Pluto On Speed

Christopher Conn Askew

Really, Uranus square Pluto – the Zap Zone – is just hastening what Pluto in Capricorn wants to do anyway.

Cue morphing of global geopolitics. The planet of transformation in the sign of over-achievement lol.

Signs of old-era themes and peeps fading out abound and at all different levels. Everything from the dvd rental store up the road to stale-feeling culture.

Naturally this new Zap Zone era has totally different status symbols. Designery bling has never seemed so dated. Yes i love a good high-gloss ad with a supermodel apparently eating her handbag as much as anyone but seriously…

Pluto in Capricorn status symbols:

* Abs.

* Sobriety.

* A d.i.y. garden.

* Savings.

* An insouciant attitude and mental stability in amidst an evolving society.

ALL of these things can be acquired only through Time and Discipline. That’s it. You can’t buy them – not even a knock-off version.  Hence they’re status symbols under the new Pluto in Capricorn era.



75 thoughts on “Pluto On Speed

    • nice article and it covers my 2 big things with introvert/extrovert theory: 1 i can;t help but see extroverts as being un-thinking loudmouths and 2 – that i might be an introvert but in the right setting with other introverts usually) i can be quite chatty and talk very quickly. i hate being called an extrovert by people who think i’m not shy enough – i am very shy but it isnt a sign of introversion necessarily

      • I am classified as an extrovert. But think I behave more like an introvert. Am in my head alot also have a mortal fear of presentations. An extrovert is replenished by people and introvert is replenished by alone time.

        But I thought this was interesting about the behaviour that is rewarded today is overtly extrovert. It feels like in my job increasingly the talk is valued instead of the craft.

      • I did my student disseration ( many moons ago now) on the difference in emotional memory between extroverts & introverts. Obviously introverts were more accurate whereas extroverts tend to surpress the negative stuff. I decided on doing this after seeing a documentary that stated that we all surpressed the negative stuff & tried to proof it by flashing emotive words up on the screen saying that we wouldn’t be able to recall the negative ones – which I could & got so annoyed that this nonsence was being broadcast to the masses…………………………………………………..Yes I’m an introvert ( a confident opinionated one!), tried to be an extrovert as a teenager & just got drunk & bored thinking there must be more to life…………………………….

        • How very interesting VM. I don’t think being an extrovert means getting drunk nor behaving like a ditz (eg. Paris Hilton). I think that that is what society expects an extrovert to be. Its a sliding scale and I think I am more in the middle. For me it is simply that I get replenished being around people. In short I don’t like lots of alone time. Introverts (in my experience) need lots of alone time.

          • I agree with you, Anon; your description of extro vs intro is the one I have read most often. People think that I’m an extrovert, particularly due to how much I enjoy socializing, and I directly speak my mind (not to strangers, tho). And not to leave VM out of this, I’ve got a rather faulty memory of the most negative situations of my childhood. All that said, I require more time out than most of my intimates & would classify myself an introvert (Toro Sun;Lion Asc w/Pluto conj/Virgin Moon)

    • I really liked this article, thanks for sharing. I love how It pin pointed feeling guilty about saying no to a social event in favor of staying home to do your own thing- a major struggle for me!

      It reminded me of this article that I read a while back that really made a point about how introverts are expected to change to be more extrovert in our society. I also loved how it debunks the myths that introverts don’t like talking or don’t like people or parties, because actually they do, they can be quite chatty, they just don’t like talking for no reason nor small talk, and they may like parties but don’t like to stick around for long because they need more alone time.

  1. i am TOTALLY on my way to a six pack, p90x is a breeze, to be fair pluto is like opposing my mars to an exact degree, i had to do something

  2. Far out Chariot card, wow! The horns & nipple piercings on his chest and the moon as apulets. very cool. unfortunatly having women as his slaves is a huge turn off.

    • They’re not women, they’re sphinxes. Presumably female sphinxes, but still. And how do you know that the chariot driver is a ‘he’?

      • Yah i would never post something i thought denigrating woman. Or humans even. My impression of it is that no WAY are those creatures truly chained up. It’s like an illusion. The Chariot card is also about self mastery, mastering and then driving the different aspects of yourself…Speedy growth is assured once you do this. So in this pic – all three figures are the same character. You know?

        • I also noticed the odd symbolism in this version of The Chariot, but I will just ascribe it to ignorance of the deeper meanings.

          I particularly noticed the chains, and he even has reins. Traditionally they do not appear in The Chariot. The sphinxes, chariot, and the rider, are all linked by spiritual bonds stronger than any physical linkage.

          But I can be an awful stickler about the esoteric symbology in Tarot. Just to give you an example, the faces in the lunar crescents are both frowning. One is supposed to be smiling, the other frowning, so they are opposites, like the B&W sphinxes.

        • gotta remember that the sphinxes were pretty vicious. you had to answer them correctly or they devoured you. right of passage through understanding of the mysteries

    • To understand the metaphor of the chariot it is useful to know the story of Phaeton. To prove himself to his peers he begged to drive his father, apollo the Sun God’s chariot. He was warned and promised other treasures but eventually got what he wanted. He lost control, the Chariot’s steeds were too powerful and he died in flame.

      Skyler, usually this card signifies to get a handle (rather than a ‘grip’, as Charles rightly points out) on your impulses and contradictions. These have immense power over us, but when managed and in harmony, can be a driving force of balanced will. Will can turn inwards and outwards, and of course can be merciful or destructive. The absence of bonds IS important because as i’m sure most of us have experienced, the will cannot be tightly gripped and bound without consequence, almost like a natural law of physics. It needs to be handled, understood, balanced. That grace is something that feels very difficult for me, and i remember a time when this came up often. I admire people who live with such inner harmony.

      • I particularly like Paul Foster Case’s esoteric interpretation of The Chariot. He talks about how our intelligence and personality are the vehicles that our spiritual being uses to move out into the physical universe. Emphasis on the vehicle and the passenger in it.
        When I see The Chariot in tarot readings, I usually emphasize getting the two sphinxes moving together in the same direction, or you get nowhere. I usually read that as a conflict between emotions and intellect, but it can be many different dichotomies.

        • That’s difficult, i agree. Particularly since as a Piscean, a lot of our information and understanding channels through emotion or sense. This is even true when i’m studying a science or math…it moves me… the concept, the neatness, the application. Finetuning into emotional response also shows an awareness of factual information more instantly than intellectualising or expressing. Part of that is that when i lost photographic memory, i began to synthesise information more than retrieving facts, as i used to. I very much miss that information retrieval.

          So sorting what is pure mood and what is an understanding sense can take some time, and i have a horror of rationalising a hidden motive.

          Then, for a Piscean, there’s pure force of will and accommodation to be balanced.

  3. 😯

    “Yes i love a good high-gloss ad with a supermodel apparently eating her handbag as much as anyone but seriously…”


  4. NY Times just ran an article about the Encyclopedia Britannica going out of print after 244 years… seems like quite a Saturnian/Capricorn symbol of weight and authority, giving way.

    Pluto is hovering at the very end of my 8th house… but I think it will be another two years or so before it fully enters my 9th. Now THAT should be interesting. As a Scorpio, Pluto in 8th hasn’t been too dramatic (yet), feels like Status Normal.

  5. VenusRules – yah, it’s funny but once you start looking, the signs of a dying era are everywhere and they’re accelerating. I’d go thru and list them all but i don’t want to piss too many peeps off (not with mars retro lol)

    Yup if you;re an 8th House type person, this feels GOOD

    • Pluto in Capricorn status symbols:

      * Abs.
      * Sobriety.
      * A d.i.y. garden.
      * Savings.
      * An insouciant attitude and mental stability in amidst an evolving society

      I am so in my zone then!!!!
      Seriously…that is how I have lived my entire adult life….minus the abs(but do enjoy being strong and in shape) and the mental stability thing is iffy at times(lol). But really…
      best explanation I can come up with is : Natally I have saturn conjunct sun, pluto in my 2nd house, jupiter in the 8th house.

  6. If I cannot solve a problem it’s because I am playing by the rules.

    Transiting Pluto Square Sun; Natal Pluto Conjunct Sun.

  7. 12 days into this month, I was super-zen, chill the fuq out, guru wiseman. Last 2 days, I’ve been plagued with anxiety attacks that have NO source. I’ve meditated, but I can’t fathom the trigger of them – yet. But I do feel a huge sense of pressure. Like the effects of a migraine without the pain?
    Coincidentally, it started when Mercury went Retro. I’m ‘over it’ in 2 days, how can I possibly go through another 4-6 weeks of it.. gah.

    (Sun Aqua, Asc Cancer, Aries Moon)

    • Yep feeling the same. Started with a whopper of a headache.

      Then had very big barney with a friend (?) (who reappeared in my life) with some very questionable views. I was shocked to the core that I actually know people who think like that. Was so traumatised that I had a nightmare last night about it and was shaking with anger this morning. Basically its a deal breaker!

      And now it looks like I didn’t make the cut of something I was really hoping I would. Gutted but am picking myself up, dusting off and going to go for it again.

      • Good for you and good luck.

        I’ve been dong some Pluto ZZ reading the past week, and here’s some mantras about *attitude + perspective* that I find helpful, and in the least, you may find momentarily interesting:

        1. do it their way, then do it your way

        2. accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative (note: this is attitudes)

        3. do not seek praise, seek criticism (it’s easy to get approval; but what we really need to propell us forward is to find fault with our ideas so as to improve)

        4. energy! Give it and put it into your quest

      • …just to be clear (it’s merc retro afterall) I said the above in ref. to your last paragraph about not making the cut of something you went for and about to go for it again. I think that is bold and is what the zz is about.

        • It is all I can do. Have given myself today to lick my wounds, then back on that horse. Still gutted though. sigh. Thought this was my time.

          • What you’ve just said sounds merc retro – ie., not happening yet or moving forward, things moving backwards/confused/in slow mo, go back to the drawingboard for now…

            • Thank you for the kind words. It just means I didn’t get this one. But maybe I will make the cut for the next thang. And keep going till I do make the cut somewhere! I poored everything into this though and have run out of puff a little. But I am a stubborn little bugger cancer asc as well like SB. Once we get those claws clamped on something…

    • Take it easy. The astro is a shocker. I hope you feel better soon.

      For what it’s worth, have a look at the house your Aries Moon is in and the aspects it is making to other planets. Maybe do your moon as best you can — sport, sport, fittness, competitive stuff – I dunno, wrestle with a dog in a park (a bit tricky for a banana, I know, but I reckon with Aqua, Kataka and Aries you can pull it off!).

      • It really is a shocker. Everything’s going out the window. Just when you think you’ve got it sorted, bang, lets go through the mill again.

        Staying cool is …hmmmmmmm

        I’m about to deal with is by getting rid of every third thing I own

        • Yes, the mutual reception is interesting, there’s much confusion and frustration about. I’m surprisingly feeling good and grounded though.

          Why you getting rid of every third thing you own? How does it work?

          Seabird, are you a Piscean Sun?

  8. As a Cap with Pluto still conjunct my Sun, I’d have to add to your list, Mystic –
    – a lack of interest in food.
    Really. Food just seems like a waste of time unless it’s steamed broccoli or wholewheat cereal followed by good coffee or a handful of almonds and a sliver of the finest dark chocolate. I hate the feeling of feeling full. Makes one feel indulgent and sluggish which means I don’t get anything done until I’ve worked off the gut with a good hike. God, I’m getting all Cap on myself.

    Oh, and another addition to the list –
    – Only drink good wine.
    That’s a newy for me. Normally, I’d be happy to slug back anything but lately, I’ve become a wine snob! I kinda liked being a wine slut. I guess I’m “evolving” in ways that aren’t entirely devastating (just more expensive…)

    • I thought it was just merc retro weirding in my chart, but i am bored bored bored with food at the mo.
      ~pluto sq-ing my sun

      I can only drink high qual wine (cap rules my 6th natally)

  9. Oh man go look at the Grand Trine chart at Planetwatcher:

    Over the next 20 hours, all the trines are exact, and Venus Jupiter conjunction is exact. Even Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in about 4 days.

    I’m going outside to look at the Venus Jupiter conjunction. Should be exact right now.

    • That’s like the Big Kahuna of disruptions!!! If u listen u can probably hear crumbling walls , hopefully in the distance .
      Thanks for the link.

      • Disruption? I dunno, the Trine is all in Earth signs, and seems stable. Well except that Uranus-Mercury thing in Aries, which isn’t in the Trine.

        Anyway, I was too late to see the Saturn-Venus conjunction, it was already below the horizon. I’ll have to go out earlier tomorrow night to look. That conjunction is right at my midheaven, and in Taurus too. I’m a Taurus, so it has to be good. Doesn’t it?

    • with a side of superfood perhaps? a litre of maple syrup here, one of acai there and chlorella tabs before bed… nighty night

  10. Wow
    I’m like 5 for 5 according to that check list (?!)
    But I have noticed I’m completely over men the past few weeks – even though they are flirting like crazy. *semi-barfs*
    SO not interested.
    I’ve have finally acknowledged that when there is a man in my life, everything on that list disappears…rapidly.
    I’m no longer the caring and sharing type in this new era it seems.
    What’s mine is mine, baby…

  11. * Abs. Tick
    * Sobriety. No. But I am moderation personified, except when I occasionally go a bit overboard. Hem.
    * A d.i.y. garden. No but about to get some new herbs on my terrace, and watered my pots. Does that count?
    * Savings. Yes, it’s called a mortgage that I can redraw from.
    * An insouciant attitude and mental stability in amidst an evolving society. Tick. Thanks Taurus moon, mercury and mars and Gem sun.

  12. Sobriety? That’s me done then. Life is too straight for me now!

  13. Pluto is almost exact in Quincunx to my Sun arghh!! l feel the urge of change..l have this awful transits this week, one in top of the other…..l stay put for now…plus l got this terrible news last night,…on top of everything.
    A big wake up call.Do what you want to do NOW not later!!
    while l can see that l can’t act on it.. I feel uber stuck at times!!

  14. all but the abs!!! so I have something to work on! and keep my pluto in cap focus!

    though sobriety escaped me last night, and a glass of wine turned into four, and I felt shocking today! my body is so sensitive to substances at this time, am preparing to cleanse and its like my body knows it, or just demands it already!

  15. Dear Capricorns, this is why I think y’all are hot (and always have). It’s the green thumb that gets me (and some other stuff that i’ll talk about some other time). SNAGS – Sexy New-Age Gardeners. (solvent non-aggro geniuses?)

  16. I’m totally amazed to watch this astro unfold. If it hadn’t been for MYSTIC prepping us since the beginning of time (it seems), I would probably be just as confused and lost as a lot of peeps around me. I’m so glad Mystic prepped, and I listened. Not that everything is perfect in my life because it’s certainly far from that but, I am emotionally prepped and not as freaked as I would have been at all the changes going on had it not been for taking her interpretation of whats going on into consideration. Thanks, as always Mystic. xoxo

    • LOL….
      I garden as do most of my friends. WE aren’t boring. Of course, most of us are wing nutted out and definately not sober(I am, but that is because I am one of those people who gets stoned off life).

      • i don’t think that people who garden are boring. all of the things that MM mentioned are healthy and good, they’re just not very fun.

    • LOL truegem, I thought the same thing when I read it. Then thought about it a bit and realised I’ve been doing all those things for awhile now. Sobriety up until Christmas, now I have a few at the end of the day adds to the attitude of coping with such ‘boring’ stuff lol. I do love my garden, the flowers, the little creatures that live there and considering how damn hot it can get here I’m amazed it lives.

  17. Gardening is not boring (re:above post), let’s not forget the end of the post office (at least in US), and I have four out of the five things. Since it’s spring here, my garden is going in this weekend. Luscious tomatoes and Swiss chard, peppers, eggplants, peas and beans. And other things. I’ve been off raw since getting sick, so everything is homemade, low-fat, vegetarian Italian around my house these days. My garden will reflect that. Fresh garden tomatoes roasted in olive oil with some onion and garlic over fresh fettucine is not boring. Especially with a slice of cool limoncello tart after.

  18. I’ve experienced some amazing synchroncity and other-worldly awareness related the Chariot card in past 24 hours, spooky stuff – I am getting major coincidences and messages from everything all of a sudden. A major chink of light has broken through this dark retro period. Today I am evolving.

    • me too with the synchroncity and coincidences!

      You think it might be the Grand earth trine? What’s your astro?

    • I had some spooky synchronisty happen today…will report more later when I have the entire picture….

  19. Aries sun, Gem moon, Leo asc. Pluto & Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus. I don’t know enough about these things to rule myself in or out. Yesterday’s events (if it was indeed the trine) were a positive distraction from the mars retro crap.

    • I have Jupiter in Taurus too and Pluto/Mars/Uranus all in Virgo. I think the earthy trine is definitely taking the edge of Mars retro crap. Mars Rx has moved on from my 0° Virgo

      I’ll be having my Jupiter return in May :)

      Thought your name hinted at something in Gemini, add Aries and Leo asc to the mix and it fits 😉

  20. Pluto in Capricorn status symbols:
    * Abs. (needs work)
    * Sobriety. (easy)
    * A d.i.y. garden. (in process ordering seeds)
    * Savings. (yes!)
    * An insouciant attitude and mental stability in amidst an evolving society.
    9needs improvement. was feeling zen but got thrown for a lop and spiraled into nasty rageful angst recently)