Running Water Never Grows Stale

The Pisces star sign has one core secret or mode of operating. They know that running water never grows stale. They’re fluid, quantum personas.

And FLOW is what you gotta do in the bit of your chart where you have Pisces.

See this post for more info. Neptune in Pisces enhances Pisces until the late 2020s so everything Piscean is now enchanted. 

Seriously.  Neptune in Pisces is not a planetary transit – it is a SPELL.

Think of all those myths involving merpeople who give their magical powers – as symbolized by their fish-tail – to score Muggle benefits. They never end well!

Deep in the psyche of even the most mundane-seeming Pisces star sign is a commitment to magical realism and their mysterious guides.

Pisces star sign art. Girl on beach reaching out to two ghostly mermaid figures. Image: Lynne Naylor


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YES YES YES. When I let myself flow my days are better with much less stress. It’s time to let myself flow more… like a beautiful river, surrendering, drifting, and not trying to influence or predict outcomes. It feels rather scary to stop trying to control but I know it’s the best thing to do… for myself and others.


Whoa I am having a totally weird time weirdest time of my life. Was happy where I lived temporarily now moved and unhappy and for firs time listenig to that feeling and now have to move out. Listening to feelings is like reading the old myths – everything , feelings, become like little people telling you what to do. I feel like a hero on a journey (heroine)…..Pisces Rising. Also smoking dream weed for first time in life and actually finding it medicinal in a way – making me non judgemental. Argh. 🙂

plutonic gem

pisces 5th house with mars… (that terrible placement people talk about, particulary in men it seems, but I have discovered the beauty of the mars in pisces placement, after an old friend showed me the way to understand it)…. also moon in pisces, but moon has nudged over into the 6th house but still pisces… So fifth house being activated by neptune is a bit lovely, and maybe thats what is helping me see a little bit of magic/beauty everyday…. even when super stressed or sad, or busy or excited…. got me having hope in romance again and fantasising etc….… Read more »


Neptune transiting Pisces 4th House right now, but my Pisces is in 4th & 5th House.
I only need one-to drinks and I get tipsy/drink very quickly. Dreams and creativity at home are vivid.
Curious how it will feel in the 5th. Looking forward to it.


I have Neptune in Capricorn and Pisces the 5th house as well as in the North Node. Can anyone tell me what this means? There’s so much to learn! I’d appreciate any help. 🙂

Piscean Under New Management

well… 8th house for a few more years (if we’re talking chiron / neptune) then 9th house after that. Gawd, just in time to graduate from uni, or something. Uranus is currently still transiting my 9th house. shaking things up maybe so Neptune can work its magic.. really must look into that voodoo prosperity powder and prosperity spells… i suspect at least 6 weeks wait until (first ever, eeek) government handout student money comes through, if it does at all, and i am getting behind in my bills as of 2 weeks ago with zero current income. panic. ah fuq… Read more »


Oh Mystic this is so hilarious, so apt. Pisces intercepted in the 6th. Living in the Foreign Country where I Understand Very Litte. Which is an improvement on 2 months ago when I arrived and Understood Nothing. Eg yesterday I thought I had communicated my intention to do one thing, and was being assisted in that, whch ended me up doing something complelely else – not what I wanted at all. It is not that there is one person controlling me/thwarting me – it is the situation. I can only continue to chuckle and repeat to myself the words of… Read more »


1 degree pisces mercury trine 3 degress cancer moon 10th house….also in aspect to jupiter 2 degrees virgo….12th house, conjunct asc 3 degrees virgo…but it is burdonsome to have the realisations and reminiscence…and there is pisces mars, and neptune in scorpio is in the 3rd trine mars…I would rather not be plagued with regret or sorrow over past situations out of my current hands, thank goodness.


Haha! Pisces in my 7th house of partnerships. My boyfriend moved out recently. We are still seeing each other. He is still infuriating but I love him and we get on very very well. Especially now that we don’t live together. Ya I guess flow is all I can do. Good advice for when he drives me up the wall with his nonchalance.


Must flow in my MC, Jupiter and Ceres. Lil’ biz – check, Jupiter? Study lots, expand philosophically – check! Now Ceres, get into the garden – next on the list! Bit late realistically for the winter veggies I guess, but anyway.


I was Neptuned out in a totally good way when it moved into Pisces (no Blue Devil Hootchie required). Mercury retro in Aries has completely killed my buzz. On the bright side, there is currently no risk of me being institutionalised for speaking of magical rainbows, and unicorns…


I have Pisces nowhere but on the IC. Not sure how to interrupt that but I’m reading that it has to do with the family/origins/father etc.?

Piscean Under New Management

other say not mother – dominant parent / parent who was most influence in formative years. has a really interesting article about the 4th house / base of chart.

catmoon fish

pisces descendant starting at 3*.
Neptune is conjuncting my natal descendant right now.

Go with the flow in relationships….okay. I am trying. It sure helps with the universe gives me signs. I got one today thankfully.

Taurus man has mars at 5* Pisces, not sure what house, but I am sure he’s feeling it too.

catmoon fish

This go with the flow in relationships is such a hard thing for me, always has been. I am trying so hard tonight. Got funky and hit the blue devil hoochie juice knowing the Taurus is just up the road with his best friends…..


Beautiful post to wake up to, thanks Mystic. This is just the advice I need right now. Pisces 7th house: Sun, Saturn, Merc, Chiron and Psyche. Mars retro currently opposing. All my angst right now is relationships. The one I’m in and am pretty sure I need to leave; the AWOL one I still miss. Total confusion, overthinking and lame attempts to control – I know I need to let go and let the ‘flow’ happen and then I might feel better. Trying to channel energy into reinventing health, career and being authentically me for the first time in many… Read more »


Hello. I have a question…

I don’t have any planets in Pisces. i have Pisces at the end of my 6th house and on the cusp of my 7th.

Is the Pisces more relevant to the 6th or the 7th? I have more of 7th house in aries and also have chiron in aries but pisces is on the cusp, does this mean Aries or Pisces governs my 7th house?

Any help you can give to this beginner would be appreciated

catmoon fish

What degree is your descendant at? That makes a difference. But Pisces, and therefore Neptune, rule your 7th house.

12th house virgo

I’ve got the same set up with the descendant at 26 degrees Pisces. Any significance to that degree?

catmoon fish

Your sixth house is getting hit by Neptune and chiron energy, but your 7th is getting the mercury retrograde action….

12th house virgo

Thanks. Does any of the 6th house stuff apply to the 7th since Neptune rules Pisces? Not sure how those cusps work. Neptune/Chiron make sense in a relationship way, not clear how that energy applies to day-to-day 6th.

catmoon fish

That is a possibility.

The 6th is also health.

12th house virgo

Interesting. I broke my toe Wednesday and went to yoga today. It’s weird how much the body compensates for a small injury. The ankle, hip, other foot bones make space for the injury. And it occurred to me I won’t know my foot is healed until I put my full weight in it. And it occurred to me emotional wounds result in the same kind of overcompensation and you can’t know you’ve healed until you expose yourself to the hurt again. Seems very pertinent given my 6/7th energies/rulers.

catmoon fish

oh my! Thank you for saying that. I was thinking along those lines today. I am chosing to take a risk in a relationship and I am scared. But then today, I realized to heal I have to take the risk and if this budding relationship fails to start or fails further on, it will all still be okay. I have survived so much bad already. So now I tread forward with full weight cause I am ready for this heart to heal.

plutonic gem

thats a really great comparison between physical and emotional healing… I need to do what youre doing catfish and test my ability despite my fear

12th house virgo

I’m glad it made sense to you both! It doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt again, but isn’t the ability to heal magic!?! Yes it is!


just wanted to weigh in, if its really close to the cusp, even though it is still 6th, it will start blending into the 7th, kinda like if you have a planet in the 12th conjucnt your AC, so its still 6th but it could start also affecting your DC as well just by adjacency also I have the same house placement too(neptune is at end of 6th and will pass the DC eventually), on my end I havent met anyone neptunian, but it still has a few degrees to go I suspect before it start making its effect, at… Read more »

12th house virgo

For me, seems ALL my relationships are Neptunian. Its ridiculous, really. I think I’m a permanent bachelorette, married to the Universe because I have yet to meet a partner who can live without stuffing themselves into their ego.


aw im sorry, neptune is the trickiest planet to deal with as it is, and thats before having to deal with it through other people, im kind of scared of what going to happen, or who rather, but excited too

catmoon fish

mine are…sigh. At least a huge part of them are with flavors of saturn, or pluto.


descendant is at 12 degress Pisces


Pisces in the 12th – explains a lot at the mo.
Too much time on my hands to ponder and ruminate…
*rubs pounding temples and sighs*
Not to mention the ‘under-watery’ dreams of late…
Sink or swim time


Oof, I feel you. I have Saturn in Pisces conj Chiron in the 12th. I’m a little bit beside myself with all this emotion! I am laughing one minute, crying the next! Jesus Jones, I gotta get a handle on this or I shall be committed! *Headache for a solid week now*


Pisces IC here. Sprinkled attraction powder from outside, up the steps and porch, and over my threshold. Burned prosperity incense and did some other things. For those who may roll their eyes, 2 days later almost $30,000 shows up, next day $4,350, today $99.90. Go ahead, roll your eyes, I love my magic house. 🙂 My Circe is in Pisces.

cosmic ram

Hey Arien Scorp,
Wow ! Wow ! and Wow !! May i ask what is attaction powder ? did you make it up yourself ? And if it’s not prying too much, do you fancy sharing your other magic tricks ? (Feng Shui ?) thanks hun..xx c.r


is attraction powder another name for cocaine>????


My IC is in pis too


I have Neptune conjunct my Sun at 3 degrees in Scorpio, and I have always felt more Piscean than anything else in my chart. Now Neptune’s going to be “coming home” in my chart, because Pisces is my 4th house. I won’t be using any attraction powder ( I don’t even know what that is) but I feel the urge to welcome Neptune in some way. So I am thinking about keeping it simple and traditional–sprinkle salt around the outer walls of my home, and maybe draw a little magical design on the front steps. Salt was used in this… Read more »


That’s a beautiful ritual. I am sure you and your home will be blessed. .


Hey, cosmic ram. See my comments under MM’s. If you are new to magical practices, I think Scott Cunningham is a great place to start. I do use Feng Shui, but feel the ‘tricks” come from inside of us, so my experience and practice would be different from what you would use to get results.That is why I am specific up to a point. Go explore! It’s a fascinating subject.

lunar h-a-r-p

LOLOL spacedust!


Wow! Sorry everyone for not getting back to this sooner. Been busy being happy. 🙂 Yes, attraction powder is voodoo, and I get mine from Ack and Carmen at Lodestone & Ladysmantle dot com. They have an Etsy shop, too. Ack has a free Steal This Book of Shadows (his personal BOS) on his site that is very thought provoking. They are great. I use another potioneer in Austin, TX for some other things. She’s a botanist.

year of the fox

Pisces on the IC. House and Hearth on the flow! It’s the only way it’s ever been. :/


I like the idea of Neptune as a spell, it works well with the mysterious traits and glamor of the planet.
Neptune in 7th where Piscesland is, which bodes well for flowing as that’s how I am in all kinds of relationships. Note, the functional ones that is, the hint of dysfunction and I kiss goodbye and exit.
great post…. loving the neptune focus.



I don’t have any planets in Pisces… but I do have a super-large 12th house that starts at 23Aquarius and ends at my 8Aries ascendant.

There is a lot going on in my 12th house these days.

I’m not feeling very productive but I am working on freeing myself from the past. Super focused on independence, freedom, and living my life exactly the way I want to.


It is all hitting my 12th house and just about to start a psychotherapy job in a prison. Does not the 12th house rule prisons.


Also conjuncting natal Saturn.


Psychotherapy: digging to expose the bones of, or restructure (Saturn) the psyche (12th house).


Saturn can also be authority figure – you are regarded as/will be an authority in your field?!


What planet rules your 12th and where and how is it positioned in your chart?
I have similarities to you EG: the ruler of my 12th is in 10th and combust on MC.


I think my 12 th house ruler is Aquarius ruled by Uranus which is in the 7th. Get a little confused by ruler ships. Have Pisces rising in 1st but have Saturn in Pisces in 12 . 1sr house ruler is Neptune in 8. Is that similar to you Harp?


I’ve also read about using traditional rulers, as well as modern. However, some astrolgers prefer modern only. I’m still open to making my mind up on it. Saturn being about structure – like justice system is saturnian and court judges are saturnian figures – and you are working in justice system with peeps who have been isolated and limited in some way (prison/saturn). I can see how using modern ruler of Aqua works here – ie., Uranus can signify rebellion, unorthodox. Rebellion against the law, and the saturnian prison system bringing people into alignment with law (saturn)… these are just… Read more »


Thanks Harp for your thoughtful and insightful interpretation!

year of the fox

What does it mean when the ruler of your 12th is in your 10th? I have that too, but it’s just a couple of degrees too far to be considered conjunct with my MC.


YOTF Moon rules my 12th and my Moon is in my 10th. 12th house rules the hidden = prisons, monasteries, retreats, institutions… LOL you should see my office I work in! It’s like a cave, hidden, dark, small, like when you fly business class nobody walks past (except a few others and I wonder if they have 12th house activated too), there are so many swipe cards to get into my building and my office. I have Mars in 12th, and mars and me – we like to work alone, long, odd hours, in a secret hidden area, where we… Read more »

Piscean Under New Management

Yes i believe 12th house is said to rule prisons… those fallen by the wayside, redemption etc..

plutonic gem

yes, i’ve heard 12th house rules institutions that are hidden, such as prisons, psychiatric institutions….

year of the fox

12th house also rules institutions like colleges and hospitals and just “cube farms” in general.


All in 10th house of career and feel like a failure. Would love to ditch it all, move to the Caribbean, and set up a mermaid beach jewelry biz on the beach. Lost my job in Feb, right when Mars went retro in Virgo (my moon sign), emotional, weepy, drastically reduced income. Making 1/10 of what I should be, given where I am and how much work I do, I put out and put out but no receiving. Getting tired of spending my entire adult life stressing about money. Wish there was a way out, lift the burdens, help me… Read more »


Hugs Meg – the thing about flow is it happens every day in the smallest way with time.
Meg – I’ve been where you are and it is my Virgo Moon that says do a small thing every day to make your life different. Whether it is a drawing of a jewellery piece or a colour board of things you love.

Sagg girl

My deepest sympathies for you. If it’s any succour, I’m in the same boat with many of the things you describe. What to do now? I just don’t know. How to get rid of the money stress? Well, I’ve got Pluto transiting my second house! There ain’t gonna be any relaxation about money for me any time soon… BUT… if both Mystic and Michael Lutin say ‘chill’, that’s what I am resolved to do. Lutin says I need to get the ‘que sera sera’ thing going. Live in the moment (not ‘for’ the moment) etc. I hope you get your… Read more »


Thank you for the lovely words, candour. Doing something nice for myself feels like a luxury I can’t afford, but I’m slowly realizing it’s necessary. Otherwise, I’ll go truly bats and drag everything down with me.

I hope things look up for you, Sagg girl. I was doing just fine – wonderful even – in January when Neptune finally left Aqua. It was a breath of fresh air. Then the job loss happened and I’ve been grasping with watery tentacles ever since. Maybe I will just chill and enjoy the waters. Hopefully without drowning.


I’m trying very hard to flow but right now, I keep hitting this snag in the form of a super judgmental, snobby teenager that keeps posting sl*t-shaming/”I’m not like other girls~” stuff where I can see it and I keep recoiling, trying to breathe through my mouth slowly, and repeating:

deep blue ocean
deep blue ocean
drown everyone in the deep blue ocean

There is no flow right now. Flower essence suggestions? Should I just go directly to the Rescue Remedy?


Bright, it is difficult to flow away from the negative feelings until you actually make space for them. Honour your (name emotion here). You could, for example, make a ceremony of it by naming the behaviour on a piece of paper and including your feelings about the behaviour. Reflect on it and ask for guidance to the do the best you can with the feelings. Set up a ritual with any things you need to represent your worth and the validity of what you feel. Burn the paper. Have a cleansing end to the ritual. The emotions are there to… Read more »


I think I just feel second-hand embarrassment for her. When I was a teenager, I was such a snot; I can hardly handle how pretentious I was, thinking back on it now.

I just don’t understand why there needs to be there weird phase of being “better” at being female and being in conflict with other women about it.

I should just relax and let it go, though.

Taurean Love Expert

If the posts are on Facebook you can hide their posts without unfriending.


Not on Facebook, unfortunately. And social media has that weird “if you defriend me, you’re throwing down the gauntlet!!” vibe to it. Ugh.


You can hide her from showing up on your newsfeed (w/o her knowing) with one quick click.
that’s how I keep my sanity and zen.


Isn’t it funny how ‘going with the flow’ is the most natural state of existence yet the hardest?

12th house virgo

Bruce Lee video! Too funny. Had a run in with karmic crush’s pass ag Mars in Libra on FB again. Told him I am done responding to that crap. He’s Scorp/Aqua moon – never knew someone so fixed. I told him to be more Bruce Lee about things. Long story short: he made it clear he’s staying stuck. And I am not. So, I told him good luck on his path, I can’t help him. A younger, less wise me would have been spun up on him taking the wrong turn – Virgo martyr strikes again! Not this time. Now… Read more »


you can flow right on past him 12th like a beautiful water spirit ala photo above

12th house virgo

God. He messaged me “we all get stuck sometimes.” Yeah. We do and I get it. But if you see someone playing in a pile a crap calling it a sandbox, what do you think is going to happen if you get in there to play with them? There used to be a huge grey area for me of trying to “help” people. Now its black and white. Not that it doesn’t hurt or I don’t care or whatever. But when there are only two options – magical reality or egotistical bullshit – it saves time.

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