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Fuq Yeah Hitchy Witch

I’m not so hot on my chakras –Β  i blame the residue from Bad Guru Syndrome, it makes me think of creepy manipulative guys in muslin pants trying to access my clitoral chakra via guilting and pomposity – BUT this chart makes me feel interested in them all over again.

Who out there is expert? Who’s kundalini snaking whenever they feel like it? Who believes? Who is a non-believer? And is it true that each chakra corresponds with an actual gland?Β  Answers please.

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      • Hello :-)
        Love this take on them, but may i say, the snake that ‘won’t bite’ does, if manhandled.
        I work by:
        1. root of creation
        2.The flowing stream
        3.The radiant sun
        4.The pulse of life
        5.You are the creator & the creation
        6.Look within you are the light\
        7.Go beyond you are free.
        Above that the heavenly cosmos
        Below Gaia.
        We are channel those 2 energies via the chakra system..
        How connected is THAT!
        That’s may take. There are 7 affirmations for each of them to say daily whilst placing your hand over them.
        Physically the chakras follow the endocrine-glands.
        Ie: Thymus = heart….parathyroid=throat.
        Ovaries/gonads = 2nd, altho’ some will say 1st.

        • Oh thanks, I love this list – I will give this daily practice a try. Is there a link to the affirmations? If not, no bother as I love to experiement on the run with things!!

        • Yes, these are really sweet. Affirmations sound interesting too! An ex-teacher told me there are beings that live in the chakras? She said they should be treated like slaves.. There are no slaves in my multiverse tho so I had to her go. πŸ˜‰

          • I have wondered if a hard aspect (square) to the South Node in Virgo could mean being a slave in a previous life?

            • Don’t know about aspects and astro.. but it’s probably a given we were all slaves in a past life at some point. Haven’t quite worked out the time factor.. I understand time isn’t linear but it seems to be how we comprehend it and so has validity in a way. Do you have this aspect?

              • I have SN in Aries = warrior.

                I have been thinking about SN and NN this week, trying to uncover what it means for my chart.

                My NN in Libra = learning to be in relationship, but is conjunct my Sun, so I may be good at relationships but my independent streak and determination is hidden or gets in the way. So, I was thinking that my NN is reckoning these two.

                What’s your SN?

                • SN in Gem with my Asc. It feels like ‘yes, yes’ city life is a bit passe, but I appear comfortable with it to others. NN in Sagg, in 7th, I love the beach and one on one relationships. Lol, it’s true.
                  As regards Past Life Ex. I have explored many of them but so few are on planet Earth in my case. But there have been a few Gem like ones that I have discussed previously here. There was an awesome story comp on the SN

    • Expert? Why thank you darling, but really it’s all exploration
      to me, and ART. Being given 120 Derwents coloured pencils to play with instead of the usual 24.
      I used to have visions in my 30’s when having sex, like being transported to an exotic land, so it aroused my curiosity then had to wait 10 years to find out why.

      It was predicted 20 years ago in a Chakra book, the the word would become mainstream. Chakra Talk can be fun.
      Peeps make fun of the ‘root’ chakra instead of ‘base’.
      It is the bass note. The base note in a parfum, the lowest vibration as in slowest coz it’s closest to earth i guess.
      And our most primal need. Then from that we take the elevator to the penthouse and bathe in the glorious view.

      • Hi Pegs, I have a query, if you don’t mind answering. Whenever I’m having any treatment, be it a facial, having my hair washed at a salon, anywhere my eyes are closed & I have someone directly above me, I immediately start seeing strong colours most times purple, often vibrant green….Am I seeing THAT person’s aura/chakra colours or is it my own ? Appreciate your thoughts xx

        • Off topic, but I’m playing Draw Something & 1 of the options was pegasus. Shazaam πŸ˜‰

        • What you are seeing are the colours of your mind. Whether they re yours or the other persons may be irrelevent to the fact that you actually are looking through the 3rd eye :-).
          To ‘see’ another person’s, you look through
          ‘soft’ eyes, semi open and focus around them not on them.
          Trees are the easiest to start practising viewing the energy field as theirs is strong.

      • PS, Medusa. I AM NOT CROSS EYED but there is an electrical energy link-pathway between the clitoris & the 3rd eye,
        Clitoral orgasm =explosive
        Goddess spot orgasm=implosive.
        Same for a man who’s tip of penis is his clitoras
        and P-spot his G-spot.
        Hence the expression ‘you blew my mind’ (during sex).
        And ‘O my God’ when a person comes during climax.
        If a man says it to you, please divert them to ‘Goddess’ instead of OMG, as i do :-)

        • Yes, the third eye inner visual explosion is certainly an experience. Implosion resonates as a description, too. Both are different. This makes sense, put this way. It’s always lovely to give different experiences to a loved one too.

      • hi Pegasus l have the same visions/hallucinations while having sex…like being in Thailand or in the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles..or some desert amaizing stuff! always wondered what that was all about. l am in my 30s and this started some years back. l must say l enjoy the experience but l don’t quite understand it πŸ˜‰

        • Ecstasy means ex-status. Outside the status quo. Transcending the mundane, transportation. Transports you out of day to day ways of being.
          Going back to The Garden of Eden, our true way of being before it got fuqued up.
          Our true nature before ‘the fall’ from the garden is glimpsed when making love occasionally, hence the longing for the
          repeat experience. Root chakra takes us
          back to our roots, that’s why it’s called Sacred Sexuality (aka Tantra) vis a vis bonking, porking, shagging. Melding the physical with the spiritual.
          3rd eye = visions.

          • :) thank you for the reply :) melding the physical witht he spiritual sounds good to me :) it’s always great to ‘dream’ while awake

      • And was I wrong??? Think not judging from all you share here. Expertise is skill, experience, art & exploration non? The expert never rests, perpetually moving with the waves of knowledge, empirical or otherwise.

        I’d love for you to start your own website with Tantra/Chakra Q&As you know? And maybe some much needed short practices that focus on each chakra. Just a thought.. :)

        • Pegs IS an expert! I learn from her ALL the time & couldn’t have done without her loving care and guidance through my base/sacral operations at Xmas time.

          And I have pledged to work on the Tantra website FA – some FAQs will definitely be needed I believe. To save Pegs time on the phone at the very least!.


  1. Spent years with an assortment of gurus, male and female…and their influence and impact has more to do with the “receiver”, the recipient of their energies/consciousness and what they are projecting onto them, what they need from them, what they perceive they can do for them. As far as the chakras are concerned, they link more with organs and their functions than with glands.

    • Yes, i really believe that it has to do with the practitioner & suggestion.
      From experience with peeps unaware of them, once they are, they recognise them, with an ah ah moment.
      Women far more in tuned with them from yoga & other modalities that incorporate them holistically.
      IE Pliates often focuses on Solar Plexus, personal power & will (solar-sun-yellow) to strengthen core.
      Same with many styles of martial arts, the Hara (solar plexus) and throat (sound-communication-creativity).
      Any other ideas or info most welcome.

      • soo i have a sortof big question- what are any other ways to strengthen any/all of the chakras other than Sahaja yoga (personal favorite)?

  2. Taught chakras by a wonderful teacher in Western Canada along with breath & sound meditations that correspond with them.
    Using sound/breath/chanting for chakra balancing is wonderful.
    Love the chart, very cool.

  3. Not too sure myself. I think Scorpio is associated with the Base chakra. Sex, instict, primal longing. Never thought of myself as “honey-badgerish” though. That’s a new one! There are chakra meditation videos on youtube and I can instantly zone out with the “red root” video.

    On the otherhand every time I’ve had my aura read it’s been declared indigo with spikes of orange and red. I was told that the color of your aura is associated with your chakras, but have never really how they are related. I remember when I was about 11 or 12 I got a book on paranormal science from the library. In the back it had a test of over 100 questions to determine the color of your aura. The answer I got was magenta, though I can’t remember what that means now or what chakra might be considered magenta. 8)

      • Technically, magenta is mix of blue & red.
        Indigo is 3rd eye corepondence.
        Indigo & that electric violet are very similar, usually a sign of inner sight & ilbido (orgone energy).
        Orange is 2nd chakra, the true sexual centre as it is emotions desires & feelings.
        The actual 1st is the physical sex, you know, the bits & pieces. My experience is that the Goddess Spot (g-spot) and the God Spot (the prostate) are actually 2nd chakra, coz theu are internal.

  4. Yes, I remember once reading (or was it a documentary?) very convoluted explanation of the glands the chakras correspond to and the heat they emit and the light wave / colour spectrum associated with said heat levels, yada yada, it was all very apt, but possibly a bit too apt, a little poetic-licensey… But anyways, I reckon the corresponding glands are:
    Crown: Pineal
    Third Eye: Pituitary
    Throat: Thyroid
    Heart: Thymus
    Solar Plexus: Pancreas
    Stomach: Gall bladder??
    Base: the Gonads / prostate

    Something like that anyways…

        • Lexi, there was some interesting info that i was going to post about a stylised diagram-depiction of the male-female sexual design, but it seems so sexist that i refrained.
          But after much thought, it came to me.If you superimpose the diagrams of male & female say with transparent paper or tracing paper on top/over each other lie in a composite astro chart for synestry, it makes the most amazing picture. For male to male, it puzzled me until: You turn on design upside down. Same for female on female.
          Art wise, you are sixty-nine the same sex diagrams….lol.
          In Alchemy, isn’t the perfect human, androgynous, the hermaphrodite.
          The Yin-Yang sign is rumoured to be man & woman combined.His lower half pushing into the female & the female breast pushing into the male.
          So Poster Boy for Mac, how about some art work-graphics based on these ideas as time IS slipping into the future. x

          • I’m not sure my design skills are up for the challenge love, but I’ve always thought of the male and female body as beginning the same, ending the same and just manifesting a little differently on the journey.
            Once played an amazing documentary about intersex conditions and that one in 2000 of us is said to have physical gender traits that combine both the masculine and feminine. Some more pronounced, as in traditional hermaphrodite, others a more subtle nuanced variation on these themes.
            Any way you look at it, our bits are amazing, do amazing things, and no two bits are ever the same or ‘typical’ so it’s a shame when people put so much energy into categorizing, defining and controlling them.

    • The 2nd incorporates all the digestive system, intestines large & small. Watery, like an ocean, so it’s where we get the emotional analogies from.
      ‘That person made me tingle between the legs’…1st activation.
      ‘my feelings are deep’……..2nd chakra
      ‘It sticks in your throat’…….5th chakra blocking
      ‘I have been gutted’…………3rd an assault on your power
      ‘my heart fell in my coffee’..from seeing a true love 4th.
      “yes i can visualise this’…….6th
      ‘just met god/Goddess………7th (or any other peak experience, any ecstatic experience.
      1st & 4th in equal balance sets the scene for the all the others.

        • Study it Harp of Gold, it will give you such an insight to peoples, as to knowing where they are coming from, what motivates them etc.
          Invent 7 questions to ask a person that relates to each chakra when you meet some-one new?
          Margot Anand’s ‘Art of Everyday Ecstasy’ is wonderful for it’s overview & simplicity of understanding.
          There are Astrological co-respondences to each. Apply them for starters. A creative game perhaps.

        • “1st & 4th in equal balance sets the scene for the all the others”

          Oh this reminds me of to my ruby ziosite pendant. I was told that by the shop assistant, that it balances heart and root chakras. it’s also red and green which makes sense. thanks Pegasus.

  5. That’s funny, I was just exactly like that too. But they are there, it totally is true! As my perception grows I can see people’s chakras sometimes, especially when they are blocked. Eg. There was a youngish priest I observed this summer in a surf town whose root chakra and high heart chakra were so blocked that his body was curved slightly to accommodate them. Poor man.

    Have a method for activating my kundalini but I haven’t been doing it lately. When I practice it regularly it gives the feeling of being a top athlete. You kind of plough through yr day and have energy to spare!

      • Lol, been too afraid to activate my kundalini on top of this full moon/mars in virgo! Rrroaaarrr!

  6. I felt them go off. But…in the end…so what? Its about living in balance and when you feel it you know it – kundalini experience or not. Point being: I’m not sure there’s value in conceptualizing energy flow/understanding chakras. But there is no argument about the value of “freaky goodness” am I right? I love the chart.

  7. I have been known to let the snake loose now and then. Chakras? Meh. They’re just speed bumps in a fast lap around the macrocosmic orbit.

      • The Taoist ‘Circle of Gold’ :-)

        The Sun’s fart reached the earth last night, Charles
        It IS an exceptionally bright day this far south of the equator.

        • Oops you’re right, MICROcosmic. Micro, macro, as above, so below, you know the deal. I’ve been too macro to be micro lately.

          Looks like the geomagnetic storm was a fizzle, downgraded from G3 to G1 but a 40% chance of more solar flares. Darn it, the NOAA aurora prediction system is down for a computer upgrade . But ooh the aurora pics on are impressive.

        • Oh.. BTW.. A while ago, I translated some weird Japanese science papers that claim the total solar energy hitting Earth is lower during the Solar Maximum when there are lots of sunspots and flares. But this idea is disputed. It also claims that solar flares hitting the earth’s magnetosphere create a field that deflects cosmic rays that normally hit Earth at random. So supposedly we are in a little magnetic bubble now, isolated from the cosmos.

            • LOL, depends on what you mean by fluent. Japanese people say about half the time I speak like a college professor, the other half I speak like a brain damaged idiot. I suppose I can live with that.

  8. There just one way and one system of looking at energy. Well actually more than one as there are different systems with different numbers of chakras and different colours and associations .

    There are energy systems involving dantiens and meridians.

    • As as far as i know from the book The Atlas of Body Mind & Spirit, there is Indian, Red Indian, Hebrew, Chinese, Dogon’s & Mayan.These are the ones that have the actual tachings, maps & depictions, theosophy & philosophy about the energy systems in our bodies.

      There are others?

      • well you definitely know more than i do! :-)

        I have studied chinese energy systems and taught chi gung so am more familiar with the chinese Dantiens – upper middle and lower and also the organ meridians and some of the points, also with the microcosmos . Japanese is quite closesly aligned from what i’ve read.

        • All in All, same systems difference languages.
          What if we put them all together and create a new race.
          Love what you are doing Samantha, an amazing science from the Yellow Race incorporating psychology & phrenology, art, the 5 elements.. To my mind the Le Chinoise true art is FOOD. The Masters of EATING and what go in & out of the body.

        • Don Juan, a Shaman-Magician taught Carlos Castaneda. Their system is called Hunab Ku.
          They have the Naugal (cosmic egg that surrounds a person)
          Almost sounds Chinese (who’s energy systems are formidable indeed).

  9. Carolyn Myss has written about how the Chakras align with the seven positive reflections of our spirit or ‘virtues’ and the shadows of these which are the negative aspects projections of ourselves. Very interesting and aligns with the yin/yang concept of how energies can be accessed and expressed in a positive or negative way.

      • She also aligns them astrologically and with the tree of life – an important work – but I’m not sure I totally agree with her astrology.

      • Yes, she is very adamant & very sure.
        Nevertheless she has certainly put much thought
        and intelligence into her systems in a holistically encompassing way.

        I question her attitude towards mice, is all.

        Someone told me a story about Buddhists tonight,
        about how they are actually cruel toward animals
        because they ‘cannot kill’ one. This means if it’s skin is falling off, it is riddled with disease & dying from wear & tear, a VET or truly compassionate personage has to dead it instead.

        Food for thought, non?

        • Mice? must have missed that bit! Or have I missed the joke?!
          I do love her work. I’ll have to dig out the book and see what I meant about the astro.
          I’m following a Buddhist path – once I found out that you didn’t have to be a vegetarian. I agree – my animals ( like my children !) welfare always comes before my principles. We have a responsibility as we domesticated & made pets of them.
          I keep cats – for the mice :-)

        • I don’t believe that a Buddhist would leave an animal to suffer. There is a mistaken belief that Karma means leaving something to its fate (I think this is from a Westerner’s point of view and a cop out). Someone who understood the Buddha wisdom would see it’s a choice of compassion, not a rule that says “you can’t kill anything”.

  10. Off topic, but I would love the Oracle to provide the answer for “What is good for dinner tonight?”!

    • Hey there in Northern NSW or Queensland, Andromeda..
      I’m starting my evening with a bottle of Litttle Creatures Beer, (the WA water is pure like Tasmania) and a sprinkle of Space Dust (because I CAN :-).
      The reason is because i’m going OUT for dinner with a couple of artists before i go on hols on Monday.

      Eat well, just ‘MAKE IT UP AS YOU GO ALONG after you cut up the garlic & onions first, then the rest comes to you.
      That’s my mantra and answer to ‘what to you do’?


      • Hope you had a lovely outing Pegasus! I don’t know what you mean by space dust but it obviously agrees with you. Your advice is pretty much what I do of an evening tbh! xx.

  11. I dont know too much about the Chakra either but have been told 2 of mine are off. I’d like to have them all running smoothly but dont know anyone who does this.

    great post, love the way you express.

    • Skyler (O that name from ‘Breaking Bad’)..

      UUUMMMMM, usually or to my higher mind (Ii AM a multi-Sagg hence Pegasus & the myth of Medusa’s Head,) energy practitioners-guides-coaches do not give blocked-out-off, summaries. They just sense them & then balance Many questions have to be answered before going into chakras of a person. It is a privilege and requires an introduction to the client or it can be invasive like Western medicine.
      Was about to do a post on ‘beware of new age
      stuff-only 15% grows corn scientifically..oops strange analogy with GMC.
      It’s also up to you to ask question. How, why, what do i do.
      It is improper to give statement about the bodymind w/o giving a solution.
      This is me on my high horse in regards to ethics and the power of suggestion.

      EXCERSISE: Place hand on 1st chakra and ask if it is happy, does it feel secure, is it loved, what does it do to assist you, what can i do for you, what can you do for me?
      Firstly assure yourself that you are an orgasmic being,and that you are safe.
      See how safety & sex are interconnected?
      When women see babies & baby animals they go
      AAAHHH…..That’s a heart sound. It relaxes the heart by acknowledging it.

      • heart relaxes when l see baby animals not human baby’s though…
        good one Skyler from breaking bad :))

  12. Since the encounter with The Shamn in The Supermarket, and her mentioning the Kabbalh, i have been looking into the Kundalini, and came across an album i downloaded through iTunes store, called ”Waking the Cobra” by Baird Hersey. I found him as i originally was after conch shell callings/meditations 9thre are 2 short ones)

    ….also, in the way all things are flowing it was mentioned to me yesterday by an exceptionally gifted healer Gemini – toro moon, mother about the energy of the kundalini, she uses it to help heal her children. you wouldnt believe how this woman sparkles, and the biggest bluest doe eyes. you can have alisten (apparently on a link below the artwork) I’ve been digging it.

    • I actually bought that book on the biologist suggested. wanted to thank you. as one struggling with her biology and the exact nature vs nurture on genes and illness its been liberating and supportive. Hope your world is amazing right now xxx

  13. Love the chart and Pegasus’s take! The colourful world of chakras lives within my world. It is a key to what I create!

    I have had some profound experiences with chakra balancing. When in the zone, I can feel the energy of each chakra as it comes in harmony.

    We find that by choosing their colour/s, peeps can see where they need support. The colours/chakras relate not only to the physical glands/organs and functions but also have emotional and spiritaual aspects.

    When we use the two coloured bottles, we can look at the conscious and subconscious connections. The correlations are so amazing that clients think I am psychic when I give them a colour consultation! LOL!

    It’s a fascinating world!

  14. “Honey badgerishness” !! HAHAHA bringing it into the next generation modern lingo styles. still laughing LOVE it,

    more comments to come


  15. oofff too much info here my brain pathways are all lighting up at the same time!!! :)
    Pegasus knows indeed! l want to know more!!!
    l’m doing Pillates at the moment l did tai-chi&chi-kung and loved it! Someone once said l have an ‘ open solar plexus’ and l need to protect myself…..he

    • Hand on solar plexus and say out loud:
      ‘I am the radiant Sun’. ‘I am in my power’.

      ANyone doing any type of spiritual work on themselves and others need to be aware of protecting themselves, again merely by saying out loud ‘ I AM protected’ x 3 times.

  16. Beautiful inspiration from Goethe on the site Mystic linked beneath the image here:

    β€œThere is no art in turning a goddess into a witch, a virgin into a whore, but the opposite operation, to give dignity to what has been scorned, to make the degraded disireable, that calls for art or for character.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    • hahahahaha yes, what about Aretha Franklin? Dame Joan Sutherland? etc.

    • Very funny Ms. You droll creature you :-)
      Whatta about Stevie Nicks or Lucinda Williams,

      Gigglegasms-operagasms-rebrithing-gasms, i have heard them all.
      ‘Sound vibrates in the body & moves stuck energy’.

      • Check the link below for sound-healing so interesting. About DNA & the concept that humans are sound, that we live in a harmonic and holographic universe where sound + intent = healing.

  17. Love the image and comments above. At one point many years ago when i was very sick, I stretched out on the couch and used a crystal pendulum to locate where I needed to send healing – I knew I had found my problem when my pendulum stopped short and started going counterclock over the blocked chakra.

    Amazing moment, really, then I found the Yoga of Sound and began the long journey to healing.
    Pegs, I love your comment: singing, laughter all help- I had a psychic reading with a former opera singer who said spirit used her instrument to heal through readings after she left first career.
    She sings the clients vibration to begin the reading ~ lovely, yes ?

  18. I think the word “chakras” itself is a total turnoff for me. Sounds a lot like “crap” to me, you know? Whether it’s true or not.

  19. ya know, I usually dismiss certain stuff since its not possible, but still maintain a fascination for it, and have always loved and kept up with superheroes. When I read about kundalini I just thought it was so cool, if I could accomplish one definitive thing in my life that would probably be at the top of the list. Unfortunately the process seams kind of vague,where to start? eventually I wanna just set aside a few years and just be all hardcore about it, if I could have a kundalini awakening I would be soooo happy….

    • ‘sh*t new age girls say’ is just as good – esp the astro ref’s – (actually these are more in the vain of gerberas vs petrodactyls than bad guruz really) Hilarious.

  20. I work with chakra balancing when I teach Reiki and it always intrigues me that students can immediately feel the energy of each centre. I reckon it’s up to each person to decide how they want to work with these energy centres, no hard and fixed rules, just go with the flow and see what comes up. And today I got a set of chakra colour glasses, only six but with the colours around the base. They are beautiful and it was the very last set.

  21. i totally suffer from Bad Guru Syndrome. i studied for a couple years on how to read auras, chakras, how to heal energy. then realized the people i was studying with had a very weird, cult-y vibe. got out of there fast and haven’t really been able to take this stuff seriously since. :(

    • Have had relatively few teachers myself due to this issue. The problem is that power corrupts.. and it is as easy as agreeing in your mind to be something other than your divine best.

      Sorting the chaff from the wheat is ironically, the best way to use this information about auras etc. When you see a shining (not powerful) person you respond naturally.
      Good luck, don’t shut down ‘cos of the haters!