The April Fool Is Actually A Shaman

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Elin Bogomolnik

You know that, right?  April 1 is like some sort of a sacred shamanic day: You are the heart, the raven, the coyote, the monkey king of China, the Hermes of Classical Greece. You are the agent provocateur, the liar, the cheat, the thief, the gambler, the eroticist, the f**k-it-all malcontent that makes it all happen.”

Next week is wild: Mercury Direct, Venus into Gemini till August, Venus square NEPTUNE and Pluto in slo-mo ready to turn Retro and thus intensify the Zap Zone. Start it officially, really. O.m.g I wish North Korea wouldn’t start up everytime something so much squeaks at the Uranus-Pluto square.

ANYWAY, lucky the Weekly Horoscopes from March 31st are up now.




33 thoughts on “The April Fool Is Actually A Shaman

  1. pluto retro … ahhhhhhhh here comes my second hit squaring my sun (*grabs scateboard, fastens crash helmet, knee and elbow pads* I’m ready for the ride)

  2. Yippie!….my 3RD!!! pluto square natal pluto will come during the retrograde. Then it will sit there then turn direct. Oh my.

  3. after a bout of uranian liberation in my life, i really feel this description, even if i don’t quite manifest or show it outwardly. it’s like a mission statement for my Uranus-MC transit in a couple of years 😀

  4. who wrote this?“
    You are the heart, the raven, the coyote, the monkey king of China, the Hermes of Classical Greece. You are the agent provocateur, the liar, the cheat, the thief, the gambler, the eroticist, the f**k-it-all malcontent that makes it all happen.”

  5. On my second trip back to this post and I really like the pic of two catz and slither of golden Moon. I love Moons. I love the Moonwalk – it’s one of my fave walks. I love how the Moon or Sun was red hot burnt sienna colour yester eve. I love the moon outside my window (not inside, too crowded in my small house!)

  6. Wasn’t April 1st the old pagan new year? And then when the calendar year changed to January 1st all those who kept celebrating the old date were mocked as fools?

  7. Just realized……Mars will station on my Ascendant on April Fool’s Day. Then it will sit there for 2 weeks. WOW. I wonder what that will bring!

  8. Oh Mystic I needed a ~lift me up~ pre-Fool day tomorrow. My computer has been on the shits for over a week and needs to be diagnosed but it’s actually been good for me.

    Can YOU BELIEVE that I saw the Toro Sun conjunct my Venus/Libran Mn/Venus in Aries on my Sun man/doll at the .99 cent store this morning?

    Just had to tell…I NEVER wear make-up to the grocery (no, I do not only do my groceries at the .99 cent store lol…was hunting for specific items like balsamic vinegar…why pay more? Mn in Cap… 😉 )…but it was wild. He saw me before I saw him. I was a tad surprised. But he said he lost his last phone (hmmm, is that just a line?) but still I do owe him a massage from last year..

    Never the less, astro wise, what I find so interesting is that his Venus is conjunct my Sun exact at 11 Aries and one day before my Solar Return, I see him in the .99 cent store…is that hilar or what?

    Anyway, he put my number in his phone and we’ll finally get together for that massage. Livens things up a bit. He said “so what have you been doing since the new year?” Duh-er…LIVING AND No, I’ve lost 25 pounds to date and still counting. My kids are coming out tomorrow and we’re doing a b-day picnic by the stream and under the palms at Palm Cyn at the Indian Cyns. (Palm Springs)

    Gem/Saggo Mn/Virgo rising daughter said she is making “a monster of a cake”…(I asked for German chocolate…).

    Love and prayers to all. You are in my thoughts always…Gemmy, Rox, daveyl, Dromie, mill, Pegs, prowls, nat, Ubes……..xoxoxoxoxox

    What’s that song “always and forever”… x

    • p.s., Myst, thank you for your kind acknowledgement of this day…At times, we (I!) need a boost more than you can imagine..It is not always easy to keep “the vision” as far as seeing the larger picture or otherwise.

      One of my patient’s sister and her sister’s daughter were born on April Fools…Course I told her of my own b-day and said “you are surrounded by fools…” lol x

      • And Scorpalicious (how could I forget? )..twinfishrising, Aurora, bluesky…shell…all a part of my life for the past couple of years or so..

        I DID NOT win the $540,000,000 mega jackpot Friday night (I spent one dollar)

        I would have shared… x 😆

        • Hey Sweetpea! :) Happy birthday mate!!!. My birthday song for you is “Only fools believe” by the Doobie Brothers 😉

          Merc is retro, so maybe the Toro really did lose his phone. Nice to hear some sweet lovin is back on the cards.
          Enjoy your German choc cake and may all your birthday wishes come true. xxx

        • Happy Birthday Gorgeous Sweetpea xx

          Who needs gazillions when you’re fit and fab and mostly happy – and living your life on your own terms, the life you create and enjoy!

          xo :) :)

          • i’d rather be a fool most of the time, and look forward to many more adventures and learnings, than be a miserable know-it-all, seen-it-all, who could never dream, or be inspired, or try something different to solve a problem, or be open to anything new under the sun – life is all about experiencing the positively surprising and living the never known before happiness i like to hope…like an eternal fool :)

    • Hello Gorgeous Aries Woman!!! May your tastiest dreams come true… enjoy the fruits of your hard work and have an extra slice of cake for me. Love the synchronicity at work with Venus and Sun. Happy Birthday, Sweetpea 😀 xxx

      • thanks guys…x i am on the doctor’s computer but the Toro texted me a birthday wish..We’ll see…Yes, scorp, i remember i ruined my phone in the jaccuzzi the first day merc went retro! x

        • There you are bday girl ! I posted on Leo thread on your day. hugs hon ! Cosmic meeting, how very cool ~ Silly fella what’s takin him so long to come around ? ’tis obvious you’re awesome :) xo happy happy Sweets

          • popping in at the library. wish I had time to read more of Mystic’s topics…they look little netbook computer still under warranty but it will have to be sent out and so for the most part I am offline in some ways and more
            “on line” in others (which is good for me).

            Love you Rox and love/gGod bless all…xo

      • but since you asked about “chance” which seems appropriate for Apr Fools…

        “one chance in hell”…

        You only need one chance ultimately 😉