Merde Moon

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OMG i did a post before called Dark Side of the Moon and said that i was going to call it Merde Moon but that that was too negative. Well that post just disappeared into another dimension along with all the comments – sorry – so now i’m calling it: the Merde Moon.

And so yes EVERYTHING is coming up for a lot of peeps. The whole dying era that was Neptune in Aquarius from the late 90s…Retro-Mars in Virgo adds to the fuqery – nobody is doing any overt confrontations but YES there is seething. And details mania. It’s like a gigantic Mercury Retro where you are angry half the time as well.

And the Zap Zone. But the New Moon any moment is going to be a beauty. This IS the darkness before the dawn & well, is not the clarity just sensational?

Pls come back and re-enter your comments – we can’t black-hole out a 2nd time, can we?


49 thoughts on “Merde Moon

  1. Really? This is a merde-y moon? I’m actually kind of surprised to hear that. With Pluto currently crossing my Neptune-Sun-Uranus conjunct in Cap, I’ve never felt more zen and grounded. It would take an enormous effort for something to piss me off right now, and even then, I’m feeling more inclined to laugh it off than get angry. The past 6 months for me have been absolutely awful, so now that I’m out of that, I’m doing this Pluto transit in style. There really is darkness right before the dawn.

  2. YES, Myst, your site kept coming up ‘error in data base’ for a lot of the morning, here is S.A.

  3. 8O

    I was commenting as it disappeared… 8O

    Definitely feeling this one: super challenging and a bit sad – indeed! 8O


    I also had a dream last night that I was playing basketball. Whenever the ball was passed to me it felt like a dead weight and I barely had the strength to pass it or lift it to throw it towards the hoop. It was like a medicine ball. Just super heavy. I felt weak and sadden by it. I kept trying to score some points and each time I fought harder to raise the ball above my head to throw. It didn’t fly. After some time I realised that I just had to move closer, that way all I had to do was have the strength to lift it, which I did with all my might, and aim for the hoop… voila! 8O

    • that could be penned as a cool sci-fi scene: the image of a writer whose words disappear off the page as quickly as they are typed…

    • Unreal dream BG – good omen…you will find the strength to overcome & achieve whatever feels draining to you at the mo – your subconscious giving you a little positive feedback!

  4. Was attempting to send a msg when this post died a little while ago…so will try again.
    Did my big life change on the last new moon, but over the last few days it has been a bit like ‘wtf have I done’…
    Have no access to mugwort here, but do have a bottle of sandlewood oil, so will do a ritual using that – my new place could do with an auric cleanse, now that I think of it. Have been doing the physical cleanse today, now for another level.

  5. Yes. Screaming fight with a family member I have a long, extremely toxic history with (and am currently living with due to not being able to find work) and on the same day got a rejection notice for a job I was completely qualified for & had contacts in the company and which was my best chance of getting out of the hole I’m in. To say I felt gutted does not begin to cover it.

    Sometimes I sort of stand back at a distance & wonder just how much more misery I can take without giving up.

    And I know there are thousands of people who are worse off than me – who are homeless and jobless and have children they can’t care for properly because of it. Knowing that there are people more desperate and frightened than I am does NOT make me feel better.

    (End over-sharing self-pity extravaganza.)

    When is the new moon?

    • Feel for you O.I.L. Keep the faith and cin up. Something will come along. Don’t give up but also don’t focus too hard on the no work situation. Was in that position and had many a rejection. Try not to take it personally.

    • New Moon on Wednesday O in L.
      Dark before the light? Can’t get any worse, meaning it will improve. Believe it.
      Meanwhile whikst you are ‘waiting’ for the turn around, which WILL happen, mantra: ‘I have a right to live & thrive’.
      luv Pegasus.

    • Thanks Catfish, Anon & Pegasus. Kind words very appreciated. :)
      Working on the not-taking-it-personally & the mantra.
      Looking forward to Wednesday.

  6. Sorry you’ve been havng so many site issues, Mystic.
    Still all the lovelies gather xo
    Pluto is working overtime in my chart. Rx planets have stalled me a bit along with Sun / Neptune above. Finally found some zen relaxation today. Tr. Pluto square natal Saturn Rx was making all the joints ache.
    Feel much better, quiet after I gave in & let Toro Moon have some down time.

    hilarious…I meant to write goodness, but goodmess works perfectly.

    HOw appropriate that this post totally vanished? It MIRRORS what happened to me yesterday.
    I thought I was definately getting a new lover(he sent me a text saying he wanted to make love to me!!!!) Then NO…he changed his mind. WTF??? Actually I think it was more like….he wants to, but is too chickenshit to make love with me for good and valid reasons, but he still wanted to let me know he wants to, and his thoughts rushed ahead and he sent sexy text, then in beginning of makeout session realized that no he could not do this……sigh
    I wasn’t sure what would happen, but after all was said and NOT done on our date…I left feeling weird and kicked in the stomach.
    i wasn’t even expecting a text like that, only wanted a nice date and some kisses and am totally ok with slow. We aren’t in a relationship and he doesn’t want one with anyone right now. ugh.

    Then ran into ex, felt weird about a comment he made(not about me). I emailed him this morning and he responded wonderfully. Which was great. Made me remember why I loved him once so profusely. Which I needed cause I had lost sight of that and needed a reminder that it wasn’t just because I had been stupid and desperate.

    why all this relationship crap….cause neptune and sun are in exact opposition to my natal venus and only 3 degrees from my 7th house cusp….relationships….
    But venus is musical too….I lullabied my friend to sleep last night and he(a musicain) said I played very well. He thought I had been playing for much much longer.

    so merde moon….absolutely.

    • oh no! Mars in rx can’t be trusted in the love dept. :( pooh!

      and it’s worst when you are minding your own biz and not even looking and someone gets your hopes all up ain’t it?

      I’m hiding out still. :D

    • How silly of him. If he’d just kept his ideas to himself & dropped sexy innuendo filled with promise, it would have worked so much better. Is he a little on the immature side? Indecisiveness is not really a turn-on (although it can be a way to string someone along, but giving him the benefit of the doubt, he may just not know himself so well yet).

      Maybe he’ll get it together by wed.? (or someone better will appear out of the blue.)

  8. Mystic, I love this image you’ve featured for this post

    Yes, this is major astro fuquery affecting many peeps everyday life like I’ve not seen in a while and heaps of things changing (mutable). Yes, the seething is there but so is the ability to cut through barriers, imo.

    I’ve observed many people making big life-changing decisions.

    It appears to be about getting back in touch with true self and honouring that, imo. but yep, in the process of that – all amount of merde comes up.

  9. Too busy to feel it. Finishing one major project about to start another. Am damn tired though. Have been working day night and weekends. But am creatively on full blast at the moment. It is wonderful. Don’t care about anything but my art, so focused I am like a laser. BTW LOVE that dress.

  10. Is this merde moon the reason I thought that I was the one with all the issues in my relationship but over the past few days have realised that i don’t have all the issues and i should stop owning his… and probably even end things???

      • been together for a year. first 6/7 months was bliss. since then his way of managing stress (partying and drinking) has been increasing. i thought that i was just getting upset to easily and took up meditation and even found a psychologist. as i verbalise to trusted friends my issues i have become aware that our lifestyles and way of dealing with stress aren’t compatible. i’m so sad because he’s awesome and i love him but i think i’m about to chose being alone over being anxious…. although there’s that doubt that makes me think it is me and i’m bailing out without trying to make it work.

        and you?

        • Sounds like a pickle, so much effort on your end does he do anything to ease the anxiety?
          wheres your venus?

          We have a great relationship built on a stong friendship a deep connection and understanding of one anothers need for freedom and independence.

          I’m a very upbeat and positive person but like everyone else i have my days, he seems to pick at my slightly negative/blah attitude and somehow link it to me being “unspportive” of him or “selfish” immature” when REALLY it has nothing to do with him!
          It’s incredibly annoying the ammount of reassurance i need to give
          and this weekend having organised a gorgeous action packed weekend away, sky diving, scuba diving and abseiling along with accomodation booked NON refundable he bails on me last minute for a reason not even worth writing about..
          This happens often.

          Sink or Swim?

  11. Image:

    she’s doing 3 things at the same time: walking away from something, about to face something, about to make her entrance on stage and greet her new, real audience.

  12. Think I felt last week as more merde – brought up ALL my old past issues long ago thought dealt with. But still yes have crap to deal with – mars retro in relationship department indeed. Can’t even be bothered to go into it all blah…hopefully new moon will be as lovely as you say Mystic – is in my first house (I’m aqua rising) – but not sure yet if will be new beginnings in this relationship or me walking away…two visits acupuncurist left me much calmer and more centred anyway….hmmm

  13. So strange… aggressive half the time might bear some truth! For instance with my boyfriend, who seems to want to lead an entirely different life all of a sudden and complains I’ve been a control-freak not letting him live his social relations/obligations etc. Kind of nasty, especially as he does not want to get rid of me.

    On the other hand, at least two cute guys with no expectations at all to flirt and hang around with have come up. I should enjoy their attention, but dear boyfriend has adopted “my” habit of control-freakiness…

    I’m just not so sure whether to wish for a new life or just a new friend. Btw, I am probably a bit of a control-freak. A jealous one.

  14. I have never been so efficient. No merge in sight. But then I do have natal Mars in Virgo, maybe I’m just used to the madness.

  15. Its been a very atrange two weeks since i had my little baby but all the random crazy shit thats been happening is pure growth enhancing stuff for our whole family unit. Total change in outlook and attitude and habits. Getting massive leverage off every little obstacle. I cant even describe the craziness we have faced lately and almost none of it has had anything to do with having a new baby. Cant wait for the new moon to really push us over the other side of the peak of this mountain and into a new life

    • You had a baby Indigofish? That’s sensational news! Everything changes with a baby, it’s so amazing. Much love and enjoy your little sweetie, xx. The new moon should be inspiring re your new life, how exciting!

  16. l’ve been feeling very very evasive…been watching hours of film…just escaping realitty BIG TIME! it’s something l do sometimes anyhow.
    But now it was crazy! My pr moon is at 6degrees Pisces in the 6th so l feel very strange about all 6th h related stuff anyhow! the new moon will fall in my 6th h :) interesting!

    l have to finish a project today l guess l will but for the rest l’m looking forward to more chilling indeed!!

  17. Dark Moon craziness – sums up everything for me…
    Last minute dinner party, with work colleagues ended up as a 10hr session with people leaving at 5am… I ended up kissing one of my employees, and have just had the discussion about where it isn’t going (well at least while he works for me). All fine, but am feeling a conflicted as I do like him – ouch this is cruel. I have to find a new focus!

    I do hope everything becomes clearer. I am hoping that things happen for feels like this isn’t going to end…!

  18. I am reading some of the blackest stuff but I can’t turn my mind away from it!! It’s like I need to read the truth no matter how harmful it is….Going to be calling on some good vibes and help to get recentred :S

  19. even the Oracle in is Merde mood. it told me why are you worrying about all this merde? Holy crap im a sick of butal truths and would love some tenderness for myself. but have upset stomach due to recent breakup and am just it windy here and hot.

    • blick. The terrible trifecta, hot wind, breakups and brutal truth. Us Leos are meant to be shining up soon I think? Goodbye Neptune in Aqua, I won’t miss you…

      • Thx Andro. Yep bring on some sanity thro Nep in pisces. I’ve been processing breakup – almost sorted, its cooled down hree in nthn NSW yay and butal truths?? i’ve been deaing wth a pot head so what is the real truth. What is reality with addicts?
        Will neevr understand not wasting any more time or angst on ths. When is it ourr time to shine= should i power up, set to stun?

  20. Yes it is a bit of a merde moon isnt it!

    Thank goddess my equilibrium is fairly good right now or it could have been a mess!!

    Period pain kinda foreclosed any other issues, and i just have to tune in with my self and go gentle….

    Will be looking for the light on the otherside of this dark moon, thats for sure!

  21. I’m Zenning too. Moving forward with my new life and loving it. Have noticed several people in my life attempting to challenge my boundaries in varying mild forms. Now, for once, I have no question what my boundaries are. They just are and either the people respect them or they are gone. No anger, no “why do they do that to me?”, no trying to figure things out. If they do not behave then they are gone from my life.

    I’m liking the change. Also finding it so easy to declutter! Have four medium boxes outside waiting for charity to pick up this morning and still going to be decluttering later today. Lovin getting rid of my old former life!

  22. Old wounds came up for a morning lachrymose …..dark moon intense! But great insights like pulling pearls right out of an oyster . Nice one.

  23. Mystic, you have described my past few days if not longer quite well. No overt confrontations, but behind the scenes? umm humm.

    Have the worse need to clean out my rooms, and feel I need to change things in my life.

    Right now I have to play a corporate game a little longer, and go in on a holiday, as I no longer trust my employers. Some days I miss Australia.

  24. I had a four day weekend. Almost every night (I also did this before my four day weekend too) And that kind of gave me really creepy dreams.

    But I was so very angry…I spent most of Saturday trying to book a spa apt for Monday…I had no idea how difficult it is to book a spa day in these here parts! I thought I was being a genius trying to book an appointment with 2 days notice. Nope! from finding a place near by that is open on Mondays, none of the places I called answered their phone too. (like they don’t hire people to answer the phones or something, and I bet Saturdays they are very busy)

    So finally I said eff it! I will just go to a shooting range with my dad. I feel like I have my piece of mind back. But man that tired me out! That was my first time shooting with real guns ever.

    Right now Mars is sextiling my moon and Pluto.

    but yeah I still want to aim to book a spa apt some weekend maybe in a few weeks. No not maybe I WILL!
    I also want to do a spa day with the girls for my b-day in a few months.

    Oh and I finally got my “seaweed” fix on Sunday.

  25. I had a dream I was trying to set my ex-boyfriend from 6 years ago on fire with two sticks of flaming sage last Monday. …it was “enlightening” to say the least.