Brand New Tomorrow

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Yuko Shimizu

Obviously we are all heading into interesting times but i think the baby boomers are going to be up for a blast v.soon.

Why do i think this?

One: Okay, see or quickly re-check the previous post about the Pluto in Scorpio generation – that sets up the themes. Note that the number and ferocity of the comments. To repeat: this is not about any one particular baby boomer. We love our Pluto in Leos on this here site. We are talking in general, about generations.

Two: Saturn in Scorpio is going to square the Pluto of every single baby boomer from October on and for nearly three years. Obviously individual baby boomers will have their own chart stuff going on but as a generation, they (and govt policies re them) will come under the floodlight.

Three: I just read this amazing Esquire magazine article and though it is ultra-gloomy, it is totally worth a read. It’s midnight where i am and i was up at 5am (go Saturn-Moon transit) so i’m not up for a rant.  But f.y.i. i’m Gen X, Pluto in Virgo and i think it’s hideous that someone 20 today (eg the Neptune-Uranus in Cap lot) will have accommodation costs three times what they were (at least) when i was 20 but that the wages are more or less the same.  And:  I pay my Scorpio Intern!

From Esquire:

“The political imperative is to preserve the economic cloak of unreality that the Boomers have wrapped themselves in.”

“If you follow the money rather than the blather, it’s clear that the American system is a bipartisan fusion of economic models broken down along generational lines: unaffordable Greek-style socialism for the old, virulently purified capitalism for the young. Both political parties have agreed to this arrangement: The Boomers and older will be taken care of. Everybody younger will be on their own.”



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  1. Gosh yes, times are tough and living costs are deeply ridiculous.

    I’m a second house Pluto Libra gen and I’m reinventing my own prosperity to function in a dysfunctional political-economy.

    I love my small home. My possessions are basic and simple. I try to live a timeless existence. I am loved. I have pride/respect and interests that stimulate my imagination and senses but I wish there were a spell that could make me more tight with money.

    • try the little book of pocket spells – page 65 I think. But be warned if you are going to pass it on to anyone make sure they (or you) buy the book. Don’t just tell them what it is as this brings bad fortune. The book is only £2.99 in the UK and I can confirm that it works. Only do it when the moon is waxing and I find keeping a journal of everything I’ve received since I started doing it helps. Hope it works for you.

    • 2nd house Libra Pluto here also….
      I have always lived/earned money/paid outside of the larger cultural norm. This is accepted where I live, with varying degrees of frugal and spending(I am very frugal myself). But even my world and community is changing.

    • Beautifully put, coming from a fellow Pluto-Libran. I’m a Sun Pluto to boot, so I stare that in the face every morning.

      There was a time when “retirement” meant you did “live like a Greek”. The WWII generation – my grannies – drank beer on their lawns and had cocktails over spreadsheets. Perhaps the upcoming Saturn/Pluto mutuality will simply kill that. I reserve judgement on their children, the Boomer generation, who are simply the midwives of truth IMHO. The world economy is a boat without ballast. I highly doubt that my 65-y-o boomer parents enjoy watching their children twist. In fact my father (not yet retired, mind you) has been busily at work improving the family property and reviewing all of his legacy finances, which his children are advising him closely on.

      If it helps anyone, I find that a square aspect makes you feel every tap of the cog on the gear of life. Right now Saturn is about to conjunct my rising natal Uranus at 1 Scorp which itself is 0-degree bang-on square to natal Saturn at 1 Leo. I must say that I’m having a breakthrough of consciousness (Uranus) of the stunningly synchronous turning of the financial wheels (Saturn square Saturn) in both the personal and societal spheres.

      Like, amazingly synchronous – for me, sums of money appearing “magically” to pay off outstanding debt to the very dollar, movements consciously being made for simple reasons proven soon after to vanquish unforeseen challenges, as if I saw it coming. Maybe that’s just a part of my Scorp ascendant paranoia. I stand on subway platforms waiting for the sudden surprise gleam of an assailants blade. I glare into the nothingness. the gleam never comes.

  2. Two thoughts:

    1.) “… a little bit tired/but brand new…” (Pluto -Bjork)

    2.) You pay your intern?!

    • my 2 cents, I think it’s totally reasonable to pay interns. I have always failed to understand how an employer (not considering Mystic, just in general) thinks they can engage someone full-time for a period of months, doing actual work, and NOT pay them?! How does that person then afford to eat, get around, pay their bills?? No comprende. I mean I know internships are popular, but the principle of no-pay is flat out ridiculous to me.

      • I know from experience how unsustainable it is to be interning on a practically full-time basis, try to balance casual work while paying rent. Good on you Mystic.

    • Yeah, I did 2 unpaid internships as a young, just out of college journalist and could not have gotten by without help from my parents. Paying interns, even if just minimum wage, is totally reasonable!

  3. thanks for the link mystic. very depressing but worth the effort. funny that the Hunger Games is so popular right now, i saw that move tonight. there was a real theme about the persecution of young people and using them as unwilling fodder for the economic and entertainment benefit of the general population. but also how this barbaric ritual child killing had become an accepted and normalised part of the culture. of course we aren’t making our children kill each other for sport, but we are actually eating our children’s futures, and none more so than the boomers.

    interestingly, the hunger games takes its concept from a japanese film from the early 2000s (?) called battle royale. I think it’s pertinent because japan is the nation of ‘lost youths’ who unfortunately came of age since the economic downturn of the ’90s. they still face incredibly high expectations in terms of their study and school achievement, but the social contract, the reward of a steady job and a good income at the end, has simply evaporated.

    i’m very happy that the yoofs now days are all going weirdo suvivalist and learning to grow our own permaculture gardens and upcycling shit into treasure – we’re actually preparing ourselves for a life of less. i know i have been for years now, mentally preparing myself to be able to live a happy life without having a lot of things. i know that people have been doing this for a long time, baby boomers included, but there is a reason that a real consciousness about these things has arisen now and will become more widespread.

    with no offence at all to individual baby boomers, but as a collective group they’ve known for the last 25 years that our world’s resources are finite, and they’ve made no effort whatsoever as a collectivity to address this problem – there is no way it would even enter into their collective mindset that they don’t inherently deserve to drive a ginormous land rover and own seventeen investment properties even though they left school aged 15 and walked into a full time job.

    I want to make a commitment not to eat my children’s future, basically, and I hope that other pluto in scorps make that decision too.

    • Imagine being brought up with a certain belief system, then watching as a parent does a full political 180 simultaneously with wealth which is shared as royalty share it, with pomp and pzazz. Useless rather than meaningful. Dispensed as a gesture, but no actual assistance. Promised to be entirely consumed before it becomes an inheritance.

      Much love for them but a clear recognition of being financially on my own. I can observe what they do and how they spend quite clear-eyed. You should hear the Virgo’s thoughts. Scathing.

    • Lest that sound resentful, the gifts are about pleasure, very Leonine, and i enjoy those pleasures that i would not be able to spend on. If i received assistance to build financially this might not have developed certain skills or let me see patterns so clearly, as i would be part of the same values system.

      Generationally speaking, the Pluto in Leo concept of money as leisure and pleasure, creativity, is part of our society as film, image, marketing, brands, creating empires. I appreciate this part of it, and arts patronage. Other parts are not sustainable, and i cannot understand easily how this was encouraged/practised. But i feel that generational wars will not work as well as efforts in concert. When people feel snubbed or blamed there is backlash. Spending and saving is not merely motivated by accounting principles: it is subject to emotional/psychological vagaries as much as anything else is.

      • thanks for that comment – i think i can visualise your parent. wide eyed free spirit in youth with bare feet and the wind in their hair? now mega-capitalist?

        i try not to think about things like inheritance just because it’s my parents’ money, not mine, but they have busted their asses to give me a lot of opportunities in this life. sort of the opposite mindset to your parents maybe.

        of course it’s not good for everyone to start fighting each other over generational differences or anything, it’s more about understanding how that works in our collective consciousness – for example, our obsession with status symbols and excess (i won’t say leisure is a bad thing per se 😉 . and you’re right, it permeates all of our popular culture – ruled by leo, i assume!

        what pluto sign are you, btw?

        • I can’t imagine the parent barefoot; there has always been something tremendously old school aristocrat. But fierce and pioneering and individuated as heck.

          I’m a late Pluto in Virgo. I do believe that status was part of luxury for me and i don’t think i properly understood that i have been very lucky not so much in accumulation but in the access to experience and people i’ve known. Moving states and cities has meant shifting economic and social paradigms stemming from tradition in a very subtle way. In some ways i have nothing in common with surrounds. But this makes life AMAZING! Status for me meant less possession than experience status. I’m now seeing people and situations in a different context. It’s difficult because to be really frank, i think i grew up an anti-bourgeois and economic context means i’m surrounded by middle class values, now involved in it, and need to find love and compassion for people i live amongst.

      • Hi Millie, the energy of Money is Emotion.
        To me a person’s attitude toward money has so much
        to do with their emotions (and beliefs) don’t you think?

        • Hope you’re refreshed by your salty sojourn, Pegasus 😀 Yes and a little while ago you put me onto Kim’s Money Mojo. Economic analysis I’ve been reading over the past couple of years points to the psychology of spending, earning and conserving as the prime vagary that makes a market less predictable.

          Emotion around money is an evolving thing. Refusing to accept gifts due to the strings wrapping around them, has become loving acceptance of the gift of family, as it is, strings and all. Broadly speaking i hope that the backlash against dominant boomer gen economy doesn’t result in tearing everything down. There are gifts there. I believe we need to trim back the waste rather than slap in the face.

          People respond in interesting ways to random generosity. Some are like little flowers and their faces open up in sheer delight. Others are very exacting, balancing what they “owe”. And a few look like thieves, as if they’ve managed to get something out of you.

  4. Cripes does it really cut down generational lines so clearly y can blame the whole leo pluto generation like that ?? yeah yeah I know lots love to live like royalty & do …
    but not all of us you may be sure … so lets generalize a bit more …

    pluto in cancer held onto their $$ tenaciously & didn’t give much (at least in my family & many of my friends) to help their kids get a start … but times were certainly kinder – I couldn’t stay at uni but I could get a job …
    pluto virgo gave many fine capitalists who really ‘did the details’ to secure capitalist empires, tax avoidance schemes & unholy financial systems & lots of lovely libra plutos never gave a fuck about anything political

    I’m a late leo pluto …& I don’t want to be lumped with the ones who didn’t care – I’ve worked & talked & argued till everyone was sick of me about sustainable resources & clean energy & conservation – meh !!!
    while others were getting their degrees I & many others of my ilk, were working in kids shelters & rape crisis centres & environment centres, often for nix, or for split wages because we got so little funding.

    Now I do own a house (still morgaged), a very modest little old house, & thanxx to the terribly high rents I’v been able to travel & work in sud america for 9 months, but I’m about to go home & knuckle down to saturns imperatives, and finish my last year of study – finally I will get my degree before I’m 60 !!!
    Not expecting to be able to retire anytime soon

    I do agree tho that a lot more $$ should go for the young than the old, less on expensive drugs & surgeries for old people & more on GOOD health & education systems & infrastructures for the future …

    • Pluto in Libra also cares. I do, and so many of my peers. And we started our adult lives with high unemployment and high interest rates, which does tend to set us apart.

      • of course y do, I know, just saying, boomers didn’t invent greed or sense of entitlement, many of those suv drivers are much too young to have pluto in leo, and class systems were around long before we were …
        but we are hopefully going to see more of the pluto-uranus ideas of the 60’s & 70’s getting more grounded into reality, and the leaders of that revolutionary time WERE mostly pluto in leo – just defending my generation a bit, lol

        • I know some cool pluto in leo peeps and it is them we have in large part to thank for the gay rights, feminism, anti-racist iniatives etc etc – i get them – but there are some issues here, a la that article and others

  5. Haven’t read the article yet but am about to. Sometimes I have to pace myself lest I forget I actually once took part in a revolution (against a dictatorship). It’s awesome MM pays her intern and it’s choices like these that really contribute to doing something/helping.

    Here in LA it’s disturbing to see this incredible drive from certain people to Just Get Paid the big bucks at the cost of anyone or anything, or for a certain of segment of Haves who can well afford it to complain so bitterly about higher taxes. I have absolutely nothing against financial solvency or wealth, but it’s so easy for people to justify not paying other people for just being able to get away with it.

    I think each generation has definitely been shaped by policy and the issues of the time, that doesn’t make wrong things right but it does mean that even while dealing with where we’ve come from, we also need to deal with the now and change what we can moving forth.

  6. Little off subject I know but… why the Hell have I been wide awake and up since 4:30 am is what I’m wondering too Mystic!!!?
    Ever get that freaky feeling something from your ‘EX’-files is about to re-opened?

    • oh…I know that freaky ex file feeling. Thankfully it doesn’t always manifest. In those instances I think they are thinking about me and I feel it. creepy either way.

    • That is strange, Zaiborg. I had a disturbing ex-files occurrence at 430am yesterday morning.

      • Yeah thanks guys,
        I know he IS thinking of me, as there were a couple little cyber clues and some other spooky random stuff/sightings that happened to me yesterday.
        Trouble is he’s not even supposed to be allowed to THINK of me let alone contact me ever again, as he is a man of the black cloth.
        He was, and always will be ‘The One’…

        • Ah without going into detail i do understand that one. It’s intense. Spiritual, emotional, restrained energy…what’s not to love for a deepsea diver of the soul.

            • I didn’t just like it – I loved it.
              Unfortunately I ended up with the bends when I resurfaced from ‘The Deep’…

  7. I think I would like to live around Pluto in Scorpios who were raised well, because the ones who weren’t are turning out to be quite scary. I’m a Pluto in Virgo, but I guess I am now lumped in with the baby boomers. I have Uranus in Leo so I’m definitely feeling the square with this generation, or at least the mean ones. Scorpio doesn’t do self examination, but who has time for that considering how much the self examiners have messed up the environment while staring at our navels.

    • Pluto in Scorp doesn’t do self examination? Are you kidding me? I realise there’s been a lot of finger pointing from us but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of self aware Scorps who realise the outside is a reflection of the inside. There’s a lot of rage at the injustice of it all but we LIVE to break old shit down so there’s room for the new stuff. As much as it sucks, it’s also kind of fun at the same time.

      But shh, don’t tell anyone that we’re secretly enjoying it – it dampens the impact of our raging and ranting against the system.

    • hmmm, watch out there, out of all the signs I would say scorpio is one of the most introspective, the rub is weather my generation will get past the appearance of depth and get stuck at the crust, or actually delve deeper than anyone can.

  8. Another Gen X Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo here. I am starting to worry that my lefty Boomer parents won’t have *enough* security as they get older. We’re a very long lived family (especially the women), and my folks are both retired now, on their public service superannuation. They both own houses with their respective partners, but they don’t have investments as such. I’m so grateful we live in the Aus ‘safety net’ system, but am not convinced my generation will have as much of a net to catch us.

  9. thats the most interesting thing i have read in months, is there a link?

  10. Also woke up at around 5.30am this morning. I don’t know what is up with my sleep, waking up for 1-2 hours and then back to sleep.

    I’m also doing Saturn-Moon.

  11. You PAY your intern??
    Theres a clearing sale of very capable ‘interns’ from the ex-Gaddafi compound.. I’m pretty sure they were all highly capable femme scorps.
    How fast can yours strip an AK-47 M?
    I had a Russian translater once (KGB of yesteryear) whos dad tried to make nuclear fridges in Libya til the poor girl nearly got bombed by the US. Nastia was her name. Reckoned those girls were great.

    • Errm.. I’m probably letting my imagination run off a bit there.

      Nastia might have mentioned a few things about Libya but it wasn’t one of her favourite topics. I don’t think a nuclear core cooling engineer of any description would have had his young daughter hang out with Libyan bodyguards of any sort…

      I didn’t mean they were literally working on nuclear powered Refrigerators back there in the 80’s either : )

      Anyway , that talk of generational collective responsibility made me think of that Russian father who (probably) chose to place his clever young daughter in a situation where there was a threat of an airstrike.
      He was a boomer dealing with the mess that the previous generation had left via WW2 and if theres any spotlight on them coming up, one issue may be how the majority of western boomers have naively and possibly irresponsibly allowed all the toxic chemical crap invented for that war end up in our supermarket shelves and foodjoints.
      We are only now just starting to work out some of the consequences. The study of epigenetics is the gamechanger and its a little bit scary.

      An guy (60’s) came up to a mate of mine leafleting for the greens at an election the other day and just punched him in the face.. Theres some SERIOUS collective guilt out there at the minute.
      Crikey. This connects to some feelings I’ve got about ancestral/generational Karma that I’m sure have a Saturnian connection. Its like big Saturn transits tear across family histories like a jet leaves a vapour trail. Exciting times.

  12. i now fully understand neptune uranus in capricorn, it just fully hit me, ohboy

    • Intrigued. Please share when you can. You’re very articulate and i’m feeding intellectually off some comments here over the last 24 hours.

      • all right, all right, I have had a blog and ideas for articles that I have been putting of materializing for a while now, I was responding to you and it ended up an essay so I just went ahead and plugged it in as my first article, so just click on my name for my answer, hope you like

        • David, three times i’ve tried to leave a comment for you and it always disappears! First one was long but i had trouble logging in to wordpress on your blog; second was shorter and here but i lost it by clicking on your link to check something.

          I found the first one interesting but stylistically harder to read and absorb (less concrete as well). But i’m absolutely loving this Abed/Pisces thing! I’m not a tv watcher so this is new to me and quite fascinating.

          • BTW no problem with your blog comment login, total password memory glitch on my part…

          • aw thanks so much, yah I didnt like that first one either, materializing it completely eluded me so I had to settle, but im probably going to do a lot more tv observations. thanks for reading and im glad you liked it

            • and community is on hulu, the whole series is on the subscribe version, but you can get it for a free 1 month trial if you dont want to have to find dvds, and theres tons of other shows on there two

              • Bugger! Just checked it out but message popup tells me i can only watch it from within the US. We’re so regulated here. I can buy it on DVD or Amazon or somethign i think. Def exploring options.

                • aw im sorry, I guess so, unless you want to look for one of those things that scrambles your ip adress so you can bypass that stuff, I did that once on my old laptop but its a bit messy to find, but the dvds are worth it too

          • If you’re talking about Abed from Community, he is hands down one of my favourite characters of all time. Off to read the blog now!!

  13. The “Pluto in Scorpio Want to Know” is my favorite blog experience of all time. I learned so much about generational differences in that post and how the energies can work together. I don’t worry about the future as much anymore know that I understand how my Pluto-in-Libra energy serves the mix.

    • that was a good blog thing, maybe I should not have gone into kill mode in the comments section, but besides that I appreciated all the interesting exchanges that occured

  14. Actually, i have a secret plan to expand my empire and employ MORE pluto in scorps, so far i have 2 and i offer excellent above award wages, a pleasant working environment (fully Feng shuied, scented with essential oils, decorative cats) and flexible working hours as Nikki my Scorp (paid) intern is doing psych at uni & Morgan my new part-time admin person is a genius actor.
    So remembering how every single part time gig i had when i was studying seemed to be stressful and exploitative, i strive to be a respectful & supportive employer & in return i get these lovely presences in my life.
    YES Pluto in Capricorn IS trining my Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo. Let’s all of us build a NEW economy, rather than scrapping over the remnants of the old one.
    What do you think?

    • Perfect! Lovely presence describes many i meet in Pluto in Scorp gen. I say respect meets respect. Mystic, you completely walk your talk.

    • Good on you Mystic! I’m a Pluto in Scorpio, and I want to thank you for sharing that article from Esquire.

      I am living at home with my parents, while I study, no job and it sucks. I would love to be financially independent, have my own place etc, but there is nothing out there. I apply for jobs all the time, and nothing, yet my Pluto in Virgo parents give me shit for not doing anything with my life most days of the week.
      However my lovely Pluto in Cancer Nana seems to be more understanding!

      Will be interesting to see what happens when Saturn in Scorpio crosses over the Pluto in Scorpio generation.

      • I’m a zero degrees Pluto in Scorp, and I’m already starting to feel the effects… Simultaneously terrifying and empowering.

    • heyyy, Im a pluto in scorp, and am an aspiring astrologer, if I could be an intern for an astrologer that would just be a dream come true, maybe if I do study abroad to whatever country your in?….. or do stuff over the internet?…..
      ok ok, it was worth a try, whoever you choose, congrats to them, that seams like such a cool thing to do, I didnt even know there were interns for that

    • I think your ethics in this regard are excellent, Mystic. Reap what we sow. xxx

      • Yes, I agree.

        It’s deeply ridiculous that paying an intern is not yet considered the norm.
        When I was a teenager I used to ‘trade’ my babysitting services to a newly single mum (the older sister of my best friend) for her reflexology treatments. Fuqing brilliant good deal it was for all three parties involved – the mum, the kid, me+my feet!
        I suppose that’s when I really started doing 2nd house.

        • i got paid cash too, but i preferred the treatments as i didn’t want/need the money.

    • Absolutely an amazing way of paving the way forward. Isn’t it terrible that upon remembering their own suffering OTHER peeps actually choose to pass on the misery or make it worse rather than change it?

      I was reading an INC article on the “advantage of organizational health” where it was recommended that CEO’s focus less on strategy and more on building the right environment for people to thrive in. Many old schoolers like to dirge on with the “be grateful you have a job and just suck it up” not realizing how sensitive their profitability is to the company biosphere. In fact, making that a priority would be labeled as being a hippie or unrealistic.

      Obviously I don’t agree. People do more willingly and creatively when they know they’re in a place where they can do their best and be their best. Good on you!

    • Yes, utilsing my 2nd house for security building has been a theme for me in 2012.

      So far this yr I have been able to get rid of things that were costing me $$$$ and frustration. I’m now getting friend of friend to help me DIY. It’s much better as it’s more empowering and I have more control, and it has an online component and the person helping me with that has moon in aqua on MC, sun in 5th = perfect for creative design elements and helping me build up into the sky!
      Also, this coincides with Uranus being in my 8th-9th — 8th of partnerships and joint things.
      I’m in anti-branding or de-branding.

  15. Well now I am officially freaked out about Saturn in Scorpio. My husband is of the Saturn in Leo generation. His is in the 6th House (where his moon is at 1 degree). I am a multiple conjunct Scorpio in the 10th house. I’m not seeing this in a positive light. Please tell me I’m being just my paranoid Scorpio self. Please….. (I might add that we work together.)

    • hey i am talking in general about the generations with saturn in scorp.

      eg; i think that societies ability to support the boomers in retirement will come up. And there may be more of a cultural divide between the generations.

      Saturn as a personal transit can be awesome. Go see the posts in the Saturn category, especially the Saturn Girl ones. I loved Saturn in my 6th House – i got all excited and inspired by health/fitness for the first time, instead of just seeing it all as some tedious obligation

      people if i say something is more about general trends and generations, please take it as that.

      it’s like with uranus-pluto square – the zap zone – yes it is geopolitical upset – pluto in cap sped right up by uranus, cue euro probs, north korea, iran and whatever other shit you want to throw into it but in your personal chart, you tap into it and create your own amazing new world.

      • I’m a Pluto in Virgo Generation X-er myself.

        I’m praying euthanasia is legalised by the time I’ve had enough to call it a day.
        – I know I’m probably gonna open up a whole can of whoop ass on myself with that statement, I worked in aged care for some years and it left me with some harsh insights and real concerns about the level of Aged Care in the future.
        How on earth are we ever going to support our ageing population with so few people wanting to sign up for one of the toughest jobs in the world?
        Oh oh, I’ve just made myself sad….

        • The ban on euthanasia is one of the most disgusting government abuses on human rights ever to occur as far as I’m concerned. How dare some suit take away my right to die when and how I want to! The right to die is as fundamental as the right to live, but governments are so out of touch with modern society that they’re still desperately trying to increase the population (and therefore their potential supporters) despite the obvious fact that there are just too many people on the planet.

        • Another Pluto in Virgo Gen X-er (Gemini) here. I’m totally with you too Zaiborg. We help animals die gently… why not ourselves too, when the time is right?

        • Yes this obsession with staying alive is quite strange I think. I’m sure lots of old people in nursing homes etc. would be happy to die instead of being kept alive by the ‘wonders’ of modern medicine. Maybe it’s just a plot by Big Pharma to make more money?

          I’ve never had a fear of death. I think I will accept it when it comes and say thankyou Earth for the great times, but I’m happy to go on to something else now.

          • Amazing post.. I feel the same way. I had the fear of God placed into my in 2009 for a medical diagnosis and I decided to let Him lead the way., I am forever grateful that I let Him take over and I honestly don’t fear death. It is hard for people to understand me since I have that acceptance. Yes, the goverment lives for big pharma. The amount of money the medical profession earns through new diseases and potential treatments is keeping them afloat while people live a life of NOT living a quality life. Oh boy… I could go on and on… but I will NOT allow the medical profession to intimidate me with their lack of knowledge on disease.. won’t do it! God Bless you all.. He will take care of us!

        • Yep, an X-er too Zai and frankly as someone who lives away from ALL my family (I’m the only one in the US and they’re all in Asia, Portugal), I told my Lovely Libran sister that should I ever contract a deadly disease the cure for which would present an unreasonable and harrowing burden to those around me, I would choose to remain untreated.

          I’d rather take whatever time and resources I had left, enjoy the remaining quality of life rather than gaining 2 years only to leave behind onerous financial burdens on my loved ones. Having said that, I’m reasonably healthy, knock on wood but death while painful, is just part of nature.

          In the US, our laws are inextricably linked to Christian mores that would disapprove of euthanasia – even while there is separation of church and state. Now more than ever, the divide is only driven wider and what should be considered as an act of choice and mercy by the individual for him/herself alone is vilified as government sanctioning death i.e. death squads.

          Having been present to watch loved ones hover between life and death, AND actually being asked what to do about it, there was never any doubt in my heart and mind that any one of them would’ve wanted to survive only to be in a severely diminished capacity. It’s difficult and daunting to be put in that position but were the roles reversed, I would hope they would choose as I did.

          Life is a gift but sometimes so is death.

          • Word.
            You know it’s funny, for as an NDE (near death experiencer) I can quite honestly say that one of the best experiences of my life was being dead!
            Whew – thought I might cop heaps with my personal view.
            Not only do certain religions and governments want to control our lives, but the right to choose a dignified death as well.

            • Yep, I’d be holding my breath too in anticipation of push back on having such an “ungodly” view.. thankfully, MM’s site is populated with an open minded crowd. I can totally see why you had positive takeaway from the NDE.

              Being near death at least to me, is a broadening and expansive experience, even while there’s gripping fear at some point (and oddly enough, it’s more anxiety about potential pain). I really do wish that on this issue, people could “feel the grit” of how painful it is for people with severely compromised quality of life to go on, and that it is the individual and not anyone else’s choice.

              I’d been thinking about this issue when I read about Christina Symanski starving herself to death, after having been paralyzed from the neck down since 2005. Even while she was surrounded by loved ones and a loyal boyfriend, she was driven to question how much longer she needed to suffer. Not surprisingly, she took pains to consult attorneys and right to die experts to make sure her passing could not be misconstrued as her choice alone. Her artwork has themes reminiscent of Kahlo’s, and like her, she was a Cancer.

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  17. I am reading the article. First, the comment that Social Security will run out “conveniently” when the last of the Boomers turn 90 is incorrect. I believe the last Boomers were born in 1958. They will not be 90 in 2036. If the author can’t manage simple math on their own, there are calculators on phones and computers.

    18% of young voters don’t have current govenrment-issued photo IDs and won’t be allowed to vote, a terrible thing, the article alleges. (If they are “young voters” does that mean they voted previously, or they meant potential voters?) A young person without a proper photo ID doesn’t drive a car or have a job and probably isn’t very concerned about voting, not being able to manage basic life skills. Young people with proper IDs (and jobs, homes and cars) often don’t want to vote, feeling the system is insane in its present state. Does the author actually know any young people? I wonder.

    Many colleges don’t offer a good education. If you can only afford one of the lesser institutions, you have to learn on your own, Oh my god, not spoonfed. If you didn’t intern during college instead of waiting till graduation, you’re an idiot and won’t do well anyway.

    If you haven’t got the skill to assess your student loan repayment plan before accepting the money….!

    Paid internships are out there. Google and Accenture are two excellent ones.

    Boomers aren’t responsible for someone’s stupidity.

    College students have to make very careful choices. No longer can someone choose a career on a whim, enroll in school, get a loan and trust for the best.

    I know some very successful Pluto in Scorps.

    Sorry for the harsh tone

    • oh, sigh.

      now for some harsh tone.

      you are locating systemic problems within the individual. sure there are some very successful pluto in scorps. there are some successful and fabulously wealthy people in each generation, that’s the way society is structured.

      some societies view the wellbeing of their young as a collective responsibility. a novel concept in a dog-eat-dog laissez faire economic paradigm, to be sure, but one i support.

      • No, it’s not the way society is structured. It’s raw guts and determination. And intelligence, aptitude and willingness to work towards a goal. Society does not shape individuals; individuals shape society.

        The world is not facing challenges because boomers are evil. It’s facing challenges because that is the cyclical nature of the world.

        Succeed or whine. It’s your choice.

        • I actually don’t think the article is demonizing boomers as evil, in fact it points out that Boomers intentions were always genuine. If anything I see it as part of the conversation about adjustments we need to make over the realities of present society and economies. We certainly can’t say that each generation hasn’t had it’s share of challenges, some of which can be shared across generations and some of which are unique to each one. Every age dealt with something the other hasn’t.

          Raw guts, strength, and determination are definitely a factor, but it’s also a reality that not everyone has that by nature or can hope to attain it either by training or environment. We hope for that, but things happen. Not everyone is strong, even if they want to be.

          I think the over all message is really just to look at that gap which does exist and consider what can be done about it. In fact, this may be a unique opportunity for each generation to work together with less polarization than before, even if there’s always the usual expected grousing from the older about the young and vice versa. After all, the older people nowadays aren’t as “traditionally elderly” as before, and younger people can display startling maturity.

          We all evolve or we all die, and if we can accept what is, it’s a first real step to making a brave new world together.

          • The present state of the world is far more than a generational gap. The young people dealing with educating themselves in a way that will yield productivity for themselves and the world — old ways and ideas won’t work now — can’t sit around and wait till things are better. The P in S’s succeeding NOW are an amazing group and deserve better than to be dismissed with the idea that their success was handed to them. It wasn’t.

        • I’m not so sure that “raw guts and determination” fully describes the character of every person in a paying job. I’m not even certain that all people i’ve worked with show “intelligence, aptitude and willingness”, either, or maybe not all in one go. That’s not to say i haven’t worked with amazing people. But i do wonder how many have faked enthusiasm or anything else to get a job, how many have lost it along the way, and how many are struggling with under-the-surface issues. It’s a bit simplistic to say that these people don’t deserve the right to earn their own living. It’s a very human workforce.

          • “I’m not even certain that all people i’ve worked with show “intelligence, aptitude and willingness”, either…”

            So true!! 😆 You get all sorts.

            I’ve had to fake enthusiasm on a few occasions. And most recently in an interview I made no effort whatsoever. Hence no call back.

            It’s hard to fake it when you’re having a Pluto transit. I just wanted to say “look can we cut the bullshit… I just need a job to pay the bills like anyone else”

            • I think faking enthusiasm is fine, we all need to sometimes in order to get on with it. But I’m not talking about enthusiasm – some people seem to have little idea but are very enthusiastic.

          • There are people who fake it in my office.
            I was the student whom people contacted because they hadn’t attended classes and do not know how to prepare for exams.
            On the job it never ceases to amaze when people above my position gift me things – bday presents, trips to vineyards, latest has been a gift for my office as a ‘welcome’ by person who also offers to take me out to coffee every second day, free dinner for two, etc. No thanks. People find out what I’m doing and then later they’re suddenly working towards the same goals and their boss loves their (MY) ideas. This is the crux of my Pluto square Sun lesson – how NOT to be a doormat.

            • Do you mean that they’re giving you things so that they can in effect buy your ideas, then sell them off as their own?

              • in my new job, people seem to befriend me because their boss asks them to do something difficult that they don’t understand so they take me out for lunch/coffee and ask me how i’d do it… or they ask me what i’m working on and then suddenly they’re into that too, whereas it never occurred to them before. it’s either that they have no idea and can’t think for themselves, or they are into me but in a weird way that is unclear to me. it feels like it comes down to somethings technical that they should know how to do because they have more experience than me and it’s the same feeling as when i was a young student.

              • lol and i don’t actually think they’re into me, i think it’s more that they see me as knowing wtf i’m doing (whereas i’m actually just learning). this has just been in the last couple of months in 2012 so perhaps it’s about the zz.

          • Raw guts and determination is what I’ve seen it take to be a very successful Pluto in Scorp with the way the world is now. I didin’t mean all people in all jobs.

  18. Pluto in Virgo here. I’m not sure the dire predictions of this article are right. Eventually, Pluto in Scorp will come into positions of political power and will adapt policies to their needs.
    That said, for today, it must be very challenging for young people up against the headwinds of 20% or more unemployment, particularly if they are still searching for a vocation. I have some lovely Italian friends who have spent the last year on working holiday visas in Australia because they couldn’t get work at home. It’s an optimistic and fruitful use of time, no?
    I don’t have kids, but I have a few Baby boomer parent friends. And their adult kids are at home not because they can’t afford to leave but because they are mollycoddled and have been brought up with an expectation of wealth that is unrealistic, both in terms of the $ and the amount of work that is required for all but the very lucky/talented to get it. One young adult recently turned down an internship because it didn’t come with an iPhone, only a salary. Obviously, not all young people are like this, but it highlights another wide and in this case, intra-generational divide.

  19. Hey the most hilarious synchronicity today – i go into a mega mall & they’re doing a Sixties Fashion Trend promo so cue beatles tribute band – a bunch of older gents in Sergeant Pepper outfits doing beatles songs, a prop of a giant record player – they were playing Here Comes The Sun

    Two bitchy gen x pluto in virgo points – i live in a city with tens of thousands of talented musos/bands doing original, contemporary cool work. Stale qi much.

    Or, as my daughter said after i finished explaining what a turntable was, “if they’re going to copy a band, why couldn’t it be lfmao?”

      • Fantastic. Maybe those guys are some sorta mass hallucination; a boomers-model Shakespearse’s ghost. I rarely get to the city these days as I’m in Biz hermitage but I did take the kids to the local festival fringe opening parade a few weeks back. They appeared in that too.
        Been listening to so much Sargent Peppers and more recently the white album.
        Title track Back in the USSR rocks. A 144 BPM psytrance tempo, Lennon playing a 6 string bass, Mccartney on Drums. Same for the next track Dear Prudence. Ringo apparently had a hissy so they just swapped everything around and made that brilliance. love it.
        They are like ‘keypoints’ of the story of that Gen.

        • urh..howler….Spelling… * Sergeant…some people dis spellcheckers but I reckon they are great. Except when one like that gets thru.

  20. I watched my boomer friend inherit their parents fortunes and then squander
    it! Started to believe inheritances should not be, that the oldies SHOULD spent it at their advanced age, but alas it was the times that you worked for your children to leave them a house & finances well saved as they has been thro’ the depression.
    Was an only child brought up by a frugal Scottish Kataka Nanna, who would make my coats, dresses and tutu’s even and lovingly prepare my feet with metho to harden them for points, rub freckle removal cream on my nose of a night, juxtaposed by a Scorpio self made money queen Mother (nouveau riche) who gave me accounts at all department stores at the age of 14, and sent me to beauty salons. Imagine the confusion it caused me :-)
    Ooops reading this has me believing i as raised a princess, oops again.
    But it allows me to manage the feast or famine way of self employment and will need to earn an income until i die. My grand parents left me a ‘very very quick trip around the world, if you just had 3 overnight stops’ and mother a fur coat, amber beads & a quartz crystal egg.
    Jeez what more could i want after the actual skills they left me plus having a Jupiter-Sun conjuct, a Moon-Libra one and a loaded 8th house
    that knows all about inheritances, DNA ones!

  21. 3 times as much rent as when Myst was 20?
    It’s now 20 times as much as when i was 20, the time one moved
    away from the nest, after 4 years of apprenticeship, Tech school, Uni
    or just employment, it was a granted that you had a place of one’s own,
    mostly shared.

    It’s going to be Sci Fi future. More carrying wood & chopping water needed :-)

  22. I’m a Pluto in Libra person. We hit Uni at the time of the early 90’s depression. I have done every sh*t job going, except delivering Pizzas. I used to clean toilets for a living :) A lot of my mates stayed on part-time at Uni for years, as there were no real jobs to go to.

    This is not to feel sorry for myself, but to say that I don’t know HOW kids these days do it. We were 6 or 7 to a house, living off Mi Goreng noodles and tomato sauce (so you don’t get scurvy)… I can’t imagine how kids these days are surviving… Especially here in Perth, rents are such that even two people with professional jobs can’t manage.

    Perhaps they’re all staying at home, but among my group we had people with abusive backgrounds who simply couldn’t stay at home… I wonder where those kids are living now ? Probably in a cardboard box.

    • There are options – I moved down south and started studying externally. I refuse to live with people (I’ve done it for long enough to know that I’m not a good housemate) and Perth was just so utterly overpriced ($300/week for an unrenovated 60’s studio in a suburb full of junkies?!) that I moved down on a whim and just haven’t left yet. It’s not cheap to buy but realistically a single person can’t afford a house anyway so why worry about that? Plus I’m pretty sure I live in the most beautiful place in the known universe.