Cutting Loose

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Ansel Adams – Autumn Moon, the High Sierra From Glacier Point


“Sometimes from sorrow, for no reason,
you sing. For no reason, you accept
the way of being lost, cutting loose
from all else and electing a world
where you go where you want to.

Arbitrary, a sound comes, a reminder
that a steady center is holding
all else. If you listen, that sound
will tell you where it is and you
can slide your way past trouble.

Certain twisted monsters
always bar the path — but that’s when
you get going best, glad to be lost,
learning how real it is
here on earth, again and again.”

— “Cutting Loose” by William Stafford…Capricorn

34 thoughts on “Cutting Loose

  1. Spent the night playing YouTube – Hendrix, Doors, Joe Jackson, Stevie Wonder… Above all, Frank Zappa… ! . Congrats Iriebun, you just leapt on the genius gnome. Hope the song is a marvel.

  2. I sleep under Ansel Adams’ …..”Lone Pine”..As my head board is in the north, so I get protection and stability from the image.
    I’m feeling like I need to get Autumn Moon as well for downstairs.
    Thank you for posting this wonderful image and your thoughts.

    • Inger I have 3 lovely water color Mermainds over my headboard, which is on south side of my BR but I’m sleeping towards north. Confusing.

  3. Love both the photo and quote, Mystic.
    Have been feeling it this Aqua Moon, weird electric detachment amped up by the Merc Uran conj. I wanted to pop on to say thanks to you Mystic, davidl and whatevs for guiding me on the path of essences and elixers & the wonderful book and tarot recs. thx xo Also the Leo post a few days back was so packed with good advice and I gleaned so much there as I always do here from groovy Mystical peeps, so thanks.
    Special hugs go out to Sweets xo :)

    • Sweet of you to do the shout out Roxie…I am popping in here and there as would not miss Mystic’s posts (am a subscriber as it is)..

      But am on line alot…starting chapter 4 of my book today and just got back from walk….have lost 20 pounds since Jan. 9th! None of this to boast just that meeting some of my goals…yay!

      Hope all is great in your world and of course I read your posts when I come here…xo

      • YaY !
        Hearing you are doing so well really makes my day, Sweets ~ I Knew you would ! hugs xx

      • :) congradulations on the weight loss and writing. Keep up the good work super star!

        • Sweets back guys..thanks!! Ya’ll so
          super duper yo bad selves…xoxo

          Lord can I just say that got some house guests from Salt Lake City Utah..Brazilian landlord’s niece and her boyfriend.Totally nice peeps but it rained all last weekend and I had just mopped the tiles with white vinegar. Cappo Moon DOES relish that perfection specially when home grown diy…

          Jeepzus gawd…now a mess…In my meditation I asked for patience and forgiveness … 😕 IS just a floor but it punches my past life middle eastern female slave genetics…glad to see they took their trash out…

          My patience has been tried a bit as house guest boyfriend messed with my internet connecition. Told him ever so politely that it’s my way to relax in evening when tired, hungry, hurting and near homicidal.

          Reminded ever so politely with Aries Cap Moon smile that I’m paying for the fuqer..

          Mystic, won’t even go into what happened when I read your current Pisces post as I looked at the Buddha pix..A strong energy came over me as I was eating my lunch at my massage table..Had to literally hang on to table as thougtht I was going to faint..3-d started to swirl…no doo-doo..xx


            • x

              House guests used my laundry soap…washing machine was all a roar when I came home from work…they are not here presently..

              Recognized Cap territorial boudries went up…took laundry soap and softner sheets and put in bedroom…then it hit me…”what is the lesson?”

              Put their laundry in dryer with one of the softner sheets and put soap back.

              I will fold their clothes if they are not back by the time my load is done.

              WWJD? (what would Jesus do?)

              He would serve with a smile and give and share….

              There really are no slaves unless we make selfishness our master…It’s all a matter of perspective and changing our hearts. I could not in good conscience be that way…x

    • I love the quote but the picture depicts lonliness, to me anyway. which is how I’ve been feeling lately.

  4. “certain twisted monsters always bar the path” are the demons inside you and the those inside others who serve as obstacles but whom never serve themselves because they’d rather fuq you over than empower themselves because of childhood wounds they keep reminding you they have.

    “Oh, you’re calling me out on my crap ? Well, did you know…blah blah blah.
    Don’t you feel mean now ? Well,…”

  5. Beautiful poem and picture. I love the Sierras, I’m lucky that it’s in my backyard being from Northern California.
    This Chiron opposition, Mars in Virgo ( Retro ), Neptune into Pisces, Uranus in Aries , and on and on and on, business has been wild.

    I hit upon the Meaning Of Life today. Something about bubbles, energy and karma. It’s easy to understand and I am going to draw it out.
    Essentially my chart is off the charts.

    I also just ended my romantic relationship. It’s ended well tho. I am happy to be getting back to just myself. Already have some planned flirtatious lined up. Life is good !

    • 😯

      OMG! I fear I may have missed MM’s birthday? Usually someone FA alerts me but I haven’t seen any!)

      In any case….

      Happy Birthday Mystic!!!

      Your birthday always calls for maximum participation from MYSTIC’S MAFIA in CELEBRATORY NUDE SALUTES… oh yes indeed! 😯 😯

      … To honour MM’S GREATNESS, FABULOUSNESS, DEVOTION TO HER CRAFT AND TO THE SHARING OF HER AMAZING KNOWLEDGE AND GIFT OF THE ASTRO … Without Mystic and this site I would not know the amazing phenomenon of astro that Mystic shares with us, I would not know any of you fabulous creatures or be a part of the this amazing community.

      Mystic you truly are the greatest astrologer of our times and a bloody amazing host to this exceptional community that also shares with me the greatest appreciation of this fabulous site…. YYYAAAAAYYY!!!!

      *NUDE SALUTES* 😯


      • Well, if you were born at 30 degrees Pisces it means you are destined to have to have last word on everything – lol.

        PS: Hope it was a fab birthday, MM.

  6. That was one of my mum’s fave photos / photographers. It’s been just over two weeks since she’s passed, so “cutting loose” is absolutely the theme for everything atm – esp. all that old, heavy family baggage which we’d all been dragging around for decades. In the process, suddenly things take on a new immediacy and depth …