This Storm Is What We Call Progress

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Nathan Jurevicius

With Mars Retro it can seem like we’re NEVER making progress but actually – we are.

The astro-weirding now is insanely contradictory   – it would be great to just pick a team and stay on it for the duration, don’t you think?

Like – I’m on Team Jupiter and you’ll find me at the Tapas Bar tonight, sampling the new Blue Devil Hoochie Juice Release & seeing my friend’s band…

Or I’m Team Neptune and i’ll be surfing Theta Waves tonight, I’m seriously shamanic and indigo these days.

Or I’m Team Mars and I’m heading back to the gym for the 2nd time today only this time it’s just purely abs and a stretch. Then i’ll return home and launch phase ten of the ultimate ‘get all life shit together’ scheme.

BUT no, we’re doing it ALL – though some of us are more sensitive to some astro-influences than others.

Two More Things:

(1) The Daily Horoscopes for Tues are up – attempting to isolate the most important astro-factors for YOU.

(2) Step away from the henna, the home dye job, the scissors…Even though the Full Moon in Leo vibe means your hair IS an existentialist crisis.

You know, when i was a child, i somehow confused exorcist with existentialist. And then i went to university with that mix-up intact. Awkward.


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52 thoughts on “This Storm Is What We Call Progress

  1. I’ve been feeling Mars in Virgo intensely as soon as it went retro. I have Virgo rising (sextile Venus and trine Neptune) and also Mars in Virgo native and I’ve been enjoying greatly!! My moon in cancer always ends up making me feel lazy and chaotic. I thought the retro would make me even more lazy, but nope! Two hour workouts, planning my work in my time planner a week and a half ahead. Stationary fetish has also increased. I do not mind this productivity at all!! (:

  2. That explains it. I feel like I’m bouncing between Team Pluto, Team Uranus and Team Neptune.

    Team Pluto is well, once you’re on it, it’s like being a citizen of France isn’t it? They just never let you go. You’re owned forever.

    Team Uranus snuck up on me, one minute I’m sedately (well, my version of sedate) going along then the next thing it’s like everything has a current running through it.

    Team Neptune came last – or so it seemed, except I am now non-stop dreaming of my late Latin Piscean mother vis a vis work and vocational dream musings.

    I am taking my cues from last year’s practice with the Rotational of Lovers, I can do all three at the same time, is fine and is how it’s meant to be. Maybe it’s the New Trinity? for me that is 🙂

    • Yes, right, do all three, why chose?
      Hey i have been known to be in a yoga pose with cigarette
      in hand, totality a paradoxical juxtapostion.

      • Here Here…. have been doing body balance with a cigarette too… very bad neck and shoulders at the moment…. and then thinking “How discusting and stupid” when i’m trying to improve my health and fitness!!!!

        • Hello, Ladies.. mind one of the fittest men I met (though he didn’t quite look it) was a Manchester cop whilst I was on holiday in Fiji. He helped me with my snorkel mask as he stood there with a cig hanging off a lip, then we had to do a long hike after – he barely broke a sweat.

          I’m pretty certain 80% of his body fluid was made of alcohol, and I wondered if he worried about catching on fire, but no, he was all good it seems.

    • On Team Pluto for life also…..
      Have to say, Pluto changes are down to a molecular level. Even my bones feel different.

    • I wanted to comment on this too Pegs 🙂

      Well both are philosophical… one adopts the view of a better world, a bigger picture a deeper way of looking at things and may be found hanging with coffee and compadres in discussion.

      The other.. well, it is found in the optimism or ultimate despair that brings about a purging of something no longer desired, be that a habit or a way of being no longer supporting life.. sometimes that involves green projectile vomit and sometimes it doesn’t 🙂

  3. Saturn conj Pluto , no worries…sat sq mars , easy….sat opp sun, ha!
    Mars retro sq asc, Shit, shit, shit…I have no answer for the drag I’ve felt since the retro.

    • by sounds of it dave, whichever of the other mutables is your asc – gem, or saggo – there’s heaps of other pressure going on there – nn’s, southnodes (ie eclipses on both), not to mention all the pisces crap of late opposing- chiron, venus and now neptune. Like you said the other day, it’s a big T square whacko going down for anyone with much mutable happening on significant points like ascendants, much as the OUTER planet transiting T square is hitting the cardinals. If you have heavily tenanted mutable square, opposition, or T square natally, double or triple that effect. besides, if it’s squaring your asc then is it transiting your 4th or your 10th right? Mars retro in either is blechhhh IMHO, as you either feel under the gun re conditional approval (career) or unconditional approval (home)
      oh, and given you jokingly referred to yourself as old bloke the other day, are you, like me, of the generation that has uranus and pluto natally in virgo, being pinged by the mars transit ie with all the rebellion and desire sucked right out of you by the mars retro, or fermenting but unable to explode yet? whatever, hang in there, frere…

      • Thanks so much fi, yes I’m gem rising but maybe a little older than you, let’s just say 50 something, similar to Madge, Michael and Prince, ha! Uranus in early Leo , Pluto in Virgo so yes I have just had a mars, Pluto conj, maybe headed for another? Must look into that. The most common response from people in my business etc has been, gee, great idea, can I get back to you about that ? Grrrrrr. My wife and children the other day remarked how my most commonly used word of late has been imbecile. Yes, not very nice but I am surprised how many people I’m noticing have an iq of less than 70.

  4. Oh my God! Yes!! I’m feeling it all!!
    I feel nervous actually. Anxious and maybe a bit scared. It’s too much!
    I really wish I could just choose one for the moment hahaha.
    Too many endings,new plans and cool projects. That’s the cool thing (Sun in Gemini)
    Also lucid dreams and psychic moments like crazy!!! uf! I’ve never experienced something like this.

    PLUS I’m libra rising, so Saturn is kicking my ass ! waaa

    • I’m just guessing but I think what Mystic means by Henna is ~*risky hair experimentation~* so I don’t think it counts if you do henna all the time & know the ropes ehehe. I miss henna-ing, I found it so soothing to have grounding earthy fragrant mud on my head 🙂

  5. Feeling the Mars in Virgo vibe bigtime. Neptune-transit guy helpfully rocked up out of nowhere yesterday (thanks for the heads-up in the weekend scopes, Mystic). I despatched the fuq-off communique, aiming for clear, assertive, raising my standards, setting boundaries, but non-drama queenie. Something along the lines of ‘show up sans wife or go away for good’. Hope Saturn doesn’t morph it into some kind of whining rant. Yep, I’m living the cliche. Sigh.

  6. Im on team mars and working it. made list of current projects whcih there are 8 gave each a power word and it shall be done. No time for bad boys just head down bum up.

  7. heyyyyy, my hair WAS facing an existential crisis just this morning, suddenly it just decided to be terrible, its been magicly wonderful and perfect yet low maintanence lately but just today it decided to mutiny, good to know it will probably pass

  8. Maybe that’s what’s “off” with me. I seem to have unwittingly given more attention to team Neptune. I’m bored already with Mars in Virgo to be honest. Maybe it’s because I have it natally or maybe it’s because I’ve got it opposite my Saturn? I dunno know, but in the end I can only speak for today. And today I’m honoring Neptune by going to a fabulous exhibit of women Surrealist painters 🙂

  9. Finally Mars has taken control of the ship. Neptune is in the cabin napping. Prior to Neptune going into Pisces, Neptune was in charge! Lovely and messy all at the same time.

    But now, Mars became sextile to my natal saturn, then retrograded while there, and is still in sextile. YES. Getting so much done. I feel so much happier with my home. The best part is what I have done is lasting!(saturn) Finished a retaining wall, skateboard ramp, landscaping, finished my burn piles! YEP! Also moving money, doing taxes.
    Now Mars is going to move out of this sextile, but the good news for me is it will happen again when Mars goes direct. Loving this triple action. My virgo venus and rising are eating it up.

    Jupiter…just get an itch to travel sometimes.

    • Little man Pisces sun with Leo moon got his wish last night. I bleached/peroxided his hair and it is a stunning pale yellow.
      He LOVES it. You should have seen his face. He is the most Leo hair feeling of the 3 of us Leo moons here. He said it was awesome and I did a great job. He was beaming. I hope the kids at school compliment him. It does look good.

      I have thought of being a hairdresser. I already cut our hair and now dye! It would be such a left field job for me…lol

  10. i’ve been in a&e all day to discover i have a sever case of chicken pox!

    can’t tell you the things I have had to cancel this week

    deciding to become bionic after this
    team mars all the way may

    • oh no! You’ve never had chickenpox or is this shingles? @_@ so scary. I’ve had chickenpox thrice and can keep getting it. so weird. get well soon!

    • Darkling Ms! Quelle horror! The Pox is the ultimate hide-in-a-cave illness – however, it is PERFECT for staging an amazing come back. I do hope it’s not making you terribly ill and yes, I will sound superficial but do arm yourself with the best fade/scar creams you can avail yourself of.

      Adult onset chicken pox is a fuqer with scars! I think you hide away yourself away with movies, mags while you reconfigure your new bionic wardrobe. I mean, it has to be flame proof right?

      • Oh dear doll. Remember when the eldest, then 3yr old bub had it. I was drying her in the bath and noticed I wiped these blister type things off. The first thing I did was call Mother. She confirmed in a heart beat.

        One time in high school I had to talk to my friend through her widow…she had bubonic plague!

        Get well soon luv. x

        • Aries father got the chicken pox when 38….he was miserable but survived like we all do..

          Kataka doc got the Measels at about the same age. I didn’t seen him for a month. It’s illegal (of course) for a doctor to come to work sick like that.

          Then again just this morning had a massage patient who coughed several times and didn’t bother to even attempt to cover her mouth. I asked if she had been sick lately (I was irritated…)

    • thanks all. seriously kind. I am on serious immune love come tomorrow even if I do look like I have the plague. I’m here solo cause I am stubborn and vein but put the word out for some hands when needed.

      this all happened when I came of my hormone pills. crazy shit. i am tempted to become an immunologist after this. but I know I would not have the patience to be a dr.
      ( no pun intended)

    • That is…..not fun. Wow. Good luck with that. It will be ok. One day. Again. The moon will start waning soon for itch banishments.

  11. I’m actually liking this retro mars . Even though it’s causing way too many run-ins for Virgo moon to process……I like it when I don’t hold back or bite my tongue. Its very cleansing.

  12. Team Uranus all the way. I want to paint my kitchen a wacky color like lime or electric blue, I’m salivating over tropical flavors and Aruba sands, I feel like I’m carrying my own inner summer around with me (it’s winter here in US). Uranus in Aries just adds a kick to being different, and I want to follow its trumpet-y call wherever it wants to go. 🙂

  13. Biting my tongue so hard it is almost falling off. So grumpy today I feel like ripping someones head off. I think I am on team mars but should defect to neptune. Hope this does not last till mid april. Was fine till today. raaahhhhh.

  14. Team Mars and Team Jupiter.

    Three jobs (my own hours) (and school) to show my stunning versatility of work to snag seriously lucrative new-type work when degree obtained Plan: On schedule.

    Engaging in viewing fruit porn sites lusting after sapodillas and chocolate sapotes and wishing dragonfruit were in season, while also purchasing stuff, stuff and more stuff: Yes.

    Dear Neptune, maybe I will feel/acknowledge you in June or something. Don’t feel lonely, When you hit my 4th house full of my moon and venus and circe, I am sure we’ll be friends.

  15. Totally Team Mars lately. Have gone on a MASSIVE cleaning/decluttering spree. I got rid of five or six bags of dishes last night and it feels great. Neptune is creeping itself in there too though, what with the newfound astro interest and the re-interest in my tarot deck.

  16. only washed the mane after a few days of deserved beach time; rinsed salt/chlorine/sand/sunscreen out along with Neptune in Aqua.

  17. Oh my…
    I can’t believe this.

    1) Everytime I have classes, before a prof. comes, i hear colleagues blabbering about exercise, pilates, gym…
    Every day. Before every class.
    They’re even discussing about protein and food intake with some random prof.
    2) I check your site now and then, When I checked some infos now and thought about my activities of last few days…
    Since friday I stated going into one alternative club, spending afternoons/evenings there in an unordinary, but comfortable enviornment. Mostly alone.
    I went there and am still going there, doesn’t matter if I’m going alone or with a friend.
    And I’m not the only one.
    3) More alternative, more shamanic. Omg. Yes.
    I’ve replaced metal growls with primordial sounds (sounds of planets – btw, the sounds of Neptune is amazing, the most beautiful)