Earth Signs Are Easy

Bull abstract rainbow out of one eyeLisa Congdon

So my friend the Leo Thesp airiliy confided an astro-cliche the other day.

He feels that the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are the most morally grounded people of the Zodiac. Grounded is appropriate for an Earth Sign but Leo Thesp says Earth Signs also operate within a firm structure of values.

BUT that they are tremendously easy to seduce as they require nothing but food to turn them on and “elasticate their boundaries.” Β 

Whereas Leo Thesp needs someone hot, a cool scene, designer champagne or space dust, epic anecdotes/name dropping and high-level flattery.Β  But even so, it’s all off-on-the-night if Leo Thesp doesn’t feel his hair is adequate.

It’s an outrageous astro-cliche, obviously. Thoughts?

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115 thoughts on “Earth Signs Are Easy

  1. to me virgo, sag, and aquarius are the most “moral”, and technically scorpio is even more concerned with values even though they arent anyone elses. Taurus seams to be the kind to appear moral just for how stubborn they are, but really they didnt arrive to these conclusions for being the most moral but just never gave up there original conventional sense, and Capricorn is just concerned with appearances and standing in society.
    Virgo on the other hand is supposed to be modest, and concerned with betterment, usually enacting a strict set of correct behavior just for the sake of being correct rather than stubbornness or appearances. Sag is usually innately ethical and concerned with finding out what is “right”. And aquarius is all too moral, to there own detriment.
    Of course this is generalizing, exceptions and inaccuracy goes without saying

      • to be fair the most “amoral” signs, pisces and gemini , are my sun and moon, and the most frequent descriptor people say of me is how “good” a person I am, I would say it has more to do with jupiter and saturn and in a different sense uranus as well to tell how “moral” someone is. I just meant it has seamed to me thus far that aquarians have there little set of ethics and view on how they should operate and adhere to this even if it is inconvenient to themselves and others, even when self interest would be understood by everyone, sorry if that doesnt fit you

        • Sag most moral….?? Hmmmm, no offence Sag, i love you dearly, my Dad, Uncle (who i connect with both) and oldest friend are Sag’s… And you are wonderful, fun, funny, often inspiring, supportive and crazy… But moral?…. Not so sure!

          • kinda why i used quotation marks, sag represents the search for morals at the very least, if in practice these “morals” seam to just justify what is convenient than really they arent any more moral than anyone else, if anything its worse because this normalacy is framed as morals wich can be irritating, at the very least they probably think they are moral

            • Good point. Maybe Sag represent the search for morals because they aren’t innate to them.I certainly don’t know all Sags and there’s a lot to every chart, but I have found their ego drives outweigh their morals…and quite comfortably with them.

              • mmm, innate might be a tricky word choice, wether morality is “innate” probably has more to do with the planets in their chart, I would say rather they have the innate drive to search for such things and frame life in such a way, but to say they do so out of a lack of morals is a bit much maybe, the innateness of their morals is probably no more innate than anyone else, its more about momentum id think

              • basically, we wouldnt say geminis need to define, figure out, and rationalize is out of an innate lack of intelligence or a libras search for beauty is do to an innate lack of it in themselves, the problem is when someone merely gets by in the appearance they are fulfilling their sign when the truer fulfillment goes untraversed, its easier to spot sag doing this because they are a sing of excess, and if confronted with them being preachy you would more easily notice inconsistencies

                • Better put. Trying to articulate it is tricky…but there is a moral paradox of sorts with Sags that I don’t quite get being they are the sign of the philosopher or whatever.

                  • i think it has to do with gemini being the opposite, so gemini will tell a story differently each time out of boredom to the point that after a few retelling it might not resemble what actually happened any more, on the other hand they will catch things that no one else will and make observations that no one else could detect just by the nature of how they try to pick things apart and interpret, sag on the other hand might exaggerate the “truth” so it too doesnt even resemble what happened, but this exaggeration will theoretically serve a wider view of world rather than an excercize in possible interpretations. (virgo is probably the most truthful, they arent ones for ulterior motives or exaggeration) Gemini just wants new ways of looking at things and organizing what they notice, sag wants to a theory on the big picture, the whole point of it all, and in this quest can be blind to disagreeing details gemini is all too certain to be looking for

                • So Libras have a quest for beauty? Never saw it that way before. It is interesting to think of signs strengths as their weaknesses.

                  • well beauty is an ideal, and I would say it is a sort of search for this ideal, but it usually has to do with a partner, thats why libra has to do with the other, they try to get at beauty through other people, the prize and the means to getting at the prize are the same thing

                  • and also to be beautiful, in appearance or practice, involves other people noticing

          • Um, Saggi checking hin here. I am actually and maintain integrity even when nobody is watching coz it is about my standards not about what peeps think πŸ™‚

            • Oh yes and I did read the rest, and you’re quite right David with a lot of that stuff and I’m not a ethics major by any shot but we do not seek to hurt or inconvenience anyone when in quest mode. And yes, also in saying more goes on in a chart.
              I also consider in the context of this that Saggi can be an excellent cause fighter and if truth be known and you wanted them on your side at that point you may or may not have concern for intergrity but rather the win. All things must be weighted evenly eh!

              And.. ‘you’ doesn’t specifically mean any of you who have posted. I’m totally cool and not rigourously defending, just weighing in πŸ™‚

            • oh im sorry, I didnt mean to imply inconsistency, if a sag had a set of morals that weren’t that moral, they would probably still adhere to them even if it was inconvenient, I didnt mean to say it has to do what other people think as far as convenience goes, i meant less situation convenience and more overall convenience, like if your code involved not tipping waitresses, and you had this whole justification for it like in reservoir dogs, the convenience would be in the fact you have to spend less money, but you would probably not tip even if you got tons of flak for it and everyone gave you a hard time, and for the record I would say most sags I know are sincerely concerned with doing the right thing and such, it has a lot to do with freedom, including their own, wich is where people start raising eyebrows, I think for the most part they treat people fairly and so its whatever, were all just humans and I was just generalizing earlier, im sure your great

              • No apology necessary David but thanks for being a gentleman!

                I knew where you were coming from but also wanted to extend an alternate view complete with Saggi satire.

                I wasn’t the least bit offended and even agree with elements.

                As with all your posts your latest reply is thoughtful and well put. πŸ™‚

        • I suspect that “moral” in this case implied righteousness of opinion more than any kind of (shudder) sexual morality.

          A colleague said recently, “I have been in plenty of places with you where no on at all wanted to hear your opinion and you gave it anyway.”


          • Lol I ditto that. Had Sag ex and have a Sag dad. Both not short on offering ‘their’ morally justified opinion, even when the receiver doesn’t want to hear it. Some of the stuff that would come out of my Ex’s mouth would silence crowds of ppl, I used to think he said such and such for the shock value, but no just his special brand of morally justified opinion. I will say tho, that both of them are great adventurers and always up for fun.

          • And alternately sometimes I bet you were the brabe one that stood alone and said what everyone else was thinking but afraid to say πŸ™‚

            • ‘BRAVE”

              Grrr.. what is happening with my typing tonite. It’s like Merc is whipping my mind too fast for the keystrokes!

    • I agree with the bit about Scorpio. That we stick to our own brand of morality, even if it may seem immoral to everyone else. We are all about living by our own set of truths, which usually wrongs counter to that of the majority. πŸ˜‰

    • as a scorpio thank you i’ve never heard it put quite that way before. I had to laugh a little but it’s so true.

  2. In light of all the earthies I’ve been surrounded by and crossed paths with the past two years (note: all male, Taurus or Capricorn)……this post was priceless, lol. Sounds exactly like what my Leo ex-boyfriend would say about them, all of them being part of HIS inner circle. Their group dynamics have been a constant source of amusement and fascination for me since all of them, Leo included, came barging into my sphere of existence. Poor Leo, he just doesn’t get them, and is oblivious to his own high-maintenance mindset. (which is why he is an EX boyfriend, exhausting!) Grounded? Yeah. Easy? Not so much. Direct? Indeed, lol.

    I’m going to sleep with a smile tonight, this post just made my day by making me realize what a great travelling circus I’m hanging out with these days, lol.

  3. I agree re Virgos. Caps and Toros, I think the question of morality is a big part of how earth signs present to the world, whereas leo’s might present to be more about hair.

    I’ve known several Toros especially, male and female, who do whatever they want. I can think of other friends – Saggos, Gems, Aquas and Librans with a moral bent quickly come to mind.

    I think your Leo friend might just be making a superficial and deliberately provocative analysis. Was he tossing his hair at the time?

  4. I think they stick to their principles and then won’t budge no matter what. I wouldn’t say they’re more “moral” than other signs — just more stubborn, fixed, opinionated — whatever you want to call it.

  5. 😯

    I don’t know… 😯

    If someone makes me laugh – I mean really laugh – wicked sense of humour is a MUST, dj’s as well as I do at a party and knows how to have fun… 😯

    I’ll happily fall naked into their bed… πŸ˜€

    • Baristagem, I need you to know that you have single-handedly changed my opinion of emoticons or whatever they’re called these days. I totally dig the way you use them. That caught-in-the-headlights expression is classic.
      Your posts always make me smil.

      FWIW, as a fellow twin, I’m with you on the ‘make me laugh’, but modest intelligence melts me most. As one guy (who tried and failed) put it …”Oh, so it’s think my pants off is it?”…

        • I’m there too, yet another Gem turned right on by modest intelligence as you so richly put it!! One of the beds I tumbled into belonged to a very ugly football player (who turned out to be a vey good player there at well) what got me in? In the middle of a conversation about some deep and meaningful global thingie, when I was in full flow, he smiled and said: “I’m sorry I’m not a very good conversationalist in these things because all I’ve done since I was 15 is play football.”

          Honey! I shut my trap and jumped him.

        • loooool nah think my pants off is to uranian- i used to HATE when my friend would read linda goodman aloud and stress the part about how aquarians ‘fall in love with their minds’ lots of NO NO NOT TRUE BLEKH I WANNA HOTTIE would ensue while deep down i’d be like ‘…yes, yes please’

      • 😯

        Thanks Zen – my cat’s name btw… πŸ˜€

        I so agree with you on the intelligence part – I’m in long-term relationship with a Dr. – we have been together for nearly 6 years! 😯

        • Gorgeous!

          I describe my Aqua beloved’s mind as the kind you can ‘swim about in’ for ever… No thought/concept is too weird, or too tough, or in anyway unthinkable… So SEXY! πŸ™‚

            • Getting carried away here, but must say that I wish I’d been hip to the bliss of a Gem-Aqua pairing decades ago instead of endless Toro turgidity… (Note: not meant as a generalisation).
              We not only enjoy our own trippy brilliance but a shared understanding of the magic relationship ingredient… space!!!

  6. sigh…..venus in virgo trine mars in taurus, virgo rising. Psych and ceres conjunct in Taurus conjunct my midheaven.
    I am so easy to seduce if I am attracted to you. ridiculously easy. But I am so rarely attracted to people that way.

    • Hehe… me too! If you’re good looking – I’m easy!
      Venus in Libra, Mars In Virgo πŸ™‚

      • HA HA…..
        I am a selective slut!
        I absolutely believe I was a madame and a western saloon prostitute in a past life.

        • I agree. I rarely put out, But when I do it an ‘I like you, you like me.. this teasng and flirt stuff is nice, but we could just spend 3 days in bed instead’.
          One does like a good flirt. But if there is an actual candidate I want less talk and more action.

        • Hahaha. Throw my Cap Asc and Saggo love of adventure into the mix and you get “Office Slut” πŸ˜† That was back in my Pluto in Sagg wild party days though. Wouldn’t do it now. Pluto in Cap – back to being respectable πŸ™‚

    • yes, I’m rarely attracted to anyone but when I am it’s so powerful and I suppose in that sense I’ve already given in once I’ve found out the attraction is mutual. Hm…

  7. What does the bison represent? There were almost hunted to extinction here in North America

    • Maybe like the essence or cloud or whatever is being grounded by and transmitted through the earthy creature.

  8. As a Toro that is being driven absolutely mad by a Cap, all I can say is I WISH.

  9. I’ve heard some stories about my now passed Toro Gramma (she got around a bit, esp with compulsive Venus in Aries). I have Moon in Taurus, and I’ve never been in a relationship (and/or nonrelastionship/one-night-stand) that didn’t start out with sex, interestingly enough with other Earth signs. I think it’s just the sensuality thing, and yeah, good food is SUCH a turn on, why should the fun stop there?

      • As a Taurean woman with Venus in Aries, I like the term “impulsive” better! But I hope I have values that are considered and not pure stubborness! I held out firmly against the last man who plied me with lychee cocktails because he was in a relationship….and the damn scorpio I’m now seeing bought me Hungry Jacks on our last date…but I love him because his values are passionate even if his taste his horrendous!

    • food is not what does it for me at all….
      However, I am on such a strict restricted on what I can eat diet for my health. If someone is willing to understand, cook that way, Eat that way with me….OH wow…huge huge brownie point. But that isn’t about the food, that is about the sacrifice. Which I NEVER ask anyone to make.

  10. Sounds like that Leo should stick to what he knows best…..his hair products.

    —-Virgo Moon/8th

  11. Leos also need their souls to get hammered on & the feeling that they will never be the same afterwards.

    Martinis are good too. (The kind that make you want to take off your shoes.)

  12. Amen sister! I can only speak for myself as a Toro, but yes I think I’d be pretty easy to win over if you’re gonna wine, dine and make me feel fine. I’m a sensualist to a fault. I’ll believe anything you want as long as you make me breakfast in bed after a morning love in…

  13. Interesting. I’m also a Leo and I find that fellow fire signs are far and away the easiest to get into bed. Of the four elements, my fewest encounters have been with Earth signs (am yet to score with a Virgo at all), and I’ve found Taurus to be easy conquests but undynamic. I am strongly intrigued by Capricorns, though, because they seem most impervious to my flirty blandishments… in my experience they spurn casual encounters and will only go there if they are really certain that there’s some longevity.

    • Why is it that Leo seems to gravitate towards Capricorn? I’m a Leo too, very intrigued by the mergoat, and not to mention that I see soooo many Leo celebrities with Capricorn celebrities.

      Yet somehow I’m seeing a Scorp instead.

      • My Leo sis has a long-term Cap boyfriend… they do complement each other really well, and definitely vibe ‘long haul’.

      • I am a Leo magnet : )))!!! I always seem to attract them out of the blue. I’m a Cap with Venus and Jupiter in my 5th house. In Aquarius. I thought that was why. I think we intrigue you guys because nothing really fazes us.

    • Saggi with recent ex being a Cap. You should try!! They are full of surprises and nothing about them in that way will be on the surface but other than that we had many bumps.. even with my Cap moon and Toro Asc!

    • Wise, very wise….

      on another note, I love love love the rainbow bison..

  14. It’s not that easy to seduce a Taurus, a good meal isn’t enough. You’re not going to get under his skin, his hide is too tough. And besides, when did anyone ever get a Taurus to do something he didn’t want to do? Maybe if you make him think it was his idea in the first place.

    Get Taurus to cook for you and he will seduce you.

    • you are soooo right charles! i think that can be said for taurus moon too and possibly mars.

      • what about Venus in Taurus? An Aries with venus in Taurus work colleague overhead me saying that I hate cooking and yelled “awww, I’ll cook for you!!”
        You reckon he was trying it on? πŸ˜‰

        • for sure, he wouldn’t have said it otherwise!
          i remember you’ve libra venus and venus ruled MC – you’d beam lightness wherever you go. taureans and librans love lightness, it’s part of the seduction.

          …I’m an earthy libran who is easy to please, but difficult to catch, difficult to walk over (cause i’m usually first out the door)!

          • shame he was married!! I was quite touched that someone wanted to cook for me.
            Taureans are lovely but I love all the earth signs.

            “an earthy libran who is easy to please, but difficult to catch” Hehe.. I like it! Sounds like something Oscar Wilde would say.

            I like your new name!
            Let ‘The Golden Age’ begin…. (that’s a Beck song btw)… beautiful and dreamy

    • Yay! So true. I always try to make Toro think he’s in charge. That way it’s much easier. What also works, if it’s not a hundred percent against their principles, is asking them for something more or less explicit well beforehand. Then never mention it again. They’ll think about it and ask back whether they can do it for you, if they’re caring. And I do believe Toros are very generous friends in immaterial ways and when it comes to feeding you. Of, and the other thing, too. πŸ˜‰
      Veeery generous with it. Everyone shall profit.

  15. Dunno, the whole sun sign thing is interesting, but I still reckon looking at the aspects would be more telling? Can’t honestly make a judgement here anyway!

  16. Hmm. In my experience, Toros are THE sign I’ve known for having a lower threshold on indulgence. I don’t actually think morality comes into the equation as such, which isn’t to say they aren’t..but only that morality wouldn’t be the template from which those decisions are made.

    My theory is that they are so sensate that when Toros are seduced by say someone they really wouldn’t even seriously consider long term, there arises a natural sympathy for this person’s longing for them. Provided said seducer has enough attraction in the eyes of the Toro, it could be a why not sort of situation. Heavenly Horns forbid it though if the seducer misunderstands that as serious intent on Toro’s part – it isn’t, just you know, it was a beautiful night, jasmine was blooming, the meal was delicious, and you gave them a massage sorta thing.

    Toros with strong Libras in their chart though tend to be more restrained for reasons of scent and partnership viability, I think.

    • This observation is scarily accurate. Especially with my Leo rising (vain appreciation of attraction and compliments)- with venus & sun conj. in Taurus – I have never stood a chance.. I finally curbed the ‘why not’ situations but with some struggle. In other affairs I’d say morality generally outweighs sensuality. Most of the time.

  17. Oh no, all my doubts regarding earth signs came up again. My Virgo boyfriend I am not sure what he’s up to… I think he’s very much guided by morality, but then again secretly he tries to do whatever he wants and just moves the boundaries about. I guess his idea about being grown-up consists in me being able to forgive him should he do something I don’t agree with (as there might be cheating, for instance). Of course he’s wrong, a Double Scorp like me is probably not capable of forgiving AND forgetting.

    My Toro friend, on the other hand, is a free spirit. He’s very annoying, he actually DOES what he wants. But with such nonchalance, you can hardly complain. I’m certain he could be seduced by a good meal and a body of the right proportions combined with a bit of brains… And happily wander off the next day, completely oblivious of other peoples expectations!

    • My Virgo boyfriend does the same. All on the up and up on the surface, does what he thinks I want, but does what he really wants secretly.

      Since I found this out, it kind of took the wind out of our relationship since I feel that you are not communicating authentically.

      Why doesn’t he just be who he is, and I can take it or leave it. He is too used to appeasing Mum.

      • My thoughts exactly! That’s why I’m a Sad Double Scorp these days and not just the usual Double Scorp…

        • I haven’t found a solution yet. Can’t decide with my mercury at bloody 29 libra.

          But my heart tells me that it will never truly satisfy me. I’m a sun-pluto in the 8th, so I need depth and expression of true self.

          It’s such a pity because he is a sweetheart. But just not the right sweetheart for me.

          • Dear Owl, sounds complicated to me! But same here… My Virgo bf is widely beloved, and everyone thinks he’s very loyal. He might even be! He just doesn’t want to rule out not being it, I think. Maybe it’s early signs of a midlife crisis, he just turned 40 and constantly talks about buying a flashy sportscar… πŸ˜‰ Rational me thinks it ridiculous and I hate the irrational talk of Porsches when he hates his money-making job and would rather start anew with his own business … I somehow dread the future I was once looking forward to.

      • OH DEar….are ya’ll dating my ex multi virgo( I know you aren’t, but geez, he was just like that).

    • Yes the nonchalance doing what he wants thing, I love that in a guy, even while it drives me nuts. Sigh. I think it’s typical we’re drawn to what we repress in ourselves kind of stuff/bad boy syndrome, though. At least for me it is.

      • Ah, yes. I’m a mixture between my Virgo and Toro friends. Whereas the Virgo IS morally grounded (admittedly a bit unstable) and the Toro does not even bother to PRETEND he is, I pretend I’m morally fine with the Virgo and sometimes in reality am not. Well. Double personality Scorp. πŸ˜€

    • Honey Sad Double Scorp, sweetie you sad because it’s a double standard. And you can appreciate the Toro for just being upfront for who/what he is, no excuses, no pretense.

      Scorps need depth. Big time. And loyalty is not an option. So I’m sure you’ll find what’s best for you, just wanted to say your instincts are not wrong on this one. IMO. best and hugs.

      • Thank you all for your kindly formulated opinions! I think that yes, maybe the Toro being upfront about it impresses me and makes it more bearable. The Virgo tries it, too. Says that out of fear I might leave him (and some subtle threats from my side) he’s not met with people (women) in the past three years but now realised he’s been repressing his needs for other social contacts. It’s probably just fair to grant this to him, but I feel as if the previous years had been a bit of a lie and I somehow find it very difficult to trust him now. It’s as if he were no longer the person I thought he was. He’s very kind to me now, but I always fear he might be doing this in order to placate me or something and not out of genuine feelings… So tricky.

      • PS: Wish I had a friend like you in real life, with such wisdom and a sense of humour! We’d make Mystic join, too. πŸ˜‰

        • Sad honey, if what we share here feeds you in a real way, then the friendships though not in conventional real time, are real enough no?

          I think it’s difficult when trust issues abound, and I can see where you don’t want to feel as if you’ve become le Virgo’s prison guard – where is the joy in that (or the nice wardrobe for that matter)? But without tipping you to either side, I think you can find the silent space to listen to what you’re already intuiting.

          A lot of peeps here now my Plutonic history which in a nutshell, involved hard core deception. After a point, we place our energy in trying to confirm our suspicions which is part of the journey really.. just if he’s saying he wants to expand his world, take it as a cue to expand yours as well. Without having to press release anything official i.e. you’re leaving etc.

          You may not feel like it, as invested you are in V-man but do it anyway. See what’s out there. Distract, engage, experience. Let what you get change you a bit, instead of being imprisoned in a vacuum of fears (and trust, I KNOW about living in one). I think it’s hard when we love someone so much that we enhance the mythology of who they are, just by the virtue of the amount of attention and heart space they get.

          What of your mythology? You too are a heroine in your own story. Not a side kick in anyone else’s. Start slow and just see how you feel. In another sense you also admire the Toro as you may just want to do what you want and he’s a great example for you. Perhaps try it? You may like it and you have nothing to lose. xx

          ps email me if you like at

          • “I think it’s hard when we love someone so much that we enhance the mythology of who they are, just by the virtue of the amount of attention and heart space they get. What of your mythology?”

            Fucking genius, fallen angel.

          • I’m so lucky to get such wonderful advice… Many, many thanks.

            You’re absolutely striking a cord: I’m sad to acknowledge certain changes but I probably must. And I feel rejected because I’ve concentrated much of my energy and free time on V-man and now he wants to be ‘free’ or ‘freer’. It’ll take some time until I really find out how to engage with the rest of the world which might hold interesting things and people for me. After I’ve finished my big project in April (or whenever I can take off for a short while).

            But still sad because it feels like an end to a story, and I really thought this one would have a future. I’ll try to be less obssessive. πŸ˜‰ But had a relapse last night when V-man said he wanted to meet the woman who’s been haunting me, though he swears it’s just interested in what she does rather than in her as a woman… Would I be a Scorp if I believed that?

            New mantra: EXPAND MY WORLD! Thanks so much, FA.

          • PS: I’ve copied your answer and will put it somewhere where I can have a sneak peak whenever I feel low because of V-man and my troubles with his new ego. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh boy…i’m kind of an authority on earth signs…especially Taurus. 90% of the guys I’ve hooked up with, half dated, or really dated where Taurus. Make that 95%. I chalk that up to having Taurus on the DC with NN in there. My only major relationship was Taurus, Virgo Rising Mars and Venus Taurus and something in CAp. Think it was Jupiter. Anyway. That’s pretty damn earthy. And even though we dated on and off for 7 years (they never let go), I always felt like initially I had CONVINCED him to love me, or something. Like he never really chased me, he just sort of accepted that I wasn’t going away…until I dumped him and boy was he unhappy about losing his “thing”.

    Now other sun signs with mars/venus taurus…. ditto the “sympathy for your attraction” from fallen angel:


    uh yeah totally…hard for my untrusting scorpionic personality to grasp but yeah, if you seem like a “quality product” they will probably want to try it out.

    if anyone has been following my current soap opera, the dude was… aries sun, CAP rising, mercury, venus, mars in taurus. whoaahhh. you’d THINK he’d be a little grounded….he wasn’t. but he did like to cook. and he did seem to think that I was seducing HIM and there was nothing he could do about it (perhaps he was right, i’m rather charming). AND he seemed to only want to commit to girls who were busy and successful. that’s not so easy is it?

    and all i can say about virgos is…aren’t they a bit picky? looking for miss perfect (in whatever way they conceive it?)

    and totally kind of unrelated but i’ve been wondering: if someone has venus in taurus, would they be attracted to libras? or if they have venus in virgo, would they be attracted to geminis? do you get what I’m putting down? just wondering.

    • There was supposed to be a quote in those <'s :

      from fallen angel:

      "My theory is that they are so sensate that when Toros are seduced by say someone they really wouldn’t even seriously consider long term, there arises a natural sympathy for this person’s longing for them. Provided said seducer has enough attraction in the eyes of the Toro, it could be a why not sort of situation."

    • I have Venus in Virgo but i don’t think I’m a good test subject. I have SUn in Libra and Gem on the DC so of course I’m attracted to them,..but i don’t think it has to do with Venus in Virgo. specifically.

  19. if a person you find attractive wants to have sex and cook for you why would you NOT go for it. that may be more the uni student talking than any birth chart business though.

    i’m taurus, scorpio rising and capricorn moon. and i am not going to contact you afterwards.

    • who would you contact afterwards then? PLEASE. I am entering into this relationship with a man with your same placements…

      • i’m not a dude so it may be a bit different. someone who wasn’t boring – it more depends on where he is in his life and what he’s looking for. i just finished a long, awful relationship so i kinda just want to hang out, he might not. be sharp, be interesting, pose fun things to do when you’re together. i don’t know this guy so i can’t say much that isn’t reflective of myself.

  20. Virgos are grounded, but in what isn’t always clear (says the double Virgo). I don’t know so much about Caps or Taurus…Taurus has a rooted materialism, Cap has rooted power-drive? Virgos…its hard to articulate. They have loyalty to process/efficiency more so than individual people. Like, they want to serve people with their process/efficiency. Freaking pain in the ass for my Leo moon to deal wtih.

  21. Well, 2nd house (ruled by Taurus) is often erroneously associated with “money” — but actually has to do more broadly with anything of value or “values” in the sense of morals. So I can see Taurus as having an enhanced state of moral awareness on some level.

    As a Sun Leo, however, I resent the implication that we’re all about the hair! Maybe my Leo energy is overrun by the Sag and Virgo elements in my chart, but I’m really not that superficial!

  22. food, nah. food AND being really really stoned….. can make anything happen. i’m a virgo, that is pretty much all me and first love taurus used to do….hazy wandering minds meeting through sensuous carresses smoldering stares and tasty touches …..exquisite! i dont think by any means we are Easy tho… too many those damn standards although urges ARE strong on a purely animal level. and i think because we are prone to see Reality as such… we are aware of our urges as profoundly human and not afraid to indulge because it is Real. regardless of any superficial acts which might interrupt somebody more focused on appearances! can you tell i also have venus scorp in the 8th…

  23. I once had a date turn up at my house in motorcycle leathers, bearing take-away Thai food, a bottle of wine, and a book he’d bought for me based on a conversation we’d had on a previous date. Be still my beating heart!!!

    Although the relationship later ended quite hideously, that is still one of the best dates I’ve ever had. Leather, food, wine, and a book – definitely the perfect combo for seducing this Taurus.

    P.S. He did actually ride a motorbike – it wasn’t a weird fetish thing πŸ™‚

    P.P.S. My Aqua sister once had a man arrive at her door with a surfboard under one arm and a book of poetry in the other hand. That did it for her.

  24. I take no objection with being called easy, but seduced by food…! A Capricorn?!
    No no no, if I want you I want you. YOU. Your job’s already done. Skip dinner and just make me an offer…

    • lol. this comment makes me very suspcious that the man i’m dating must be cap rising. ta

    • Does this make me a secret Capricorn then? giggle. Actually I think that’s true. But my experiences with Cap men have been, I-Want-You-I-Want-You then I-Get-You-Oops-Let’s-Think-About-This. Shrug, sigh.

      • Giggle! Of course it’s not funny, but I can just imagine! Btw, I don’t know a single Cap in my close circle of friends.

    • Yep, agree Lex! That’s been my experience in reverse. The work is done.. fringe benefits welcome but totally optional.

  25. Taurus with Leo Rising – I’m not remotely easy. I will let someone wine and dine me repeatedly but if I’m not really into them it doesn’t go further than that, and then I have to call it off because I feel guilty. My Leo rising is very particular and likes extravagance, flattery, and a bit of name-dropping, yes, but my Taurus sun (and venus and a few others) usually makes me come to my senses (yes) again.

    • Hihi, my fave Toro friend has Virgo rising, but maybe the name-dropping is due to Toro too and not just your Leo rising, because it accounts for certain values? My Toro friend is certainly VERY susceptible to big names.

  26. “Morally grounded” … hahahahahahaha

    A term which likely wins the international prize for most frequently customized definition according to the needs of individuals’ ego.

  27. I am currently in a relationship with a cap man and honestly it’s still new and it went quickly. A little to quick for my scorpio mind to like. I don’t understand personally why i keep falling for earth signs. All the virgos i’ve dated (and one unfortunate marriage) chased me saying they had to have me then didn’t like me when they finally got me. I’ve not dated many toros but have more toro friends. And the caps oh so bad for me love my intensity hate my intensity, and get so jealous if i don’t give them all my attention. sigh i guess it’s back to the singles pool for me