Neptune In Pisces Is Like A Drug

Vintage Russian Mermaid Movie

Neptune in Pisces is like a drug. It accentuates all things Pisces, Neptunian and 12th house. It means heightened psychic powers and a stronger addictive undertow.

Pisceans, Pisces Rising, Moon in Pisces and strong 12th House types are already mood-swinging more strongly.

They’re maxing out the decadence, or they’re in seclusion. It’s a Bacchanalia to overthrow outmoded bourgeois values and talk Jungian crap all night or a Hermit trip.

Pisces is naturally extreme, and Neptune in Pisces exaggerates their innate tendencies.

This either-or equation is playing out daily, with each extreme felt vehemently.

Champagne & brie or super foodie vegan activated buckinis.  Up all night doing Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, Space Dust and Dreamweed or up at dawn to do asanas & meditate/run.

Working like a fiend, flogging the adrenals with caffeine or flat out on the couch drinking oxygen infused water and listening to binaural beats.

It’s the new split level personality of Neptune in Pisces.  Although it’s true, some of you have always been this way. It’s just that now you’re finally in fashion lol.

Image: The Little Mermaid

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LOL….pisces sun, moon, mercury, mars, chiron, and the last one i cant remember through sleep deprivation due to too much caffeine…i havent done this in years!!! yikes!!


I have Pices as my rising sign and I have been getting my fitness well up there and a huge diet. Losing weight and f
eeling pretty good….


Pisces: such a feminine sign. Could not imagine being attracted to a male Pisces. Unless he was a deep sea diver or luxury-fishing boat owner.


That’s good, really good. You are right. How could I? The ole Venus in Pisces made me do it. 🙂


Was in love with double Pisces for seven years. Well, they say everything changes every seven years. He sent me an email when I went to visit my son , who I had not seen for three years because my son had been in Army and overseas, and it was really rude and vulgar and I haven’t heard from him since I returned to our city. I give up because I do believe he hits the pharmaceuticals under the guise of research a lot and is more than a split personality, more like a multiple. Truly I am quite heartbroken,… Read more »


Neptune in 12th conjuct ascendant in scorp trining chiron moon and saturn all conjuct in pisces. Been hiding for the last week, soul searching, crying, indulging in any substance i could. Dark cloud fogging my mind.. Today i feel a bit more positive and the lethargy seems to dissipate, I even took the clothes off the line from last week!! My bestie (cancer with pisces moon and ascendant), lover to be I hope, is the same. After 3 months of spending most of our time together disapear off the radar for the last week, ignoring my few attempt to reach… Read more »


I am so freaking psychic in useless ways. Lots of musical messages, intuition, or precognition. Shower powers. More usefully, I was reading to a Pisces Sun under the Scorp Moon and several of my comments came straight out of her dreams. Many excellent confirmations for her. A lot less moody than Neptune at 29 and stationary Mars. It’s nice to have some steady water, not just the short transits. I’d been giving the asana and detox flow to Mars-Virgo, but the Neptune ‘sea legs’ make sense. Definitely flogging the adrenals. The seclusion and oracles are longtime constants, but are notably… Read more »


12th house stellium here… words because this is so accurate. I’ve been trying to go dry (give up alcohol)and cut out all the people who either hinder my dreams or whom I’m not significant enough for. Sike, if I was really doing that I would’ve left my employers….which I can’t. I still have much hope in this New Neptune though (maybe its my water sun), I can already feel the shift.


As for psychic weirding, that would be my dreams for sure. I feel as if my psyche is trying to scream something at me but I’m not getting it due to the daily annoyances of this retro mars.


Oops, this is me!


Yes it’s been work, work, work for me. Been liking the extra hours. (money! lol) but comunication has been really wired and super confusing at work lately. And that gets me p!ssed. Yes my split personality really shows at work, since I work with kids. I will say in a nice voice “hands to your self!” Kid didn’t listin and kncoked another kid down, so I raise my voice and get in his face “I said, keep your hands to your self!” And then later this other kid at the end of class in front of the director desides to… Read more »


Kelp?????Kelp me kelp me, i’m drowning?


read somewhere that mermaids, angels and fairies will be most in fashion.
vampires, not-so-much.


Don’t forget the OWL’S also…..


Have no Pisces in my chart but have always been attracted to them.
I feel like this split-level persona now and it feels fresh and liberating.
Feels like my Cancer ascendant is getting it’s bitch on and my Leo Sun is like, “okay but let’s look really fabulous and wash that hair for eff sakes.”

(No, more positive than that. “Go wash that great head of hair you inherited from your grandmama and do a nice style”)


I LOVE THIS. This is going to be the era that MAKES me. I can FEEL it. I BELIEVE it! Can you DIG it???


Yep! Me too……


“We are happy with ourselves, just for who we are because most of the times we don`t know who we are, It is to foggy…”

i like that a lot


Pisces rising – dreams are out of this planet, suddenly got into a purple-frenzy: throw pillows, curtains. I had to take a break from pilates, next week I reset my classes. I think I will love Neptune in Pisces more and more.


You have no idea how closely that bottom pic resembles my life right now (I’ve been trying to draw mermaid pics for the last week or so – emphasis on the trying :o). Am flitting between the tow realms at the moment albeit in a moderate manner (leaving the typo as it seems more fitting lol). Dragging myself to exercise every morning – thanks to Mars retro for the ability but not the will. Lots of time spent in other dimensions attempting to ground myself along the way. Challenging for a 12th house type where the north node is currently… Read more »


Am a split personality with very different cap sun and Pisces asc, Saturn 12th hermit, especially to get work done efficiently and venus in aqua even more distant, have Venus in aqua neighbor and we both know instinctively that if we see either if us adroitly striding to our cars that we don’t have time to chat but it’s safe to smile and wave hahaha wired but fun 🙂


aurora lights

Littlefish/lionmoon/seagoat rising

Yes! I know what you mean. I am opposite though, Pisces Sun Cap rising with Venus in Aqua too. Trying to make sense of it all

Piscean Closed For Renovation

Oh Mystic!! YES. to both pictures and all of the words. At last, pisces hits the headlines. or not. ah whatevs xxxxxxxxxxxx


the 12th sign 2012…ahhhhh




Okay, look, I HAVE to ask this….. WTF is blue-devil hoochie juice anyway?


alcohol 🙂


but no particularly devilish hallucinatory concotion of said above?


Absinthe maybe, although me thinks it’s a more mercurial tipple – being the green fairy and all 🙂


Owning this era, tbh.

rebecca graves

Ok Astrology peeps! i have Virgo Rising at 6 degrees, Pisces Descendant at 6 degrees, I have Jupiter in Virgo at 0 degrees, Mars in Leo at 26 degrees, and my North Node in Leo all in the 12th House. Does this mean that this Pisces energy is going to strongly affect me as well? Because I am a quiet, secretive person by nature that doesn’t easily let down me personal life to others only until I feel completely comfortable around them.


p.s. I feel left out!!!


I do too. Nothing in Pisces or 12 house


Hmmm,I can’t say I’m feeling anything in particular – nothing in Pisces (except Chiron), nothing in 12th house.


I’ve got Pisces Venus/Rising (1st House) and I’m totally feeling it this week! It added a crazy whammy on monday with the moon moving into Scorpio because of my Moon/Pluto (8th House). I so wanted to stay in, slack off and just lay on my floor all day doing nadda.

But I’m ready to embrace this damn crazy transition into Pisces… cause I’ve been feeling like a comedy/tragedy routine lately lol

Nina Rose

Ha! I’m Pisces rising & I just feel more “me” as Neptune is in my 12th. The dreams are fantastic & I’m psychoanalysing myself & everyone else around me more clearly. I love this transit like no other.


Im capricorn with Scorp rising ( I think, I think I kind of worked it out) – so how come I’m feeling the brunt of this? (Im an ignorant planet gazer) I am SO split personality Right now (not like me to have ten different moods in one day) I’m manic! Up down, around around, sensitive to too much chatter and light and movement and certain people and my stupid boyfriend doing stupid things I irrationally react to… and I know Im being irrational but I react like a banshee anyway! “suck it up!” I say to said annoying trigger… Read more »


I’m having wine and brie cause I can’t be bothered making a proper lunch. I should be working or studying but I’ve already spent the morning fighting with my computer and I just can’t be bothered with it anymore.
It just started raining so I guess I’ll watch that for a bit.
I think I’m stuck in the limbo land of your extremes. Not actually doing anything but wishing I was.
I’m in outer planet square city at the moment, I think the end result is immobilisation.


I do wish I had Leonard cohens new album on vinyl to play whilst doing wine/cheese/rain thing. That would certainly tip it to the decadent side.


Using red wine, orgasms and meditation to manage my raised cholesterol

Fuq them it’s working!

(Pisces Sun, Asc, Mercury, Jupiter and loaded 12th)


You just described me, in a nutshell. I’m not a pisces but I am VERY glad to have Neptune re-enter Pisces. retro in Aqua felt plain weird.


Hmmm. I only have moon conjunct neptune in my 12th. And I’m actually way happy at the mo. Not sure if I count though as no pisces – both in Sag.


Soo true!! Pisces rising with Sun and Mercury in 12th..I am on a strict ph balancing diet right now and have disavowed Facebook..I just cannot tolerate the emotional flogging anymore…viva la Neptune in Pisces!!

catfish moon

I love it. Strong 12th house here with my moon in 12th trine my neptune in 4th (being a kataka my moon is really felt). Work work work….then fun fun fun. Feeling peaceful, productive, content.

Yes, have always been this split personality type.

The big feeling I have right now is that I am waiting for something to happen….but what??? It is an odd feeling. Like I know it is coming, but I have things to do to fill my time, but what’s coming is waiting on me to finish these things up anyway…..
Bizarre feeling actually……


I know exactly what you mean..It’s as though I’m in a vestibule waiting to be allowed into..something, somewhere…it’s a positive feeling for me, however..


Heh I’m really enjoying this. Sounds exhausting though. I’ll have to visit me Pisces mate and see how he’s getting on, And I can’t begin to imagine how my sister (a Pisces with the “astrology is complete crap” attitude) is possibly coping. Tee hee. About time you lot woke up. We’s bin waiting.


Yes, yes, yes AND I just hired a dvd by Richard Dawkins called The Root of All Evil. Which he claims is not money but fundamentalist religion. What? REALLY? Hehe… Can’t wait to watch it and maybe leave lying around when I visit my fundy folks’ house next. 2nd thoughts better not , it is only hired and they might try to burn it, like with matches not with software.

Have become increasingly on guard about all psycho-spiro narcotics lately. Perhaps part of the mutability is between the fool and the sage with Pisces?


I’m one of the lazy Pisces and felt oddly inspired to start using my treadmill a few weeks ago AND ordered Just Dance for my Wii…….maybe this will be good! I do have an energy running through me that needs a physical outlet, is that mars in Virgo?? I dropped 10+ lbs just from the electrified anxiety/awareness already,lol, now just need to tone it up 🙂

spacedout pisces

All of that is gaspingly bob on, apart from the running bit!


ok.. I am feeling in line with post more than anything I’ve ever read on here. I am loving every minute of this new neptune in Pisces era. I feel like I can breath and stretch, also accepting my personality has been easier than ever, I was a curled up little sleeping kitten and now i’m stretching and playing all of the time. As a leo with aquarius rising and a Pisces moon I knew that this neptune transition was going to really change things for me. Its got me believing in magic and myself. Plus I love pictures of… Read more »


ooooo. ** ..**… this is the perfect song to go with this ****


dude, this is so crazy! last night i went to bed at 5am,too, after a day of insane physical/health stuff. i’m 27 and i’ve never gotten this crazy or worked out so hard so easily. its nuts


Pisces sun (Feb 19th) and Pisces rising (22 degrees) here and the mood swings are in full swing. Thought maybe it was partially hormonal but it’s reminiscent of when Uranus hit my sun 8 years ago for it’s “fun” visit (I’m surprised I still have family and friends, lol), but on steroids……feel another spiritual awakening coming on big time, been pretty secluded and definitely consulting trusted astrology websites more than usual to figure out a “mystery” that started end of last year, even though my “gut” knows what’s going on, just don’t trust that something so crazy could be real.… Read more »


My sun and mercury are in my 12th house so I’m a bit of a recluse anyways, but really feel like people are projecting their Neptune/Pisces crap on me big time and it’s safer to hide right now 🙂


i feel ya, do you have anything in scorp? i have sun/merc in 12th too (but scorp) and have also been trying to “figure out a ‘mystery'”. ha,


I have my moon and Neptune in Scorpio. I’m always trying to figure out mysteries, but this one’s VERY important 🙂


I just figured out that Pluto started it’s square to my natal Saturn, which will soon have a visit from Uranus, back in December……I’ll stop blaming Neptune for feeling like crap 🙂 Four major Pluto squares in the last 8 years (while Neptune was in my 12th), I’m exhausted! Looking forward to beginning something rather than having everything blown to bits….they are empowering once you pick yourself up off the ground and dust yourself off though, it just takes a month or two to recover and figure out who/what needs to go 🙂


LOL! I have worked like a demon all week (trying to get everything out of the way before uni starts) but today I woke up & didn’t want to go to work. So I didn’t. My housey was visibly concerned when she saw me on the couch at 9.30am lol I NEVER do this. My Cap Moon will not allow it. Went for a walk in the park with no shoes on & was uncontrollably giggly when the wind blew little flowers off a tree into my hair. Left them there until I got home. Have been organising Mardi Gras… Read more »


PS – Is anyone else not seeing new blog posts etc? I can see them on my iPhone but not my MacBook? MacBook seems to be working fine with other sites?


A-ha! You are onto it lady! Thanks : )

La folie

“was uncontrollably giggly when the wind blew little flowers off a tree into my hair”

Tee hee. I giggled when I read that. So cute 🙂


Haha I live & work in inner Sydney so I barely get to see trees let alone wild flowers lol My mini rebellion didn’t last long though. Succumbed to urges to be productive & spent the afternoon/evening sorting out uni stuff & going through work emails. At least tomorrow is Friday – Best day of the week! : )

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