Ram-Bam: Aries On Edge Alert

Salvador Dali The RamSalvador Dali – The Ram

If it were not so hideously un-Aries, i’d suggest that someone start a support group for Aries peeps.  Tactical and combat ready, of course, nothing like where you sit around whinging.

But seriously – Aries are under siege at the moment; Saturn in opposition (cue no-quick-solution relationship merde), their ruling planet Retro in Virgo rendering every 2nd minute of the Ramzilla existence an anal and control-freaky hell, Pluto squaring (power-tripping chez work) and Mercury Retro in Aries…just to add the extra edge of being completely misunderstood.

And all the while Uranus in Aries pulsates away night & day, insisting that everything be NOW-NOW-NOW and spewing out freedom demands that just can NOT be met at the moment.

It’s not just solar Aries (Sun Sign Aries) – it’s Moon in Aries, Aries Rising or where-ever you have Aries in your Chart; psycho-bats and yet having to act all calm, debonair, courageous & strategic about things. It will resolve but not a.s.a.p. and no you can’t keep mixing short-blacks with tranquilizer venom or whatever it is you think will work to fix the day/the hour/the minute.

More in the Horoscopes, of course.

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Cosmic ram

Holy smoke, what a telecommunications debacle. Sun and mercury in Aries 2nd house. Our whole suburb is phone less, and net just back on since last Thursday Argo when some twit cut through a cable. I have been the communications store chucking a shive and promising to change the whole suburb to another company, I told them I wasn’t leaving till someone not in a third world country count tell me what was going on…even the sales member couldn’t believe the helpline staff….net an phone meant to be back on Monday, now told Friday, I like to think me breathing… Read more »


Yes-o. This Aries rising is all of that and more. The Mars RX forced me to be vulnerable and show weakness to others AND ask for help? Quelle horreur, not feeling my usual warrior stance and very raw. Add in horrible rash on face that turns out to not be acne but some other weird, red, inflamed, angry, Martian, Aries afflicted 1st house shenanigans AND Saturn RX in the old 7th house – more navel gazing/lesson learning. Work is going well though and my new Toro cat is a dream pet to end all dream pets plus home life is… Read more »


Thanks for all your guidance on this Mystic. I can’t recall such a time when the stakes seem so high; inside I’m churning but more than ever I have to show cool togetherness on the outside. Every day I and driving myself to reinvent, put a new tool in place, but it doesn’t seem enough. Your retro Merc blurb for aquas feels spot on. Hanging in there! Can’t wait for May!
Aries rising, Mars and Saturn in Aries.


Aries Moon.

Can vouch for this! No quick fix for relationship merde and freedom is banging at my door every night yet I am super psycho and organized with work – getting SO much done and going Next Level with my skills.


I’m beyond bored of saturn crossing my ascendent opposition sun though. That shit was hard.


Excellent. I’m Aries sun, Aries mercury and Aries Venus. Also cancer moon libra rising so presuming extra square / conjunct / opposition going on. However I’m mega motivated at the moment and seem to be getting things done at record speed.

I read that if you’re born with planets retro than when they come around to being retro again instead of feeling the backlash you feel far more clarity? If so I can relate to that.


I have Aries venus and mars. I am not happy.


off!!! when saturn gets of my Venus&Mars l will feel like this


haha this guy is Gemini Sun :)) he must have some Aries there somewhere!


ahhhh Thx, so nice


cool vid 🙂


Oh, NOW I get it – I just thought I was (more) insane… *Aries Sun & Mercury, conjunct Pisces moon & Mars in 6th house* …. Migraine city.


Aries occupies 8th & 9th house mainly. Uranus is right on my natal Lilith in the 8th. Can relate!


My planets in aries are feeling punched in the solar plexus but I’ve given up my one vodka cooler a night in favour of aromatherapy for the moment.


Oh my…
Aries rising here – it’s like I’ve become an impatient, irritated and cranky B overnight!
EVERY ONE is giving me the sh*ts at the moment and annoying the crap outta me – especially men.
Just fuq off already…
Would like to down a bottle of chill pills, washed down with Baileys.
Actually that sounds like an awesome idea!


Leo Princess and I are starting an Aries Rising Combat Group if you want to join… I imagine it being a bit like Fight Club 😉


I feel ya pain!


You want a piece of me?! – Bring it bitches…
Going for a kick boxing workout 2mo to hopefully shift some of this ‘gurrrrh’.
Funny story, but I actually fought in a fight club once. I woke in the middle of the night in agony, with bruises from head to toe. Funny how you don’t feel the pain while in battle…
And yes, it was all to impress a dude.
I am such a doofus


I got my ass kicked, but it was still kinda awesome…and I totally got the dude.
So yeah, count me in on your Aries Rising Combat Group.
My sarcasm and wit are my weapons of mass destruction these days…


Yay. Sarcasm and wit are part of our armoury.


Aries on the 2nd here and I have been diversifying my value base and WOW, non stop activity all of a sudden as I have come to realise it’s ok to dabble and generalize so long as I get on with it and stop wasting time assessing how ADD I may or maynot be.
*scuffles off to quench Uranian thirst for manifesting betterness. *


Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars ALL in Aries. AND ALL in the 7th house. GAHHHHHHHHH. *headExplodes* Frustration is the current state of normal. Actually, its been like this for a long while. OVER IT.

Leo Princess

Hearing you!


Hang in there!


Mystic is your next post going to be on Venus/Pluto trine astro?
Shall I save my comment for then? 🙂

It’s certainly been an interesting Monday!!! Feeling the two-speed astro.. (love that term). Haha
Should be focusing and preparing for an important interview tomorrow but instead, I’m flicking through your Soul Mating book looking at the dreamy Piscean’s Eros/Psyche. 🙂

Back to the topic. Uranus transiting my empty Aries house and squaring my Asc. Crazy-bats communication and perhaps Uranus square Asc might explain a few other things…. 😉

Golden harp

good luck with the inteview .. and the two speed astro!


Thanks lovely! I can’t concentrate on work stuff. I have Venusian things on my mind 😉

Golden harp

SN in Aries.

Hmmm, perhaps this is why I have been revisiting meaning of SN in my chart and some comments in this blog the past week. Gosh, the astro and how I link with it is nothing short of astouding sometimes!

year of the fox

Aries is predominately in my 5th.house of creativity, baby making, and new romances. No new romances and no baby-making. So i get to sit out this drama. LOL! For once being in a drought pays off!


Same house as me. I can imagine the damage i might cause to a relationship right now…best kept with those who can handle it…an army of me.

And all my creative ideas seem inspired by ghouls. Boring. I’m over ghouls but it appears i have to work with some of them. What am i, the Undead Task Force.

year of the fox

I also have Chiron in the 5th too and you have that as well. To be honest, I haven’t noticed a thing yet. Maybe because the degrees are not exact yet.


Right on the money MM, as usual. When do we get to feel normal again, I so need something good to look forward to?


Well Aries Moon and Venus, Aqua Sun, Virgo Rising, God, I hope this ends soon, I am under siege big time and it’s coming in from all angles!!!!


The Virgo Sun finally ‘rose’ at my place. Tee hee. But that’s all that separates us as we share moon, venus and sun Louise.

I’m enjoying this vibe at least the sun is out (literally) it’s very free or something.

Mystic sparked off the idea that’s been on a backburner in my mind of a standing up desk and now that I’ve finally got around to er . . building one it feels very good and so does gardening at the moment and finding pleasant sunny spots to sit. (!)


Geez, Louise!


he he, yeah dumb venusian and lunar arian have to have it now attitude resulting in me not heeding the advice of MM’s daily dose and professing my obsessional love for a certain gemini sun cancer everything else man who professed similar feelings last Friday only to now do a 360 and have you are a good mate conversation but……..
Sodding Aries impulses!


Hey i’ve got random Sag compulsions every day. And it often makes me feel quite dumb because i know the rational outcomes but just HAVE to push the envelope.

Just remember, you’re not the one doing a 360. You were brave and true. It’s very hard astro to do it in, but with your loss you’ve also every right to celebrate yourself for giving love a burl xx


Thank you so much, I love the peeps on this site!!! xx


i was wondering what one earth was going on with my aries mama – quite manic lately – mind you, peeps may be wondering that of me, am feeling the saturn palm against my forehead (aries personal planets) – we went and swam together – she was much better after that – water to douse the wild flame : )

Leo Princess

Definitely feeling under siege on every front lately, and the now-now-now thing is huge. The Pluto square is playing out big time (versus my father – also Leo) and the day by day is terrible. And damn you, Mars retro in Virgo with all your horrible finicky details!

A combat-ready support group sounds like exactly what I need, but who would be crazy enough to do it?

Aries rising. Usually a blessing but a tough gig lately.


Also Aries rising. I’ll join the combat group! Let’s go kick something’s ass!

Leo Princess

Anything’s ass will do 🙂


Hell in my playhouse. Merc & Chiron in Aries in 5th. My darker sense of humour is weirding even me out.



I love Salvidor Dali! 😯

I also have Aries in my 2nd house… and I have had two migraines in 24hrs… 😯




😯 😯 (Represents my double vision)




I just…


*rolls around on the floor clutching head*


Yuk to migraine…me too over three days…now down to a sporadic stabbing. Aries rules the head, no?

year of the fox

Take some magnesium. I swear it clears up headaches and migraines. any sort of muscle tension too.


Thank you, Fox, it’s been supplement city here to combat a crummy virus doing the rounds. Plus a bit of chakra envisioning. Hits of meditation. Blast of Andre Breton. The headache is just one of the symptoms, unfortunately, but it’s losing power slowly.

Don’t know if B-Gem has a bug or migraine issues? Poor BG.



Thanks Foxy & Millie!! No bug just migraine… 😯

*sculls a bottle of magnesium… *

Hope you’re feeling better soon Millie!!


Thanks, gorgeous x You too!


Yesterday the short blacks made my heart race and body tingle, very disappointing. Luckily mars in Virgo is making me prepare healthy meals, maybe that can sub for the quick fixes.
(Aries rising)


Most of my planets are progressing in Aries, and I have Aries in my 6th house. (Scorp Rising) YEAH. def feel the need to have what I want NOW.
Instead it’s grumble grumble grumble grumble


The Dali painting is genius.




yes. Love it!! 🙂

Nicole Lush

I want that painting – it’s incredible!

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