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    • 😯

      Thanks Mystic 😯

      Oh man I like the sound of Pisces – as you know I have dipped my toe back into the stock market and my god what a hot mess it is! As I was reading the other day “economists must stop assuming investors are rational.”They’re not… 😯

      Also I keep dreaming about a BABY! I am always holding her in my dream (I think it always the same one baby?!) She is happy and bright and just spectacular… I just don’t know why I am dreaming about a baby.

        • a new project or idea? (or is that a pregnancy dream???)

          Babies are lovely. All kinds of babies – baby trees, human bbaies, kittens, ducklings, baby umbrellas in a cocktail…

          BTW I finally responded re. Kimbra..

          …and Lana Del Ray what’s your take on her album??

          • 😯

            I have heard of Lana but I haven’t really sat down and listened to her music. I was going to but I was hearing so many negatives about her that I wanted to give it some time. I am looking forward to listening to her album and I will definitely check out your favourite song of hers! From what I have heard so far, I think she is special. 😯

          • Yeah. Makes me love human babies even more. Jupiter exalted in Cancer. Moon exalted on MC indicates I should’ve become a teacher of young children.

            and I love Jelly Babies too

            (I eat the latter, not the former )

      • Have you seen the film Margin Call?

        It could be a Cap Descendant film -(all corporate like on the surface). Pretty interesting and suspenseful for a subject matter that is typically perceived as not so flash.

        • i dreamt i was riding a horse and also of an ex boyfriend, was a wonderful dream….

      • Are you finding your way with stocks, BGem? I’m curious to know if you do any short to mid trades. I guess that’s also fired by my perception of Gemini as being lightning quick to grasp things.

        • 😯

          It is volatile at the moment Millie! I was in a few years ago when it was much easier to predict. I made some really good gains, average was about 50% and one was out of the park. I have been studying the market over the last few weeks and there is so much panic that it is almost impossible to be certain about anything! 😯 I really do believe that economists need to reevaluate their views of investors! 😯

          • Yes someone gifted i know has been playing short and generally doing ok, against the advice of a Cap in the business… but not sure if this has continued into 2012. It’s a tough game. I’ve been lucky in the past but (this sounds crazy) i often completely forget things, even card games, and have to learn them from point zero. This time though i realised it wasn’t forgettery – it is indeed a different game. Not even the analysts are speaking along the same lines, except that things are not as we know it, yet each one sounding convinced as hell. Have fun! Be safe! :)

      • In my experience there are baby dreams and BABY dreams. One is creative expression/experiences, the other *insert bug eyes here*

      • 😯

        😯 – that one is for you EMPRESS!! 😯 😯 😯

        Thanks so much for all your comments – it has given much to think about! I don’t really have a new project at the moment but I am always full of ideas and extremely ambitious. Am I ready for a baby… maybe? but I can’t imagine it happening in the near future… 😯 😯

        • A childless-by-choice friend told me how one year she began noting all the schools, kindies, shops, amenities like buses etc suitable for living with children. She said she didn’t realise she was even doing this for some time. She questioned herself deeply, knew she really didn’t want children but realised her biological clock was causing “baby brain”. She was scared to go near her husband, who wondered if she was having an affair, until she tearfully told him the problem. She said it was the most powerful drive. I remember having this happen at 14-15, just wanting to have 7 babies. Hola bola!

  1. Damn better get better. Things have been rough. I felt like all my good tidings came to an end…. well… plateaued is probably a better term to use.

  2. Mine talks of hormones. was just thinking tonight I may be in early menopause so I could have an excuse for feeling slightly off kilter of late. i asked my son if I as more psycho than normal and he no. hwoever, don’t need anymore love bats over my head .just want some peace thanks astro dearest. will plan to lay low this weekend- massage booked already but biz is doing well so go me and leave the abyss behind.

    • yes, i think that is right punm….. sometimes easier to say than do, but always a good fulcrum in the mind to come back to then extend out from there to the heart, body, environment etc…

      Sometimes necessary to have a bit of dreaming time to dream up and remember dreams, so as not to act out of default… make some space to let the magic come through, the majic of dreams already dreamt… mmmmm lots going on for me in this way at the moment, so lush…

      • rembering dreams and not acting on default, let magic come in.. ahhh so important. You are wise. xo

      • yep. feel the urge to do something amazing and then just book the air ticket dammit!

  3. I do love the Aries season, there’s always so much going on. The daily scopes are noticeably lighter, as well.
    No wonder barista is dreaming of new beginnings!

  4. My Thursday scope for aqua mentioned sloughing off old crap re relationships and how far values have diverged with an ex.

    Well… In freaky made me think of my scope coincidences: heard a name I haven’t uttered since I was 13… Friend and I used to teen stalk this poor kid.
    I was never sure if I liked him or just was obsessed in weird way… But rambling story cut short. Found out he has gone all white powder Charlie sheen – and is also a Virgo. Only without the financial resources. His future looks bleak.

    Spooky. Or it’s just the middle of the night and I should just get some sleep

  5. If things are looking up, I’d better start paying attention. It’s easy to check out when things are cruising or worse.

    ‘Live by design, not by default’ = my new mantra.

    Thanks MM for your wisdom!

  6. Happy New Moon folks.

    So I had a thought that the Pisces neurotic post mirrors how the extra looong Void Moon in Pisces brings out Piscean archetype traits in the collective ( insecure tendencies / vulnerable / strong / intuitive / compassion / mysterious / enigmatic / feminine / 12th house ruled), which we all have.

  7. It’s just kwazy how the artwork and photo choices for the scopes match themes in my own subconscious to the point the images match concepts in the creative writing I have already put down on paper! I know I’ve said this before, but your images are quite unique and the stuff I am writing is quirky!