New Release Leo

Ah yes Leo, the wind in your mane & the sweet smell of….what IS the scent?

Could it be success?  A sane love life?  Inner clarity?   All of the above? 

Anything is possible for the Lion King-Queen once Neptune gets off your case in a few days time.

You know, every now and then a Leo writes in to tell me how shallow and bimbonic i am being to link Leos and Hair.

“I’m all about great art, generosity, music and the radiant heat of a good life well lived,” says the Leo. “I believe that children are the future, in community values and that only i have the power to change my life.  My hair is incidental to who i am. I’m not even vain…” Etc.

I get it. But as a Full Moon in Leo builds from now – exact next week – watch out for peeps going suddenly flippo over their hair. Let’s test the Leo-Hair Linkage.

Your field observation notes here please.

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106 thoughts on “New Release Leo

  1. 😯

    My Leo Mancat is OBSESSED with his fur, can’t get enough of himself! Leo pals are OBSESSED with their hair, they’re all blondes too! 😯

    • My mancat, birthtime unknown, is obsessed with his fur. Baths all the time. Wonder if he is a leo.

      • 😯

        Maybe! 😀

        OMG! I was only commenting the other week while watching the Aus Open that Roger Federer has the BEST hair ever and he is a Leo?


        • Yes if birth deets floating in cyberspace are correct, Federer is a multi-Leo with a grand trine fire (it forms an actual triangle in his chart, the first time I’d seen this in a class). his scorpio moon could be his wife, or he hides this scorpy side, maybe that’s why some people seem to not like him for no reason???

          Did you notice he wore a red nike shirt in his game with nadal (I think it was)? I thought for sure this leo with scorpy moon wearing red will win this game!

          • 😯

            How could people not like him?!? He is an exquisite tennis player and says the most kindest things. I did watch the match and was hoping he’d win, he looks great in red! 😀

  2. Love it!
    All of it! The photo is fabulous and the letter is so Leo.

    I have Leo moon, as do two of my children. Hair????OH yes thank you very much. Been getting compliments left and right, for awhile actually. Cut my hair about a month ago. Different and I like it! I usually only have two hairstyles and this is a variation. But naturally my hair is thick and It is usually very long. It grows fast.
    My daughter has very long gorgeous wavy dark brown hair. She’s 10 and does it in all kinds of wonderful ways. She has been pulling out some wonderful dos lately. braids, two buns on top!!!
    My son, he truly feels the leo hair connection. The boy has had so many hair cuts styles. Now he is into dying. Just yesterday he had me google ways to make your hair grow longer!!! HAAAAA! boy is he feeling it.

    I say, own your hair link Leo letter writer.

  3. I think I’d like to claim honorary Leo status on account of my current hair obsession as well as intense desire for a sane love life, inner clarity and success. I have nothing in Leo at all, only a moon at the very very very last possible degree of Cancer.

    Come to think of it my love life since 1998 makes more sense from the point of view of a Leo moon rather than my Aqua ascendant.

  4. Always wanted huge hair but alas, inherited the fine and few end of the gene pool. Like the burnt toffee look this lion has gone for, might try to emulate him.
    My sis is Leo moon and rising and she got the hair…

  5. My ex shag buddy, Leo Boy, was always commenting about his hair in photos of himself – “My hair was great then. I really liked that cut” – or would make comments about Chandler’s hair on Friends – “I really like his hair in this season. I look good with my hair about that length.” I never connected the Leo dots!!!

    • And it’s funny – non-astro-nerds always guess that I’m a Leo because I have a mane of strawberry blonde hair and I’m in the acting game. Ha! Nuthin’ in my chart in Leo (just an empty 11th house) :)

      • some are just born lucky like you!
        but what about your sun?
        I’ve also read mars linked with red hair.

          • how do you get the ends of your hair to do their cute little twisty thing? do you have natural ringlets (like my daughter…lucky girl…)

  6. Leo here. Sun, Mercury, Pluto, all the the 12th. One would think good hair, but no mine is an absolute a struggle. They gave me the wrong hair at birth and am obliged to put forth a leonine effort to make it look good. However, after noticing my kittie’s fur becoming so lustrous with Omega 3-6-9 I decided to try it myself. Eureka! It’s thicker, glossier, and I’d swear it’s growing in brown not white (yes, I’m an older cat). I can’t stop petting it. Purrr….

    • yea!
      Washing your hair with egg helps too. I had a friend with horrid hair who did this and her hair became lovely. Went from dry, brittle, frizzy to soft and able to grow without breaking.

      • I use egg and a few tblsps of olive oil for my fine dry frizzy mane. Off to buy henna as we speak.

        • Yes, olive oil works wonders! Now will try the egg thing, too. I am obsessed with my hair mostly because it seems to have a life all its own and I can’t control it easily (if at all..).

          And I don’t think hair is shallow. It’s but one tiny fraction of the whole (but so, so important;)

  7. I am SO going blonde this weekend!
    If I leave dying my hair much longer, an air plane may mistake the top of my head for a landing strip!

  8. I smile knowingly when I read all the leo/hair stuff on here. My Leo friend who does a fair bit of TV here in NZ has a hairdresser whose first name is the same as mine. I am constantly getting bombarded with texts from her about her hair thoughts, hair needs, hair demands, hair emergencies. I really feel for that hairdresser. My own mother is a multiple Leo and ferocious about her hair. Her whole life she has had a standing weeekly appointment on Friday mornings for the works. I think she’d go every morning if she could afford it..

  9. Gawd, I can’t wait. I’ve been praying for clarity for almost a year now and I hope to Guanyin I get it.

  10. Also, you’re not being shallow and bimbonic. It’s all about inner *and* outer beauty. Charity *and* a good complexion. Generosity with friends *through* galleries, girly drinks, and being present and focused.

  11. My Leo lover and I DO exchange morning growls.
    Usually I initiate with my (sometimes cute reeeaoow, sometimes cranky greeeeaoowww), while having a stretch, and this is the call for my Lion King to come back to bed and have a morning cuddle!

  12. Ah, how many times have I extolled the virtues of my awesome hair, thanks to my Leo ascendant. I will only briefly boast that lately, my hair is looking more awesome than ever. Of course, like Mystic’s Leo friend, this is only incidental to who I am. It’s not like I have to expend any effort to have such awesome hair, that’s just the way it is.

  13. I have jupiter in leo conjunct my ascendant. Secretly have always wished I had big hair. Like big-big. Erykah Badu big. Couple that with my aqua sun, and I wish my hair was big AND iconic.
    I also develop inappropriate hideous crushes based on big hair. There was a series of Leo-with-dreads crushes in the ’90’s. Usually the type of personality I would disdain, but would somehow become ensnared by adoration of their hair.
    Latest pop crush de jour being Jason Momoa. Leo ex-hair model. Last year I watched something like 7 straight seasons of stargate atlantis based purely on watching him and his hair. How devastating to discover that somewhere half way through he had to cut his hair because it was giving him whiplash in action scenes, and the rest of the series was filmed in a wig. How very dare they.

    • Jason Mamoa is freakin’ HOT!! I share your crush.
      I also fall for guys with amazing hair. There was this Saggo guy at work who had pretty average hair… until the day he turned up with a new hairstyle. My jaw dropped and I could barely concentrate on my work. He had moon, Venus & mars in Libra.
      I have nothing in Leo but think my obsession with hair stems from my Venus im Libra vanity 😀

  14. OH yes, despite the mutliplle virgo-ness of other things, the venus, however just barely into leo it is, rears its head in the quiet hair obsession — tons o hair products, gadgets, rather go without food than hair straightening, somehow doing haircolor at home just isn’t the same…also jumping on the next fabbo hair product first.

    leo sibling would hide in the bathroom after haircuts, hat firmly pulled down on head, refusing to come out until it grew out. now, balding, his hair obsession has been replaced by a hat obsession

  15. Yes to getting mojo back. Sociopathic is correcto mundo MM. Applying it to everything darlink and working a charm. Espesh love life- it’s a tad interesting at the mo but the litmus test is my gut feeling.

  16. I used to work with two Leo women. Leo One was a former hairdresser who had her hair appointments booked years in advance. This was the only important thing in her life and she would discuss the impending appointment, then go over the minutiae of the cut, the colour, etc, afterwards. Leo Two, a double Leo, had hairdryers everywhere – home, gym locker, office drawer, car – in case of ’emergency’. She spent a fortune on her hair and always looked amazing. I’m Leo rising and am a bit hair obssessed. Had hideous home-job haircuts throughout school and I swear it seriously affected me more than my siblings who now laugh about it, but I still bear the psych scars. I now have fantastic hairdresser who totally gets me. I interviewed a few before I found her. I would never date any man who so much as cared what shampoo he uses – most of my blokes have been number one/buzzcut guys – I would get narky at the merest hint of hair competition :)

  17. I LOVE that photo. I can feel every part of it. Beautiful.

    I only notice my hair when Ive been on the Blue Devil Hoochie and then I obsess over it, all night. Def my Leo moon striking. But now that Im a teetotaller, when will my hair receive the attention it deserves?

  18. Not a spot of Leo anywhere in my chart, but I have been considering some bold coloring options lately. When I realized that we have a nice big moon in Leo coming up next week, I made sure to go ahead and book with my ‘beer drinking while servicing’ Sagittarius hairdresser for that day. Gotta be some good vibes in there for sure :).

  19. Fuq, I’m already there. Moon in Leo/11th house. So pissed I have bangs right now. Not sure how to get my long hair to look like a fashion model’s. The ends cannot be scraggly. Like long hair, dislike scraggle. Going to invest in more product this weekend and try to figure it out. Dreaming of a hair stylsist who gets me and can just make the right cut happen. But not sure I am capable of trusting anyone on earth with my hair right now.

  20. I have leo rising late in leo, which means that Neptune is just starting it’s transit of my love life. Does this mean that I am only about to start the fuzzy confusing love life for many years to come?

      • maybe realize you control who gets in and who doesn’t

        might still be “magical,” who knows?

        :) wouldn’t combine hallucinogens or escapist substances with love life (or any part of your life!)

        • and seriously think of fiction re vampires…you have to invite them in for them to wreak havoc, so likewise you can un-invite if it looks like a bad Neptune fiasco about to take place

          • oops, one more thing from someone in process of ending this transit. this “invite” applies to new friends you let get close to you —and close to your significant other! “Friends” especially new ones under this influence can become the slippery fish. watch thy back:) tho magic still happens and new pathways open up as if from nowhere

  21. My man is leo and had super short hair when we met. I encouraged him to let it grow out a little and he has grown far more confident in himself since. More free to be himself. I think he secretly loves it when they give him grief at the cube farm over his hair.

    Also, can i blame this growing moon for my sudden urge to cut my hair from mid-back length to just below chin length? Ive been working hard at growing it out over the past 3 years but while i wait for my baby to drop all i can think about is a new look.

    • You are emerging, Indigofish. New baby, new you. I only obsess about my hair when I’m ready for an inner and outer change.

    • If you plan on cutting a large length, consider donating it to a charity like Locks of Love, that produces wigs for child cancer victims that have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

      • Good idea, though i’ve seen the kind of lengths that get donated and not sure what i have will be useful to them. Also its henna red (in great condition!). Will check it out

  22. I have no planets in Leo but confess to a significant enough degree of hair vanity but in saying that it must look effortlessly Saggi, not like it’s taken time and construction :)

    Strangely enough today I went for a completely different look, hair pulled back off my face for a change. Everyone was saying ‘gee you look pretty today’… uh-hum.. huh? Cool with a compliment.. thank you etcs.. but getting called ‘pretty’ has never been one of ’em. I was actually feeling uncomfortable with it but it was too late to change it all. Hahaha..

    Ok, so a worthy experiment that I may (?) repeat. I’m also fond of putting my hair up sailor moon style (without the pony tails) if I really want it up. Don’t wear it up much as I quite like my free flowing mess :)

    With curly hair sometimes I find the dirtier it is the better for ‘up’ styles. Unless of course, you have easy access to oceans. Salt water is brill!

    My bummer.. I want to get my regrowth sorted. Thought my appt was Thursday but called today and checked and it’s two weeks off :(.

  23. I want to be the lion in that picture! Yes I am awesome and regal and insanely cool, calm and collected and totally using the fan to get that windswept look!

    I have lots of leo but I have never really bothered with my hair, it is long (for ease so i can easily sweep it up) and blonde and annoyingly thick, it is rather ‘mane’ like. Have leo sun friend though who constantly touches and re adjusts her hair and always checks it in anything that reflects.

    Leo moon friend constantly going to hairdresser for new cut, new colour, new product etc every time i see her “do you like my hair?” or “notice anything different?” I will observe her during this full moon, i suspect she will be sporting a new do…

  24. Thought of getting my hair cut this weekend, but would be taking the risk of a new hairdresser…. eek! But also ned to spend time invigorating my Leo 10th house, big time! Maybe a haircut is the way to go!

  25. I’m a Leo Moon (plus LibraSun/AriesRising, which basically means I’m intolerable, lol) and my hair is fantastic. Long, thick, and wavy, it’s my best feature!

  26. I’m a leo and i just spent $190 on shampoo and conditioner alone… I am not indenial of the leo hair connection/obsession….

    • :) Go Sassy!! I’m now doing some loose enby on not having the resources to do that and also having to deal wtih the Toro Asc/Cap Moon inner speak that would disuade me. Love it!

        • I have a lot of virgo which probably should have been a voice of reason….. Or maybe the idea of high end cleanliness hits many notes within 😉

          • Haha.. and my enby should have been envy!

            I have a ‘typo’ thing as well as the envy goin on 😉

    • Sassafras, coulda got it for you wholesale :-)
      Buying from salons is a 100% mark up!
      Nioxin is the most expensive hair products i know of,
      and of course brilliant product.

      • Pegs.. you’re putting it out there.. :) we might all want ‘in’ on that action!

  27. well well i come back from ignoring mystics advice and making a dick of myself over a married man to find the site has had a face lift and lipo and a post on my favourite subject – ME.

    please god of leos let this be true about the “sane love life” – i can’t work out how to reply direct to this person with the $190 hair product but am i right in saying aveda?

    • god of leo’s and ‘sane’ is a complete mis match LS. Im afraid being leo we have to accept our fate that our love life will never be sane.

  28. I used to think the hair thing did not apply to me until I stopped to think about it and realised it is actually true. In fact it was just today that I had my hair cut and coloured its usual reddish/brown!

  29. I am having power-dramas at work (idiot colleague trying to make me her subordinate) and my FIRST instinct was to cultivate more aggressive hair!

  30. That photo gave me a flash of insight. All Leo’s should live in the kalahari ! Its one huge blow dryer.
    Here’s a clip with lots of hair for the big cats. x

  31. Ha Ha, Hair Hair wonderful hair, long brown strands blocking the drains, out of control boofing, man oh man I’m so so anti-boofing. I’ve used more products that I could count, and found good old Bree cream to work wonders, and good quality bath oil. So there u go Leo sisters, “the mane can be tame” just keep out of the wind”. Lol but I do love my hair, and I’m lucky to get wild wicked curls. Flick,flick. Bring on the love ?

  32. Next week is perfect timing for a new trim and color.
    Love spring and it’s fresh new makeovers.
    Also, anyone collect or intrigued by cool sunglasses too?
    Leo MC

  33. I have never known a leo NOT to have a mane of hair! Even the short haired ones still somehow have hair that seems to be very mane-like in relation to their face!

  34. gorgeous and majestic lion in pic Mystic.

    had a dream that i fell in love with my own inner nordic god and was happy ever after because he led me to my inner goddess ha ha ha ha!
    Sun conj Venus today…with fabulous hair of course

  35. I have to agree with mm’s daily email, dream life is super charged, w my moon in pisces my draaandeama life is already prolific,

    • Wow what’s that word my phone just came up with? meant to say *dream life*…. so mmmm yes entertaining to say the least and very good for my hormones ; ) …. despite some truly challenging situations right now, that are imbuing my heart with a greater compassion than before, I’m terribly excited about the new era, I feel like its what my tribe has been waiting for, and I feel so much closer to that solar system and compost toilet than ever before, like its within reach!

  36. My man-friend is a Leo but he doesnt seem obsessed with his mane, unless perhaps he secretly is. He’s a bit of a grub actually (forest activist), doesnt shave, hardly bathes, clothes washing on occasion… though… when he does shave his face and cut his (brown) hair (usually resembling a Brahmin Indian)… oh nelly… hawt hwat hawt.

    When he’s not in the forest or working he IS lazy like a lion 😉

  37. Ummmm….well, my Leo ex just set me a “let’s make amends” email cuz he appears to want my help (or for me to do the work for him) to get over what a total disrespectful ahole he was to me in our breakup. Seems like he’s kinda tortured that his “nice guy” image continues to be tarnished by all this.
    Had his email not been completely condescending (e.g. “I just need to know that you’re ok”) as if he believes I’m a sad, suicidal mess over him leaving me even tho the breakup was mutual I might’ve been willing to discuss it with him. Y’know?
    Not playing ball. Hope he figures it out eventually…maybe Neptune blowing out of Aquarius will help him figure that out on his own. It’s not my job.

  38. I’m heavily Leo, and have long (to my hips), thick hair that I mostly do not fuss with too much. However, suggest that I cut it, then you should prepare to have your hide shredded! Mostly, people are very positive about it, and I get the nicest complements from time to time. Recently, my hair was traumatized by a “sleep study”, which involved gluing sensors to my scalp;I had a terrible time getting the glue out of my hair. Round two is coming up this weekend, and I have prepared by stocking up on my favorite shampoo and conditioner, because I’m probably going to be using a lot of it.

  39. Leo 6th house at 7 Mars. My curly mane looks fantastic … once in a blue moon. The hair is a gift/curse. I no longer try to tame/straighten the curl and that is best for the most part.

  40. I am Leo w Aquarius rising and I’m totally all about my hair! I like to get very drastic with the cut and color, currently blue, purple and over 1/2 shaved off, but I don’t actually spend that much time in it on a day to day basis. Wash once a week, shave (with a strait razor if at all possible, must have a coordinated, sober helper) bi-weekly, dye bi-monthly and add tinsel hair extensions as the mood strikes. Though I don’t fuss over how it looks (the less I’m aware the cooler I feel) I do love all the comments I get from strangers and I’m always handing out hair advice. I realized just now that I have a 5 year hair plan and no 5 year life plan. Hmmmm…

    My ex is a Leo and when he was younger he had long, thick lustrous hair down his back. Sadly he began balding at 21 and decided to not be the male engineer that is balding with a pony tail. When we met e was bald as a cue ball, shaving all extra hair off above the neck. I persuaded Him to grow a beard and he has such a distinguished, thick full beard. It gives him such presence it’s amazing. He once shaved it off and instantly regretted it and grew it back again.

    My currently long distance infatuation (a cancer) has amazing hair. I fell in love at first sight when I saw his hair. He let me do it for him before I moved and we spend time Talking about our hair when we chat.

  41. I feel like that lion in the picture. Like my strength is coming back, the blood flowing through my veins again…

  42. i think this post pretty well proves that many peeps are ‘ concerned’ with their hair AND THATS OK

  43. New leo lover has a GORGEOUS crop on top which she wont show in public unless it has been preened . Covers it with a cap for chrissakes! Is certainly providing some sane lovelife for me, seems to be mutual. Puurrrrr ….

  44. Leo ex lover used to get very tetchy if I (even wrongly) made any perceived slight any of his hair.