Retro-Mars Sends The Supportive Virgo Nuts

Steven Klein

Hi Mystic,

A while back I ordered a consult from you, in which you informed me that Mars flitting back and forth over my natal Sun and Mercury would render me an honorary Aries for a bit. Since I don’t have an ounce of Aries in me and my natal Mars is not particularly strong, I was curious about how this would pan out but your consults have always been spot on, so I put my loved ones on notice!

I think I already told you about my loony idea of having four teeth ripped out in one bang. When the stitches started to bother me and the dentist wasn’t available, I just took them out myself…that hurts…don’t try it.

So after this experience (and Mars getting off my Mercury), I thought I’d learned my lesson, would recover some Virgoan sanity and calm the fuq down. Apparently not.

Since then:

* I have started a new exercise regime that MUST be done at the crack of dawn and is not valid if I haven’t lost half my body weight in sweat.
* Woke up a few days ago before sunrise. Instead of going back to sleep, like a normal person, I felt smug at the thought that I had beat the sun and did a work-out.
* While working out, I saw the sun rise and actually said, out loud, “Oh I see you’ve decided to join us”…us being me.
* Don’t ‘do’ food cravings anymore. Food contributes to energy levels, if not, it is sludge and should be re-labelled as such. The Minister of Health and whatever needs to do something about this. I need his/her email address.
* Am suddenly baffled as to why people faff around with ‘fashion’. Everything looks hot on a fit body…right?
* I LOVE CAFFEINE…AND WRITING IN UPPERCASE! It’s not shouting, it’s ENTHUSIASM. If I want to shout at someone, I’ll pick up the phone.
* Have realized that dropping the vowels out of text messages is not butchery of the English language, but super-efficient and a great evolutionary step forward.
* Have got into a screaming match with a driver, who’s slug-like speed caused me to miss the break in traffic to cross the road.
* Won the screaming match.
* High off the win, I’m now taking on slow pedestrians too. If you insist on sauntering, move to one side. We need separate lanes.
Would that come under the Ministry of Transportation?
* Have had a close friend suggest the short-term benefits of tranquilizers.

Apparently I now write in bullet point too.

So is this how a native Aries or Mars in Virgo person feels ALL the time? I have to admit it’s freakin awesome! When my Mars-trip is over I might need to date or employ an Aries coach to keep up the momentum.

Thanks for the warning!

The Supportive Virgo

Dear Supportive Virgo,

Yes, you’re on track with this transit for sure. We ARE ALL honorary Aries with Mars in Virgo now. Or Virgos with Mars in Aries types. Caffeinated, details crazed, more caffeinated, sleep is for losers, fast-tracked steep learning curves re the details mania.

I feel like i should actually apologize for not putting everyone – including myself – MORE on notice with this Retro Mars in Virgo thing. It has not happened for, like, 40 years or something but it’s like how bad could it be? Well, it’s like a Mercury Retrograde on speed, quite frankly. I think this is because Virgo is the sign of Mercury. 

The Zap Zone impending – already in motion just adds an extra hard core evolution of global paradigm edge to things, you know.

Knowledge is no longer power. It’s just dead information. EFFICIENCY IS POWER.  This is the Mars in Virgo mantra. Efficiency of social life (no timewasters). Efficiency of Metabolism. Efficiency of Time, Space and Motion. Efficiency of Everything. Efficiency Of Efficiency.

Fun, yes?



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“So is this how a native Aries … person feels ALL the time?”

No. Aries people have lots of practice at being Marsy and if they are at all good at it, or civilized, they have some self control.

There is no need to shout. Being direct is Aries enough.


Absolutely…Me thinks Mars in Aries co-worker don’t think I get it. I’m an Aries..of course I do…but buying it (her behavior) is another thing…and no, I don’t buy.

Think you may be stongly Saturn influenced as me as well Shanti?


Supportive Virgo think you are an honorary Aries…. As a kid I always pulled my own teeth. Or shall we say, “worked them out” with a twist and a tug…eventually. It was a labor of love in front of the mirror tho I don’t remember being consciously vain… Someone wanting to place a string around my tooth and then around a door knob then “wham”…no, I don’t think so. Whatever is coming outta this Aries head must be in my control…we’re outta control enough 🙂 …But more than that, as Aries rules the head…the thought of that was frightening! Of… Read more »

bull and the butterfly

natal sun at 21 conjunc mars at 26 virgo! this list DOES sound like me most of the time, minus some of the analysis of it… too impatient for finishing lists, more action than analyzing. or giving up the analyzations after a while to think/act freshly. anyway with mars retrograde right over my sun, i bumped my hip into my [metal!] doorknob like three times in a row, HARD, because i was power walking instead of Walking/ looking at where i was lol. i felt so frustrated for a while there. like i was somewhere in between pushing and pulling… Read more »


YEAH Virgo Mars rx does feel like Mercury rx on speed!!!! The confusion with communication at work. My lap top fell, and my screen got messed up. Just got it back yesterday and good, and it was no charge. Yeay. Also I’ve been taking extra hours at work…I usually get to sleep in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, (plus weekend) But for two weeks.coming in every day at 8am. And one day 7:30 am. One day in the morning I looked out the window and saw the full moon…wth is wrong with this picture, and why am I up so… Read more »


on the bright side though it’s a 4 day weekend for me…and I want to do something eventful. I really want to find a spa to go to… never really been to one before.


Just love this. A little relieved I’m not the only one!


Never mind the bollocks, i’m about to go retro Mars on the whingeing hypercritical Virgo Sun i’ve been saddled with at work. B!#@& asked to work on my project cause she thought it’d be a break for her. Now she whinges about all the work she has to do and gets cagey about her time. Not sure why she thought my project would be an easy ride… i’m mars in capricorn… insulting. In addition, she’s always negative and undermines the bosses. I love my work and I love my bosses, they have my respect. And my Sag Asc Jupiter and… Read more »


Wow. Just read Pisces weekend horo: i sure am living that one.

So sorry to put the bitcherel out there. Gotta feel it tho not squash it so that this too shall pass.

*dives back underwater*


Yeah..was super excited for this transit but….nothing has gone to plan…in fact it’s like ive taken ten steps back. Ive gone from a super organised, waking up early, ambitious happy student/girl to whiny, fatigued couldn’t care less about my studies work dodging u-know-what.
Did do a green smoothie a day for a week and half and then coouldnt even continue that :(….thougt my health would benefit from this transit but sadly no 🙁


im jealous of all the people making the most of this mars transit-i was all revved up for it after reading mystic’s horoscopes for this year and then came down with glandular fever – and then some kind of viral fatigue, and ive only just managed to get out of bed and its almost over !!! 🙁

venus a-go-go

Ok. So *I am gearing to possibly buy a house. Long story . Inheritance that dropped out of the sky, kinda. Not that scared. It’s a good time for it to happen. Seen a perfect place that’s a little out of my price range. Redoing one’s budget to see whether I can make those numbers sing. *No time for people playing silly buggers. Oh boy, are there some, btw. *Exercising every day and keeping a food diary. Good results are finally happening *The MD of the company is coming down to talk to our dept and our dept alone. People… Read more »

Scorched Earth

Or an adventurer.. working with divine timing!

Sounds like the universe is showering some positive mojo go-go .. so go-go get yourself some!!

venus a-go-go




Venus a-go, what house is your Sun in ?

Is Jupiter conjunct your sun right now?

Piscean Closed For Renovation



my personal heaven would run on efficiency. If it wasn’t for my venusneptune I think I would be a robot who lusts after scheduling as some kind of fetish. I hate that we have regaled utilitarian and efficient as lesser meaning for more grande things. It’s probably ominous that I am currently working on my adrenal glands back to a natural state with my awesome no caffeine/yeast/sugar/gluten and all vegan diet. I am totally detoxifying and learning to master (get that NN action in yes?) my details from start to finish. The cleanse has been from all lifestyle wardrobe friend… Read more »


I heard an interesting radio program on the downsides of ‘efficiency’, wish I could remember the details . . . The general gist was that very high levels of efficiency maintained over long periods of time lead to vulnerabilities to do with resilience. If for eg, you have a factory and everything (and everyone) is functioning at the upper limits for optimum efficiency and something (heaven forbid! quelle horreur!) go wrong. The result is complete chaos as every finely honed specialist doing their tiny bit gets thrown completely out of whack and they don’t know wtf to do. I don’t… Read more »


I don’t understand… I’m Virgo, Arise rising, and I’ve never felt more that the wind has been taken out of my sails. Days at a time in bed, eating terribly, not finishing ANYTHING career related, holing up at home and being utterly antisocial. This is the least me I’ve ever been and it’s extraordinarily disconcerting.


Totally off the planet. Not even a spellcheck!!


Scorpio Sun/Aries Rising. I HATE this Mars Retro. Since the 23rd of January my life which was chugging along nicely, almost perfectly actually has been one long struggle and the perfect skin that took a lot of money, time and trauma to achieve is now covered with cystic acne again. I’m blaming Mars Retro because I literally went to bed and woke up covered on the 24th and being so very Martian a Retro period is going to effect my appearance and self image. Also my career has stalled and my love life which was on the up for the… Read more »


Mars in Virgo is retro on my 1st h/12th h. it drives me mad at times but l try to handle it as good as l can :))
l started pillates at home and l took up a dance class
yesterday l had a thooth pooled out !! oh well it went good no pain l feel fine…i did wanted to get out of the waiting room at some point…:) didn’t want nobody taking anything out of my mouth but l’m glad l didn’t!
l can’t wait for it to get moving though!
l’m looking forward to april!!! yay!


As a Virgoan, dealing with my own little chaos as a result of the astral shenanigans going on right now. That really made my day… I’m going through many similar motions right now, having just come home from a month long tour and yeah I’d say I feel somewhat more firey than usual (24/08…got cusp?) for certain..

See you all on the other side, this is quite a new moon we’re gearing up to :p

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

I also had a Mystic consult and similar ‘temporary Aries’ thing. I have been highly irritable, fuqwits are such slow assholes, people at work who are clearly incompetent shouldn’t be doing the job at ALL, yelling a lot, you get in my fuqing way at your own risk (to be honest it means risking death), etc etc etc. And Mars over my Mercury, wow oh wow, DANGEROUS!!!! My verbal skills are biting already (Gem Mars) and this just oooooomphs it! I’m alternately ambitious, impatient, stubborn and of course correct, or else curling up in bed under sheet/doona/blanky/whatevs (that’ll be the… Read more »

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

And all that planning that goes on with it is super slow, effing slow with the retro biz. Fuq this retro crap. I analyze enough already, going over things (due to the re-analyze, re-whatever) hasn’t helped. I’m trying really hard to not lose it at work, as it’s part of my genius planning to be at my best in the few months prior to my leaving them, which is pretty damn super. Hearing confirmations from co-workers is just icing on the cake, coz I already know I’m doing great. Of course, I’m noticing even more what’s inefficient and why the… Read more »

plutonic gem

Fab, yes, I seen to have harnessed the mars in virgo energy well and im not freakin on anxiety, I just get more done, more deeply relaxed, and go for it more w goals and good things, I still feel but I’m not controlled by these feelings, and my heart has more space to act. Since mars went retro my exercise regime has settled and pribs more balanced, like I don’t feel terrible if I miss one day, but I do if i miss two days. Planning is my new entertainment, and some escapist reading for pleasure is keeping it… Read more »


i really don’t know if it’s because Mystic predicted it and it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy, but since Mars has gone into Virgo i have suddenly developed a take-no-prisoners attitude to work and have been also applying this ‘tude to personal relationships. have also gotten way more bolshie and involved in activism. YAY. seem to be scoring some huge goals and work is definitely on a good track, evil co-worker who has been trying to harass/bully me has been dealt with and is on the outs, i’m being groomed for management (it’s my third week, first real job) it’s all… Read more »

Taurean Love Expert

Checked my transits in Astrodienst the other day to see why I was so damn jittery. Retro Mars is bang on top of my Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Virgo. And Uranus is bang on my Saturn in Aries in my 10th.

Caffeinated, detail freaking, power tripping, empire building, carb cutting, core-crunching… Oh yes, it’s all there.


TLE i love your handle… lol.


powerful stuff x


“Caffeinated, details crazed, more caffeinated, sleep is for losers, fast-tracked steep learning curves re the details mania.”

check, check, check

Aqua Ramette

I’m sleeping less, waking up early, currently doing a bootcamp and am working like a fiend. Sounds great, except that my usual confidence at work seems to have done a runner… I keep feeling like an incompetent fraud who is bound to be found out sometime soon. I’m an Aries rising – is that why the Rx Mars doesn’t entirely suit me?


Moon/lilith conjunction in Virgo and mars in Aries. I’m throwing away junk, cleaning like crazy, and exercising like mad….but no crazy diet. Maybe it’s Jupiter’s transit in Taurus (almost time for my Jupiter Return) but I don’t feel that depriving myself got me anywhere. I’m just gonna eat in moderation with the occasional indulgence.

La folie

I like your “everything in moderation, with the occasional indulgence” policy. Sounds good to me. No crazy diets for me either.

My Jupiter return is exact in May. I have natal Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house. Looking forward to Jupes moving out of my 4th house. 5th house will be way more fun 🙂


My Jupiter Return is happening at the 29th degree in my 5th house….I’m *praying* it will bring the excitement my life has been lacking as of late. LOL.


And I think my stance has come from my coworkers obsessing over food the way the have. I have a Leo w/ a Virgo mercury in one corner obsessing over her paleo diet, and a Libra with a Cancer or Leo moon in the other corner obsessing over being organic (she’s probably a cancer moon tbh) . It’s driving me craaaazy, and I’m a cancer sun. Lol

La folie

Hahaha… I know what you mean. Mia Freedman wrote a very funny piece on exactly that topic last weekend. Her article doesn’t make light of people with genuine food intolerances but how annoying it is when people bang on about their diet all the time.
609 comments on that post! Touchy subject.

Good luck with your Jupes return. Nothing exciting happening with my Jupes in 4th couch transit either 🙂


LMAO @ the article, and I died when I read the comments. Like you said, I understand the people who have genuine intolerances like those with celiac disease, lactose intolerance, diabetes, etc, but when people just decide to thumb their noses up at certain ingredients, such as carbs,(and then proceed to preach to you about it)it just reeks of pretension and misinformation.

La folie

Tee hee. Exactly! Glad you got a laugh from it.

Cake? 😆


Boom! Bang on correct (as usual). I’ve got natal Mars in Virgo and have turned into a cut-throat, efficiency machine hell bent on getting ROI for every, single nanosecond of my time spent on anything… and I mean anything. This has been brill for: * Career = I work two jobs – one full time, full on role and another freelance writing/photography role. Both are going off the charts rights now and I am plowing through work with speed & efficiency like never before. * Health & Fitness = Running has never been easier. Weights have never felt lighter. This… Read more »

catfish moon

no more tv for me either. Barely watch any movies at all.


yes, totally. this mars has been really good for me careerwise too. what house is your natal mars in btw?


Sorry for late reply, was too busy being super productive elsewhere! To answer your question: In house 1, 3 degrees, direct… have no idea what that means though!


Hmph. Not sure if this applies to me or not. Natal Sun-Pluto-Uranus-Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Aries, Moon in Cancer (wondering WTF is going on). I’m going through the most drastic horrifying life changing and liberating Pluto action I’ve ever had, starting with a bang on Jan. 6. Survival tactics include extreme stillness through meditation, a diet of oats, popcorn, coconut oil and megadoses of good dark coffee, intense spin classes… and once in a while managing to convince my favorite Super-Scorp to give me a good hard bite – strangely satisfying. Do I have Mars to thank for all… Read more »

catfish moon

I am doing the split personality thing so much. Before, when Neptune went back into Aqua, I was all Neptune. The most I have been in ages! But now am finally feeling the virgo mars more strongly. I have natal venus virgo and virgo rising…early degrees, so mars is moving all over my 1st house. Just worked for a couple of days on my house, then today woke up feeling stoned. Felt that way for hours. At the beach noticed my vision was altered….. I was sober, completely, have been for a week. It happens to me though. SO pleased… Read more »


To supportive Virgo this made me laugh. Especially this bit…”High off the win, I’m now taking on slow pedestrians too. If you insist on sauntering, move to one side. We need separate lanes.” Although the scary thing is this is my life all the time (except for the fashion bit) and I am not even one bit Aries. But this mars retro Virgo has made me really tired. Go figure?


I feel tired and sleepy as well. I think it’s because, it’s technically it’s still winter here in the States. I can’t wait til Spring. Started Spring cleaning early.


Have natal Mars in early Virgo and feel better and more independent than I have in a while. I’m very much about ME and hell with everyone else.


Is that what it is? I thought it was early Spring Fever! I have natal Mars in Virgo so, I have been running on empty since birth.




Dear Supportive Virgo, Welcome to the team. I recently had a wisdom tooth out and a 5 minute chat (re his brother who is surving leukemia on $80,000 a year drugs) with Dentist and was done in and out in 15minutes. A record time for the Dentist too, it would have been quicker, but i flinched at the screwdriver going into my mouth at first to help ”loosen” the tooth. How did you pull your teeth yourself – this would be handy to know. To add into your letter to minister fors trans. I would like all trucks to be… Read more »

Domestic Triffid

At the risk of net-diagnosis, have you had your thyroid checked ? Could be Mars in Virgo; could be hyperthyroidism… Worth mentioning to your smitten Dr 😀


Hi Domestic Triffid,
You might be onto something there, my highly intustive katakan/Scorp Moon/Sagg Rising girlfriend asked me this at boxing last night – i know my sister, and maternal Grandmother have had this, so i will get him to check it out…its on the list – along with High Blood pressure (this was suggested by my chinese newsagent who read that year of the rat people have to be careful of this this year (1972)…

And anxiety is only just starting to go … x Thank you hun. x


make that intuitive ..x

Domestic Triffid

Heh heh heh. I’m a Water Rat too 🙂

Thyroid stuff is extremely genetic. Also, wheat is bad. If you get a diagnosis, ping me on my Blog – I have a folder full of “Stuff” about thyroid, including a number of useful websites & books 🙂


Oh great news, have girlfriend in UK who suffers from this and is curretnly on ‘beat blocks” ? x

Domestic Triffid

Beta blockers. They control the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Then there are thyroid controlling drugs, which affect the thyroid directly; then there’s surgery for when the drugs don’t work. If your TSH is very low, the Dr will probably start you off on beta blockers. I do a LOT of reading before jumping straight into the thyroid drugs or surgery. Also – if you’ve recently had a baby your thyroid may be all over the place. Also, if you’re eating either soy, or seaweed (ie : Nori rolls, iodine supplements, kelp pills etc) stop immediately, they screw horribly with your thyroid.… Read more »


Yup, yup, yup. I got diagnosed with Graves Disesae (speedy ++metabolism). It was hell having everything going ten to the dozen. A specialist prescribed some weird drug that nobody knows anything much about which I took for about? 9 months and weaned myself off when everything went back to ‘normal’ and I got a period. Docs were more conservative but by that time the drug had clearly had the desired effect and I was slowed down enough to be sleeping most of the day on the weekends which was really very nice after a long time of absolutely speeding off… Read more »

Scorched Earth

What an uncanny thing to happen LInk. Hope you have the right sort of doctor/s now!!


yep. good advice. love to read more on your blog DT. Aunt has hashimoto’s disease and I have some kind thing still under investigation. more auto immune. x

Scorched Earth

Indeed it is! I have my onn version of it. All from my dad’s side and all related to the women.. his sisters. It’s also throat chakra and I’ve worked on mine from that level too. The thyroid also houses the para-thyroid glands. These 4 guys (2 either side of your throat) assist with vitamin D absorption/assimilation. Sometimes that can be in the mix too. Everyone is unique so I’m not suggesting anything. An Endocronologist is the expert and should be consulted. What I don’t recommend.. is having a thyroid biopsy without local. I have. Hmm.. shitty surgeon (who suggested… Read more »

Domestic Triffid

I have never come across an endocrinologist who knew squat about thyroid issues. They must be out there…. but I’ve never met one. You’re better off with a specialist GP 🙂 Stop the Thyroid Madness (the website) has a Forum, the Forum has an Aussie section (assuming that you’re Australians :)) and if you contact the Moderator, she’ll give you a list of “Thyroid Friendly” Doctors in your area. The same service is available for other countries too 🙂 Its an excellent website, but concentrates on Hypo, not hyper thyroidism. Oh and unfortunately, yes, its associated with the menopause (and… Read more »

Domestic Triffid

Also, blo*dy excellent book – for all types of thyroid problems “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal: A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism” by Dr. Datis Kharrazian

Goes into the autoimmune basis of Thyroid diseases and covers nutritional approaches that can help (although, sadly for many of us, not replace medication)

They’ve just brought out a Kindle version – its heavy going, but of all the books on Thyroid issues I’ve read, its the most comprehensive.

Domestic Triffid

Oh and you don’t need to buy his supplements 🙂 Not that you can get them here anyway… The info on gluten and autoimmune responses is gold. Also check out Mark’s Daily Apple for a good, clean diet 🙂
(And he has a HOT body)


awesome awesome awesome
thank you

Domestic Triffid

Not that I have a bee in my bonnet about this…..

Scorched Earth

LOL. I don’t think too many really ‘get’ the thyroid. If you find someone that works for you you and you see results then you work with them. I’ll check out the site 🙂


“Everything looks hot on a fit body.” So true.

catfish moon

I know! I love it. Been definately thinking the same lately.

Scorched Earth

Always has, always will.. but where is my will to achieve that these days. I’m not getting even a trickle of that vibe flowing my way and I WANT IT (according to the above post .. that’s just enthusiasm.. trying to will it into being :))

Domestic Triffid

Caffeine. Check. Ashtanga Yoga-at-dawn-or-it-doesn’t-count. Check. Food-as-Fuel. Check. ….but, despite being able to do a degree in Paleo Nutrition, seem to be eating a LOT of pizza at the moment. And am alternating coffee with champagne as a mood-modifier. Am conflicted. On the other hand, my new photography website is going gangbusters. There’s something going on here, but I can’t quite put my finger on it – that dualistic Piscean thingy perhaps ? Anyway, apparently I am about to meet a Mentor/Cheerleader/Supporter who will no doubt make all lucid. Or maybe lend me their second home in Denmark. Or Portofino. Here’s… Read more »

Scorched Earth

I can relate DT. I’ve got some things working brilliantly (and seemingly effortlessly) and others sitting there as if tapping fingers waiting for me to garner mojo to get to ’em.

It’s all ebbs and flows right now with me and hard to pinpoint which will be which.

Congrats on your website!!

equilibrium girl

So why am I sleeping longer and loving it, eating more yummy indulgent foods and not freaking about how it might pad out my bony bod, and going on long relaxing strolls instead of power hikes as per usual??

I think my retro Mars in Virgo has gone retro. I’ve somehow wandered into contrary world and am watching everyone else go mental around me while I drift along on the stream of Calm and Uncomplicated…



Funny I too am sleeping longer. I used to wake up at the crack of dawn and get all my most important thinking and missives done before anyone else was up. (Mars in Virgo natally I guess.) But now I’m getting up late, have slouched on my daily routine of walks every afternoon and have added eating chocolate cake (gluten free) and ice cream at 9P every night. What gives??

But, I do know that somehow I’ve never been calmer in my life. Things in my professional life are working as slow as molasses but I’m fine with that too.


P.S. I know that you’ve mentioned Saturn Neck. I think I was just struck with Saturn Back. No worries though, nothing like some Tylenol PM can’t cure 🙂


Was going to write something along the same lines but you beat me too it. I am an aries with my natal mars in virgo retro. This whole transit has worked in reverse for me, I seem to have lost my impetus and am just allowing myself to drift which feels wonderful. However, the transit has made me more angry, which is something I had under control until recently.


Maybe the stork is on its way… ; )


Me too. Would my Mars in Pisces be taking exception to all this, maybe?

Only thing I am getting from all this is the pseudo-Mercury retrograde++. Or at least I think that is why I can’t for the life of me stay logged onto anything. Or even log back in again. Today, I even scored a service upgrade from the IT helpdesk.

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