New Release Leo

Ah yes Leo, the wind in your mane & the sweet smell of….what IS the scent?

Could it be success?  A sane love life?  Inner clarity?   All of the above? 

Anything is possible for the Lion King-Queen once Neptune gets off your case in a few days time.

You know, every now and then a Leo writes in to tell me how shallow and bimbonic i am being to link Leos and Hair.

“I’m all about great art, generosity, music and the radiant heat of a good life well lived,” says the Leo. “I believe that children are the future, in community values and that only i have the power to change my life.  My hair is incidental to who i am. I’m not even vain…” Etc.

I get it. But as a Full Moon in Leo builds from now – exact next week – watch out for peeps going suddenly flippo over their hair. Let’s test the Leo-Hair Linkage.

Your field observation notes here please.

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106 thoughts on “New Release Leo

  1. New leo lover has a GORGEOUS crop on top which she wont show in public unless it has been preened . Covers it with a cap for chrissakes! Is certainly providing some sane lovelife for me, seems to be mutual. Puurrrrr ….

  2. Leo ex lover used to get very tetchy if I (even wrongly) made any perceived slight any of his hair.