Rasputin’s Aries Daughter

Rasputins daughter holding a leopard cupWow, the lives some people lead!

I never knew that Rasputin – you know, the original “mad monk,” peasant-turned psychic adviser to the Russian Royal Family pre-revolution, Aquarius etc etc – had a daughter. 

In her day, Maria Rasputin (on the right, above) was:

* an Aries

* trapped in a loveless marriage in Siberia.

* a cabaret dancer

* a mother

* an author – cookbooks & memoirs of her notorious father.

* a Lion Tamer!

* a riveter during the war.  She left the circus once they got to Miami and settled in America, living out her final days in Hollywood.

Now Kathryn Harrison – perhaps best known for her incest-memoir The Kiss – has done a novel about Maria Rasputin & her amazing life; Enchantments.  Interesting, no? 

Rasputins daughter biography

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Delin Colón

Not sure why my comment didn’t register, but I’d written that Rasputin had 3 children, plus one that died shortly after birth. His son Dmitri stayed with his mother in Siberia. When the communists took over, after the revolution, they were exiled deeper into the frozen tundra, where they eventually perished. His other daughter, Varvara, or Varya, was caught by the communists, trying to escape to Berlin, with a diary written by the Tsarina. Varya mysteriously died of poisoning. Marya was the only surviving child. As the author of a book vindicating Rasputin, “Rasputin and The Jews: A Reversal of… Read more »


OMG you must be kidding. i used to be OBSESSED with OTMA & the mystery surrounding them, have heard extremely dubious things about Rasputin, of course it’s only natural he pops up years later on MM’s site 😀
could you tell me where the lectures and if there’s a website for them? Also, does anyone know where the diaries have gone?

Delin Colón

The lectures are primarily in Europe, as Rasputin’s great granddaughter lives in France. You can see a lot of information on the site:

The dubious things you heard about Rasputin were primarily gossip aimed at defaming him.

Aishah Macgill

I will be reading this book for sure. Have had in the past a bit of a morbid interest in Rasputin. Will be interested to hear his daughters story.


i’m getting pictures of the omega from carinvale…


Lion taming outfits are hot. Curious about Maria’s mother, she bonked

Piscean Closed For Renovation

i’m sorry, incest memoir? wtf?


That’s what I thought too but call me old fashioned


yeah, I hope it was a fictional memoir. gross and disgusting


ok, read more about it.
Not a topic I’d read about.


However, a book about Rasputin’s daughter sounds more my speed. 🙂


It’s my dream to hold a baby lion cub.


The leopard cubs are distractingly cute.

I recently patted lion cubs in NZ. But they were older, these are just babies!


Thank you so much Mystic, after reading the Night Circus – Erin Morgenstein and it being unputdownable (new fiction btw) i am at a loss as to where to go next…this seems perfect. x (Life seems heavy at mo, am forcing a shift that is taking a toll in unforeseen areas whilst trying to bend/stretch time to my advantage).


Excellent – the library has it on order, reservation placed. You know i’m bxing twice a week, and bootcamp once a week, and about to start hot yoga on a sunday evening….however what i feel like i really need is a) an army advisor to help me with this new routine (the one where i am 1.5 hours in the car for school x2 drop offs, 3 days a week and b) a counsellor to let all the stupid sh*t that wakes me up at 4am and canes me for not doing anything ”properly”. Think i should take a leaf… Read more »

Piscean Closed For Renovation

wow fleecy, that’s a lot of time for school drop-offs. sounds like there’s no car pooling or school bus options where you are?

what do you mean with the 4am wake-up for not doing anything ‘properly’? sounds like you are doing a lot of stuff properly. x


Thanks Piscean Closed for Reno’s. Not really anyone in my area to pool with unfortunately, its also a special needs school, so alot of children with high needs, i would be unable to return the favour with car room with the little ram also travelleing with me .. bummer – and its 1.5 hours in morning and 1.5 hours in arvo so i can only get in 3.5 hours work (as a gardener) ..argh… I decided at the clothesline, to let it all wash over for now, its only for a year (eek), then i wont be driving to opposite… Read more »


Oh Yeah, Chicka Chicka, Checked out Astro.com transits.
Chiron square Saturn
Chiron square Neptune
Mars square Moon
Pluto conjuncy Jupiter.

I feel much better, after reading the personal scopes taht started off … ”Facing the Depths””…
“”One of the most unpleasant influences of all …”

Hallelujah for not going insane ! I can work with this now .. it does hint i should be in some kind of Therapy / Therapies …excellent news i seriously thought i was spiralling out of control.

Anyone recommend any good podcasts taht double up as therapy sessions ?

Tootle Pips


It’s my understanding that those interps are taken from Robert Hand’s “Planets in Transit”, which I have. I’ve never minded his interps but some find him heavy..


Hi Schweets, little heavy, thats true, and feels sometimes like the writer is meloncholy. feel much better after .
reading its not just me cracking up.


Thank you Oh Wise One xx (watched Agora last night on your recommendation Mystic, fascinating but brutal, new religion spreading like disease, heartbreaking and well worth the watch. xx


ha, yeah, guess it’s just my own heavy Saturn that can relate to the shits…~he~

But I have read that stuff and gone…uh, no…that ain’t quite me at the moment..

I know I’m trouble only when I’ve lost my joy and inspiration. x


Maria lived out her days in which Hollywood ? THE Hollywood (CA) or Hollywood, Florida ? I’m asking because I’m from Miami, and am familiar with the surrounding areas (i.e. H’wood) as well. Interesting life she had, either way !


Just visited friends in Miami Beach for the first time.
There’s some kind of magic there. In just a few days I felt seduced by the balmy weather and nature/glamour thing.

Can you give me any insights ?

Melanie C

Oh my goodness! I agree! I went to Miami Beach for a friends Bachelorette Party and was initially a little reluctant to go, frizzy hair issues etc. Anyway long story short, it was amazing. Magical! I love the place. There’s definitely something good going on there.


ooooh an aries liontamer? why didn’t i think of that? i forsee a new career direction

but maybe project management is the same sometimes




😀 just maybe

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