The Capricorn Personality Is Timeless

African model in pink ballgown running in the desert

The Capricorn personality is timeless and take-anywhere. They’re the sorts of people who would thrive at any era of history and in any echelon. While there is a variety of Vampire Grifter Capricorn, the majority use their powers for good. Pluto in Capricorn until 2024 is augmenting their strengths.

From my Astral DNA birth chart report:

Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn Sun people embody the power of perseverance and of working alongside Time, rather than against it. They are adept at  climbing  – as in seeking high office or rising above what used to be called ‘your station in life’. The Mountain Goat, graceful and relaxed as it scales the steepest of heights, is a symbol of Capricorn. But in ancient astrology, the symbol for this Sun sign was the Mer-Goat, a mythical creature. Old earth magic runs in their blood. There is a wilderness in the Capricorn psyche. Low Vibe Capricorn becomes a creature of regime and raw logic, no whimsy, no frivolity.


They’re Cardinal Earth. The Capricorn personality is an alloy of initiating ‘boss’ mojo and grounded pragmatic earthly powers.


Image: Dario Catallani 

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12th house virgo

“There is a Vampire-Grifter variety of Capricorn but he/she is rarely sighted. Saturn is SUCH a strong ruler to have that Caps don’t want to fuq up. Lower Caps get to do it real hard…”

Wow – not only did I spot the rare one but I dated a Vampire-Grifter Cap! Well, Pisces with Cap and Mars (in 12th) rising. He only sees himself as Pisces, lol.

aqua lion

Don’t get Caps. No offence to Caps, but I just don’t get them, or why anyone would want to be one. The famous Cap’s that get quoted: David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Kate Moss, whoever, all just leave me totally cold (Orlando Bloom is the one exception). I don’t get them, I don’t get why other people think they are fab, and I definitely don’t want anythng that they have got. The only Cap I have got is North Node in Cap so in theory one day I will become a Cap and embrace this inner Cap-ness. I hope this day… Read more »

natalie le

Honestly, you have yet to meet me.
But if you have the lion in you, that’s not really cap compatible.


Ha, I heard that one years ago Pegs…funny


Cap rising & Venus sure keep my Sagginess under control now i need to get serious about the rest of my time on the planet…..OR wander off again
around the world & do never ending ‘airport’.
‘Damn my ship came in & i was at the airport ‘ 🙂


All my great loves and significant friends since early high school have been very strong Caps. I have Sun-Saturn conjunct (in Pisces) plus Cap moon-Lilith-Juno-Eros. I do feel like I draw them to me like some giant Cap magnet. All have amazing cheekbones! The Caps I’ve known are all status-driven but not in a bad way, and they all have different ideas of what ‘status’ means – money, intellectual achievement, making a difference, family. It’s who they are. And yes, all obsessed with time. My favourite way to annoy my Saturn in Cap partner was to switch all the clocks… Read more »


Thanx for all the intricate work for us. Guess it’s been a bit of a trial for YOU. Smooth as now though.


I’m like Messy Leo, always Cappy’s are my weakness and yet there’s so much that annoys me about them. I think they do their sign so well, its as if that Saturn will not let them get away with anything else in their chart, they HAVE to be super Saturn Cappy! As to Tilda, well she and I share the same d.o.b. Don’t know her time but I’ve always seen her as Aquarian (her alien looks that I do not find attractive and her relationship) but I love watching her in movies. I wonder how close we are in personality?… Read more »

La folie

“Saturn will not let them get away with anything else in their chart”. So very true!!!
No short cuts, no cheating, no “lucky” breaks, nothing landing in our laps… everything’s achieved through bloody hard work.

Cap Asc


Aw shucks, thanks Mysty Pants. I have been engaged in conversations regarding my integrity for three days now, (well, it started three weeks ago), so very nice of you to remind me how much we Capricorn’s rock ‘the right thing’. x

Yes, I proudly wear the Cap badge, staunchly believe we are the most badly PR’ed sign of the lot, and love love love Tilda, I’ll happily have her in our club.


I am totally hot for Tilda.
She is my all time big ‘girl crush’
She is so androgynous,beautiful and alien.
LOVE her work….
This photo made me laugh because moments later in this scene she gets her wings blown off and she looks a little worse for wear, but still GORGEOUS.
Kinda like my life imitating Art at the moment….just saying….

harp + eagle

I have lovely Capo-ricorn friends. I love the word Capricornian. But I met one Cap last yr who is/was/contnues to be probably – very insecure. maybe it’s Pluto transiting Cap. I figure the other factors play a big part and perhaps he wasn’t playing to his Sun Sign at all. I avoid this jerk at all costs now. Luckily my haute cap friend of 5+ years and her Cap friend I met through her are both ACE and I took the other experience as one of those things in life where you meet people and become friends but it has… Read more »


Well why wouldn’t you if your sign got such a overwhelmingly positive write up. I would lay claim to that as well. No one wants to admit to the bad stuff.




I have only felt Capricorn in recent years. I spent most of my life like water… influenced a lot by Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising…(inspite of Capricorn Sun, Merc, Jupiter, North Node). In the last couple of years, I have embodied the Capricorn. It’s like it has always been my ‘body’ but I’ve lived in fluidity outside of it. The recent Pisces Renaissance blog is interesting, but I’m not relating as I feel like I have boundaries for the first time. Feeling suddently powerful and vocal instead of totally incapable of separting other people’s stuff from my own. Probably my first… Read more »

12th house Leo

Just love all the Caps in my life beginning with dear nana, sweet husband and friends. Very loving, calm, protective. Totally self-sufficient and resourceful. They tried hard to make the routine part of life more pleasurable. Their quiet cheerfulness is so appealing to me. And what workers! Cap rules my 5th house and Pisces the 7th. My husband was Cap sun with Pisces rising. Has anyone heard that one’s partner’s sun sign is often the same as their 5 house ruler; and the same applies for rising sign and the 7th house? Just curious about the law of attraction.


All I’ve got in Cap is my midheaven. But no planets in there or any other Earth signs. Earth signs perplex me, especially Virgos (who I butt heads with all the time, in family and business scenarios alike).

I’m all Air and Fire!

catfish moon

surrounded by caps and saturn people.
I have saturn conjunct sun….I own it.
Knew one low capicorn…ugh. He was egotistical and insulting. ugh.
The rest have been mellow, intelligent, calm, productive.


More power to Capricorns. 😉
And shame on Virgos,they have perfection-wielding powers,and half of them claim they are typical! No wonder world is such a mess 🙂

LemonFresh Leo

Oh Tilda in Constantine! How I love thee!
I am Leo sun with Cap moon and rising. I always make sure to tell people that with emphasis on the Cap part. I rarely wear my hair down and prefer to wear dark colors. I get very frustrated with people who are loud and don’t consider how using “axe” instead of “ask” makes them look.


I THOUGH ICE CUBE WAS THE ONLY FREAK WHO DID THAT?! but really, it’s all about breaking away from the prim and proper and posh WASP image. it’s a statement. a stupid annoying aggravating on, but that’s the point




Cap rising here too.

I can’t stand people who say “AXE” either. I don’t understand where they get that from??? 😯


The Caps I know do their sun sign VERY well. Even the ones who aren’t into astro KNOW their sign and are proud of it.


Loved her in I am love film. Never met a crap cap, love caps especially to work with. When going gets tough my cap always clicks into full gear and handles whatever. Have Saturn rising, sextile sun, conjunct Pisces asc and chiron with ok cheekbones


aurora lights


really? i guess she does (tilda) whats her mars like though. I though she was quite martian.

Relate to the military thing, totally.

Messy Leo

I’m curious to learn more about vampire/grifter Cappy. I’m consistently drawn to, tangled up with Cappies (like before I even know their birthday), but they always seem to be low Cap (users, addicts, too wrapped up in their own problems to function). I keep hearing about how disciplined and successful Capricorn is, but somehow I always meet/involve myself with the wrong ones (Cap south node).


Well there you go luv..SN in Cap…not saying all, but some power trippers…

NN in Cancer…nurture self , give more love to others as well..Fill your bowl as they say and let it spill to those who are hungry…x


Yep my ex was a power tripper cap, not a pleasant experience. Ruthless is the word I would use.


Ps. Would like to add I have met loads of caps lately and all have been lovely gentle people and I don’t judge a sign by one person. Think he would be that way no matter what sign. So please don’t be offended any caps 🙂

Messy Leo

thanks Sweetpea


And yes Tilda got some strong Cappy goin’ on there…she has denied herself even some boobage….. 😆




maybe it’s a statement though? ‘i will be a famous and successful woman without ever having to be famous for what women are supposed to be and i will be loved for all that too’ ?


Yes, I was just jesting about the pix, above.


I have a Saturn/Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn too! Mine’s in the 5th! I’d love to know what it means!

equilibrium girl

Ummmm, well actually, this Cap Sun, Merc, Venus does a bit of the Virgo thing – “I’m not a TYPICAL Cap” because I find ppl have horrid expectations of me as some cold-hearted materialist disciplined over-achiever… I guess I’m very old school prim in a lot of ways (okay, so I want to open a finishing school because I hate ppl who have no manners, who don’t appreciate good spelling and grammar and who don’t try and dress/ speak well regardless of financial situation) BUT I’m not a capitalist/ success-junkie in any way shape or form. In fact, just before,… Read more »

equilibrium girl

Mind, I first got into astrology because as a child, I felt my family where horridly class-less and when I heard that i was something called “Capricorn”, it just sounded so clean and elegant and regal. I actually wanted to change my surname to Capricorn because it would distance myself from my family. (And I also changed my accent to this pretentious mish-mash so no one can ever pick where I’m from…)

But this was me as a kid. i was a very Cap kid!!!


I actually find people surprised that I am not perfect. (whatever perfect means).

On my part it is not intentional but however they perceive me and my Cap parts, they must sum it up in comparison to where they feel they are failing…

Which on the one hand may be true 😉 and on the other,


Interesting EG. For some reason I thought your were a Libra with a name like that. As to the Capp thing. Although I’m a multiple conjunct Scorp (in the 10th) I identify much more with my Cap moon and Asc traits. Yes, I too have the cheekbones and “militant” diet plan (mainly because I’m allergic to gluten and booze.) But contrary to what people think about Caps I am not acquisitive in nature. I’ve never been attracted to men simply because they had money either. Am I in denial too?

equilibrium girl

Hey GeorgeS, I’m a Libra rising! With Sun in Cap and Moon in Cancer, I needed to find balance hence I call on my ascendant! 🙂


I think most books give the wrong impression. In my opinion Cap doesn’t stand at all for capitalist/succesjunkies etc. Not even so much that they want to reach the top (classic example of the goat climbing) I know several Capricorns very well. They all loath the abuse of the powerstructures happening right now. They even seem obsessed by it. As a child I felt very lonely and misunderstood as a Pisces between a family of Caps. My first reason for loving astrology is that I learned all types of people are needed. Now I’ve really grown to appreciate them. A… Read more »

jessie mo

maybe you were born on a monday. emotional day.

Venus a-go-go

I would have agreed with you, until today when an now pushed to the boundaries Cap proclaimed/asked whether taking a picture of his balls and posting it on tumblr would make him ‘tumblr famous’.
Ignored for being, well, not classy.
Oh Tilda, what would you do?


not classy AND to top it all off not hipster enough, he’d be forgotten for showing his all in milliseconds. its a tough world out there O_O


“Miliatary” reminds me of general George S. Patton, 11/11/1885….Virgo Mars on cusp of 4th, Scorpio Sun, Cap Moon in 8th. One site says, “he was born to take no prisoners..His stated ambition as a boy was to be a hero, a warriror. Considered by some to be the greatest military commander in U.S. history. Thomas Callanan reviews how he fulfilled the potential of his horoscope”. It would seem he lived an authentic life according to his stars. I can relate in the sense that I too have Gemini rising,, Mars angular and Cap Moon in 8th, Pisces MC. I take… Read more »


p.s., my Mars in 12th just shy of Asc…his Mars opposite MC…why it was more external for him..


I loved this woman in the movie constantine . She effectively played a questionable sex. I particularly liked the scene where she put her foot on Keanu shoeless. pretty sensual. virgo moon talkin? do think she is a motor starter.


I LOVE her in Constantine too. She oozes androgynous sensuality and the way she says “I will smite thee” ahh heaven. What was the question?!? lol

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