victims as adults. The hard path is to become a conscious functioning adult.

            Adults with poor boundaries make allowances for poor behaviour that people with healthy boundaries don’t. Unless there is some resolution of the past, abuse patterns tend to recur. I wish it didn’t but the seed of attraction seems to deem it so.

            Of course it is not a coincidence that my own childhood was violent and abusive. I have had many years of counselling trying to make sense of my childhood. But it was always my adult relationships that prompted the therapy in the first place.

            As I heal, my choices get better. My personal power is healthier and my boundaries improve. And my relationships get better. And I trust myself.

            An arsehole is still an arsehole! But I trust myself these days to be able to see it coming and get the hell outta there.

            • Yes, wise and true words, monte. I know i didn’t express it well but i just thought that whatever stage people are at in their healing or learning, they should be able to voice it and let it out. Mystic made space for it.

              Much respect for your sharing, Monte. It’s a very encouraging story.

              • Have read this with interest. Can I just add that my WTF relationships seem to all represent astrological aspects of my abusive parent . Like working out one part of the puzzle at a time. A couple were the weak aspects of my other parent who allowed this to happen/ or turned a blind eye – there are also patterns from my grandparents too. Abuse – whatever the type is complex and potentially hereditary in some way. Saying ‘it stops here, now’ is only the beginning of the healing process for we can only truely see ourselves in relationship to others. Laughter & light is good medicine and I am truely blessed to have a husband and children who have a wicked sense of the ridiculous – keeps me sane :-)

          • “But the reality is that we trust, we love, and good people at heart don’t expect to be treated badly.”

            Thank you Mille, that just really got me inside. I certainly never in a million years envisaged the situation I became caught in, I still remember bursting out laughing as I thought it was a joke & couldn’t possibly be happening to ME!! I feel no anger nor rage but there is residual shame. Heck I can’t even put my name to this post.

            Anyway, just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your words above as they resonated & gave me something I didn’t realise I needed.

            • Ah the shame! Shame, baby, was my middle name! Not about my actions i stand by those but actually other people’s. I thought i attracted badness because something is intrinsically wrong with me, or i triggered it.

              Darling Anonymous, you were in shock. I hope there is someone you can speak to over time…close friends and fam are good but sometimes freak out…not so helpful for a hurt soul. Perhaps you may feel anger some time down the track, and it’s good to be supported then. As the lovely Violetmoon points out above, hang on to your sense of humour and to people with good humour…they usually have keen powers of observation, and they’ll be watching you so you don’t fall.

              There is no reason or lesson. Someone was irrational and hurtful and you were there. You don’t have to be strong, just select your support crew very carefully and let yourself crumble if you need. Bad things do happen to good people. I’m glad you’re safe now. Best wishes for healing your heart xxx

          • Thanks from me too milleunanotte, I’m very moved by your words. xx

            To monte, I feel for you, as another who is working her way imperfectly thru this tangle. I wish I’d seen it coming (several times now) and no longer trust myself to ‘see it coming and get outta there.’ Instead I shut down the part of me that has needs and remain alone. Unsure of how to proceed.

            Chiron opp Venus is coming up for me. Any hints on how to deal?

            • Gather a trusted army of support. Find a counsellor you enjoy seeing (it could take time for some stuff to be said), a beauty therapist or masseuse with healing hands, good friends even just one or two. Take your time and work hard on the psych stuff – don’t flinch. You’ll probably unearth goodness after all that hard work anyway, not anything half as yukky as you fear xxx

      • I believe in whole charts and important aspects Charley. But since you asked I’ll try a brief summary of the relevant details:

        Cancer sun, moon and rising with sun and moon in the 12th.

        Merc, uranus, mars and venus in leo. All in the 1st with pluto in early virgo in relatively close aspect to venus – this is a very sensitive spot in my chart. Venus opp chiron.

        I always find it written like that a bit of a blurrr blahhh. But anyway…

            • This thread of Monte, VM, Anon, Mille etc is so pertinent to me as I spent a shift with 2 little girls who come from a similar background. I spent most of the shift just cuddling the older girl (4yr) and hoping her life will change now she is part of the welfare/health system.

              You guys have been so honest and I want to thank you for being so open and loving. Its gives me hope that these little girls future may be OK.Forgive me if this sounds really naive as i’ve only come close to domestic violence from a carers viewpoint.

  46. In the tail end of a long goodbye from a wtf leo/kataka. Ruthless as and blunt with Merc in virgo. Not standing for anymore crap from him. Lo crabby is B A D and he refuses to talk so no talk no deal. I’ve ex named (as opposed to sex naming} him the ‘abyss’ now as i nearly went over the edge with him so the name is a trigger to keep grounded.

  47. I’m sun scorp, sag moon and asc tbc who’s wtf 3yr relationship was with a toro (can’t remember moon etc)… simply viewed as being purely karmic, nothing more or less 8)

  48. Mystic i have to say, the image you chose for this post is perfect and hilarious!!! πŸ˜†

  49. haute Cap (me) with a lower Scorp. He never “committed”, yet claimed he was madly in love with me. We had a psychobats relationship. Physically we were on FIREEEE. Mentally and emotionally, we were on FIRE.
    Unfortunately for me, he was also psychologically damaged from his childhood, plus has a child with another woman (we’re in our early 20s mind you).

    We had a very tight Moon-Mars square. My moon in Leo vs. his Mars in Scorp.

    I had to attend therapy after 8 months with him.

  50. I’m a Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising, and both of the “serious” relationships I was in, could fall under the WTF category – mainly because I’m a loner, and I like being independent & self-sufficient & in control of my life. But, of course, I’ve somehow been in 2 long, serious relationships with men who simply couldn’t resist the (apparently intense) urge to completely fuq me up and try to destroy my personal power. Obviously, in a state of love-drunkenness I must have allowed them to do this.. I GAVE my power away. And that was always, perhaps, the MOST upsetting thing about these relationships.. to realize that I fuqed myself over, and now had to build myself back up to a place where I felt capable & in control of myself and my life once more.

    One of these relationships was a Libra Sun – not sure about his other placements & don’t feel like looking it up. The other was a Leo Sun, Aries Moon, and I want to say Scorpio Rising (cool, huh!?) They were both TOTAL and complete narcissists/psychopaths. Their enjoyment came from seeing me squirm & be in a place of powerlessness. Then, THEY would be sufficiently empowered, and go out and do whatever the fuq they wanted to do. They were happy. It was sick.

    Other minor WTF relationships I’ve had: Aquarius Sun (he now has severe brain damage from “risk-taking” behavior, which I couldn’t handle when we were together; before we broke up, I always predicted he’d be dead or, ironically, brain dead in a few short years, and.. I was right) – 2 Virgo Suns, one with Moon in Libra, the other with Moon in Scorpio. The Virgo/Libra was an unbelievable pushover. He did WHATEVER anyone else told him to do, at any given time. Not that I tried to tell him what to do.. but we certainly didn’t get along, because it was impossible to be around someone with such a weak sense of self/direction/whatever you want to call it. The Virgo/Scorpio was different, but still very difficult for me to be with. On one hand, he was hard to “penetrate” and understand, and on the other hand, he was very open, agreeable, and seemed almost willing/wanting to be controlled by me. But that’s not my cup of tea lol.

    • I’ve a virgo moon ( and several other planets) and ( though it took some time for me to understand this) I find that to be able to function properly, it’s really important for me to have things in a certain way /order ( 10th house ) . Most people just don’t get it and it makes me sound rather anal and controlling – maybe/maybe not – I don’t care what the system is or whose it is as long as their is one – as a mutable sign we do organised chaos very well thank you – Organisation, in any disguise, is key. l know what it’s like to have people undermine that – I simply can’t function fully.
      It’s taken me years to work through this – and consciously working with Mars in Virgo has been a great help – not only to me but to show others the point.

      • lol exactly!! I was actually going to write “I’m a loner because I need to do certain things a certain way” … but I thought it would sound too anal and people would automatically misunderstand. But I agree with you wholeheartedly, there is no functioning for me without an organized system/method/plan. If that makes me boring and controlling, then so be it. I don’t utilize my organization skills to control others, I do it to be in charge of MYSELF. And in most of my relationships, that’s been a challenge for the other person; they simply want to make everything a power struggle between us. I have no interest in that – if you’re going to try & take/break my will through various threats (such as withholding love, etc. if I do not cave in and do what you want), then we needn’t see each other ever again lol.

  51. I dated a Low Scorpio dragged me down with him, I thought I (Piscean) could help him swim upstream but he preferred the dark, murky depths.

    Current Aquarian lover is doing my head in with his ‘we’re just friends’ attitude. My friends tell me I’m wasting my time, but I like to make my own mistakes!

  52. My WORST was my short and turbulent marriage to a cancer, and my BEST is my current new cancer. I’m a sagittarius. It must have been a transit or something, because two of the same sun sign were completely different personalities!

  53. Me (a Pisces) + a Virgo = seriously, WTF??? But we had fun while it lasted. He was so manic, soooo geeky, soooo tidy yet dirty.

  54. He was a sun Sagg but with lots of Scorp – lo Scorp. He even calls himself a Scorp, though he’s not. I guess he thinks it’s sexier being a Scorp. I was having a Uranus transit of my natal Venus when I met him. Horrible relationship. Total WTF?!

    • Interestingly, my Sagg Friend, with whom I have a long term love-hate thing going on, has similar astro — He’s Sagg/Scorp/Aries and even behaves a little (very little) like the devil spawn I was married to.

      I think it’s Ariean to like bad boys, but I think stability sounds nice. If it just wasn’t so boring..

  55. Worse possible combination ever was getting twisted around by low Scorps. They pry the deepest secrets out of your soul just for their power/amusement, never share their secrets in return, and play games by rules that are never made clear. Have had the opportunity to deal with both the female and male variety simultaneously. Female is multiple Scorp; male is Cap sun, Libra moon, Venus in Scorpio. Nasty and soul wrenching.

  56. Saggo with Libra Moon & Scorp Ascendant. WTF partner was alllll water. Scorp with Pisces Moon (woe is MEEEEE!) and Cancer Rising.

    Needles to say, there was quite a bit of “mind-altering” sex driven by “mind-altering substances” and fights over big issues like whether all American women were materialistic and evil (his idea) and whether I was being ruined by my ambition. He was often also prone to tears after his not-so-subtle digs at me unearthed a harsh, cold, “matter-of-fact” retort.

    But there was something cosmic and karmic. Happy to say that I’m less bitter and understanding how/why we were so bad & good for each other at the time.

  57. Taurus cusp (me) with a Saggy-taurus in all aspects. Sooooo hard, like the nightmare wtf Aqua-man period in my life, or the holy Crapicorn … now looking for a man born in any of the other 9 months in the year … the Christmas/New Year’s/Valentine’s babies are no good for this flower smelling, bum sitting on earth bull.

  58. Me sun sign Aquarius, and Pisces male was the weirdest. A cop, who was the kinkiest person I have ever encountered. I haven’t even told my friends about that one. His best friend became my boss, and is born on THE SAME DAY as the cop. He was a DOUBLE Pisces. OMG I couldn’t stand it!

    Aqua males are also off the list. I went out for two months with one and started getting weirdness vibes. He hired a private investigator to follow me around. I found all the pictures and e-mails on an USB drive in his office. I broke up with him and he posted a pic. of me on his website, he had a shotgun aimed at my head and the captions said “open season.” I had to get an order of protection against him. He worked for the Girlscouts!!! Then he took me to court 8 times, accusing me of lying about my true identity and spending time in prison in CA for federal drug charges! WTF???

  59. Ha!

    c. 2006. Pluto transit of my first house (I just understood 2006). @ conjunction to natal neptune – a full moon party. An alpha virgo. Prof soccer player. It wasn’t horrible. A lovely fling actually. But definitely WTF, the last person I’d expect.

  60. Even tho my venus is in pisces, ill say.

    I WTF the universe about most capricorns and alot taurases looking so masculine but being feminine signs.

    Its like when ur on a plane everything looks nice and clean if your over a 3rd world country like America. (yes get used to it folks) then once u land ur like damn its filthy down here.

    No caps, no tauros for me. Not matter how they look with there mouths and legs closed. :)

    • Sounds like you’re a quick learner. Sometimes, the jet lag can last a whole trip no matter how you try to anchor yourself, you can still feel like your feet and head are in the clouds. Neptune square Venus.

  61. lol :->… Judging by the number of comments, this topic’s quite a hit… There’s an awful lot of wot-the-fuqery going on! Ha. Humans…eh? Who’d be one…!!?

  62. Does anyone else find it hilarious how the early gemini post had so many words to say? :)

    I’m allowed to poke fun…. I am multi gem too. + kataka moon and rising. My odd pairs were all watery men

  63. oh and i love the picture – i have done this shit, sadly, thrust my tongue down the throat of a plastic dinosaur or at least, i may as well have. SORRY MYSTIC but i am not feeling the New MOON thing yet. i am leo hear me whinge, i could not even be bothered to leave house to go to a arty fashion thing launch, i made up an outrageous excuse fro not going and am at home with hair so bad it is in a turban and drinking non-fashionable wine – i’m off label tonight chookies.

  64. Double air…Gem Sun Aqua rising, and my biggest wtf was a Capricorn I became involved with right after my Saturn return. He was a wtf by ANYONE’s standards, tho, as he was a professional pick-up artist (he knows and was in Neil Strauss’s The Game) with massive emotional issues, etc. Even more wtf…..I reconnected with him briefly 8 years later after a very painful breakup. That was better, as it was after all these power struggles we had, but he’s still a very…shall we say…..spiritually unappealing person. His humor quotient is very high, though, and I guess my Aqua side couldn’t resist the sheer weirdness of it all.

    Other wtf hookups….always with Scorps. One was definitely a low type, the other not bad but a very uptight and possessive lawyer, and not someone I would ever want to actually date. Gotta love these WTF relationships!

  65. Low Scorpio! Gorgeous, smooth, popular jock that I briefly was involved with way back in high school. Around the 3-4 weeks mark realized something was off and started pulling away. Man, it was on then. Long story short the guy made a sport of hunting me to the point I made darn sure I was never alone and had a guy friend for a body guard. Having a guy put a knife to your throat at school for the fun of it will do that to you. Then there was all the twisted mind games with his trying to control me. Have three wonderful high Scorpios in my family but NEVER AGAIN will date a Scorpio and it has been over 30 years. Have even gotten up and walked out on first dates when I learned they were a Scorpio.

    Other is with Cancer. He drained me dry. Needy and moody as all get out!

  66. Well, if it’s about trans to the moon, I’m about to have a grand earth trine trans in my chart involving jupiter conjunct my moon exalted MC-trine my venus 1–2- trine my 6-7th cusp, then trine my sun!
    mid- 2013 jupiter will be conjunct my natal jupiter exalt.
    neptune turpentine will be trining my mars (men)
    and uranus is trining my Asc all this time, and opposing my sun from the 8th of transformation.

    Never had a WTF.
    I regret nothing.
    I expect the best future for me and those i love.

  67. Librans. Ugh. I find they’re mroe resilient at putting up with my random& inappropriate Aqua shit than most others but at the same token it’s like you have to “play the role” they expect you to be, like you’re some ideal hero in a movie or something. Expecting me to behave a certain way actually makes me act the opposite, because I’m not going to pander to such expectations.

    And everything has to be obscenely nice and romantic. I dunno, I think if you can burp/fart and be overall disgusting yet the love is still strong, that’s when you know you’re on to a winner of a relationship because it’s deeper than a trivial/aesthetic/”romantic movie” level.

  68. Gem sun pisces moon my WTF relationship was with scorp sun pisces moon. we fought we betrayed lied to each other…it was horrible. i started off as the good girl but ended up being horrible to him as well. the worst part is that we knew each others emotional low points so well…we were both armed for battle. i cant count the number of times we said to each other: get out my life! goodbye. then like four months later… kno the deal. Sigh… i did something horrible… fuqed him over terribly the other day..he said this is the last straw…and so the cycle begins…

  69. I’m a Taurus sun/mercury, cancer moon/rising/jupiter, pisces venus/mars, capricorn saturn/uranus/neptune, pluto in scorpio, n node aqua. My two loves have been virgos. Still friends with the first. Hate the second, he was a selfish prick. My real WTF was an aqua male. It lasted one night and he kept chasing me. Aqua men won’t leave me alone but I don’t like them. Cancer men are WAY too clingy for my taste. Sag always have crushes but they are too flirty for me to take them seriously. I have had an love affair with 4 aries this year. But I think they get too involved to fast. Then I get cold feet. I’ve enjoyed many pisces men but they can be a bit too mysterious. I am currently falling for a fellow taurus man with a lot of sag in his chart. It’s a first to fall for a fellow bull. My other wtf have been with Scorps but then I’ve had some of the most intense and best sex of my life with scorps too. I would say scorpio men are my weakness. But I have yet to get into a relationship with one. Their mind games deter me. Let’s help this bull satisfies me for a bit πŸ˜‰