Piscean Insurrection

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Well yes, of course there are some Pisceans out there who are using Neptune in Pisces as their ‘character motivation’ to get completely merde-faced at every possible opportunity, Indeed one of them emailed me recently, to ask if i could help him source some “astrology-themed bongs.”Β  Aha. F.y.i. no i can’t.

BUT a clear majority of Fish-Folk are insanely inspired by their ruler Neptune in Pisces to the point that they’re planning a massive revolt. Crap habits? Annhilated. Faux friends? Delete. Non-Growth Centric Activity? De-scheduled. Stagnant patterns? Busted. Psycho-dating? No more. Look to your nearest Pisces – guarantee he/she is plotting something big and audacious.

From now on, if you’re not in on the Piscean Dream, they’ll count you as being either irrelevant or against it.

Remember: Pisces is the most routinely underestimated sign of all, assigned Official Flake status or – worse – written off as the “dustbin of the Zodiac.” BTW, Pisceans do keep score – you just wouldn’t know it by their sweet smirk and simpering hyper-gush. But even sharks can look like they’re smiling, can they not?

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  1. 😯

    Love it Mystic!! I am getting massive insights in my dreams and it is happening so often that it just feels normal… 😯

    I haven’t been on facebook for a month and I LOVE IT! Guys you gotta try it, it is wonderful! Except of course you got to keep up to date with MM’s page, but other than that… TRY IT! It feels great not having to keep up with the past – high school friends – LET’S MOVE ON PEOPLE! 😯


    *gut slides forward*

    • I got rid of Facebook about a year and half ago – very freeing! And I’m a Gemini too!

    • never been on FB. LOL Maybe I’m beyond my time!

      ‘Stagnant patterns? Busted’ LOL this is great advice MM!

      Ooooooh, good luck to all the audacious plans, I hope they all come through xox

    • i vote no facebook also, completely freed up my life of (i have to quote here) – merde.

      • Me too – No facebook! I gave up on it some time last year. SOOOO BORING!!!! (and yes a gem and YES to gut sliding lol)

    • I still use Facebook because it links me with so many friends and family around the world – through it I’ve connected with so many creative, loving and kind people I might not otherwise have met. I live to communicate and write so I enjoy communications through Facebook.

      • I love Facebook too, for all those reasons you mentioned and it’s great for networking too. Half my ‘friends’ are ex work colleagues. I love keeping in touch with them and hearing what’s going on in the industry. Got quite a bit of work from it too.

        I’ve only got ONE high school friend on FB. I’m very selective about who I add and what I share. So, it’s not about keeping up with the past but just keeping in touch with people I like.

        I find Twitter really stupid.

        • Scorpy, you really are my psychic twin. Agree totally with you about FB and Twitter. I don’t ‘friend’ people lightly, and I’m discreet about what I share and post.

          Can’t get into Twitter, although as a Gem I love short witty rejoinders… I suppose it’s because most of it is boring crap written by so-called celeb’s publicists

          • Hehe.. could be a Year of Dragon thing πŸ˜‰

            I have Gem NN, moon in Sagg and venus in Libra in 9th, so I need to know what’s going on in the world and like to try everything at least once.
            I’ve got a Twitter account, have given it a whirl a few times but still hate it!! It is boring crap! Unless you have a product or service to spruik, it’s just a mindless distraction. *yawn*

  2. You got this one right on the nose!!!! Neptune in my sign of Pisces is going to be great for me! I can feel it coming………

  3. sadly, my two little Pisces babes are sick. It’s a dousy.

    Keeping score, why yes they do. My Pisces son let his dad have it this weekend; sent the girlfriend some what fors too.
    Pisces friend I had years ago was a super sweet, gentle, submissive girlfriend….till after the break up. Then she got together with her exes best friend for revenge. Stayed with the bestie for a couple of years and lived with him even! Never fell in love with him either. Ouch. It worked, the ex was jealous.

    • Why would anyone do that just to get someone jealous!!? Seems pretty stupid to me.

      • OH, it is. When she told me I was completely shocked and horrified that someone would waste so much of their life in such a way. I will add though she got cranked out during that time, so maybe it was the drugs.

        • Oh drugs…. well that makes sense! When drugs are involved that’s the number 1 priority. Not love, not self respect… just gettin high.

  4. Oh have I got a story about pisces ex girlfriend. Basically she concealed her jealousy for years we had a fall out over a fella she tried moving in on him he rejected her. Neither told me this but I KNEW, he was just a fling. She waited months then took it upon herself to inform my ex nye. Ex that i run our business with. Dates, places even what happened, I ways knew she would. She knew ex could get very aggressive when pushed. Her aim? Destroy me :) lol. Well, she didn’t succeed. In fact, the whole nasty, spiteful act brought about some of the most amazing changes that I’d been trying for decades to do like….have ex & our eldest son to bond, tick, ex get help for his anger, tick, he’s now quite enjoyable to be around. He accepts that spark was long gone & has moved on, we are totally focussed on the business & parenting. I feel like sending her a thank you card will that break the trespass notice she had served on me? Lol stupid bitch the fact she thinks she needs one is revenge enough! Yep living well really is the best revenge. The lover i dumped, he’s the Leo that tries to intercept me in what ever he’s driving. That’s the bones of it, a real piece of sad work she is.

  5. any shark dreams?

    …i really like mystic’s idea of pisceans as sharks — stealth + strong

    • My six year old son is a pisces sun, scorpio rising – I call him the pisces of the great white shark variety. He can be absolutely savage, but most often, gentle and dreamy.

      • yes, pisces in my family and friendship groups = i know well of the double-edge sword

  6. Oh yes, they do keep score. However, they can also be wonderfully compassionate (when you’re not in the score zone that is) and to be fair, one does not land in said zone unless an atrocity of good measure is committed. Usually having to do with crossing the force field of Piscean Dignity, they don’t like to be heavy handed with it so it’s a touch subtle. But trespass and well, die.

    My mother was a Piscean, you think a Cancer can remember?? Think again. Thankfully, they like to spend most of their time being inspirational rather than bent on revenge, it just doesn’t go with their usual flow.

    • I would agree. Generally, i bitch about it (release) then get on with my own stuff. Those who trespass differ from those who annoy me or simply provoke an emotion.

      Lower types plot revenge, though. I find I don’t have to lift a finger in anyone’s direction. The damagers ALWAYS get theirs coming. I just have to busy myself with learning something self improving, and not confusing anger with lack of compassion. If a Piscean lacks compassion, our deepest mission, you’d best believe we attract bad bad karma.

    • FA- “trespass and well, die.”. Crack me UP !
      Yes will agree Neptune has long fuse.
      If you insist to persist those balmy tropical waters WILL turn to ICE.

    • Ooh, yes, the long fuse. My mother had a short and sparky one but not surprisingly, I never doubted she loved me, so a lot of compassion. And how interesting is this, they are also the one sign I know who likes to do secret/surprise gift giving (aside from Saggs though the treatment is different).

      Saggs like to do Big Daddy surprises, you know, Jupiterian. Pisceans like to do the subtle yet significant gifts, you know – secretly paying a bill for you, the odd unexpected yet aptly timed book, flowers for no occasion.

      By the time they reach anger, it’s expressed more as disgust. There may even be room for benign pity as they exit stage left.

  7. Neptune is on my sun right now and I have finally, after being demolished by Pluto sq. natal Saturn late Dec.( not fun but I did lose 15 lbs with no effort), said goodbye to the dead-end job (got a new full-time one out of the blue last friday), the co-dependent friends/family, the passive-aggressive Pluto male who was the star of my Pluto sq. Saturn drama and triggered my abandonment issues and insecurities, junk food, fake friends, frumpy clothes……..just found myself being too forgiving of people who go out of their way to show how selfish and emotionally unavailable they are. Not all were verbally let go, but they have been emotionally released. I’m connecting with strong, non-flaky types after a lifetime of the opposite, and I’m not bored by them, which is usually the case :) I’m a loyal, strong and giving person and finally appreciate the security and appreciation of a stronger network of friends and family, not to lean on but just not feeling like I’m going to have the rug pulled out from under me all the time. I feel like the person who tried to come out when Uranus touched my sun 9 years ago can finally come out and stay, as long as she doesn’t announce all her “evil” plans of self-improvement and independence, lol. I learned the hard way that Pisces folk should mostly keep quiet, observe/analyze and work behind the scenes, and ALWAYS counteract aggressive behavior with a gentle response, especially when you’re a magnet for volatile/unbalanced/addicted folks. I am finally feeling strong and proud of my nature :)

    • And yes I do keep score at times, but I always thought it was my Scorpio moon. It’s not for revenge though, just a way to notice unhealthy patterns in my relationships so that I can plot and plan my next escape….which I’m calling “evolution” these days instead of “giving up” :)

        • Great cartoon, thanks for sharing :) A Pisces who can create a detailed chart like that one is another unexpected surprise! What’s funny is that I used to be detailed like that, and then it all disappeared and I can hardly balance my checkbook anymore and my eyes glaze over when my Virgo or Gemini pals start in on details, bleh. I just start boring them with philosophical and spiritual stuff and they find something else to do :) It’s better than screaming “stop, my head’s gonna explode!” and running off, which is what I really feel like doing, ha ha. They’re important to me and keep me grounded though, so I play nice.

  8. Big and audacious….. Hmm my Pisces friend sure did plan something big. Got drunk with the guy she likes who is scum and will dip his stick anywhere made sure it was on her most fertile day took him to bed for unprotected sex and didn’t take the morning after pill. He told her he wants nothing to do with her before during and after sex and she wants me to pity her. Yeah. No.

  9. Can I still go out and celebrate my new job! Feel like things are looking up for me (im a pisces).. is it too soon to celebrate – I dont want to get merde-faced but you know how it goes… i should just go home.

  10. Spot on! Continually boasting to anyone who will listen about the new me. I found myself just after new year telling everyone close to me that from now on it’s about me for a change, I come first, not humanity, your washing, cleaning the sink etc.
    Ironically, it being all about me, I hope to raise awareness in the world via becoming a successful author. So, somehow, the primary motivation is still not actually me!
    I have had a burning desire to be a writer since being a young child, sidelined by many other just as wonderful distractions, at 54, I am now ready. Have finished three books and have six more outlines done that I need to write.
    Audacious? Big? Grandiose? Yes!

    • I love this! Doesn’t matter how long it takes, you’ve got to be ready to actualise your dream. Have you read an article in a recent New Scientist? Psychologists say that Middle Age is no longer a relevant phenomenon.

      • Yeah I read it, but was thinking, “this dude doesn’t know anything about the Uranus opposition at age 42″ – ha ha!

        • Oh does Uranus move very slowly, or mine’s early? Besides, a transhit ends eventually. Or is this going to go for years?? I used to know more astronomy and now i can’t remember these details. Perhaps i should start shooting people now.

      • Middle Age is an illusion. I still feel like a child inside, only a wiser more experienced one. As I get older, I believe more and more in the old saying,
        “We never ‘grow up’, we just get older.”

  11. I don’t think I have any Pisces in my chart (Leo sun/Scorpio moon/Virgo rising) but I think I must be channeling their fishy rebellion, because currently my big-cat brain is fired up with demolition/renovation/rebuilding energy. I even decided this afternoon to tear up my 2012 visionboard and start all over again. Wtf?!! This is totally weirding me out… O.o

  12. Yep – Pisces Rising, and Neptune on MC (in Sag) i nearly wrote Neptune Rising..Taken on my Phoenix report seriously re honouring Neptune daily with some sort of spiritual thing…or else Neptune gets nasty!(low) .. is that symbolic of the 2 fish you think ? one the right direction and one the wrong direction ? (probably could have thought more about that sentence and written better, however i am Sun in Aries with Merc too, so apoligies if i didnt get question across with prescision! .. got last nights outdoor boxing class to stop for a moment and take it the beauty of the moon with Venus on one side and Jupiter ont he other – whilst there was a quick break in the cloud cover … it was beautiful and we all got stuck back into with vigour and laugther afterwards .. which was just one of those lovely moments to share with others.. x

    • 😯

      Nice Rammy! 😯

      I didn’t realise – or forgot – that you and I are both Pisces 23 degrees Rising and Neptune 22 degrees in Sag on MC 23 degrees!! 😯

      • I forgot that too, I remember my moon is on your sun,*insert twilight zone theme music here*…nighty night gorgeousness. Xx

        • 😯



          I forgot that too!!

          What are your Rising and Neptune conjunct Sagg degrees? I realised that I wrote my comment as if we have the same degrees – which I don’t think we do?

  13. Its very true, I am non stop plotting and planning, devising and scheming, faux friends are so yesterday and life feels reincarnated. Its a little harder and a touch lonelier but feels real and worthwhile.

    • Dear Allyxan,
      It won’t take long till a new friend pops up and takes their place, i can guarantee it, specially when you least expect it, they always turn out golden and can relate to where you are ”right here right now” ! xx

  14. That is WAY cool!
    I love the deep blu
    You are right, that is so Neptune; even that little green pod he was getting out of or into, when they snapped that shot = so Pisces. He’s in his element for sure!

    I am thinking of getting on twitter.
    It’s a challenge but mostly I love the bird relation (tweet tweet).

    You Gems are into everything; seriously, I just can’t keep up I move much slower.

  15. This is developing news:

    Last year, I moved out 2 weeks after my lease expired and paid off three extra months of rent because I thought it was the moral thing to do — the landlord complained that my decision to move suddenly left him in financial shambles. I didn’t know it then, but later learned (i) I didn’t have to pay that much, (ii) the way he asked to me pay the extra was illegal.

    Now he is calling me about my 2009 – 2011 tax returns, because he didn’t report his rental income to authorities and is now asked to pay a hefty fine for tax evasion. Today is the last day to declare his income otherwise he will be saddled with the fine. Am not answering his phones. Let him squirm.

    On a higher plane, everything levels out.

    Gem Sun/ Pisces rising.

    • Perfect Piscean style revenge. Don’t lift a finger; know it is noted by the true authorities of universal account. Plus the power of the ATO beats a lawyer any day πŸ˜€

      You don’t need to explain your returns to anyone but the tax office. If you’re Australian, check out the state’s rental authority website, and you’ll also find info on your rights. It used to be legalese jargon b ut it’s quite user friendly now.

  16. Oh dear. I am terribly guilty of underestimating Pisces.
    & I don’t even know why.
    My favourite ex (who is still one of my besties) is a Pisces with a tonne of Virgo.
    My Beeaauuutiful big tough guy grandfather who still secretly writes my grandmother poetry is a Pisces.
    & Pisces Psych bestie is one of the most fun people I have ever met in my life. When I first met her I thought she was “too nice” but that woman has some serious character. I have seen her deal with some very difficult situations with absolute class.

    I think the illusion of being flakey can be used to your advantage though. Always makes me think of one of my fave Breakfast at Tiffany’s quotes – It’s useful being top banana in the shock department!

  17. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I definitely need it. Have been losing stuff. Sometimes feel as though I’m in a dream half the time but for the most part I’ve managed.

  18. I currently have Neptune transiting my fifth house, and I have my Moon in Aquarius in the fifth house. All my life I’ve doodled triangles with loops on the end, and today I fished out for my newsletter a piece of artwork I did five or so years ago. I didn’t remember the name, only that it was sort of watery. I called it “Aphrodite” but I’d completely forgotten. And when I looked at again, I was totallyl gobsmacked and overwhelmed with emotion. Because it was covered in the symbols I’ve been drawing right from childhood until now, and I realised they were a stylised “A”. Aphrodite’s been calling me all my life, and I’ve finally come home to her and me!

  19. I’m a Gem with Pisces moon. I have, and have had, a number of Piscean friends. One ex friend (for over 20 years) trashed me when I went out with someone she fancied – despite the fact she was in a relationship. Current Pisces friend takes her revenge in small but annoying ways (like making my trousers too short when pinning them for me to hem!)
    Unfortunately – or not – I’ve realised that Piscean unpleasantness in this way is also reminding me of my shadow stuff. But I’ve read that moon opp pluto (which I also have) can indicate a touch of Kali and some negative stuff from women (which I also have). Doesn’t stop me being a feminist but does make me go Grrrrr!

  20. I’m a Venus Pisces getting my act together. The guys I date and see now are men that are going places. And I have recently cut a friend out of my life, cause as soon as I gave her another chance she has just been asking me to buy her stuff. fuq that sh!t. So I’ve been ignoring her texts.

  21. Well, I love Pisces. It’s my favorite sign of the zodiac, even more than Leo. I have Neptune right on my ascendant, and I’ll admit I get a little twinge of jealousy every time someone tells me they’re a Pisces.

    • Why be jealous? If you have Neptune on your ascendant, it means you are Piscean.
      I have Neptune conjunct my sun (3 degrees). I feel more Piscean than Saggo (my Rising) or Scorpio (my sun) or Aquarian (my moon.)
      For a long time, I felt like I was lying when I called myself Piscean, even though every other sign felt wrong. Finally, I said the hell with all the “technical” details. I am going with what feels right. Nowadays I call myself Pisces and operate accordingly.

  22. Why yes I am plotting something big and audacious – for me. Maybe not huge to other people, but I have been building up to this.

  23. The more I think about it the more right it seems. People so underestimate a pisces. Id like to think of myself as someone who can let things go but I have a hard time not remembering the times I felt dissed.

  24. Woah!! Just got propostioned by a married Piscean man from my son’s school for an affair!!!

  25. I love Pisceans and I’m looking forward to seeing some fur fly!
    I’m kind of feeling the same too, ie. planning a massive revolt. But quietly.
    Saturn in Pisces in 11th house, with Chiron, Vesta and Astraea. And my Saturn is opposing Pluto Neptune in Virgo, 5th house.

  26. Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips for inexperienced blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.